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Biomedical Engineering 2007/2008

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-05-20 - 2008-06-05
Antal svar: 10
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 40%
Kontaktperson: Madeleine Persson»

1. How satisfied are you with the Master"s program in Biomedical Engineering so far?

- It is suppose to be designed a bit more.Lack of collobration among students especially between international and swedish students.»
- Very»
- Very satisfied.»
- Quite satisfied so far but I suspect that my opinion will decline slightly in the near future.»
- Very satisfied and this programme is up to my expectation»
- Yes Iam really satisfied and like and think the different courses are very interesting.»
- It is good»
- Very satisfied! I could not have chosed better!»
- I"m fairly satisified.»
- Not that satisified, the level is far to low. The masters program is for students from E and Z so the level should be adjusted for us. I had one cource with system contol and mechatronics program and the level was much much higher.»

2. What are the strong (positive) things about the programme?

- Guest lecturers, colobration with new medical companies, »
- Learn alot about relevant techniques used in health care today.»
- An exciting future, new technology. Elderly people are rising and the cost, care have to increase with less cost. Maybe the only way is by Biomedical engineers and their knowledges to make new smart solutions to help patients and personnel at hospital / care...»
- Gives a good overview of many areas. Very free choice of courses, which is a must considering the negative parts...»
- very good contact between the students and the teachers. »
- Interesting topics and courses»
- Interesting field»
- Good variation and good contact with the industry! I think it is really good that so many companies are invited for lectures. before I have only had contact with the institute.»
- Most of the teachers are nice and helpfull. »
- Nice teachers, very helpful.»

3. What are the week (negative) things about the programme?

- English of the instructors and asistants, not well defined programme, lack of communication for defining the course tracks.»
- Some things are not explained that much into detail.»
- Big differences in level in courses. Some courses are very hard other not so hard. Why should we have projects in almost every course. Make a mix of. * Lab & exam to all grades or * lab, project to pass and exam to get higher grades.»
- The image track is a bit weak. And by weak I mean that a random course about stochastic processes is suggested for LP3, and for LP4 a course that to 95% or so overlaps the earlier ones is suggested (statistical image analysis). Furthermore the "image track" seems to end here. No really relevant courses left to take in the program with two quarters remaining.»
- Not so many interesting courses in the second quarter»
- It is hard to see some of the connections between the different courses and some of them feels not 100 adjusted for us and our background»
- course collisions during study period 3»
- Too much focus on image analysis. Two of the compulsory courses were about image analysis. Not all student in the master program have chosed this track! Image Diagnostics must be focused, as the course is now it is little about too much. Also too much focus on microwave»
- It is to general. It is a Electrical Engineering program and it should therefore include more technical stuff. »
- As I mentioned the level is way to low, were is the electrical engineering?? I am honestly worried that my first three years at electrical engineering without a singel failed exam is waisted since the difficulty has decreased so much. Which employer wants a guy from a program that is way below other programs in difficulty?»

4. Is the programme easy or difficult?

- Adequate»
- In between.»
- Quite hard but very intressing. I have not chaged my mind, not even once since I started this Master program! I like what I´,m studying!»
- Relatively easy.»
- some where between easy and difficult»
- Easier than the 3 first years. One explination can be that Im better now and know to study plus a little smaller work load.»
- medium»
- I am from the biotechnology program before master. For me it is little difficult with transforms, but I have managed well. The programme is not too difficult! Good level for me. But I belive it might be too easy for the electro engineering students. I really appriciate that all the prof. are so helpful for us that studied biotechnology before. »
- I would say it is leaning towards easy.»
- To easy»

5. How do you find the atmospere?

- Not much friendly, lack of communication among students and collabration among students.»
- Good»
- Both teachers and other persons in class are great!»
- Nice.»
- very nice atmosphere»
- Nice! The teachers give the program and students and identity and you are more than a CTH code that is pushed through the system(education).»
- okey»
- Really nice atmospere! Also very good contact with teachers. really nice that the teacher invited us for a Christmas party! I think we are a very good class that help each other. I am very happy that I have chosed this master program»
- The atmospere is great. The teachers and the fellow students are nice and helpfull.»
- Fine, the workload is less than the previous 3 years that helps..»

6. Other comments.

- Well beside of all as we all know this is a new English program and the first year students always suffer from this problem.Therefore, we are the first and last victoms :)»
- Since this is the first year some teachers think it is hard to do courses in English. As swedish I don´,t care but I have helped foreigners with some words / parts than they don´,t really understand. Try to prepare more. Look what the english word is before lesson if you as teacher don´,t know. You can do a small lexicon which you put on homepage with words if you are "lazy". No one cares if where are some swedish words if they can understand...»
- And finally a general comment about course evaluations: EVALUATE COURSES AFTER THEY FINISH Seriously, why bother with questions about exams if the deadline is TWO WEEKS BEFORE?»
- please put just two courses in the first quarter»
- Really nice and helpful teachers! Interesting lectures!»
- Since I did not have break as most of my friends did after the third year they now ask me if they should chose this program. At first I was positive but now I can"t face them and honestly recommend this program. The program is like high school again, I would not chose Biomedical engineering if I had to do the chose again.»

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