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IBB135 Pre-evaluation 2016, IBB135

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2016-05-28 - 2016-06-04
Antal svar: 62
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 88%
Kontaktperson: Jan Wickenberg»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs


This is part B of the Course Evaluation Questionnaire

You find part A in Ping-Pong under Hand-ins/Home Exam. Part A is short, and consists of five questions.

1. What is your general impression of the course?

62 svarande

Worst course ever»1 1%
Fair»5 8%
Adequate»8 12%
Good»26 41%
Excellent»22 35%
Best course ever»0 0%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 4.01

- I have not learned anything useful. IAR061 Product Development Management course had already covered everything I found to be useful, in retrospect.» (Worst course ever)
- If it would be there, I"d choose the option between "worst course ever" and "fair", because it"s not the worst course ever, but I"m not really positive about it either.» (Fair)
- Some very interesting parts that allow the students learning a lot - project, interactive lessons, some other less effective - basic text and lectures» (Fair)
- It was very good lecturers in this course. But the time spent resulted in far more than it should have done for a 7.5 points course.» (Adequate)
- Considering the efforts we put into PM Basics the relative importance of this grade should be higher. Additionally, the project could be an own mini project instead of a project about project teams. I think we would learn more like this and see that it"s all about the practical application as you often pointed out. » (Adequate)
- It is a good course, but i feel like I would have appreciate it more if I had no been doing my bachelor thesis at the same time. It had been a really stressful semester and I don"t feel like i could put in the time that this course needs.» (Good)
- I liked the course, but it has been to many different tasks that made it hard to prioritize what assignments to focus on. » (Good)
- The organization is the best I"ve seen for a course.» (Good)
- Very interesting and the lecturs have been great. What drags the course down is the unengaged supervisor for the RPW and the large workload, especislly the reading. The workload made me abit less motivated.» (Good)
- An overall good course. I lernt alot! » (Good)
- Very interesting course, however it is a bit hard to point at what actually has been learnt.» (Good)
- I have"nt taken many mangement courses here at chalmers. It"s a fresh breeze among the heavy engineering courses. Not saying that it"s easy just different.» (Good)
- Sometimes it felt a bit unstructured and with lots of information to take in.» (Good)
- The lecturing style of Jan is really fun and inspising but some thimes it was hard to really get the point he was after. The basic test and RPW was good!» (Good)
- It has been a fun course with many interesting parts, but it has been a hard subject to learn about since it is hard to experience it completely within the course. Many interesting lectures, but sometimes hard to understand afterwards what the point was and what was supposed to be learned from that. » (Good)
- rather learning from stories than books which make them stay better in mind. » (Excellent)
- Funny and interesting lectures that is easy to relate to and therefore understand.» (Excellent)
- intresseting lectures, good project» (Excellent)
- Really good and inspiring teachers» (Excellent)
- I truly enjoyed the reflective element especially enforced by Jan Wickenberg. I had another course (other than the "coo-coo" course) that unfortunately took the vast majority of my energy. Without that I would probably had enjoyed the course more. Having studied entrepreneurship and the methods used in such environments the content in this course had a nice opposition in that it takes more a larger context (projects within larger companies).» (Excellent)
- Interesting lectures and useful and related project work.» (Excellent)
- Non calculating courses are often boring but this one was fun. It is hard to keep people interested for 4 hours in a row but you made it. » (Excellent)
- It was definitely better that I expected» (Excellent)

About you

2. What is your total working experience of product (and service) development projects?


Working as a project member
61 svarande

None»12 20%
1 - 3 months»4 6%
4 - 6 months»13 22%
7 - 12 months»12 20%
More than a year»17 29%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 3.31

Working as a project manager / project leader
60 svarande

None»34 59%
1 - 3 months»7 12%
4 - 6 months»9 15%
7 - 12 months»4 7%
More than a year»3 5%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 1.85

3. Where did you receive your Bachelor degree?

62 svarande

M (Mechanics) at Chalmers»12 19%
I (Industrial Engineering & Management) at Chalmers»0 0%
Elsewhere at Chalmers»15 24%
A Swedish university other than Chalmers»2 3%
A European university elsewhere than in Sweden»9 14%
A non-European university»2 3%
I have no bachelor degree (yet)»22 35%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 4.45

4. Who was your Research Project supervisor?

62 svarande

Jan Wickenberg»21 33%
Peter Altmann»41 66%

Genomsnitt: 1.66

About the course

5. Reading the Maylor textbook

62 svarande

I had a printed copy of my own»16 26%
I shared a printed copy with other students»1 1%
I read the book on-line»40 65%
I printed the book from on-line»1 1%
I did not read it»3 4%
No answer/Other»1

Genomsnitt: 2.57

- I found it hard to study without the book. Fortunately I liked this book! » (I had a printed copy of my own)
- I borrowed it from the library» (I shared a printed copy with other students)
- I downloaded it in pdf» (I read the book on-line)
- I only read part of the book, as most of the information there was already known.» (I read the book on-line)
- Never read the book in total, just important parts» (I read the book on-line)
- I read the summarys and some parts that i thought was most important and intresting. But i looked up answers there from old exams. » (I read the book on-line)
- I read some of it online» (I read the book on-line)
- I (illegally) downloaded the PDF. My method of reading it was not word-for-word, but with a filter on what most likely would appear on the test based on ex-tests and Jan"s tips on pingpong. » (I read the book on-line)
- It was difficult to study from the book on-line but it was too expensive to buy. I borrowed a copy from the library but there were not enough copies - perhaps the library could provide more printed copies in the future.» (I read the book on-line)
- I had both, but prefered the online-book.» (I read the book on-line)
- Since I am not a good reader I dont like to read and I dont learn well from reading. I do much rather pick the knowledge up elsewhere.» (I did not read it)
- from Chalmers Library» (No answer/Other)

6. This helped me understand the Basics of Project Management


- Reading the book unto Chapter 5 then taking a look at the Summaries for the rest. No time because of the CooCoo course. »
- I did not attend the Basics of Project management lectures »
- Discussing with classmates»
- I am a person that learns more from lectures and summarys then from just reading a book. The best I know is to discuss the type of questions that comes on the basic test»
- All lecturers in this course have an ability to make the subject interesting, e.g. through entertaining anecdotes. »
- Without Lars, the course would have been much more boring. »
- I feel that the basics of PM is pretty... basic. You quite quickly understand it and I had seen/used many of the methods previously. »
- I think reading Maylor definitely gave me some understanding. But the way the exam was didn"t help at all, because we were asked for literal definitions of concepts. I had the feeling that I would remember more of it if we would have been asked for some insight into what we can do with those concepts. It was really much focused on "who can remember everything in the book the best" instead of doing something smart with the concepts that were given in the book. Therefore, I thought the basics exam was not something that belongs in a master course, or on a university, where you are expected to form your own thoughts. »
- The PM Basics lectures were good to understand general concepts but it was necessary to read the text-book for the details.»
- I really liked Lars way of lecturing the book, the book itself is a little to extensive but Lars exemplifications really helped. However i would much rather spread out Lars lectures for a longer period now we blasted through like 5 chapters/ lecture...»
- I liked Lars lessons, however I did not find them useful when studying. The lecture hand-outs was of barley any use when studying, as they did not give a hint of what was important. »
- The thing that helped me build my mental model of PM was mostly dicussions with other students, anectdotes and drawing mindmaps for each chapter in the book.»
- The slides were not very helpful and in the lecture it was a lot of story telling which is fun to some extent of course.»
- The book is very long and as priority is needed it is hard to be sure about what is necessary knowledge. For example, it was one question in the first basics test that where the answer could be found in one line in the book - kind of hard to remember that exact line. »
- Lars did a good job keeping it interesting.»
- While the content in the Maylor textbook is good, he is incredibility un-pedagogic.»
- Our Bachelors thesis course was in the same block as the PM course, therefore we missed several lessons due to compulsory lectures/meetings with our company in the bachelors course. »
- Lars´,s style of presentation was good. Problem was that I read the book after presentations- my fault. If I had time to read it before lectures, I would definitely catch more.»

Reading the text-book (Maylor)
61 svarande

I totally agree»14 23%
I agree to some extent»32 53%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 10%
I disagree to some extent»4 6%
I totally disagree»4 6%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.2

Reading the lecture hand-outs
61 svarande

I totally agree»6 10%
I agree to some extent»24 41%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 17%
I disagree to some extent»11 18%
I totally disagree»7 12%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 2.81

Reading Cliff notes (written by other students)
62 svarande

I totally agree»12 28%
I agree to some extent»11 26%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 19%
I disagree to some extent»6 14%
I totally disagree»5 11%
No answer»20

Genomsnitt: 2.54

Attending the PM Basics lectures
61 svarande

I totally agree»18 32%
I agree to some extent»25 44%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 7%
I disagree to some extent»6 10%
I totally disagree»3 5%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 2.12

Lars presentation style during the lectures
62 svarande

I totally agree»19 36%
I agree to some extent»21 40%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 19%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»2 3%
No answer»10

Genomsnitt: 1.94

7. The Pre-readings


- I found that a lot of the preparatory text were hard to read»
- Some were very interesting reads. But left most of them which were not that interesting. »
- It"s hard to motivate yourself to take your time to read something that you don"t have to when you have a lot of other things that you have to do. »
- I think that it was difficult to know if what you did in the preparatory work was good or not. I understand that you can"t leave comments to all but if this is to prepare you for the Home Exam some type of feedback is necessary!»
- I did not invest any effort on non-mandatory preparatory texts before the lectures, because there simply was no time. I will probably take a short look at them when writing the exam.»
- but the texts should be checked so you learn something.»
- I did all the mandatory parts with a great heart. But the rest of the prereadings i looked over quite fast and did not reflect so much over them»
- Given that I had another course that was a huge pain in the a**, I had to effective and not adventure my grade. I read what I had to, and with the energy that was left I tried to follow my curiosity. »
- The texts were very interesting but took time to read so some weeks (towards the end of the study period) it was not possible to prepare the texts.»
- They take a long time to do. The Harvard Business Review was better to work with as they were easier to understand and read.»
- Reflections are nice. However, this course is a heavy workload already as it is which means that I neglected many of the non-mandatory readings. »
- I studied social science before going to chalmers and were rather comfortable with reflective writing. The reason I didn"t feel it helped me learn is that this course clashes with the final month of writing my bachelor thesis, and I"m afraid I did most of the writing on this course as fast as possible to get a chance to write my thesis.»
- I"m not sure whether my prepatory work hand-ins were good. So it"s hard to know if I learned the reflective style. Having an opinion is not hard. Putting the opinion on paper in an academic way is something else.»
- The effort declined as the course progressed, due to other courses requiring my time»
- Even though preparatory work gave inspiration for home exam, referencing is still hard.»
- I agree that the pre-reading wereinteresting. SOme of them where quite hard to get it(if you have no adequate knowledge before) and unfortunately this term was quite busy. But I hope later I will find some time for reading»
- I would have liked to read prep-text to get more out of the lectures, but there is no time to read that much each week when we had our bachelor thesis aswell»

I put lots of effort in the preparatory work
62 svarande

I totally agree»2 3%
I agree to some extent»18 29%
I neither agree nor disagree»19 30%
I disagree to some extent»17 27%
I totally disagree»6 9%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.11

The preparatory work made me learn much about project management
62 svarande

I totally agree»1 1%
I agree to some extent»22 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»18 30%
I disagree to some extent»15 25%
I totally disagree»3 5%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 2.94

The preparatory work made me learn the reflective writing style (required for the Research Report and the Home Exam)
62 svarande

I totally agree»2 3%
I agree to some extent»17 28%
I neither agree nor disagree»15 25%
I disagree to some extent»20 33%
I totally disagree»6 10%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 3.18

I invested less effort in the preparatory work for the texts that were not mandatory hand-ins
62 svarande

I totally agree»38 61%
I agree to some extent»17 27%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 4%
I disagree to some extent»4 6%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 1.56

8. The Research Project Work


- There was some last minute changes for the meetings with our supervisor (change of day of the meeting). This influenced the preparations for the meeetings (not in a good way). »
- I do like to work in groups and I got a overall great one! But i do think that the evaluation should have been induvidial due to that since we do not know each other that well, it is hard to tell them straifgt to theri faces on what you really feel. »
- Peter altman said at the beginning of the presentations that he did not care if anyone would put down other rpw group members that where not present. And he agreed on that we should keep it fast because everyone rather be outside in the sun. Of course this is true, that everyone rather be outside in the sun, but I find it somewhat unprofessional to say that out loud, it gave me the feeling that he did not really care. he was usually pretty late in returning emails at the early stages in the RPW. »
- Our supervisor was good but maybe not say "I don"t care" as much. Makes it easy to stop care as well if your supervisor does it.»
- Peter was very nonchalant at the presentations and didn"t even cared if people wasn"t attending the mandatory presentations. »
- We had a tense group, but given that we were studying PM we couldn"t behave without the project in first priority. That would have been contradictory to what we learned... »
- I think that interviewing people is not a good way to learn something in real life about project management. It would have been far more interesting to manage a project ourselves. So maybe we could be assigned to a project in a bachelors course, managing that project in groups of 2 or 3 people. That would have been a real addition. The good thing about managing a project ourselves is that we could invest our time in exploring project management, instead of being busy with actually executing the project. Thereby I don"t understand why there is such a focus on academic writing in this course. I feel that is just something that does belong to another course. And the time that is spend on this, could in my opinion better be spend on actually learning project management.»
- The student assessment was a new experience and everyone was honest which made the process easy. The presentation was good practice and I appreciated that they were not graded - more relaxed environment.»
- The RPW was too focused on the report, I would rather visit more companies and speaks with them about PM. But maybe i just tired if writing reports in every single course... »
- Our supervisor did not know, neither seem to care about how many presentations he was going to listen to. It did not feel like he cared much about us and our project work doing the meetings with him either. The ignorance and complete lack of interest was de-motivating. »
- Peter was vary helpful an interested. I"m a big fan of project work (I study the TD-bachelor) so I thought it was great fun.»
- I would have liked a bit more specific feedback on the project report in order to really be able to work on the details.»
- I think it is good to have a real-world project to study, but it feels like every type of examination method (theoretical test, home exam, project report, mandatory hand-ins etc.) was used in the course, making it hard to put great effort in each. It maybe would have been enough with having the project-work + theoretical test to both examine the reflective side in the project work and the individual"s knowledge through the theoretical test.»

I would have preferred a fully theoretical course, and not have to investigate a real-world project
62 svarande

I totally agree»1 1%
I agree to some extent»7 11%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 9%
I disagree to some extent»11 17%
I totally disagree»37 59%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 4.22

Cooperating with the other students in my Research Project group was frustrating to me
62 svarande

I totally agree»1 1%
I agree to some extent»6 9%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 6%
I disagree to some extent»18 29%
I totally disagree»33 53%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 4.22

Our supervisor made herself/himself available for us
62 svarande

I totally agree»24 39%
I agree to some extent»21 34%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 16%
I disagree to some extent»3 4%
I totally disagree»3 4%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.01

Our supervisor took great interest in helping us
62 svarande

I totally agree»25 40%
I agree to some extent»16 26%
I neither agree nor disagree»11 18%
I disagree to some extent»6 9%
I totally disagree»3 4%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.11

Regarding the Student Assessment, I found it difficult to give feedback to others (on their performance)
62 svarande

I totally agree»3 5%
I agree to some extent»12 20%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 21%
I disagree to some extent»15 25%
I totally disagree»17 28%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 3.51

Regarding the Student Assessment, I found it difficult to receive feedback from others (on my performance)
61 svarande

I totally agree»2 3%
I agree to some extent»4 6%
I neither agree nor disagree»12 20%
I disagree to some extent»17 29%
I totally disagree»23 39%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 3.94

The Project presentations contributed to my learning of how to get feedback from an audience
62 svarande

I totally agree»5 8%
I agree to some extent»24 42%
I neither agree nor disagree»15 26%
I disagree to some extent»9 15%
I totally disagree»4 7%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 2.7

Our supervisor chaired the Project presentations in a good way
62 svarande

I totally agree»17 28%
I agree to some extent»23 38%
I neither agree nor disagree»11 18%
I disagree to some extent»3 5%
I totally disagree»5 8%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 2.25

9. The Lectures

This was a good lecture


- Cant really remember individual lectures in this sense»
- I did not feel that I had time to go to the lectures when we had started on the research project. »
- At the end of this course we had a lot to do with our bachelors thesis which unfortunately contributed in me missing a lot of interesting lectures. »
- No answer = did not attend»
- I did NOT like the gender lecture. I do not like these types of subjects and she did not do it better»
- Did not attend many lectures»
- I could not participate in most of the lectures because of work. I was really sad about this but there was nothing to be done about it. »
- Over all, I think there were to little time spent on the theory of project management during lectures. If we are supposed to have a "dugga" at the whole Maylor textbook, I think that these lessons should have got some more time. For example, skip som of the guest lectures and put it on theory lectures instead. »
- Jan, best lecturer I"ve had. So interesting listening to.»
- Introduction to research project work could have been more detailed. Since the timeframe of the project is so short, some boundaries could have been useful. »
- I highly enjoyed Jan"s lectures. I liked the anecdotes how they ended up in an insightful connection to the topic. Those I will remember!»
- I especially liked guest lecturer Julia Jonasson and the workshop style class from Ingo.»
- The ventilation in HC2 really effected my ability to stay awake. (I appologise to all lecturers who had to deal with my yawns.) With that said, I had more take-away from the book than the lectures. »
- As said previously, it was very interesting and Jan has a great style of teaching, however it is hard to exactly point out what actually was meant to be taught in the lectures.»
- Introduction to RPW made me somewhat more confused.»
- The cuckoo course takes up alot of time. Sorry...»
- Even though I attended almost every lecture, this is really hard to remember.»
- At several occasions I felt stressed over Jans anecdotes. He is a great storyteller and the stories helps me remember the theory/content of the stories, but it is still frustrating since it feels like the lesson/phase is moving slowly. However, it is clear that he is very charismatic and intelligent which makes him an inspiring person to listen to. »
- Honestly Jan lectures were really good but also pretty advanced(from ym point of view) Sometimes I was lost. But there were really good lectures, probably I haven´,t experience this great style before :P Sometimes wewere also confused when we should quickly discussed on lecture. But I hope that itis just my problem,that I need to think about problem for longer time and in calmer environment.»

Course Introduction (Jan)
62 svarande

I totally agree»27 50%
I agree to some extent»21 38%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 5%
I disagree to some extent»2 3%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer/I did not attend»8

Genomsnitt: 1.68

Introduction to the Research Project work (Jan and Peter)
62 svarande

I totally agree»12 21%
I agree to some extent»28 50%
I neither agree nor disagree»12 21%
I disagree to some extent»3 5%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»7

Genomsnitt: 2.1

Motivation, Leadership and Power (Jan)
61 svarande

I totally agree»28 49%
I agree to some extent»20 35%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 12%
I disagree to some extent»2 3%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»4

Genomsnitt: 1.7

Idea Management (Anne Elerud-Tryde)
61 svarande

I totally agree»8 20%
I agree to some extent»16 40%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 32%
I disagree to some extent»3 7%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»21

Genomsnitt: 2.27

Movie: Pentagon Wars (Lars)
62 svarande

I totally agree»25 65%
I agree to some extent»10 26%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 7%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»24

Genomsnitt: 1.42

Guest Nishaban Talukdar (prod dev)
62 svarande

I totally agree»5 16%
I agree to some extent»9 29%
I neither agree nor disagree»12 38%
I disagree to some extent»4 12%
I totally disagree»1 3%
No answer/I did not attend»31

Genomsnitt: 2.58

Guest Cecilia Pedersén (prod dev)
62 svarande

I totally agree»6 13%
I agree to some extent»19 41%
I neither agree nor disagree»12 26%
I disagree to some extent»9 19%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»16

Genomsnitt: 2.52

Guest Julia Jonasson (gender)
62 svarande

I totally agree»12 27%
I agree to some extent»15 34%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 18%
I disagree to some extent»5 11%
I totally disagree»4 9%
No answer/I did not attend»18

Genomsnitt: 2.4

Knowledge Management challenges (Jan)
62 svarande

I totally agree»10 25%
I agree to some extent»18 45%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 25%
I disagree to some extent»1 2%
I totally disagree»1 2%
No answer/I did not attend»22

Genomsnitt: 2.12

Guest Sven Kylén (leadership)
62 svarande

I totally agree»6 16%
I agree to some extent»10 27%
I neither agree nor disagree»14 38%
I disagree to some extent»5 13%
I totally disagree»1 2%
No answer/I did not attend»26

Genomsnitt: 2.58

Management Methods (Ingo)
62 svarande

I totally agree»7 33%
I agree to some extent»4 19%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 42%
I disagree to some extent»1 4%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»41

Genomsnitt: 2.19

Estimating (part of the Closing Lecture by Jan)
62 svarande

I totally agree»8 20%
I agree to some extent»21 52%
I neither agree nor disagree»11 27%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»22

Genomsnitt: 2.07

Closing Lecture (apart from Estimating, by Jan)
62 svarande

I totally agree»14 32%
I agree to some extent»23 53%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 13%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»19

Genomsnitt: 1.81

10. The course administration


- I found the whole pingpong system hard to use at first even though I"m used to navigate in pingpong»
- Too many things to read in too many places for very little information needed.»
- All courses should have the schedule as an iCalendar, it was really good to have a description of each event in the calendar as well!»
- If "relevant" were to be replaced with "usable", the answer would be a strong disagreement to all. Everything was information overload. The biggest problem by far was that info was scattered all over and impossible to find when actually needed. Everyone in the course I spoke to thought the same. Students simply turned to not reading anything.»
- Could be improved by using one line of communication, preferably mail. Also keeping all the instructions in one PM and not mailing out contradictory or confusing indormation. It was extremely confusing at times.»
- The ping pong structure was terrible when finding documents etc.»
- Sometimes it was confusing and more hand-in then you suppose to hand in»
- The project PM was a bit to long for me»
- Should have used less communication ways in my opinion. We get a lot of email from other teachers etc, and email should contain changes or vital information. Otherwise people will stop read them.»
- Locations as to where to find texts would have been usefull. »
- The course was very organised.»
- Love the course schedule as an iCalendar and the weekly emails were hilarious as well as informative. »
- Could hand out quicker. And use the document function because then I will get a notification on the start page of pingpong that a new doc has been added.»
- Emphasis lay on the report layout and content in the RPW PM. Jan and Peter had different styles, making that obsolete for me and my team.»
- Regarding administration this course is, by far, the gold standard at Chalmers. Well done!»
- Documents were uploaded in multiple tabs. This was confusing especially when I wanted to find some information.»
- Sometimes it was hard to screen all the information that was provided to get an understanding of what really was the essential part.»
- Please put files under documents, otherwise it"s hard to access them from mobile device.»

Having the course schedule as an iCalendar subscription file was useful to me
62 svarande

I totally agree»37 69%
I agree to some extent»5 9%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 11%
I disagree to some extent»1 1%
I totally disagree»4 7%
No answer/I did not use it»9

Genomsnitt: 1.67

The on-line web schedule was useful to me
62 svarande

I totally agree»24 42%
I agree to some extent»20 35%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 12%
I disagree to some extent»1 1%
I totally disagree»4 7%
No answer/I did not use it»6

Genomsnitt: 1.94

The weekly e-mail was useful to me
62 svarande

I totally agree»28 45%
I agree to some extent»19 30%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 14%
I disagree to some extent»3 4%
I totally disagree»3 4%
No answer/I did not use it»0

Genomsnitt: 1.93

The Message Board was kept relevant at all times
62 svarande

I totally agree»17 31%
I agree to some extent»17 31%
I neither agree nor disagree»14 25%
I disagree to some extent»5 9%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer/I did not use it»8

Genomsnitt: 2.18

The Course PM was relevant
62 svarande

I totally agree»23 37%
I agree to some extent»23 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»11 18%
I disagree to some extent»4 6%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not use it»1

Genomsnitt: 1.93

The PM for the Research Project Work was relevant
62 svarande

I totally agree»28 45%
I agree to some extent»23 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 12%
I disagree to some extent»2 3%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer/I did not use it»0

Genomsnitt: 1.79

The hand-out section was kept relevant
62 svarande

I totally agree»29 46%
I agree to some extent»15 24%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 16%
I disagree to some extent»6 9%
I totally disagree»2 3%
No answer/I did not use it»0

Genomsnitt: 1.98

Chalmers standard questions

11. How was the course workload?

62 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»15 24%
High»34 54%
Too high»13 20%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.96

- I do belive that the project could have been a little bit bigger and perhaps draw point from the home exam.» (Adequate)
- Not too high, but I believe I could have put more energy to it myself.» (Adequate)
- Since I had 2 courses, it was manageable» (Adequate)
- Wish I could read the hand outs, I maybe will later in life.» (High)
- I dont think it is necessary to use every test form available. The basic test did not help me a lot in me learning of PM. » (High)
- The course load was not evenly distributed. In the beginning it was extremely high, with not even an option to read the additional articles (atleast for us having 2 period long courses with no break in beginning), and in the end it was lower.» (High)
- In combination with the bachelor it was a little too much for me. I wish that I would have read this corse when I had less to do so that I could have put more effort to it. Because the content of the corse do appeal to me and I think that I could have learnt som much more which is sad. » (High)
- Too many articles to read. Most of them unpleasent.» (High)
- I"d like to have course while not reading another super-heavy course on the side. The other course took so much time, that this course felt too heavy as well. » (High)
- It was really stressful to read the complete Maylor book and during the same weeks have the most mandatory pre-readings. Maybe the mandatory pre-readings could be more spread out during the course and not ONLY in the beginning.» (High)
- Not too high, but maybe better distributed. The weekly hand-ins in the beginning were a bit of a hassle. » (High)
- It"s is a course very different from all others I"ve attended here at Chalmers so in that matter I think I had to spend more time with it than I usually would have. But it was fun so I don"t mind. » (High)
- The combination of preparatory texts, reading the text-book and project work and home exam was a heavy workload.» (High)
- A lot of reading. Loose the RPW and make all preceding mandatory» (High)
- It was not hard tasks, but so many of them. I heard you slimmed down the course since last year, so I am thankful for that. This might be effected by this course clashing with the bachelor thesis. It"s a shame really, because the course was very interesting.» (High)
- It was a high workload but it was interesting so i did not mind» (High)
- Good high... Realizing how that sounds there"s a need to elaborate.. The high amount of work resulted in much learning. RPW needs to be changed in some way however.» (High)
- to many examinations. Presentation, rapport, exam, basic test, hand-ins. Would like to put more effort into the research work but all the examinations made me put in less effort into each thing.» (High)
- It felt very high in the beginning but the tempo/workload sank later in the course» (High)
- The pre-readings took too much time and were really complicated to undertand which increased the workload. But excluding that, the lectures, basic test,and RPW was good!» (High)
- Much work with reading a whole book in the beginning, then have a whole project, a home exam and then also a lot of pre-readings every week. » (High)
- I found the course load to high. I would prefer fewer hand ins that was graded than hand ins that just had to be done. And I think it is to much to have an exam, a home exam, hand ins and a research project during one course.» (Too high)
- To many different assignments» (Too high)
- to much for me to do this semester. I would have liked to know in advance that this course would take so much time, due to having my "kandidatarbete" at the same time. I would have liked to take this course another time because it is very interesting and i would have liked to spend more time on it!! » (Too high)
- I like reading and turning in stuff but to have a home exam, a "dugga" a research project work and the hand-ins is a bit overwhelming not leaving enough time do anything "satisfactory"» (Too high)
- Combining PM with bachelor-thesis is a complete nightmare» (Too high)
- Very interesting course and great lecture and texts! But it was too much to preper for every lecture, like the reading texts. I wish I took this interesting class when I didn"t have so much things too to for my bachelor report in my other course. » (Too high)
- Way too high! The hands-in took a lot of time, this including having time for the lectures and research study. Made it impossible to have a chance to read the text book and to read the preparatory texts for the lectures. » (Too high)
- A lot to do! Still I didn"t read everything that was recommended. Although, very fun!» (Too high)
- Only since The "kookoo" course was The other course, otherwise it would be manageable. » (Too high)

12. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- The lectures were really interesting and i like all the guest lectures.»
- The Project management project. »
- The research project»
- 2 opportunities for PM basics, Course calendar that can be imported to private calendar!»
- The basic test and the great examinator!»
- The good lectures!»
- Nearly everything»
- the pentagon wars lecture and the basic test.»
- The Research Project Work»
- Jan and Peter. They are excellent at holding lectures.»
- the project as well as the home exam.»
- Most of it.»
- RPW, Jan and Lars and their lecturs»
- Great and understanding lecture! Great with the project! »
- The lectures on the book and the project»
- I think a project is relevant because of the course so that should be kept. »
- Lars lectires»
- The research project»
- the project work was fun and educational. »
- The lecturers (föreläsare?) »
- Jan Wickenberg»
- the research project »
- Jan and guest lectures»
- The lecturers.»
- Motivation, Leadership and Power and the Exploring the Shadow lectures And the RPW»
- The enthusiasm of Peter Altman in coaching projects and the lectures of Jan that were both enjoyable and informative.»
- The variety of the lectures.»
- The Research Project Work»
- Research project, guest lecturer Julia Jonasson, Jans lectures.»
- Jan Wickenberg and Lars Hallin.»
- Lars lectures. Julia. Cecilia»
- The pentagon wars. It helps a lot to have a vivid scenario to connect to all the little things you are trying to memorize.»
- Jan, Peter and Lars»
- Fun and interaction, clear structure, different lecturers, a lot of super interesting guest lectures»
- Project work»
- The RPW»
- RPW»
- Prepatory work. Interesting articles!»
- The administration of the course information!»
- Pentagon Wars or any interesting movie that elicits the PM concepts.»
- Research project work Weekly hand-ins»
- Preparation material»
- the course administation, good job. »
- presentations for the research project and the feedback on the preliminary hand-in»
- The lectures»
- Guest lecture Julia Johansson, the movie and some of Jans anecdotes. »
- RPW, guest lectures»
- Lars is good, you can tell he know what he talks about and has a genuine knowledge for the subject»
- The RPW and Lars Hallin"s lectures about the basics of PM»
- The project with the opportunity to study a real case.»

13. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- Adjust the workload»
- The messaging and information system. Too complicated for what it serves.»
- Skip the basic test and give more time for RPW»
- Shorter PM"s »
- The research program»
- That you both have to do a home exame AND a "dugga". »
- It is difficult to not have the impression that the second basics test was easier than the first one, just judging by the results. This is kind of unfair to the people who studied hard for the first one.»
- I think that the assignment for the home exam came out too late.»
- I think it would be good to have some longer discussions about the "pre-readings". There was some short discussions about them which I thought was really helpful in the way of understanding the most essential part of the articles. »
- Ping pong administration. Every single piece of information that took one A4 page could have been condensed to a few lines of text, or bullet points. Every other Chalmers course I"ve had so far was much better on this front.»
- Delete the home exam. This would give less stress.»
- as all students passed the basic test it is fine to keep it but for the first time it seemed to be unbalanced in terms of workload related to points you get for it.»
- The communication line. Using only one and keeping the instructions clear, having the same from both supeevisors.»
- Less Reading! more engaged supervisor please.»
- Perhaps the divition on the point, the project deservs more I think. And the group evaluation, better to sent it in on a induvidual level. It would been more honest then I belive»
- Both dugga, project, presentation and home-exam makes the course scattered. Three of the above would have been enough, better to focus more on one of them instead. »
- When having a test. home exam, Project and mandatory hand ins in one course you don"t have time to do everything in a good way. It would have been better to do fewer thing but more extensive. Skip the project. »
- The mandatory pre reading feels unnecessary, did not contribute to any learning or inspiration. »
- I am, personally, a bit fed up with the gender question - I can"t understand why it has to be brought up in every single course. »
- The workload! And have fewer guest lecturers. Put more time on the theory. »
- Ingo"s mandatory pre-work. Didn"t see any point in that and the work-load was too high for such a small thing. »
- maybe the amount of pre readings in the beginning could be decreased »
- Not test the students in every way possible. Homeexam, exam, project, presentation, student assessment»
- RPW structure / plan »
- Maybe to get another person, more committed to help the students than Peter Altmann. The fuzzy front end felt very isolated from the rest of the course content. »
- - don"t focus on academic writing - don"t do these interviews anymore, but let us manage a project ourselves - make the exam more focused on insights in concepts from Maylor.»
- early hand-in should be removed in favor of early start on RPW»
- No home exam to reduce workload.»
- Reduce number of mandatory hand-ins.»
- The psychology lecture»
- I know you already slimmed down, but is a homeexam, a mini-test, all the hand-ins AND a project really justified for a 7,5 hp-course? Not to say I didn"t enjoy it.»
- Have it before the kookoo course! The lack of leader skills was severe among several teams »
- More practical research project...The project was medium interesting to me as I"ve done interview studies before and I think we could have conducted our own mini project instead. A more innovative approach here would be good. »
- maybe take away some of the things the examination is based on, so that one can focus on for example the research project work which is very meaningful for learning.»
- Nothing.»
- RPW»
- RPW project. it was a stone in the shoe with little learning outcome. It felt crammed if the main aim with it was to learn the academic way of conducting such a study.»
- Earlier start on the research project»
- PM Basics Test. Conducting a test for just 20 marks on a complete textbook is kind of annoying. It seems to be irrelevant to read so much text in a short period of time. I suggest to split the test into at least two or more parts OR conduct test on selected chapters only OR not to conduct the test at all.»
- PM basic text, more focused on lectures. Therefore more useful and well constructed lectures. It is completely useless to learn by heart a book.»
- Work load distribution. very much in beginning (30h/week) and very little in the end (10h/week).»
- Less examinations and more focus on research work.»
- More focus on project management within the group research project»
- The RPW, the weekly hand-ins. The RPW taught me very little about managing a project, having a mock project with weekly updates that you manage with a weekly hand in would be better in my opinion. The hand-ins didn"t really do anything for me, no response was given on the texts we wrote, and the texts that we read didn"t feel super relevant»
- Maybe write in PM that It is reasonable to start reading Maylor soon, even before term. I know that probably not many would do it, but still some thread could work. »
- The pre-readings. They were boring, difficult to understand and did not provide any learnings. I think it still can be good to have some of them but if the texts are changed.»
- Remove the pre-readings. It is better to have a lecture in the beginning where you explain how you think students should wright, and then have a exercise in the same lecture where you can try it yourself. »

14. Additional comments

- It is a fun course but I feel like students at Teknisk design doing their bachelor thesis should not be recommended to take this course since the combined work load just gets overwhelming! »
- Liked what the course gave me, an insight into Project management.»
- no additional comments»
- Thank you for a good course!»
- Recommend non-bachelor students to take this course after their bachelor-thesis. I was not able to put the time I wanted on this course.»
- Really good work on your lectures Jan!»
- fun and educational»
- A good course»
- I was terrified as I started this course, mostly about the workload. However, no matter my grade (fingers crossed), I have not had a dull moment, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course! »
- Very useful and informative course, good RPW, interesting anecdotes which help me remember the theories.»
- I have enjoyed the course!»
- It was a fun course. It"ll probably be very useful to me in the future. »
- Great fun but exhausting to have two work-intense courses in parallel»
- The book is too much to read.»
- RPW was good but it was anything but clear»
- Thank you!»
- There seems to be a lack of clarity when it comes to the Research Project Work. Certain topics were so boring that I felt drowsy while the teams were presenting. Also there seems to be a mismatch between what is being taught and what is being done as a project. Since the course is only for about 8 weeks, there is no ample scope for incorporating key PM concepts in the project. Probably he cuckoo course is more interesting compared to the Research Project Work.»
- 1741701927»
- none»
- This course should come with a warning sign on it. Personally, I felt this course had a great potential at educating me in verry unique and essential subjects, but since I had my bachelors course simultaneously I felt I couldn"t commit whole heartily ("helhjärtat"). I wish I had taken this course during a period where I at the same time wasn"t part of the coolest, biggest project ever in my education. »
- Thank you once again for great course. I found this knowledge really useful. If you keep your standart, I think many students will appreciate it. »
- A interesting course, and fun storys told by Jan. However, hard to connect all of these to project management. »

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