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Mechanical engineering programmes’, most pedagogical prize, Gyllene Pekpinnen academic year 15/

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2016-04-27 - 2016-05-09
Antal svar: 43
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 6%
Kontaktperson: Josefin Nilsson»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Maskinteknik 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

1. Which lecturer do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2015/2016? Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Jonas Ringsberg »
- Cecilia Berlin excellent lectures! great contact with the students. »
- Cecilia Berlin, for innovative use of new ways of interacting with students during lectures (namely, live, on-line polls and questionnaire using QR-codes).»
- Roland Kádár - composite and nano composite materials»
- Srdjan Sasic, Multiphase flow, TME160. Skilled and supportive. Insistent on creating a good atmosphere in the classroom. »
- Sven B Andersson - Motivating teacher who speaks very clearly and with passion at his lectures. »
- Niclas Mattson - first I was a bit surprised by his active way of walking arround and talking but it didn"t take long untill I got a glimpse of the passion he has for sustainable energy futures. This passion was well spread to a good part of the audience.»
- Celcilia Berlin»
- Sven B Andersson Associate Professor. Sven Andersson is an Associate Professor working in the areas internal combustion engines and automotive engineering. He motivates student to push us to the limits and teaches the subject in the most interesting ways. He is an inspiration to us and never fails to encourage everyone for pursuing academic goals. His presence raises the level of the course to one of the best on the planet. Teachers such as him make Chalmers one of the best places to study in the world.»
- Magnus Ekh Fucking king»
- Martin Fagerström The composite mechanics course TME240 is the most interesting and best course i have taken. The way he makes the lecturing and teaching so good is that he includes lot of experience from his earlier work on real engineering problems.»
- Fredrik Normann, termodynamik, vem annars????»
- Professor Håkan Nilsson for Project course in OpenFOAM. This is because Håkan teaching is unique, precise, informative and makes assignments challenging. In addition to it, he is kind and guides students to the utmost extent during projects. »
- Fredrik Normann, Termodynamik Med sina fantastiska kunskaper som han tydligt och underhållande förmedlar till åhörarna är han en rimlig vinnare av Gyllene Pekpinnen.»
- Magnus Ekh - FEM solids»
- Fredrik Larsson, TME245, because of the nice structure of the coarse itself and also the commitment of presenting the otherwise difficult material in a understandable and interesting way.»
- Mathias R lidberg TME102 vehicle dynamics advanced»
- Martin Fagerström»
- Matty Jensen, VMI010. Mattys is a fantastic teacher who managed to engage us students in all aspects of the ESA course in reading period 2. The teaching methods used were on point and very good in helping us reach our desired goals. Matty has a very calm and clear presentation technique and was vey good at maintaining slides and the course webpage. »
- Sven Andersson. He is one of the most dynamic teacher in Chalmers. He is knowledgeable, friendly, interactive. Hence, he should win the prize»
- Lars Almefelt - Product Development Project MPP126, because he is a great teacher and his enthusiasm is contagious. The best word I would use to describe him is inspiring. Thank you!»
- Martin Fagerström. Composite Mechanics»
- Anders Ekberg»
- Cecilia Berlin. »
- Martin Fagerström, course Composite Mechanics. He had interactive lectures»
- Lars Davidson, MTF270 Turbulence Modelling I just really like him. :)»
- Sven B. Andersson, Internal combustion engines (MTF240) Sven possesses the ability to bring in all his years of experience into the classroom and lay it down in a uniquely way which kindles interest in the subject and is also around whenever you need his help with assignments and projects. Most importantly, an inspiring character.»
- Lars Davidsson: Very illastrutive way of explaining physics phenomena with words and showing how they can be interpreted with equations.»
- Anders Boström, Stelkroppsdynamik.»
- Lars Davidsson, mechanics of fluids, turbulence modelling»
- Prof. Thomas Abrahamsson. Very clear in his teachings and helpful. »
- Lars Davidsson Introduction in Fluid mechanics APME 1»
- Jonas Ringsberg, Marin structures»
- Jon Larborn i Simulation of productions systems- jobbade verkligen för att man skulle lära sig »
- Anders Hedman- Powertrain Mechanics. Med stor kunskap och glimten i ögat fanns det inga frågor som Anders inte kunde svara på. Stort engagemang och intressanta föreläsningar gjorde Powertrain Mechanics till en av de bästa kurserna på Automotiveprogrammet.»
- Mikael Odenberger MEN115 Energy Systems modelling and planning »
- Mikael Odenberger»
- Henrik Khilman. Providing an entertaining and interesting atmosphere in the class room.»
- Magnus Ekh - FEM Solids I vote for Magnus thanks to him being so helpful and kind.»
- Dr. Eduard Hryha, Phase Transformations He enables critical thinking by his way of teaching. »
- Cecilia Berlin. Her dedication in teaching makes all lectures interesting and she always put the student in the center. Her feedback on assignments are amazing (text, videos, conversations etc.) and she deserves to win. »
- Sven B Andersson, Applied Mechanics.»

2. Which teaching assistant do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2015/2016? Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Philip Simonsson»
- Dan Li, for his commitment as a teaching assistant in group projects and undertaking even the most tedious tasks that any other teaching assistant would"ve put on the students" shoulders.»
- Kristoffer Carlsson, TME250 FEM Solids Huge patience and extremely helpful.»
- Pär (Vehicle dynamics) - Very helpful everytime, even when he was working with his projects. »
- Lisa Göransson - was the TA I felt most comfortable to ask the probably stupidest questions as she alsways seems very understanding of the students problems and doesn"t hesitate to explain things a second time.»
- Gerben Doornbos (Doktorand) at Tillämpad mekanik/Förbränning He is very good in explaining stuff. makes everything very simple and easy to understand. Definitely a budding professor. Would like to see him take more classes in the future.»
- Floros»
- Dimosthenis Floros Really good teaching at the exercises on the FEM Structures TME245. »
- Jelina Andric for Multiphase flow course offered in Applied mechanics Master program»
- Kristoffer Carlsson - FEM solids He was extremely helpful and patient with the students questions»
- Pär Pettersson MMF062 Vehicle dynamics»
- Kaldon Kalasho»
- Maud Lanau, VMI010 and VMI035. Maud is very helpful and very knowledgable and a very important aspect of our projects in the courses. She was very good at giving helpful critique as well as positive compliments on our ongoing work. Maud was very kind and had a knack for understanding the difficulties we had even if we couldn"t easily put it into words. »
- Par Petersson for being helpful, having excellent knowledge on vehicle dynamics »
- Jonas Landahl - Advanced CAD PPU080, because of good guidance, support and his encouragement of students.»
- Johannes Främby Composite Mechanics»
- Robert Hult. »
- Hamidreza Abedi, TME225 Mechanics of fluids The best at explaining very complex concepts »
- Pär Pettersson (TME121 and MMF062) A very considerate, approachable and helpful tutor who possesses the quality to become a great teacher.»
- Hamidreza Abdei, Mechanics of fluids»
- Nicolas Vogt. Same course, very helpful for the assignments and always friendly.»
- Hamidreza ??? Introduction in Fluid mechanics APME 1»
- Sanchez , the tutor of the Marin structure course »
- Jonatan Berglund»
- Joel Goop MEN115 Energy Systems modelling and planning Joel brinner verkligen för sitt ämne och det märks. Han stannar gärna efter lektioner för att diskutera och förklara alltid på ett sätt som gör att man går därifrån och känner att man har lärt sig något»
- Joel Goop»
- Jon Bokrantz. Always being able to provide good answers during the lab sessions and lectures. »
- Kristoffer Carlsson - FEM Solids A hardworking assistant that never turned down a question from us confused students. »
- Dr. Seshendra Karamchedu, Materials selection and design Very inspiring and motivating from my point of view»

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