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Master dinner evaluation, 8 questions

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2016-02-05 - 2016-03-01
Antal svar: 40
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 45%
Kontaktperson: Christina Larsson»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs

Questionnaire about Master dinner

Hi! Thank you for your participation in the Master"s dinner in December! We hope that you can take a few minutes now to answer a questionnaire about the arrangement and tell us what you think about it. We would like to know “,Should we do this again and what can we do better?”,

1. How did you get information about the dinner?

40 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Email»36 90%
Someone told me about it»9 22%
Internet»1 2%
Other (explanation below)»2 5%

- Both e-mail and that a friend told me. » ()
- NB: Being the coordinator of a master program (Physics and Astronomy), I"m probably not supposed to answer this questionnaire, but this is an easy way for me to give written feedback before I forget about it... /Cathy » ()
- Though the board » ()
- Associated to the planning committee» ()

2. How well do you think we managed to inform the students about the dinner?

We wanted to reach all Master program students in year 1 and explain that they were invited to a fine dinner together with their class mates.

39 svarande

Almost all class mates knew about the dinner»15 38%
Quite many of the students knew about the dinner»11 28%
The information did not reach so many students»6 15%
I have no opinion»7 17%

Genomsnitt: 2.12

- As you sent the invitation by email, you are able to reach all of the students and that"s a good way of communicate as all of us students uses their email.» (Almost all class mates knew about the dinner)
- I believe that invitation by mail is the best approach. Even so I felt that many students had missed this event. Unfortunately some students do not check their mail frequently enough.» (The information did not reach so many students)
- The E-Mail stated clearly what the event was about, but you never know why people don"t read their mails carefully» (The information did not reach so many students)
- As an MPA I don"t know how this info reached students.» (I have no opinion)
- I was disappointed that only 2 MPPAS/N2PHY (the GU corresponding program) came. Next year I can try to email the students as well and encourage them to participate. » (I have no opinion)
- I do not know how and whether the invitation reached all students» (I have no opinion)

3. When is it suitable to have a dinner for Masters students in year one?

38 svarande

study period 1, study week 1-3»8 21%
study period 1, study week 4-5»10 26%
study period 1, study week 6-7»2 5%
study period 2, study week 1-3»11 28%
study period 2 study week 4-5»2 5%
study period 2, study week 6-7 (as in 2015)»5 13%

Genomsnitt: 3.1

- As early as possible I would imagine.» (study period 1, study week 1-3)
- I think early, like at least study period 1, should be better.» (study period 1, study week 1-3)
- I think it"s a good idea to have it in the beginning of the year so the new students easier get to know the Chalmers students and the opposite.» (study period 1, study week 1-3)
- I think at the beginning would be nice because I could really improve the contact between swedish and international students. After some time of already studying it has less potential in my opinion. Also, it"s a great way to welcome the new students. If you already know about this before the introduction day for the programs, you could do an announcement there. » (study period 1, study week 1-3)
- 1-4 is master reception with circ so better after » (study period 1, study week 4-5)
- The earlier the better I think, but at a time when most are beginning to settle in to the class» (study period 1, study week 4-5)
- Maybe not quite as late as this year, it collides with the last hand-in before christmas » (study period 2, study week 1-3)
- The same as it was» (study period 2, study week 1-3)
- Early in the study periods is best since students generally have less to do then. It"s also good to let the students of each class get to know each other a bit before the dinner. This is why study "period 2, study week 1-3" would be best in my opinion.» (study period 2, study week 1-3)
- All is good except SP1, week 6-7 since close to exam» (study period 2, study week 6-7 (as in 2015))

4. Did the arrangement meet the expectations you had before dinner?

40 svarande

Yes, perfectly»18 45%
Yes»19 47%
No»2 5%
No, not at all»0 0%
I don´,t know»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.67

- It was more fancy than i thought! » (Yes, perfectly)
- It was so nice, good people and good food.» (Yes, perfectly)
- it was better then expected» (Yes)
- The food was really nice» (Yes)
- I actually didn"t expect it to be so nice. So if you have any pictures from this year, include them in the invitation for next year.» (Yes)
- Not exactly - I really didn"t like the band and the dancers. » (No)

5. This was good with the arrangement:

- The dinner with my classmates and some professors.»
- The food the program-tableseats. Maybe there could me more programrepresentatives so you get more connection to the division. »
- Nice food and fun evening»
- The nametags, the food and the orators.»
- The quality of the food and the low cost. »
- The food was excellent!»
- talking with new students and teachers in an informal setting»
- The get to know the clas better»
- Good food, good company and good entertainment.»
- The fabulous food and drink.»
- Thank you, Christina, for your efforts in arranging this! You did very nicely, the location was good and the food excellent. »
- The food and price and that you got to sit with your class, the quiz.»
- Very nice food and atmosphere on the dinner»
- Quiz, food, mingling before dinner»
- Good food and nice to sit together in programs»
- the food and to meet teachers and fellow students in a relaxed environment»
- Having the programs separated so I could actually meet people from my program, but also see who is in the other classes.»
- Everything»
- Hyllan was a good venue. I got to speak with both international and Swedish students on my MSc program, and they talked to each other. Good to seat people acc. to MP»
- the food, got to know other from my program »
- The atmosphere»
- Everything»
- The surprise ballet and orchestra performance, the food was good.»
- Overall planning. Activities»

6. This was NOT so good with the arrangement:

- It was too late to have this dinner.»
- Allianceorchestre is not really funny, they do the same thing every time. Just skip that next time and it"ll be an awesome dinner.»
- The dresscode was quite unclear. The quiz was too big.»
- The dress code should have been clearer perhaps.»
- The mingle area was too small so it was too crowded.»
- Have more interaction between the different masterprograms»
- Ended to early.»
- The band and the dancing: I fear that those groups are projecting a sexist and negative image of Chalmers. The Chalmers students are used to it and seem to accept it, but it is hard to imagine that international students (especially women) would be as accepting of such traditions or enjoy those shows. »
- Allianceorchestret»
- Maybe make people switch seats in the middle so we can get in contact with even more people»
- The pre-dinner mingle did not lead to much mingling. I do not know what would be a better alternative though. Allianceorchestret can be omitted!»
- It could have been more students from my program, more information about the dinner so it reaches everyone.»
- I think mixing programmes would be better - meet other students - share experiences»
- Sitting divided into the programs, mixing it up would have worked better I think.»

7. Do you think that a similar dinner should be arranged for Master program students in year one next autumn?

39 svarande

Yes»39 100%
No»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1

- Nice to meet all master students.» (Yes)
- Absolutely! Everyone I talked to highly appreciated the evening.» (Yes)
- It would be nice if there was a follow up diner for year 2 as well, because it really made the clas closer » (Yes)
- Absolutely! » (Yes)
- Definitely!» (Yes)
- Why only year 1? » (Yes)
- Absolutely!» (Yes)

8. Proposals for a new arrangement?

What do you think would be important to consider in new arrangements for Master students?

- It would be better if I could meet the people one year above me»
- possibly relax the attire.»
- To get in touch with the supposed toastmasters earlier in order to give them more time to prepare. »
- We should have all master programs dinner with year 1 and year 2 as well. So we will get a chance to know more people in our programs. »
- We need to get them to come. »
- More interaction between the different programs.»
- It would be nice to already inform students that the event exists in the opening lecture of MPISC»
- Advertise it on the first day.»
- Invite both 1rst and 2nd year Master students. The price was symbolic (really low), nevertheless for some students the price might have been the reason not to attend the dinner, so if there is possibility to offer the dinner at a lower fee, there might be more attendees.»
- Please do force to label students with their name!! and ask them to sit in a defined chairs. Thank you. »
- The key thing is to get the new international students get together with the "old" swedish ones. »
- Maybe include more interactive games between dinner neighbors»

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