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Evaluation Exchange students Autumn 2015

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2015-12-16 - 2016-01-20
Antal svar: 91
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 30%
Kontaktperson: Chalmers international mobilit»

1. I have been at Chalmers...*

91 svarande

Autumn semester»91 100%
Spring semester»0 0%
Autumn and Spring semester»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1

2. What exchange programme do you belong to?

91 svarande

Erasmus»78 85%
Bilateral agreement (world wide)»4 4%
Unitech»6 6%
Norden (Norplus)»1 1%
Other»2 2%
Don"t know»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.29

3. What is your field of study?

Please choose the one that suits your background best

91 svarande

Architecture»3 3%
Computer engineering»6 6%
Electrical engineering»9 9%
IT engineering»8 8%
Civil engineering»10 10%
Industrial engineering and management»15 16%
Design engineering»2 2%
Mechanical engineering»17 18%
Automations/Mechatronics engineering»1 1%
Physics Engineering»0 0%
Mathematics»2 2%
Chemical engineering»7 7%
Bio engineering»2 2%
Materials engineering»0 0%
Other»9 9%

Genomsnitt: 7.03

4. How satisified are you with the information you received from Chalmers before the exchange?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is very satisfied and 1 is very dissatified

91 svarande

0 0%
3 3%
7 7%
50 54%
31 34%

Genomsnitt: 4.19

- I wish I had information concerning the schedule before I arrived at Chalmers.» (2)
- Chalmers should provide housing for students like the GU do!» (3)
- The biggest problem bevor coming to sweden was to find a accommondation. More information about how to find one would be good.» (3)
- Guidance in housing could be better arranged and caused a lot of stress. Beside, information regarding studyprogramme should be better. Firstly, the invites for welcome days of studies were difficult to find and I didn"t get all of them. Also course information should be better, so problems in the program can be addressed earlier. » (3)
- the code for applying to a sgs room was wrong, so i couldnt get a accomodation there. the reason was that the document from a recent year was send to us students.» (3)
- Information about housing could be better» (4)
- It would be good to include some information about important documents (chalmers ID, keycard, ...) for students who are not able to attend to the welcome week. » (4)
- I think that the guidance for searching a place to stay could be better.» (4)
- It wasn"t pointed out how scarce apartments are in the city. » (4)
- Maybe you should inform about the difficulty of get an accomodation in Göteborg.» (4)
- difficult to get information regarding litteratur» (4)
- The website to see the courses available is very detailed and clear, and it was easy to find valuable information in general!» (5)
- The mail communication with Mr Träff was always quick and informative.» (5)
- Great job!» (5)
- little more information about how to find accomondation » (5)
- very clear and organized» (5)

5. How did you enjoy the welcome activities?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is the best and 1 is the lowest grade

91 svarande

0 0%
4 4%
16 18%
29 34%
36 42%

Genomsnitt: 4.14

- I didn"t find the welcome activities from CIRC very appealing. Divding the students into Phadder groups might be a good idea but the way it was put into practice was not the best. Also, I don"t think my Phadder did his part very well.» (2)
- A pity that you are separated from the normal students» (3)
- Not so many activities in the first week. And the activities of the other weeks had very few places and it was difficult to take part to them. It is a shame because some of them were quite good. The phadder group idea was nice. » (3)
- Missed a lot of acitvities due to the Start-Up Week of Unitech» (3)
- I think is necessary to do more activities and for a longer period of time, not only the first weeks.» (3)
- There could be more activities. » (3)
- Circ does a good job» (4)
- It was really nice that we had a phadder group and that certain activities were organized. This is really valuable. We could not join the sauna party and train party because there were way too less tickets. I think it would be better if they organize these activities for everyone. » (4)
- The phadder groups could be assembled beter and search more alike people for the group.» (4)
- Arrival day at the airport could also be good on the Tuesday if we don"t manage to get a flight on monnday?» (4)
- A pity, that international students are separated from the regular students» (4)
- A bit expensive at the end of the month. Some prices were compare to what we did.» (4)
- They welcoming day was useful, but on some aspects to extensive. For example, too much information on alcohol. The activities from CIRC were good and fun. Only the limited amount of spots were a problem. Also i was a bit unlucky with my group. Mostly Asians, that tended to go there own way immediately after the tour. So, basically the group was narrowed down to 5 a 6 people rapidly.» (4)
- When people came it was really nice, but lots of people did not show up to some of the activities and the communication was very chaotic.» (4)
- Thank you very much for all the welcoming activities. The integration was simplified by that.» (5)
- CIRC is doing a very good job.» (5)
- Not enough tickets to different activities » (5)
- really good oragnisation» (5)
- nice welcome» (5)
- Arrived to late.» (Don)
- Did not take part in much of the welcome activities, sorry.» (Don)

6. How satisfied are you with your coordinator at Chalmers?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is the best and 1 is the lowest grade

90 svarande

0 0%
1 1%
15 16%
22 24%
51 57%
Don"t know»1

Genomsnitt: 4.38

- Very satisfied in the beginning but later on he didn"t aswered to mails.» (3)
- Often non available but we managed to find someone to answer.» (3)
- If this is about Ing-Britt!? Definetely a 5!» (5)
- Very open and friendly! Uncomplicated help. » (5)
- Ing-Britt Carlsson was a very warmhearted person who helped me in many situations. Great compliment!!» (5)
- Thanks you Ing Britt!» (5)
- had always time for me, responded quickly and was always helpful :)» (5)
- Ing-Britt did everything in her power to help me during my stay. Especially during the problems with my program, she was very kind and helpful. » (5)
- always helpful and fast» (5)
- Louisa has been great!» (5)

7. How long did it take for you to find accommodation?

91 svarande

I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers»53 58%
Within the first few days»5 5%
After 1-2 weeks»12 13%
After 2-4 weeks»11 12%
After more than one month»10 10%
No opionion»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.12

- The bad point of this city... REALLY HARD to find an accommodation» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- Terrible housing situation in Gothenburg. » (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- 2.5 months bevor I came to Chalmers I searched for a accommodation full time.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I was very lucky that i got a apartment from SGS. After months of trying. » (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- very difficult to find an accommodation in Gothenburg, more help for students coming from abroad would be appreciated» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- Finding accommodation was one of our concerns so we made sure to find it as soon as possible.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- But it was very difficult to arrange something before I came to Chalmers.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- But very difficult» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I was told that I have no chance getting something over sgs as a Erasmus student. After speaking to many others, that was a lie and I decreased my chances for accommodation.» (After 1-2 weeks)
- I was looking for accommodation for 3 months before arrival and nothing. After arrival I got accommodation just by luck in the first week» (After 1-2 weeks)
- Accomodation is the only problem with the whole exchange.» (After 1-2 weeks)
- As already mention, it is really difficult to get an accomodation, so in my opinion the university should find it for all the students, not only for the ones who pay fees.» (After 1-2 weeks)
- Finding accomodation is really difficult. I wrote to 70 different landlords until finally succeeding.» (After 1-2 weeks)
- SGS isn"t supportive at all and pretty rude.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- It was a last minute call from SGS so I was really lucky.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- tough. CIS queue was not helpful.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- really hard to find and friends of mine from the Göteborg university got a room easy but from Chalmers somehow no way, - better communication that portal doesnt really work good.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- Really difficult. Also we figured out too late that we don"t need to stay at Chalmers in January (no written exam) so we paid one useless month (January...)» (After more than one month)
- Awful experience!! It is very expensive more than 500 euros for 8 m2. Impossibility to live alone all by myself and very surprising that every ownership loan a simple couch in the same price. I have never seen that before. Unfortunately for I am a male and I received a lot rejection for a housing by this simple characteristic. Boplats is not helpful at all, SGS apparently we need to subscribe months or years before to get one.» (After more than one month)
- Please, try to provide accommodation to exchange students in the future. Especially foreigners that study only for one semester have a hard time to find anything.» (After more than one month)
- It is extremely difficult to find a place to stay and unfortunately there was no help from Chalmers whatsoever» (After more than one month)

8. What kind of accommodation have you had?

89 svarande

SGS student housing»28 31%
Private room/apartment via Boplats»21 23%
Private room/apartment found on your own»37 41%
Stayed with a friend or relative»1 1%
Other, please specify below»2 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.19

- Searched for almost 7 months before» (?)
- All exchange students should get a guaranteed place at SGS.» (SGS student housing)
- I was lucky to get a room, but there were far too few places for International/Erasmus-students» (SGS student housing)
- There should be more options besides Boplats and SGS that are the most known.» (SGS student housing)
- SGS room but subletted by another student going abroad. Found on housing anywhere.» (SGS student housing)
- The system with clicking every Tuesday and Friday isn"t ideally, but fair. Besides, my experiences with SGS were okay. » (SGS student housing)
- Not a great experience living in a rented room. Would"ve been better in sgs housing.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- Got in this apartment only with the help of a boplats employee. Before her assistance, no one answered my emails.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- I just found the contact data via Boplats. The rest was via Mail.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- Blocker.se. A private Swedish anouncement» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- I changed my appartment with a student of Cahlmers which started an exchange semester at my university. Maybe this type of housing could be supported by the universities as they have the information of incoming international students. » (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- Blocket» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- very difficult to find an accommodation in Gothenburg, more help for students coming from abroad would be appreciated» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- Through the website Airbnb, I"ve stayed in a flat with my girlfriend, who moved to Sweden with me» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- it is very difficult, and why are rooms for students as GU guaranteed?» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- Awful, The place is very repugnant, tiny. I don"t have access to the living room at all. I have access to the kitchen part time meaning that very rarely!» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- everything works via fb group, just write that so students know» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- Chalmers studentbostader» (Other, please specify below)
- A room in Swedish inhabitants" house» (Other, please specify below)

9. What is your overall impression of the studies?

Please rate the course work (lectures, lab work, seminars etc). 5 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest.

90 svarande

0 0%
0 0%
10 11%
56 62%
24 26%

Genomsnitt: 4.15

- Quite easy» (3)
- I have had in general very good teachers but also a very bad one. I encourage you to take the surveys into account and change the professors if you think it necesary.» (3)
- Should be more interactive between lecturer and students. Lecturer only speaks for hours, this isn"t proactive.» (3)
- sometimes too hard work for bachelor student» (3)
- The courses I had chosen were on a very basic level and did not go far into detail or were very chaotic (too many different lecturers, changing requirements for assignments etc.)» (4)
- The teachers are available and helpful. It"s excellent to have courses in English in which there are also Swedish students!» (4)
- Level of teaching is Below what I"m used to from my home uni in germany» (4)
- Some professors absolutely do too much » (4)
- Quality varies. I noticed a strong focus on application, means less theoretical lectures as I am used to. I liked it.» (4)
- When there are courses of both GU and chalmers, they should be better tuned and adjusted to eachother. Now we had so much work for the GU course that we almost didn"t have any time for working on the chalmers course.» (4)
- Very good, I had some problems with one lab teacher but the responsible of the course listened to me about that and I think it will be solved.» (4)
- Didn"t partake any courses, wrote thesis instead...» (4)
- My advice for the lectures is to reduce the use of the slides and explain the mathematical expressions by using the blackboard » (4)
- In some courses are less student assistants. You have to wait to long before your question gets answered.» (4)
- The level of courses is very divers. From very easy to very difficult. Can be a result of my background, but its also generally known as i heard from other students. Besides, i needed to get use to the way of working and organizing. But overal i had a pleasant experience.» (4)
- It is really nice that there is such a good connection with buisinesses.» (4)
- Courses : Good quality I learned a lot. It will be useful in the future. » (5)
- Carried out a masters project but all the lab facilities were excellent.» (5)
- I was here for my master thesis» (5)
- really good structure and love the feedback culture you have» (5)

10. What is your overall impression of your exchange stay at Chalmers?

Please rate your exchange stay at Chalmers. 5 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest.

91 svarande

0 0%
0 0%
5 5%
35 38%
51 56%
Don"t know»0

Genomsnitt: 4.5

- Swedish language classes are really lacking!» (4)
- I really liked Chalmers but I had no time to enjoy my exchange, I worked and studied all the time » (4)
- My keycard was not working althozgh I meet several responsible people.» (4)
- I really like the sport opportunities at fysiken.» (4)
- I think that there is not interaction between the Swedish students and the exchange students. I would recomend more common activities in the first weeks.» (4)
- Lots of fun with good study. My personal goals were accomplished. » (4)
- The student life here is excellent.» (5)
- System very different from France but I really like it.» (5)
- Fantastic university, helpful and friendly interactions with the professors and coordinator, very good learning environment.» (5)
- It learned a lot, it was a great experience.» (5)
- Great place!» (5)

11. Would you recommend Chalmers as an exchange destination to other students at your home university?

91 svarande

No»0 0%
Maybe»11 12%
Yes»79 86%
No opinion»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.89

- Depends on the field of study» (Maybe)
- I would recommend Chalmers but not the courses I took » (Maybe)
- Depends on what the exactly want to study. From my specific Master, i found out it isn"t very suitable. The course fitting in the overall program are limited. If problems, as in my case, occur course outside the master scope should be chosen. However, if suitable i would definitely recommend it. » (Maybe)
- Studying at Chalmers was a great pleasure to me. However, the general accommodation situation in Gothenburg is really not reasonable. I hoped for more support by the university.» (Maybe)
- Definitely. » (Yes)
- But maybe a warning about the accomodation...» (Yes)
- I would def. recommend but only if the housing situation gets improved! Otherwise the stay abroad starts with a nightmare.» (Yes)
- I have had an amazing semester there and I think that Chalmers is a very good and reputable university, so thank you for the opportunity :)» (Yes)
- Definitely! For students who are interested in getting to know another university system and who are willing to spend some time on studying. Not for those who just want to party and travel.» (Yes)
- BUT problem with applying courses to home university» (Yes)

12. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

- I"ve had a very nice semester at Chalmers »
- A better access to the Chalmers societies is needed (Where is lot of societies sports, culture but there are to find) »
- Studying took too much of my time. My main goal was to have fun, meet people, and visit places. Instead, I was studying all day & all night. I admit I had 3 courses, but I felt it too serious considering that I"m "just" an exchange student.»
- French people would be glad if you would offer desserts at the kårrestaurangen.»
- Keep in this way!!!»
- Good education in a very good atmosphere and environment for studying.»
- Better access to Chalmers society»
- More free activities after the 1st week»
- Be very clear with the course information. Had serious problems due overlap of courses and a course that suddenly wasn"t open for exchange students. Due my free Master program, i needed permission for everything. So this caused a lot of unnecessary stress. So be very clear with the information and stick with it. For example don"t close a course for exchange students a week before it starts. That"s ridiculous.»
- Screen students to make sure their qualifications are sufficient. »

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