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IBB135 Pre-evaluation, IBB135 2014-15LP4

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2015-05-26 - 2015-06-03
Antal svar: 46
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 83%
Kontaktperson: Jan Wickenberg»

1. What is your general impression of the course?

46 svarande

Worst course ever»0 0%
Fair»1 2%
Adequate»8 17%
Good»22 47%
Excellent»14 30%
Best course ever»1 2%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 4.13

- The course is fairly okay in general. Although, the course was about project management, but I end up working mostly on report writing and literature studies for most of time and that was not perceived at the start of the course when I selected it. I expected some more activity-oriented lecture than just discussing theories and opinions.» (Adequate)
- the content seemed random sometimes. I"m not sure if everything was relevant and not sure if I learned more about project management» (Adequate)
- Not as focused as I expected. Thought it would be more about the basics and less about the reflections. A reflective part is good, however one may need more of the basics before going into deeper reflections.» (Adequate)
- The first part was really good with the basic test. the last parts with the RP and all separate lectures was bad.» (Adequate)
- I am very interested by the subject, however I found the course to be more focused on the research project rather than learning and discussing project management tools. The basic test was not enough and it felt as though it was only to see if we can remember a large amount of information rather than learning the content.» (Adequate)
- Good to learn stuff for life, but i think it was a bit too much of that in this course. i think the course should be more focused on learning Project management in general than having so much focus on the project since this only gives us much knowledge within a very small area of project management.» (Good)
- It diden"t quite live up to it"s good reputation...» (Good)
- very interesting subject, but lectures were less concrete specially guest lectures.» (Good)
- Interesting subject and good mix selection of topics for lectures, but to much of a workload at the end with project presentation, and home exam parallell with the wrap up of another intense course. Basic test and a project would have been enough as mandatory grading moments. » (Good)
- Too much work, just have time to scratch the surface on many different areas. Better to narrow it down and focus on the most important. Maybe don"t have any exams and a larger management project where the aim is to "manage" a made up or improve a real project » (Good)
- An ordinary course which I personally appreciate. » (Good)
- Jan Wickenberg made the course exceptionally interesting, while the supporting lecturers and PhD students were also stimulating» (Excellent)
- New type of course for me (I study chemical engineering) and I really liked the committed way Jan teaches. Interesting subject and very relevant for our education and overall knowledge. Good workload, not too much nor too little.» (Excellent)
- I have never learned so much in a course as I have learned in this one. Very good teachers who made the project management area interesting. » (Excellent)
- I liked to course and how it shows that the reality is not the same as the textbooks» (Excellent)
- I never though that Project Management course would be interesting, so, it was very surprising for me.» (Excellent)
- This is a course of high quality, unfortunately I was not able to attend to very many lectures.» (Excellent)
- I really learned a lot regarding both the common general Project Management subject and special fields like Estimation, Problems, Management and teaching people in a tale-style! I will use the course literature, for sure. » (Excellent)
- I enjoyed it and found it engaging (which isn"t something I could say often for courses)» (Excellent)
- I think overall it was a very good course. I have never experienced such good lectures! It was so interesting! Specially Julia Jonasson"s!» (Excellent)
- Genuine and ambitious. » (Excellent)
- Normally I used to take engineering courses,so was good to experience a wonderful course that touch my feelings,that help me to think & to reflect and challenging me as well.» (Best course ever)

About you

2. What is your total working experience of product (and service) development projects?


Working as a project member
44 svarande

None»11 26%
1 - 3 months»5 11%
4 - 6 months»5 11%
7 - 12 months»5 11%
More than a year»16 38%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 3.23

Working as a project manager / project leader
39 svarande

None»26 70%
1 - 3 months»7 18%
4 - 6 months»2 5%
7 - 12 months»1 2%
More than a year»1 2%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 1.48

3. Where did you receive your Bachelor degree?

46 svarande

I (Industrial Engineering & Management) at Chalmers»0 0%
M (Mechanical Engineering) at Chalmers»10 21%
Elsewhere at Chalmers»16 34%
A Swedish university other than Chalmers»4 8%
A European university elsewhere than in Sweden»10 21%
A non-European university»3 6%
I have no Bachelor degree»3 6%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.76

About the course

4. This helped me understand the Basics of Project Management

In the best of worlds, a project management textbook would have been taught before this course started. During the first years IPR010 was run without a PM textbook. By student demand we later introduced the PM Basics module and allotting four (now five) lectures to the module.


- The textbook was too expensive while the e-book was free and was better suited to my style of learning/revision. The book itself was interesting though sometimes difficult to follow/understand as some definitions are included in examples which makes learning/revision more challenging.»
- The lectures were really good for me as a new project manager student. We have never read anything similar to this on the chemistry program, so it was good to receive an introduction and overall view of what PM is. The book was more detailed and written in an interesting way :) »
- It wasn"t really something new»
- Very good lectures. The Maylor book is also very well written and easy to follow. »
- The lectures were very good and the thing that really helped me to understand the basics of PM, and to pass the test well performed. I also believe that the book was needed since the lecture hand-outs were difficult to follow after the lecture, since it was so little information on them. »
- Reading the entire book was too much information in such a short time. The book has so many contents that it is hard to know and be comfortable with all of them in the test.»
- The PM basics was what I thought would be an appropriate exam, a bit more extensive then, but the content was good.»
- I think that having an exam after two weeks makes you study realy hard and learn the stuff you need to learn, but then you forget almost everything a short while later.»
- Basic lecture was the best and reading the book was very good as well.»
- I really liked the book. It felt easy to read and even enjoyable. My product developer boyfriend is now reading it!»
- The print book does have it"s advantages.»
- I thought the book was very good. But, as a student with no experience with project management, it would have been helpful with a little more "detailed" slides. This would help reading the book since one could "recognize" things from the lectures in the book. This is why I put a low score on the "Reading the lecture hand-outs" and "Attending the PM Basics lectures".»
- it was an intensive time but we learned a lot during the first weeks»

Reading the text-book (Maylor) in print
45 svarande

I totally agree»10 35%
I agree to some extent»9 32%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 21%
I disagree to some extent»3 10%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/Did not use»17

Genomsnitt: 2.07

Reading the text-book (Maylor) as an e-book
46 svarande

I totally agree»8 23%
I agree to some extent»16 47%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 17%
I disagree to some extent»4 11%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/Did not use»12

Genomsnitt: 2.17

Reading a summary of the book
45 svarande

I totally agree»11 36%
I agree to some extent»11 36%
I neither agree nor disagree»5 16%
I disagree to some extent»2 6%
I totally disagree»1 3%
No answer/Did not use»15

Genomsnitt: 2.03

Reading the lecture hand-outs
45 svarande

I totally agree»6 14%
I agree to some extent»25 59%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 19%
I disagree to some extent»3 7%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/Did not use»3

Genomsnitt: 2.19

Attending the PM Basics lectures
45 svarande

I totally agree»14 31%
I agree to some extent»21 46%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 17%
I disagree to some extent»2 4%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/Did not use»0

Genomsnitt: 1.95

5. The Lectures

This was a good lecture


- The lectures did not have any red line that was easy to follow. This is also my over all opinion to the course»
- All the lectures were interesting. Jan Wickenberg"s were best presented and most engaging in my opinion (he had the style of teaching). I did feel though as there were too many guest/external lecturers, for example Ingo, which felt unnecessary. »
- I missed some lectures when we were very into the Research Project work, but the rest of the lectures were very good and interesting. I did"t feel that any of them were unnecessary or a waste of time. The best lecture was with Julia Jonasson from Volvo!! Her way of talking and present her experience was very capturing. But most of all it felt like a relevant topic and it made me and my friends talk a lot about her and our experience within that area. You really have to have her next year!»
- As I have experienced some really brilliant guest lectures at Chalmers from other courses like in quality management,etc this course definitely failed to deliver that. Ingo"s lecture was really good and I like the interactive lectures better where we learn things by doing some activity. »
- it would have been nice to watch the entire movie (pentagon wars) not cut the last 15 mins off. Ana and Ingo held really good lectures. I didn"t see the project management content in Julia Jonassons lecture. The challenges to PM could have been skipped. The closing lecture was a funny review, with the hand in times. »
- Introduction: were strange to talk about late arrivals for so long in the beginning. Made a slow impression of the course. The closing lecture were great! Very fun way to summarize the course! The text"s that were showed in the "introduction to project work" was texts from the literature assignments. I think that it was to private when the text"s from some persons were showed on the screen, since in one text it was obvious that is was one of three in the audience since not so many were from design program. It was a good thing for learning to show the texts, but it might be good to say before that you shouldn"t mention information in the literature assignments before the assignments is done, maybe in the text-information (where they are handed in on PINGPONG). »
- The lectues I attended to was of very high quality, in fact one of few lectures that does not make me sleepy.»
- the lectures was to spreaded topics. no red line.»
- The lectures felt more like a pick of what Jan (you) felt was interesting, more than what would be in the best interest for the course and students. Maybe a lecture explaining Argarys and Buchanan"s two theories thoroughly would be a good complement (I remember them mentioned a few lectures). »
- guest lecturers were not concrete, not so much good stuffs to learn...i want more valuable information to make me a good PM! ex. Ingos lecture did not learn me anything and Julias lecture aswell...i want to learn more about how to be a good PM not women having a hard time(im not saying it is good, but its just not relevant for my precious time with all stress in school)»
- The PM basics lectures was good but felt a bit rushed, which is understandable because of the big amount of text in few lectures. However it was easier to understand when reading the book on my own, but the lectures was good as introduction to the book.»
- Why Lars told every lecture that hies daughter is calling him? => ?»
- The lectures(3) that I missed were due to being at home sick. »
- The lecture by Ingo was interesting but it was a little rushed (not his fault though).»
- I didn"t understand Ingo"s lecture that much...»
- I preferred the lecture in the beginning. Later It was a lot to do in the project and we prioritized to work with other things.»
- Many interesting things in the beginning I wish would have elaborated, for example the power bases.»

Course Introduction (Jan)
46 svarande

I totally agree»18 41%
I agree to some extent»21 48%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 6%
I disagree to some extent»1 2%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»3

Genomsnitt: 1.69

Motivation, Leadership and Power (Jan)
45 svarande

I totally agree»20 50%
I agree to some extent»15 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 10%
I disagree to some extent»1 2%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»5

Genomsnitt: 1.65

The PM Basics lectures (Lars)
46 svarande

I totally agree»12 27%
I agree to some extent»21 48%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 18%
I disagree to some extent»1 2%
I totally disagree»1 2%
No answer/I did not attend»3

Genomsnitt: 2.02

Introduction to the Research Project work (Jan)
46 svarande

I totally agree»7 15%
I agree to some extent»21 47%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 29%
I disagree to some extent»3 6%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»2

Genomsnitt: 2.27

Managing the Shadows of the Organization (Jan)
46 svarande

I totally agree»15 42%
I agree to some extent»13 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 20%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»11

Genomsnitt: 1.77

Movie: Pentagon Wars (Lars)
46 svarande

I totally agree»11 42%
I agree to some extent»7 26%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 23%
I disagree to some extent»2 7%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»20

Genomsnitt: 1.96

Idea Management (Anne Elerud-Tryde)
46 svarande

I totally agree»7 21%
I agree to some extent»13 40%
I neither agree nor disagree»11 34%
I disagree to some extent»1 3%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»14

Genomsnitt: 2.18

On Management Methods (Ingo Rauth)
46 svarande

I totally agree»8 22%
I agree to some extent»11 30%
I neither agree nor disagree»11 30%
I disagree to some extent»6 16%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»10

Genomsnitt: 2.41

Estimating Project Work (Ana Magazinius)
46 svarande

I totally agree»9 26%
I agree to some extent»15 44%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 26%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»1 2%
No answer/I did not attend»12

Genomsnitt: 2.08

Guest: Julia Jonasson
45 svarande

I totally agree»8 23%
I agree to some extent»8 23%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 38%
I disagree to some extent»5 14%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»11

Genomsnitt: 2.44

Challenges to PM (Jan)
45 svarande

I totally agree»4 14%
I agree to some extent»15 53%
I neither agree nor disagree»5 17%
I disagree to some extent»4 14%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not attend»17

Genomsnitt: 2.32

The Closing Lecture (Jan)
46 svarande

I totally agree»12 26%
I agree to some extent»21 46%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 20%
I disagree to some extent»1 2%
I totally disagree»2 4%
No answer/I did not attend»1

Genomsnitt: 2.11

6. Who was your Research Project supervisor?

46 svarande

Peter Altmann (groups RPA1-RPA5)»20 43%
Jan Wickenberg (groups RPB1-RPB5)»26 56%

Genomsnitt: 1.56

7. The Research Project Work


- The Research project work was according to me out of focus to project management. Ok it was a project that we had to do and we could see how they are working in reallity, but the focus was only on how to write an academic report. Instead I would prefer to have project work that are more into project management. Maybe set up a couple of case studies e.g. ask the to answer how they would act in differnet situations and then guide them through different scenarios. »
- I think this section of the module should always be present. Provides a real challenge and makes you learning and understand theories and report writing. From talking to others it seems I was fortunate to have Jan as my supervisor and he was very interested and helpful giving advice and new thoughts. The student assessment was not the greatest, as it"s difficult to give 100% honest opinions and grades seeing as it was a group assessment of each other. An individual assessment would be recommended. »
- It was easy to find a project for our group because one member had a good connection in a company. I am a bit nervous when I am going to do a presentation so for me all opportunities are good! It was nice to be divided into two classrooms because then it weren"t so many people. I learned that there are good and bad feedback/audience, because I feel like the group giving us feedback hadn"t read our report carefully and they did"t ask relevant questions. Nothing they said helped us very much.»
- In my opinion few groups had a full grasp of their own project, including us. This made the presentation not the best it could be, and that goes for the feedback aswell.»
- This research project is compresses to too little time to actually execute it. I would propose another idea to replace this research project. Give an hypothetical scenario about a project (for eg: a company producing furniture, bag, software etc) to be executed. Let the student plan the project, execute as per theories from text book and other articles. Let the team decide on what role each will play on executing the project. Give a defined deliverables for each project team which they will present by end of 7th week. This will let student understand all activity phases of the project and at the same time will make them reflect on how actually the project is execute and how team interactions, communications take place. Moreover this can be started in the first week of study period as well. This project work can be made in stage gate process as well. »
- I was quite offended when Peter told us to rewrite the report the weekend before hand in. He could have told us earlier how he thinks we need to write it»
- It was very difficult to get a hold of Peter and our group felt he was quite arrogant towards us when we finally talked to him. Also, some comments he made about our work etc were not ok. I have never had a supervisor that puts himself so much above others who are still learning. We also received very late feedback so there was little time to fix all comments. However, in the end, I really think that he contributed much to our project report being much better than the first hand in. »
- Student Assessment group work: It was difficult to say things to the dominant person in the group since I thought that he would make the group to change their opinion of me - and that this would effect my grade. Presentation feedback: It was nice to practice on answering questions after the presentations, good preparation for the master thesis. »
- Peter was great in the end feedback merting.but he was hard to reasch before that. Info he gave av feedback merting would be great to have in class, and then he could introduce himself also »
- I know many people has different views about Peter. Peter did a good job and the feedback we got from was really good. But it would have been nice to meet him one more time, suggestion is plan a meeting in the start or after the PM basic test next time. And I do think that the inexperience of people shows that you don"t no choose your boss you just have to deal with him and make the best out of it. »
- The supervisor should encourage weekly meetings, so, that the group can have a continuous feedback and not only in the beginning and after the preliminary report delivery.»
- We did not have difficulties finding a project. However other groups had. Some of the project which were presented on the presentation session was, to me, fairly irrelevant (for instance the consultant firm conducting day-to-day engineering consultant work with cost reductions, that"s not a project even if they say it is )»
- It did take lots of work, but was very good for me as a M student to write this type of repport and in such a short time.»
- This work was really frustrating. Peter Altmann was not interested at all and im really disappointed of his work. It was to complex to try to manage a 4 week work with participants from 4 different programs working with 6 different schedules. »
- Overall the project felt extremely stressful due to the short time frame and the fact that contact with the industry had to be made. The project also required working over two (!!) weekends to finish, which in not ok.»
- This research project was quite frustrating. Unfortunately I had a group that was not the most motivated as many of us were part of the project development project. Much emphasis was put on the academic writing of the paper, which i understand as it is the only way for the examiners to able to assess the work. However the feedback came way to late in the process. I feel that I am good at taking criticism (I used to work as an artist, that is all you do), however I found Peter to be quite condescending stating that we would start to cry because his marks would be so aggressive. I don"t find this to be an effective instructional technique.»
- The research project work was not valuable it self but only how to handle ppl in a stressed situation and to present. But it was not worth the time spent...»
- I found the grading scale of the student assessment to be to narrow. I did feel difference in work effort between my team mates, but no ones effort was "low" or "brilliant", so then eventually everyone ended up on "good" despite the differences. »
- Took a lot of time and people didn"t take responsibility or performed in the beginning. The project should be made in a way that ensures that everyone participates along the whole way and not just perform individually. Also to have to use contacts outside put efforts and pressure on one individual (in our group me) as you don"t want to ruin yours or a relatives reputation. The one with the contacts gets per automatic much responsibility and things to do, things that isn"t fully seen or regarded in the end.»
- I think it might be wise to, when having one of the meetings in the beginning, say yes/no to a research question proposed by the students so that the last week Will not consist of redoing the report. »
- It was quite difficult to find a project BUT I think the learning outcome from this was better because you had to deal with the unknown. And negotiate on your own.»
- I found it quite frustrating time to time with Peter as a supervisor. For example when he said he"s going to send out notes on our project tomorrow but didn"t result in frustration among us. It would be so much better if he could just sent us an e-mail and said that he couldn"t manage it. He also said he was going to give us feedback on our presentation skills, this he would send a few weeks ago. But still hasn"t done it...»
- Peter canceled a meeting without giving notice or motivation. We did not receive any explanation or excuse. This was during the last week and therefore affected the result of the report. When we finally got a meeting at friday afternoon he gave us very good an extensive feedback, but we had little time amending accordingly as a group. I ended up sitting 20-25 h that weekend.»

I would have preferred a fully theoretical course, and not have to investigate a real-world project
45 svarande

I totally agree»3 6%
I agree to some extent»6 13%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 8%
I disagree to some extent»14 31%
I totally disagree»18 40%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.84

It was easy to find a project to study
46 svarande

I totally agree»4 8%
I agree to some extent»13 28%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 28%
I disagree to some extent»10 21%
I totally disagree»6 13%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.02

Cooperating with the other students in my Research Project group was frustrating to me
46 svarande

I totally agree»4 8%
I agree to some extent»12 26%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 8%
I disagree to some extent»7 15%
I totally disagree»19 41%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.54

Our supervisor made herself/himself available for us
46 svarande

I totally agree»16 34%
I agree to some extent»10 21%
I neither agree nor disagree»5 10%
I disagree to some extent»8 17%
I totally disagree»7 15%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 2.56

Our supervisor took great interest in helping us
46 svarande

I totally agree»13 28%
I agree to some extent»15 33%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 17%
I disagree to some extent»5 11%
I totally disagree»4 8%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.37

Regarding the Student Assessment, I found it difficult to give feedback to others (on their performance)
46 svarande

I totally agree»4 8%
I agree to some extent»10 21%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 17%
I disagree to some extent»12 26%
I totally disagree»12 26%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.39

Regarding the Student Assessment, I found it difficult to receive feedback from others (on my performance)
46 svarande

I totally agree»0 0%
I agree to some extent»11 24%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 17%
I disagree to some extent»10 22%
I totally disagree»16 35%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 3.68

The Project presentations contributed to my learning of presentation skills
46 svarande

I totally agree»3 7%
I agree to some extent»14 33%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 23%
I disagree to some extent»7 16%
I totally disagree»8 19%
No answer»4

Genomsnitt: 3.07

The Project presentations contributed to my learning of how to get feedback from an audience
46 svarande

I totally agree»10 22%
I agree to some extent»15 33%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 22%
I disagree to some extent»5 11%
I totally disagree»5 11%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.55

8. The course administration


- Being an Erasmus student the PingPong features were never fully explained to me so I was slightly "lost" at times with it»
- Very nice to get weekly e-mails! Even if I think that I have good foresight and know what to do each week it was good to get a reminder and if I hade forgotten something it was very helpful.»
- The weekly e-mail on a Sunday made it hard to relax during weekends and personally I would have preferred getting it on Monday morning instead.»
- Good with reminder on e-mail since so many small hand-ins that easily could have been forgotten. »
- Worked well with the information distribution. »
- Very good information!»
- A time-edit schedule would have worked just as good, as I don"t think there were any late changes made to the schedule?»
- Ical is just making more problems. try to handle it as everyone else do. »
- for some reason the iCal file didn"t work on my phone for this course, probably just bad luck.»
- Some of the lecture slides are missing under hand-outs.»
- I thought that it was difficult to navigate the ping pong page with everything hidden in so many levels of folders( or whatever you call them). »
- I really liked the Google calendar link. Wish more lectures would use it. It"s more direct than Ping Pong»
- The weekly emails give relevant information party, some could be cut. For example som of the more humorous content should be placed in the end in order not to confuse the reader.»

Having the course schedule as an iCalendar subscription file was useful to me
46 svarande

I totally agree»27 71%
I agree to some extent»5 13%
I neither agree nor disagree»5 13%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»1 2%
No answer/I did not use it»8

Genomsnitt: 1.5

The on-line web schedule was useful to me
45 svarande

I totally agree»15 40%
I agree to some extent»10 27%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 18%
I disagree to some extent»1 2%
I totally disagree»4 10%
No answer/I did not use it»8

Genomsnitt: 2.16

The weekly e-mail was useful to me
46 svarande

I totally agree»24 54%
I agree to some extent»16 36%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 9%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not use it»2

Genomsnitt: 1.54

The News section was kept relevant at all times
45 svarande

I totally agree»10 37%
I agree to some extent»6 22%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 29%
I disagree to some extent»3 11%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not use it»18

Genomsnitt: 2.14

The hand-out section was kept relevant
46 svarande

I totally agree»23 50%
I agree to some extent»14 30%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 19%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer/I did not use it»0

Genomsnitt: 1.69

9. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- The PM basics but expand that part in order to focus mor on how to actually manage projects instead of how to write a report»
- Jan Wickenberg and the group project/research. »
- Julia Jonasson!!!! And that you can choose your own group. For us it helped alot and made it easier to work. But very good that you also put together groups so that people who don"t know anybody don"t feel left out. »
- Compulsory article hand-ins, movie, pm lectures»
- Research Project PM basics test »
- Basic lecture series. Article reading and reflection assignments.»
- the guest lectures were nice and interesting. »
- The project»
- The course structure and content is good. Every part should be kept. »
- The Basic test opportunity to do it earlier in the course than in exam week. That was great! It reduces so much stress, that is common to feel before summer! »
- The project should be kept..but little early phase of the course»
- Fuzzy front end, peters fredback meeting»
- Peter as a tutor, but make him more available and a bit more humble ,)»
- Pentagon wars lecture, research project and the opportunity to sit the PM basics test twice. This second opportunity really took a lot of pressure off in the studying phase.»
- The research project.»
- PM basics test. Might extend it a bit though to be a "more real" exam»
- Keep up the weekly emails»
- The research project»
- PM basics »
- The team project»
- Lars Hallin and basic test.»
- The best structuring of a course on PingPong I"ve seen. The weekly emails was perfect for getting ready for next week.»
- The guest lecture of Julia Jonasson»
- The home exam, in a course like this it is good to be able to reflect, specifically since the lectures felt picked form a variety of areas.»
- All the guest lectures»
- The PM basics lectures! and the maylor exam»
- The mix of topics on lectures. They give a good picture of the subject from multiple views. »
- The inspiration based lectures. To be inspired to learn things will make you want to study it more later on or in addition to what you get at in the course. Ingos lecture was really good.»
- The Research Project Work»
- Guest lectures is always interesting even if I not had the time to attend that many»
- Different lecturers Way of examination Project Work Peter Altmann as Supervisor»
- Jan"s humor and nice stories. The movie. Basic lecture series. »
- Intro lecture was really interesting and showed good examples of what challenges exist. I like the PM project as well, although maybe it should have been done in pairs or so because in a big group people Will ride on the efforts on others. However, the work load would be very big if smaller teams so dont know how to prioritize.»
- The breadth of the guest lectures. Good for perspective. I also liked the pre-reading suggestions too.»
- The research project work! It was very interesting and fun to do it. And Julia Jonsson"s lecture!»
- Weekly emails, project work, quest lectures.»
- -> the group project work -> the home exam -> different lecturers with different topics related to the project management»
- The energy»
- The hand-out section.»
- The project was very good but took a lot of time causing me to skip some of the lectures to work with the project instead. »

10. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- The project»
- Student Assessment form and fewer guest lecturers»
- I don"t know...Maybe one more week before the first basic test. But that is only because I had a lot to study in the re-exam week and didn"t start in time ,)»
- Sexist and offensive comments during lectures. This is not the 50s.»
- The preliminary deadline should be removed but instead more supervision meetings. The "one week change research question" that most of the groups had was a bit frustrating..»
- Research project entirely or allocate sufficient time and resource for that. Better guest lecture.»
- The project could start in the first week, since there is no reason to wait until the third.»
- Perhaps there should be more supervisors so that each project group will have more attention from the supervisor. »
- All groups should have the same opportunity to get help from their supervisor. I also think that the preliminary report should be handed in one week earlier (approximately) so that the groups have time to correct it. All groups I have talked to that had Peter as a supervisor got the same comment: "Change approximately the whole report". When this kind of feedback reached us, it was very stressful because a whole new report should be handed in two days later. »
- I think that it would have been better to have instructions on how to grade the other in the group work, since now it was difficult to say to the dominant person what they have done bad. Since even if the dominant person have contributed with much text, that person created a bad feeling in the group and took over and took decisions without discussing (listening) to the ones in the group the ones that are not that dominant. I think it could be good to have a lecture before the group work of how to handle the different roles in the group before, especially how to handle the dominant one. »
- The home exam should be changed. because people can dedicate more time for project and could do even better and not in a hurry»
- There should be more clear instructions for the project work. Right now it was so hard to understand what we really were supposed to do.»
- the first article about how to fool the system was unclear. Earlier start up meeting with peter»
- meetings, one or two more meetings face to face with the supervisor»
- the weighting of the home exam and research project are the same although there is a much smaller amount of time allotted for the home exam, perhaps the mark weighting could better represent this?»
- More support from the supervisor along the development of the report.»
- Might change the approach of the research project work. The aim for students finding real live projects going and going out interviewing people in the industry might be to demanding for students with a thin record of engineering work or relevant experience. One need a professional network for being able to just pick up the phone and call a former manager or similar. »
- Putting less focus on the project and more on learning project management in general.»
- Define better that the research question needs some amount of substance in order to make a interesting repport. »
- More assistance/ time to find companies»
- Something about the project. I learnt a lot from working under such big pressure with unknown people but only a few new thing about the actual subject i wrote about. »
- The PM basics test. I read the first two chapters of the book, and studied the lecture slides the morning before the test. I scored 12 points. I don"t know if this is good or bad for me, but the test feels like a joke, since I passed it without actually studying what it should test (the book).»
- skip the home exam or the RP and focus on two tasks. Basic test and one more.»
- Having a supervisor who was more available and on site.»
- Better understanding for the students of the grading system, what differ a grade 4 from a grade 5 concerning both project work and home exam.»
- Hand-ins cannot be on Mondays if possible. As you know Jan we are students and abide by the student syndrome. Thus we will end up working on weekends as we have a second course which also takes a lot of time. Please help coming students by setting hand-ins for Fridays instead.»
- The stress and extent of the research project»
- Skipping the home exam....soo unnecessary and totally not learning anything new but just wasting my time. Well the PM research was very big and time consuming not worth the time...Too many different things to do in the course. "Duggor" would be better and maybe a case study. Keeping it relevant and not toooo big.»
- The home exam. In this situation it feels more like a stress moment instead of actually being a way to show your knowledge and affect your grade. It just feels like something that "has to be done", and it feels like it would have been enough with the basic test and the project. »
- An team member assessment should not just be made at the end of a project, as It might just focus or magnify the report - which becomes a to big part of the project. What is the reason for having a project if it will all about a report in the end.»
- More time and better planning for the research project. Very late feedback on the report.»
- Probably better feedback from supervisor»
- Peter Altmann should be chained to a desk at Chalmers and project groups should be selected so that not all 4 blocks are represented in one group. Also it would be good if the product development people are in their own groups because they are too busy with their other project. »
- The pm Basic lectures. Hard to compress all material into 5 lectures, although there were lot of side stories that Added little content. Have them more as straight theorethical. »
- Perhaps a little longer for the home exam. Seeing as it falls in between deadlines for other courses.»
- I know that Jan said that not having a supervisor living in Halmstad, and I totally agree with that!»
- More tutoring with group project work. Feedback about project work was given way too late (After the presentation). There should be some kind of feed back in the middle of project work or more precise instruction for social project work. As engineer this kind of project work was different than I have done before. »
- -> the course book -> presentation and feedback to a earlier time in the project work »
- To much group work compared to theory. I am not sure what to learn from the project work except the insight or the specific company»
- Better managed meetings with the group. This became ironic, having a handleader in Project management not conducting good management. Furthermore, Peter had a great point in questioning PM in general, for example from the perspective of innovation, but he put too much emphasize on this. We are primarily here to learn and must do so before we can start questioning, I think. »
- Maybe would be good to have some lecures mandatory. Also hard to get what the purpose of the project was in the beginning which waisted some time.»

11. Additional comments

- The over all comment to this course was that it was very non-focused. In opposite to what Jan stated that we can brag about that we read and learned the entire book in two weeks I really think that that was a bad way of learning. It is impossible to dig deep in something in that short time. Instead you only focusing on passing the test by reading summaries and learn bullet-point-lists without give it any reflection. This means that passing the test is more of luck than skills (If you focused on learning the list in chapter 1 or two) »
- N/A»
- For me it was crucial that Jan was and is so passionated about teaching and PM, because I personally don"t think that Project Management is the best subject ever. »
- Overall there is good learning in this course with the present stuff.»
- The content seemed somewhat random and I didn"t get the feeling I understood more about PM.»
- None»
- Overall a very good course that have contributed to a new understanding concerning projects. »
- The supervision of the research project could have been done at the early phase of the project. because supervising the report at the end and telling changes is liitle difficult for some teams to handle»
- A good course and I like how you tried to connect it to the real world»
- In all I found the course to be very interesting and motivating. »
- None»
- Put a bit more focus on the PM basics, keep the aim for students to reflect. Thats important. But many read this course as a first course in project management and then it might be more appreciated to gain more "hard" knowledge about methods, tools and techniques in PM»
- Keep up the funny but very giving lectures!»
- Make sure that the supervisor is available. skip all guest lectures that doesnt make anyone happy.»
- Throughout the course the "red thread" has been hard to follow but the home exam is a good way of summarizing the course, as any reflections can be used. It was also good to have the basic test early, this is a good way of helping students cope with the student syndrome.»
- Have been really troublesome to combine with the huge other course we in the first year of product development takes. Also, the research project should start earlier, as there were weeks right after it begin were people traveled home or did other things, so the project were in reality much shorter as it didn"t really begin until after the re-exam and easter weeks. »
- More of Ana Magazinius, her lecture was great! I took a lot with me! The Research Work was a very good practical experiences. I normally not in touch with writing social reports, but Peter Altmann helped me a lot to get an understanding, what is needed, all in one hour! I liked his kind of giving feedback: clear, in a silent way!! Great work for this course, if I am allowed to mentioned it as student! I wish we had some courses like this in Germany as well »
- Thought provoking course! »
- Very good and interesting course!»
- Course included pretty much work, but it is good for learning. I think that I learned a lot from PM during this course. »
- I"m not sure how I"m thinking about the supervision during the group work. On the one hand I would vote for more support for not beeing so stressed and helpless in some situations. On the other hand it was a great experience to do it alone with the other group members. But the supervisor has to be definitely more available and should ask the important questions from the group and help with milestones. »
- I do not know the impact of the initial hand-ins. I was abroad initially and do not think this should affect the final grade: instead rather the lurning curve demonstrated in this sense.»

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