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Mechanical enginnering pedagogical prize academic year 14/15

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2015-05-05 - 2015-05-14
Antal svar: 37
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 6%
Kontaktperson: Oscar Holke»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Maskinteknik 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

1. Which lecturer do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2014/2015? Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Marco Dozza, Active Safety course Good lecturer, explaining everything well, very fair (not making it easy, but not too difficult either)»
- Tomas Grönsted His ambition for teaching and wanting students to learn the material in an interesting way was very good. »
- Marco Dozza - För hans engagemang att verkligen få studenterna att lära sig.»
- Henrik Eriksson, Quality management A well planned course, interesting and intriguing lectures. »
- Martin Fagerström. Kompositmekanik. »
- Martin Fagerström - Composite Mechanics He used socrative, which helped me keep my focus during the lectures, and he made a complicated subject seem easy and interesting»
- Mats Norell»
- Marco Dozza has excellent teaching, especially organization is beyond awesome! He gets in a lot of different industry people, shows the connection and points out the interdependencies in a very knowledgable fashion.»
- Tomas Grönstedt. A great teacher who always strived at making his students understand. You really noticed that he had put a lot of effort into his teaching, his lectures are allways very well structured. »
- Peter Almström Production Management »
- Cecilia Berlin, production ergonomics, ppu »
- Jonas Ringsberg»
- Cecilia Berlin. PPU215 Research Methodology in Production Projects spring 2015»
- Anders Ekberg»
- Sven Andersson for Automotive Engineering Course»
- Niclas Mattsson, Sustainable Energy futures. Because he is the only lecturer that have taken the subject of environment to the students level and provided the students with a new, intriguing and interesting view of the problems that we are facing today.»
- Professor Jonas Ringsberg MMA167 Marine Structural Engineering »
- Dr.Roland Kádár Motivation:Lectures are held from a practical perspective helping us to to implement the knowledge in the real life scenario. Provides inspiration and motivation for the course. »
- Mikael Odenberger MEN115 Energy Systems Modelling and Planning»
- Fredrik Larsson. Han gjorde en svår kurs förståelig och intressant samt var väldigt hjälpsam med att svara på frågor.»
- Mathias Lidberg»
- Lars Davidson, professor of both Mechanics of Fluids and Turbulence Modeling. His explanations are incredibly clear and he is able to transmit his passion for fluid mechanics to his students and more concretely to me.»
- Niclas Mattsson - Sustainable Energy Futures He is very passionate about his topic and able to pass this energy on to the students. He has good quality lectures and presents in a style that students don"t fall asleep with some jokes now and then. »
- Henrik Ericsson, Quality Management. He is very enthusiastic and provided a lot of creative, new ideas of how to run a course that I"ve never seen in a course before. He was also very open to criticism because he truly wanted to improve his course. Coincidentally, that"s what his course is all about, Continuous Improvement. So he surely lives and he teaches.»
- Niklas Andersson, Course: Compressible Flows. I found his ways are most suitable for scientific courses, as he uses board to write down everything and explain everything clearly.»
- Peter Almström (Production Management) He has very strong hold on all the concepts related to the subject and his power of transferring knowledge to his students is amazing. »
- Bjorn Sanden - Technical Change and the Environment This course really broadened my perspective on society and societal development. It gave me optimism for the future with regards to sustainable development! Without Bjorn"s instruction and curriculum this would not have been possible. He is one of the most impactful professors I have had.»
- Niclas Mattsson from Physical Resource Theory Dept. The best teacher who captivated the students with his way of teaching and knowledge. Most importantly, it was also the most engaged lectures, with students constantly brewing thoughts and questions.»
- Magnus Ekh»
- Martin Fagerström Structured or something»
- Martin Fagerström, composite mechanics. Very good structure on lectures and really takes his time to explain when you don"t understand »
- Peter Almstrom, course is production management,he been very good teacher,the way he organises course and learning outcomes is really exceptional and structured.»
- Magnus Ekh - Mechanics of solids»
- Jonas Ringsberg Best teacher at Chalmers. He did not do anything questioning during the whole course. »
- Angela Sasic Kalagasidis (VBF021)! She does a really good job in teaching pedagogically, and puts much effort into listening to students" needs. When students ask her questions (which she greatly encourages), her answers are thorough and engaging. In fact, she might just be the most engaging teacher I"ve met so far.»
- Martin Fagerström, Composite Mechanics. Genom att föreläsa på ett inspirerande sett har han fått kompositmekaniken att bli ett intressant område.»
- Sven B Andersson Internal Combustion engine fundamental. »

2. Which teaching assistant do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2014/2015? Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Oskar Thulin»
- Christian-Nils Boda. Engagerad och vill verkligen att folk ska göra sitt bästa.»
- Ludvig lindlöf, product development management. Great complements to the lectures, very helpful and open for discussions. »
- Erik Svenning. Materialmekanik och FEM strukturer »
- Giulio Maistro»
- Isabelle Stockman was understanding and hosted a nice tutorial within the course Vehicle and Traffic Safety. She could nicely explain everthing in a stringent fashion and make the connection to the real world application. The measuring solution that was utilized was set-up knowingly in advance and worked perfect. The paedagoic approach was optimaly suited for this course.»
- Johannes Palm»
- Wengang Mao»
- Ragnar Larusson»
- None.»
- Dinesh Mallipeddi Motivation:Able to disseminate the knowledge effectively and interactively.»
- Joel Goop MEN115 Energy Systems Modelling and Planning»
- Majid Khorsand. Han pratar med en klar röst som får vem som helst att vakna. Visar alltid väldigt illustrativa simuleringar och exempel på det han går igenom.»
- Anton Albinsson»
- Guglielmo Minelli, assistan in both CFD and Aplied Mechanics Project. He puts a lot of effort in helping students both in understanding of the concept and fullfilment of task. I am really glad that I had his support during those two courses.»
- Lisa Göransson - Energy System Modelling and Planing. She is a very positive person, helpful and can explain things very well. (If she doesn"t count as a TA I would nominate Joel Goop from the same course, for the quite the same reason)»
- Jon Andersson. Very knowledgable in his course (Simulation of Production Systems). Very easy to get in contact with and always ready to help out.»
- Ragnar Larusson, Course: Compressible Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has great understanding, and most importantly, he is always energetic, happy and motivated to enjoy the courses with the students.»
- Jonatan Berglund (Virtual Process Planning) He guided very well throughout the course»
- N/a»
- Pramod Bangalore from Electric Power Dept. As a tutorial assistant, Pramod was very good in making students understand the concepts and applying them for the exercises.»
- Fredrik Ekre»
- Erik Svenning Always able to answer my questions »
- Erik Svenning, FEM-structures. »
- Erik svenning - FEM-Solids»
- Wengang Mao Smart guy!»
- Erik Svenning, FEM - structures och Material mechanics. Genom att med en öppen dörr alltid kunna svara på frågor på ett pedagogiskt sätt och kunna hjälpa oss koppla ihop teorin med tillämpning. »
- Sohail Soltani Computational Fluid Dynamics for engineers. »

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