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Utvärdering av/Evaluation of KUL2015 -

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2015-01-14 - 2015-02-15
Antal svar: 45
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 32%
Kontaktperson: Karin Ekman»

1. To what extent did KUL2015 reach its goals?

For each goal (below), state to what extent you think it is reached at KUL2015: 1=low, 4=high


- Was it just my imagination, or were discussions more lively this year?»
- The selection of talks felt rather narrow this year with a large focus on flipped classrooms -would have been good with a broader range of talks»
- The presentations are always very good.»
- Jag söker inte efter kvalifikationer (tror inte jag behöver det) så svaret på fråga 3 är mer vad jag tror nån i den situationen skulle göra för bedömning.»

Fostering collegial conversation and the exchanging of experiences within the entire pedagogical sphere at Chalmers (education, doctoral studies and external interaction)
45 svarande

0 0%
2 4%
20 44%
23 51%

Genomsnitt: 3.46

To give a chance to exchange experiences of course and program development
45 svarande

0 0%
0 0%
13 28%
32 71%

Genomsnitt: 3.71

To offer an arena for pedagogical development and qualification.
45 svarande

1 2%
5 11%
13 28%
26 57%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

2. How would you like to improve the goals for KUL2015?

- Benchmarking could be included. Look more on what other schools/countries are doing and how we could outperform them»
- inget behov av utveckling inför 2016/Karin»
- ----they are good»
- I"m mainly interested in basic education (up to masters), so for me it would be OK to exclude doctoral studies from the goal.»
- Maybe separate the two dimensions of the last goal?»
- It feels like KUL maybe attracts those who have already come a long way with pedagogical development...how to attract those who haven"t?»
- Informal presentations between participants, fostered by the conference so that unexpected meetings with people from other institutions than one"s own happen.»
- I would like it to be clearer in the information to teachers and researchers that the intended audience in not the education research nerds, but includes the every-day-type-of-Chalmers-folks.»
- I think they are OK»
- Jag är väldigt nöjd med mässan! Nästa steg tror jag är att börja alltmer likna viktväktarna. De försöker inte sprida idéer om hur man går ner i vikt (de vet alla) utan de försöker skapa processer för att få människor att "faktiskt göra jobbet" - d v s övervinna det Platon kallade för akrasia. Detta resonemanget har jag lånat ifrån Dylan Wiliam och jag rekommenderar någon text här om Teacher Learning Communities: https://www.google.se/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=FU65VL7uCcjnwAO4pICgDA&gws_rd=ssl#q=teacher+learning+communities+dylan+wiliam Finns mycket beprövad erfarenhet av TLCs i grundskola men Dylan kände inte till några studier på universitetsnivå. Jag är väldigt lockad av konceptet och tror Chalmers skulle kunna ligga i framkant genom att testa något sådant här. Har inte så mycket med KUL att göra. /Henrik»
- More focus on real practical teaching, rather than theoretical pedagogy aiming at paper production.»
- Keep up the work!»
- no comment»
- Goals are fine as they are»

3. Where do you place KUL2015 on this scale, regarding the quality of the content?

1=very low quality content, 4=very high quality content

45 svarande

0 0%
1 2%
31 68%
13 28%

Genomsnitt: 3.26 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Interesting discussions, would be better with even shorter focused presentations and more group discussions» (3)
- Given the scope of the conference I"m impressed.» (3)
- varying level from 1 to 4.» (3)
- Gets better» (3)
- Quality is getting better each year though maybe at a cost (see comment qu2)» (3)
- Each year there are new trends in education and it is always interesting to see how trends follow one another.» (4)
- This year there were presentations that fitted my needs/wishes the whole day. Very good presentations and spot on for me :)» (4)
- Depends a little bit on what you mean with quality. Research quality, suitable for the audience quality. But I think it served its purpose very well» (4)
- Det jag var på verkade vara bra. Hade varit kul att blanda in lite folk från GU också. Haha, riktigt nyfiken på hur ett sådant möte skulle te sig. » (4)

4. What is your main motive for attending KUL2015?

- Learning new ways of teaching, be inspired to change course parts and experiment with new methods to increase student learning»
- Learn more and take part of the progress. See what is happening at Chalmers. Meet new people.»
- I like the atmosphere and possibility to meet others interested in education.»
- Varför skulle man inte gå?»
- involved in projects regarding development of eng education»
- Insiration and meeting colleagues from different parts of Chalmers.»
- In my role as both teacher and leader.»
- Inspiration, ideas for own course development»
- presenting a roundtable»
- Interest»
- Inspiration and exchange of ideas and experiences with colleagues.»
- To take part of other teachers" experiences in order to improve my own teaching»
- Meeting with people that you otherwise will nor meet and also finidng out what is going on,»
- Need»
- nyfikenhet»
- Find out what"s going on at Chalmers / get ideas for my own teaching / meet colleagues from other fields»
- Input to my educational pracitce.»
- exchange with teachers, keep up to date with what is happening at chalmers»
- Develop in teaching in general. In particular, get and exchange ideas for designing a new course being given 2016 with many, many students »
- Get more inspiration myself, colecting new tricks and tools that I can easily use and spread.»
- Exchangning experiences and get inspiration from other teachers work»
- To meet engaged teachers from different departments and mutally learn from each other. To have a forum for my own presentations.»
- get inspiration and new ideas»
- Pedagogical discussion within Chalmers»
- Follow recent development at Chalmers»
- Getting inspired to improve my teaching.»
- To further improve my pedagogical activities»
- I want to develop my pedagogic skills. »
- Talk to other people and listen to pedagogical ideas. Present my own work and hope it gets spread and used within Chalmers»
- Engagera lärare i pedagogik och få mer insikt i lärares syn på pedagogik och undervisning på Chalmers. Denna fråga tänker jag kan komma innan mässan i form av flippat! »
- To learn more about alternative ways to teaching»
- Lear what others are doing to get inspiration for my own teaching.»
- Taking part of the latest pedagogical discussions and trends at Chalmers»
- Getting inspiration for my own teaching and learning new things»
- As a member of the faculty it would be strange not to attend our main meeting on education.»
- Collegial conversation»
- interest»
- New ideas»
- Getting ideas»

5. Which new thoughts for your own teaching have KUL2015 induced (if any)?

- Interactive lectures, other means like mentometer»
- Flipping the class room, not sure I will use short films.»
- Helhetsperspektivet viktigt, att inte dela upp i olika fack.»
- flipped find a way to get rid of written 8 weeks tests»
- I am not a teacher but meet student groups. I will continue to talk to them about the importance of reflections of your own learning.»
- Flipped classroom»
- Flipping a lecture, evaluate, and if successful flip another one for the next year.»
- ethical considerations»
- Many new insights into blended learning »
- Again, the emphasis on active students during lectures is»
- Some thoughts on how to relate the teaching to research (mine and others)»
- there is a new trend aiming at making courses less Chakners traditional where teachers experiment with new ways of meeting students which is interesting. It is a good quality of higher education when students are capable to adajust to different ways of teaching to learn. »
- thinking about ethical dilemmas, use of www.govote.at»
- Keep working to find ways to optimise blending. There"s more to it than videos and quizzes ...»
- How to assess a process»
- The necessity for students to be prepared before they attend class.»
- maybe start a MOOC in the future»
- Some practical and theoretical ideas on how to implement and develop on-line segments in courses. »
- How important the quick feedback is for students, and how the elaborate response ambition makes it impossible to afford this type of teaching en masse.»
- Blended learning är nåt jag fått många nya tankar kring. Visste en del men var nyfiken på andras idéer och erfarenheter.»
- I might try to develop a course by tranfeering it for blended learning/flipped classroom to enhance the number of students passing the course at the first exam occassion.»
- how to structure courses e-tools »
- Improve webpage concerning FAQ»
- Concrete tips and tools for starting to implement more e-learning activities (e.g., flip the classroom).»
- They were already there before, but it is good to discuss them with others»
- Flipped classroom»
- Bra fråga!!»
- Many, to short space to describe here.»
- Implementing some of the ideas from the conference»
- Flipped classroom was the biggest new thing but I also revisited thoughts on what it means to be an engineer and how we should teach future engineers»
- That it is possible (for me) to take small and gradual steps when improving the incentives for and actual outcome of the students" preparations before interaction in class (flipping strategies). »
- That large courses can give room for several different paths through the course, to meet different learning styles.»
- Nothing I can put into words. More a general sentiment.»
- flipped classroom»
- More like confirmation of old thoughts»

6. Have you been inspired to write a paper on teaching and learning yourself?

44 svarande

Yes»20 45%
No»24 54%

Genomsnitt: 1.54 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- I am not a teacher» (?)
- but no time to do so this year» (Yes)
- I wouldn"t say inspired is the word though ...» (Yes)
- We did a couple of years ago.» (Yes)
- Inspired, but there is no time to do it.» (Yes)
- Yes, but I have no idea on what.» (Yes)
- But not from KUL2015» (Yes)
- I already do» (No)
- Jag har gjort detta förr och upplever det som svårt. Att berätta vad man gjort går väl, men att sätta in detta i ett sammanhang så det blir av mer generellt värde tycker jag inte jag kan. Där vore det väldigt bra med kontakter bland pedagogiskt skolade så man kunde samarbeta. Och då kanske jag skulle kunna tänka mig att skriva/presentera nåt.» (No)
- See above. Teaching is not about paper writing. That should only be a side goal.» (No)
- Timing» (No)

7. What is your impression of the formats of the conference?

1="very poor, does not fit at KUL", 4 ="very good, keep it next year"


- Kanske lite tight med lunchseminarierna, förläng lunchen i så fall eller bara ha ett pass.»
- did not take part in every format above»
- I didn"t attend workshops, round tables, my practice so I can"t make any comments on that.»
- Accidentally clicked formats I didn"t attend. Changed them to 1...»
- Mini presentations were a little stressful time wise. I seem to remember more than one keynote in previous years which would be a good idea - usually v. inspiring and cause for discussion»
- A very full format conference - and good!»
- did not attend my practice or samtal med huvudtalare»
- This depends which ones I attended! I have only seen one quarter of KUL!»
- Jag markerade Round table discussions av misstag. Det var inget jag deltog i så stryk, tack!»
- I can not fully grade my impresseions since I did not attend samtal med huvudtalare nor Lunch sessions .»
- Three presentations per hour for My Practice. Four is too much. There was time to spread out the presentations. The lunch sessions were not good at all.»
- I did not attend round table discussions and "samtal med huvudtalare"»
- Did not attend any workshop, the Flipped workshop was full. Lunch sessions felt a bit stressed»

45 svarande

0 0%
1 2%
16 35%
28 62%

Genomsnitt: 3.6

36 svarande

0 0%
2 5%
12 33%
22 61%

Genomsnitt: 3.55

Round table discussions
30 svarande

1 3%
1 3%
12 40%
16 53%

Genomsnitt: 3.43

My Practice/ Short presentation
27 svarande

1 3%
5 18%
12 44%
9 33%

Genomsnitt: 3.07

Keynote speaker
42 svarande

0 0%
3 7%
12 28%
27 64%

Genomsnitt: 3.57

Samtal med huvudtalare
24 svarande

0 0%
2 8%
11 45%
11 45%

Genomsnitt: 3.37

Lunch sessions
26 svarande

3 11%
5 19%
10 38%
8 30%

Genomsnitt: 2.88

8. What is your opinion on the main language of KUL?

Should KUL have Swedish or English as main language with all the activities in plenum on that language (including the keynote session)? We will always allow both Swedish and English presentations.

45 svarande

Huvudspråket på konferensen borde vara svenska!»11 24%
English should be the main language of the conference!»7 15%
Det spelar ingen roll/ it doesn"t matter!»27 60%

Genomsnitt: 2.35

- Inte så viktigt, men gärna svenska (och lärare på Chalmers förväntas väl kunna svenska?).» (Huvudspråket på konferensen borde vara svenska!)
- Svårt. Låt oss försöka bevara lite svenska ändå ...» (Huvudspråket på konferensen borde vara svenska!)
- It is tedious to listen to swedes speaking English to a totally Swedish audience.» (Huvudspråket på konferensen borde vara svenska!)
- jag har lättare att ta till mig svenska men vi behöver ju också locka personer som ännu inte lärt sig svenska och som behöver pedagogisk input» (Huvudspråket på konferensen borde vara svenska!)
- English is always the language of choice when discussing research, so why use Swedish at KUL?» (English should be the main language of the conference!)
- I think there is a bigger chance of including / attracting more people if the main language is English. Most people who speak Swedish are comfortable with English and there are a lot of people at Chalmers who do not speak a lot of Swedish.» (English should be the main language of the conference!)
- We should try to get everyone there instead of sticking to swedish.» (English should be the main language of the conference!)
- Osäker på hur fördelningen ser ut på skolan. Men jag vet att en del icke svensktalande personal känner sig exkluderade här.» (English should be the main language of the conference!)
- i år var det väldigt hattigt mellan språken. ingen röd tråd och dt var svenska här och engelska där, ibland i samma lokal/samma session.» (Det spelar ingen roll/ it doesn"t matter!)
- It is good having a mix since some colleagues don"t speak Swedish and should not be excluded.» (Det spelar ingen roll/ it doesn"t matter!)
- I think a mix is best» (Det spelar ingen roll/ it doesn"t matter!)
- Det spelar roll! But it is not easy to choose either as THE main language.» (Det spelar ingen roll/ it doesn"t matter!)

9. What is your overall impression of KUL2015?

1=very poor, 4=very good

45 svarande

0 0%
0 0%
13 28%
32 71%

Genomsnitt: 3.71 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

10. What was the best thing about KUL2015?

- Good mix of topics»
- The variety. I really appreciate that the leaders at Chalmers show that these questions are important.»
- Meeting people»
- Engagemanget!»
- meeting colleagues and get new inspiration»
- Energy, positive feeling»
- networking!»
- The mix»
- Interesting discussions.»
- "My practice"-presentations and round-table discussions»
- The collegial meeting»
- Magdalena"s workshop»
- föredragen»
- Chance to get ideas.»
- Flipped classroom by very young students having created Lure.»
- collegial atmosphere»
- I found two round table discussions very useful.»
- Korridorsnack.»
- Vet ej vad som var bäst, det var så mycket som var bra och som passade mig perfekt.»
- Inspiration!!!! »
- 1 dag effektivt sätt att få fokus på undervisning»
- Active participants makes the difference.»
- That there were a lot of people»
- Mycket bra med bara en keynote-speaker i år! »
- Sigbritt & Sigbritt. And Bengmark & Lundh who had the courage to talk about a failure.»
- Discussions»
- Interesting topics and presenters.»
- That everyone was so engaged!»
- Meeting colleagues that otherwise would hardly happen»

11. Suggestions for improvement in KUL2016

what should we work on until next KUL conference?

- Fewer parallel sessions, five are too many»
- lite längre pauser mellan sessionerna, minst 20 minuter. jag (Karin) kände mig lite stressad.»
- The rooms»
- The rooms were not good: Palmstedt acoustically bad for discussions in a smaller group (about 20-30 people when pedagogical prize winners were there) - difficult to hear. Leningsrummet far too hot and noisy for discussions in about 10 small groups.»
- hm...?»
- Broader range of topics.»
- I think there are a lot of interesting presentation formats as is!»
- key note lecture at the end of the day to avoid high drop-out rate for last sessions»
- ??»
- få med fler på konferensen»
- Jag tänker att man skulle ju kunna testa att flippa ännu större delar av eventet :) Många av värdena man kan få i vanlig undervisning kan man ju få också här. »
- Must stay within the time limits of each session»
- There were a number of parallel tracks this year that sounded interesting. Hard to choose.»
- Better information to the departments that it is happening and the value of attending, this year I was the only one from my division.»
- Increasing the capacity to host a larger part of the faculty as participants - and getting them to come!»
- No concrete ideas. I think it was very good.»
- Is it necessary with a keynote speaker? It builds up expectations which I do not think was met at all this year.»

12. For Faculty: To get an indication of the extent to which concern for teaching and learning is shared with engagement for research, we have added two questions this year

1. How big external funding did you have during 2014, in SEK:

39 svarande

<100 000»5 12%
100 000 - 700 000»12 30%
>700 000»6 15%
I don"t have external funding»16 41%

Genomsnitt: 2.84

- This comes as a bit of a surprise. There is nothing else in the KUL-discourse that signals this interest. It is a valid question but then the conference should make that connection clear perhaps.» (<100 000)
- What is defined as external funding?» (<100 000)
- strange question. My external funding goes to a PhD student. My own salary is externallt funded to 250.000 approx» (>700 000)
- No personal external funding, but external funding is part of the funding which pays part of my salary.» (I don"t have external funding)

13. For Faculty: There is an ongoing discussion of the role of Education/Teaching within the Areas of Advance. To get an indication of shared engagement for teaching within AoA"s, please state:

2. Which Area of Advance are you active within?

45 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Materials Science»3 6%
Nano science and - technology»2 4%
Energy»7 15%
Life Science Engineering»2 4%
ICT»3 6%
Production»2 4%
Built Environment»5 11%
Transport»8 17%
I am not active within any AoA»16 35%

- Areas of Advance should be more interested in education. To state that they support both research and education is not honest, is it 99% and 1%?» (I am not active within any AoA)
- We have a good structure with UO and programmes on one side and departments on the other side. Including Areas of Advance will only complicate things. » (I am not active within any AoA)
- Or all...» (I am not active within any AoA)
- This is my own definition. When looking at actual funding, there is only one Area that directly supports me, and that is Transport. » (Materials Science, Nano science and - technology, Energy, ICT, Transport)
- I think the AoA should stay away from education. Our organization is too complicated as it is.» (I am not active within any AoA)

14. Other comments

- Den blir bättre och bättre tror jag!»
- Tack för en bra tillställning!»
- The different formats for presentation/discussion are really good. They encourage/force the conference participants to be active. »
- Thanks a lot :)»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 2.85

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 2.85
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