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Datorintroduktion, DIT700

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2014-09-01 - 2014-09-16
Antal svar: 5
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 8%
Kontaktperson: Eirin Bakken»

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

5 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»3 60%
Around 20 hours/week»2 40%
Around 25 hours/week»0 0%
Around 30 hours/week»0 0%
At least 35 hours/week»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.4

- Extensive previous experience in programming.» (At most 15 hours/week)
- Programmerade lite vidare hemma för skojs skull» (Around 20 hours/week)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

5 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»0 0%
50%»0 0%
75%»2 40%
100%»3 60%

Genomsnitt: 4.6

- I did not enjoy the lectures, they were too unstructured for my liking and the room was very cold.» (75%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

3. How understandable are the course goals?

5 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»1 20%
The goals are difficult to understand»0 0%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»1 20%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»3 60%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

- Som jag uppfattade det var enda kravet att vi i grupp lyckades utföra minst en av programmeringsuppgifterna på lämplig nivå.» (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

4 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»0 0%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»4 100%
No, the goals are set too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

4 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»0 0%
Yes, definitely»4 100%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3

Teaching and course administration

6. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

5 svarande

Small extent»1 20%
Some extent»4 80%
Large extent»0 0%
Great extent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.8

- He helped med learn myself. Showed us some "hello world"-coding, and told us about the goals. I had never seen that language before, so I spent the first evening googling and testing, the next day the main parts of the code was working.» (Some extent)
- As previously stated, extensive previous experience» (Some extent)

7. To what extent has the help provided by the assistants been helpful for your learning?

5 svarande

Small extent»1 20%
Some extent»3 60%
Large extent»1 20%
Great extent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2

- Good for asking this like, what"s the difference between A and B...» (Some extent)

8. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

5 svarande

Small extent»1 20%
Some extent»2 40%
Large extent»1 20%
Great extent»1 20%

Genomsnitt: 2.4

- Det fanns inte någon kurslitteratur» (Small extent)
- Internet!» (Great extent)

9. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

5 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»1 20%
Rather well»3 60%
Very well»1 20%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Dåligt start pga saknande software på datorerna och att studenternas inlogg inte fungerade än» (Rather badly)

Study climate

10. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

5 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»0 0%
Rather good»1 20%
Very good»4 80%
I did not seek help»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.8

- Lyxigt med så många teaching assistants! » (Very good)

11. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

5 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»2 40%
Rather well»1 20%
Very well»2 40%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3

- I do not know how to cooperate in a group. I would probably have needed some clear examples of how to do that. To be in a group made me dislike the course since I did not know what to do a lot of the time. I did not manage to get much of my opinions/preferences represented in the end either.» (Rather poorly)

12. How was the course workload?

5 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 20%
Adequate»4 80%
High»0 0%
Too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.8

13. How was the total workload this study period?

5 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»5 100%
High»0 0%
Too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3

- kursen hölls i introduktionsveckan» (Adequate)

Summarizing questions

14. What is your general impression of the course?

5 svarande

Poor»1 20%
Fair»0 0%
Adequate»1 20%
Good»1 20%
Excellent»2 40%

Genomsnitt: 3.6 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- It was just too unstructured, I never felt I knew what to do or what I was supposed to learn from the course.» (Poor)
- I liked the way he introduced the course, no/some/much experience, pick tasks from this list, the code looks like this (hello world), make groups and start coding, deadline in 9 days, bye.» (Excellent)

15. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- Möjlighet att börja programmera direkt, det var mycket skoj. Så bra tillgång till teaching assistants! »
- See comment Q14»
- You should definitely still have an introductory programming course. It is a good idea to help new students get familiar with programming and each other before the start of term.»
- The awesome course page»

16. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- Jag saknade en översikt över ämnet datavetenskap och överhuvudtaget vårt program. Känner att studierna börja något abrupt med att lära sig en högnivå programmeringsspråk och grundläggande matte utan att man har fått en överblick av vad datavetenskap egentligen är. »
- Maybe go back to using haskell as intro language to help ease in the mindset.»
- It would probably be more beneficial if the exercises were more of a natural build up of skills, so we start by configuring a working program to get the syntax, then move on to basic functions and then put those together for a small program. Also I would like to see more examples worked through during lectures so we can learn how to approach programming in a constructive way. Perhaps the language used in the course should be changed since not many of the assistants or even the teacher seemed to know python very well. Also even though I guess many students know how to use linux, terminals, editors etc. I think it would be good to include some (optional?) lessons to practise and learn about that too.»
- No idea, there were no obvious faults with the course.»

17. Additional comments

Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 3.6

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 3.6
Beräknat jämförelseindex: 0.65

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