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Mechanical enginnering’,,s pedagogical prize 2014

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2014-05-07 - 2014-05-16
Antal svar: 47
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 8%
Kontaktperson: Hedvig Olsson»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Maskinteknik 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

1. Which teaching assistant do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2013/2014. Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Anton albinsson. vehicle dynamics. A great teacher who always have good explanations. Always have time to help with a good sense of humor»
- Ragnar Lárusson, Computional fluid dynamics. Really helpful and easy to understand.»
- Ragnar Lárusson for compressible flow.»
- Ragnar Lárusson, Compressible flow. »
- Per Högstrom, Marine Structural Engineering, for his excellent sense of responsibility.»
- Seshendra Karamchedu, MMK082, very helpful.»
- Mattias Bokinge, Advanced CAD Hjälpsam»
- Aditya Arikere, Vehicle Dynamics He is highly concise and clear in his explanation. He is always available for help. His grading is fair. »
- Francesco Baldi»
- Per hogström»
- Lars, compressible flow, He made the strife of the assignments seem valuable and motivated us to learn from the process.»
- Samuel Lorin - Advanced CAD»
- Anton Albinsson, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics. He was responsible for the assignment sessions and the lab exercise and provided good support and was always available for questions.»
- Per Hogström MMA 167 . Very interested in the success of the students taking the course.»
- Per Hogström, MMA167, Marine structure engineering. Great teacher assistant which has been very helpful. No matter what problem he as always been avaliable and well prepared for the lectures he has held.»
- Professor Jonas Ringsberg, Marine Structural Engineering Very well prepared courses, materials, nice way of lecturing, very structural, you can always trust him, very helpful»
- Duncan Kushnir - Technological Change and the Environment Very passionate about the topic and helpful throughout the course!»
- seshendra karamchedu he was extremely helpful and knowledged»
- Mathias B Bergfjord (CAD teaching assistant). He knows almost everything worth knowing about CAD, and is always willing to help.»
- Seshendra Karamchedu. MMK082 Materials Characterization and failure analysis. He is very helpful as a tutor and as a instructor in labs and projects. Have always taken time to help us in our projects and labs in all courses. »
- Mathias Bergfjord (CAD-handledare). Ger fruktansvärt bra hjälp och är hemskt hjälpsam!»
- Cecilia Berlin - her lectures are very pedagogical and she really does her best to give the students good feedback. In a group project we got a 10 minute video feedback of a short assignment, even though she was on a plane! Her TED talk speaks for itself concerning her abilities to give good lectures.»
- Niklas Mattsson, sustainable enery futures. Amazing inspiring teacher that has everything.vAlways happy and always nice to talk to. It is obvious that he like what he works with.»
- Richard Arvidsson Environmental Risk Assessment Clear teaching method and responsible for each student»
- Samuel Lorin in the ACAD course. He was pedagogical in his learning. He was very good at explaining.»
- Cecilia Berlin, her commitment to teach together with her ​,​,passion of teaching makes her a good teacher / assistant. (Course MPP027)»
- Ludvig Lindlöf, Project development management. He has in a very pedagogical way helped the participants to achieve a higher understanding of the concepts of the course during the literature seminares. »
- Per Hogström, MMA167 Marine structural engineering.»
- Wengang Mao - SJO750 Reliability Analysis of Marine Structures He is very focused on teaching and for him it"s really important that his students master the knowledge. He present the material in an interesting way and has an infectious enthusiasm.»
- MMA167 Marine structural engineering Per Hogström»
- Pramod Bangalore, in Sustainable electric power systems. Pramod is a very good teacher. No one in our class had any background knowledge about electric power. And he tried his best to make us understand and learn. Very patient, kind and with great teaching ability. »
- Andreas Draganis, FEM-structures, Applied mechanics. Trevlig, hjälpsam och duktig.»
- Rebecka Brommesson, Material mechanics MHA042. Very competent and pedagogic and always take the time to help!»
- Jon Andersson, MPR271 –, Simulation of Production Systems He helped the whole class with the simulation in AutoMod, and arrange extra time so we all could get help»
- Jonas Ringsberg, Marine Structural Engineering. Väldigt strukturerad och vet hur man lägger upp en pedagogisk lektion.»
- Jon Andersson, MPR271 Simulation of Production Systems 2013 For very dedicated supervision and guidance even out of an airplane to Canada.»

2. Which lecturer do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2013/2014. Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Sven andersson. Ice. The best teacher i ever had»
- Lars Davidson, Mechanics of Fluid. Really clear and easy to listen to. »
- Lars Davidsson for mechanics of fluids»
- Lars Davidsson, Mechanics of fluids. »
- Francesco Baldi, Marine Propulsion Systems, for his motivational lectures.»
- Sven Andersson Internal combustion engines»
- Fredrik Larsson, FEM-solids. A very nice and committed person!»
- Per-Åke Jansson, Rigid Body Dynamics Bra pedagogik på föreläsningarna. Alltid hjälpsam när man kom springande till hans kontor»
- Per-Åke Jansson, Rigid body dynamics Han är nogrann och går igenom pedagogiskt på föreläsningarna med bra engelska. Han var även hjälpsam när man frågade om hjälp på projektet vi hade i kursen.»
- Per-Åke Jansson Rigid Body Dynamics. Genomtänkt kurs och blandar bra teori med inlämningsuppgifter och datorövningar. Ett föredöme för hur kurser skall examineras.»
- Matty Janssen - Environmental systems analysis Best lecturer so far in the Industrial Ecology program, really inspiring lectures and clear information. Learned a lot from them.»
- Lars Davidson His notes make for good reading. He takes in the students" sugeestions. He is extremely proficient in his field.»
- Jonas Rinsberg»
- Jonas ringsberg»
- Sirjan, multiphase flow, Really encouraged us to stay active on the lectures and really hear what he was teaching, also sneaked in some funny business which is nice.»
- Martin Fagerström, TME240 Composite Mechanics. Martin is one of the most pedagogical teachers I have had at Chalmers (my 5th year). You can tell that he cares about his students, he always wants everyone to understand and he does a good job in involving us during the luctures.»
- Jan Wickenberg - Project Management»
- Mathias Lidberg, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics. Gives clear lectures with good lecture notes and listens well to student feedback.»
- Jonas Ringsberg MMA167, Without any doubt the most pedagogic lecturer I"ve had at Chalmers. There"s always clear goals with each lecture, and a follow up to make sure that everyone has understood all the content. Also very clear presentations and a great interest in making sure his students pass the course.»
- Jonas Ringsbergs, MMA167, Marine structure engineering. His understanding for how to teach and his pedagogic skills has been outstanding. Ha motivates and create ambitions among the students regarding the topics he is teaching in.»
- Jan Bergholtz, Ship Geometry and Hydrostatics Nice tutorials, always prepared to offer help, great practical knowledge»
- Björn Sandén - Technological Change and the Environment Very engaging lecturer with highly interactive content!»
- johan älhström»
- Sven B Andersson (Internal Combustion Engines). Very good and inspiring teacher.»
- Srdjan Sasic»
- Roland Kádár. Composite and nanocomposite materials. He always tries to improve his lectures, asks the class what we think, has good information on every task we have to do. Relevant lectures with good examples.»
- Sven B Andersson (Internal Combustion Engines). Brinner verkligen för sitt ämne och ger mycket intressant föreläsningar!»
- Jonas Ringsberg. Very well planned course and teaching. He only has to explain things once and is well aware of what is of importance or not, which make him well worthy of the price.»
- Peter Almström - his weekly essays + some group work-way of checking if the students learnt the right things is great. He can examine 2-3 topics per week, and the students get to read up and really learn details about so many things compared to a normal exam where the examiner can"t possibly demand so many things in such detail as Peter can with his method. Sure, the work load is higher during the lecture weeks but it evens out since the exam week is free from work! I"ve never learnt so much as I"ve done in his courses!»
- Sven Anderson - internal combustion engines. Sven is an amazing teacher, makes learning informative and fun. And is more of a friend than a lecturer. »
- Matty Janssen Environmental system analysis Nice teacher »
- Niclas Mattsson. Full of energy and always inspiring lectures.»
- Lars Trygg, in the PDM course. He makes you interested (provides real life examples, sometimes a bit silly but that is just good since he, in some way, makes something formal funny instead).»
- Lars Trygg, Project development management. Lars is an excellent lecturer, being able to keep every lecture interesting and making everyone in the room understand the message he sends us. He always takes his time to answer questions and ensures that the answer is understood»
- Jonas Ringsberg, MMA167 Marine structural engineering. För en tydlig struktur och ett bra pedagogiskt upplägg.»
- Jonas Ringsberg - MMA167 Marine structural engineering He has a deep understanding only on his fields fo expertize, but also on how to get through to the students and motivate them to work. He is an engaging lecturer and an example of awesomeness.»
- MMA167 Marine structural engineering Jonas Ringsberg»
- Niclas Mattsson, in sustainable energy futures. A great teacher. Yhe best teacher I"ve ever had. Always happy, giving a cheerful sprit to the class. Raising an atmosphere of positive discussion making every single subject so interesting that every one would enjoying listening to his lectures. I was never bored or distracted in any of his teaching sessions.»
- Martin Fagerström, Composite mechanics TME240»
- Cecilia Berlin, (PEWD course), Production engineering After the course was given last year and the students complained about the litteratur, she wrote her own book that the class of 2014 could use. The book was pedagoical and well structured for the course. She also had very interesting lectures, and uses a lot of material as support like TEDx. During the project presentation she introduced a feedback system which made the classmate listen more careful to each others presentations and made the classmates to give each other feedback.»
- Lars Davidson, Turbulence modeling. He has a great ability when it comes to explaining difficult phenomena concerning fluid dynamics. »
- Peter Almström, MTT096 Production Management 2013 For a lot of commitment and effort to correct our weekly essays in the shortest possible time, so we can keep track of our writing capabilities.»

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