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Carreeer evening 2014

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2014-04-11 - 2014-04-23
Antal svar: 23
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 57%
Kontaktperson: Claes Niklasson»

1. What is your general opinion about the career event 8 april 2014

23 svarande

Bad»1 4%
Not so good»0 0%
OK»2 8%
Good»10 43%
Very good»10 43%

Genomsnitt: 4.21

- they were talking too much details about what they are doing in their job that had nothing to do with how to find a job» (Bad)
- Some of the presentations had too much focus on the company. The girl from Volvo Trucks had made a really nice presentation and was well prepared.» (OK)
- This event is very useful for PhD students because it open a vision of PhD career after graduation.» (Good)
- It was interesting overall even if the quality of the presentation and the presence or not of advise was quite irregular» (Good)
- I liked the idea of inviting people who are working in the industrial fields. » (Good)
- I was only present for the first half of the event.» (Very good)
- useful tips, delivered by credible sources» (Very good)
- I attaended only the first three talks, before the coffe break.» (Very good)
- Good mix of invited speakers, nice food and good with the opportunity to mingle afterwards» (Very good)
- It is more useful for me who will graduate in a year.» (Very good)

2. What was good with the event?

- Great discussions! Inspiring talks. Very good that there were people from different areas with different background there. Nice with the dinner afterwards, to get a chance to talk to the speakers.»
- Good diversity of speakers. Good that they included some personal perspectives and showed glimpse of their live outside of the career. Many think about what kind of private life is possible if one considers a specific career.»
- Invited representatives were both, from industry and academia»
- To listen to their opinions about the benefits of being a PhD. To hear that the problem solving tasks are more important than specific courses or articles.»
- Interesting speakers (most of them)»
- applicable knowledge, a chance to ask own questions, even better was the dinner where a group of ca. 5 PhD students got to ask questions and discuss with a speaker»
- diversity of lecturers, realistic picture of job market in Sweden»
- The presentors are well experienced and sharing manys useful information to us.»
- Good that the speakers were from different types of companies and had different positions.»
- The mix of speakers, although some of them had not prepared so well their presentations, while others were really prepared and had very nice presentations.»
- the food and the presentations»
- See above»
- Few speakers were really helpful. But few of them not at all.»
- It was long enough to give the speakers a chance to explain themselves without being too long. »
- Variety of the speakers, opportunity to have an informal discussion with the speakers, good knowledge obtained from the seminars, and also the buffe! »
- Good mix of speakers with different background. Well organized. »
- Interesting presentations from different angles»
- the interaction after, the mix of speakers»
- The introduction of personal experience for looking for job.»

3. What can be improved?

- Less talk about companies as such and too detailed about some work projects. However, most speakers kept their talks on a very good level.»
- Consider using a larger room. But this was not really a major issue on this occasion»
- I think event scedule was good, enough time to ask questions and to talk personally with the speakers»
- Try to make the speakers focus more on why they need to have or benefit of having a PhD. Pros and cons with being a PhD at their company.»
- By 19.15, I was really hungry»
- Lecturer from HR (human resources) sections can be invited, those who don"t see humans like tools but resources. »
- In their presentations, the information about the company could be short and more info regarding career building and job searching could be more.»
- It was nice»
- it was suppose to give some hints about how to find a job or how to find connections or at least this was what I expected to hear»
- more working fields (no presenter was working in my research area field (forest products)) »
- Maybe try to send detailed instructions to the people that are going to present to get more uniform presentations»
- I did not like that some speakers were actually advertising their companies. To be honest I can search on the internet to get that. What is more important is to get the idea how to look for a job and where we can fit in after graduating. Also I did not like that all speakers finished PhD in industrial sectors of research so for them is kind of easy to look for a job (have already contacts and the research is quite applicable in industry). What I would like to see in the next event of this kind is a speaker who finished PhD in basic research area and found a job in industry. This is completely different situation.»
- With the speakers consent, Some contact information could be sent via email to the participants- or something of that nature. The idea of dinner with the speakers to encourage informal discussion was also really good. It was also a good choice of speakers- their backgrounds and ages were varied enough to get a broader perspective on the post-phd lifecycle. »
- In my opinion, several minutes that some of the speakers devote to advertising their company in terms of how big it is, how large number of employees they have, etc. can be shortened to only mention the technical background of the company. Because the point of the meeting is not to attract job seekers for the company, it"s meant to give PhD students some idea of the work environment and conditions outside academia, if I"ve understood it right.»
- Rotational seating during dinner so that everyone can talk to everyone»
- prep speakers on how long they should speak and topics/questions which could be good to answer during the presentation. Choose a venue where the audience is closer to the speaker, making it more relaxed.»
- It is best to be more specific for each major. And have the company list for chemistry or related major. »
- Lite svårt att komma i kontakt med presentatörerna vid minglet»

4. Do you think this event should be repeated?

23 svarande

NO»1 4%
Yes - every year»16 69%
Yes - every second year»6 26%
Yes every 5 years»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.21

- It is always good to get some perspective on the big picture and where ones efforts can lead one. » (Yes - every year)
- Since it is interesting to listen to different PhDs in my field, I think yearly is a good interval. Otherwise try to get more PhDs from each division and split the group in different rooms or perhaps better, organize different career days for the different research areas.» (Yes - every year)
- It"s even better to have it every semester, say, twice a year.» (Yes - every year)
- I is good to have it every year, since you might not be able to attend every time.» (Yes - every year)
- Yes but maybe with a change of topic each time: people in industry, people in academia, recently graduated people,...» (Yes - every year)
- Perhaps every year, if the organizers can find interesting, engaged speakers every year.» (Yes - every second year)

5. Would you recommend this event (in future) to other PhD students.

23 svarande

Yes (definitly)»19 82%
Yes (to PhD students 3-5 year)»3 13%
Yes( to PhD students 1-2 year)»0 0%
No»1 4%

Genomsnitt: 1.26

- It can be good that also PhD students in their early phase listen and understand what is important to learn during the studies.» (Yes (definitly))
- I think this event was relevant for all PhD students: the ones who started recently (like me) need the reminder to work on their network early, the later PhD students I would expect to be interested for obvious reasons.» (Yes (definitly))
- I think we need this kind of communication with former PhD students.» (Yes (definitly))
- It is important to shape your mind about this any time. So there is no limit where you should start doing that. Even is better if you have an idea what you would like to do in the future as soon as possible so you can modify your PhD according to it and look for the social network as well.» (Yes (definitly))
- I think the event is relevant, both for pre and post licenciate phds.» (Yes (definitly))
- Maybe you should think about having two separate events, one for "new" PhDs and one for the more senior ones, then you can focus on different aspects. » (Yes (definitly))

6. Please suggest future events or seminars (outside scientific) that could be interesting for PhD students close to graduation.

- Visiting some of the former PhD students in their working environment? »
- Perhaps this event could be bigger, for example more speakers can be invited from different companies or academia»
- Time management! (and not only for PhD students after lic: new PhD students, post docs, probably everyone)»
- In overall,it will be much better if we can invite some international PhD graduates. They could be more helpful for those international students to have the idea of finding a job and working here in the Swedish society.»
- I think what they present you can easily find in google just by searching the name of the company what I was looking forward to hear was to get an idea when and where to begin searching and how. »
- how to create a network»
- A seminar on the agencies we can apply to get fundings for postdocs A seminar or event where we could meet companies in our field and get a first contact with them.»
- I would like to participate in the event where you can have practical discussions and guidance how actually to find a job (improving Linkedin profile, how proper CV should look like, what is important to pay attention at on the interview for a job, there is a lot of psychology as well, networking...). Something similar was organized recently from Student union but only in Swedish what is kind of strange as many students at Chalmers are foreigners with basic level of Swedish. This is what I would really like to have in the next 2 years before graduating ^^. Thank you for organizing this event. It was nice and useful.I appreciate it a lot. »
- How about something similar to CHARM/KARM exclusively for PhD students? »
- Mentorship event to create a network for the future»
- The introduction of Swedish company. »
- Jag skulle gärna vilja veta mer om möjligheterna för akademisk karriär på Chalmers»

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