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Evaluation of exchange students Autumn 2013

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-12-09 - 2014-01-09
Antal svar: 120
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 45%
Kontaktperson: Lovisa Aijmer»

1. What exchange programme do you belong to?

120 svarande

Erasmus»95 79%
Bilateral agreement (world wide)»17 14%
Unitech»3 2%
Norden (Norplus)»4 3%
Other»0 0%
Don"t know»1 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.33

2. What is your field of study?

Please choose the one that suits your background best

119 svarande

Architecture»12 10%
Computer engineering»5 4%
Electrical engineering»12 10%
IT engineering»4 3%
Civil engineering»14 11%
Industrial engineering and management»14 11%
Design engineering»2 1%
Mechanical engineering»20 16%
Automations/Mechatronics engineering»0 0%
Physics Engineering»5 4%
Mathematics»5 4%
Chemical engineering»6 5%
Bio engineering»2 1%
Materials engineering»4 3%
Other»14 11%

Genomsnitt: 7.31

3. How satisified are you with the information you received from Chalmers before the exchange?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is very satisfied and 1 is very dissatified

119 svarande

1 0%
7 5%
15 12%
63 52%
33 27%

Genomsnitt: 4

- Information on housing came very late and then it basically said that we have to figure it out by our own. I had a very hard time finding accomodation.» (2)
- I got my letter of acceptance very late and very little guidance on what to do before I arrived. » (2)
- More clear information about arriving date and kick off will be nice. Didn"t get much info since I was in Australia» (2)
- I never received a real confirmation from NN After waiting several months for it, my home erasmus coordinator called NN and he told him that he would do it within a couple of days. In fact he never did although I really needed it for accomodation agencies, for some documents at my home university and so on. From other Erasmus students I heard the same.» (2) (den här kommentaren har blivit redigerad i efterhand)
- I am satisfied with the information, but I found a lot of problems with the information about accomodation which they did difficult the first weeks.» (3)
- Send the acceptance letter earlier.» (3)
- What I did not really like was to find an accomodation in Goteborg. Even if I think that the people that work in boplats do their best, I think there is really a lack of accomodations for erasmus student. And arriving in a city you don"t know and be obliged to have a kind of accomodation you don"t like (with the landlord) is not the best.» (3)
- Some help with the accommodation will be really great» (3)
- please notify Erasmus students in advance that it is not possible to get student housing accommodation» (3)
- - somehow I was not on the mailing list for Erasmus students, so I would have missed all the information before the introduction week if someone did not help me» (3)
- If I had learned about the PhD level courses earlier, I would have planned accordingly. I just found them by chance.» (4)
- The course information is not always complete, which resulted in choosing courses that I apparently could not participate in.» (4)
- The information on website were good but there were some mismatch (e.g. I couldn"t follow the course "TEK410 - Supply Chain Management" because it was part of a program but I couldn"t know)» (4)
- letter of Application as pdf. Sometimes I had to wait quiet long for a response (email)» (4)
- Accomodation...» (4)
- Information on courses (block schedule, overview, examination) are very well-defined. Professors are also easily approached when any extra information is needed.» (5)
- The guid for incoming students was very useful!» (5)
- I learned about the welcome day after I booked my flight... This information together with the admission might be useful. » (5)

4. How did you enjoy the welcome activities?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is the best and 1 is the lowest grade

119 svarande

1 0%
3 2%
12 10%
45 38%
50 42%
I did not participate»7 5%
Don"t know»1

Genomsnitt: 4.36

- Really god!» (1)
- Activities are good, but there are limited applications» (2)
- but together students with same study programm» (2)
- - Too much parties - Please give more information on the campus area (specific to the field of study!): computer rooms, places for self-studying, ...» (3)
- i did not use a lot this service, there was no need» (3)
- The activities are okay, sometimes there was a lot of time between the activities.» (3)
- It was a really warm welcome! Maybe sometimes less is more. Everybody was so busy with the welcome activities, that private initiative for socialising went a little short.» (3)
- Compared to what the Bachelor students it, the day we spent with the phadders seemed really boring.» (3)
- It was really nice. The green card with a list of activities to do was really a good thing to have.» (4)
- They were funny!» (5)
- The phadder groups organised by circ were a good way to know other international students before courses started and it was great help in adjusting to living in Gothenburg/ having questions answered and such. The warm welcome on the first day, by the staff and student bodies were really appreciated. » (5)
- CIRC does a great job!» (5)
- It was great, it made me feel welcome!» (5)
- Really nice, should definitely keep on doing that! Makes it possible for international students to meet a lot of people who are in the same kind of position » (5)
- Really nice! CIRC did also a good job"» (5)
- Great ideas!» (5)
- - CIRC organisates the introduction part with phadder groups etc. very well» (5)
- I arrived in Chalmers the week after, I had to finish a internship.» (Don"t know)

5. How satisfied are you with the help of your coordinator at Chalmers?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is the best and 1 is the lowest grade

119 svarande

3 2%
3 2%
17 14%
36 31%
56 48%
Don"t know»4

Genomsnitt: 4.2

- panne is very kind and always has time for our issues! thank you :)» (1)
- My coordinator was NN and she was absolutely worthless. » (1) (den här kommentaren har blivit redigerad i efterhand)
- She did not know when the internet application would open. This caused me lots of extra trouble. » (2)
- See above question and answer 3.» (2)
- Not much help needed, but he lost my learning agreement so I had to do it again which was rather difficult from abroad» (3)
- i did not use a lot this service, there was no need» (3)
- Replies on email are fast, but the one time I passed by the office I got the feeling that I was not really welcome.» (3)
- I am really satisfy, The only problem was to find a teacher for to do a exam from my university, I had to do that myself and was difficult. Maybe they can coordinate better this task.» (4)
- She was really helpful and friendly when there were issues with course registration and other problems.» (4)
- Too much queuing for all events and fighting over tickets although I do appreciate all Circ"s efforts. » (4)
- She was present when I needed her. And if she was not here, someone else took her place, so nothing wrong to say about it.» (4)
- Perfect, provided info when needed, could always go there if needed.» (5)
- Very kind, patient and available» (5)
- really quick and good service (coordinator for the Netherlands)» (5)
- NN was very helpful!» (5) (den här kommentaren har blivit redigerad i efterhand)
- I did not need any help. Everything is organised very well.» (Don"t know)
- Did not have to contact a coordinator. I guess everything went well.» (Don"t know)

6. How long did it take for you to find accommodation?

119 svarande

I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers»77 64%
Within the first few days»9 7%
After 1-2 weeks»9 7%
After 2-4 weeks»10 8%
After more than one month»14 11%
No opionion»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.94

- but it took me two months home searching before I found something.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- Although I had accomodation arranged before I arrived it took me approx. 2-3 months to do so.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- But it was terrible to find any accomodation! » (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- very bad housing situation. it is better, to provide a specific number of SGS flats/accomodations, especially for exchange students. Unfair situation, that some exchange students got the access-code after they complained at SGS and then they got "easily" a SGS accomodation. It was told before, that Chalmers doesn"t provide any codes anymore and then some students nonetheless got the access. For example, i didn"t got any SGS accomodation, so I had to look for a private flat, although i prefered a student accomodation. Please, be fair and provide equal circumstances for everybody in future. » (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- It was hard, especially for French Engineer, why?» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- - it is really difficult to find an accomodation if one does not start to look one year before, which is problematic for an Erasmus student who gets the application to study in Gothenburg some months before - I got the impression that the quality of the support from Chalmers for this search decreased in the last years (by taking into account impressions from exchange students who have been here before) - but support is definitely more helpful then boplats.se» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I managed to find accomodation in june but it took me a long 2-3 months to find it.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I thought about not coming to Chalmers because I had no accomodation before leaving... I felt really insecure and bad whan I came. You should organize something at least for the exchange student... usually we travel a lot to come here so we are really tired and we still have to find accomodation. It is the black point to Sweden! Otherwise it was really nice :).» (After 1-2 weeks)
- I think it is really the drawback of coming in goteborg, I don"t think I will recommend it to other people. I will say that eramus exchange is amazing but not really in goteborg because of this accomodation problem.» (After 1-2 weeks)
- SGS said me that I have to be registrer like 1 or 2 year for to find something, that is imposible because I know my erasmus from half year. Boplats only organized some metting with landors, but there were a lot of people and some house were so far. I think this task have to be improve.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- There should be easier to find accommodation for Erasmus students. Maybe an apartment building just with that purpose. I think this way the experience would be much more rich.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- Never really find the accommodation I was looking for, I lived in a hotel.» (After more than one month)
- It was crazy to find accommodation in a residence! I am so disappointed to go to a foreign country without find a room in a residence! » (After more than one month)
- That"s because I never received a confirmation letter before my stay and I really put effort into my search but neither SGS Studentbostäder were able to offer me a room nor Chalmers Studentbostäder nor Boplats.se.» (After more than one month)
- Students should be helped and not ignored as we were when we arrived» (After more than one month)

7. What kind of accommodation have you had?

119 svarande

SGS student housing»51 42%
Private room/apartment via Boplats»40 33%
Private room/apartment found on your own»22 18%
Stayed with a friend or relative»3 2%
Other, please specify below»3 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.88

- SGS was awful. It said student housing yet we were the only student apartment in the building. » (SGS student housing)
- You have to be very lucky to get an appartment there !!!» (SGS student housing)
- but just as a subletter...» (SGS student housing)
- State of apartment is really bad, caretaker had to come more than 10 times.» (SGS student housing)
- SGS-Housings website was great but they should put a note that passwords shouldn"t contain special chars like "#" or "?". The error-message wasn"t helpful and it took me 2 weeks until they told me I should re-register since they can"t fix it.» (SGS student housing)
- But not with the coordinators. I find it by myself in the boplats private announcements» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- Would be nice if there are more student houses.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- it was very hard to fins an room!» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- excange students should always get the opportunity to stay in a student apartment offered by the university!» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- My accommodation was terribel» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- The room I am renting now was found by a lady who works for international students in boplats» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- I found a private apartment myself in blokets, it was so hard.» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- I don"t advise my room because of the landlord. Luckily one of my friend move to my house after but still we avoided being in the kitchen when the landlord was there.» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- hotel room» (Other, please specify below)
- Boplats Miss Mao and Ellen helped me find an Swedish family who has an room for renting. I am very appreciate their help.» (Other, please specify below)
- SGS vecköbostader» (Other, please specify below)

8. What is your overall impression of the studies at Chalmers?

Please rate the all over impression of the course work (lectures, lab work, project work seminars etc). 5 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest.

119 svarande

1 0%
2 1%
20 16%
66 55%
30 25%

Genomsnitt: 4.02

- Two courses I took are of very high quality ("Audio technology and acoustics", "Finite Element Method - basics"), but the other one is of very bad quality ("Heat and Moisture Engineering"): different lecturers don"t coordinate their contents, bad learning materials (just PPP slides, containing hundreds of slides each), partially incompetent teachers.» (1)
- Sometimes I felt I was treated as a second class student since I wasn"t part of the master program. » (3)
- Tutors and course lecturers were really helpful. However, perhaps because of the nature of the course, it felt like there was too little arranged student tutor time for consultations. However, overall it was a good experience and there was sufficient freedom to carry out research/ explorations in relation to the course on our own time, with support from course tutors. » (4)
- Courses too much general knowledge for master level but otherwiso good organised and interesting» (4)
- There are too many assigments and too many work during the semester. So you have less time to travel around, if you make 30 CP. In my opinion you are able to learn more in Karlsruhe at the KIT than in Chalmers (I compare the courses Fahrzeugtechnik 1 (KIT) with Engineering of Automotive Systems (Chalmers))» (4)
- Guaranteed accomodation (which has been provided the year before) e.g. with SGS would improve the overall experience. It is rather annoying to search for accomodation for one semester.» (4)
- overall courses are very systematic. and lecturer speaks satisfied English. The only thing I feel need to consider is some students are really overload due to some reasons. First, teachers didn"t take student"s academic background into account, so it is common students feel lost when they start to learn these new knowledge. Second, I personally feel sometime a bit overloads with long hours lecture and many homework. » (4)
- I was really satisfied with the lectures. In the seminar I would have wished a little more input, and somebody to point my failures out. Otherwise u can not learn from it if everybody is just telling you you"re doing well.» (4)
- - motivated lectors - in my opinion division of semester into periods makes it more difficult not to forget everything one learned over the next months - interesting choice of topics» (4)
- Chalmers look me a really good university with a lot of possibilities and good staff, I am thinking the possibility to come back again to do a master programm, that explain my impression!» (5)
- Teachers very efficient, interesting courses» (5)
- Very good courses, great experience. » (5)
- Great university. I hated to leave so early! As a unitech student, most people don"t take the possibility of 2 semesters into account.. maybe you should promote it via your coordinators?» (5)

9. What is your overall impression of your exchange stay at Chalmers?

Please rate your overall impression of your exchange stay in Gothenburg. 5 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest.

119 svarande

1 0%
2 1%
16 13%
49 41%
51 42%
Don"t know»0

Genomsnitt: 4.23

- It was nice that they had activities arranged for the international students (the goteborg card), and we really got to experience quite a bit about Gothenburg. However, it was a little hard to experience "life of a student" at chalmers as much as expected, perhaps because it"s a little difficult to join in on other extra-curriculum activities and meet other students, unless you had contacts with someone from the clubs and societies for example. » (3)
- I really need to seriously focus on my study, and works hard each quarter. I expected would have more spare time to explore Sweden and visit counties nearby. But I barely have time to do in the end due to the heave homework. But I do appreciate that I have learned a lot of new knowledge, Met and made many new friends worldwide.» (3)
- Gothenburg seems like a good place to settle down and live for long» (4)
- Erasmus exchange is amazing because you meet a lot of people for all kind of areas.» (4)
- good» (4)
- Good. Some inconvenience. eg. the student card took me so long to get.» (4)
- Goteborg is a good city to life and to be exchange in Chalmers is really good because there are a lot of international students and courses in english.» (5)
- I came to Gothenburg only for my studies (see question 8).» (5)
- The activities at chalmers are great !!» (5)
- I would definitely come back» (5)
- Great university, great "brand", great facilities -> I am proud to be a "chalmerist"» (5)

10. Would you recommend Chalmers as an exchange destination to other students at your home university?

119 svarande

No»1 0%
Maybe»22 18%
Yes»94 78%
No opinion»2 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.81

- I will recommend a country or a city where you can find a good place to live and not like in goteborg where I lived in two places in 4 months and where it was difficult to find something that fits to me.» (No)
- Not many courses to choose from compared to my home university. The topics of the courses I took were already partly known to me.» (Maybe)
- Chalmers has a very strong focus on sustainability which I would recommend to others interested in this particular area of interest. » (Maybe)
- Chalmers is great place for study, but finding good place to stay is extremely hard.» (Maybe)
- If you want to work on 30 CP AND travel around AND make party ... FORGET it and FORGET chalmers ,-) If you only take two courses (15 CP) the whole semester than you will have enough time to travel arround, meet interesting people and enjoy the city !!! and of course you have enough to work ,-)» (Maybe)
- I am sorry but I didn"t get along with the swedish way of life. People are so unfriendly. That is really hard. I love Chalmers and the way of studying there but Sweden is such a difficult country!» (Maybe)
- It"s expensive to fly out of Gothenburg so another city would be better.» (Maybe)
- Maybe because the first days with the accomodations were awful... otherwise it is a full yes.» (Maybe)
- big minus is the current accommodation situation, other than that, I would recommend Chalmers without hesitation» (Maybe)
- Definitely.» (Yes)
- Of course, one of the best!» (Yes)
- Very good university!» (Yes)
- I come from National University of Singapore (NUS). It will definitely be a good experience for Chalmerist to visit NUS for the cultural exchange. The difference in temperature can be one attracting points! » (Yes)
- Although I would probably mention that it is harder to get courses on the bachelor"s degree in English. I have heard that in some courses the teacher adjusts if there are English speakers in the room, but this is not a detail very well known prior to coming here.» (Yes)
- Yes, I would like to recommend it, because I like Chalmers the educational model.Different from my host University-Tallinn University Technology.It is very advanced, and usually the study projects are related to local industry. which is very practical and interesting.For me this is very precious abroad study experience. Definitely worthy to try.» (Yes)
- Definitely, CIRC is a crucial factor in this!» (Yes)
- It is really a nice University with many nice facilities to have fun and to enjoy the stay. » (Yes)
- There is a clear quality of the classes. Obviously the teaching methods vary from teacher to another, but we felt the will of the teacher to transmit something to us !» (Yes)

11. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

- Thanks you for all and maybe see you soon in a master programme!»
- It could be a good thing to organize a lecture where all the exams general rules are explained»
- Take party of the different activities at chalmers, the alliance orchestra is great, the balleten of the orchestra is also great. There you will have a lot of fun !!! There are also a lot of sports activities for example climbing!! »
- I am very satisfied with my stay. If there is any regret, it is because I am only here for only one semester and not two.»
- Everything was really nice here in Chalmers. The only thing I struggled with was finding courses. But I guess this will vary from student to student.»
- I"d advice future exchange students to heavily consider taking only courses from ONE departement. Otherwise rescheduling of some courses might add an unnecessary planning effort. »
- In courses focus more on content, not only on methods. »
- Nope, thanks a lot!»
- You should really think about the possibility of welcoming erasmus student before allowing them to come at chalmers!»
- Thanks for the good time!»
- help exchange students to find accomodation, as soon as you accept them, with more detailed information on how to get a room. for example how much time should one be registered to sgs before having the possibility to actually get a room. I was very lucky because I found a last minute offer in sgs, but many other weren"t as lucky!»

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