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DAT096 project questionnaire 2014

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-12-06 - 2014-01-11
Antal svar: 34
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 100%
Kontaktperson: Lena Peterson»

1. What is your name?*

You must write your name in the comment field!

- Martin George»
- Philip Karlsson»
- Jacob Rosén»
- Jonas Andersson»
- Klas Nordmark»
- Arpad Jokai»
- Stavros Giannakopoulos»
- Daniel Josefsson»
- Preben Thorød»
- Dan Larsson»
- David Johansson»
- Erik Alveflo»
- David Alm»
- Otto Torgnyson»
- Jonas Hemlin»
- Niklas Doverbo»
- Einar Nilsson»
- Joel Olofsson»
- Viktor Jarenfors»
- Manuel Pedro Ribeiro Soeiro»
- Carl-Johan Häll»
- Malligaraj Malleswaran»
- Ástvaldur Hjartarson»
- Anders Klavmark»
- Sebastian Karlsson»
- Malin Eliasson»
- Johan Hassel If possible, would greatly appreciate it if I could work together with Erik Avleflo!»
- Terje Vikingsson»
- Daniel Moreau»
- Shuyue Zhang»
- Tobias Hallberg»
- Elma Hurtic»
- Mohammed Elghoz»

2. Which of these courses have you taken?

(Easier for us if you add this information here in addition to the other information you will add below).

34 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

DAT105 Computer architecture»23 67%
DAT116 Mixed-signal system design»9 26%
EDA222 Real time systems»10 29%

- I will read EDA222 during the spring» (DAT116 Mixed-signal system design, EDA222 Real time systems)
- Im enrolled in real-time systems lp3» (DAT105 Computer architecture, EDA222 Real time systems)
- Will be reading real time systems concurrently with DAT096.» (DAT116 Mixed-signal system design)
- I chose MKM105 "Introduction to microsystems Packaging" I plan on taking EDA222 in period 1, spring semester.» ()
- I am taking Real-time systems in lp3. » (DAT116 Mixed-signal system design, EDA222 Real time systems)
- I took the the other profile course: MKM105 Introduction to Microsystems Packaging. And I will take EDA222 Real Time Systems next term.» ()
- I have taken Real Time Systems in Study Period 3 and yet to attend the course» (DAT105 Computer architecture, EDA222 Real time systems)
- and DAT110,MCC091,DAT093.» (DAT105 Computer architecture)
- Iam going to take EDA222 Real time systems this spring» (DAT105 Computer architecture)

3. What is your level of comfort working with these aspects of C programming?


- I"ve never done C-programming»
- No experience in C»
- it was not possible to enter more than value, but I would chose high on both.»
- I"d say low for both points. My experience with C in general is quite limited, but at least not non-existent.»
- The boxes are behaving strangely, but i would say medium on both pointers and data structures.»
- Highly motivated to learn the concepts inside out.»
- I"m highly motivated to work more with C programming than with VHLD. I wanted to select "High" on both, but it was not possible.»
- I"we programmed several thousand hours, mostly in higher level languages though, but at least a few hundred hours in C/C++.»
- It was a long time ago since i used C. But this is something i really want to improve.»
- I have done some work with pointers and data structures in C++.»
- There is something wrong with the questionnaire, it"s not possible to choose medium for both pointers and data structures.»

Very low
6 svarande

Pointers»3 50%
Data Structures»3 50%

Genomsnitt: 1.5

15 svarande

Pointers»7 46%
Data Structures»8 53%

Genomsnitt: 1.53

19 svarande

Pointers»11 57%
Data Structures»8 42%

Genomsnitt: 1.42

18 svarande

Pointers»10 55%
Data Structures»8 44%

Genomsnitt: 1.44

Very high
7 svarande

Pointers»5 71%
Data Structures»2 28%

Genomsnitt: 1.28

4. Have you worked with C programming for embedded systems?

34 svarande

No»9 26%
Yes»25 73%

Genomsnitt: 1.73

- I"ve made a diod blink at ETA using a mikrocontroller» (No)
- No experience in C» (No)
- I have programmed on Arduino a little but i guess this does not count.» (No)
- Bachelors Thesis» (Yes)
- microships microcontrollers» (Yes)
- Atmel AVR, TI DSP» (Yes)
- Also applied on AVR and arduino environments» (Yes)
- In the bachelor thesis we made an embedded system with a microcontroller.» (Yes)
- Yes, but limited experience (Have read a lot!). C programming the field Im most eager to get moore experience with, just need the training! » (Yes)
- I"m trying to focus more on low level programming than hardware development.» (Yes)
- I"we created a fully working autonomous lawn mower.» (Yes)
- But very little. I am eager to learn!» (Yes)
- » (Yes)
- I have worked with arduino and a little with HC12 in earlier courses» (Yes)

5. How do you rate you VHDL programming skills?

34 svarande

Poor»1 2%
Fair»12 35%
Good»14 41%
Excellent»7 20%

Genomsnitt: 2.79

- I have only taken DAT093» (Fair)
- I have taken eda321 and dat093» (Good)
- Good in the sense that i don"t have much problem with the VHDL needed in previous courses.» (Good)
- A bit rusty, so will use the reference manual often.» (Good)
- I Feel comfortable with writing VHDL. » (Good)
- I Think in VHDL. Jokes aside I love the language and consider myself good in it» (Excellent)
- I"we taken at least three courses in which VHDL was used extensively. I may lack sufficient experience to rate my skills as excellent compared to professionals, but compared to what I"we seen during the courses I still rate it as excellent compared to most other students.» (Excellent)
- Compared to other students in the programme.» (Excellent)

6. Have you taken a Digital Signal Processing course or do you have any other experience with DSP fundamentals?

34 svarande

No»19 55%
Yes»15 44%

Genomsnitt: 1.44

- Maybe, but I don"t remember anything.» (No)
- No more experience than from the courses I have taken in my bachelor and the ones I have read in my master. There was some DSP stuff in DAT116 in my opinion. » (No)
- If have read the Mixed-Signals course but still, I really have no further background than that course. So I will set it to no.» (No)
- Signal processing course during the bachelor years» (Yes)
- LSOT» (Yes)
- I have only taken DAT093» (Yes)
- Yet it is not my strong field.» (Yes)
- Taken course in linear systems (fourier, laplace) if that counts.» (Yes)
- DSP Theory+ matlab, no implementation in hardware.» (Yes)
- A course about basic statistics and signal processing.» (Yes)

7. How familiar are you with the Linux (or UNIX in general) user interface?

34 svarande

I would need help to get started»5 14%
I can find my way around»24 70%
Like the back of my hand»5 14%

Genomsnitt: 2

- Not that much user excperience (ie: do not know all about scripting and all usefull commands) But have some experience with cross compiling of Kernel and software packages to embedded linux. Motivation is to learn driver development for Linux» (I can find my way around)
- I have played around with linux a couple of years back. » (I can find my way around)

8. How familiar are you with the GNU toolchain (makefile, GCC, linker, assembler etc)?

33 svarande

I would need help to get started»18 54%
I can find my way around»14 42%
Like the back of my hand»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 1.48

- familiar with automake and basic compiling/linking, and the concept for all of it, need syntax training and experienxe. but I am studying it on my sparetime as we speak, and its a field I"m really motiveted for mastering.» (I can find my way around)
- I"m in the process of learning more about it.» (I can find my way around)
- At least when running the Windows port MinGW.» (Like the back of my hand)

9. What is you level of comfort in using MATLAB?

34 svarande

Very Low»0 0%
Low»12 35%
Medium»12 35%
High»8 23%
Very high»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Was long time since I used it, but would probably not be too much effort to be comfortable with it again.» (Low)
- Haven"t used it in a while, but it would probably come back quickly.» (Low)
- somewhere between low and medium...» (Low)
- I would answer "high" but it has been over a year since i last used it so it will take some time to remember some things.» (Medium)
- Used it for short periods in various courses and summer jobs, but is highly dependent on the syntax manual» (Medium)
- » (Medium)
- I used to be quite good at doing basic things, but I haven"t using matlab for over a year now so I am a but rusty» (High)
- Might be a bit rusty.» (High)
- I have used matlab a lot in my bachelors. My "Kandidatarbete" was focused to computing large arrays of data in matlab. I feel very confident in matlab and if there is something I don"t know, I know how to find out about it. » (Very high)

10. Are you familiar with FPGA debugging tools such as Chipscope?

34 svarande

No»27 79%
Somewhat»6 17%
Yes»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.23

- Familiar with Altera version of it. (Signal tap)» (Somewhat)
- I used chipscope etc in my bachelor thesis» (Yes)

11. Have you worked with any FPGA core before?

34 svarande

No»9 26%
Yes»25 73%

Genomsnitt: 1.73

- I not 100% sure what specifies a fpga core but as I wrote before, Ihave taken 2 course where have used fpga development boards» (No)
- Assuming you mean IP core, I haven"t. If you only mean if I have used FPGAs then yes.» (No)
- Spartan3 in the lab exercises» (Yes)
- During the labs of course DAT093» (Yes)
- Softcore? Yes Nios II for altera, Would like to try running linux on Nios II or similiar core, or interfacing with DSP system» (Yes)
- I"we taken the course "EDA234 Digital konstruktion" in which we built a wireless system using a Xilinx FPGA.» (Yes)
- In the Introduction to electronic system design only.» (Yes)
- I what context? Have used the xilinx spartan for approximately 4 courses. » (Yes)
- Altera Cyclone II» (Yes)
- Xilinx Spartan 6» (Yes)

12. Do you have any experience with electronic musical instruments or sound effects?

34 svarande

Yes, a lot.»5 14%
Yes, a little.»9 26%
No, none.»20 58%

Genomsnitt: 2.44

- I have designed a midi controller in the form of a an electrical guitar, It"s not entirely completed but this is something I would really like to complete when there is time, the prototype is working with very little delay and all six strings are functional. At this stage it is monophonic but can be extend to be polyphonic.. The prototype is built using 2 AVR microprocessors and an Ibanez electric guitar which is connected through USB. » (Yes, a lot.)
- Music, Guitars, acoustics and music equipment is my main motivation in life. Built some studio electronics and tube amplifiers. These questions are really hitting my field of interest spot on, Embedded C, Linux, DSP, Softcore processor, acoustics » (Yes, a lot.)
- When I didn"t study at chalmers I had a lot more spare-time on which I played the guitar. Since i was techically interested I spent some time playing and reading about guitar effects like fuzzpedals, distortion pedals, tube amplifiers, delays, reverbs and phasers. » (Yes, a lot.)
- I have worked with digital audio mixers and music production softwares.» (Yes, a lot.)
- My bachelors thesis was about implementing sound effects on a digital signal processor. Also some experience as a hobbyist (doesn"t every electrical engineer want to build an analog modular synthesizer in his man cave?).» (Yes, a little.)
- Small experience from reading about it for personal interest.» (Yes, a little.)
- I"we edited a few sound waves in Audacity and played a few notes on a synthesizer. » (No, none.)

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