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Solar Decathlon China 2013

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-09-16 - 2013-10-16
Antal svar: 28
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 43%
Kontaktperson: Anna Sofia Wannerskog»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Arkitektur 300 hp

This evaluation

This evaluation is sent out to all students that have taken part in the Solar Decathlon China 2013. Since the participants have changed since the start all questions might not be relevant for you. Please answer the questions that are, and don´,,t mind the rest! It´,,s hard to formulate questions that summarize the various phases that this project has gone through. Please feel free to use the space for comments to remark on any experiences during the project that you feel have been forgotten or left out in this evaluation! Thank you.

1. Which semester/period did you take part in Solar Decathlon?

28 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Spring 2012»17 60%
Summer 2012»6 21%
Autumn 2012»12 42%
Spring 2013»19 67%
Summer 2013»17 60%

- Autumn 2011» ()
- Summer 2012 not registered in the course but involved through project related internship.» (Spring 2012, Summer 2012, Autumn 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013)
- Autumn 2011» ()
- var inte reg. för spring2013 men jobbade en del med halo och team sweden ! » (Spring 2012, Summer 2012, Autumn 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013)
- In January for the second semester until August» (Spring 2013)

Prior knowledge

2. "My prior knowledge was sufficient to be able to actively follow the course"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»2 7%
Neutral»3 10%
Mostly agree»11 39%
Definitely agree»12 42%

Genomsnitt: 4.17

- It is a very challenging project and none of us Was totally prepared for the competition, but I think it"s normal.» (Neutral)
- My previous learning experience at Chalmers during my masters degree allowed me to begin to educate myself in terms of applying academic knowledge to find practical solutions. All practical experience, management experience I have gained from elsewhere.» (Mostly agree)
- I did a Revit software course to be able to use the software that our team has been used.» (Mostly agree)

Intended learning outcomes

3. "I´,,m aware of the intended learning outcomes of the course (what I´,,m expected to know after completion of the course)"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»8 28%
Neutral»7 25%
Mostly agree»7 25%
Definitely agree»6 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.39

- I have not heard of intended learning outcomes» (Mostly disagree)
- I discovered the valuable learning outcomes the project provides throughout the process. This was via my collegues and outside contractors and advisors. To my knowledge there was never an explicit learning outcome outlined. If there was, it was it was vague at best as I can"t even remember it. » (Neutral)
- var lite svårt och få häng på det i början, då kursen var så omfattande och tilldelade roller var inte riktigt klara då ! Man satte nivån lite själv så att säga. » (Neutral)
- I learned 200% more than i expected» (Definitely agree)
- I learnt even more than I could ever expect in terms of construction techniques, team work, logistics, AutoCAD Revit, about China, etc. » (Definitely agree)


4. "The pedagogical structure of the course is suitable for achieving the course´,s learning outcome"

27 svarande

Definitely disagree»3 11%
Mostly disagree»6 22%
Neutral»12 44%
Mostly agree»2 7%
Definitely agree»4 14%

Genomsnitt: 2.92

- There Was no pedagogica l structure in the course, we basi alla structured it by our self because we were not supporter by the university» (?)
- Ingen struktur, inga läromål, helt anpassad för arkitekter istället för för arkitekter OCH ingenjörer. Inga tidsramar, otoligt dåligt upplagd kurs.» (Definitely disagree)
- There was no initial structured plan for the course, only deadlines. The students progressively built a structure around these deadlines, with the help of Björn, but the result was messy and put extreme pressure on the project and the students. There needs to be a basic outline made before the course, the students fill in the gaps themselves but with the aid and support of the faculty.» (Definitely disagree)
- The outcome of the goal and the actual result were two very different things, and I was very disappointed with the outcome of this semester.» (Definitely disagree)
- To many people trying to develop something already presented to them. The development of common understanding of the origins of the project is then broken.» (Mostly disagree)
- Nej, strukturen på kursen kunde inte varit något sämre. i framtiden behövs det tydlig struktur på kursen och deltagare, en jämn och rättvis process med interna inlämningar och utvärdering. Design fasen tog upp hela kursen i princip, här behövs klara regler/standarder för en sådan process ! den påverkade allt för mycket allas andras arbete ! självklart var det också en lite spec. byggnadsteknik och stil Halo hade men men ... » (Mostly disagree)
- You can hardly say that the course had a structre from the begining.following The structure of sd competition by the students gave the course structure!!» (Neutral)
- First period when I took the course the pedagogical structure was not so clear, but the rest of the course was good!» (Neutral)
- Lack of leader teachers all time in a team during the course.. » (Neutral)
- The structure of the course is running like an architecture office or at spring semester 13 like a building company but it works because you do it for real and for a real goal!» (Definitely agree)

5. "The teaching worked well"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»2 7%
Mostly disagree»6 21%
Neutral»9 32%
Mostly agree»7 25%
Definitely agree»4 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.17

- There was little to no teaching from the faculty. Students had to seek lectureres and professors (who were not tied to the course) themselves, many of which had no time, nor understanding of the course, to help. Due to the frantic nature of the project, Björns role was mostly confined to Administrational duties. Appointed exterior consultants offered help, but to a much lesser degree than we expected. This was probably due to the fact we didn"t really know what we were asking help for. Consultants should be organised and booked WAY in advance and briefed on the course project. Students should also be briefed by the faculty what kind of questions need to be asked (I mean specific questions on a specific detail or concept of the proposed structure, not just general questions) Every field (structural engineering, HVAC engineering) should have a appointed faculty member with relevant experience in that field. A person to field questions to, even of they are not directly involved with the course. » (Definitely disagree)
- I know it got better, but this term, the teacher was mostly absent, didnt give us the proper help to continue the project and was angry at us when we didnt do the tasks properly according to her idea of how it should have been done - even when she had been away the whole time.» (Definitely disagree)
- Barabras del av kursen var en katastrof, den borde ha varit betydligt mer uppstyrd.» (Mostly disagree)
- Spring 2012 didn"t work very well. Too much of the old course structure with sustainable workshops, etc. colliding with the competition criterias and continuation. Too much starting over and not going with the autumn 2011 concepts. Uneven distribution of student work load.» (Mostly disagree)
- We had very little teaching. We mostly tought ourselfs, wich is quite ok in this kind of course. But in my opiniion it should have been the teachers responsibilty to help structure the work and divide tasks. Since no one, including the teachers seemed to have any experience collaborating on such large scale projects the organisation was very messy at the start. If we have had help in the very beginning to find a structure for the work where each person had a clear responisbility and where we had a clear and democratic process for taking decisions it would have been much less stressfull in the end. Dividing the responsibility also means that everyone dosn"t need to have say on every little detail. In the beginning of the process we had a lot of full class votes over and over again on the same topics stopping the progess since there was never enough consesus. There also need to be a clear project manager working fulltime with the daily organisation of the work beeing less involved in the the actual design work. In our project that task was finally taken by Shea Hagy. Without him taking that role I seriosly doubt we would have made it to China.» (Mostly disagree)
- A lot of times we had to work by ourselves and take decisions also by ourselves. Sometimes though this is good, because we learn to take initiatives.» (Neutral)
- We had very little teaching, could have been more.» (Neutral)
- Good teaching at the spring 2013, it could have been improved at spring 2012.» (Neutral)
- The teachers helping us were very good and competent but i would call them more consultant. They didn"t Lead us through the process, they were helping with consultations advices etc» (Neutral)
- Man kan säga att eleverna utbildade sig själv, dock hade vi super bra lärare som vi fick stöd och utbildning av, de korta stunder vi hade dem "brukade oftast boosta upp processen". Det är svårt för ett gäng av "super" (5 - 10st) elever att göra nästan allt grundläggande arbete! » (Neutral)
- We had some good workshops on sustainable building.» (Mostly agree)
- The teaching came mostly from project manager.» (Mostly agree)
- If you mean teaching by teachers we did not take so much of that really but like a normal course.but we took advantage of all architecture cunsultants and companies as well as carpenters very well.» (Mostly agree)
- For me the teaching was from everybody. Everybody put his skills together and everybody learnt from each other. The person I"ve learnt the most from was Shea. » (Mostly agree)

6. "The consultations worked well"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»1 3%
Mostly disagree»3 10%
Neutral»4 14%
Mostly agree»15 53%
Definitely agree»5 17%

Genomsnitt: 3.71

- It was a chaos. Teachers either lacking the knowledge in subject or pedagogical skills to explain it, thus not being able to move discussion forward.» (Definitely disagree)
- See above. Exterior consultant should be secured early and briefed early on the project (this means securing a building concept early in the project time-frame) and a "sit-in" faculty member with relevant experience in that field during consultation times.If not possible, a faculty member to prepare or review students time with consultant. » (Mostly disagree)
- The consultants and teachers were very good and very helpful, but the information about when and how, could have been better (which goes for the whole course)» (Neutral)
- I don"t know what the consultations are, or I wasn"t involved with that maybe. » (Neutral)
- I could say only during spring 2013» (Mostly agree)
- Sometimes they were counducted by teacher very late when we already had got the most of the job done! » (Mostly agree)
- yes, jag tycker det mesta var givande dock hade vi för lite av det ! » (Mostly agree)
- Companies and material producer should have been involved earlier to make it a more buildable-in-reality detail drawing development.» (Definitely agree)

7. "The deliveries to the competition worked well"

27 svarande

Definitely disagree»1 3%
Mostly disagree»1 3%
Neutral»5 18%
Mostly agree»14 51%
Definitely agree»6 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.85

- The students did most of the planning and scheduling. If Chalmers apply for a new Solar Decathlon a full-time schedule planner and a clearer administration is needed in the beginning.» (?)
- They were rushed and material that was submitted was not fully understood by the students who submitted it (reduced learning outcomes). This was due to the unbalanced nature of the course. Work which should have been done in the first year was not done. This led to a backlog of tasks in the second year which we never recovered from. The only reason the deliveries were submitted on time (some were late) was because of the passion of the students for the project and their willingness to work regularly until the early hours on the morning (often 24 hour shifts were completed on little sleep), other academic courses or social obligations were disregarded, as was their own health. A more efficient course structure would ensure this need not be the case for future students. » (Definitely disagree)
- During that semester things did not work.» (Mostly disagree)
- Still they worked well but we didn"t get help.» (Neutral)
- The team struggled hard to get the delivery done in time, and it was due to us it was completed, not the teacher.» (Mostly agree)
- Very much work!» (Mostly agree)
- Really hard work and long nights, but with a great team work it worked well. » (Mostly agree)
- Ja, över mina förväntningar ! » (Definitely agree)

8. "The work contacting and communicating with sponsors was an awarding learning experience"

26 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»0 0%
Neutral»8 30%
Mostly agree»4 15%
Definitely agree»14 53%

Genomsnitt: 4.23

- Doesn"t apply» (?)
- I did not take part in communicating with sponsors» (?)
- Wasn"t involved at this point.» (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that subject» (Neutral)
- we hadn"t got to that stage of the competition yet » (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that work so much» (Neutral)
- I wasn"t really involved with that. But for the ones that were in contacts with sponsors or companies I"m sure it was. » (Neutral)
- It was good learning but for me too much of my time.» (Mostly agree)
- The network and meeting with industry was the best experience of all. Bit unfair that some architectural students had to do all the company contacting and no drawings, and vice versa.» (Definitely agree)
- One of the most valuable experiences from the project. Maybe contactors and sponsors could be secured earlier however.» (Definitely agree)
- It was such a Life time experience and gave us broad knowledge in many aspect of a bygg project.» (Definitely agree)
- Jag hade ganska mycket kontakt med några sponsorer, och det var jätte givande och roligt. » (Definitely agree)

9. "Working with the homepage was a good learning experience"

26 svarande

Definitely disagree»1 3%
Mostly disagree»0 0%
Neutral»15 57%
Mostly agree»3 11%
Definitely agree»7 26%

Genomsnitt: 3.57

- Doesn"t apply» (?)
- I did not take part in working with the homepage» (?)
- Jobbade inget alls med hemsidan så kan ej säga ngt om de. » (Definitely disagree)
- Had no involvement.» (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that subject» (Neutral)
- Wasn"t involved.» (Neutral)
- no homepage existed when I read the course» (Neutral)
- I personally did not work on the homepage» (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that work so much» (Neutral)
- Did not wok with the homepage» (Neutral)
- What do we mean by homepage? » (Neutral)
- Fantastic» (Definitely agree)
- Advertising for a project by website is one of the most important way of getting spounsours involved.» (Definitely agree)

10. "The construction work at Chalmers was a great learning experience"

26 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»1 3%
Neutral»5 19%
Mostly agree»4 15%
Definitely agree»16 61%

Genomsnitt: 4.34

- Doesn"t apply» (?)
- I did not take part in construction work» (?)
- Wasn"t involved at this point.» (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that subject» (Neutral)
- Didn"t participate because I wasn"t informed about that I could have. --> made it impossible to go to china even though I was in the team who won the first design competition» (Neutral)
- Det satte ritningarna till verklighet och det var en väldigt givande process. Här växte gruppen också ihop och blev ett team ! » (Mostly agree)
- Really great learning experience to work together with professionals.» (Definitely agree)
- The best experience at Chalmers so far!» (Definitely agree)
- Unbelievable experience» (Definitely agree)
- Again lifetime experience i learned A LOT through that.» (Definitely agree)
- Learned more than I learned in years of construction education» (Definitely agree)
- As I said before, it was just a wonderful experience even if the work was the hardest work I"ve ever done.The building phase was so intense that it imposed us a strange and not healthy rythm of life, if it was to be done one more time, food for the students that build should be arranged somehow because it was impossible for us to cook anytime. Also working in the cold made the thing harder. » (Definitely agree)

11. "The construction work in China was a great learning experience"

26 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»0 0%
Neutral»7 26%
Mostly agree»3 11%
Definitely agree»16 61%

Genomsnitt: 4.34

- Doesn"t apply» (?)
- I did not take part in construction work» (?)
- Wasn"t involved at this point.» (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that subject» (Neutral)
- I were not allowed to go to china even though I previously had been promised as I was in the team how won the competition 2011. Information to us was lacking and our rights unclear.» (Neutral)
- Great experience for prefabrication processes, co-operating in work, and planning logistics.» (Definitely agree)
- By this stage we had enough time to plan for construction in China, so the process went fairly smoothly. A project managemant consultant would have been invaluable here. Too much time was wasted on deciding on what was or was not neccessary in the constuction plan and resource delagation.» (Definitely agree)
- Working in limitted time and different context than home ,communicating with public during exhibition days and try to keep a good team sprit over the whole time was challenging situation that we could make it work well. » (Definitely agree)
- Ja det var något helt annat, mycket stress men mycket roligt. Tyckte vi växte så mycket som grupp under den tiden! » (Definitely agree)
- We acheived an amazing assembly work in one week and we passed out our limits one more time. » (Definitely agree)

12. "Representing Halo and presenting the house to visitors in China was a good learning experience"

26 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»0 0%
Neutral»10 38%
Mostly agree»4 15%
Definitely agree»12 46%

Genomsnitt: 4.07

- Doesn"t apply» (?)
- I sadly did not go to China» (?)
- Wasn"t involved at this point.» (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that subject» (Neutral)
- see previous» (Neutral)
- The competition subcontests was a great learning outcome with jury presentations, operating building services, etc. The actual exhibition was more chaotic with most of the visitors non-english speaking and presenting the house in a very basic way.» (Mostly agree)
- It was a little bit mess in the exhibition, but we had fun» (Mostly agree)
- The more we presented Halo the more we could see the strength and drawbacks of Halo better by owrself.» (Mostly agree)
- This is probably only relevant if Chalmers visits China again. Students must be prepared (or at the very least informed) that crowd control may be an issue during the compitition.» (Definitely agree)
- Ja helt och hållet, CROWD CONTROLL ! » (Definitely agree)
- It was intense too. We didn"t really expect to have ONLY chinese visitors, so it happened that we had to learn some chinese. We also had an enourmous number of visitors, so we had to adapt our guided tours in consequence, but we learnt a lot about chinese people and how they behave! » (Definitely agree)

13. "The workshops carried out in China were important parts of my learning experience in the course"

26 svarande

Definitely disagree»1 3%
Mostly disagree»3 11%
Neutral»14 53%
Mostly agree»5 19%
Definitely agree»3 11%

Genomsnitt: 3.23

- Doesn"t apply» (?)
- I sadly did not go to China» (?)
- I was not at any but got the strong impression from my collegues that these were predominantly ice-breaking sessions on the other side of the world. Little to no practical information was gained here.» (Definitely disagree)
- Var ej närvarande, dock fick lite feedback från dem som var närvarande !» (Mostly disagree)
- Wasn"t involved at this point.» (Neutral)
- Did not take part in that subject» (Neutral)
- It was not so organised» (Neutral)
- No not so important really and mostlly were held for the advertising purpose.some of the students who went for first work shop even did not stay with project after summer 2012!» (Neutral)
- Was not there» (Neutral)
- I was not part of any wokshop» (Neutral)
- I wasn"t part of them. » (Neutral)
- Great to get the network with other universities started, and interesting synposium on Solar Energy.» (Mostly agree)
- They help ed very much with team building and facing the start of the competition. But there were not really usefull by themself» (Mostly agree)

14. "Personally my most important learning outcome during the course was..."

- working in a BIG group with many different backgrounds»
- The gathering between arquitects, engenieers, sponsors, workers... and how difficult it can be. But if it works well, it is as amazing as Halo»
- Application of learned knowledge to a "Real" result.»
- Passivhusveckan med killarna från Passivhuscentrum i Alingsås och Joakim Kaminsky, otroligt lärorikt.»
- Collaborating with people from different fields (engineers and architects)»
- You can get credits without really doing what you should. (I would have done if environment had been better)»
- Cooperating transdisciplinary between engineers and architects, and after so many months finding a efficient working structure with people finding their specific roles. Better to see the competition with an office-perspective hierarchy and less of the chaotic democratic decision making that you usually find in university projects with too large groups.»
- How to manage a "real" project and how to deal with problems that have to be solved, not only on a paper as usual, but for real.»
- to learn how you can go for the drawings to the construction and learn how to build by yourself!»
- Communicating and presenting the project.»
- Everyone can do anything if they absolutely have to. However, it is the universities duty to ensure that students are not put in this position by assisting in course strucuture, administration and providing practical/academic support. »
- Learning construction drawing in detail,cunstruction in a bygg site,solar appliences,energy balance, communications,group work»
- hands-on experience on the building site»
- I received an incredible practical education that I wish every student has the chance to receive»
- The one course from chalmers where I have learned the most for my coming work career!»
- How to design and build a house»
- This project is a ubique experience for students that introduce them to the working world before they are even graduated. Personali I feel now that all the theory I levar ed during years finallyholidays makes sense and I a not "afraid" anymore to contact important people for jobs, Help, sponsors and I know what is needed in a company to make it work, from a marketing and comunication point of view. »
- Working with sponsors and PR. If it hadn"t been for the meetings with Håkan, I wouldnt have learnt anything at all.»
- Working together in a such diverse group of students was really good. But to follow a project from doing drawings to build a house, to redo the drawings, to rebuild, to see how the house worked was without doubt the most important outcome »
- To get the practical experience of building and how to solve all small details.»
- Bygg processen, byggteknik / standarder, kontakten med företagen /struktur, gruppdynamik och främst 3d BIM. »
- working as a team and not individually.. really hard but I learn especially in this way.»
- To be part of a team in the sense that if you don"t put the best of you in the work and if you"re not 100% for the team then it might ruin the thing for everyone. I had most acknowledgment in construction: how to build with wood, how to build a structure, how to paint, how to spackle a wall, how to cut wood for flooring, how to use power tools, etc. »

Education and course administration

15. "The course administration worked well (organisation, memoranda, direct information etc.)"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»6 21%
Mostly disagree»7 25%
Neutral»7 25%
Mostly agree»7 25%
Definitely agree»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.64

- Fanns ingen organisation etc. Dålig närvaro och sena ankomster bland vissa elever, accepterades av läraren. Betygen godtyckligt satta.» (Definitely disagree)
- The students were left largely out of the loop regarding any type of administration going on over our heads. So little that the general impression was there was none at all. There needs to be a regular contact with faculty members who are in charge with the budget, schedule and facilities. This information then needs to be filtered down regularly to ALL the students through somekind of intermediate.» (Definitely disagree)
- Very bad in the beginning. After Shea arrived it Was much batter but still it Was hard with chalmers o Help us» (Definitely disagree)
- Bad communication among teachers » (Definitely disagree)
- The course was new, and I didn"t like that no-one seemed to know how we were supposed to get to the goal and what the goal for the design was.» (Mostly disagree)
- It worked better and better during the whole time but very frustrating in the beginning with an almost non-existing organisation and plan who execute the project.» (Mostly disagree)
- The university organisation didn"t support the project enough. I think they didn"t really understand the scale of the project and we never felt that they believed in us. We had to do everything by ourselves. An example that comes to my mind is that we had to move the whole construction from inside to outside - sth that we could have avoid both in a matter of time and energy.» (Mostly disagree)
- Messy!» (Mostly disagree)
- Internally the communication and group spirit was very good, but the communication between Chalmers and our group was not always good.» (Neutral)
- Not before Shea Hagy comes,before sep 2012» (Neutral)
- Asså detta varierade från och till under denna långa resa, tror administrationen kände av det själva. » (Neutral)
- Most of the time it worked well, but sometimes there was some information we were not given on time. » (Mostly agree)

16. "I got most of the support for my learning from..."

- workshops»
- Project manager»
- Angela Sasic»
- The consultations and individual meetings with the professors.»
- killarna från Passivhuscentrum i Alingsås och Joakim Kaminsky, otroligt lärorikt.»
- consultants, classmates and people from areas of advance»
- Earlier courses»
- Shea Hagy as Project Manager with earlier experience and Pär Thurfjell as architectural supervisor. Also William Westin involved as a Revit and BIM tutor.»
- Our Project Manager Shea Hagy»
- My classmates, Björn, Angela and Pär.»
- my student colleges and some of the teachers during consulting»
- Google, Shea Hagy, Pär (Helhetshus), Peter (Achitecture Workshop), all contractors on site.»
- William westin,Shea Hagy, White Inc,Shea,some of engineer students,Pär Thurfjell,Björn Gross»
- the leading team from the crew»
- Shea Hagy, the carpenters, and the external partners»
- Shea»
- Other students and professional craftsmen »
- Shea hagy in everything theory, pratice, technical stuff,, but Bjorn Gross in believing in myself and fighting for what I want.»
- Håkan.»
- other students »
- finding solutions to problem together with the team»
- From other students and from working together with professionals.»
- Asså här var det lärarna ! trots att man ville se mer av dem, Barbera satte mig som BIM och struktur manager, Björns förståelse för arkitektur och arbetsprocessen fick en känna att man var på rätt spår ! sen självklart eleverna, men sedan fick man förlita sig mycket på sig själv också. »
- the construction and the project manager»
- the rest of the team members, and of course Shea the project manager. »

Work environment

17. "The possibilities to get assistance and ask questions were good"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»1 3%
Mostly disagree»4 14%
Neutral»6 21%
Mostly agree»11 39%
Definitely agree»6 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.6

- For much of the time there was no faculty member present. There was little to no guidance.» (Definitely disagree)
- Got a lot of help but not from academic staff» (Mostly disagree)
- Only in the least semester» (Mostly disagree)
- Ideas to improvements of the course were not welcome.» (Mostly disagree)
- So and so» (Neutral)
- Det här var blandat också, detta var en lite spec. byggnadsteknik/process och väldigt nytt för alla. men företagen fungerade som ett väldigt bra stöd och lärarana fanns alltid där för frågor osv. » (Neutral)
- Wasn"t enough support for the structural engineers.» (Mostly agree)
- Close co-operation with staff was good.» (Definitely agree)
- We were really here for each other, whatever was the problem or the question. » (Definitely agree)

18. "The cooperation between myself and other students worked well"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»2 7%
Neutral»1 3%
Mostly agree»11 39%
Definitely agree»14 50%

Genomsnitt: 4.32

- Här fanns grupper som man tillhörde och det gick bra för det mesta. "Vissa kom man överense med och vissa hade man lite svårare för" .Men i kina kan jag säga att det gick väldigt bra mellan alla ! » (Neutral)
- The students were mostly organised but a few software miscommunications lead to some problems and wasted time. Every student should be on the same page regarding the use of the software involved with the course.» (Mostly agree)
- As we worked very intesely we got to know each other well.» (Definitely agree)
- It Was very good, except for some that were mostre working for themselves instead of for the Group.» (Definitely agree)
- At least from my point of view the cooperation was smooth and constructive. Never had any fight or problems...» (Definitely agree)

19. "I did not feel discriminated during the course"

Grounds of discrimination can be a person´,,s gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age etc.

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»2 7%
Neutral»6 21%
Mostly agree»2 7%
Definitely agree»18 64%

Genomsnitt: 4.28

- Sometimes during construction I felt that people taught less of me because I"m a girl (both students and teachers). » (Mostly disagree)
- För min del var det väldigt tufft i början. chalmerister med näsan i vädret och inte mycket kunskap i väskan, brukar bli krockar då. När du har elever som bestämmer över "organisations" strukturen/arbetsfördelning och utnämner sig själva som projektledare brukar de oftast gå åt skogen. tur att man kan stå på sig och att ledningen valde att anställa Shea som legitim projektledare. Och notera ordet legitim, för det gör hela världens skillnad! så om jag kände mig kränkt någon gång ? ja de hände ibland, inför val som skulle göras eller gjorde, dock håller jag inget agg. Hade rätt i varje fight ändå även om jag inte vann den. Och det roliga är att "dem" vet det också !! hehe skrattar bäst, skrattar sist som man säger .. » (Mostly disagree)
- not by any of the above mentioned but as the original concepts designers we did not feel welcome in the courses after and was not invited to participate.» (Neutral)
- I do not know if i can call it descrimination but in very begining many good ideas were not seen and some students were always pushing thier ideas forward and try to neglect others hard work and proposals.It was really disappointing in a way that I personally decided to quite three times but then I changed my mind.Desisions about technical facts of the project also were taken by male groups mostly.it was hard to get involve in some parts like HVAC system.because it was men ruled.Poor Swedish knowledge of me was a quite important obsticle for getting involve in meeting with spounsours.» (Neutral)
- I would only have one remark: as a girl during construction I sometimes had some "discrimination" if we can say so because men thought we were not able to do something. But it was challenging, I always proved them I could do it just as them. » (Mostly agree)


20. "The workload of the course in relation to the number of credits was..."

28 svarande

Way too low»2 7%
Too low»4 14%
Adequate»9 32%
Too high»5 17%
Way too high»8 28%

Genomsnitt: 3.46

- We were working 500%. But we didn"t need more credits and we did it because we wanted it, so it doesn"t really matter» (Way too low)
- Worked for 14 hours every day for almost 4 months» (Way too low)
- A lot of time spending to built the house and no week ends during 3 months.. unexpected but I don"t regret this amazing experience.» (Too low)
- As usual, you can be lazy and get credits, you can be inspired and work and get credits and something to be proud of.» (Adequate)
- var på precis rätt nivå, bra för elever att känna att man får något ut av allt slit, motiverande för deltagare att fortsätta studera kursen också ! » (Adequate)
- I can"t really answer this question. I dedicated my hole time to Halo during three months, working from 7 to late at night. But the experience is so far away from a regular course that I can"t say that the workload is too high compared to the number of credits. It"s not a normal course. » (Adequate)
- Guess I have spent more than 2500 working hours on this project (my own choice though), the 60 hp and 4 weeks of paid summer work should have equaled 1760 hours.» (Too high)
- Very much work, but I guess it is personal how much effort you want to put in the project. I couldn"t keep away...» (Too high)
- During the latter stages of design and especially construction, some students were often working between 14 - 19 hour days, 7 days a week. Not acceptable.» (Way too high)
- But definitly worth it» (Way too high)
- Working 20h per day Was not enough for 15credits, but it Was necessary to win the competition and we wanted to do it. We knew it.» (Way too high)

Concluding questions

21. "Taking a master´,s course that was also a competition was an important educative experience for me"

28 svarande

Definitely disagree»0 0%
Mostly disagree»1 3%
Neutral»5 17%
Mostly agree»6 21%
Definitely agree»16 57%

Genomsnitt: 4.32

- Brilliant opportunity for students and the University.» (Definitely agree)
- I would advice every student of architecture to partecipate to solar decathlon!» (Definitely agree)
- Det är bara utöver något jag någonsin gjort tidigare, och jag har erfarenhet från byggindustrin men inget i denna nivå, trä-trä konstruktion :P / Passivhus / Prefab. Shipping till china och snabbt som attan få ihop det snyggt och fungerande för sen tävla !! hehe ja du » (Definitely agree)
- More educative than any other course in the world. » (Definitely agree)

22. "My overall impression of the course is..."

28 svarande

Very bad»2 7%
Bad»1 3%
Passed»5 17%
Good»6 21%
Very good»14 50%

Genomsnitt: 4.03

- Verkar dock ha blivit bättre efter första terminen.» (Very bad)
- I"m sorry to say that this was my worst course at Chalmers. But after the teacher refused to improve the course after several requests from the students and also said ugly things about some of the students to other students... It was so unprofessional and I was so happy to leave the Solar Decathlon team.» (Bad)
- It was an interesting experience but I did not learn very much about Sustainable Building techniques, as I had hoped for. Mostly due to a badly structured course and a too low workload. What I learned mostly was to cooperate with a very large number of people. Still, I think that the people following the competition to the end had a much higher workload and learned much more.» (Passed)
- Good intention» (Passed)
- it would be much better if it had better organisation» (Good)
- I lived the course it self, but the way chalmers threated us Was unfair and not professional. But I tuesday it Was for our specific case because it Was the first time ever and it Was a hard task to a complica for students to building a house.» (Good)
- To take a project from paper to finished building is outstandingly the most educative way to learn architecture and building. Better education about sustainable development than Solar Decathlon doesn"t exist.» (Very good)
- Experience for life, I have learnt so much that I will never forget.» (Very good)
- Best experience in my life» (Very good)
- Trots allt, tittar tillbacka och kan bara säga WOW, och trots jag var lite grinig för de mesta i slutet så uppskattar jag all support/förståelse jag fick från lärarna och kompisar/elever som jag kom väldigt nära ! » (Very good)
- beyond words. » (Very good)

23. "My overall expression of this course compared to other courses at master´,s level is..."

- learning experience»
- perfect "real life" project. From designing to building»
- practical application»
- Minst lärorik kunskapsmässigt, lärorik samarbetsmässig. Överlägset sämsta upplägg på en kurs som jag har varit med om.»
- As bad as most of the ones I happened to take. »
- The competition in itself is a perfect educational tool. Chalmers need a well-planned platform from start if they want to apply for Solar Decathlon again.»
- This is the best course I have ever taken, and never have I learnt so much at Chalmers before. »
- way better. amazing and unforgettable experience.»
- lack of teaching inputs about interesting and inspiring solutions. at least my semester -> i.e. students had to search, find and organize meetings with solar technology experts at chalmers. Instead of having that organized in the course which seems like the obvious. »
- VERY different and unique»
- A much valued practical outlet for all other courses which have been studied.»
- It up lifted my proffesional confidence so much.»
- good»
- Much more practical, the way a course should be»
- The learning outcome from this course can not even be compared to other courses that I have taken. I will have the knowledge from this course with me all of my life!»
- huge»
- This much better then Anything else! »
- That it was not at all well enough prepared to start a competition like this with the staff and the organization available at the time we started.»
- I learned a lot from this course that i woudn"t been able to learn in a soley theoretical course. I also had to spen a lot more time on this course than on any other course I"ve taken on Chalmers. The workload was constantlly really high for over a year. »
- Hahaha finns det något som kan jämföra sig med denna kurs, för oss som varit med från "start", denna kursen har allt bara ! bästa kursen jag någonsin tagit. »
- ten time superior as a normal course , learn more faster really efficient.. and develop a lot of new skills.»

24. Should this type of course be a regular part of the curriculum at the architectural department?

28 svarande

Yes»17 60%
No»4 14%
No opinion»7 25%

Genomsnitt: 1.64

- Since it in the end was a positive economic project (with the selling of the house) I definitively recommend Chalmers to compete again.» (Yes)
- This is a good way for preparing for the future work life. » (Yes)
- This type of course is equall with at least 3 yaars fulltime work experience.it drag out architecture students from their fantasy world.» (Yes)
- yes» (Yes)
- Absolutely 100%» (Yes)
- Absolutely» (Yes)
- Jag tycker att det är en kurs som alla akritekter/byggteknik studenter bör ta eller få tillgång till, sen vet jag inte om det är praktiskt genomförbart !» (Yes)
- one condition: explain the conditions of the individual investissement that the competition required during the project into a team» (Yes)
- I think it could be a part if it is 7,5 or 15 credits, so it is possible to take another design studio at the same time. » (No)
- I"m an Engineer, so I don"t really know what"s good for the architectural department - was good from an Engineer"s perspective though.» (No opinion)

25. If your answer above is yes, what elements of the course should be preserved for the coming years?

- Basic passive house workshops were really good but the emphasis has to be put on the competition.»
- Having a project manager, working with architects and people from outside of Chalmers.»
- Detail drawings and actual construction»
- The actual building your project»
- The passion instilled by the students for the project»
- The house-construction part, as well as the fact that the students arranged administrative and supportive functions like purchasing and sponsorships on their own»
- Communication. The workshop with Håkan was a very good and it was a very good platform for the rest of the work in the course. »
- Good Group good ambiance lot of motivation, good Teacher, more pratical then theoretical, Shea Hagy, or someone Like him. »
- sustainable architecture and competitions are good »
- Construction/ själva bygget ! Från ritning till verklighet ger ett helt annat byggnads perspektiv. finns inget bättre utbildnings sätt! »
- should keep the prototype construction in sweden even if it"s a lot of work..»

26. If your answer above is yes, what should be changed for coming years?

- - Involve students from different programmes or universities to join the group, for example: graphic design, business student, etc. - Involve real professionals (carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc) in the early stage of the design process - Full supports (mentally, economically) from Chalmers in the beginning of the competition.»
- Reduced design phase (1year to ½, year) and extended drawing production and building (1 year to 1½, year) to avoid heavy work loads.»
- There should be a better time plan from the beginning to avoid the pressure and stress during construction.»
- The Chalmers support. Don"t make students" life even more difficult.»
- The workload should ideally be distributed more evenly over the years, even if there are specific dates for delivery to the competition. »
- PLANNING!! Everything should be thoroughly planned BEFORE, not so much during the project as it takes too much time and makes the process way slower and more stressed.»
- Students must have to compete for places in the project to ensure the best and most dedicated. Requires better marketing of course. A general to moderate schedule should be outlined from day one. This shall be expanded on or modified by the students themselves. Without this the project falls apart. Consultants and sponsors should be briefed and secured early in the process. Students should feel supported by the university not only through provision of facilities and funds. Regular contact and information of the various administrators involved with the course. All relevant faculties should be represented by students (one or more) from day one (or if not possible, as soon as the conceptual phase has ended. But they must still consulted at least during this phase). Too much emphasis is put on Architecture. Innumarable problems were caused by having too few students from other faculties, too late in the design process. Full time course co-ordinator (Spread this load between two faculty members?) There needs to be some kind of transfer of knowledge from one generation of project to the next. Thus far this has not happened and half of the students have already left university. If this does not happen, the same mistakes shall be made again next time and nothing will be learned. »
- More resources devoted to the project by Chalmers»
- Experts should be involved much earlier and the budget has to be organised much earlier that it was in this project. »
- More interest in the project from chalmers, more believing in it. »
- place the course in one studio, which (if chosen) is mandatory to follow from start to goal. »
- ja, det finns saker som kan förändras, dock bör friheten och ansvaret villa mycket på eleverna men med större stöd och krav från administrationen.»
- everyone should be obliged to go on the site construction abroad if its a member of the team»

27. If your answer above is no, why not?

- Hög arbetsbelastning under vissa perioder går ut över studierna i andra ämnen, studier som hade gett en större ökad kunskap inför kommande arbetsliv.»
- I think that this course fits some people and some not. The workload is huge and i don´,t think that everybody is willing to offer all time that it takes.»
- Because I would like a bigger variation in my master degree than just a competition. If the course was smaller so it was possible to combine it with another design studio, it would be much more interesting. As it is now, I wasted a whole semester on a competition that did not work, and I didn"t want to jeopardize the rest of my degree by continuing the course. A smaller course would give more possibilities.»
- I shouldn"t say so but if it was regular then everybody would have this amazing experience and then I wouldn"t be different or more skilled than someone else. Now I"m very proud to say that I participated to a Solar Decathlon because I know it is very special. »

28. Other comments

- Solar Decathlon is one of the best expirience I have ever had»
- No guilt, only love. Halo is a family»
- I enjoyed the course when I read it. But now it has left a bitter taste as I consider that we have been very badly treated and left without knowledge about where our project (Halo) was going, our rights, copyright policies and so on. I found that it have been handle badly by the school and that they have the responsablity to inform and take care of that aswell as it origanally was an competition organized by Chalmers in 2011. »
- Fantastic experience and opportunity for this university and its students. The Solar Decathlon is a major competition that affords huge marjeting opportunities for the university. With a little more organisation the budget could be halved and the process could be streamlined so that the University could take part in every other competition. »
- It is an experience i Will remember Forever for everything. It doesn"t happen often to students to be able to build their first house for a competition, come third and sell the house for 600 000$. This is mainstream for our CV!»
- Chalmers som universitet bör också komma fram och presentera sig tidigare i projektet, tror dem kan bidra med en hel del kontakter och kunskap. Det skapar en mycket högre trygghets känsla för oss elever, att veta att "store bror" är med oss. "" det kom lite sent in i projektet. »
- AWESOME I dont regret anything..»

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