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International reception evaluation

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-09-12 - 2013-10-11
Antal svar: 361
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 41%
Kontaktperson: Linn Warg»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Övriga studenter

1. Did you appreciate that Chalmers welcomed you at the airport?

310 svarande

Yes»228 73%
No»82 26%

Genomsnitt: 1.26

- I didn"t arrive a the airport, I came by car.» (?)
- I haven´,t been there» (?)
- I didn"t got welcomed at the airport.» (?)
- i wasn"t there» (?)
- I didn"t arrive at the airport.» (?)
- I arrived by car.» (?)
- Did not opt in for the welcome reception at the airport as I arrived earlier.» (?)
- I arrived earlier.» (?)
- came by car» (?)
- I didn"t come to Gothenburg at the arrival day.» (?)
- I arrived another day» (?)
- I came by train.» (?)
- did not take part - generally a good idea i think» (?)
- I didn"t arrive on the CIRC arrival day.» (?)
- i didn"t came by plain to sweden» (?)
- i did not arrived the same day» (?)
- I was arrived before the arrival day» (?)
- I came in before Welcome day but i really appreciate the help provided for others.» (?)
- I was not there.» (?)
- Didn"t come on arrival day» (?)
- I arrived earlier» (?)
- I arrived earlier so i wasn"t at the airport welcoming» (?)
- I didn"t arrive on the day of airport welcome» (?)
- I didn"t arrive by plane.» (?)
- I did not arrive on the official welcome day.But its definitely a great idea.» (?)
- I couldn"t take part of it, since I arrived later on that week.» (?)
- I didn"t use it because I arrived earlier to find an accommodation.» (?)
- I wasn"t there» (?)
- I wasn"t there, but I think it was a great idea.» (?)
- Arrived earlier» (?)
- I arrived some days later and I was not in these events.» (?)
- I arrived before the scheduled welcome day» (?)
- I appreciated that but did not arrive during welcome week.» (Yes)
- I appreciate the idea, however I have arrived before the reception day.» (Yes)
- Nice to be welcomed, and usefull for picking up keys, and receiving directions to your appartment (or sgs office). Also the free bus-ticket was nice of course!» (Yes)
- I don"t know what I would have done since I did not know the language and wouldn"t know my way around.» (Yes)
- I did not participate in the arrival day at the airport.» (Yes)
- But when I took my airplane tickets I did not know thatit would happen so I arrived on the 23th august.» (Yes)
- I didn"t see it though, but would be appreciated if someone will welcome me in the airport.» (Yes)
- It was totally amazing. You"re new to the city and don"t even know how to reach home. It makes you feel so much better.» (Yes)
- I am really thankful that you welcomed me at the airport and i feel very lucky that i had got my keys for my apartment at the airport. Many many thanks!» (Yes)
- I highly appreciated this. When coming to a new country it is important to have someone giving you a hand. I liked how everything was planned with transport, keys, waiting time, those guys from Circ did a really good job.» (Yes)
- It was a good idea, and showed that Chalmers wants to make an effort to welcome students who are new to Gothenburg. Unfortunately I arrived later in the evening, so it wasn"t useful for me. There was some confusion about who had my SGS keys too.» (Yes)
- I went here by car, but that CIRC organized this is good.» (Yes)
- I arrieved earlier» (Yes)
- There is a problem about the sgs keys: people don"t know wether their keys will be taken by circ or not until they reach the airport. There should be a confirmation mail! also because sgs local office closes at 3pm: people who arrive later cannot collect the keys! » (Yes)
- Actually i did not register on time!» (Yes)
- good» (Yes)
- I arrivied earlier and thus the airport welcome was of no use for me personally, but I think it is a great idea!» (Yes)
- Or would have, had I arrived on that particular day» (Yes)
- I really appreciated the Arrival Day. The only thing which could be improved is that it was not that easy to find the Chalmers students in the airport. » (Yes)
- More welcoming days at the airport » (Yes)
- Very nice welcome - a big thanks to CIRC!» (Yes)
- I did not need welcoming as I have been living here from before.» (Yes)
- Welcome was good. But the information given to find the directions were not sufficient. So I had to wander a considerable amount of time asking people the way to the my booked apartment» (Yes)
- wasn"t there but it"s a really nice idea! Please post the date for the reception day earlier next time!!» (Yes)
- I arrived before the "arrival day" arranged by CIRC, but I think it is a good action to guide new international students» (Yes)
- I was there early so this doesn"t apply to me.» (Yes)
- But i wasnt there» (Yes)
- it"s very thoughtful!» (Yes)
- I have not used the service» (Yes)
- I liked most that they had a busticket for me :)» (Yes)
- I didn"t apply for pickup at the airport, however it is great to have someone helping you as soon as you get.» (Yes)
- I"ve never been there but I think it is a warm gesture. » (Yes)
- I didn"t fly in at the arrival day but I can see how it"d have been useful and nice.» (Yes)
- I arrived earlier and wasn"t welcomed at the airport. » (Yes)
- Not applicable (arrived before arrival day). But it is a nice thought:)» (Yes)
- I did not arrive at that day, but it is a kind gesture.» (Yes)
- Was nice but the next time the team should be behind the customs.» (Yes)
- I did not attend arrival day at the airport because I arrived earlier, but the idea of welcome day is very brilliant» (Yes)
- Did not arrive by airplane» (Yes)
- It was a good idea, but i arrived later and didn"t receive any welcome at the airport.» (Yes)
- Though I did not participate it is a nice option » (Yes)
- I came by car, but the idea is great!» (Yes)
- I came to Gothenburg earlier so I didn"t participate in Arrival day. But I still appreciate that Chalmers welcome international students at the airport. It gives a feeling that we are welcomed here.» (Yes)
- I arrived early so I was welcomed. However, I appreciate the effort as I have known friends who went for exchange in different schools have no such reception.» (Yes)
- This was great! Unfortunately, they didn"t have my keys (maybe I did sth wrong during the signing in...). But the idea is great! :)» (Yes)
- Although I myself was not arriving on the arrival day.» (Yes)
- The guidance was nice!» (Yes)
- I was not welcomed at the airport because I arrived before the Arrival Day.» (No)
- Chalmers was not present in my arrival hall. Nobody replied on my text message or calls.» (No)
- I didn"t use it » (No)
- I didn"t arrive on that day and didn"t feel like I needed it because I already knew Gothenburg.» (No)
- I came some days before so I couldn"t see if it was OK» (No)
- I wasn´,t received at the airpot, I am an international exchange student and was given no housing before arriving» (No)
- I came before the official arrival day» (No)
- I"ve come to Gothenburg by bus, so I was not welcomed.» (No)
- I arrived by car ,)» (No)
- I did not come by plain» (No)
- I made sure to plan my travel for the 27th of August just because CIRC would be at the airport with my SGS room keys and guide me to my accommodation. But CIRC did not have my room keys! I landed at 2.30-2.45 in the afternoon and I was told that my area office closes at 3.30. I was forced to take a taxi in spite of the cost just so I wouldn"t be "homeless" on my very first day in Sweden. It was a very unpleasant arrival and caused too much tension. It is possible that there was some good reason why you didn"t have my keys but at least I should have been made aware of it earlier than at the airport. I would have appreciated it if I was informed that my keys weren"t available beforehand, even if it was just a day before my arrival. I would have taken the help of friends in that case. Getting to know that my keys aren"t available at the airport resulted in having to pay quite a lot for the taxi, unnecessarily making sure I landed on 27th when I could have come here anytime earlier and having to make my friend wait for a long time at the central station (he was to meet me there to help me with the luggage) until I could buy a SIM card and inform him. Hope "Arrival Days" in the future are better planned and executed.» (No)
- I did not come to Gothenburg by plane.» (No)
- Because I have not arrived at Tuesdays.» (No)
- We arrive early on 22th Aug. And former students in Chalmers welcomed us.» (No)
- Arrived by bus» (No)
- I arrived with train.» (No)
- I did not arrive on the Arrival Day so I couldn"t comment» (No)
- It"s a good idea but I believe that it should last for more hours and maybe for another day, because there are no direct flights to gothenburg from many European cities and it"s not easy to arrive early. For example I arrived to the airport at 18.40.» (No)
- jajajaj» (No)
- arrived by train» (No)
- Came outside of the date» (No)
- I reached at Göteborg a few days before this welcome day at the airport, so this didn"t work for me!» (No)
- I arrived two days before and, even though I could arrived on that day, my flight would arrive after 17h.» (No)
- I arrived on 24th August and the CIRC members picked you up only on 27th, but I was OK» (No)
- I was not there» (No)
- didnt come by airplane and earlier than welcome day» (No)
- I arrived on the 21st of August and was met at the airport by my roommate so didn"t need anyone from Chalmers to meet me there!» (No)
- I arrived one day earlier so I wasn"t able to be welcomed at the airport.» (No)
- I"ve arrived by ship. But it is a stand-alone feature that should be hold!» (No)
- I did not attend since I arrived by train.» (No)
- arrived early, did not meet anyone from Chalmers» (No)
- i arrived at 19 and nobody were there» (No)
- I camen before the arrival day» (No)
- I did not take part in it.» (No)
- I arrived later that day since I needed 16 hours and 1 scale to get to Gothenburg so I think you should wait at least till 20:00hrs in airport.» (No)
- I travelled by ferry.» (No)
- came earlier» (No)
- I did not use it» (No)
- I arrived by car.:)» (No)
- We had absolutely no contact. we had to find the way for ourselves and it was very very very tough. » (No)
- Not relevant, came with car» (No)
- didnt arrive on that date...» (No)
- I didn"t meet the welcome at the airport, since I arrived on midnight of 27th, Augest.» (No)
- I arrived before that day.» (No)
- Haven"t been there.» (No)
- I arrived earlier than the reception day(27th), so no one picked me up at the airport. It takes me quite a lot of trouble to get to my apartment, since this is the first time my being abroad. I"m not asking the school to pick me up just for one student, but it would be great if Chalmers can tell us how to get to our apartment(sgs) by email, and leave the telephone sim card at the store in the airport so that we could pick them up right after the arrival, but not at the reception day. Most of us already had a sim card before reception day, the Telia card you gave us is actually of no use.» (No)
- I came by myself. No problem» (No)
- Because I was arrived few day after the welcome day.» (No)
- I was arriving not at the official arrival date» (No)
- I did not received any welcoming» (No)
- I was not there.» (No)
- I was not welcomed.» (No)
- Nobody offered to welcome me at the airport.» (No)
- I arrived before the 27 of August so I did"t take part at the welcomed at the airport» (No)
- I arrived one day before the "arrival day" so I had no welcome at the airport. You cant expect everyone to arrive on one day. It would be better to have an arrival week rather than just one day.» (No)
- I wasn"t there» (No)
- At the beginning, they said that they will be between the morning until 8 pm but they change theese hours to 5 pm. and i had already book my plane (arriving at 6.30).» (No)
- arrived with train» (No)

2. How satisfied are you with the information you got by email before arriving about the events during Welcome Week:


- In advance enough information was given. Once in Gothenburg it was easy to get all the information you want. So i think it good that not "all" the information is been sent in advance»
- I am supposing that: 5- best mark 1- worst mark»
- I didn"t get mails»
- There needs to be more information available on how class registration and enrollment work. It is not clear how the system works, and I personally spent a great deal of time trying to find any info on the combination of the two and what was what. Maybe putting them both together info-wise and pointing out the differences somewhere would be helpful.»
- I would be great to know which documents are needed for the enrolment. So I wouldn´,t have brought my bachelor/Abitur certificates... »
- There was a misunderstanding on the arrival day so the guys from CIRC didn"t have my keys so I had to go at a hostel.»
- There was too much information on the welcome day that i cannot remember them. I wish there would be at least a brochure about who to contact about different situations.»
- Didn"t subscribed to get mails»
- The information presented was clear and easy to understand covering not only the necessary things one should know but also some personal insights.»
- It would"ve been useful to know very early on (i.e. for flight bookings) that Arrival Day was only 09:00 to 17:00. I don"t recall receiving information about Welcome Day by e-mail, but I mostly relied on the web page for Welcome Week information. For Campus Day, my phadder sent a comprehensive e-mail the day before. For Enrolment, I think there was some information sent by e-mail, but again I mostly relied on a couple of web pages for that.»
- Fantastic»
- good»
- The info about when and where to meet on campus day was left pretty late»
- The information provided was quite explanatory and cleared most of the doubts»
- I found that every activity was fully described, all information needed was accessible through emails.»
- There was some misunderstandings about the Campus day. We thought it was in the afternoon, but it was in the morning and then in the afternoon there was information for Erasmus students.»
- very good and well organized systems at Chalmers»
- got all information via Next Stop - Chalmers»
- Enrolment opening hour is too short.»
- I did not recieve so much information through e-mail.»
- I was not at the arrival day and at the welcome day.»
- For some reason I did not know there was a presentation at 3 at campus day»
- About the arrival day, it should be announced long way before, since airplane tickets are more expensive if you buy them soon to the flying day, so I didn"t know which day to arrive.»
- The campus day can definitely be improved in the future.»
- Did not receive any emails from CIRC.»
- I would have like to know in advance what kind of information we would get at the Welcome Day»
- I was only at the enrrolment day.»
- Would like if there was a campus tour even at Lindholmen. Atleast for those of us who study there.»
- Lack of information about enrolment, etc. for late-arrivals»
- Too much information. Getting the handouts would be even better. »
- I think it was very clear and I liked you could see the information on several different places and get few reminders in emails »
- I have only received a link to the school"s website where all necessary information was easy to find.»
- I only attended enrolment, because I arrived later.»
- Assuming 5 is very satisfied and 1 is not satisfied»
- 5 = the best!»
- I assume 5 being the most satisfied as it is not clarified on your side.»
- The information about key collecting came a little bit late that I had to ask other one to help me to do that. »
- I arrived some days later and I was not in these events.»

Arrival day
337 svarande

167 49%
91 27%
53 15%
11 3%
15 4%

Genomsnitt: 1.86

Welcome day
354 svarande

213 60%
91 25%
37 10%
5 1%
8 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.59

Campus day
356 svarande

178 50%
110 30%
53 14%
8 2%
7 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.75

356 svarande

201 56%
92 25%
41 11%
17 4%
5 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.68

3. How satisfied are you with the Open house at CIRCs office?

5 is the highest score and 1 the lowest.

326 svarande

117 35%
130 39%
65 19%
8 2%
6 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.94 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- no experience» (?)
- haven´,t been there» (?)
- What is that?» (?)
- Did not attend» (?)
- I didn"t go at the open office day.» (?)
- Did not attend.» (?)
- No idea about that» (?)
- I was not there.» (?)
- I did not assist» (?)
- I did not go there» (?)
- I didn"t attend it» (?)
- I didn"t go.» (?)
- Well, I don"t know, seriously :P» (?)
- I don"t know what is that» (?)
- Never take part of them until now.» (?)
- Did not attend» (?)
- I love this comitee» (5)
- CIRC members are really kind. I like what they do very much.» (5)
- The CIRC guys were very polite and helpful. Without them I couldn"t have found a place to sleep the first night» (5)
- good» (5)
- Thanks for CIRC and phadders for helping us to get settled down here. I really appreciate their efforts.» (5)
- It"s a good thing that new comers have some fellow students there ready to help. » (4)
- I didnt go» (4)
- I haven"t attended.» (3)
- I didn"t attend, so I can"t give an opinion on this.» (3)
- Didn"t use it so can"t give a fair score - maybe I didn"t need to go there as they had explained everything properly beforehand and had everything organised well.» (3)
- What is that?» (3)
- Did not use.» (3)
- the CIRC members and phadders could not answer some qns esp for foreign students eg, how to open bank accounts.» (3)
- I haven"t been there.» (3)
- I am not sure there is an open house there. But I will go there in the following days.» (3)
- Didn"t know.» (3)
- I didn"t attend.» (3)
- I did not participate» (3)
- I don"t know what it is.» (3)
- I didn"t make use of that, but I had the feeling you were available all the time! » (3)
- I did not really have any questions, therefore did not participate in this event.» (2)
- I was not notified about the Open House event» (1)
- I don"t know what "Open house" means.» (1)
- what is it? Open house or open hours?» (1)

4. How satisfied are you with the event "Welcome day"?

5 is the highest score and 1 the lowest.

350 svarande

184 52%
123 35%
33 9%
7 2%
3 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.63 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- i had not yet arrived at that time» (?)
- Missed it» (?)
- I wasn"t present.» (?)
- I arrived some days later and I was not in these events.» (?)
- This was an excellent introduction to Chalmers. Welcoming, entertaining, and informative in equal measures. Special thanks to Gustavo Perrusquía. :)» (5)
- good» (5)
- Vegetarian food only <- I like!» (5)
- It was very organized, with helpful information» (5)
- A lot of information (good sign). Well organised, nice!» (4)
- It would be more sensible to have registration before the presentations because the info is not applicable until after registration, and without access to the system one can forget a lot of stuff before it becomes useful.» (4)
- Warm and informative.» (4)
- Professional and well organized but since 5 is perfect here I"ll give it a 4 to leave room for improvement.» (4)
- Organizing is good but you need to scalate with Chalmers board that in that we shall receive some document stating that we are enrolled and started a programme. I went to Stattverket and bank after and I couldn´,t proof that I was chalmers student, also the Letter of admission is not very much clear since you see a lot of content on your other Swedish programme options.» (4)
- very good sandwiches:-)» (4)
- Lots of information, made me feel like the university really wants us to be at home. Good that there was fika!» (4)
- It was good but maybe a bit too long» (4)
- A lot of packed information (which are definitely necessary), but maybe a bit too much... ,) » (4)
- Didn"t contain much information that can"t be found on the website, but was nice to get a face on the people to contact in various situations.» (3)
- Wasn"t there...» (3)
- I didn"t attend.» (3)
- Didn"t attend.» (3)
- Actually, I missed the Welcome Day.» (2)

5. How satisfied are you with the presentations that were held?

5 is the highest score and 1 the lowest

350 svarande

152 43%
143 40%
46 13%
7 2%
2 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.75 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- i had not yet arrived at that timei had not yet arrived at that time» (?)
- I wasn"t present.» (?)
- good» (5)
- They were really informative.» (5)
- Very informative and helpful.» (5)
- The presentations were very instructive and I was very impressed by the general quality of Chalmers and impressed by all the services available to students to support them during their studies.» (5)
- it would be very nice, if all the given presentations (off all infrastructure at chalmers) will be published online (e.g. CIRC homepage) for all people who weren"t able to make it. » (5)
- I really appreciate that we did a round into the campus to know where each departement» (5)
- I took a long time, but all the information possible, was presented, so it was nice to hear new things, or to confirm some information that was emailed before i arrived» (4)
- Satisfied. Everybody knew their roll and what to say, I appreciated the humor of some professors.» (4)
- Presentations were nice but having 4 hours of presentations wasn"t! I don"t think anyone was paying much attention to the last few presentations, everyone was anxious to get out of there» (4)
- Too many presentations.» (4)
- too long» (4)
- A bit too long.» (4)
- It was a loooong sit» (4)
- Informative and inspirational.» (4)
- Long» (4)
- Some of them were too long.» (4)
- Most of them were good but some could have been shorter» (4)
- Nice presentations - a lot of information - to get the slides afterwards would have helped!» (3)
- a bit boring sometimes» (3)
- too many presentations, impossible to remember everything» (3)
- Same as above» (3)
- I think they should provide the slides afterwards. Forward them by email.» (3)
- Too much, and not all very necessary to everybody. Some presentations were quite boring. Most information can easily be found on on a website. » (3)
- Didn"t attend.» (3)
- It was a bit long, although informative. However most information is available elsewhere (web).» (2)
- The same as the above. I missed it.» (2)

6. How satisfied are you with the event "Campus day"?

5 is the highest score and 1 the lowest.

349 svarande

135 38%
121 34%
73 20%
16 4%
4 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.94 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- i had not yet arrived at that time» (?)
- I was not there!» (?)
- I didn"t attend the campus day event.» (?)
- Missed that» (?)
- I wasn"t present.» (?)
- I arrived some days later and I was not in these events.» (?)
- It depends of the quality of the Phadder (mine was great)» (5)
- It was great to meet my Phadder and group!» (5)
- I think that it depends on your phadders. Mine were Sarah Johansson and Fredrik Lövhall, and they are the best.» (5)
- good idea that of the phadders! » (5)
- good» (5)
- It was good. But expected a lot of fun activities than this. Because I saw photos of the activities done on campus day in some previous years and there were some more activities» (5)
- Really nice, the phadder system is cool and my phadder too!» (5)
- The event took almost whole day. Time before the tour started was messy. Maybe in the future students can be split into 4 groups and do the tour in different times instead of waiting for almost 2hours.» (4)
- Strange activities, but nice to meet a lot of people!» (4)
- Was very nice - but it was not clear, if the presentation after the tour in our Phadder groups will be important!» (4)
- Very informative to have a tour around campus, phadder was really helpful with our questions.» (4)
- I had some doubts.» (4)
- The presentation was very useful, however it would be better if some more orientation around campus could be detailed because it was pretty hard to find all the rooms in the first weeks.» (4)
- The concept was nice, but my Phadder was really boring and uninformed. He gave us no information about any ticket sellings and so on. I am happy, I found a new group quickly, this one is awesome!» (4)
- Nice thing and phadder groups are important. The level of activity of phadders seems to vary a lot though and some do not really care about their students at all... Same goes for welcome day, some played all sorts of games whereas we didn"t. In general my phadder is pretty nice though.» (4)
- Kristina (group 58) is a great phadder.» (4)
- I didn"t need to attend it» (3)
- Campus day was good time, we had many fun bonding games and got used a little bit with the places around Chalmers. I give it a 3 because my phadder wasn"t so prepared for the event... but eventually we all had a good time.» (3)
- I think the noll- stuff for the new students is a lot more fun than what we did ,)» (3)
- our phadder flew away...» (3)
- I would have liked to see more of the different study buildings, rather than just walk around outside and go into the library for 10 minutes.» (3)
- It was a tour. A nice tour, but it was a tour. Of the campus. » (3)
- I wasnt here that day» (3)
- No Official Lindholmen Campus Tour» (3)
- Didn"t attend.» (3)
- I did not participate » (3)
- My tour was very good, but I heard about other people"s tours and they weren"t satisfactory.» (3)
- This could be a bit more "personal" instead of just running after the phadder, but I think that"s hard to manage. » (3)
- My phadder was really boring... And we had to wait 2 hours (untill 12) to start the tour...» (2)
- Those whoa re chosen to become PHADDERS should be way more responsible» (2)
- very much depending on the group you"re in and the person to show you around» (2)
- It is not so useful should separate by major» (2)
- My phadder was hangover, had no idea what to do and my campus "day" was done at 11.00 even though I still had no clue» (2)
- there was no lindholmen campus tour» (2)
- Our father didn"t know anything about the campus. Unfortunately it was just a waste of time.» (1)
- just walking through the campus. I have not learnt a lot.» (1)

7. How well did the Enrolment day work out?

357 svarande

222 62%
102 28%
26 7%
3 0%
4 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.5

- Missed that» (?)
- a lot of counters. very nice» (5)
- MPEPO is really great!» (5)
- nice afterwork» (5)
- Really didn"t expected to take so little. Definitely a 5. » (5)
- No problems at all, went really smoothly.» (5)
- good» (5)
- It was short and sweet » (5)
- quicker than expected. I was a little worried since some logins worked immediately and others 3 days later... I even asked the IT support because everyone who wasn"t able to login had Symbols in his password (#, <, >, !) who might not work depending on the operating system... » (5)
- fast» (5)
- The Enrollment day was well organized, even if there were many students, the process went smoothly.» (5)
- Long line at the beginning what was to be expected, but a good cup of coffee later and everything went very smoothly. Respect for that!» (5)
- It was very fast and efficient. it was just perfect.» (5)
- Long queues, but it was well organised. Only downside was that only by accident i found out that i had to enroll for the student union, and library as well» (4)
- Too many people, but quiet fast» (4)
- Maybe not have Professors schedule classes at the same time as the program registration, quite stupid. ,)» (4)
- Long queue but no problems» (4)
- The queue was long but registration was really quick and things moved along quite fast.» (4)
- Well organized and swift.» (4)
- I didnt work out.» (4)
- The waiting time is rather long.» (4)
- too long queue» (3)
- My enrolment time (MPAPP) was scheduled during a lecture (TIF030). At the course specific reception in the morning we were told, that this lecture cannot take place. So I didn"t go and missed my first lecture, because it was actually taking place.» (3)
- propose an hour by range of letter of family name can avoid to wait too long time» (3)
- Minor setbacks but everything worked out» (3)

8. How satisfied are you with the service from CIRC?

355 svarande

188 52%
108 30%
43 12%
9 2%
7 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.7

- So great to have somethink like this when you"re new in a city and new to the university. It makes you feel home and it give the oppertunity to mee a lot of people!» (5)
- I love all the events they organised. It helps to meet new people. I love CIRC» (5)
- CIRC is amazing.!» (5)
- They were constant with the information and answered pretty fast to anyone, no matter the question. I think they"re doing a good job.» (5)
- CIRC has done a great job welcoming the international students with lots of events. Also, the phadder manager went the extra mile to help me get my keys when I arrived in the evening of Arrival Day.» (5)
- good» (5)
- They did a really great job!» (5)
- Thanks for CIRC and phadders for helping us to get settled down here. I really appreciate their efforts.» (5)
- I"m greatly thankful, it is an amazing job they do!» (5)
- CIRC is awesome!!! All the activities are fun and we can always have a chat with them :) » (5)
- You did a very good job:). » (5)
- Two thumbs up for Circ, they are awesome» (5)
- We want more tickets for theie events » (4)
- The parties and organized activities have been good so far.» (4)
- Very fun group who kept us up-to-date with events as best possible. » (4)
- The temporary student union card which I was given was not valid, I requested for a valid one 2 times but CIRC had no time to cope with this problem (but I understand, there are so many things CIRC has to care about!)» (4)
- Nice that there is so much going on, but I don"t understand why is it not possible to arrange enough/big enough events so that we wouldn"t have to continuously fight over the tickets to get anywhere? It would be fun to have a party where all the international students would be automatically welcome and have that in the beginning when everybody has just arrived.» (4)
- except unexisting phadders group, very well» (4)
- Sometimes the information should have been given a bit more in advance, making it easier to plan for the activities...» (4)
- Good» (4)
- More tickets and less queues to obtain them» (3)
- A lot of people didn"t get a single email from them beforehand (myself included). The queuing system for ticket sales was a total pain - I stood in a queue for 90 minutes only to get to the desk and find out all tickets for the event I wanted had been sold out long ago. Surely it can"t be that hard to count the number of tickets remaining and advise people of this!» (3)
- I think there are too many parties. People can socialize very well without that much amount of alcohol.» (3)
- Too many parties.» (3)
- they sure did good work, but I haven"t really needed their services» (3)
- Very nice welcom. So good the international diner! A good idea!» (3)
- In my opinion, the negative point is the price that often has to be paid for every activity, and the limited quantity of places. I didn"t go to any paying activity because at the end it would cost too much to pay 120kr each time. I had a different experience in Denmark, I was studying as an erasmus student, every new student could participate to all the activities of the welcome week and all the activities were for free (except the party at the end of the welcome week). I think the CIRC events are very good and original, and i understand that there is limited places because of the number of students.» (3)
- I didn"t experience any of it.» (3)
- Phadder attended only on one event.» (2)
- Penible to wait more than one hour to buy ticket for the events» (2)

9. How has your first time at Chalmers been?

360 svarande

211 58%
126 35%
15 4%
4 1%
4 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.51

- I really like Chalmers! I wish I could stay longer than my exchange period!» (5)
- I love Chalmers» (5)
- I enjoyed and liked everything about Chalmers.» (5)
- It"s been great. Loved the whole concept of phadders. My phadder has been of great help... :) one brilliant group you guys are...hope to be a part of circ :) Thanks guys. » (5)
- Overall I can say that I had a great time, the first week was awesome and know that lectures started I"m still impressed with everything. I"m glad that I choosed Chalmers. » (5)
- good» (5)
- I think it would be great if the university provides 1 card instead of 3 for student ID, library, key card» (5)
- Quite good and learned a lot» (5)
- great. It was a wonderful experience, seeing how well the systems work. the staff is also friendly» (5)
- It was really great, thank you very much.» (5)
- Awesome» (5)
- Found a real nice group, so having lot"s of fun!!! » (5)
- Great» (5)
- I am very impressed by the quality of teachings and the attention given to students.» (5)
- Great...Lovely place friendly and very good lecturers» (5)
- Nice» (5)
- Loving it.» (5)
- Fine. But it will be better if CTH is able to integrate Library Card, Key Card and Student Union Card together as one single card. That will be more convenient, and many universities in China do that.» (5)
- Very satisfied!» (5)
- Nice :)» (4)
- It wasn"t my first time in reality.» (4)
- Better than I expected» (4)
- It was quite difficult to get closer to other students in the courses.» (4)
- to much to do» (4)
- I need to work hard to adapt to the accent of the lecturer... ...Anyway, it is really good!» (4)
- Lots of good social activities, plenty of opportunity to get involved.» (4)
- Until now, I find the lectures a little boring.» (4)
- My first time was nice. The only difficulty was to find the classroom.» (4)
- It could be better but I guess that depend on the personal attitude.» (3)

10. Do you want to tell us any improvements that needs to be done for the international reception?

- Chalmers has done a very good job in international reception.»
- No»
- Nothing comes to mind»
- Many students don"t arrive on the Arrival date, as the flights tickets are bought much earlier before we know the schedule.»
- I think you should make the distinction between Erasmus (bachelor or master) and those international students who will be regular Master"s students staying for one or two years, because our experiences will be a bit different.»
- Not that much, you"re definately doing a good job!»
- It makes sense for there to be a specific reception for international students, but it would be better if more contact with Swedish people was encouraged (eg: by organising common events of the like).»
- I think you did and are doing a great job!»
- no its fine»
- More help regarding housing issue, it is an issue that has stressed me out to unknown limits.»
- Better organization for exachange students" accomodation»
- If you ask me, the international reception at Chalmers doesn"t need any changes at all.»
- Yes, next time when you tell someone you"ll be having their room keys, please make sure you do. Also, I would suggest the CIRC members at the airport guide students to their accommodation correctly. There was a guy who was misled and came to the same place as me only to find out that his accommodation is elsewhere. All in all, due to my personal experiences I felt the Arrival Day was a disaster but I hope you will improve it in future. As for all other activities arranged by CIRC, its been great and I have enjoyed the reception.»
- Provisions for people arriving later in the evenings, which is common for a lot of international flights, not a huge deal though.»
- Change the housing stuff. The boplats- agency was kind of a joke. First it was not possible to get a Chalmers pincode. And after another mail I got one...???... Please change that system. It´,s not transparent or fair»
- Obtain student card imediately eg. on CTU it is no problem»
- I suppose if phadder groups were all organized by students from Sweden it would have been more helpful.»
- more tickets for the parties would be nice»
- Actually no opinion»
- I think what has been done is the best!»
- the events are some times too childish and too "american"»
- In fact every thing the school was responsible for worked out really well. but on the other hand putting people who are not interested in in charge is actually worse than having nobody available for it. I actually wouldn"t have enjoyed my presence here if it wasn"t for my friends who were already here because my phader did almost every thing wrong. My opinion is its better to have 30 phaders leading 25 men groups than having 80 leading 10 man groups, only if the former is more interested than the latter. because their not getting paid or even getting any credits from the university as I understand which is the meaning of voluntary work sorry for taking so much of your time Thank you for your concern. »
- I only missed the webpage where you can find your lecture classes. But i looked for my own.»
- It was quite a warm welcome and students from CIRC and the staff were generally very enthusiastic about helping us clarify our doubts. »
- Maybe,we need some documents that is written in English. Thanks.»
- I think some of the exchange students don"t know about the phadder group.So maybe next time the phadder group and activities can be informed us a little earlier.»
- Just one small thing. Maybe this was written somewhere but I didn"t got to see this info. It would be interesting to know how many international students from our countries are studying at Chalmers, what programme, year. »
- It is perfect, more than I expected. Keep it up!»
- In my university we have a unique student card for all the services, it is very practical!!! »
- More help (or at least some information) for the international students to find an accommodation would be great. I heard from many persons that they did not know e.g. they can get a room without trouble from SGS Studentbostäder (I realized it coincidently).»
- Satisfied keep it up!»
- More informations about the events (swedish sittning, sauna party... what is included in the price... what not...) »
- no»
- Can"t think of anything right now :)»
- You should put more focus on having each and every class (master students) meet up for a party/drinks right after the enrollment. Well prepeared drinking games and funny team building excersises are the best way to break the ice, the sooner it happens the better. This could be organized by older students in each program.»
- I would have liked activities that included site-seeing through the city with emphasis on the most beautiful sites. There were too many parties and I think the Swedish culture is about things other than drinking and having fun.»
- No, all was well for me.»
- each student has the student union card, the key card, the passwords, the library card.... we could have all these in one card or at least two. The offices with the keys should be open more hours! most of the students had to sleep somewhere else the first night!»
- I think you"ve been doing a great job so far.»
- Jag skulle vilja säga, tack för allt. Jag känner mig Chalmers som mitt nya hem.»
- no,thank you»
- I would suggest more tickets for all the events. Despite queuing I wasn"t able to get any of them!»
- Just did in the other points :D»
- Prepare new phadders, there are students who doesnt make the work done !»
- As before, a common party thing for all internationals (and not the Nollkalaset... :P), even if in smaller goups. Now everything is too much depending on your luck, if you get a ticket somewhere or if you get a nice phaddergroup or not.»
- The only improvement which could be done in my opinion is already written in Question number 1. International reception was really good.»
- Provide a brochure that explains everything we need to apply for, from Student membership to Skatteverket registration, step by step»
- Better information about free SIM cards from Telia. And please please please, give more information on Campus Day for each study section (for example: a tour in the physics building showing labs, computer rooms, printers etc.)»
- It is not really linked to the international reception but more with the festU. It is also penible to wait to buy the ticket and even more to wait for nothing after one hour in the queue. It is may be possible to decrease the number of tickets per person (not 7 but 3 or 4 for example). And people who could not buy ticket for a festU might have priority for the next one.»
- If it"s not too much additional work it would be nice if we could get the sim-cards at the airport because this is where networking starts and it"s really bad if noone knows his swedish mobile number or has a internet connection.»
- Everything looks ok for now.»
- It is good if you can prepare a short video demonstrating on how to travel around the city using trams and find a place. Also if a chance is given to talk to some seniors who are currently following the same master course »
- Telia prices are unfairly high, but I think you already know that and will ask for better prices in the future.»
- A student card with photo will be cool!»
- thank you for all!»
- welcome at the airport especially for students who arrive during the weekends.»
- shorter time for presentations on welcome day and campus tour»
- There should be activities only for Erasmus/Exchange Students. The activities planned should be more interesting. The tickets available for the CIRC activities are not enough for everyone.»
- I think not all exchange students recieve your e-mails. Perhaps only erasmus? Or maybe I didn"t pay attention to some details and didn"t register somewhere. Overall it was very nice. »
- Actually, it is good. But I did not take part in the activities hold by CIRC, since I have my own things to do. It is a pity that I didn"t join you.»
- stop queuing! But it"s the swedish way of life, but hard at the begining (and at the end...)»
- My phadder didn"t know much about the campus. I saw a lot of phadder groups having fun activities every other day. Unfortunately my phadder group wasn"t like that. I joined another group to meet new people and have a good time. It would be great if all the phadders shared the same view as that of CIRC.To socialise and have fun. »
- the interational reception is very very good, we really feel welcame!!!»
- If possible you could lend out a list of translated names for basic supplies needed initially.»
- Hold the event earlier in August (exams at home University at the beginning of september may not allow students to attend)»
- Make sure all your phadders want to be phadders, not just be there for drinking. Also the queues. The queue itself is no problem, but many people just look for friends and skip half of the queue, so they do not have to wait as long. The Swedish sittning was a lot of fun but me and some others expected softdrinks to be included but we only had water. We would have liked some juice or cola. Island trip was awesome, however we did not know the boat on the way back was a different stop so we waited at the wrong place and missed the boat :( Furthermore I really like the activities, I love the city and the people are nice :) »
- Please make a guide, something like a checklist with step by step instructions. Getting a lot of information is confusing and a checklist would sort things out. It"s important that it contains info such as what cards (library, student union, key card and so on...) we need, where and how can we get them and what are they for. Also which permits we need to apply for and what documents do we need. (right of residence for EU students, personal number and so on...) In short everything needed to start are life in Sweden and on Chalmers.(It is important that you somehow highlight what is a must-have and separate it from what is optional) And please make a map of Chalmers. It"s not so difficult to find a building, but finding lecture halls inside buildings is near to impossible.»
- NO»
- Make sure that all exchange students receive emails. »
- It would be nice if the price of the events could be lowered, so that every student can afford to buy a ticket each time. Many students don"t have a grant, and Sweden is an expensive country. It would be nice also if the number of available tickets could be increased.»
- The 1001 presentations were a little too much, but i guess that all parties want and need their few minutes of fame. Liked the mexican guy though! Ow and one thing: i"ve spoken to a few ppl that (including myself) before coming to gbg, also were told to sign up for GISA. And since i had no clue about anything whatsoever, I did. And off course ended up not going, as we had CIRC. Maybe you guys can communicate to GISA that they should make it a bit clearer that they are solely for GU, and not for "General Students in Goteborg", which was the impression i got in the first place. Now it is very clear of course, but when you have now idea how anything works, it is a little confusing:). Good luck with finishing up! »
- "Integration activities" should include swedish students for better interaction and integration.»
- Arrange a Tour for Campus Lindholmen»
- More information/support for late-arrivals»
- no»
- The Phadder groups should be orginaized before arriving. »
- Maybe make sure that all phadders er active in some way at least, because some of them were not active at all and people had to change groups because their phadder wasn"t showing them any interest. The phadder system is an awesome and a vital way for new students to get to know Chalmers, Gothenburg and other people. »
- I think that in general it works fine as it is»
- no»
- For international Master Students there is not much help offered. I noticed that there are a lot of events for Bachelor students, as well as Erasmus exchange students, but not for us.»
- They are pros and cons with using that many communication channels that you and other services used. The same information (with slight differences) were distrubited on different channels, and got a little difficult to track all the information.»
- Great job!»
- That would be great if there is more useful information for daily life.»
- More interaction with other international students.»
- If it"s possible to arrange, that master students and exchange students could be in separated groups because their schedule in the first days are a little different. That"s why I missed an important "lecture".»
- Maybe have 2 Welcome days at the airport, for those that want to arrive some time before the welcome week.»
- Keep it up! You did a great job. I"m really impressed about the school and you were kind of the first insight I got of Chalmers! »
- Kindly give information on purchase of sim cards, and how to survive should one arrive before the scheduled arrival day.»
- better information about student card procedure»
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