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MIND: Orientation week, summer course and diploma ceremony 2013

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-09-05 - 2013-09-15
Antal svar: 34
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 66%
Kontaktperson: Ulrika Lundqvist»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Övriga studenter

1. MIND generation

Which generation of MIND students do you belong to?

34 svarande

First generation, i.e. started autumn 2011»14 41%
Second generation, i.e. started autumn 2012»8 23%
Third generation, i.e. started autumn 2013»12 35%

Genomsnitt: 1.94

- Thank you so much Ralf, Esther and Ulrika for making this possible. You put so much work in it, and as a first generation student I can only say that we truly recognize and appreciate everything you have done for us. You managed to make these two years in all our lives very special, including giving us a whole lot of knowledge, amazing experiences and last but not least friendships that will for sure last for our lifetimes. You are the best!» (First generation, i.e. started autumn 2011)
- It was a very nice week, I met a lot of people and worked on the assignment with a good international team. The place was really beautiful.» (First generation, i.e. started autumn 2011)
- Really nice everything. Friends of mine do masters of two years, and have no such a emotive and nice goodbye. » (First generation, i.e. started autumn 2011)
- I cannot say enough thanks ! this program was great, so as the summer school ! » (First generation, i.e. started autumn 2011)
- Thank you very much for the excellent organization and quality in our accommodation, transportation and meals!» (Second generation, i.e. started autumn 2012)
- Thank you, I enjoyed.» (Third generation, i.e. started autumn 2013)
- I am happy to be a part of the MIND family» (Third generation, i.e. started autumn 2013)
- I would like to express my sincere gratefulness to you, our beloved professors for offering us an amazing week. Thank you for selecting us with all of your heart, accepting my weakness to recognize my strength, giving me chance to enhance the strength and improve the weakness. For that, I truly understand the meaning of humanity and global development properties of Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I always ask myself to try my best to be deserved with too much I have received from the program.» (Third generation, i.e. started autumn 2013)
- The orientation week is very memoriable to join in the MIND family and know each other. » (Third generation, i.e. started autumn 2013)

2. Best things

Write the three best things with the joint summer week for the MIND programme: orientation of new students/summer school/diploma ceremony.

- great organization, good get together of the whole mind family, the experience exchange between different generations going to the same country.»
- - learn from experiences - create a MIND network - make friends»
- Hotel was fantastic! Second generation work as two groups allowed to see more options for the same problem. Good freedom on activities and meal times. The MIND international night was a great idea! I hope it turns into a tradition!»
- - Students from 27 different nations!!! - While helping the 2nd and 3rd generation, we could see how much knowledge we gained over the past two years!! - It was lovely to see all the techers and first generation students again!!! we really are one big family :) - The international evening was great! It should be announced a bit earlier so that everyone can bring something from his/her country or prepare a performance!»
- Get to see the theses presentations Being able to share with other generations Working together with people from my generation»
- Working together on the projects and working with people you have not seen for a year Field trip to the vineyeard Hearing the graduate thesis presentations»
- location, week"s task and guidance, schedule of events»
- - meeting all new and old fellows of MIND - having a lot of groupwork to get to know each other - the venue setting»
- -Graduation day: good idea to have everyone presenting and to then have the festive ceremony with speeches from the teachers -International evening: should be kept in some form also in the coming years -To have such a large group all together at one venue»
- 1) the opportunity to meet previous generations 2) the task of orientation week 3) the location»
- Interesting work on the certan topic Good idea of graduates supervisers Good planning of the work every day and checking what is done afterwards »
- - Nice to mix different years in bedrooms - Nice to have a buffet as dinner - Good to have a challenging assignment»
- venue, emotional aspect of the graduation ceremony, interaction of 3 generations of students coming from all over the world.»
- 1-getting to meet all the other MINDers 2-a lot of team work, and new knowledge acquired in the footprint assignment. 3-the place was really nice, and very good food!»
- See everybody again, the swimmingpool, the place, the people... Also, I liked the idea of the buffet. Wipes all the mess with the different diets of the people»
- Buffet food definitely simplified things, so the vegetarians or people with special dietary requirements could just pick what they could eat. The projects for the students were good too. »
- the emotional graduation ceremony, the international evening, swimming pool»
- - well organised activities to get to know the first generation, - a wonderful field trip with abundant useful information, - good to know what graduates did for their thesis/projects. »
- It was very nice to meet up with everybody in MIND again. I figured that we all gathered lots of precious experience from wherever we stayed for these two years. It was also very interesting to hear about what everybody is doing and all the master projects. It is amazing how much stuff we have accomplished in these two years! Last but not least, beer/pool/great food with nice company! Life is perfect! »
- *The foot print analysis as induction to Industrial Ecology. *The integrative environment of the week with people of my generation and the other generations. *The presentations and discussion of the graduated students. »
- Strengthening ties between all the years. Being able to hear the thesis presentation from our fellow students. Motivating each other that we can actually make a difference with our hard work.»
- 1. Getting to know the general feel and structure of the course from the students in the years above. 2. Meeting everyone in the group/family! 3. Broadening cultural horizons»
- The workload was good and interesting. Meeting all generations was very valuable. Location was the best! :)»
- It was a great opportunity for networking with the new MIND students and with the students we weren"t lucky enough to study together with. Moreover it was really interesting to see the different topics that were chosen in Austria and the results obtained. The diploma ceremony was very good.»
- 1. Getting to know each others with first, second and third generation of MIND students 2. Can gather a lot of knowledge about Footprints which is a very new thing for me 3. Have a best place and food for one week»
- It is really an avenue where we share experience, learn a lot, and have fun. I am happy with everything!»
- 1.buffet and included drinks (saves a lot of time and trouble...and I think it might even be less wasteful) 2. topics for the tasks were interesting and counted with appropiate support from the local shareholders. 3. international night»
- 1. Well organized 2. Nice place 3. Experience sharing moment»
- One, the Seggau Castle surpassed my expectations. Everything was good, the food and beverages, the rooms, everything. Two, the free time that we had really helped us bond and get to now each other better. There were talks about creating a formal MIND network which reflects how much we appreciate our professional as well as social relationships. Thee, the diploma ceremony, was very nice and emotional. I liked it.»
- - Having chance to meet all students of the program: graduated and 2nd year students for listening their experiences, 1st year students for sharing preparatory doings, creating MIND groups (Chalmers, Graz, Leiden-Deft)for enjoying the incoming schoolyear together. - Study environment! The assignment was interesting, not stressful. I learnt many things and had nice experience in teamwork. Seggau Schloss was very beautiful and thank you, organizers, gave me chance to know about the place, more than only studied there. - Care of professors, the meeting of each university, in which we were advised about academic system and enrollment procedure in detailed. This was really meaningful to me and perhaps other students whose previous study system were too much different from here.»
- 1. Helping me to adapt the strange foreign environment quickly. 2. A profect platform for first year students to know more detail about the Indusdrial Ecology before the classes beginning. 3. It is great that we have games and parties at night to know each other better.»
- 1. Group work to introduce the freshers with some concept of Industrial Ecology like LCA and MFA. 2.Thesis presentation of the Diploma students. 3. International night for the students. »
- - a network of industrial ecologists - multicutural - the youngers can learn from the seniors»
- Orientation in groups according to each University, where the coordinator, old and incoming students can share and discuss main doubts and learned lessons. Summer school brought us the opportunity to learn an important tool in a practical way and also of working with different people of our community (than usual colleagues of the same University). Meeting with different generations gave me also the benefit of making better connections with them and discover mutual interests.»

3. Things to improve

Write three things to improve with the joint summer week for the MIND programme: orientation of new students/summer school/diploma ceremony.

- so many people, not enough time to know everyone well, less participation of local government or companies.»
- - not much value learned from the field trip - not all papers (including theses) updated on FB - almost the same meals everyday »
- Summer School was great! I enjoyed it a lot, thank you so much! As first generation graduate I felt a bit disconnected on the work, I had the idea we should be helping the 2nd and 3rd generations in their tasks, but they didn"t as much (Maybe since I arrived late they already settled their "mentors" and there was no need for assistance). I would suggest forming group tasks before the summer school with multiple generations involved, so we can communicate and build something before actually meeting. The schedule of the last day! It felt rushed on having the thesis presentations, the ceremony and then leave real quick (I couldn"t goodbye everyone!). I preferred the format of the previous summer schools when everyone was done and then could relax fully at night (this time graduates had to be fresh for next morning, and I think not all students were present during the thesis presentations). I would suggest closing all and spend the night in the hotel. We should have an agenda of the activities per day and time (or maybe this was explained at the very beginning, and I missed it arriving late). Sometimes I didn"t know where everyone was.»
- - I think it is nicer when the assignment for the newcomers includes investigation in the closer area, e.g. like we were biking from A to B in Ameland and Hönö to gather information. - When supporting the newcomers and 2nd generation students in their assignments, the "old" ones should really be supporting them rather than having free time together. - It should be obligatory for the necomers and 2nd generation to attend the thesis presentations on the last day. This year someone from the 2nd generation told us (first generation MINDers) that he would rather sleep in than listen to our presentations. I found that quite rude. - Regarding the application process: I know it is time consuming, but still I think it would be very useful to have a short skype call with the MIND applicants in the 2nd round before a final acceptance to the programme. This could avoid wrong decisions.»
- We didnt have a session with Ralph as we did with Ulrika and Ester, it is useful to have a first conversation with coordinators. More operative information session for newcomers would be useful, regarding scholarship disbursment, course selection process, associations, etc. Offer trip or activities to get to see the area where we were.»
- more organised and structured layout to the summer school task I felt the preparation task was not that useful for the final backcasting work. We focused on wine for the prep task but the backcasting was on sustainable land use, and didn"t have to include anything on wine »
- INTERNET ACCESS, food, more opportunities to see the area»
- - ensure a basic level of spoken English among the new students - adjust the assignment so that groups are changing during the week, so one can get to know everyone - a little bit less unscheduled work (if we"re supposed to work longer I"d favour to know that in advance)»
- -The teachers could inform the graduates beforehand that they are responsible for the evening program (game nights, parties, internation evening etc.). This would make things easier as more things can be planned in advance. It think it is a good idea to make the graduates responsible for the fun activities in the sense that they introduce the new ones to the MIND family. -It would be nice to have an introduction to the MIND program already on the first night. Maybe the teachers could briefly introduce themselves already after dinner and welcome everyone officially. This might be nicer for the new ones who don"t know who everyone is and what MIND is about, so they don"t have to wait until the next day to find out. -It would be great if we could have an alumni part next year, where the first alumni present what they are working with now and can give some advice for the new students and graduates. Please invite us! ,-)»
- 1) welcome speech/ way of approach 2) food ( lack of cheese ) »
- it could be better if the more detailed description of what to read before the orientation week would be given it wasn"t very clear what to do at first for me who never did that before. Maybe more information might be given on the way of doing the task. To make more international groups(not to put one language speaking people in one group) »
- - This year it was fine, because there were enough people that spoke german to ask questions for the assignments. But if the summer school is in the Netherlands it might be important to not make the data gathering so language dependent. - It would have been nice to have a tour of the surroundings, to go somewhere an afternoon or an evening. Besides I liked it very much!»
- accessibility of venue.»
- 1-More guidance to first year students for the assignment (like more resources where to get the info needed) 2- I can"t think of any more improvements, it was all very good!»
- I squeeze my mind trying to find something to improve... but nothing, I did not even miss the bikes!»
- For the graduating students, it should be a chance to both guide the younger students as well as relax and bond for one last time. So I would perhaps schedule a roster for the graduating students, where half are supervising at one time and half are doing other activities (relaxing, making scrapbooks, organising alumni things etc). I would also have more of a welcome activity on the first night - just perhaps a speech and one activity, and for the graduating students to introduce themselves.»
- we definitely need better internet connection,»
- - less members in one group would facilitate better communications - make more use of the information we collected in the preparation period - it would be good to know more about the job-hunting experience.»
- It is a bit loose of how the graduated generation should support the first and second year. Maybe it would be better to divide the work beforehand or schedule some gathering time for the graduates to sort out the alumni task. And Wifi quality was a bit unsatisfactory this time. »
- *The presentation of the first generation students with the firt generation students, it would have been good to know more about the back round of the others students since the start of the activities. *The internet problems. *The summer school presentations were not enough clear. »
- I think it was extremely well planned! Keep selecting amazing locations and promoting the bonding between students!»
- At the beginning of the week would be great to have some name games/team building games for new comers together with the rest (organised by older generations, for example). I cannot find any other two. :) thank you for a great week!»
- I believe that our generation (the graduating) had a lot of spare time. Perhaps more active roles could be appointed. Moreover, regarding summer school, new theoretical models could be used. Also, it would be nice to have an international evening set in the schedule. Despite the success of the current one, it was organized only last minute by an initiation of students!»
- 1. The duration of orientation week should be extended 2. The amount of gathering events for all students (such as games, international dinner, international culture) should be increased 3. I suggest that we have to have a social event with the people around location orientation week, such as donation, charity and other social gathering»
- Nop.»
- 1.buffet and included drinks (saves a lot of time and trouble...and I think it might even be less wasteful) 2. topics for the tasks were interesting and counted with appropiate support from the local shareholders. 3. international night Everything was really good in general ! Nothing is there really to be dramatically improved, the following are just some thoughts. 1. The role of the graduates. Maybe we should have a special-project defined by the professors and ourselves, combining our skills...or something like an entrepreneurship fair that could inspire us... or simply dedicate fully to fix the alumni-related activities so it can be done on time ...or just have a declared vacation and support the students on demand. Because we weren’,t so useful and its rather boring to have to sit there when we have the mind already on job, migration stuff or future plans. OR at least be relieved from duty earlier so the last generation has time to enjoy each other and share graduation tips. 2. same comment at last year. it would be nice if the professors and other students help each to find jobs-internships. bring your contacts along and lets have a time to sit and share info. 3. I don’,t know the solution. But I think the first graduates who presented their thesis had a few audiences…, mainly because of the party the previous night. Maybe the solution is to start later with the presentations, to make them in 2 days…, some Thursday afternoon and some Friday …, we can leave those one with families for Friday …,.. Or to give a “,carrot”, for students to be there on time. »
- In my opinion everything was nice! »
- One I thought that there was too much material covered in the classes, for so little time. This then took some free time. I think that is it. »
- - Have more small programs/games which really push MIND students to get understanding of each other. I do hope that we can be a strong family, not only having some common event to meet. In my opinion, more games might help with timid/quite people. The next two things are very very very small, - More solemn for the place of graduation ceremony (just I dream of an classical hall ...) - Check identification of new students (it might increase of strictness of the program)»
- It is good enough for me.»
- I think opening ceremony can be more informative regarding different consurtium universities and regarding the courses.»
- - the timing: an international party on the night before the last morning, when the seniors presented their results may not a good idea - it"s good to have bikes so that we can explore around »
- For the new students:General medical insurance aspects can be explained, also basic information about relevant associations, publications, networks, etc. related with IE can be shared. Some inspiration can be obtained by knowing, after 1 year, where our colleagues are and what they are working on (next year could be the first opportunity to do it).»

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