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Lean Production 2013, TEK230

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-05-28 - 2013-08-29
Antal svar: 30
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 35%
Kontaktperson: Marie Iwanow»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs

Your workload

1. On average, how many hours per week have you spent on the course, both individual work as well as lectures, seminars etc.?

30 svarande

<10 hours»2 6%
10-15 hours»5 16%
15-20 hours»7 23%
20-25 hours»7 23%
25-30 hours»7 23%
>30 hours»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.6

- I´,m a slow reader, the articles took a lot of time» (20-25 hours)
- Very time consuming seminars which led to a lot of time spent on reading and writing papers. » (25-30 hours)
- I had to spend several weekends preparing for seminars due to bad planning from the course administration. » (>30 hours)

2. On average, how much of the total education have you participated in?

30 svarande

<30%»0 0%
30-50%»0 0%
50-70%»2 6%
70-90%»15 50%
100%»13 43%

Genomsnitt: 4.36

- Erasmus student. Not able to spent more hours becouse I had another course with a similar schedule» (50-70%)

3. On average, how much time have you spent on each of the five seminars (time to be prepared for each seminar plus the time spent at the seminar)?

30 svarande

<5 hours»2 6%
5-10 hours»12 40%
10-15 hours»13 43%
>15 hours»3 10%

Genomsnitt: 2.56

- it was 6seminars this year. Good way to learn but some chapters were irrelative in comparasion for the questions. You felt that you just read them in order for the examinator to insure that you have read the hole course book. » (10-15 hours)
- The seminars are very useful but require too much time» (>15 hours)

4. On average, how much time have you spent on the group assignments, lean game and value stream mapping (don’,,,t include the actual playing time and study visit time at the company)?

30 svarande

<5 hours»1 3%
5-10 hours»7 23%
10-15 hours»10 33%
>15 hours»12 40%

Genomsnitt: 3.1

- no company to visit» (<5 hours)
- The value stream mapping was very time consuming because our group was a bit disfunctional. » (>15 hours)
- per week or in total? My answer is in total» (>15 hours)
- The game could have been later in the course when the knowledge about lean were more profound. VSM was a good and fun group work!» (>15 hours)

Learning outcomes of the course

5. How understandable are the learning outcomes of the course?

30 svarande

I haven’,t read the learning outcomes»6 20%
The learning outcomes were difficult to understand»1 3%
Rather good, but could have been clearer»10 33%
Clearly showed me what to learn in the course»13 43%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Didn"t rad but are kind of implicit» (I haven’,t read the learning outcomes)

6. Did the examination (seminars and group assignments) test if you have achieved the learning outcomes?

30 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»4 13%
Yes, to large extent»23 76%
I don’,t know»3 10%

Genomsnitt: 2.96

- Vert focused on the production part while the course is an overal philosophy.» (To some extent)
- The seminars were good from the point fo view that you could discuss different topics, however, they did not support you in your learning directly since the actual questions were not discussed. Questions you were not sure about was not brought up and hence, the overall learning of the calss were very different depending on the group"s questions. » (To some extent)
- However, the matrix in question 5 was a very specific question that has not been so much in focus during the course.» (Yes, to large extent)
- The seminars were a great preparation for the examination. But the restriction to two pages on the value stream question was rediculous! I needed more to cover all of the future state questions! » (Yes, to large extent)
- I don"t think this examination method is good. You have to spend the same amount of work if you aim for a 3 as if you aim for a 5.» (Yes, to large extent)

Education and course administration

7. To which extent have the lectures contributed to your learning?

30 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»4 13%
To some extent (Grade 3)»12 40%
To large extent (Grade 4)»12 40%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.4

- The examination was almost solely based on the literature. Most lectures just said the same thing as the Liker book.» (To small extent (Grade 2))
- the one to draw the value stream map in the lecture is impressive» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Quite repetitive and basic. » (To some extent (Grade 3))

8. To which extent have the course literature and other course materials contributed to your learning?

30 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»11 36%
To large extent (Grade 4)»10 33%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»9 30%

Genomsnitt: 3.93

- Change the book to the other 14 principle book. Much more general and not so focused on the manufacturing part.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Jag ogillar kursboken då jag tycker att den är för vinklad. » (To some extent (Grade 3))
- However, the book was including way to much talking about nothing. Take out some chapters to stay more focused. » (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The examination was almost solely based on the literature. Most lectures just said the same thing as the Liker book.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

9. To which extent have the seminars and seminar tasks contributed to your learning?

30 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»2 6%
To some extent (Grade 3)»3 10%
To large extent (Grade 4)»12 40%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»13 43%

Genomsnitt: 4.2

- Renew the questions and make the, more up to date.» (To small extent (Grade 2))
- I learned the topics but it took to much time away form what actually gives the additional and deeper knowledge.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- The examination was almost solely based on the literature. Most lectures just said the same thing as the Liker book.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- One of the best way to learn, in my opinion» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

10. To which extent have the group assignments (lean game, case and value stream mapping) contributed to your learning?

30 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»1 3%
To some extent (Grade 3)»7 23%
To large extent (Grade 4)»13 43%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»9 30%

Genomsnitt: 4

- They were all good.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Learning by doing! Lean game was the best! » (To large extent (Grade 4))
- One of the best way to learn, in my opinion» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

11. To which extent have the compulsory guest lecturers contributed to your learning?

30 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»4 13%
To some extent (Grade 3)»12 40%
To large extent (Grade 4)»9 30%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»5 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.5

- More focus on their specific way of working which is hard to apply in a more theoretical question as the exam. » (To small extent (Grade 2))
- They were all interesting and good for my future professional role, but didn"t give anything regarding the examination.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Not contributing to passing the course but very good lectures on how lean is implemented and used in real life which is excellent!» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Speciellt föreläsningen av Henrik Hultgren var bra» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The best part in the while course. Especially Henrik hultgren from elekta.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

Working climate and working conditions

12. How well did the course administration work (web page, hand outs, etc)?

30 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»1 3%
Poor (Grade 2)»3 10%
Ok (Grade 3)»3 10%
Good (Grade 4)»10 33%
Very good (Grade 5)»13 43%

Genomsnitt: 4.03

- On several occasions the seminar task was distributed so late so I had to work more than 10 hours in the weekend.» (Very poor (Grade 1))
- The student portal is very unstable and bad compared with ping pong.» (Poor (Grade 2))
- Often we had to ask for the slides and the updated versions. As well,the info for the seminars should be handed out earlier instead of the same week and hence, individual planning is enhanced. » (Poor (Grade 2))

13. How was the opportunity to get help and to ask questions to course responsible?

30 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»1 3%
Ok (Grade 3)»3 10%
Good (Grade 4)»6 20%
Very good (Grade 5)»20 66%

Genomsnitt: 4.5

- I didn"t seek any help» (Ok (Grade 3))

14. How did you perceived the reception from the course responsible?

30 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Poor»0 0%
Ok»5 16%
Good»13 43%
Very good»12 40%

Genomsnitt: 4.23

- A bit scattered and unclear of who does what.» (Ok)
- Don´,t understand the question....» (Ok)
- Lars är oerhört engagerad. Det syns och känns bland övriga studenter som alla lägger i en växel extra. Det är åtminstone känslan.» (Very good)

15. How was the working climate between you and the other students?

30 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»1 3%
Ok (Grade 3)»1 3%
Good (Grade 4)»12 40%
Very good (Grade 5)»16 53%

Genomsnitt: 4.43

16. How was the total work load this quarter?

30 svarande

Very low (Grade 1)»0 0%
Low (Grade 2)»2 6%
Ok (Grade 3)»12 40%
High (Grade 4)»11 36%
Very high (Grade 5)»5 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.63

- It was so high I had to sacrifice the project course that was parallel to this.» (Very high (Grade 5))

General questions

17. What grade would you give the course as a whole?

29 svarande

Very low (Grade 1)»0 0%
Low (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»6 20%
High (Grade 4)»13 44%
Very high (Grade 5)»10 34%

Genomsnitt: 4.13

- Stop seeing it as a set of tools and more of a philosophy.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- Very interesting, and I learned much, but the disrespect to my workload take down the grade.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- Was not as I expected. Quite repetitive from previous courses and by the end at the exam, focus seemed different and more of what we have learned in previous courses. » (Ok (Grade 3))
- I like the concept og having an even workload throughout» (High (Grade 4))

18. Was it good to use seminars as a learning method and as a part of the examination?

30 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»1 3%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»3 10%
To large extent (Grade 4)»8 26%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»18 60%

Genomsnitt: 4.4

- Sometime in the seminar someone doesn"t speak anything. Some questions asked by student are not easy to be discussed,because no one knows the answers so that there is no constructive discussions. Also, there are some questions that are too easy to answer, everyone knows the answer so no needs to repeat that answer. » (To very small extent (Grade 1))
- As learning method, yes. Examination, no. » (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Yes but not that many!!!! I would understand the idea if more students did not take the actual exam but most people do and hence, more time to focus on deeper knowledge would be preferred. The teachers may think that they are doing us a favor to pass students without exam but most people want higher grades. » (To some extent (Grade 3))
- I appreciate the seminars much, however some questions especially in the last seminar (6) there where three questions which were stated in a way that made the seem to ask pretty much the same thing.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- Det är ett bra sätt att lära sig, men det var för mycket att ha 6 seminarium! Det tog för mycket tid!» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- A very good concept, you learn continuously through the course» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- Because of trade offs in many situations, and much "depending on the situation", the discussion was very good » (To very large extent (Grade 5))

19. Would you recommend the course in its present from to other students? If not please motivate.

30 svarande

Absolutely not»0 0%
Probably not»2 6%
Maybe»2 6%
Probably»10 33%
Absolutely»16 53%

Genomsnitt: 4.33

- The workload was too high to be able to read another course at the same time.» (Probably not)
- I would like it more if it was different from other courses we have studied. As well, the performance of Lars and his english was poor and hence, not very inspiring. » (Probably not)
- But it was very similar to the course production flow!» (Maybe)
- The contents of this course is brandly new knowledge and it can change people"s usual logic about production.» (Probably)
- I think the course gave me a greater insight in what lean is but also gave me a more critical view of it. I will definitely recommend it to others! » (Absolutely)

20. Is this course appropriate in your master program?

30 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»1 3%
To small extent (Grade 2)»1 3%
To some extent (Grade 3)»5 16%
To large extent (Grade 4)»6 20%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»17 56%

Genomsnitt: 4.23

- It has no great relevance for my master program but I think it will be very good to have when coming out in the working life! » (To very small extent (Grade 1))
- Does not add much value in relation to previous courses. » (To small extent (Grade 2))
- But enough with either lean production or production flow. Not both.» (To some extent (Grade 3))

21. Lectures: What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- The lectures could be made a bit more coherent. I feel that (the non guest-lectures) which where lead by several different lecturers often touched upon the same things so coordination could be better there.»
- The main literature, the Toyota book, was a very single one-sided, thus not critical at all. Although the papers and lectures sometimes contributed to a development of a more critical, sophisticated opinion, the book played a big role and is in general just a glorification of what Toyota does. »
- I"m not a fan of long and messy powerpoints. Keep it simply and avoid bad language.»
- Everything is good.»
- A practical class on creating future state maps. We only did a practical class for current stream and had a very brief lecture on future state. I see creating future state maps as a very important part of Lean.»
- Generally good. »
- The english and layout!! Too many slides saying pretty much nothing if you didn"t take proper notes at the lecture. As well, the english of the lecturer was not good and it was hard to stay focused. »

22. Seminars: What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- Update the questions.»
- Reduce the number of questions and restate the questions in seminar 6. Feedback takes too long when there are many questions.»
- I would like more comments on how the assignment was, now it was basically pass or redo, would like to have a comment on what level I am on for the exam. »
- The combination of seminars, lectures, guest lectures and the book was good. Maybe there is some other literature, which could be integrated.»
- Too much reading for each seminar. Maybe some questions could be handins and have seminars with more questions if you aim for more than grade 3?»
- För många och för omfattande! Det tog väldigt lång tid att ta sig igenom materialet och att svara på frågorna. Jag tycker även att det ska vara bättre framförhållning på seminarierna så att vi studenter skulle kunna planera vårt arbete bättre. Det är inte tillräckligt att få frågorna mindre än en vecka innan de ska vara inlämnade »
- Usually the same people are speaking. One could put some effort into quiet the loud ones and lift forward the others by asking them about their opinions, etc.»
- Some questions were hard to answer with literature and could be reworked.»
- Sometimes hard to relate the questions to the literature, no clear connection.»
- During the seminars it"s possible to better understand the topic explaned during the lessons. Maybe too much papers to read.»
- Overall a very good concept. However, the readings were quite much for some seminars, especially from the book and I did not read all of them anyway, but still manage the questions. »
- Faster feedback, be clearer on what is expected. »
- Do less!! Takes to much time for other studies and also the group work. Take away the "pass without exam" and have less seminars. »
- I suggest that the questions prepared for the seminars are the ones that should be discussed in the seminar. Otherwise you do not know if the answer that you have given is appropriate or not. Perhaps what can be done is to agree to discuss those questions that everybody found harder, e.g. a couple of them. Then the time can be distributed between these and some of the questions that the students came up with.»

23. Group assignments (lean game, case and VSM): What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- I heard that students went to a real company and draw the value stream map last year. I don"t know why it"s cancelled this year.»
- People that have been working with each other earlier are fast establishing groups by comfort. I think it could be good for everyone just to assign people to a random group for the group tasks.»
- Maybe more feedbacks for the VSM.»
- Very good, could have even more assignments like these. »
- Lean game - keep! »

24. What should be changed concerning the course?

- Lower workload.»
- Apart from what I"ve already mentioned I see no meaning with making the 5th seminar in groups. Shorten it down instead or find another medical lean case.»
- Start using ping pong instead of the student portal. For me and many other, the student portal has been very frustrating to use as it is very unstable.»
- I would prefer to change the way of seminar that students need to discuss the prepared questions given by teachers. It at least would lead to some consensus or conclusion, otherwise, the questions are too broad to discuss. Every question might only slightly touch certain field, but no contribution to form some solid knowledge for students.»
- Less articles to read or, at least, more time than one week.»
- Have the group assignments and seminars gradet, not only pass or fail. »
- As before, make the exam compulsory and reduce the amout of seminars to enhance the possibility to focus more time on case and group work. »

25. Comments and other remarks

- Very good course and topics.»
- I think it was a bit strange that we had a lean douse without using the 14 lean principles. The toyota way fieldbook didn"t used them at all»

Thank you for your participation and effort in this evaluation!

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