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Evaluation of exchange studies

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-05-16 - 2013-06-30
Antal svar: 164
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 49%
Kontaktperson: Lovisa Aijmer»

1. I have been at Chalmers...*

164 svarande

Autumn and Spring semester»68 41%
Spring semester»96 58%

Genomsnitt: 1.58

2. What exchange programme do you belong to?

163 svarande

Erasmus»148 90%
Bilateral agreement (world wide)»10 6%
Unitech»0 0%
Norden (Norplus)»1 0%
Other»0 0%
Don"t know»4 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.2

3. What is your field of study?

Please choose the one that suits your background best

164 svarande

Architecture»17 10%
Computer engineering»4 2%
Electrical engineering»17 10%
IT engineering»4 2%
Civil engineering»24 14%
Industrial engineering and management»10 6%
Design engineering»1 0%
Mechanical engineering»39 23%
Automations/Mechatronics engineering»7 4%
Physics Engineering»5 3%
Mathematics»5 3%
Chemical engineering»9 5%
Bio engineering»5 3%
Materials engineering»4 2%
Other»13 7%

Genomsnitt: 7.21

4. How satisified are you with the information you received from Chalmers before the exchange?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is very satisfied and 1 is very dissatified

164 svarande

2 1%
7 4%
33 20%
79 48%
43 26%

Genomsnitt: 3.93

- But that was mostly due to my home university.» (2)
- Zero help with the accommodation :(» (3)
- they were a little bit late» (3)
- I received the letter of agreement at the 1. of December, which was too late to get any student appartment» (3)
- Maybe showing the course pages so we can have an idea on what will be done during the class» (3)
- I did not get the information about the application at Chalmers and therefore almost missed the deadline. But apart from that the information was very helpful. » (3)
- I did not know where to find the course descriptions before coming here.» (3)
- Information about space to live was handed out very late» (4)
- it was okay, but nothing special. travelling is always a great experience» (4)
- The difficulties about the accommodation situation in gothenburg has to be announced better.» (4)
- It would be good, if you could say the students who come and sent their Learning Agreement, if they can attend the courses before arrival.» (4)
- Some lacks in Course Hompegaes, very good work from the international office» (4)
- the CIRC did a really good job» (4)
- Chalmers Acquainted clearly and supported very good,Just I think about accommodation Students need more helping from Chalmers,because finding a accommodation is really difficult in Gothenburg » (4)
- The information on housing could be sent earlier than it was sent. But in general the information provided was very helpful.» (4)
- We got the firm promise and the information too late...» (4)
- It was quite a long time ago so don"t remember the details i was thinking. However, i think there should be more information about how to obtain accommodation: in the student guide it says that exchange students are prioritized to get an accommodation but not how and SGS moved me to wrong queue for 2months by accident after my arrival. If i knew more about the prioritizing i could have been able to notice that.» (4)
- The email that you are accepted was sent out really late before the beginning of the stay. It would make it easier to have about 3 months for preparation and planning.» (5)

5. How did you enjoy the welcome activities?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is the best and 1 is the lowest grade

162 svarande

2 1%
6 4%
22 15%
56 38%
59 40%

Genomsnitt: 4.13

- Did not partake as arrived late due to exams in the UK» (?)
- to short» (3)
- Only the first two weeks welcome activities were arranged. It would be really nice as well to have an end activity as well.» (3)
- They were active what I liked but they can be better. » (3)
- a bit rigid and structured, only had the chance to meet your own group. would have also been nice to try and integrate the Swedish masters students» (3)
- We had one week organized by the CIRC, it was nice. But then nothing! Even if they promised us some other sauna party for example. I was a bit disappointed about that.» (3)
- it could have been more» (3)
- There could be a little bit more of them.» (3)
- Groups could be organised, that people who live close together or study the same program come together in one group.» (4)
- some events were sold out too fast, so you were standing in line for quite some time for nothing...» (4)
- too few activities with swedes, it would have been nice to meet non eramsus students» (4)
- CIRC does a great job!» (5)
- My phadder was absolutely great!!» (5)
- CIRC organized very nice activities and phadder and that helped getting to know other students. The master program i took my most courses from organized event too and we really formed a nice class after that.» (5)
- We arrived later so didn"t had welcome activities.» (Don)
- I wasn"t at Chalmers for the welcome activities» (Don)
- I couldn"t participate in the welcome activities» (Don)
- I didn"t participate in those activities since I arrived later» (Don)

6. How satisfied are you with your coordinator at Chalmers?

Please grade between 1 and 5 where 5 is the best and 1 is the lowest grade

163 svarande

3 1%
4 2%
6 3%
52 32%
95 59%
Don"t know»3

Genomsnitt: 4.45

- I understand she is busy, but sometime I just feel that I am not getting enough information.» (3)
- I went there just three times, twice no ones was there.» (4)
- Always avaiable but the timetable is not really good.» (4)
- He is really friendly. He welcomes students even after official opening hours. » (4)
- She was easy to reach and very polite but we misunderstood each other couple of times and it took a bit too long to fix those things.» (4)
- Ms Rigmor Jorgensen was great and always provided all of information I needed!» (5)
- She is really the best! (Rigmör)» (5)
- Always friendly, relaxed, helpfull» (5)
- Panne is the best!» (5)
- My coordinator is really great and took the time to help me whenever I had a question or showed up in his office.» (5)
- Dzintra treat me very well and she was available when needed» (5)
- Rigmor Jörgensen does a really great job! She is really kind and ready to help. She even agreed to send me some documents to my country when she should not be working. Thank you, Rigmor!» (5)
- I am really really really really satisfied with Rigmor Jorgensen,I appreciate her because she helped me very much.» (5)
- I haven"t any problems to solve.» (Don"t know)

7. How long did it take for you to find accommodation?

164 svarande

I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers»106 64%
Within the first few days»13 7%
After 1-2 weeks»20 12%
After 2-4 weeks»9 5%
After more than one month»16 9%
No opionion»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.87

- It was really difficult anyway, I couldn"t choose.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- Gothenburg University students can choose before the accomodation what is not correct in my opinion, considering all the problems regarding to the sgs accomodation. » (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- but it was a bad accomidation. Too expensive and dirty.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- It is a bit disappointing that no Swedish people live in the Frölunda flats. That hinders exchange students to get in contact with locals.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- It"s a field where Chalmers has to improve a lot, providing more help to the incoming students.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- Good accomodation, but they started suddenly construction works during i lived in the flat with the warning for asbest without a notice !!! I had to move, not a nice behavior. » (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I found it via SGS.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- Has been horrible, lost of effort to find one. No help from the university» (Within the first few days)
- I was a bit lucky that i was with someone so we manage to get a share flat» (Within the first few days)
- Impossible though to find anything central» (Within the first few days)
- Had to take the first crappy place in Hisinge for 4300 SEK because landlords can cheet on internationals as much as they like. » (After 2-4 weeks)
- A lot of stress!» (After 2-4 weeks)
- Very very hard to find an accomodation !» (After more than one month)
- I needed 4 months to have a normal accomodation...» (After more than one month)
- Finding an accommodation was very difficult and i ended up staying with my friends (who i met in Göteborg) for 3 months. Exchange students need more information about the rules that SGS has.» (After more than one month)

8. What kind of accommodation have you had?

164 svarande

SGS student housing»117 71%
Private room/apartment via Boplats»19 11%
Private room/apartment found on your own»21 12%
Stayed with a friend or relative»3 1%
Other, please specify below»4 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.52

- Me and my flatmates we had a really bad experience with SGS, we spent all the first semester without internet and several monthes of the second without electricity in the living room. It is also unfair that all the students in frölunda pay the same price even in really different qualities of flat...» (SGS student housing)
- But the SGS system is still not perfect at all ...» (SGS student housing)
- High prices for rooms with only basics supply. And trivial thing, the absence of blinds seriously is an issue here in Sweden!» (SGS student housing)
- sgs were very slow and unresponsive when we had flooding in our bathroom» (SGS student housing)
- Exchanged my apartment with a girl who did her exchange year at my home university. Very advisable for future exchange students!» (SGS student housing)
- I was not satisfied with the accommodation. It was not worth its high price and also the communication with SGS was unsufficient (they didn"t tell me, that they increased the rent and sent me letters in Swedish).» (SGS student housing)
- Once I finally got it, it has been very nice.» (SGS student housing)
- I managed to get an SGS room after 6 months» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- It was far away from Chalmers, so it was just temporary. I moved in a sgs flat three months later.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- In january I have moved to a SGS student housing.» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- Both private accommodation and SGS student housing» (Other, please specify below)
- Private and sgs» (Other, please specify below)
- first semester private via SGS Private, second semester SGS student housing» (Other, please specify below)
- live with a Swedish family» (Other, please specify below)

9. What is your overall impression of the studies?

Please rate the course work (lectures, lab work, seminars etc). 5 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest.

163 svarande

1 0%
6 3%
35 21%
89 54%
32 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.88

- I am working on a project» (?)
- The work has been relatively easy and not to the level I am used to at my home university. However everything has been very well organised.» (3)
- Time consuming assignments» (3)
- I enjoyed them, and they were very interesting, but I do not know how can I compare them to any others. Thi squestion does not make sense to me» (3)
- I"ve got the impression that the level of education in general was lower than I"m used to. There was a lot less to study, especially for course that are supposed to be for 7.5 credits.» (3)
- All the work are of Masters level here while we are on undergraduate level back home so some of the assignments may be a bit tough to complete.» (3)
- On my last course, Architectural Competitions, it would have been nice to have more lectures and tutorials for our project. » (3)
- in the first period, i had very good courses, but in the second period, i had very bad courses» (3)
- Complicated/Non linear lectures followed by unexplained home task. I found that there is no much transition of information between lecturer and student and that the courses are mainly based on self study (so the lecture become less effective and meaningless).» (3)
- It does not really fit my master at home, but the courses where taught rather well.» (3)
- Very nice study climate, nice professors and nice facilities. Unfortunately not a very high level of education and bad grading system (just 3 grades). Sometimes chaos in the organization and it is often not clear how the different parts of a course play together in terms of overall grading. » (3)
- One really good course, one good and a interessting course with the worst lecture ever.» (3)
- It is a different kind of studying from that at my home university and I liked the variation.» (4)
- I really liked the lectures. The only thing I felt uncomfortable with is the quarter-based system. I prefer having 1-2 "free" weeks after the lectures finished, such that I have enough time revise the lectures as a whole before taking exams. » (4)
- I really liked the courses here, though it was very much work load and sometimes very stressful.» (4)
- Generally the teacher-student relationship is very good, there is a lot of support. Some courses in the Master program should go a little more into depth.» (4)
- It"s great that there"s plenty of project work. However, i think it is a bit too easy to gain credits at Chalmers.» (4)
- mycket bra....» (5)

10. What is your overall impression of your exchange stay at Chalmers?

Please rate your exchange stay at Chalmers. 5 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest.

164 svarande

4 2%
1 0%
7 4%
67 41%
84 51%
Don"t know»1

Genomsnitt: 4.38

- There is NO activities after the welcome weeks. There is no interactions between the erasmus (if there is any) organization and the student themselves. Lack of alternative activities (recreational) and or anyway with advertisement in Swedish that makes it difficult to partecipate. » (3)
- The university is a really nice place to be with a great student body and there are always things going on. Lecturers are mostly helpful and the ethos of Chalmers is noticeable.» (4)
- okay» (4)
- I enjoyed the school facilities very much. » (4)
- I like the big amount af different associations» (5)
- everything was much more relaxed than back home!» (5)
- I experienced that Sweden and especially Chalmers give a very warm welcome to international guests. That makes it easy to start here and comfortable to live and study.» (5)

11. Would you recommend Chalmers as an exchange destination to other students at your home university?

164 svarande

No»0 0%
Maybe»15 9%
Yes»149 90%
No opinion»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.9

- Not only Chalmers was nice but the whole city and the people I met. So I"ll recommend it for people that will be able to explore the city and meet people.» (Maybe)
- Erasmus students are really welcomed and the organisation is really good» (Yes)
- It depends on the character of applicant"s ambitions. » (Yes)
- not because it is Chalmers, but because it is all about travelling and experience you get on an exchange» (Yes)
- I would even recommend them to do their master here, as i will do, when i come back in september» (Yes)
- Nice environment and opportunities» (Yes)
- Chalmers is the best option for exchange study» (Yes)
- Definitely!!» (Yes)
- Yes, but i"d warn about the weather. I had no clue that it really rains every day during the autumn!» (Yes)

12. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

- no»
- I really liked staying in Gothenburg and in Chalmers»
- thank you! »
- Make the buttons at the end of the poll in english ,-)»
- I wish my home university would be like Chalmers ! I hope coming back here to study next year ! Thanks»
- I think it would be nice to offer some basic swedish courses to the exchange students»
- Accommodation is the only drawback, but it is a big one.»
- A swedish course for ambitioned students would be nice»
- More details about medical assistance. »
- More details about medical assistance.»
- Also the survey buttons are in Swedish!»
- i only really met and made friends with exchange students, it night have been good to do a welcome day for each program for exchange students and Swedish. overall, a great experience!»
- It would be good to have more help for searching an accomidation. It would have already helped me, if I would have contact with a swedish student, who could have given me some information.»
- Thanks for full support individually in health care. »
- No»
- Courses choices are quite limited.»
- It would be nice if there would be a free Swedish course for Chalmers exchange students as there is for the GU students.»
- I would prepare more activities for the erasmus student and give arrange a "Phadder" for them, if there askes already 2 times.»
- I heard there are already plans in the next terms to bring the exchange students more together with the regular master students. I think that is a very good idea, since we exchange students often just get to know other exchange students. I really appreciate this plans and hope they are pursued and supported by the whole university!»

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