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Industry Best Practice VT2013, DIT595

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-05-05 - 2013-05-20
Antal svar: 9
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 18%
Kontaktperson: Björn Olsson»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: GU
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: GU

1. Did the teacher have the skills needed to teach this course?*

- yes»
- Yes.»
- no»
- of course»
- Yes, the lecturer had the skills needed for this course.»
- Yes»
- Yes.»
- yes»
- No»

2. Did you get a better understanding of working with industry projects?*

- to a certain extend»
- To some extent.»
- no»
- yes»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- No, There were no specific material to learn at this course. No single lecture was held! The teacher acted as a supervisor for the thesis course and helped us choose a right topic by holding a few supervision sessions. »
- no»
- No»

3. Did this course help you to advance with your future thesis project?*

- yes, both courses are connected and it helped that we could start working on the thesis even before the actual thesis start. Thus, we even got feedback on certain sections that could be used as a first draft of the thesis paper»
- Partially.»
- a bit»
- yes»
- Yes, this course helped me advance with my future thesis project, as it gave me the opportunity to fine tune my research methodology.»
- Yes»
- Yes, as described for the second question.»
- no»
- No»

4. What was good about the course?*

- helpful to progress with thesis»
- Getting closer to the industry, real world working practice.»
- Easy VG»
- Everything was good about the course, the way it was conducted, the interaction the teacher had with us on how to make progress. etc»
- the guidelines of the outcome of the course was clear, which made it easier to focus on the end result of the final report.»
- The teacher replied our mail very quickly all the time. Since it usually doesn"t happen in this school, it was really good for us»
- 1. The way the teacher supervised the students to come up with a better subject for their thesis. 2. Writing about the thesis in the form of a final report was a big help for the thesis report as well.»
- nothing»
- Learning to work without a teacher or supervisor.»

5. What can be improved in the course?*

- Higher requirements for passing.»
- Guest lectures would be nice.»
- everything»
- I think nothing»
- Perhaps, there should be maybe 1 or 2 more lectures, to help in guidance. As the lecturer was very quick in answering by email. However, I feel that 1 or 2 more lectures especially in the beginning could have helped.»
- Maybe it will be help if there are more supervision»
- The course could be reshaped as a supervision session for the thesis rather than a separate course as there was nothing new to learn from it while it helped a lot for choosing the right thesis subject.»
- new planning, commitment»
- More teacher involvement and engagement. Getting to learn something about the industry is hard to do without a person from industry, or a visit to industry.»

6. Anything else you wish to communicate?*

- no»
- Quite good level.»
- all said»
- no»
- No»
- Not really»
- no»
- No»

* obligatoriska frågor

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