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Mechanical enginnering"s pedagogical prize 2013

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-05-07 - 2013-05-18
Antal svar: 50
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 10%
Kontaktperson: Anna Dean»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Maskinteknik 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

1. Which teaching assistant do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2012/2013. Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Hamid Abedi, Turbulence modelling»
- Mao Wengang»
- Erik Sette. Is good at helping students and good at discussing the problem at hand. »
- Lars Ellbrant»
- Björn Johansson PPU"s brightest shining star»
- Anders Hedman, guest lecture in the powertrain mechanics course, funny and teachfull lectures!»
- Egill Thorbergsson, TME210 Turbomachinery and MTF171 Gas Turbine Technology.»
- Andreas Draganis, FEM-structural. He is the king of MATLAB.»
- Björn Pålsson. He is nice och helpful.»
- Dag Bergsjö för den assistans jag har fått under mitt examensarbete.»
- Lars Christian Riis Johansen, Advanced Internal Combustion Engines. Because he is so knowledgeable, cool , and he has the right balance of formality and informality. »
- Wengang Mao. He is really motivating everyone, and also very pedagogic.»
- None»
- Erik Lindfeldt, Composite Mechanics. Good English and pedagogical!»
- Aditya Arikere He excels in the field of Vehicle Dynamics. all the queries were cleared by him instantly without any confusion. Also if he is unsure about something, he says that honestly but makes sure he comes back with a solution. »
- Gunnar in combustion division, automotive he is currently working with GT-Power software for his PhD. He assist powertrain mechanics»
- Aditya Arikere. (Advanced Vehicle Dynamics) He is extremely clear in explanation, does a good job at explaining and grading and is a pleasure to listen to in class. »
- Hamidreza Abedi MTF270 Turbulence Modelling A talented teaching assistant who puts a lot of effort and time in the students and always explaines everything in a pedagogical way.»
- Ulrich Sander, Vehicle dynamics Advanced. Otroligt motiverad och kompetent övnings ledare och handledare under kursen. Tar sig tid att hjälpa oss studenter och diskuterar fram svaren på ett sätt så vi lär oss dels hur vi ska tänka när vi löser problemen, men även låter oss själva komma fram till lösningen. »
- Daniel Bäckström, Heat and power Helpfull with high knowledge»
- Peter Helgesson, due to excellent commitment and teching spirit.»
- Daniel Runvik, because he is soooo cute!»
- Zachary Falgout »
- Adithya Arikere, MPAUT. Adithya is self-motivated and has a passion for teaching. He is quick to understand student queries and difficulties and is eager and prompt in clearing any doubts that may arise during the course. He is constantly available and easy to approach. All these make him an apt candidate to be rewarded for his excellent performance.»
- Lars Ellbrant»
- pass»
- Ragnar Larusson. Compressible flow. »
- Anders T Johansson. Structural Dynamics - Model Validation. He haven"t participated that much in the course, but the few times he has the exercises or demonstrations have been great. One notice that it is of his interest that everybody understand whatever problem there is and he tries to explain in a very pedagogical way. »
- Jean Florian»
- Kristoffer Torgnysson »
- Hendry Raharjo-He tries innovative methods to teach difficult concepts so that students will remember it and understand it.»
- David Pallares combustion engineering»

2. Which lecturer do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2012/2013. Give her or his name and course. Please provide a short motivation.

- Jonas Ringsberg»
- Name:Rebecka Brommesson Course:Material Mechanics Great patience and kindness with answering my questions.Always be professional with basic knowledge of this course.»
- Srdjan Sasic, Multiphase flow»
- Ronnie Hansén»
- Christian Azar. He will make you involved in the subject and makes every lecture interesting.»
- Peter Folkow»
- Mikael Enelund by being awesome»
- MariAnne Karlsson, Design for Experience. One of the best courses I have taken during my two year Master education at Chalmers. Well structured course, excellent guest lectures, excellent study trip, great balance between project, assignments and home exam. Thoroughly enjoyed it. »
- Lars Almefelt»
- Structural dynamics»
- Mikael Odenberger, Energy Systems modeling and planning. Very clear lectures and his good motivation during the lectures.»
- Peter Ahlmström, Production Management. For his devotion to arranging the course content into distinguished parts with clear connection both to the practical work as an industrial engineer as well as the most recent research by academia. This together with his ability to tie a diverging subject together creates a course which the student can bring on as a toolbox for the remainder of his/her career.»
- Tomas Grönstedt, TME210 Turbomachinery and MTF171 Gas Turbine Technology.»
- Peter Folkow. He is good at structural dynamics and makes the course interesting. »
- Peter Hammersberg för den assistans jag har fått inför mitt examensarbete. »
- Sven Andersson, Advanced Internal Combustion Engines. He is very thought provoking and instills quality thought, and his availability after class hours is excellent. His teaching has a personal touch to it. »
- Ronnie Hansén. Simply the best a technical university can get.»
- Jonas W Ringsberg, Marine Structural Engineering»
- Peter Folkow, good pedagogical skills in the Structural Dynamics course!»
- Jan Wickenberg»
- Sven Andersson He acquires the teaching skills which is ideal. Apart from excelling in terms of knowledge in his field, he possesses the right skill to motivate his students. Also, the way he presents his lectures with subtle sense of humor and confidence is commendable.»
- The course is erogonomics design for all. I forgot the teaercher name. She is very good.»
- Sven Andersson (Internal Combustion Engines) He makes the lectures fun. »
- Anders Skoogh, Simulation of Production Systems. Good course organisation, took care of the students, very open for feedback and proposals.»
- Sven Andersson, Internal Combustion Engines. He doesn"t just read off the powerpoints - or sometimes has no powerpoints. That makes you write down the info which leads to better recognition. He also focuses on how you should think - keep in mind all that"s involved in something, and how they affect each other. He is a proper professor in that he teaches us how to think just as much as what to think.»
- Definitively Marco Dozza, he is really interested in teaching his topic. His teaching method is really well developed and fully efficient!»
- Peter Folkow - Strucural Dynamics. Wonderful lecturer, clear answers to all questions, good lecture structure, available for questions at all times. Good feedback on assignments.»
- Mikael Odenberger, Energy systems modelling and planning Motivated and pedagogical»
- Mikael Enelund.»
- Per-Åke Jansson. He really made the complexity of Rigid Body Dynamics seem understandable and gave us a solid ground for future projects within the area. One of the best lecturers I have had at Chalmers during my five years.»
- Sven Andersson »
- Anders Grauers. Anders is well-read yet humble and graceful in his approach to teching. His belief in conceptual understanding is reflected in his teaching style and motivates students to think on similar lines. He is keen on resolving class queries and is enthusiastic about discussing concepts that provoke deep analysis. His teaching methods and behavioural aspects are worth emulating and make the learning experience wholesome, interesting and worth carrying forward for fruitful use later. »
- Per-Åke Jansson»
- Lars in Product development management. Great learning techniques and making the topic really interesting»
- Martin Fagerström, Composite Mechanics»
- Mikael Odenberger»
- peter möller»
- jonas ringsberg. strukturerad och insatt »
- Sven Andersson»
- Jan Wickenberg-His style of teaching motivates students to think in different perspectives.He provides impetus by showing relevant clips from movies or TV series which he thinks is related to his course.»
- Christal Cederberg, Life Cycle Assessment - The most amazing, thought-provoking lecture that aimed to quantify how the environment is affected not just by pollution, but indirectly by other choices. It took into account how you affect supply and demand, so even if you"re not buying something that"s bad for the environment, buying the same product from a "environmentally friendly area" will still increase the demand and indirectly support the "area that"s bad to the environment."»
- David pallares combustion engineering»
- Jan Wickenberg, Project Management. For his inspiring lectures and the way he cares about the academic height in course and its different phases»
- Lars Trygg»

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