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ITP ESD in HE Chalmers 2008-12

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-03-26 - 2013-04-21
Antal svar: 14
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: ?%
Kontaktperson: Ulrika Lundqvist»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers, ej utbildningsprogr
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Övriga studenter

1. First of all we are very interested to know how satisfied you were about the week at Chalmers?

13 svarande

Very satisfied»12 92%
Rather satisfied»1 7%
Indifferent»0 0%
Rather dissatisfied»0 0%
Very dissatisfied»0 0%
I do not know»0

Genomsnitt: 1.07

- I like the shared expertise of the people, the GMV and the red sustainable building. » (Very satisfied)
- I learned a lot from lectures and personal observations of SD practices.» (Very satisfied)
- The topics cvered in the Chalmers and the knowledge level of presentaters.» (Very satisfied)
- The learning was interactive and focused.» (Very satisfied)
- I learned what I had expected to learn in the week at Chalmers.» (Very satisfied)
- Very impressive by the sustainable education practices and programs in Chamlmers. » (Very satisfied)
- It enabled me to view the things differently with ESD perspective.» (Very satisfied)
- AS leading technology university in Europe and the value I observe in the Chalmers are the main reasons.» (Very satisfied)
- I learned a lot from the lectures about ESD at Chalmers as discussed by John Holberg. the sharing of the faculty members from different departments were very challenging specially the topic on good teaching and how Chalmers became a sustainable campus» (Very satisfied)
- Excellent presentations by experienced Faculty, realistic case studies, very good learning environment and above all the ITP delegates were taken good care of. God bless Chalmers !» (Very satisfied)
- I had abetter clarification of the concept of sustainable development.» (Very satisfied)
- I was exposed to an institution that has successfully established ESD within an engineering curriculum. Even though this was not directly related to my particular project it was interesting and empowering to know that it can be done. I was also exposed to a diversity of other ESD project of interest.» (Rather satisfied)

2. Were there any specific parts or content during the week at Chalmers that have been useful for you in your change project in the ITP or in later work on ESD?

13 svarande

Yes, to a large extent»12 92%
Yes, to a small extent»1 7%
Maybe, I do not know»0 0%
Not really»0 0%
No, not at all»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.07

- Exposure at GMV and red building» (Yes, to a large extent)
- A visit in Haga Valley.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- It is difficult to recall after long back. However, the presentation of the UNESCO person was useful for me, so far as I remember.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- Issues of curriculum development and student engagement» (Yes, to a large extent)
- For examples, the lesson plan about ESD for the undergraduates and graduates,student engagement, institutional structure,environment friendly building, pedagogy» (Yes, to a large extent)
- Vice president talk. Learning center struture for ESD, and the unversity up-down approach for ESD. » (Yes, to a large extent)
- sharing, infrastructures, lectures, and ESD friendly infrastructures basic to the learning organization» (Yes, to a large extent)
- The guest lectures and interactions during our stay at Chalmers.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- Chalmer"s Internal Environment work, Drivers and Barriers for ESD in Higher education» (Yes, to a large extent)
- Sustainability practices at the university were great to see as our change project was focused on engaging students and establishing a platform for student action around sustainability issues on our own campus.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- The integration of sustainability issues in teaching of formal curriculum was very encouraging, I very much enjoyed the interactions with the student body of the University.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- The historical development of the concept if curriculm integration was very useful in packagingmy change project.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- There were many efforts/approaches to address the issues of ESD at Charmers. The students, the community were all involved in ESD and therefore it became a group effort. ways in Charmers address the Issues of ESD eg that ESD is for all and the ways used to interest them in ESD» (Yes, to a small extent)

3. In which ways have you used knowledge and inspiration from the week at Chalmers and which types of changes have you contributed to either in your change project in the ITP or in later ESD work?

- The technology approach type of education»
- I shared with my students what I learned from Chalmers»
- The value that I observe in the Chalmers and the academic enviornment of the Chalmers, I liked and usually use as example in my presentations. Besides, the environment and the knowlwdge are useful in promoting ESD.»
- Increased consultations and community engagement. Some relevant aspects of material, I have included it in our curriculum.»
- student engagement,pedagogy»
- It is not easy to remember all that i saw and did at Chalmers. What I remember is that Charmers believed that ESD is for all and everybody should be involved and that is what am trying to carry forward»
- Sharing Chalmers experiences with my colleagues. »
- Sustainable use of resources. training plan with ESD features.»
- It is difficult to be specific due to longer time elapsed after being in Chalmers.»
- Shared some of the things I learned to my students when discussing about recycling and waste management Involved our students to participate in the students" survey»
- I have used Chalmers as an example of what can be done in presentations to my collegues and students. I have written a paper (unpublished) for our institutions management regarding lessons learnt from our week at Chalmers.»
- I have shared the experience with my colleagues from teaching fraternity in Goa India. Also, we have now designed a small module on sustainable environment in our teaching programme.In essence I a acutely aware of the need to infuse sustainability notions in all that we teach. »
- my change project tried to integrate teacher training curriculu with enterprenuership for sustainable deveopment by way of poverty alleviation.»

4. To be able to make future improvements of the week at Chalmers, we would appreciate if you can tell us how the week at Chalmers could have been different to have been more useful for you?

- The GMV and red building are those things that imprinted in my head even after more than one year.»
- Continue with the job well done.»
- Some interactions with the persons/personalities in Chalmers who are contributing and implementing practically the ESD in Chalmers would be more useful.»
- Create more time for practical sessions at environmental impact sites like recycling industries and innovative technologies.»
- When we were at Chalmers, it could be better if we had had a chance to communicate with the students.»
- The program was well arranged.»
- It was a wonderful week,I appreciated it a lot. No more suggestion. »
- cultural sharing and discussions. presentation and plenaries, some discussion on the fellowship opportunities for diligent learners.s»
- Besides treating participants as only participants, reviewing the participant"s knowledge and experience (expertise), they would have been given opportunity to interact with undergraduate/graduate students of Chalmers would have been more beneficial for some of the participants. Similarly, some participants can present their country paper on many relevant aspects to Chalmers. Such programs may be planned in advance reviewing the cv of the participanst.»
- I think the week at Chalmer"s was well planned because we had a tour of the different units in the Campus. It is a very friendly campus.The faculty memebrs are very accomodating.»
- Nothing that I can think of»
- Perhaps more Field/Institutional visits could have done value addition. Also, an actual classroom visit where a session on sustainability is being taught could benefit greatly. more Interactive sessions with the students should be beneficial. »
- It could not have been better.»

5. Finally, we have a few complementary questions. Which year did you participate in the ITP on ESD in higher education?

14 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

2008»1 7%
2009»5 35%
2011»4 28%
2012»4 28%
I do not know»0

- Visit to Sweden by itself was great learning opportunity to witness how sustainability is ingrained in the psyche of the citizens of this beautiful clean nation. I sincerely hope and pray i get another chance to visit this ecofriendly country and learn more about environmental ethics. » (2012)

6. What was your employment at the time when you participated in the ITP?

14 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Environmental manager at a university»0 0%
Teacher at a university»9 64%
Educational program director at a university»1 7%
Part of a university management»6 42%
Employed at a national ministry»3 21%
Other employment»0 0%
I do not know»0

- and a program coordinator of environmental and sanitary engineering program» (Teacher at a university)
- teacher trainer» (Employed at a national ministry)
- I was professor of construction management and Coordinator of Center for Advanced Studies, Nepal Engineering College (Affiliated to Pokhara University), and was also member of Engineering Subject Committee of the University.» (Teacher at a university, Part of a university management)
- Besides teaching,I also advice our state government of Goa on several statutory committees such as Biodiversity board, Wildlife Advisory Board etc. I am also a Consultant for Environmental Impact Assessment. Sustainability knowledge is very important for me. » (Teacher at a university)

7. What was the topic for your change project in the ITP?

14 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Campus greening»3 21%
Course development»10 71%
Educational program develpment»3 21%
Development of policy document for the university»0 0%
Development of policy document for the country»2 14%
Other topic»1 7%
I do not know»0

- teacher training course» (Course development)
- The project was focused on One Clean and healthy University. » (Campus greening, Course development)
- Student and community engagement» (Campus greening)
- mainstreaming Mining related Environmental Impact concerns in the curriculum of Higher Education in the state of Goa. The infusions have been well received by the stakeholders. » (Course development)

8. Any final comments that you would like to add?

- I wanted to have a research collaboration and/or exchange students with Chalmers. My institution is known of its engineering programs in the Philippines. »
- ITP on ESD is a very laudable project. I suggest a conference of its alumni will be conducted to serve as a venue for sharing the successful ESD Change Project.»
- The program was very useful. A mechanism for continuity of participants in similar activities and programs through various other means is also seems essential. »
- The experience was good and the knowledge acquired was relevant to my country"s situation»
- I learned a lot, thank you very much.»
- i wish this was done earlier. »
- Thank you very much for the opportunity you provided me to fill the questionnaire. »
- The program was meaningful. However, there are many instances preventing effective implementation of the change project, in most of the developing countries.»
- I commend Chalmer"s University for hosting us in the Training Program for Sustainable Development in Higher education.They have shared with us different models and ways of integrating ESD in the university.»
- I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chalmers University for hosting us and showing us how sustainability issues are addressed at the Chalmers campus.»
- Please continue with this ITP sessions, though with a stringent selection process. Most importantly, please organise ESD ITP Alumni meet at least once in 2 years, preferably in Sweden. Only the main Participant may be invited to curtail expenditure. Also, the best ESD Change Project should be honoured with an award/citation by the SIDA. »
- Iappreciate the opportunity given to me to participate in the programme. tThank you once again.»

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