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V13 - Production ergonomics and work design, MPP027

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-03-18 - 2013-04-14
Antal svar: 25
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 52%
Kontaktperson: Marie Iwanow»

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

25 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»1 4%
Around 20 hours/week»5 20%
Around 25 hours/week»9 36%
Around 30 hours/week»3 12%
At least 35 hours/week»7 28%

Genomsnitt: 3.4

- Some weeks more, some weeks less.» (Around 20 hours/week)
- Way too much regardless of what the teachers think. » (Around 30 hours/week)
- It was way too much work. The quizzes took quite some time and the project was very intensive. All together it was too time consuming. » (At least 35 hours/week)
- The project and the quizes took way to much time!» (At least 35 hours/week)
- probably more some weeks, when you decide to have 2-3 quizzes apart from the other things in the course each week the workload will be to high.» (At least 35 hours/week)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

25 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»2 8%
50%»1 4%
75%»9 36%
100%»13 52%

Genomsnitt: 4.32

- I was absent the first three weeks due to work in the student union. » (75%)
- almost 100%» (75%)
- The lectures started at 9am at the mornings because Cecilia "didn"t fancy early mornings". Still she complained about not having enough time at some lectures...» (75%)
- Didn"t find Cecilias lectures good enough to attend 100%.» (75%)
- Well, since there is no examination I regret going on the lectures, not because they are bad, but because I had to much to do.» (100%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

3. How understandable are the course goals?

24 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»1 4%
The goals are difficult to understand»1 4%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»11 45%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»11 45%

Genomsnitt: 3.33

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

24 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»2 8%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»17 70%
No, the goals are set too high»5 20%

Genomsnitt: 2.12

- Too much workload but not much difficulty or complexity. » (No, the goals are set too low)
- Yes the goals seems reasonable, but after the course and you realize what you get for the effort you put in.» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- It was not too difficult or anything, just a lot. » (No, the goals are set too high)
- The goals are to high when it comes to the grade 3 and way too low when it comes to the other grades, they are practically the same...» (No, the goals are set too high)

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

24 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»12 50%
Yes, definitely»9 37%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»3 12%

Genomsnitt: 2.62

- The use of non-anonymous examination is not good. The general feeling is that the grading is biased by other things than the submitted content. » (To some extent)
- At first it"s not a serious way of examining if the results from the quizzes doesn"t get graded until 3 weeks after they are handed in. The difficulty of the quizzes and the grading is very different depending on examiner. In the previous course i believe Peter found a good way of using the quizzes so the students maximised the learning, I can"t say the same thing about how Cecila used the quizzes.» (To some extent)
- In some cases it was hard to understand what was wanted, in others it was clear.» (To some extent)
- But there is not a lot of feedback given (yet. » (Yes, definitely)
- Good with a checklist for the project!» (Yes, definitely)
- Couldn´,t say since I have not recieved weather or not I fullfilled them.» (I don"t know/have not been examined yet)
- There was only project and hand-in"s but they did test my knowledge.» (I don"t know/have not been examined yet)

Teaching and course administration

6. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

25 svarande

Small extent»4 16%
Some extent»5 20%
Large extent»16 64%
Great extent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.48

- the teachings helped, however the grade is defined on how well you are able to interpret the questions and write the answers needed, and if one just skipped the lectures and worked on the quizzes and the project one should certainly have reached a higher grade.» (Some extent)
- It´,s always good to listen what the examiners finds to be the crucial parts in each area. The teaching was often coupled to the case which was a plus as well.» (Large extent)
- Spec. Cecilia!» (Large extent)

7. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

25 svarande

Small extent»3 12%
Some extent»12 48%
Large extent»10 40%
Great extent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.28

- Too much course material to read for each quiz. Instead of "skimming" and trying to find the most relevant information, you tend to write based on your own knowledge and knowledge from the lectures, then try to find matching theories in the litterature» (Small extent)
- The literature where too unspecified, and when you get an entire book to read or even 10 pages of article, it takes too much time to read, and mostly the literature didn"t help anyways.» (Small extent)
- It´,s hard to now where to put your focus, and the easy way out is to use what you where given in the lectures and apply ctrl+f if the literature is to heavy. Especially since it was not always directly coupled to the exercises/quizes.» (Some extent)
- The literature list for this course was very extensive, I think the exminers should have spent more time on finding what is relevant and not just add a book because some sentances are interesting.» (Large extent)

8. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

25 svarande

Very badly»4 16%
Rather badly»9 36%
Rather well»8 32%
Very well»4 16%

Genomsnitt: 2.48

- Still have not received feed back on the quizzes. Especially problem with feedback from the ergonomic part. Ping pong problems. The time lag in feedback made it hard to improve for the next quiz since I did not know what was good and bad. » (Very badly)
- One of the worst course administration I have ever experienced at Chalmers. Some examples: -The quizzes disappeared, sometimes it wasn’,t possible to upload exercises via pingpong etc. -The feedback was very slow, in week 5 I had only got feedback on 3 quizzes, in week 7 only 6 quizzes (are still waiting for feedback from five quizzes 27 march) -The feedback was insufficient. If graded 2 points the only feedback was: “,Good”,, and if graded 1 point: “,Overall good”,. How can you tell what to improve from that? -Our group had booked a time at the lab in the evening, when we got there all the equipment were gone and locked up in another room. -All the Pim’,s with changes, updates, additional info etc counts to more than 2000 words…, » (Very badly)
- Ceclilias quiz never gets graded, very frustrating to not know how you are performing in the couse and get continious feedback» (Rather badly)
- The Ping-pong competence present in the course administration seems to be insufficient.» (Rather badly)
- Time for correcting and returning assignements (Quizes) were too long!» (Rather badly)
- Pingpong seems to live a life of its own...» (Rather badly)
- If the teachers are supposed to use quizzes and other hand in tools on the webpage they should know how they work. » (Rather badly)
- Feedback on assignments was very very late» (Rather badly)
- It took too much time to get answering from the quizzes, you cant have done 13 quizzes and only got 3 corrected, in that case you have no clue if you are doing it right or not, and could get 8 back at once» (Rather badly)
- Pingpong worked quite bad at times but that could be due to the adminitrators.» (Rather badly)
- Some difficulties with ping pong online submissions» (Rather well)

Study climate

9. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

25 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»2 8%
Rather good»9 36%
Very good»12 48%
I did not seek help»2 8%

Genomsnitt: 3.56

- Cecilia is always helpful but Peter does not contribute to a good atmospehere where you want to ask questions. » (Rather poor)
- Quick e-mail response, however not a lot of coaching hours for the project. » (Rather good)
- Quick responses on email - good!» (Very good)
- Both the teacher was very eager to support the students, especially in the project.» (Very good)

10. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

25 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»3 12%
Rather well»8 32%
Very well»14 56%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.44

- Not good to be able to choose your own groups in all the courses in the masters program. » (Rather poorly)
- Very diffferent motivations and level of interest in the group ment the work was very unevenly distributed between those who wanted to acheive a 5 and those who didn"t care. As an exchange student it can be very difficult to find a group of equally motivated students, given that you don"t know anyone from the course.» (Rather poorly)
- There should be a restriction to how many time-slots for the lab you can book at the same time. Some groups booked many time-slots in advance leaving the other groups hard to find any available time.» (Rather poorly)
- Some group members where more involved with the project than others. (Some a little bit too much)» (Rather well)

11. How was the course workload?

25 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»5 20%
High»12 48%
Too high»8 32%

Genomsnitt: 4.12

- Could have been better distributed for example rather than friday night submissions,monday morning or something» (Adequate)
- all the quizzes and the project took allot of time » (High)
- The course does not only have the experimental way of examining the students but the assignment is a large part of the final grade, which means that a lot of effort will have to go into it if something good is to come out. This often resulted in a lack of quality in the assignment where shortcuts are taken to raise important topics rather than getting a even solution.» (High)
- In periods it was too high, in periods to low. But the average workload was ok.» (High)
- Workload high but complexity not High» (High)
- Lagom :) » (High)
- The project took a lot of time. We spent a good 12-15 hours in the lab only assembling the product. » (Too high)
- And getting a 1 or a 2 for the quiz was too few points. (The difference between a 1 and 2 is probably too high/ not in balance)» (Too high)
- This course takes too much time and effort. This is a compulsory course and many of us have little or no interest for the subject. Even if you are going for grade 3 you have to put in a lot of effort and gaining almost nothing. In my eyes this course was 7.5 credits down the drain. Thanks a lot.» (Too high)
- I have done a very similar course earlier and i knew a lot of it already, but it dont matter if you have to write a half bachelor thesis during the course...» (Too high)

12. How was the total workload this study period?

25 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»9 36%
High»8 32%
Too high»8 32%

Genomsnitt: 3.96

- this course took allot of time» (High)
- The other course really suffered which is a shame since it was electable and much more intersting. » (High)
- Mainly because high workload in both coursed the same week.» (High)
- Formula student = 100h workweek » (Too high)
- The use of distributed exams forced my hand to study the other course which has an exam only the weekend before the exam. I find the distributed exams very egoistic, the only ones gaining are the examiners.» (Too high)

Summarizing questions

13. What is your general impression of the course?

25 svarande

Poor»4 16%
Fair»3 12%
Adequate»8 32%
Good»10 40%
Excellent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.96 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Waste of time and credits.» (Poor)
- One of the worst courses so far. In many of the essays I basically didn"t put any effort in them at all, and still got 2 points, while in some cases I spent a lot of time and only earned 1 point. That togheter with the insufficient and slow feedback made me disregard from the rest of quizzes. Even though I mostly was rewarded with 2 points, the learning outcome of the quizzes was nearly nonexistent.» (Poor)
- I had hoped for more from the work design part of the course. » (Fair)
- Could have been better. The ergonomic part seemed to be interesting before the course, afterwards it was a subject I didn"t find any interest in and my opinion is that it shouldn"t be manditory.» (Fair)
- Production part of the couse: very interesting and good. Ergonomics part a bit fuzzy and not as straight forward to learn.» (Adequate)
- The content is interesting but the very bad course administration and organisation made it hard to enjoy. » (Adequate)
- It"s an interesting course however given the split between two lecturers there sometimes lacked continuity or overlap» (Adequate)
- it"s a good course maybe a bit to much workload some times» (Good)
- The quizzes are useful to keep up with the literature. The lectures corresponded well with the literature/ quiz. » (Good)
- There are some very interesting methods in there but I might find that I lack a certain depth or special knowledge which leaves the learning fragmented.» (Good)
- The content was good but the structure can be better.» (Good)

14. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- Quizes are good, good lectures. Some of the quiz questions had very vauge descriptions that were hard to interpret what you was accutally supposed to write about. »
- project work.»
- Mixed method of assesment»
- project was good but it took allot of time»
- The ergonomics parts were good»
- The balance between individual quizzes and the group project. »
- The hands-on assignment that forces you to think outside the box.»
- The project!»
- The project is good but it took to much time. It need to be modefied but preserved. »
- The project BUT with changes. Spending many hours in the lab assembling that wardrobe really did not help anyone. Top that up with 15 quizzes and you are in for a treat.»
- The project was a good way of learning. »
- The work design parts.»
- project work»
- Digital tolls like Jack and the Wardrobe project were very good.»
- The lecures and the labs. The project should be in more focus and lesser time spending on quizzes...»
- The hand in"s forces the student to learn all through the course»
- Project + quiz! Its very good! »

15. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- It would have helped me a lot if the deadlines for the quizzes where moved to sundays. »
- MUCH faster grading of Ceclias quizzes, extremely frustrating to get Peters grades straight away and only have gotten 2 of Cecilias when the course is finished. It would"ve been good to know what grade you are looking to get on all quizzes at the completion part of the project. Reduce the production goal of the project to maybe 40-50 wardrobes would make it possible to create "better" solutions with more regard to ergonomics etc. The focus was too large on finding the absolute fastest way to reach 60 wardrobes. »
- the quizzes can be assigned for specific important topics.»
- Grading system, only marking 0,1,2 doesn"t provide adequate differentiation for those who have worked as hard as possible and done all the reading compared to those that havent. Not being allowed to make alterations to the wardrobe is somewhat frustrating given the early lecture on DFA and the importance of eliminating components such as fasteners,»
- The project needs more planning for next year. Tools didn"t work, lab computers didn"t have any valid AviX licenses, other intressents in the lab was not informed that we had activities in there most days. Also, 40% of the grade is set by a communal effort of a group. I dont think that is fair. A pass/fail grade on the project and grade based on individual effort on an exam would be better. The quizes should definitely not be kept in the present form, maybe they will be good when the new academic year comes to Chalmers as there will be more time.»
- Less workload. Maybe easier project/ less quizzes.»
- The competition part of the assignment. It inspires students to create as fast a production as possible. Cutting many corners in ergonomics that is smoothed over whit fancy words and smiles. Also the grading of the essay should be done more quickly to allow the student to both get a feel of expectations as well as be able to judge what is needed from the assignment to reach a desired grade.»
- The litterature for some of the quizzes. »
- Quizes. We were all really tired of esseys from the last study period to start with.»
- Faster grading of the quizzes. Better tools in the lab.»
- The grading system. How could it still be possible that grading ofoeach question is one or two while other examination forms have a scale of 10!!! This is just to make it easier for the teachers not tö make it far for the student. »
- The course administration. »
- The ergonomic parts. It needs a major change to attract student that find the subject uninspiring. Regarding the project it should be formed so the student are able to find a better way to perform it, not struggling to reach the goal of 60 wardrobes, better if the goal os 40 wardrobes and then you have the opportunity to work more with the ergonomics.»
- load in the project work and some more good tools in workshop»
- Weekly assignments overall»
- Faster feedback on hand in"s»
- Better screwdrivers .... :) »

16. Additional comments

- it maybe better with fewer but bigger hand ins and make sure that the lecture on a subject is more then the day before it is supposed to be handed in »
- Faster and more elaborate feedback on the quizzes is desired. »
- Nope»
- I would not recomend this course to anyone, make it compulsory »
- The Production Management course were also based on essays but worked very well. The questions were clear and relevant and the feedback was fast and productive. So there is no excuse why this course could not have a good administration regarding the quizzes. »
- Sometimes litareture for the week didn"t relate at all to the assignment so it felt like a waste of time. Useful still but not for the assignments.»
- Nice course, but faster feedback of the quiz is peferable»
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