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Research Utilization: Course Evaluation 2013, GFOK040

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-03-08 - 2013-04-30
Antal svar: 16
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 84%
Kontaktperson: Lena Holmberg»

1. . What is your general impression of the course?

16 svarande

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Poor»0 0%
Fair»0 0%
Adequate»1 6%
Good»11 68%
Excellent»5 31%
No opinion»0

- I think that the lectures put a lot of time and efforts in this course and it really felt that the like to help and support us. I didn"t attend all of the lectures, therefore I don"t know if the following topic came up. I would like to see cases in which researchers found smart ways to make utilization happen without spending too much time on it. The reason for that is that most of "us" do this for gaining insights and writing about them. The anticipated values are often acknowledgement and knowledge. While the course proposes alternatives on how to utilize it would be nice to see how utilization can adress these aspired values and even support researchers thriving towards these goals. Ones again, I haven"t been part of all the classes so it might have come up as I was given some examples on how people did it, while talking with examiners during the course. I understood the focus on sustainability, but in some respects it felt a bit artificial and like a pressure to obey to this "trend". I"m aware that sustainability is importent but not the main train tend in every field. Instead of sustainability I would liked to have investigated what trends are driving my field (in organizations/application) right now and how I could better relate to those trends.» (Excellent)
- The course was good - high workload, but that"s ok. I just think some "tools" could be handled more efficiently» (Good)
- I truly enjoyed the course and I am sure that I will have great use of the things I learnt.» (Excellent)
- Some elements were good, some were excellent. In general I believe the course was extremely valuable by introducing a new perspective on research, namely the utilisation perspective.» (Good, Excellent)

2. . Do you think that you achieved the learning objectives?

•,, WHY: The importance of utilization for research in general, in various sec- tors/areas of strength and for the individual researcher.
•,, WHAT: What can be utilized in term of knowledge and/or inventions generated through the research process, i.e. not only the research results as such.
•,, HOW: Various ways to utilize research, when they are applicable, and conse- quences of choices.
•,, WHO: Awareness of what you as a researcher can do in the utilization process, when support is needed and who can provide it.
•,, Check the distribution of utilization roles in your research team.
•,, Do a survey of your research area from a utilization perspective using several sources of information in addition to reference databases.
•,, Make an inventory of the intellectual assets in one of your research projects.
•,, Manage the process of designing a first version of an Innovation Strategy for your research group.

16 svarande

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Not at all»0 0%
To some extent»1 6%
Most of them»8 50%
All of them»7 43%
No opinion»0

3. What did you like most about the course? What should we not change?

- The presentations from the researchers telling their experiences»
- That the course made you sit down and think about these aspects. There is little time to do so in daily research practice and I felt that people within my department also didn"t think about these things much. Seeing that and experiencing ways to establish a dialogue where very beneficial.»
- The teachers were professionals in the area knowing the consequences. »
- The course structure is quite ok. I liked the most the tools about intellectual assets (both utilization and verification)»
- To hear the different research journeys you could take»
- The experiences given by the three lecturers.»
- The lectures were particularly interesting and well-structured. It was also a great idea to invite guest speakers to talk about their careers and research utilisation.»
- I really liked that we used our own research in all the excercises. By doing so we got direct benefit from doing them instead of applying the different tools to textbook examples. I also appreciated that we were kept quite busy with the excercises, since a lot of courses I have taken do not engage me simply by putting to low demands on the students.»
- What I liked most was the combination of lectures and assignments, where the assignments had a close connection with ones own research. I think this format is adequate.»
- interview part, talks by senior professors, most of the course content was really helpful and good»
- I enjoyed the discussion about roles the most, as well as the guest lectures from the 4 researchers. »
- discussion-like exams are fine»
- The chance to share ideas with other Ph.D. students.»

4. How can we improve the course even further by adding, reducing, or changing something?

- I think it is too many assignments, written and oral, for 3 credits. Why don"t you increase the number of credits, this course deserves it.»
- reducing homework, maybe merge IAI and IAV together»
- The templates could be mad a little bit more user friendly. Instead of providing word powerpoint or PDFs, there could be a PDF standard (you can do PDF forms) that one can fill out. So it will become easier to them. A standard word doc would work equally fine. The IAI and the utilization doc could be structured in a better way as there is some overlap. I also found it strange that the need has no field of its own, as I guess that would be the main thing to evaluate/figure out.»
- Move from open innovation to the standard practice. »
- The first two tools (F2R and R3) looked very similar to me, and I actually felt doing more or less the same exercise twice. Could they be merged? The exercise about innovation strategy is pointless if done alone»
- Some of the assignments were very lengthy and I feel that I spent more time than what is outlined by the amount of course credits.»
- Perhaps the oral examinations could be altered to not feel as forced as they were now. Usually there were a lot of interesting discussions but I was to one session were all the other students were silent and I got the feeling that they only wanted to be done with it. This is of course difficult to control, but perhaps the discussion leaders could focus a little bit more on engaging all students in the discussions.»
- I think the innovation strategy design exercise (ISD) was least useful and could be skipped. As for the oral presentations: although I like the idea of learning from the experiences of others, I sometimes found the sessions a bit lenghty, and some presentations difficult to follow without the respective background knowledge.»
- sustainability assessment does not match with other aspects of the course. It could be taken away.»
- The discussions about Intellectual Assets seem a bit premature, as most PhD students work in collaboration or under supervision, and it"s not their biggest concern to utilize the assets, but more to create them. »
- It would be nice to have a report task with reduced number but more compact content.»

5. . Do you think that you can enhance your career, either in academia or in industry, by applying what you learned in the course?

16 svarande

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Not at all»0 0%
To some extent»10 62%
To some extent»6 37%
No opinion»0

- The course certainly broadened my perspective and hinted to some opportunities to advance my research. Time will show whether this will indeed enhance my career. » (To some extent)

6. Would you recommend a fellow PhD student to take this course?

Thank you!
PS. You"re always welcome to visit Innovationskontor Väst in the future!

16 svarande

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Yes»16 100%
No»0 0%
No opinion»0

- However, I think this is especially interesting for students who had at least two years of experience, as in the beginning most of us focus on developing their research skills. » (Yes)
- Yes, but most likely in the last part of his/her PhD, when one already has quite some experience behind and is close to the moment of making a choice for the future» (Yes)
- But I do think it is good to take this course when you are a bit further ahead in your studies than I was» (Yes)
- Definitely a useful and valuable course I would without doubt recommend.» (Yes)

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