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Chalmers conference on teaching and learning KUL 2013

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2013-01-17 - 2013-01-25
Antal svar: 74
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 51%
Kontaktperson: Mikael Enelund»

1. To what extent did KUL2013 reach its goals?

1=low, 4=high


- inte många bidrag om undervisning...»
- oklart vad som menas med punkt c.»
- Programme developments are slow and involve huge time spans.»
- I do not know what to answer on d.»
- the goal about collefial discussion would have been reached to a higher extent with more staff participating - or by video-recording the presentations and putting them accecibled on Insidan for teachers to use later on.»
- Not so much on course situations, that is our everyday situation as teacher.»
- b and c might have been fullfilled but I did not experience any of it personally»
- The sessions I went to had very good discussions. I think it is a bit hard to fulfill the 2nd goal since one cannot often give feedback on the teaching so clearly in this situation (and I guess I won"t be able to clone Per Lundgren).»
- I just attended the first session with Ruth, then I had to leave. Ruth was very interesting.»
- Svårt att uttala mig som helhet då jag bara va på paneldiskussion 1645-17.30 samt presentationen "Pedagogiska pristagare om transformativt lärande"»
- Since I am not a teacher, b and c are difficult for me to answer.»
- To few or non course development issues»
- Keynote speaker was excellent! Very thought provoking!»

a. to promote collegial discussions on teaching and learning
73 svarande

1 1%
2 2%
25 34%
45 61%

Genomsnitt: 3.56

b. to give teachers an opportunity to receive feedback on their teaching
71 svarande

7 9%
18 25%
35 49%
11 15%

Genomsnitt: 2.7

c. to give teachers an accessible arena for formal pedagogical qualification
70 svarande

5 7%
11 15%
36 51%
18 25%

Genomsnitt: 2.95

d. to give a chance to exchange experiences of program development
70 svarande

0 0%
4 5%
35 50%
31 44%

Genomsnitt: 3.38

2. How would you like to improve the goals for KUL2014?

- I think engaging more people to come would greatly contribute to reaching the goals.»
- behöver nog ses över för att passa konferensen som den har blivit!»
- Try to involve more teachers by rewarding the Head of Department in some way - point out the pep talk incentive of the KUL conference for the teachers!!»
- Vore intressant att få med kopplingen till studenterna»
- It is good as it is.»
- Fewer parallell sessions if possible»
- a new goal could be: to disseminate pedagogical/didactical knowledge and skills amongst those who need it at Chalmers»
- Kanske mål för hur spridningen av deltagare ska vara, exempelvis antalet institutioner och andelen examinatorer som deltar aktivt med sina erfarenheter. »
- Maybe extent it - 2 days would be great, but maybe difficult to do.»
- It would be nice with even more emphasis on one particular selected theme - i e to use KUL as an arena to help us focus :-)»
- The goals are fine. It helps a lot if the morning plenary is really good, as it was this year.»
- Include goals for Chalmers" education management, PA:s, MPA:s and education administrators (not only teachers)»
- Greater student involvement and themes for that purpose»
- Reactionary faculty who are unwilling to change should be challenged more. Education is change!»
- This line is well thought. KUL has improved remarkably from only last year with regard to content and audience adaptation. »
- Involve teachers from departments»
- Behöver spridas mer, kanske ännu fler externa gäster - tex från GU?»
- No comment.»
- More key speakers concerning pedagogical development.»
- I do not know what the specific goals are, but it would be desireable if more "regular" techers would attend. Given how many professors (of different types) we have at Chalmers, the participation percentage is too small.»
- Management and support of education at diffderent levels could also be included»
- The second goal doesn"t seem realistic. We don"t have direct access to the teaching. We discuss reflections about teaching. »

3. Given your background and function at Chalmers, to what extent did you find KUL13 inclusive or not?

1=very exclusive, 4=very inclusive

71 svarande

1 1%
6 8%
38 53%
26 36%

Genomsnitt: 3.25

- It was open to everybody but few new faces turned up.» (?)
- As a PhD student it would have been nice with a special session on how to progress as a fairly fresh teacher/teaching assistant. It would also be nice with a larger share of PhD students attending. And I think that a great way to promote KUL and engage PhD students would be to let them count preparation of a contribution (RT,WS,P) as institutionstjänstgöring.» (2)
- Again, more people could provide a broader spectrum of presentations. » (3)
- It is inclusive but still prioritised by many people at Chalmers.» (3)

4. Where do you place KUL2013 on this scale?

1=very low quality content, 4=very high quality content

72 svarande

0 0%
9 12%
55 76%
8 11%

Genomsnitt: 2.98

- Different pedagogical initiatives give some new ideas in time just before the semester starts.» (3)
- tre av fyra sessions var jättebra samt intressant keynote och paneldebatt på slutet» (3)
- Why not conference papers as in ordinary scientific conferences? (with abstract, introduction, conclusions and so on)» (3)
- between a 3 and a 4.» (3)
- I think the keynote was excellent. Very good that Mats Viberg was attending it.» (3)
- Very good key-note speaker!!» (3)
- The quality has improved.» (3)
- The quality gets better and better!» (3)

5. What is your main motive for attending KUL2013?

- getting some new ideas»
- To get inspired to be a better pedagogue. »
- To get new insights, to get inspiration and to see what work other departments/institutions are working with.»
- Listening to good examples.»
- Intresserad att lyssna och lära mig mer vad som görs inom pedagogik på Chalmers»
- Learning about ongoing pedagogical discussions at Chalmers.»
- Inspiration»
- Interest»
- Mee Träffa kolleger och höra vad som pågår på Chalmers. Få ideer. »
- I gives me inspiration, networking, for my improvements as PA and teacher»
- to get input and be inspired in my pedagogical activities.»
- To engage in making Chalmers a better place to study at and to make Chalmers grow a reputation of being in the frontier when it comes to teaching and studentinvolvment.»
- Interesting. Meeting people. Part of my job.»
- Följa upp hur det pedagogiska utvecklingsarbetet inom program och kurser bedrivs.»
- To get inspiration and new ideas of how I can improve my own teaching.»
- Listen, learn and share with other colleagues»
- I was a presenter, I did not know about KUL until I saw a poster for KUL2012 and then it was too late for me to submit»
- Since I have leading role it is very important to attend, but also to find out some things that are happening around Chalmers that I did not know about.»
- Meet interesting people and be part of an on-going discussion on how t oimprove teaching and learning at Chalmers»
- To learn more and get inspired by the presentations»
- To get tips and inspiration for my own teaching.»
- To participate in topical discussions on teaching.»
- We work at a university. Education is important. Research on teaching and learning is part of my research profile.»
- Learn more about program assessment and development»
- Hålla mig informerad om vad som händer på undervisningssidan på Chalmers»
- Presenting, networking»
- meeting colleagues seeing what is done inspiration by keynote»
- Har arbetat med HSV utvärdering under ett års tid och ville främst höra paneldebatten 16.45-17.30 med samtliga UOLers syn på utvecklingsarbete inom utbildningsområdena. Dessutom ville jag få en större inblick i grundutbildningsfrågor som numera är ett område som några från min enhet (OSS-Operativt och strategiskt stöd) arbetar med.»
- to present my work and to get feedback, to listen to other presentations.»
- Interesting to hear "what´,s going on" and to meet others interested in education.»
- Very interesting discussions and presentations.»
- course development»
- Information and discussions»
- New knowledge and inspiration»
- inspiration for improving a course»
- Presenting, getting comment on my work and hoping others will follow its example»
- To broaden the view and find out what is done on other programs.»
- I"m interested in issues regarding education and pedagogy - especially within our own university"s settings. Meeting and discussing engineering education with colleagues.»
- Diskussion with peers.»
- To get a jolt in my thinking about teaching.»
- Updating, informative and educative. »
- It´,s best internal conference with pedagogical discussions and pedagogical development. »
- Insight in teaching at Chalmers,new perspectives »
- To find out insights upon different teaching methods.»
- To listen and learn and to inform about my project. »
- Intressant, utvecklande, nätverkande,»
- A good opportunity to see what others are doing tied to education around Chalmers.»
- networking»
- To be inspired»
- To calibrate my own teaching methods with others". Of course also searching for new ideas.»
- Interact with colleagues with interest in teaching.»
- To get feedback / ideas on teaching»
- To get ideas of improving my teaching, ideas of course and programme development, ideas of quality assurance work. To take part in discussions.»
- I am interested in developing teaching at Chalmers and GU.»

6. Which new thoughts for your own teaching have KUL2013 induced (if any)?

- new ideas regarding course design and how to work with different teaching methods»
- A video of specific hard parts of a lecture or exercise available to the sutdents. »
- I got some ideas of how to develop some of my courses I teach.»
- inget vad gäller undervisning, däremot massor vad gäller utveckling i allmänhet»
- The need to pinpoint the courses on a scale from 1 to 5 so that Chalmers general goal of student satisfaction superceeds 3,5. That is intersting.»
- Institutionernas roll för kvalitetshöjning av kurser och lärare»
- Difficult to say.»
- New thoughts on handig out old exams»
- Pair lecturing»
- Different ways for weekly examination in ""CA"" courses. Pair lecturing!!»
- to think CA (Constructive Alignment) - always»
- It once more reminded me of the usefulness of constructive alignment for course activities and course structure. I was also inspired further to trust in the capability of the students - and to have high expectations.»
- I better understand the compexity around and why some regulations are introduced regarding what facilities students may use at a written exam.»
- The importance of showing the students that you like your subject and find it important. To also convey that the subject is important and enjoyable for the students. But also basing the teaching on a solid foundation for the course where learning goals etc are transparent. »
- styrkort»
- Of those that I can identify: tips for how to do peer lecturing, and our challenge when facing pseudo-science»
- More thoughts about how to include different genres of writing and some thoughts about working more with design processes although I do not know exactly how yet. Also learned some things that we are going to follow up on for our project on master-thesis quality.»
- I learned a lot during the workshop on different methods and how do use for doing research on my course»
- Strenghtened the conviction that increased student involvement/activity in the teaching increases learning.»
- New ideas on how to be able to merge different topics under one course frame-work.»
- The plenary presentation about drivers for change was really interesting and gave new insights.»
- How to include transformative learning in own teaching, promoting SoTL at own institution.»
- how to make the course more closely linked to the other programme parts?»
- Undervisar inte»
- to continue with what I am doing since it is appreciated.»
- new ideas that can be included in my courses»
- some practival tools/tips on how to improve a course»
- Better action research methodological awareness. »
- Nothing immediate and ground-breaking, but a general feeling of optimism and potential collaborations.»
- good educational development and improvement of pedagogies always start with the teachers and must have good support from leaders to sustain. »
- Ruth Graham"s speech was very inspiring and I recognized many of the things she said. She made me deside to do a study - see question 7. »
- Nothing in particular.»
- The key speaker were good but the issue were on a superficial level»
- Not a new but a confirmed thought: Students are in general not lazy at all. Sometimes we perhaps put too much effort into making them work instead of motivating them to work (harder)»
- Some ideas of programme development work.»
- I find it quite difficult to think at a higher level than one course, but a lot of improvements seem to require reflection at a systemic level (coordination of syllabi, larger reforms...)»

7. Have you been inspired to write a paper on teaching and learning yourself?

68 svarande

Yes»37 54%
No»31 45%

Genomsnitt: 1.45

- Perhaps.» (?)
- Could be a good goal for reporting on things I would like to try in teaching during this year» (Yes)
- Several... I"m thinking about a piece which I might present at KUL2014. We will see.» (Yes)
- But I probably won"t for some time.» (Yes)
- 2 papers under work» (Yes)
- Not exactly a paper, but to see to that a study over the learning aspects of my project will be done.» (Yes)
- Something have to be done» (Yes)
- Inte aktuellt.» (No)
- Will write one but not due to this conference.» (No)
- not this year» (No)
- Eftersom jag inte undervisar» (No)
- I work in administration» (No)
- I am still waiting for my previous one (from KUL 20119 to be published.» (No)

8. What is your overall impression of KUL2013?

1=very poor, 4=very good

73 svarande

0 0%
2 2%
41 56%
30 41%

Genomsnitt: 3.38

9. Suggestions for improvement in KUL2014 and other comments

- Develop the WIP area, maybe have more formal poster sessions? »
- tar det i programkommittén»
- A tough discussion on program development and adaptation to world wide criteria! We compete on a global scale.»
- see question 4»
- Video-record presentations - categorize them and make them easily available in a nice format on Insidan - this makes it easy to get back to when you need it, to share amongst colleagues, to promote KUL2014 to colleagues and since there are several parallel sessions: for the participants to take part in a largere share of the material that was presented during the conference. Do also try to involve research groups that haven"t had any people attending and younger researchers overall.»
- More people should attend, both regular teachers and people like PA, MPA, v.pref. and pref. All students working within course evaluation processes at the programmes should be there too. I do not know how to fix this, perhaps compulsory for PA, MPA, v.pref (we have compulsory department days at our dept., where you must have a good reason why not attending). I noticed that MANY of these people did not attend. If this group can not prioritize this once a year, then we obviously have a problem with lifting educational issues to a higher level. At last: rektor should attend, so she learn one or two things about teaching activities at her university.»
- Uppmuntra fler att göra posters där man både delar med sig av exempel på ändringar som varit uppskattade och de som inte gått hem, samt hur man uppmätt förändringen. Om fler deltar aktivt med posters kan det bli ett ännu större utbyte av idéer mellan aktiva lärare. »
- Try to increase the number of PhD students that attend and include content more aimed towards teaching assistants and project supervision. Currently the content seemed focused either on lecturers, course manegment or large scale curriculum changes. Could also invite a few interested students for example representatives from different "studie nämnder".»
- Include information on what kind of help and tools I as a teacher can get easily whitin Chalmers. I think we are many that would like to excel in our teaching so give us some kind of possibility/room to formulate a course or two-day seminar that we feel for. Now we are sort of restricted to what Chalmers offer us.»
- I thought it was very good this year. The only thing I could think of is that is would be nice to have been seated together more clearly during the lunch. After the excellent keynote it would have been good to have the opportunity to participate in some kind of follow-up discussion in smaller groups about whether we have what it takes or what has happened to some of the initiatives for change taken at Chalmers.»
- I think it is significant that the faculty group at Chalmers had a lunch meeting on the same day as KUL and that my colleagues had a seminar without knowing that it collided with KUL. We need to get middle-management to incourage participation and get KUL to be top-priority once a year at least. Otherwise I really enjoyed the experience! »
- It would be nice with even more emphasis on one particular selected theme - i e to use KUL as an arena to help us focus :-)»
- The quality in terms of looking what is being done outside of Chalmers.Many presentations are only based on what is done at Chalmers and does not connect to other research.»
- Av det lilla jag deltog vid»
- - better advertisement of the benefits of KUL, - reviewing process (demanding for an internal conference)»
- I think this year"s setup worked really well. Perhaps a conference dinner? Perhaps focusing people"s attention to the posters as well (I didn"t really pay any attention to them, unfortunately).»
- More ongoing activities and discussions leading up to the event.»
- Försöka nå flera och inte bara "redan frälsta"»
- Clear themes and more key speakers»
- Broader participation - perhaps select a few Masters Programmes to present themselves and the teaching/learning ideas. In a few (8-10?) years all of them have been invited ... ?»
- It seems to be same or similiar people that come. I wonder how other teachers can be reached at Chalmers.»

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