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Evaluation of exchange studies

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-12-05 - 2012-12-21
Antal svar: 131
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 46%
Kontaktperson: Lovisa Aijmer»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers, ej utbildningsprogr

1. What exchange programme do you belong to?*

131 svarande

Erasmus»111 84%
Bilateral»8 6%
Unitech»6 4%
Norden»3 2%
Other»3 2%
Don"t know»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.31 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- It is really hard to find an accomodation in Goteborg.» (Erasmus)
- exchange with NCTU» (Other)

2. What is your field of study?

Please choose the one which suits you best

130 svarande

Architecture»13 10%
Computer engineering»7 5%
Electrical engineering»10 7%
IT engineering»5 3%
Civil engineering»10 7%
Industrial engineering and management»20 15%
Design engineering»1 0%
Mechanical engineering»35 27%
Automations/Mechatronics engineering»2 1%
Physics Engineering»3 2%
Mathematics»2 1%
Chemical engineering»6 4%
Bio engineering»5 3%
Other»10 7%
Don"t know»1

Genomsnitt: 6.82 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Business Administration» (?)
- and civil engineering» (Architecture)
- Telecommunications» (Computer engineering)
- & Computer Engineering» (Electrical engineering)
- Digital communications, satellite sciences» (IT engineering)
- focusing on energy technology» (Industrial engineering and management)
- Material science» (Other)
- technology management» (Other)
- Materials and Manifacturing Technology» (Other)
- Aerospace Engineering» (Other)
- Materials science» (Other)
- Communications Engineering» (Other)

3. Did you receive enough information from Chalmers prior to your exchange?

Information includes welcome letter, Chalmers" website, contact with your coordinator etc.
Please specify below any suggested improvements

131 svarande

The information was very good»32 24%
The information was good»59 45%
The information was satisfactory»32 24%
The information was unsatisfactory»7 5%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 2.1 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- but we waited a long time to get these information. So about some weeks we felt uncertain if we are accepted at Chalmers.» (The information was very good)
- I think it"s a bit difficult to get information on the Chalmers website and it is kind of hard to find the lists of available courses.» (The information was good)
- The information e-mails (e.g. welcome letter) could have been sended earlier.» (The information was good)
- You should add that exchange student should care about accomodation a long time before they arrive or as soon as they know they will come.» (The information was good)
- It was well coordinate overall.» (The information was satisfactory)
- received the necessary info, but the contact to the professors about accreditation was difficult. some didn"t answer.» (The information was satisfactory)
- Information prior to the exchange was rather few and little late, especially information about finding accomodation in Göteborg. » (The information was satisfactory)
- The commuication with the coordinator could be better before the exchange. I received no answers to my questions.» (The information was satisfactory)
- Quite badly structured, not pinpointing the most important factors like housing well enough» (The information was satisfactory)
- Not enough about accommodations in Gothenburg» (The information was satisfactory)
- It would be better to know the exam dates and course schedules some more time in advance than we did, because some universities ask for course selection lists many months in advance, and then overlaps can occur.» (The information was satisfactory)
- I haven"t received the information including the webpage with the application form. Fortunately a friend was studying on Chalmers and has sent me the link. » (The information was unsatisfactory)
- The official information came very late. Almost all of the information I needed I got on demand.» (The information was unsatisfactory)
- Say "thank you" to Mrs Levasseur for that...» (The information was unsatisfactory)
- never got Letter of acceptance, although accepted, what lead to uncertainty prior to my exchange. » (The information was unsatisfactory)
- unfortunately i had no information before leaving.» (The information was unsatisfactory)

4. What is your opinion on the welcome week activities?*

131 svarande

Very good»54 44%
Good»43 35%
Satisfactory»21 17%
Unsatisfactory»3 2%
Very unsatisfactory»0 0%
No opinion»10

Genomsnitt: 1.77 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- - provides a perfect overview about Chalmers, Gothenburg and useful acitvities» (Very good)
- The welcome week was awesome and well organised!» (Very good)
- Very warm welcome and guidance through the organizational things - especially by the CIRC people!» (Very good)
- It is really nice to get to know the other exchange students. Most of the friends i sticked to during the semster i met in this week. Anyway it could be nice to involve some swedish students as well!» (Good)
- Organisation of CIRC was incredibly bad.» (Satisfactory)
- the buddy thing did not work as it was supposed to...» (Satisfactory)
- Not everything is completely well organised (lunch, meeting places, description of where to go)» (Satisfactory)
- Events was not so well organized. For example when prepaid card was given there was so many people waiting and only two or three CIRC people, should have been more. Campus Day was nice but during that day I only knew few places from school area. A map or similar would have been good to get because school area is extremely large.» (Satisfactory)
- More groupbilding with the phaddergroups would be better» (Satisfactory)
- There could have been more activities.» (Satisfactory)
- Could be a little more personal.» (Satisfactory)
- Useless. People did not want to engage that much, my phadder group was composed by people by people who really did not want to engage and did not give me information I needed.» (Unsatisfactory)
- My phadder was more keen to bang the girls in our group than give us informations about the univ...» (Unsatisfactory)
- (I came to Gothenburg after the welcome week)» (No opinion)
- Arrived after» (No opinion)

5. Have you got the help you needed from your coordinator at Chalmers?*

Please specify any problems

131 svarande

Yes, the help has been very good»64 51%
Yes, the help has been good»49 39%
Sometimes I have not got the help I needed»10 8%
I have not got the help I needed»1 0%
No opinion»7

Genomsnitt: 1.58 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- I really apreaciate that they answer very quickly to my mail» (Yes, the help has been very good)
- A short note with the most important facts about the exams would have been nice (what do I need to bring,where do I need to register,...) But maybe I missed it.» (Yes, the help has been very good)
- Panne was every time, in every situation a great help. Thank you for that!!!!» (Yes, the help has been very good)
- Thankfully she was there» (Yes, the help has been very good)
- The help was very good during the sty in sweden» (Yes, the help has been very good)
- Overall yes. For the housing, also, but we had to call 10 times.» (Yes, the help has been good)
- After my arrival, the help was good. Before, some difficulties regarding email communication.» (Yes, the help has been good)
- Actually before arrival the email response was not good. But in a meeting in person all things could be resolved. » (Yes, the help has been good)
- My coordinator has never answered any Email!» (Sometimes I have not got the help I needed)
- Not needed, yet...» (No opinion)

6. How long time did it take for you to find accommodation?

131 svarande

I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers»68 52%
Within the first few days»13 10%
After 1-2 weeks»24 18%
After 2-4 weeks»15 11%
After more than one month»10 7%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 2.12 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- I luckily found an accomodation before coming here, but it was lots of work and emails and luck. The coordinators were very encouraged to help with little things(!!!), but still the general situation for students to find something is not very good.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- 2 weeks before I arrived» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I was just lucky to find accommodation. It"s really hard as exchange student. » (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- Although it is very difficult to find it and it is the main drawback in coming to Sweden to study.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- But it was very difficult to find an accomodation. I didn"t get a student accomodation, so I had to find a private flat. I wished that Chalmers supported me better in this phase.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I started with the search for a room 2 month before I came!» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- But very hard in advance, almost not possible.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I would have liked more information and help about housing. I had luck, but it was very difficult for some people to get where to sleep. Some more help should be provided, or otherwise, if there are not enough student flats in gothemburg, admit less erasmus people.» (I had arranged accommodation before I came to Chalmers)
- I found after 7 visits so it was very stressful...» (Within the first few days)
- it is a shame that chalmers does not help 1-term erasmus students finding accommodation at all. gothenburg university does it and the sgs residences they offer are very good. » (After 1-2 weeks)
- Eventhough more stzudent housing would be nice, specially for students who stay for a semester only, as they have it much harder to find a place.» (After 1-2 weeks)
- I think Chalmers should provide accommodation not only to Erasmus students but also to Nordplus students. » (After 1-2 weeks)
- It is very hard for foreign people to find somethings good here!!» (After 1-2 weeks)
- Chalmers should not give such amount of erasmus grants if they can"t cover properly the acommodation of the students. My first week here was one of the worst situations in my life. New country and no place to stay is a very tough situation.» (After 1-2 weeks)
- to find an accommodation in gothenburg is very hard especially for erasmus students. that problem should be solved soon» (After 2-4 weeks)
- Horrible situation, the statement from Chalmers "there are good chances to get a place over SGS" is not true at all. I registered the first day it was possible and did not get anything.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- As I said before, you should make exachange students aware of the situation in Goteborg about accomodation. You should warn them that nobody will help them when they arrive.» (After 2-4 weeks)
- This is the most absurd part and that is why I don"t know if I can suggest to other people to come to Gothemburg. SGS DO NOT HELP and in fact none of my group find an accomodation there, which is terrible. We found on boplasts, but we had to waste time and money in an expensive hostel. This is an absurd and humiliating situation i cannot stand, even because you end up with a landlord. Plus, Chalmers do not help and keep saying "go to SGS" when they perfectly know it does not work.» (After more than one month)
- It is a problem to find accomodation in Gothenburg. I almost cancelled my exchange (before coming to Gothemburg) because I couldnt find any place to stay. » (After more than one month)

7. What kind of accommodation have you had?

131 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

SGS student housing»55 41%
Private room/apartment via Boplats»34 25%
Private room/apartment found on your own»35 26%
Stayed with a friend/relative»4 3%
Other, please specify below»5 3%

- the only "bad" erasmus experience.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- so living with an older couple, a big restriction to your freedom and it should not be needed to even try to get a room like this.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- found via Facebook» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- A private house shared by 3 students.» (Private room/apartment found on your own, Other, please specify below)
- Fortunatly we found close to the uni. But we were luck.» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- Student corridoor: Own room, shared kitchen, toilets and shower. In total there was about fifteen exchange students.» (Other, please specify below)
- hostel» (Other, please specify below)
- Terrible» (Private room/apartment via Boplats)
- I would have prefer a SGS student housing, but there is very few rooms» (Private room/apartment found on your own)
- Hostel» (Other, please specify below)
- Renting from another student from my country who is not in the apartment this semester» (Private room/apartment found on your own, Other, please specify below)
- The SGS applying procedure is highly unreasonable!!!!» (SGS student housing)
- We had bedbugs in our apartment, which is not someone expects of these kinds of flats. Chalmers could ask SGS to ensure that there are no bedbugs in the apartments they provide to the students.» (SGS student housing)
- It"s really difficult to find an accomodation... But the concept of private rooms is nice. » (Private room/apartment found on your own)

8. What is your overall impression of the studies?

(Teachers, lectures, lab work etc.)

129 svarande

Very good»38 29%
Good»66 51%
Satisfactory»21 16%
Unsatisfactory»3 2%
Very unsatisfactory»0 0%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 1.91 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- A lot of work, but I really learnt something.» (Very good)
- Little too theoretical for my taste. » (Good)
- The level of education is good. Good was that many courses include lab works. » (Good)
- - lectures and teachers are very good and widen the perspective of the students - only negativ aspect is the sometimes missing coordination and too many assignments» (Good)
- Difficult to be part of a class when we have only two or three courses.» (Good)
- Most of the courses were very good while one was among the worst I have taken during my studies» (Good)
- specific feedback was given directly to professors» (Satisfactory)
- Some courses had a bit of a low level, some were harder but the explanation by the teachers is not good, they dont explain, but they tell you and this makes the courses even harder» (Satisfactory)
- Satisfactory, but the level of teaching is overall poor and the workload is high. Groupworks fortunately are challenging and well-structured.» (Satisfactory)
- Sometimes chaotic organisation, quite poor exercises, lab work» (Satisfactory)
- The environment (facilities etc) is quite good. (maybe sometimes rooms could be heated more). My impression of the teachers is various. There are really good ones and there are the ones that can barely speak english (pronouncing letters wrong during a math session is quite bad). » (Satisfactory)
- in architecture, it can be surprising to discover the nature of the exercice in a master year. by saying that everything is fabulous, even when there is almost no work done, the student may ask himself no further question…,everything can not be fabulous everytime, but maybe some students can not support the critic and that is the reason why the teaching is like this. otherwise, it"s good.» (Unsatisfactory)

9. What is your overall impression of your exchange stay at Chalmers?

130 svarande

Very good»70 54%
Good»49 37%
Satisfactory»8 6%
Unsatisfactory»2 1%
Very unsatisfactory»0 0%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 1.55 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Jättebra! Everybody I met was absolutely friendly and trying to help me, whatever he or she could do!» (Very good)
- It is a great university. (Apart from the courses) I really like the facilities and the students" life and activities at Chalmers. I personally » (Very good)
- the campus is awesome and I met beautiful people, teaching was satisfactory but to be improved (as for economics) » (Good)
- I like the spirit in the school» (Good)
- Overall it was a pleasent experience. » (Good)
- One bad thing: no courses of swedish offered by Chalmers. I find this very illogical and annoying. Most people can"t afford swedish courses. » (Good)
- It gave me the chance to know better the north. Gothemburg is nice and I liked it - of course it is expensive and everything, but you can find pretty much everything you want.» (Satisfactory)

10. Would you recommend Chalmers to other students at your home university

130 svarande

Yes»112 86%
Maybe»14 10%
No»3 2%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 1.15 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Definately!» (Yes)
- But I would definitely tell them to atleast make sure they have a good room, it makes a huge difference in experience» (Yes)
- I would recommend Chalmers without any doubt. It has been a great Erasmus» (Yes)
- but it depends on the field of studies. There are just a few courses for industrial engineering and management which are open for exchange students.» (Yes)
- More for the feeling, less for the content. » (Yes)
- I would probably recommend Gothenburg but, even if Chalmers was overall good, I would probably recommend Gothenburg university to an economics student just for the accommodation problem. » (Maybe)
- Only if they were interested in the North and they are prepared with tons of money to spend. If these two conditions are not met, I wouln"t suggest it at all (plus, there is the aspect of housing, I know my friends all over the world in a student housing or in a private house... :-( ).» (Maybe)
- i"ll tell them that it is maybe not the deepest projects they will do, but it is still very interesting for the life, the people and everything that is around the nordic culture and nature.» (Maybe)
- Acommodation is a big problem, it is way better going to another university that assures acommodation in student housing.» (No)

11. Do you have any other comments?

- Small idea: You could include the interactive map[ http://www.chalmers.se/HyperText/Karta/load-e.html ] into the welcome letter or somewhere, because I really missed something like this the first days of courses...,-)»
- I heard that the corporation with my home university in Germany TU Darmstadt will not be continued. If it"s true, why is this so? It would be very sad! Is it just because chalmers students don"t want to go to Germany in exchange for whatever reason?»
- The assignments take a rather long time to return (I know they are a lot) but having all back/approved before the exam would be nice.»
- Thanks a lot for the great time at chalmers!»
- Thank you.»
- I will thank Chalmers for my erasmus experience. But there is a lot to fix. It is a pity, Chalmers and Gothemburg has so much to offer.»
- too high-school like environment. student"s shouldn"t be patronised like they"re not responsible enough to work on their own. the level of the courses and what is demanded is average at most, it should be a challenge and difficult to get the highest grade (not the case apparently). passing a course with a 3 is so easy that i wonder why some people even bother.»
- Chalmers should find a way to guarantee accommodation to all the students. In my case was really dificult find accommodation. Sometimes it make a student comeback to the home coutry in first weeks»
- It would be very nice to have a Swedish course for beginners for free. (within the Erasmus program)»
- The stay was very attractive»
- Gothenburg is a GREAT city!»
- Good exchange and good courses" quality. »
- there are no wrongs from my critic, it is really not the same as i am used to, here, it is a lighter rythm, but more than chalmers itself, i discovered really nice people and a roughness of nature that helped me answering to several questions that i had about architecture and what i want to do. tack !»
- Except about accomodation, my studies at chalmers were a pleasure.»
- Teachers should be checked for language abilities. »
- There has been a lot of discussion among (foreign) students about the sustainability concept Chalmers (wants to) stand for on the one hand and the food being served with plastic dishes on the other hand. If this is a sustainable solution compared to having a dish washer then you should get this message to the students. Otherwise you should work on a better solution for this exposed part of the university life.»
- I have had an excellent time at Chalmers, and in Gothenburg. I am very sad to leave and hope to be back sometime in the near future.»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 2.26

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 2.26
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