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Management of open innovation and network-based markets, TEK305

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-09-28 - 2012-10-05
Antal svar: 4
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 23%
Kontaktperson: Anneli Hildenborg»

Overall impression

1. Content

What was your overall sense of the content of the course? Was the level of difficulty appropriate for your learning process? Has the course contributed to your concrete understanding and application of open innovation?
- Did the lectures cover the content appropriately?
- Did the assignments convey the content in a relevant way?
- Did the literature list facilitate your learning experience and was it aligned with the lectures and assignments?

- The lectures were content rich and well structured. The assignments did not convey the content relevantly as it felt that they were pulled out of thin air simply to make an assignment.»
- I must say, the lectures are really good, the literature is really good and the hand-ins are very good. But, it felt like the hand-ins where separate to the lectures and literature in the sense that there were very few things from the lectures and the literature that you could use when you did the hand-ins. I really liked the course and I really appreciate some lectures that are not completely related to the hand-ins, but I feel that if for example one lecture was added to each week that really aimed at describing some basic concepts that could be useful in the hand-ins then that would really enhance the learning experience.»
- The lectures did not cover the content in a satisfactable way. Correlation between lectures and overview of course content was lacking.»
- Sometimes it was difficult to see how the literature correlated to the weekly assignment. It would have been better to get assigned articles to each week right away. In order to perform better in group assignments and learn more I would have preferred either to have consultations to discuss our thoughts, or to have facilitated discussions with the whole class.»

2. Work distribution

How well were the work processes distributed over the course? This year we redesigned the course in response to students finding the number of lectures and assignments overwhelming. Would you have preferred to have worked in different ways?

- it felt that we did not have enough lectures. That could also be because of the 3 cancellations .»
- I think that the work-load was very good. I think we could have had a few more lectures, maybe one more each monday or something. There was often not that much to do in the beginning of the week. But I really liked that there was a lot of free time in the end of the week, so you could work with the hand-ins. One thing I didn"t like was that we had both an individual assignment and a group assignment the last week. The group assignment we had in the last week was really good and it would have been fun to have more time to dig in to that one. Therefore I would rather have had the individual assignment earlier.»
- More lectures covering more basic fundaments in open innovation. Number of assignments good.»
- The work was well distributed over the weeks.»

3. Administrative structures

How well did the communication and administration of the course work?
- Were you able to receive feedback when requested?
- Did the Moodle platform work?
- Did you feel that you understood what was expected of you and what to expect?

- moodle works but as of now, the course has finished. we JUST received a mark for the first assignment. We have not had any feedback throughout the duration of this course. Expectations were confusing but some questions were answered through Moodle.»
- I have only recieved feedback on one hand-in so far... It would have been good to get feedback on some of the assignments before the course is over... Except for that, the communication and working with Moodle worked fine. I do however feel that the goal with the course was a little bit unclear.»
- Still unsure if I performed as was expected from the course content»
- In order to improve the learning process during the course it would have been good to get feedback on the assignments earlier to use for upcoming assignment. Now it was difficult to know how well you had done and if it was enough for getting the desired grade, before doing the next assignment.»

4. Other

Other input on the overall course, as well as overall changes you would suggest for the future development of the Open Innovation Lab.

- For this type of course, I really liked taking it as an "intencive course" by taking it for full-time for 4 weeks. That worked really well! I think that the goal of the course should be made clearer though.»
- Have consultations and more discussion time related to the assignments in order to improve learning during the whole course.»

Specific lectures

It is also useful for us if you can provide feedback on specific lectures, whether in terms of content, administration or other aspects. This helps us learn which lectures to include, which lecture formats are most appreciated, and allows us to communicate results to our external lecturers, who are almost always interested in hearing how their lecture went. Try to comment on as many lectures as you can.

5. 03/09, 13-14, Henrik Rosén - Introduction to the Open Innovation Lab

- A good lecture, but it could have been good with an a little bit more detailed description of the goal with the course and what we are going to study during the course. It could for example be good to explain the goal with each week.»

6. 03/09, 14-16, Ulf Petrusson - R&D and Innovation pt. 1

- A good lecture with really good frameworks!»

7. 04/09, 9-12, Magnus Eriksson - Innovation and operative management

- The lecture gave a good overview of open innovation»

8. 05/09, 8-10, Bo Heiden - Innovation Management

- The lecture was really good and especially the tool of how to do a degunkification. That tool should definitely be presented earlier in the education!»
- Bo encouraged to great discussions in class, and deepened my understanding for open innovation.»

9. 05/09, 10-12, Bo Heiden - Design Innovation

- Se above.»

10. 06/09, 9-12, Ulf Petrusson - R&D and Innovation pt. 2

- Se above.»

11. 11/09, 9-12, Ulf Petrusson - Open Innovation and Copyright

- Good lecture.»

12. 13/09, 8-10, Tomas Hedner - Open innovation in biotech

- Really good lecture. It was very interesting to get an insight in how Open Innovation works in biotech!»

13. 17/09, 9-12, Henrik Rosén - Introduction to Standards

- The lecture was good and very interesting. But it could have been good if standards was explained a little bit more. The overview of how a standard is set that was presented in the lecture "Telecommunication standards and Standards Wars" was really good but would have been good to have in this lecture.»
- Very valuable - needed BEFORE assignment.»

14. 21/09, 10-12, Anders Arvidsson - The patent market –, an open innovation platform?

15. 24/09, 9-12, Henrik Rosén - Telecommunication standards and Standards Wars

- A good lecture. It contained a good presentation of how standards are set and some interesting cases.»
- Very valuable - needed BEFORE assignment.»

16. 28/09, 9-12, Mathias Hellman - Presentation of Neverlight case

- The Neverlight case and the discussion afterwards was the thing I liked most with this course. It was a really good discussion and a really good presentation of the case! I would have liked to se a little bit more discussion about and examples of the different strategies that could have been used for the patent portfolio»
- Helpful in understanding the playing field. Could not have learnt this in any other way...»
- It was very educational to have Mathias go over the case and discuss the aspects.»

General input

17. Any other input or suggestions that you have in relation to the course:

- Most of the assignments would have benefited from a planned discussion/seminar session where we got to elaborate and explore the different concepts.»
- The Neverlight case was good to keep, but have some consultation time for it.»

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