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AMU018 Sustainable development and the design professions HT2012

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-10-03 - 2012-10-28
Antal svar: 115
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 72%
Kontaktperson: Linn Warg»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Arkitektur 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Arkitektur 300 hp

Goals and fulfillments of goals

The overall purpose is to provide all students, regardless of their subsequent choice of masters programme and design studios, with a foundation and an ability to creatively and critically consider and reflect on questions related to the planning, design and management of the built environment in regard to sustainable development. To independently seek knowledge and information from different sources, as well as to reflect upon the implications of the vision of sustainable development in relation to architecture and planning, constitute important parts of the course.

The purpose is, moreover
- to give an orientation about global challenges concerning environmental degradation, climate change and development issues
- to provide an orientation and an understanding of different perspectives on sustainable development
- to present different approaches to the implementation of the call for sustainable development within the planning, design and management of the built environment at different levels (global–,,,local) and in different settings
- to encourage critical reflection regarding what the notion sustainable development entails for the planning, design and management of the built environment and for professional practices within these fields.

1. To what extent has the purpose been fulfilled?

115 svarande

Very little»0 0%
Rather little»4 3%
Rather large»60 52%
Very large»50 43%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 3.4

- It showed one point of view - architectural. As far as we want to discuss such a large problem, which is global crisis, I would appreciate more thoughts apart from architectural. At least some social, economical and psychological (which I found very influential to global crisis). If not, I would suggest changing name to - future architecture in terms of global crisis. Nevertheless I do appreciate lectures and I some of them were quite interesting.» (Rather little)
- Several times, we heard the same over and over, while we did not deepen enough every subject.» (Rather little)
- point 1-2: fulfilled point 3-4: not so much fulfilled» (Rather large)
- Rather large but it"s too bad that i was just repetion for us who took our bachelor at Chalmers» (Rather large)
- Personally, I would like a greater focus on the examples of solution, especially in the design professions (but this is also because I have had a lot of sustainability in my previous studies)» (Rather large)
- If the purpose of the course was to give an orientation, then it was fulfilled.» (Rather large)
- the films especially played a big role» (Very large)
- build up my knowledge structure of how the sustainable works from all aspects» (Very large)
- I found this course extremely complete about this subject» (Very large)

2. How do you evaluate the design of the course (planning and sub-division in time between lectures, literature studies, seminars and group discussion, study visits and course assignment)?

114 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»4 3%
Rather good»57 51%
Very good»50 45%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 3.41

- För att vara en 7,5p kurs så var det alldeles för många moment inblandade. För många filmer, för mycket litteratur, 2 seminarier, 1 gruppdiskussion, en uppsats, för många föreläsningar (som till stor del alla handlade om samma sak) är inte en rimlig mängd att ha på en månad. Jag har aldrig hört så många som varit så missnöjda med en kurs. Både det här året och folk som läst kursen tidigare år. Ni måste till nästa år minska antalet föreläsningar och se till att de föreläsningar vi får faktiskt är relevanta för vår framtida profession.» (Rather bad)
- I wish we did more things besides listening for hours the other lectures. I found Group discussions and Seminars way more educative and useful.» (Rather bad)
- There is to much content during a day to be able to concentrate and absorb the info» (Rather bad)
- This course has been very general with many guest lecturers who said similar things, and after awhile it was boring. It would be better to organize the lectures according to the topics, and have more seminars about specific topics rather than general themes.» (Rather bad)
- very resilient set up » (Rather good)
- Too long lectures sometimes an combined with too long breaks» (Rather good)
- It was some times a bit litle of time. I am one of the students with engineering background and have been attending the course of introduction to the architecture programs. It was because of this a bit stressful having more to be concerned about than only the regular assignments and litterature studies. » (Rather good)
- Good, more study visits would be great (especially if there is not a Congress next year)» (Rather good)
- Over all very good, but the pauses between lectures could have been a bit shorter and more evenly spread out. » (Rather good)
- When we had lectures and movies the whole day, it was sometimes hard to concentrate but the seminars and congress were a good alternation» (Rather good)
- To Little time to workshops on course assignmemt» (Rather good)
- Sometimes there were too many lectures on one day, eg. on Friday 31 September. It was really hard to focus at the end of the day.» (Rather good)
- It was well organised.» (Very good)
- Very well structured and organized, I was never confused or stressed throughout the course. » (Very good)
- It was a fantastic oppurtunity to be able to go to the IFHP conference!» (Very good)

3. To what extent have the lectures contributed to your learning process?

115 svarande

Very little»4 3%
Rather little»12 10%
Rather large»61 53%
Very large»38 33%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 3.15

- Many of them were to my opinion too demagogues, rather shallow» (Very little)
- I was aware of most of the issues discussed during lectures. Just few was new to me» (Rather little)
- I got approximately the same course last year, so for me a large part was repetition.» (Rather little)
- But I had already a quite good overview and understanding of these issues.» (Rather little)
- The lectures were very general with flashes of insight here and there.» (Rather little)
- I"ve had a similar course last year so some parts were repetition and most lectures were rather general. As an architect some solutions or possibilities/techniques might be more usefull.» (Rather little)
- I did the bachelor program in architecture at chalmers and have already heard most of the lectures. And most of them could have skipped the introduction. Everybody have heard about the global threats and general idea of sustainable dev. countless times. Countless times... » (Rather little)
- Bra blandning av föreläsare.» (Rather large)
- Much of the lectures was repeated during other lectures. Some lectures had already been held on the school for bachelor students. » (Rather large)
- Most lectures have been really interesting and brought new levels of understanding the notion of sustainable development. Some lectures got a bit repetetive though. And I think the philosofical aspect presented by Bengt Brülde was dificult to grasp. Perhaps that is the nature of philosofy but I think the way of messuring happiness is problematic. » (Rather large)
- Better if guest lecturers had a better understand of what we have learnt so they don"t repeat the same intro in every lecture » (Rather large)
- There was alot of repetition, the last week it felt like everything had been said before» (Rather large)
- - skanska + carpenter in the woods» (Rather large)
- could have gone more in to detail further on in the course...there was in the end a lot of repetition » (Rather large)
- Some lectures were rather simular, with same information and message» (Rather large)
- I got the chance to really understand of sustainable development. I have the feeling that some knowledge will be used in my future practice. » (Very large)
- The combination of guest lectures and films was highly appreciated! Really interesting. » (Very large)
- En lång rad föreläsningar, väldigt blandat, både bra och dåligt men att de varit så många har verkligen gett tillfälle att se ett stort antal olika "ingångspunkter" i den/de berörda frågan/frågorna.» (Very large)

4. To what extent have the films contributed to your learning process?

114 svarande

Very little»3 2%
Rather little»12 10%
Rather large»60 52%
Very large»39 34%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 3.18

- They are all the same. Try focus on films that present solutions, skip the ones that present the problem, we all know the problem. It"s supposed to be master level. It has to have advanced from the bachelor.» (Very little)
- As I said, some films I saw last year.» (Rather little)
- I would say the same thing about films as for the lectures: very general with flashes of insight here and there.» (Rather little)
- Already saw them.» (Rather little)
- They showed a lot of different attitudes around the world, which was very interesting» (Rather large)
- I think they are excellent for showing new ideas and inspiring. I really appreciate the different methods of educating since it gives a varition as well as different people have easier time taking information in in different ways. » (Rather large)
- We could apreciate the work of real and consecrated professionals.» (Rather large)
- I think the film named rubbish warrior is best film. » (Rather large)
- The films were really an eye opener they introduced us into sort of an insight as to wht really takes place in the real world. Very inspiring as well. A lot was captured using films, such a fun way of learning and grasping details.» (Very large)
- Something striking and quite forward for my learning» (Very large)
- The films were especially well chosen, I really enjoyed watching them. » (Very large)

5. To what extent have the study visits contributed to your learning process?

114 svarande

Very little»9 9%
Rather little»34 36%
Rather large»32 34%
Very large»18 19%
No opinion»21

Genomsnitt: 2.63

- i personally did not attend most of them» (Very little)
- I had to go twice to Centrala ÄLvstaden which I didn"t find very interesting and allready had an idea about. Would have been better to see two different things and something new.» (Very little)
- Nothing I could not expect, have not seen before, or have not heard of.» (Rather little)
- Avser studiebesök under IFHP. Inriktiat mot planerare - hade svårt att relatera till. » (Rather little)
- It has given a picture of what is done in reality and shownn that its not allways easy to implement environmentally friendly methods. » (Rather little)
- Besöket på Skanska var inte alls bra. Väldigt lite information om själva huset - mer en reklamkampanj för det. "House of the forest and the field" var bättre. » (Rather little)
- House of forest and field was nice, nothing new but it was nice to see it in real life. The Skanska house was pointless since the guide there was not interested at all.» (Rather little)
- The visit to the House made from the forest.. was really good but the one at Skanska could have been much better.» (Rather large)
- I wish there were more study visits» (Rather large)
- Skanska wasn"t that interesting though.» (Rather large)
- They contributed very little, as they were not engaging and more relaxing.» (Rather large)
- The idea of sustainability is less spread in China, so I gained a lot of imformation from the course.» (Rather large)
- I learnt a lot from the carpenter» (Very large)
- I was on the congress» (No opinion)
- Went to IFHP instead of study visits» (No opinion)
- I didn"t go to the study visit» (No opinion)

6. To what extent has participating in the IFHP congress contributed to your learning process?

114 svarande

Very little»7 10%
Rather little»19 27%
Rather large»23 33%
Very large»19 27%
No opinion»46

Genomsnitt: 2.79

- I was not there.» (?)
- Havent participated there» (Very little)
- It was a good idea to give us the opportunity to participate in an international congress, sadly the lectures and also the study visit I participated in where rather superficial and abstract and I can"t say that I learned a lot.» (Very little)
- It was a great opportunity to go there and to meet those who are really into their fields and being really dedicated. But else than that I think they have contributed less than other methods of learning. Put in relation to them that is. » (Rather little)
- I learned more about how a congress is than about sustainability.» (Rather little)
- It"s the same as with the lectures and films: very general.» (Rather little)
- The congress was a good possibilty to talk to other people with different backgrounds etc, especially during the study visit» (Rather large)
- Thank you for this rare opportunity.» (Very large)
- Flera fantastiska föreläsare, kul! » (Very large)
- This was an excellent opportunity.» (Very large)
- Really good!» (Very large)
- It was very interesting, not only the lectures aso at the conference but also to attend a conference like this with professionals and that we as students were regarded as professionals at the conference. Really fun, and interesting!» (Very large)
- Did not participate, I was in the other group who went to three other study visit places.» (No opinion)
- did not attend the congress» (No opinion)
- I did not participate in the IFHP congress.» (No opinion)
- was not there» (No opinion)
- didn"t take part in the Congress» (No opinion)

7. To what extent have the course literature and other study material contributed to your learning process?

114 svarande

Very little»2 1%
Rather little»18 16%
Rather large»52 46%
Very large»40 35%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 3.16

- For me it has been impossible to read through everything. Maybe it could be better to pick out the best parts for next year. Many of the texts were pretty similar.» (Rather little)
- just, to me, very much repetition» (Rather little)
- I found a few articles interesting, and they let me found more interesting attitudes towards this course» (Rather large)
- Since we have had rather much to read, this has been one of the biggest source of information. » (Rather large)
- I found some interesting texts amongst garbage.» (Rather large)
- To much reading during the first week, second week much better» (Rather large)
- This is bit of an improvement over the lectures and films, but are still too general and not coherently organized according to topic.» (Rather large)
- Some texts had good examples and techniques of sustainability used in buildings ..» (Rather large)
- I would break these down though. It was a wash of literature all at once. Hard to appreciate each piece in the discussions. Perhaps add another seminar or require the submission short reflections each week. » (Very large)
- - almost to much for the course period, but very good for later self studies» (Very large)

8. To what extent have the seminars contributed to your learning process?

Seminar 1. Topic: Sustainable Development - challenges, perspectives and potentials.
Seminar 2. Topic: Sustainable Development and the Design Professions

112 svarande

Very little»6 5%
Rather little»30 27%
Rather large»56 50%
Very large»18 16%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 2.78

- Most of people did not get involved in, and they have just repeated some phrases from books or lectures. Nothing new.» (Very little)
- The discussions are always going around in circles when there is no proffessional "moderator"» (Very little)
- Blev väl sådär när inte alla läst texterna. Lite knepigt upplägg i och med att det inte fanns några lärare/handledare.» (Rather little)
- It was interesting to discuss these issues with other students, but I think it would have been even more interesting to discuss with a teacher or practicioner who has more experience and a deeper insight in the topic, at least in one of the seminars.» (Rather little)
- To big groups, half the size would have been better.» (Rather little)
- The seminars are a good thing and I think we should have more of them. However the topics given were too general and not specific enough.» (Rather little)
- It was nice to get to know people a little but very few had actually read the texts so the discussion was not very interesting.» (Rather little)
- An obligatory preparation in assigned groups would have helped to directed effort towards the literature rather than personal opinions during the actual seminar. It can also help in the forming of a personal stance in the sense that ideas can be uttered and scrapped in favor of a more complex perspective in two steps rather than one.» (Rather little)
- we share a lot thinking based on different background and situation» (Rather large)
- They where good because of the students in my group.» (Rather large)
- I wish there would have been a bit more defined questions for the discussions. The questions were rather vague and the discussions ended being a bit unorganised.» (Rather large)
- For the second seminar it was too much for me. I didnt have time to read it all, but the advice that was given to divide the material was good. However it was dificult to get a picture what the unread litterature said and the presentation of the materials took a lot of time. » (Rather large)
- It was really helpful to discuss all the things we were learning, instead of just listening in a lecture format. » (Rather large)
- Some students were not that interested in participating in the discussions.» (Rather large)
- Intereseting to hear what the non-Swedish students thought, even though not all of us were used to attending seminars without a teacher. So at times, the seminar was more about learing how to hold a seminar rather than discussing interesting questions. » (Rather large)
- The seminars were a good way to exchange ideas or experiences and different techniques used in buildings in different countries» (Rather large)
- new concept for me as an exhange student. A little bit difficult to understand english... But interesting way to learn how to share his own opinion with somebody else, especially xhere xe are not used to do this.» (Rather large)
- The seminars was the most interesting part of the course when we could discuss all our impressions and thoughts of the subject.» (Very large)
- I have access to konw different thoughts from other countries.» (Very large)

9. To what extent has the group discussion contributed to your learning process?

Topic: Examples of Design for Sustainable Development Around the World

115 svarande

Very little»11 10%
Rather little»38 35%
Rather large»42 38%
Very large»17 15%
No opinion»7

Genomsnitt: 2.6

- It felt unfortunately quite meaningless...» (Very little)
- Most of people did not get involved in, and they have just repeated some phrases from books or lectures. Nothing new.» (Very little)
- due to the group constellation.» (Very little)
- Their was les dicussion going on opposed to the seminar group.» (Rather little)
- It was good to meet others than the regular group but it was dificult to get a good discussion going. I heard that some groups had problems to elect a chairman and secretary. Not a case in my group though. » (Rather little)
- To big groups, half the size would have been better.» (Rather little)
- Again, as above. » (Rather little)
- Only one student had read the paper, the other external critics were not that prepared» (Rather little)
- I was not really convinced by the group discussion.» (Rather little)
- I got the chance to talk with other students about how the course was and how they felt.» (Very large)

10. To what extent has the course assignment contributed to your learning process?

115 svarande

Very little»3 2%
Rather little»19 16%
Rather large»59 52%
Very large»32 28%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 3.06

- It was difficult for me to see what was all to do with architecture. Most of the things they teached me, I heard previously in the news or in elementary school.» (Very little)
- Kanske lite onödigt att göra planscher och skriva text. Lite väl haffsigt med "kritiken" kanske. Gav inte jättemycket. Men att skriva texten var bra för min egen skull.» (Rather little)
- Diffucult to understand the task, difficult to specifie the subject.» (Rather little)
- It felt like it was a good way for us to think of what we have learn during the course. » (Rather large)
- I had to investigate by myself some other ideas, and points of view, which was very interesting. » (Rather large)
- presentation time for the course assignment should be longer. 5 minutes is too short!» (Rather large)
- The assignment on its own was very good to clear the ideas and thoughts but didnt contribute to the learning itself that much, else than the specific projet. However the presentations gave a lot I think. Both in understanding others perspective but also the different projects. » (Rather large)
- instead of introducing a project, 3 day workshop within a certain place/area like URBEGO project at Vågmästareplatsen ?!?» (Rather large)
- Could be more specified, didn"t really feel I understood what to write about.» (Rather large)
- To reflect on my own role as an Architect.» (Rather large)
- There were some things I have learned when I was presenting them and people have asked me good questions that started to get me thinking.» (Rather large)
- I am supposed to consider the key of sustainability into my future architecture design.» (Rather large)
- Formulating a personal strategy I found an inspiring and aktully challlenging task» (Very large)

11. How did the organisation, memoranda, direct information, course homepage, info table etc. function?

115 svarande

Very bad»1 0%
Rather bad»2 1%
Rather well»36 31%
Very well»74 65%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 3.61

- some of the information came very late, for example inf. about how we where suppose to hand in the course asignment. 14.45 is a little bit late if you shall hand in at 17.00. » (Rather bad)
- I think that their could be less papers printed, feels a bit bad that the sustainable course is the one course were most papers are hand out. Better to print them yourself if you don"t like to read from the computer.» (Rather well)
- A lot of material, but I was surprised, all those printed pages didn"t seem sutainable to me.» (Rather well)
- Worked good but too many papers. I"m used to finding information on the course home page and I think it"s unnecessary to get all the hand outs.» (Rather well)
- Over all very good, but the information on the web homepage could have been a bit better organized.» (Rather well)
- Bra och tydligt upplägg.» (Very well)
- The best organisation and information so far during my time at Chalmers (3 years).» (Very well)
- BUT!!! WHY do you print so much paper. You"re supposed to be sustainable. It"s a bad example and you know that everyone has a computer for all other purposes. It"s gonna work to hand out info digitally, eventually people will get used to it and the few that can"t handle reading digitally can decide for themselves to print their papers. It" better than you guys print a billion sheets of paper from the start. So stupid.» (Very well)
- I think that the administration of this course has been unremarcable.» (Very well)
- It would work also without this much paper! Less information, less text should work. Feels bad in a course with an aim to make us aware of the human"s impact on the environment!» (Very well)
- no problems. very smooth» (Very well)
- Fantastic! Why are not every course as clear as this??» (Very well)
- Jag är inte van vid så bra organisering, jag var glatt överraskad och mycket tacksam över all info och den välgjorda schemaläggningen.» (Very well)

12. How do you rate the possibilities to get assistance and ask questions?

115 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»1 0%
Rather well»14 12%
Very well»61 53%
I have not asked for assistance»39 33%

Genomsnitt: 4.2

- I was trying and did not get answer. Everybody are in hurry. Maybe it is a problem of me, I am not used to make any appointments, and waiting for permission do discuss.» (Rather bad)
- We had enough time to ask questions after every lecture and Amanda and Lena were always very helpfull » (Very well)
- GUess it would have been superb!» (I have not asked for assistance)

13. What is your overall opinion of the course?

115 svarande

Very bad»3 2%
Bad»1 0%
Passed»8 6%
Good»41 35%
Very good»62 53%

Genomsnitt: 4.37

- It was repetion (at least for me who have a bachelor in Arch from Chalmers). And it feels like a waist of my master education and I wish I studied anyplace else tha here. But that"s really my problem so that"s that.» (Very bad)
- I did not find it interesting.» (Very bad)
- I think most of us already had courses on environment and sustainability in our Bachelor programme, so we already know about climate change and the need to change to a more sustainable architecture. I hoped I could learn a bit more about HOW this change could be achieved, about practical solutions and examples of good projects. However, this was not really the case.» (Passed)
- It let me think differently, and understand some other points of view. » (Good)
- The course gives the impression that the world is in danger and makes you want to go out and save it... The lectures and texts and so on have a strong such influence.» (Good)
- The Assignment part, where we were to locate and analyze a project of our liking was the most fun and teaching part of the project. As we were really enthusiastic about each approach chosen by each student, the knowledge could more easily be passed on from peer to peer. Much more fun. The litterature studies were tremendously boring thus less teaching.» (Good)
- Some of the lectures didn"t feel necessary, because there were a bit too much repeating.» (Very good)
- I like the course very much! A good chance for me for understanding the sustainable solutions. It is also a good start point for my further research for sustainability.» (Very good)
- I think the course is perfect, which not only gave me the brainstorming to learn different people"s ideas in field of sustainable development, but also the chance to discuss local guidelines freely with the other group members in different backgrounds.» (Very good)
- I think it should be mandatory for all educations. I learned a lot more from this course than from the mandatory environmental course the previous year. » (Very good)
- good work!» (Very good)
- I see why this course is in the fourth year, but why was the education in the first year so poor, compared to this? As these are very important issues I would wish for this knowledge earlier in the education.» (Very good)
- well planned, but maybe a bit "broad". A few more indepth lectures on some selected areas (as for examlpe biomimmicry) would be good for the ones who feel thay already know a lot of these things.» (Very good)
- I"m glad that it"s a compulsory course!» (Very good)
- One of the best courses I have taken on Chalmers. Really good and important for everyone. I would have like to se more topics like this during the Kandidat programme on Chalmers. Why wait 4 years?» (Very good)
- Great, I started to recycle my garbage better.» (Very good)
- Got me thinking about sustainable dev in new ways!» (Very good)

14. What should be preserved for next year?

- Variationen av texter och föreläsare.»
- the idea of the course»
- Everything»
- everything!»
- The seminars»
- variation of lectures and films. but there could be even more!»
- everything»
- Nothing»
- - the organisation and the assistance where very good. - I liked the discussions at the presentation of the assignment»
- Study visits. The films.»
- site visit is more impressed and better way to learn the sustainablity which should be preserved»
- Study visits of some sort. Course assignment. Lectures.»
- Study visits, seminar group, paper/poster-presentation, litirature»
- film festival! »
- The finally with the buffet, I"m very glad to see teachers actually have an interest in making something fun and enjoyable for students that doesn"t include only lectures and litterture... THERE ARE OTHER WAYS!»
- The variety of lecturer and point of views.»
- I hope next year there can be more actual visits to sustainable buildings in various characteristics.»
- Most!»
- The course is very good as it is.»
- Most of it is very good. The buffé should be preserved.»
- Definitely the films, lectures, course reading etc. Everything :)»
- The studyvisits. The videolectures. The ordinary lectures.The course assignment.»
- Films, groups discussions etc.»
- It was a good course with a great influence on me with both information and tools to go about. I think everything should be preserved.»
- - variety of lectures - variety of films»
- Defently the buffe,)»
- most of the lectures are good to be continued»
- The literature, the seminars, the group discussions and the films.»
- Make the assignment a little bit more clear. I liked the amount of liberty given to the student, but it was hard to understand what we were suppose to write about.»
- Assignment and videos»
- Study visit at House of Fields and Forest »
- Site visits. More should be implemented, though.»
- plenty or time to reflect, read and write.»
- The course litriture »
- Study visit, lectures a about all issues related to sustainable development»
- All»
- The content ofta the course was very good but the scedule too dense.. maybe give higher focus to alternativet metodes and sulutions such as biomimicry, closed loop systems and so on..»
- the assignment, the lectures and the course litterature. The structure is good!The teachers!»
- the broad variaty of talks and films.»
- Seminairs and film festival!»
- Presenting your assignment in front of a group of people is always a good thing and helps you learn to communicate as well as see more what other people think.»
- The lectures of course, also the films. The conference was a fantstic oppurtunity. Maybe sth like that could be arranged?»
- seminars or a way to talk in smaller groups, the congress or something similar where you can talk to people where sustainability is a part of their daily profession»
- Something as similiar to the IFHP congress would be nice! Also keep the high numbers of lectures»
- Det stora utbudet av föreläsare! »
- Dunkan Kashnir.»
- The seminars was good, you learnt a lot from them. Also, good to watch films. They are more "fun" than lectures -> you learn more.»
- Lecturer Kristel De Myttenaere.»
- The process of discussion for the course form different area should be highly recommanded, because we can get distinct ideas from various angles.»
- everything!!»

15. What should be changed for next year?

- Någon handledare med på seminarierna kanske? Eller ett tydligare upplägg på dem.»
- more study visits»
- Minska antalet föreläsningar, se till att inte alla föreläsare tar upp samma sak (även om repetition är all kunskaps moder så finns det en gräns när man helt tröttnar på budskapet och ser det som meningslöst dravel), se till att de studiebesök som får göras verkligen är relevanta för oss som blivande arkitekter, minska mängden litteratur och ha ett seminarium.»
- Nothing, it was all informative.»
- SInce I am the architecture student. I am looking forward for more options about architecture aspect.»
- more points of view! not only architectural! economy! sociology! psychology!»
- the lectures were more on the architecture aspects, i feel it should be more inclusive of the other fields also, e.g planning»
- Nothing»
- - less lectures on general threats of climate change, waste production, peak oil,... - more lectures on concrete design/planning projects, sustainable building materials, building tecniques, planning strategies - less literature to read - more discussions with teachers/practicioners »
- I would love to see more direct application to the design professions. So much time was given to the problems but very little suggestion for future professions in this field. »
- It could be possible just to mention opposite ideas of sustainable development, cause these are also relevant to make up a more objective personal point of view:»
- Lectures, but switch the balance so it"s more focused on solitions. Solutions on any level, from high- to low tech. We all new that the world was in crisis before you told us the first time.»
- The lectures could be less general (wich leaded to a lot of repetition) and could go more into detail like for example the straw building houses lecture or the bilbao-zumthor comparisson in the lecture from the architect from brussels.»
- A more clear change of subject in the middle of the course. I believe you want to make the first half about general sustainability, and the second half should be about how we can adapt it in our professions. But most of the time it feels like we get to little from the second half. More concret examples from the buildningbusiness please! Show us the inovative solutions in close up! »
- More streamlined lectures. Not just cramming in the maximum amount resulting in unnecessary repetition.»
- Less hand-out papers»
- Filmerna under filmfestivalen var riktigt bra, tråkigt att inte fler stannade på fler filmer! Gör dagen obligatorisk? Ibland kändes föreläsningarna onödigt stressade, många otroligt intressanta föreläsare, jag hade gärna offrat några minuters kafferast för att få höra mer istället för att som nu, flera fick hoppa över saker de tänkt prata om när tiden inte räcker till. Bra med luft i schemat men låt föreläsarna utnyttja det om de behöver en kvart extra. »
- Perhaps the coordination of the lecturers so that they do not repeat them selves too much. For instance putting up a list of knowledge for the class after a certain amount of lectures so the lecturers know on what level to put their lecture. »
- Some more lecturs on how to actually build sustainably, more detailed discription of the construction of a passive house for instance!»
- Smaller groups for the seminars so that everyone can feel more comfortable in saying their opinion. Not whole days of lectures, from 9 to 16 or 17 is to long. »
- Some of the lecturers had similar introductions over and over again. Inform them that the students know the basics from the first weeks and talk more about "their things" longer.»
- Reduce the amount of litterature. It was very uninspiring to have to plow through it all. Also please increase the free-self study days so that weekend work is not required for scoring well.»
- The lectures»
- Could actually be more fous on how the students shall solve the problems acording to sustainable building. How they can contribute! and what strategies needed. More thinking!! a bit more focus on that in the last assignment.»
- A teacher at the seminars would have provided depth to the discussions. »
- - include international projects and speakers (like at IFHP) - include lectures about göteborgs city development and studie visits like at IFHP»
- to be have some more display»
- Perhaps you could find other places where to organize study visits? The house built in the forest was truly inspiring, but we can"t all live like that - that"s NOT sustainable. And that Skanska building... Well, it could have been presented better, or the building simply is not that environmentally friendly.»
- Amount of reading is not realistic ! I struggled as a native English speaker so I have no idea how everyone else managed to do it!»
- Study visit at Skanska»
- Nil.»
- some times the schedual had gaps in the middle of the day. Like 2 hour luchbreaks which does not really work all that well as "time for litterature studies"»
- Try to start skip all the papers and extra copies of assignments and text? Electronic? Maybe that would give an impression of a more seriousity according to the purposes of the course. »
- Maybe the study visits could be more and better organised»
- Do not put 4 lectures in one day, too tiring»
- Maybe skip the group discussion?»
- Maybe try to make the lectures more diverse.»
- Try to see that the lectures not are too simular. Some were saying almost exactly the same thing, even though the message is important. Was quite short time in the schedual for the assignment, maybe an extra day would be greate, allso to be abel to read the text. The teacher/kritiker had not looked at the text, which seams a bit of waste of time, when you put in alot of work to it. »
- The group talks did not contribute that much and was a bit confuzed in our group. I"m sure there are more interesting sustainable projects than the skanska building to visit, better research on that for next year! »
- Nothing, everything felt as good as it could be.»
- The course should be organized a bit more with specific topics and make sure there are no repetitions in the lectures, etc. In other words, I feel that more thought should be used when organizing the lectures, course material, and group discussions of the course.»
- That we did both posters and essays felt a bit unnecessary, like doing the work twice. »
- I liked it that we had so many different perspectives on sustainable development but lectures should be better adjusted to each other (now some lectures told the same) The lectures were rather general and not that specific so not just what we can"t do but what can we do..»
- take away the group discussion and take away some of the texts, they are to many. Perhaps better study vists?»
- Fler/annorlunfa studiebesök. »
- Change the philosophy lecturer. And please try to get a mix of of the political views of the lecturers. Most of them felt very left-oriented, which was bad for the overall credibility. »
- A lot of lectures were pretty much the same-it would be good if there is any way to change that.»
- There was almost too much literature to read, and much was not even relevant (or just repeated from other texts). »
- Assigned groups (other than the actual seminar groups) for short obligatory preparations before seminars.»
- More time for external critics to read papers»
- I think the process of discussion between the teachers and students should be set up, because we need some professional methods to consider different problems.»
- maybe the group discussion... Also, just be careful about repetitions on the same subject between the different lectures.»

16. Other comments

- Man märker att ni har stora ambitioner och vill mycket, men till nästa år tycker jag att ni skall ta ett steg tillbaka, se över kursen och välja ut det viktigaste. Detta är för mycket kaka på kaka och illamåendeeffekter.»
- Really enjoyed the course! Much praise must go to Lena and Amanda- both were interesting, reassuring and friendly. Thank you»
- Overall i think the course was very well organized and very thoroughly relayed. »
- thanks for an interesting course!:-)»
- the course is quite good it should be integrated right from the primary level»
- Thanks for a great course»
- Thank you for the nice buffet and music, nice to leave the course with such a good feeling!! This was the best course since I startet at Chalmers four years ago!»
- I think this has been a very interesting course and that it should be a part of a lot more programs of chalmers if not all. After all, Chamers is a school focusing a lot on sustianability. I think the organization of the course and the way it has been put together was really good. Thank you! »
- A very good eye opener course even if you´,ve heard a lot before.»
- Although I marked that I learned rather little from the seminars and the group discussion, I think the format should stay the same. We had a good change to share ideas and opinions and although you don"t learn too much new info, it is very interesting to have a seminar this way.»
- Although I dealt out harsch critique above, I overall enjoyed this course and would like to commend your massive effort for planning it»
- The only thing disturbing about a course like this is that I feel I get a lot of inspiration for different tools and then never really understand in depth how they works. I know time is short but for example the straw-bale lecture gave a lot since it actually gave detailed info. Of course it is difficult to arrange with all different speakers (which is also a great thing to have) but a lot of time is put on presentation slides only saying: it"s important to chose material wisely and then to something different. Stopping at the kind of obvious. IN general I"m super happy about this course. It brought new meaning to the ducation. Thankyou!»
- All communication should be in English!! »
- Nil.»
- Over all - good»
- A great course!!!»
- I loved the course! I think the teachers and assistant care a lot of the course presentation and the students. I have found lovely the gatherings and I never have felt so spoiled as a student in my life. The only thing I missed is more contact with the students. The aula is too big and we are many students, I missed more informal contact and get to know more the teachers. »
- Good organtization!»
- Very interesting to take part in the IFHP Congress»
- Lena and Amanda were wery good. I have never had a more well organised course»
- The students sitting in the back row of the classroom, sometimes, can"t hear what the teacher say. maybe, loudspeaker is needed. »
- It would have been nice to have all the power point presentation available on the course homepage especially whan you are an exhange student!»

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