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Product Development Project 2012, MPP126, MPP126

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-05-29 - 2012-06-30
Antal svar: 31
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 56%
Kontaktperson: Lars Almefelt»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Maskinteknik 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

31 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»0 0%
Around 20 hours/week»5 16%
Around 25 hours/week»8 25%
Around 30 hours/week»9 29%
At least 35 hours/week»9 29%

Genomsnitt: 3.7

- Varied a lot during the semester» (Around 20 hours/week)
- Less during the start of the project and more in the end.» (Around 25 hours/week)
- This differs during the semester, as the work load were changning» (Around 25 hours/week)
- The project occupied to much time since there were so many deliverables: 3 duggas, 2 presentations, exhibition etc.» (At least 35 hours/week)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

31 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»0 0%
50%»2 6%
75%»11 35%
100%»18 58%

Genomsnitt: 4.51

- the lectures have to be better if they should give an support to the project, have lectures when they are useful to the right time of the project» (75%)
- Sick during one lecture and double booked during another.» (75%)
- Not synced w other courses» (75%)
- Quite low standard on the lectures, some were to basic to me on a masters programme. Would have been better if they were more coneccted to the projects and out process. Now it just seems like their purpose was to provide information for the duggas.» (100%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

3. How understandable are the course goals?

31 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»2 6%
The goals are difficult to understand»1 3%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»15 48%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»13 41%

Genomsnitt: 3.25

- Maybe I saw them in the beginning of the course, but I have forgotten now.» (I have not seen/read the goals)
- the goals are unclear and the supervisors have different opinions whats important to focus on and thats confusing » (The goals are difficult to understand)
- The course PM give some guidance, but the goals are not that clear in it. Would be nice with some sort of list and perhaps connect the lectures to the goals in a better way » (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

30 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»1 3%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»29 96%
No, the goals are set too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.96

- But not the goals that involves that we should inlude explorations plans, cash flow analysis, commercialisation etc. We have not been given coursen in it, so why is it then included to such a great extent?» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

30 svarande

No, not at all»1 3%
To some extent»17 56%
Yes, definitely»9 30%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»3 10%

Genomsnitt: 2.46

- The "dugga" wasent good at all, to short time to the questions. if the time isnt enough, then its not okey to extend the time after some of the students handed it in. Really poor...» (No, not at all)
- Duggas and exams never measure that as well as a home exam» (To some extent)
- But other things, not clearly mentioned seemed to affect the grade to a quite large extent» (To some extent)
- Hard to say since the goals are a bit unclear?» (I don"t know/have not been examined yet)

Teaching and course administration

6. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

31 svarande

Small extent»7 22%
Some extent»16 51%
Large extent»8 25%
Great extent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.03

- Mostly same old stuff as everyone heard before» (Small extent)
- I would prefer not having the teching part in the project. Students should know about the development process before taking this course, so its very redundant. » (Small extent)
- The lessons could be better connected to the project, as it were now it was hard to understand how the different methods etc. should be used in practice. I would have preferred if the connection between the lectures and the projects would be stronger, so it would be possible to use the knowledge from the lessons during the project. This could for example be done by using the projects as examples during the lessons, to understand how to use the methods. » (Small extent)
- Could have had more lectures because they were very good» (Some extent)
- Too bad that the duggas only reflected the lectures, not at all the book...» (Some extent)
- Great lextures» (Large extent)

7. To what extent has the the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

31 svarande

Small extent»5 16%
Some extent»13 41%
Large extent»12 38%
Great extent»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.29

- just another book that tells the same old stuff as earlier books do» (Small extent)
- The book that was provided gave a very narrow perspective on the development process. It would have been better to compare it with other books. And also give recommendations for litterature for the anlysis" that we had to do but hadn"t taken any courses in (cash flow analysis, exploration plan, commercialisation etc.)» (Small extent)
- Not for the duggas though... the students from Chalmers did however know most of the things in the course literature beforehand.» (Some extent)
- It has been good to have as it, to some extent was possible to use in the project. » (Some extent)

8. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

31 svarande

Very badly»2 6%
Rather badly»5 16%
Rather well»22 70%
Very well»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.77

- short of time, no good channels to reach out to the students etc. Jan Wickenberg in Project management uses the Pingpong much better and have a standard way to handle this things, ask him for help» (Rather badly)
- There was a lack of information during the whole course. Reading guide to duggas was provided only few days before the dugga (and the chapters were not even on the duggas but only things from the lectures!). Very bad planning for the exhibition since we couldnt prepare our spaces in the studyhall earlier and material was provided so late. Also, there was not much help for testing out the presentations some days before.» (Rather badly)
- The information about the hand-ins, duggas etc. were in many times handled out too late, which made it difficult for me to plan my studies, as the deadline before the hand in were to close. » (Rather badly)
- One thing I felt could be better is that the reading materail for the duggas should be given alredy in the beginning of the course so that one can plan ahead i one wants to. Not like it was here when the material was given only a short time before the duggas.» (Rather well)
- Some information was given very late and before the final presentation it was sometimes difficult to be allowed to get some of the equipment in forehand.» (Rather well)

Study climate

9. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

30 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»3 10%
Rather good»13 43%
Very good»11 36%
I did not seek help»3 10%

Genomsnitt: 3.46

- A lot of help was given from the supervisor who was very helpful.» (Rather good)
- Especially from the supervisor» (Very good)

10. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

31 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»1 3%
Rather well»11 35%
Very well»19 61%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

- Having 7 or 6 persons in a project like this is crazy. Same results could have been achieved by 3 persons since its so hard to coordinate and take decisions. Of course we learnt alot from it, but it is not an efficient way to work. And for the next year you should make the groups more dynamic!» (Rather well)
- Always difficult with student groups without official leaders» (Rather well)

11. How was the course workload?

31 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»15 48%
High»13 41%
Too high»3 9%

Genomsnitt: 3.61

- the planning should be moved forward, less time in concept and more time in detail...» (High)
- I think this depends alot on what kind of project the group has and the abition level.» (High)
- Very high expectations from supervisors etc. since the project includes so many parts. If the duggas, lectures and reflection report are removed, the workload would have been more normal. » (Too high)

12. How was the total workload this study period?

31 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»10 32%
High»18 58%
Too high»3 9%

Genomsnitt: 3.77

- but good» (High)
- High, but I had to redo an old exam in Project Management» (Too high)

Summarizing questions

13. What is your general impression of the course?

31 svarande

Poor»2 6%
Fair»1 3%
Adequate»3 9%
Good»20 64%
Excellent»5 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.8

- Even though I realy like doing projects I have to say that the lack of information (always provided in last minute) and the structure with the duggas and lectures was very disapointing. The exhibition was fun but useless since noone came. Why not invite comapnies or other students? Make some comercial for it? Further, the working areas in the course lab were occupied by other students and therefore a mess. The time dedicated in the prototype workshop was to little and we were not welcome there if we hadnt booked a slot. How can you demand prototypes and give us 4h/week in the workshop? And last, it would be good to move the concept workshop forward in the schedule!» (Poor)
- I had higher expectations before the course, learned little new things...» (Fair)
- The projects should be less vague. For some of the offered projects, it would have been very hard to fulfill the requirements in course memo.» (Good)

14. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- Prototype presentation»
- The lectures»
- Lectures, Dugga, Individual Assessments, »
- the general thought, the lectures and the small tests felt a bit unnecessary »
- A project together with a company is great.»
- Lectrues»
- The doing of the project»
- The brainstorming session.»
- I think it"s very impressive to have a good cooperation with real companies in the industry so that students can gain a lot of experience and get a feeling of how they should work with the firm.»
- the first teamwork session with lego, »
- n/a»
- Lars and Christoffer»
- The project?»
- company supervision»
- The project is an integral part of this course and should definitely be preserved.»
- Type of projects»

15. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- Course Lab was mostly occupied by ECO Marathon and CFS. The working space was allocated was not suitable and insufficient. More dedicated and open access to the prototyping lab and its facilities. Printing should be handled by the department. They can take in all the reports and send it for printing rather than each group doing it individually. That would be more efficient.»
- Advertise the showcase more to other students, we want more people looking at our projects. »
- The duggas has little to do with the project work and there were almost no questions on the book on the duggas even though we were supposed to read it.»
- Needs to be smaller groups no duggas there are better ways to assess individually. some people spent alot of time studying for duggas which meant others got left doing project stuff without the same amount of time for studying need to have more about design for manufacturing. alot of people in the group did not know how to set out manufacturing drawings, add tolerances etc»
- More space in the course lab would have been nice. Just finding group rooms during the entire term took an unreasonable amount of time. Would it be possible to open up the booking system for the group rooms in the study hall? (alpha, gamma etc.) The exhibition was a complete failure, it felt very pointless to stand there all day when no one showed up, people did not even know there was an exhibition. Advertise, put it in the university newsletter, invite 1-3 years of the mechanical section. It would have been a golden opportunity to show off the master program Product development. »
- The focus from Product Development methods To a project in product development, new for many student to driving a own project. The workshop is unnecessary. »
- Exhibition, duggas, lectures and the lack of information.»
- Sadly alot, Administration needs to be sorted, as well as basic information. The course needs a change in layout and the course pm a rewrite. All in all the idea is good. However, the learning outcome is a disappointment. During introduction of the course alot of fancy old very good projects are shown and it is all abuot how good results they got. Result result resutl. Nothing about process. Once we started the project of course our minds were in "crap we need to make a real good project, make the company proud with a fantastic product" And the the people come in and say its nothing about the result all of a sudden half way through, its all abut the process. But later result is important and prototype is very important, not to mention the presentation and exhibition, which does not focus on process at all! Not to mention the amount of money spent on it and there isn"t even a poster explaining that there is an exhibition going on. No commercial nothing. Supervision has been of low standart throughout the course, have had communication with other groups and the feeling seems mutual. The lectures need to be at master level, not basic and they and the duggas take a lot of time from essential parts of the project. Adding to that some members of the group didnt do any project work during those weeks, studied for the duggas while others did project work. Did not recieve +1 while the lazy team members did. A bit unfair system? Maybe. Administration needs a lot of work, information was non existent. Especially before presentations and exhibition. Information was not consistent depending on whom one asked. If people are not aware of the development process maybe a course before the project is suitable. The lectures only took time and did not give any benefits. Course lab was a mess. Workspace was littered with formula student and eco marathon stuff all the time, impossible to have a nice workspace. Bad information of what one could and could not have in there, panic situation with people running around in the end... Only 4 hours a week in the workshop downstairs. Impossible to squeeze any serios work in that short amount of time! If one would dare to enter at off hours, since other groups had done that they were always in a bad and angry mood. So that could have been improved either by strict rules (only work is allowed during the booked time) which would apply to all groups, or extend the time.»
- It would be of more value if the lectures were better connected to the project..»
- Sell the cours better at I-department. It is a good course but I think it can be good if more than two people from this department are taking it.»
- Less strict following of the text book»
- The duggas are a weird way of grading in a course like this. They should perhaps only be needed to pass, not to actually affect your final grade. The report should also be handed in BEFORE the presentation. Would be better to have the hand in on the 16th and the presentation on the 29th.»
- That the duggas cover both the lecture and the book every time.»
- n/a»
- Dugga 2»
- the duggas were a unfair way to access project work. people who did well in duggas were not always the ones deserving of the higher mark for the project.»
- Include a few more courses from the Industrial design program such as graphic design and sketching for generating concepts and conveying the right ideas.»
- Better connection between knowledge during lessons and the projects. Now they felt very separated from each other. I would prefer smaller groups in the projects, as it was sometimes hard to make decisions and make sure that everyone were heard»
- More detailed information about the final judgment and grad.»

16. Additional comments

- None»
- the question on the presentation from many of the teachers is not okey. Show interest in the project and ask qualified question, not try to be funny on others expense»
- This project was one of the main reasons in choosing this master, however i am disappointed with the course. One could think that this is the first time the course is running, however it has been for a couple of years.»
- I think the reasoning about the final grade explained in the last emails is a little bit vague. I don"t know if I agree that it has been clear that you have to perform over the requirements to be graded with a 5. And over-fulfillments from what view?? The companies view, the teamworks view or the report?? Those angles are very different. And it"s as always very difficult to satisfy all stakeholders completely, even though the result is. That"s why I really had wanted a better explanation of the grades.»

The project

17. What is your overall opinion about the project course and that it is based on an assignment from an industrial company?

- Can be very good but it is important that the company knows what kind of results we can deliver.»
- The fact that you get to work closely with a real company for such a long time is really good. Best project I"ve done on chalmers»
- Very good. I think that it gives much more than doing some project that is not needed for the industry.»
- Very very good over all impression and its great to have the industrial involvement»
- good, funt to work for an actual company»
- Really good to work with a real company with a real project, but try to be aware of what projects that fit the course and not»
- Excellent, but applying the projects to fit the product planning course in the autumn/winter seemed a bit far fetched for some. If it doesn"t fit your project, you wont learn as much and you don"t put as much effort in.»
- Good to have a company to work with»
- Great idea! But it could be used even more and the course should be adapted for it.»
- Good»
- Interesting and learning to do such a project. »
- IT is a good cours, interesting and fun to work so close to companies»
- Very good»
- I think it has been a very fun and educational course. It was very good to learn how it is work with an industrial company. »
- Very good to have industrial contact. Two thumbs up!»
- Very good. You get a feeling how it works in real life.»
- Great!»
- it is really good to be able to work with a "real" project and have a look into the company"s way of working »
- was very good»
- Good thing, nice alternative and probably necessary to truly learn the craft»
- Goood»
- the company were famtastic they should have a say in marking group members as well as those supervisors would have a greater understanding of who was doing the work»
- Great first hand experience. Students are prepared for the industrial projects once they graduate.»
- The assignment were interesting, as it felt as the project we did could be helpful and used within the company. »
- I think it is godd to work with assignments from companies»

18. What do you think about the course introduction including the project presentation and project selection process?

- It was good»
- Good»
- Project selection process had some problems. There were too many people applying for some projects and too few applying to others. So not everyone »
- overall, fine»
- Good»
- got my third choice so room for improvement»
- dont know how the teams were put to getter, some groups have all team members the same background...»
- Ok. But they should try to create more dynamic groups.»
- It was ok, nothing wrong there. However it was very result based. Showing pictures of how good results some groups had got, not on the process.»
- Did not attend to the project presentation. Good that you select the groups based on our background. »
- It was fine»
- Good»
- It was good. I felt it was very good that the compalny representatives presented their project rather than only reading about them youself as in previous courses. It was also good that you had the opportunity to choose which project you wanted to work on and was not only assigned to one.»
- Fine»
- It was OK even if it were hard to understand what some of the company were presenting.»
- Good!»
- good one»
- very good»
- Good»
- Did not attend the presentation of the different projects due to a conflict in my schedule »
- ok»
- The exhibition could be better performed, at least some commercial about it could be done, we only had a few visitors (except the class) during the whole day. It would also be good to shorten the time for the exhibition. The presentations were interesting as it gave a better insight in every project. »
- Good»

19. Did the project presentation and project memo provide relevant and useful information for starting the project?

- The information given was not enough from all projects.»
- Yes»
- I guess, yes.»
- yes»
- yes»
- It wasn"t ebough information to really start the project, you felt little in the dark when starting out»
- no not really, the project memo was trying to be fancy but it fail in give that much relevant information. »
- Yes.»
- No, very fuzzy»
- Could have been better»
- Think it gave some good information»
- yes it was very helpful »
- Yes.»
- Somewhat, would be nice with more info on some of the projects»
- No it could maybe have been a little better.»
- Definitely!»
- yes»
- yes»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- yes»
- Yes they were clear.»
- To some extent, yes. I would have preferred if the information were followed up better, e.g. the team-member assessments were mentioned in the PM but handled out very late, a reminder earlier would have been good so that we know that it would come, and not handled out when we had to handle it in with a very short deadline. If I would have been aware of it earlier, I would have been prepared to get it to do, instead of seeing it just before hand in. The same thing about the study-material for the duggas, please handle it out earlier. »
- Yes»

20. How did you experience the formation of the project team?

- Good»
- Really good, there where a good mixture in my group»
- The team was there already, I joined later.»
- good. »
- good, fun experice to know new people and trust them to do their part of the work»
- Good»
- Too big, had to explain everything many times because their was always people absent from the group»
- It was fine.»
- same background, better to build it on personalities and interest...»
- Not very dynamic, and there was a big difference i experiences in these kind of projects. »
- It was ok, however a bit strange to group people who had worked in other projects prior. But a random selection is fair at least.»
- Good that the team is composed by the course admin. It is very developing to work with members with other background. »
- I am really please with the project team, a good mix of people with different backgrounds»
- It was interesting i learnt to become a better team player»
- Very good. It was very useful to have the same group as in the course from the previous semester, this made it easier to get the project started.»
- Good, but not very transparent»
- In our group it was good with students from diffrent countries and diffrent background. You learned to work with a lot of diffrent people.»
- I have learnt to work as a team with people (in the group) from different background and culture.»
- good, good thing to mix with English speaking»
- was pretty good»
- Should rephrase that, the formation was done by you so we didnt experience it. Its result, however, was great...»
- It was good. A nice mix of Swedish and international students»
- good although i found some people got lazy through the project and were not as willing to take on as much work as others»
- I would have preferred smaller groups, as it then is easier to discuss and make sure that everyone is heard, but also to share the work. »
- Good mix, too many for this kind of project though. But I understand the thought of making us practice being many persons involved in a team.»

21. Has the team-building exercise with the psychologist been useful?

- Not really»
- Not really, but it was quite fun anyaway»
- Just a little, I would have prefered even longer session.»
- No»
- yes, more team building activities should be acrried out in the beginning»
- not really»
- Don"t think it had any significant influence»
- No»
- No, the overall opinion in my group was that it was useless and laughed rather than took it seriously.»
- no, to late in the course and to short time. if you want it to have an impact several sessions is needed»
- Not at all. I think eveyone had high expectations, and then it was just the exact same exercise as in the course "Maskinkonstruktion". Would have been more beneficial to have some kind of open discussion about how the groups works and how we can improve as a team.»
- Yes, however follow up would have been good. A bit pointless without.»
- Not useful at all»
- Maybe, hard to say. After the session we discussed it a bit, which may have given the group some useful insights.»
- No»
- Yes.»
- Not really, but the lecture was interesting. Had a very good group over all though»
- It was probably helpful even if I never saw the purpose.»
- Adequate»
- yes»
- no»
- Nice little test, no åarticularw benefit. Probably could have, though, if repeated/complemented.»
- Not that much, have done it 2 times before»
- no, a more up front content needs to be adapted. lectures in how to manage groups and nominate team leaders needs to be adapted»
- No. Don"t think so.»
- Not really, I had hope for something more useful but in some way it might got us more aware of listening to each other. »
- To short. Should have had more or at least a a follow-up after some weeks.»

22. What do you think about the contents of your project in terms of complexity, difficulty and suitability for this course?

- It was adequate»
- Think it was challenging but in good way, you decide yourself how far to go. Definitively a good project for the course »
- Excellent»
- The project could have been slightly more technically challenging. However, the simple nature was very suitable for the course to learn about the development process»
- really good, very hands on»
- The project was to technically complex and to far away from product launch to fit the course. Otherwise a good project but maybe on the edge of too technically complex to be a product development project.»
- Some seemed more suitable than others»
- Excellent»
- it was okey»
- The lectures were to basic, and it would have given much better results if we were alound to focus only on the report and exhibition, not all other deliverables.»
- A bit wide, some projects very narrow, other veeeeeery wide. Kinda like "do everything"»
- It took a while to figure out what the scope of the project really was. But when we decided upon that, is was suitable. »
- Good»
- Yes it was good»
- I felt the project was challenging and fun even thogh it was quite complex. I think it was suitable for this course.»
- I think our project fitted very good to the course.»
- Suitable for this course.»
- it fitted well»
- nope it was all pretty good»
- Didnt quite fit the course format, but great otherwise»
- Good»
- I liked the project it was a rather complex item but i enjoyed the challenge.»
- It"s okey»
- A adequate scoop.»

23. How has the interaction with your company and your industrial contact person worked out?

- Very bad. Towards the end it was almost none at all. (This was due to several reasons.)»
- Overall it worked good»
- Very well»
- They did not put that much effort into the project»
- It has been good. The industrial contact person was not very responsive towards the end of the project»
- Good»
- Very well»
- Really enjoyed it we had a really enthusiastic company»
- Very well.»
- good»
- Good. But the comapny"s wishes didn"t always match with the course goals.»
- Good»
- Have been working, could have been better. Had sometimes the feeling that the contact at the company was not that interested of our project.»
- Really good, they have helped us out a lot.»
- Very good»
- it could have worked better. There have been some misuderstandings between the group and the company. This was hindering in the project and meant we had to redio things several times.»
- Very good!»
- Really well.»
- Great!»
- very good! »
- pretty good»
- Excellent»
- They were very committed which was good»
- Brilliant he was enthusiastic and always on hand to help»
- Could have been better. The on-site exposure was low since the company was pretty far.»
- During the spring has it worked fine, it wasn"t as good during the autumn. »
- Very well.»

24. To what extent have you reached the project goals you aimed at?

- High extent, not as good as I hoped for though.»
- Within the time frame we reached the goals, even thought we wanted to to some more things»
- Project goals were reached and passed»
- Large»
- Reasonably well»
- Very much, delivered what they wanted and gave good recommendations for further work and also "planted new seeds" for they to work on»
- Reached most, succeded some and fell short of some»
- Well»
- Completely.»
- very close, of coarse it have been changed during the project and thats an important knowledge»
- High extent.»
- Complete»
- To a large extent. »
- after changing the goal a bit, we reached it perfectly.»
- everything»
- Fully.»
- The aim changed some, but in the end it we got a good final solution»
- 5 out of 5 I must say.»
- Good!»
- I have reached the goals»
- 100%»
- Great extent»
- I think we reached them»
- very well»
- Have fulfilled the prescribed goals.»
- I think I have reached them.»
- I think we reached the project goals we had from the start of the project.»

25. Has your company got what they wanted?

- Dont know yet.»
- Yes, they seem to be very happy with us and the result»
- Yes»
- Yes, some parts at least»
- Yes, company is very satisfied»
- yes»
- It feels as if they did»
- Yes»
- Yes, and more.»
- Yes, very much. They were impressed an are gonna do further development on it to continue the proj.»
- Yes»
- According to them yes. »
- Yes, they are pleased»
- Yes»
- Yes they have.»
- Yes, they seemed very happy»
- Yes they seen very happy wit our result.»
- Yes, they have.»
- yes they are satisfied »
- Yup they did »
- Who knows... »
- yes»
- Yes. The feedbacks were positive.»
- Yes, the impression I got was that they were very happy about our result. »
- Yes»

26. Any other comments about the project, its contents and the work process?

- Like I said before, best and funniest project I"v done on Charmers so far»
- None»
- I had excepted a supervisor with more knowledge of the subject, most of the help we got was about structuring the report. »
- The framework is mostly based on the concept and not on how to take care of these concepts... Change focus...»
- The inability to give proper information and poor administration causes the work load for the students to get very high!»
- Very good to do the project. Have learned a lot! Very good supervisor!»
- It is good if the supervisors are positive, motivating the group, give the group some good and positive feedback, and inspire the group»
- No»
- They seemed satisfied»
- As I said, more detailed explanation of the results, especially when this kind of project can be judged from very many angles.»

Lectures, quizes "duggor", and reflection paper

27. What do you think about the usefulness of having this kind of exercises linked to the project work?

- Did not get any large feedback on the reflection report, didnt see any point with that at all. Duggor was good to have.»
- It"s good, then you get more motivated to read the course literature»
- Lectures are good, duggor give the motivation to actually read and study the literature. The reflection paper was not that useful.»
- It is quite useful to know the associated theory to what we must do practically. Duggor were simple and easy to prepare and appear for.»
- useful in some cases»
- Lectures somewhat helpful, workshop helpful, reflection somewhat helpful and duggas not really helpful at all»
- Seemed a bit "thrown" in just for the sake of having a quiz, we didn"t really use much of it.»
- it´,s good if it have more coupling to the project and not as a own part. More help and not as a check to base a grade on»
- Bad. It interupted the project flow, and was not conected to the projects in a clear way. »
- Useless, it is a project course, people should know how to execute one before the project starts. And lectures were usually to late as that part of the development had usually passed.»
- Do not contribute to the learning of the theory. I learn most when using the theory. »
- it is ok»
- No they were all on lectures none on the book»
- Good complement to the project because it made sure every member of the group read the theory. And you learned a lot from these things. However, about the reflection paper, I felt it could have been clearer what should be included in it and how it should be written.»
- I do not really think it was that useful sadly. Took more focus and time than it gave back. Would be better to have some sort of weekly reports or something instead.»
- It is good for without them I wouldn"t have read the book.»
- can be good but use the book more or at least tell the class about what to practice for the dugga»
- made sure you knew it»
- Usefull to check up on the reading and students attending the lectures but some duggas did not test what they was said to test»
- reflection paper could be individual and duggor gotten rid off»
- I don"t really think they are connected enough. I did sometimes find it hard to understand how we could use the knowledge that we should gather to the duggas during the project. But of course, to some extent the knowledge were useful, e.g. the screening process. »
- Good, makes you reed the literature in a good way.»

28. Do you think that it is reasonable that an MSc in Product Development should be familiar with different theoretical approaches within the field?

- Yes»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- Yes, definitely.»
- yes, of course»
- Absolutely, but if we should learn the book we should also be tested on the book!»
- Yes»
- Yes, but also be familiar with when to not use approaches, just for the sake of using them. Making up weights in matrices just to have something to show felt unprofessional and did not raise the quality of the project.»
- yes of coarse but then learn us more different approaches to the problem so we can chose the most suitable of the project not just the old same one»
- Yes!»
- Ofcourse! More MSc level less BSc!!!»
- Yes, absolutely! Learned most from the writing of the reflection report. »
- it is good, but to some extent I think it is neccessary to accept that it is not possible to follow the theoreticla frameworks. There is a risk that you try to fir the project to the framework instead of acctually making a good result.»
- Yes»
- Yes.»
- Yes»
- Yes.»
- Yes, of course.»
- yes»
- yes»
- Not really, you can always learn new stuff»
- Yes»
- More on design concepts. Manufacturing drawings, how to lay out concept sketches and work could be an advantage.»
- Yes, but as mentioned earlier, better connection to the projects. Not necessary each specific, but use examples from our projects. Of course is it not possible use all approaches to all projects, but it would be great if the approaches in some extent could be connected to some of our projects. »
- yes»

29. Have the lectures and the reflective paper helped you to gain this familiarity?

- To some extent (lectures). Had quite a bit of knowledge in the field before the course.»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- Not the extent that I would prefer. »
- yes, some of it»
- Somewhat»
- Yes»
- No.»
- no, not much new knowledge»
- Not realy. It was all repetition from my bachelor years since I studied TD. »
- Very littlem reflection report was quite good to start thinking.»
- The reflection report gave a lot. »
- Not so much»
- Yes»
- Yes.»
- Yes in some content.»
- Yes»
- yes»
- yup»
- Quite much»
- To some extent»
- yes, but a reflection paper between 7 people means that not all people contributed evenly so maybe not all group members gained familiarity.»
- To some extent, but could be improved. »
- to some extent»

30. How did the quizes "duggor" influence your efforts to gain familiarity on the topic?

- To small extent.»
- They helped motivate to study these things»
- A lot»
- Not that much..»
- Helped to some extent. But the focus on Ulrich and Eppinger alone was disappointment»
- to some extent »
- not really»
- Not much, would have been more motivating if they were applied directly into the project we invested so much of our time in. Getting an improved project matters more than a random quiz.»
- no, the question were poorly executed and 10 questions on 45 minutes can give much time for thinking.»
- Not much.»
- Little»
- To a small extent. »
- I don"t think the quizes influenced how familiar I have become with the topics.»
- Not really»
- They helped very much because I know I would not have read the material as properly if the duggos had not been.»
- Not much at all...»
- It gave me one more resone to read the book.»
- some»
- not good»
- Hmmm»
- Not good at all. we should have more correct information about what we should study for quizzes.»
- i enjoyed studying for the duggor but some got more of a chance to study as some members of the group were still needed to keep the progression of the project going others ignored this and only studied for the duggor, which left others at a disadvantage as they did not have as much time.»
- I prefer this duggas to a big exam, but the content of them could be improved. And the administration about them, e.g. handle out the reading guide earlier and have a larger room for the test, as the one we used was almost too small. »
- influenced much»

31. Had you preferred to get this familiarity in some other way? If so, in what way?

- Not that I can think of.»
- No. I like lectures, so if there had been more lectures with industrial people, it would have been nice.»
- More questions on the book, not only from the slides»
- No, didn"t try in any other way.»
- Perhaps having a seminar or discussing in groups. »
- Yes, an individual assignment would of been better.»
- Integrate it more with the project if possible. Have the supervisors check the group"s effort to apply it fairly soon after the lectures.»
- the lectures should be held before the project comes in the phase so we can chose the most suitable. Remove the duggas, it just take time. Better to concentrate how and why we used the methods in the projects»
- Yes, in an elecive course before the project! So that you can chose not to take it if you already have studied alot of theory in product development.»
- Yes, better lectures on more advanced level, maybe more literature recommendations.»
- The reflection report in combination of the project is the best way, I think. »
- No»
- No.»
- Weekly reflection reports or something instead, and perhaps more guidens from the suprevisors. In our case, it was not really that much help and guidens as it was corrections.»
- nope»
- yes an individual report would of sufficed more.»

The work spaces in the "Course laboratory"

32. You were offered "permanent" work spaces in the lab. What is your opinion about the lab?

- Did not use it much at all.»
- Good, we hardly used it in the first half of the course thought. But it was necessary when working with the prototype»
- It was good and had enough space.»
- It was taken by Student formula team, so we was not there»
- Already covered»
- good lab, small workspaces»
- It is very good to have that place, but it would be nice to have better workstations.»
- ok more efforts need to be made in making sure another group isnt using space that isnt theirs»
- Too little space, there wasn"t room for that many people. Not even chairs for a third of everyone.»
- some projects got a lot of space, and some were tight... who decides which project that got the good space and why?»
- Badly organized. It was occupied by other students, and therefore durty and filled with their stuff. It was loud in there too, not a study climate. »
- Poor. Very messy. Formula student and eco marathon leaving there stuff everywhere, never clean, no space to store ones things. No information about what was allows or not allowed to have inside.»
- It is good to have a workspace. However, a lot more have to be refined within this idea. - Offer lockers or another storage area. - The whole issue with the use of material and chemicals for the prototype. Give guidelines of which, what and were to use materials and chemicals for the prototype. »
- It was good, we used it a lot.»
- Yes it was very good »
- Good, but we really did not use it much until the end of the term. Would be better if there was closed rooms or something like it. Some sort of office space for instance, with access to the lab the last weeks.»
- It was good to have if you wanted to build something but it could have been better if we had have more regular chairs and tables when we wanted to work with the computers.»
- I think it would be better if we have a private workspace.»
- it was very useful! »
- yup was very good»
- Cold in course lab. People used our workspaces during our time, material disappeared ...»
- We had permanent work spaces but they were sometimes taken over by the formula one team. Towards the end of the year we just stopped using the course lab as our work station was always in use.»
- good, more time in the prototype lab would be needed near the end of the project»
- Should be improved. Not enough space to accommodate tools and chemicals.»
- It was to small, and we didn"t really use it. »
- Not very good opportunity to sit with computer work. the work space is good for practical work.»

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