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Master Thesis Work

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-05-27 - 2012-09-27
Antal svar: 59
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 86%
Kontaktperson: Saddek Rehal»

Preparation to start thesis work

1. Have you followed one of the preparation course before you started your thesis work?

58 svarande

Yes»47 81%
No»11 18%

Genomsnitt: 1.18

- I had the Leadership course with Maja in Autumn 2010. It was one of the best courses I"ve ever had.» (Yes)
- It was a good course, but it didn"t help me find a subject for my thesis, which made it a little difficult.» (Yes)
- It was good, bbut maybe the course shall have been held even earlier in the education. » (Yes)
- I attended the Advanced Theory Course» (Yes)
- The preparation course was a complete waste of time. The thing about a masters thesis is it is essentially another project, which you get a sufficient amount of time to complete. The preporatory course builds up this idea of the masters thesis as something that has to be super professional and a summary of your entire educational career, when that is simply not the case. At no point in the preporatory course did we discuss how the masters thesis should be the most FUN project you have done.» (Yes)
- Did not attend all meetings though» (Yes)
- I started attending the course but did not finish it.» (Yes)
- should clarify to a greater extent what balance is expected between theoretical and practical work in final thesis (it sseems to me though this is something the staff perhaps need to agree on first)» (Yes)
- I followed the Leadership before starting my thesis work. And actually, I think this course is mainly about how to manage the time how to express oneself. It is important for one person in his career life, but actually have little help for my master thesis..» (Yes)
- I followed the Leadership course, it was presented as a mandatory course since the very start of the program. Turns out it wasn"t mandatory, and there was another option that would have been a better fit for preparing myself to a theoretical thesis. This other course ran in parallel with the design studios, making it complicated to take, and also was not known to all the students.» (Yes)
- Leadership course» (Yes)
- I think I missed a lot of information because of it.» (No)
- The preparation course i read about did not seem to make sense. It appears as if the course is only a desperate attempt to higher the outcome of the master thesis projects. A lot of the electives in Chalmers are poor and there is a lack of choices» (No)
- I had previously done a similar course in Australia in my previous studies» (No)


2. What is your opinion about the information and guidance to start the thesis work?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

6 10%
17 29%
20 34%
11 18%
4 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.82

- There was no information. I had no idea about choosing different studios, or that some tutors and examiners couldn"t work together. I didn"t get any information as to how the tutoring was to be done, nor that we had a limited tutoring time. I didn"t know what was supposed to be in the planning report, or who was supposed to read it.» (1)
- Det fanns flera versioner av samma blanket.» (1)
- there is no introduction to the tutors, no help if you don"t take the leadership course, more previous thesis stusents presentations would be helpful.» (1)
- I have tried to get information on what it is that is expected for the thesis without any result. The general information leaflet contains to little information. Being new at Chalmers it was difficult to find anyone who could guide me or give me information about the thesis. Eventhough I asked several times it was difficult to get a consistent and good information on what it is that is expected from the student.» (1)
- Make a list of everything you have to do and which date it has to be done. Give it to the student the first day of the leadership course.» (2)
- I think the guidance at the beginning was very weak. I feel now that I have made a few mistakes in the very beginning that could have easily been corrected if I had had a bit more engagement from the tutors.» (2)
- A bit blurry around the practicalities» (2)
- The idea to have a preparation course is good, but it did not suit me, personally.» (2)
- Not very clear how to find and match up with examiners and tutors if you didn"t follow the prep courses. We wanted to combine MPDSD and MPARC and that was especially unclear.» (2)
- I think it is because I did not take the leadership course.» (2)
- Handouts instegade of email only!!!!» (2)
- Många saker var väldigt oklara och det kändes inte som att de lärare och administratörer som man frågade visste riktigt heller. Det kan hända att saker hade varit tydligare om man gått den förberedande kursen, men det verkade till viss del också handla om att det finns vissa rutiner för exjobben på arkitektur sektionen som skiljer sig från Chalmers i övrigt. Detta gäller bland annat vilka papper som ska fyllas i.» (2)
- the preparation course gave little clear guidelines - e.g. how big should the thesis be? can it be written or only a project? do i choose a tutor and examiner or just a studio?» (2)
- I got my information from other students that did the preparation course and they did not seem to understand more then i did. Some students were apparently unhappy and many projects suffered» (2)
- Lack of information, dates and regulations sometimes» (3)
- the course was really helpful in terms of context but a little lacking in procedure.» (3)
- Information about the registration and all the people that you need to contact should be much better organized.» (3)
- i actually think what chalmers misses is rather clarity about basic information. After having concluded my thesis i feel that most of the relevant information could be summarized on one a4. This should for example clarify weather you"re choosing a studio or an examiner. To what extent you can expect tutoring from someone else than the examiner. Who will in the end approve your thesis and so on.» (3)
- When you found the information it is understandable but it took some time to find the information and everyone had heard different things from teatchers and different papers.» (3)
- The information handing in the application to do the MT wasn´,t so good, however the information during the MT was much better.» (3)
- For a international student which doesnt know how the system works in the univ. It was sometimes hard to get information regarding the master thesis. But the leadership course helped but there was a need of information of what you were expected to hand in and where you were suppost to hand in - who you were suppost to talk to and what paperwork to fill in.» (3)
- It"s quite good that everyone can find the former thesis work in the library, so we can get idea and know how exactly it could be.» (4)
- A few things could definitely be more clarified but as a whole i think we got relevant information, at least i felt so.» (4)
- Comparing myself to my friends, I think this year was much better and clearer to know how to start than before.» (5)

3. What is your opinion about the relevance and accessibility of the information on the website?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

7 12%
13 22%
29 50%
6 10%
3 5%

Genomsnitt: 2.74

- Thinks that were linked to from e-mails didnt always exist on the website, old links?» (1)
- I checked the website once, only to find that there is absolutely no information on it at all. In general the website experience at chalmers is very difficult to navigate and understand.» (1)
- the website is too complex, not at all easy to orientate yourself to where you want to go, bad!» (1)
- Contains way to little information. Since the MPDSD program has such a different approach to the end result than other architectural programs and schools it is neccessary to have good information as well as explain why there is a difference (ie the report vs posters).» (1)
- The website is more or less useless, it could realy be improved.» (1)
- It"s difficult to find information when you"re not completely sure what it is you"re looking for.» (2)
- It has been difficult to access information about the schedule for the master thesis semester, and to find information about requirements.» (2)
- Det finns en hel del bra information, men vissa delar av informationen fick vi genom att kolla på hemsidan till den förberedande kursen. Det kändes rätt rörigt, men det kanske också har att göra med Chalmers hemsida i stort. Det är helt omöjligt att hitta något på den så man gör klokast i att Googla det man söker. Också lite förvirrade att det fortfarande finns Studentportalen och Studieportalen. » (2)
- Very confusing and muddled.» (2)
- I think the information was sometimes not accessible enough» (2)
- There are enough information on the website, but the website itself was never easy to use for me. Chalmers website is very hard to work with. Not easy to find what you want in a short amount of time.» (3)
- I"m sure all the relevant information exists somewhere, the problem tends rather to be knowing what information you read isn"t really valid. To what extent should your thesis work conform to general chalmers standards for example, i"m still not sure... it"s just as important to point out what"s not expected from the student as loading up with information about what you "should" do. » (3)
- There"s a lot of information on the site, but sometimes it is a bit hidden. » (3)
- Hard to find.» (3)
- I believe the information is there» (3)
- think its is better now than one year ago when I started my thesis.» (4)
- I could find the things i need, no problem» (5)

4. What is your opinion about the information regarding the different procedures from start to final public presentation?

58 svarande

2 3%
15 25%
19 32%
17 29%
5 8%

Genomsnitt: 3.13

- Datum och hållpunkter ändrades hela tiden.» (1)
- Again. Vey confusing and muddled. You get different information from different people and sources. Lack of coherency.» (1)
- I did not understand the procedure from the start, about the two final presentations. It was also unclear what was expected on the midterm seminar.» (2)
- My main complaint is thaty i have to some degree learned not to trust information i"m given. For example about what the censors role is (not critisizing you but the school as a whole) since i have previously experinced seminars turning in to critiques and so on... i"m generally not sure weather external critics for example have been given the same information as i.» (2)
- big confusion about registration for the thesis and the program plan - when? where? to whom? confusion about this work card in the end» (2)
- Maybe a printed paper with information in the beginning of the course could have been usefull» (2)
- I think the procedure is decent but their is probably better ways of doing it» (2)
- the information i got from my studio was good, the information I got from the school was very unclear and confusing. » (2)
- The information was very sparce. Most of the information I have gotten was from fellow students, who had personal contact with a tutor one of the few times they were there.» (3)
- Generally bad, but ok info coming directly from supervisor» (3)
- Too many forms of presentation gave a very messy flow of information.» (3)
- Still do not know when to hand in...» (3)
- Det blev bättre när vi väl kommit igång med exjobbet. Informationen har dock ofta kommit väldigt sent från examinatorn. Info om vad som skulle lämnas in och hur kritiken skulle gå till kom ofta endast någon dag innan det skulle lämnas in.» (3)
- The general information was good but the specific from the examinator could have been better» (3)
- The information was usually very unclear and I never knew what I was suppost to be doing. It would have been nice to have a checklist over paperwork and dates to hand in. » (3)
- The email we got from Saddek at the end of March was very good. However, it could have been sent even earlier so that it would"ve been possible to plan for all the different mandatory procedures from the very beginning of the work.» (4)
- good sent out info and the booking system worked well» (4)
- it could be better if we can have semi-public presentation for the middle critique, so we can see the others work, to compare and study from that.» (4)
- It seems not all the teachers know what information is valid (some teachers asked the students to attend a certain amount of presentations in order to sign the work card when it wasn"t mandatory)» (4)
- Some things were slightly blurred, as in not understandable, but all you need to do is ask a few questions and you get all the answers. ALL the tutors and professors are helpful and willing to explain and help.» (4)
- I think it was clear.» (5)
- when starting your thesis the information is clear and then you know who to ask for what. The examiner also make a big part of informator.» (5)

5. What is your opinion about the information regarding the requirements to achieve a good thesis work?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

7 12%
13 22%
18 31%
16 27%
4 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.94

- What information about requirements to achieve a good thesis work?» (1)
- information som vi aldrig fick» (1)
- I feel like I have not had enough opportunities to discuss my project, and because my discussions were so sparce, the information given was often very cosmetic. As far as the requirements for good thesis work, and how my work was going to be evaluated, I did not take that information seriously because it seemed to be completely misinformed as to what actually makes a fun and interesting project.» (1)
- Did not get any information.» (1)
- The information about what is required regarding the content of the thesis has been lacking.» (2)
- Not much guidance.» (2)
- What is a good thesis work?» (2)
- I had misunderstood them, i found out later (believing that the requirements regarding theoretical background where higher).» (2)
- i felt more of a big pressure than clear guidelines» (2)
- Requirements is as bad as the feedback. Some of the project are not enough to be called a thesis» (2)
- More examples discussion. What"s good, not good etc.» (3)
- It was unclear what was needed and if we had passes even after the examination.» (3)
- The Leadership course is lacking regarding different types of thesis.» (3)
- I had an impression that the oppinion varied alot depending on examinator.» (3)
- I think it mainly depends on personal ambition and project. There could not be a standard requirement.» (4)
- There are guidlines but on the whole it is left up to the student to put these requirements and guidlines together to form the basis for the thesis. But the guidlines are definitely there to fall back to » (4)

Thesis work, supervision, examination, work environment and administration

6. What is your opinion about the supervision you got during your thesis work?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

0 0%
5 8%
14 24%
20 34%
19 32%

Genomsnitt: 3.91

- Personnaly I enjoyed everyones company at school, but there were not too many opportunities to have real discussions about my work. I think on average students got about 20 minutes per week split up between 3 different tutors, unless they sought out more time with someone on their own. This made it impossible for any one of the supervisors to follow my work because we did not see the same people often enough. Also, I think the communication between the tutors and the examinor was generally very bad. The feedback that I was given was often very inconsistant and from people who had no real understanding of my project.» (2)
- My experience is that my supervisor has been very stressed and overloaded with work. He was also very badly informed about the shedule and about what was expected from the students side.» (2)
- Little support because I chose to write.» (2)
- Somwhat unenthusiastic.» (3)
- I have not been present very much, so I have chosen not to get much help» (3)
- I would have liked the distinction between examiner and tutor roles to be much clearer. I also think it should be clearer what information and strucuring are up to the individual examiner and what parts are controlled by the program.» (3)
- weekly tutorials - but with different tutors, which didn"t give continuation in the process or relevant guidelines saw little of the examiner no tutorials or comments outside the studio little time with construction engineer (kg was vey busy)» (3)
- the examiner followed our work very well..we had a very relevant tutor as well but was very busy.» (4)
- I missed construction supervision.» (4)
- Mycket handledning och bra sådan i huvudsak. Blev dock lite konstigt att ha sin handledare som kritiker. » (4)
- Could have had more tutors, to get a more diverse input during work. But the supervision worked fine for me the way it was.» (4)
- I had the best supervision ever. comparing to my bachelors thesis at my home country.» (5)
- Daniell Norell - riktigt bra!» (5)
- Very good supervision! We had three tutors helping us with different parts of the work. Some strange advices regarding finalization and presentation though.» (5)
- I had a new tutor at the school who did an EXCELLENT job of engaged comitted work.» (5)
- Very good support for both writing and project.» (5)
- I had a great year with a great teacher and examinor, and i was lucky that I got the chance to develop a good relationship with my tutor and examiner. Though I believe Chalmers lack consistency thanks to the large groups per studio and many students did not get the consistency and attention that I did. A lot of potential is wasted due to the large and messy groups» (5)

7. What is your opinion about the mid seminar?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

3 5%
3 5%
15 25%
22 37%
15 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.74

- det blev inget riktigt mittkretik» (1)
- no organized mid-term seminar no interaction between the studios or with students from other studios» (1)
- To little time» (2)
- Some of it interesting, but too long. It would be enough to listen to three or four presentations, there"s no use for listening to seven or eight and being too tired to listen at the end. And also, it"s enough to scrutinize and comment on one project, one does not have the time to sit down and read carefully through two projects. It takes too muck time from one"s own work.» (3)
- I was very stressed.» (3)
- Very good, one of the most valuable things about the thesis work. However i"m not sure how well suited the situation is to written thesis works, or written parts of a thesis work. Fellow student critics may not be as good at assesing them, and my mid term seminar relied heavily on fellow student critique.» (3)
- the mid seminar should be hold among different supervisors and studios, but not only within one examiner.» (3)
- There should be two "mid" seminars and smaller groups to create student discussions» (3)
- goo to have one, would be good to have other studios master"s thesis mid crits at the same time» (4)
- Could have been earlier to advance the project.» (4)
- It was a really good reason for me to gather the information and shape the concept.» (5)
- The mid seminar was quite good. I enjoyed having censors from outside of the school give a fresh look on the project, and also a decent amount of time to talk about it. It would be nice if the tutors » (5)
- Nice and relaxed atmosphere. Good discussions. Constructive critique which helped the work to get further. Interesting to hear what other students are working with. » (5)
- I thought the midseminar was extremely good,, well organised relevant and important to the flow of my thesis. Getting opinions from other tutors and students was extremely helpful!» (5)

8. What is your opinion about feedback and comments from/to students during your work process?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

1 1%
5 8%
13 22%
23 39%
16 27%

Genomsnitt: 3.82

- det fanns aldrig utrymme för studentkommentarer» (1)
- The feedback was generally very cosmetic. I think that no one that was in a position to give me feedback had really spent enough time with me to develop the project on any deeper level than simply cosmetic presentation details.» (2)
- good comments within the studio, otherwise nothing» (2)
- Not much of it, at least not through the planned seminars or tutorials in the course structure. The groups are to big, leading to bad student interaction at the seminars» (2)
- Could be much further developed since it is such a good way to learn both how to give and get critique. » (3)
- Many good comment from some fellow students, but some has been bordering insulting, especially when delivered in a steamroller fashion.» (4)
- Feedback from students is a good form of interaction and development in the beginning of the project but then looses some of its relevance.» (4)
- Big reason why I managed to complete the work.» (4)
- I had my thesis in Healthcare. The group themselves, arranged fixed meetings every 2 weeks to get feedback from each other and share materials. Everything was really organized within the Healthcare group.» (5)
- working with other master thesis students in school turned out to be one of the best decision.» (5)
- My fellow students have been very supportive.» (5)
- we organized our own seminar group and met up once a week» (5)
- We work close in a studio with different projects and had a great support from each other.» (5)
- I think everyone was professional and so the feedback turned out to be extremely helpful! Everyone really concentrated on giving good feedback that will help each others thesis» (5)

9. What is your opinion about the final seminar (examination), have you been judged seriously by the jury?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

2 3%
1 1%
8 13%
17 29%
30 51%

Genomsnitt: 4.24

- We specifically asked for a jury that was professional in our subject (preschools) since we had three such projects in our group. The way it turned up now we were only judged from an artistic point of view rather than a functional/rational discussion of plans etc. Totally wrong focus in my opinion.» (1)
- I was intensely dissatisfied with my final seminar. 1. Politically and subjectively oriented criticism, was not properly separated from formal and "objective" critisism. This lead to a situation where the external critic became unacceptably personal in a way that i have not experienced in any other form of education and which is, frankly, unacceptable. This could perhaps be avoided by clearer formal framing of the situation. This lack of clarity starts with the misleading labeling of a critique as a seminar and is typical of such situations throughout the masters education. 2. The "completion tasks" i was given where not properly and clearly formulated , and i did not receive them in text. This lead to unnecessary emotional strain at an important stage in the thesis-production, neither beneficial to me, nor Chalmers.» (1)
- Vi höll i stort med om juryns synpunkter. Fokus kom dock att hamna på saker som vi inte tyckte var så relevanta i vårt arbete. Hade varit bra om någon av kritikerna hade arbetat med den typen av frågor som vi arbetade med. Då kanske diskussionen kunde ha blivit en annan.» (3)
- I think I was seriously judged. Again, to large groups per seminar day, wearing out the energy of the seminars. I also thinks it is absurd that we don"t get any written critique noted during or after our seminar. Since there is no system of grading to make tutors/examiners evaluate the students achievement in any way, it would be nice to have a written document proving that you were noticed and as a written critique» (3)
- It was not super serious to me. I never got a question which is beyond what I"ve done or I couldn"t answer. But what they asked made improvements for the public presentation.» (4)
- I got some good, constructive comment, but it"s disrespectful of the jury to not even take the time to read through the project. There was also no comments on the report in itself, with all the theoretic work, only comments on the design, which was somewhat disappointing.» (4)
- Good comments.» (4)
- I think the mid critique and final seminars were quite good and fair, mostly becuase the format of them is meant to be for a quick and efficient evaluation of the project.» (5)
- very thourough good discusions! The matter space studio has been a brilliant studio» (5)
- Also this occassion had a nice and relaxed atmosphere which makes it so much easier to feel comfortable when explaining the project. Constructive critique. The discussions were much relevant in relation to the project. The jury had read the report and was well chosen in relation to the project. Really good to have this as a separate occasion so you don"t get judged in front of family and friends.» (5)
- very good to get comments from critics outside the school - gave a chance to realize how someone from outside would experience and understand the project and a real-life connection» (5)
- Extremely good critics.» (5)
- The judges were very good, very professional, polite helpful and extremely important. I think their imput was very good. I wouldlike to perhaps have a few more sessions such as the final seminar, before the final seminar so we have time to consider all the things that were discusses and have a better chance to resolve certain conflicts that come up in the thesis.» (5)

10. What is your opinion about the physical work environment?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

57 svarande

1 1%
15 26%
18 31%
14 24%
9 15%

Genomsnitt: 3.26

- The physical work environment is maybe my biggest complaint. The studios are separated and isolated, so I feel like most student retreat to small rooms and work quietly without any connection to the school. I think the school could benefit from proper lecture space, exhibition space, and studio space that makes it possible for strong communities of people working together. The buildings themselves are too separated and secured. Every room you go into in that building feels like an isolated corner, disconnected from the rest of the school.» (1)
- The ventilation is terrible, especially on the weekends, but the work space is ok.» (2)
- very limited, too small, no where to put models, not adjusted to an architecture student, places to cut boards, store things, better chairs etc are needed» (2)
- I am dissapointed with the rooms for the student. Half my masterthesis i did not have a place to work on the school. That should have been taken care of in advance. It would also been nice if the elevator would have worked during evenings and weekends.» (2)
- The master thesis student rooms in Matter Space & Structure are to small, I had to work outside Chalmers.» (2)
- good space but no ventilation!» (2)
- Bad ventilation. Why don"t ventilation Work during weekends and nights? Do they think that we just Work daytime?» (3)
- I am glad that we have 5th floor as our working environment, but I hope to get more computers to use. Because 6 computers for more than 20 students may be not enough.» (3)
- Good to have a own workspace even if it was really bad ventilation and got really warm during day. Since the master thesis workers are sitting at least 10-12 hours a day it is good to have ventilation that works well.» (3)
- Not enough computers for all students in the 5th floor, many students used the computers from 2nd and 3rd floor instead, or chose to work from home due to that. Having 2 computer rooms instead of one, or at least distributing the computers in the rooms would be optimal.» (3)
- at the begining it was not clear if I will have a place in the building and where...» (3)
- This year was great having offices at 5th floor, made it more convenient to work. There were not enough amount of computers.» (4)
- Generally good, with the exception of the inhumane heat temperatures in our computer room. » (4)
- Have been spending quite much time on the fifth floor, nice with our own area. » (4)
- Except for the extreme heat in some of the rooms on the fifth floor the locales were very good.» (4)
- Bra lokaler (våning 5). Lugnt och skönt, gott om plats. Vansinnigt varmt datorrum. Måste åtgärda ventilationen till nästa år.» (4)
- I have not been working at Chalmers.» (5)
- We had a room at the 5th floor which was really good» (5)
- I think Chalmers is one of the few universities that has a really good work environment for the students. I come from a school that was flashy but had no proper physical environment for students, students were expected to work from home, which does not build a good atmosphere amongst the students. At Chalmers the physical environment means you can work at school thus enjoying becoming friends and recieving help from fellow students» (5)

11. What is your opinion about the administration and coordination of all the events from registration to final presentation?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

57 svarande

2 3%
8 14%
24 42%
16 28%
7 12%

Genomsnitt: 3.31

- I think that there are not a lot of events that happened between registration and final presentation, and when there was, they were generally not up to my expectations of a university.» (2)
- It is difficult to contact Sten Gromark and the procedure of filling in applications both at the start and the end is very unclear. » (2)
- quite alright, but it could have been more anounced on the website, and publically, it seems as though chalmers is ashamed of its architecture section.» (2)
- confusion about registration and about the work card in the end i really think the school could put more effort into the final celebration» (2)
- if all the examiners and supervisors could be listed based on their researching field, that will be great for students to choose, especially MPDSD students!» (3)
- Final presentation was ok. It would have been nice to also have a kick-off in the beginning of the semester. This could be a great opportunity to inform about the schedule and about what is expected.» (3)
- the information should be much more clear» (3)
- Vår examinator har under perioder varit helt omöjlig att få tag på och inte svarat på mail, vilket känns ganska allvarligt. Sen information om examinationen. Har dock fungerat helt ok i stort.» (3)
- It seems to work. Though i don"t see why we need to fill in any forms sins we handed in a whole project. It should be enough with the student and examiner signature right on the spot to prove its done right» (3)
- the information i got from my studio was good, the information I got from the school was very unclear and confusing. » (3)
- It was organized but here was a coordinator "woman" which was not treating students in a good way to sign their papers!!» (4)
- Everything worked well exept getting information about paperwork» (4)

Exhibition and public presentation and censors’, roll

12. What is your opinion about the value of the public presentation?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

57 svarande

1 1%
4 7%
12 21%
19 33%
21 36%

Genomsnitt: 3.96

- Has no value other than a chance to get the opinion of an extra examiner, but since the interest among the students is so low it is a bit of a disappointment» (2)
- Could be made more ceremonial.» (2)
- I think the presentation is important but the form should be extensively revised. Our presentation was attended by examiner and tutors, the censor and ONE other person that also has been involved in the process. That I think clearly illustrates the problem with the public presentations, there is no public...» (3)
- Det kanske beror på vad man själv gör av det. I vårt fall var det samma personer som på slutkritiker plus sensorn så det blev mycket samma saker som kom upp en gång till.» (3)
- Could be much more developed. Good to have the possibility to invite family and friends but many cannot come in the middle of the week. Maybe could it be possible for some to present after 17 so more people can join.» (3)
- good with censors" comments as mentioned in censors" seminar - it would be a good thing to invite offices, people from the municipality etc. now the public presentation is more a "show off" and generates little discussion» (3)
- Short event unknown by the external public. Not even all A-students care a lot about it. Having it in the Student Union or in the main library could make it gain a larger importance.» (3)
- It is nice to have a public presentation. It is worth trying others ways to do it. spread the presentations out during more days, one presentation every hour, so the students can participate more on other students presentations. Use the same seminar room for all project presentations or at least the projects of one studio, provide a microphone and a stage. Even better, have the presentations on a stage right in the middle of the exhibition space so there will be more of a crowd at all presentations and a sense of an exhibition with continuity.» (3)
- very important but the exhibition should be longer» (4)
- It should be longer though and maybe at a different place» (4)
- The censors roll is a bit unclear espacially when you have your family present.» (4)
- By seeing the exhibited works, people could decide which thesis they want to know more about.» (5)
- It"s definitely good to have a public presentation, I only wished there would have been more people present.» (5)
- The public presentation is extremely valuable. One of the main problems with the rest of the years work is that it is too private. We need more chances to exhibit and present our work publically throughout the process of developing the project.» (5)
- It could be good to announce it as a public event to get in contact with other professionals to get contacts for future work. » (5)
- it"s extremely important that we reach out to the public about what we do here at chalmers, unfortunatley it"s still very secluded. the presentations should be at röhsska orhave at least a more frontal place in the school.» (5)
- Every presentation is a good chance for me to complete my project better and rearrange the story of it.» (5)
- I think the puplic presentation is a good exercise for us as professionals and to make it into a celebration in the end. It was very common that the presentation for the international and erasmus students were not as crowded as the one of the swedish students. That was a pity and could be worked on in some way. » (5)
- Extremely good! I think it was an important addition» (5)

13. What is your opinion about the organization of the exhibition?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

57 svarande

4 7%
4 7%
9 15%
21 36%
19 33%

Genomsnitt: 3.82

- bra början men saknar mening då det inte finns med externa aktörer. vi borde vara på röska med mingel. så att det blir en offentlig utställning. utstälningsplanchen spreds inte till oss studenter så att vi kunde sprida den vidare. vart var alla reportrar?» (1)
- I do not understand the what the intention of the exhibition is. Feels like something part of a protocol that most does not care about. A little strange since this is such a good opportunity to promote both the school and the students. The different programmes need to sit down and discuss how the exhibition could be further developed so everyone feels that it is an important part of finalizing a long education. Maybe could it take place at Urbanum.» (1)
- There should be neater panels to hang work on. Every student should get the same amount of space to mount there work and adapt it to that. The exhibition should be a competition between the studios to build and create a well thought through exhibition. The exhibition should be longer. The exhibition should be advertised and the students should be present most of the time during the exhibition. The exhibition should be a great event that advertises Chalmers architecture and not be treated as sloppy and arrogant. The exhibition can be in a better space were people outside of Chalmers can find it.» (1)
- i was moved around, without being asked after hanging up all posters, and I recieved less space than I booked. The A-couryard was EXTREMELY hot, a better place for the exhibition cóuld have been chosen» (2)
- The exhibition is organized quite well. The party at the end was essential to the success of the exhibition» (3)
- Fungerade bra! Blev fint!» (4)
- Though it was well organized it should be held at a more public location. Also, projects were arranged according to "studio", this did not comply with my understanding that i choose an examiner rather than a studio. Both are allright but the situation should be clarified.» (4)
- Can be expanded! But on the whole it is a good basis for an awesome exhibition » (4)
- It was great! Thanks to the organizers.» (5)
- very good! well organized space, good division between the studios, nice name tags but too few black boxes, people started stealing from each other» (5)
- I do really appreciate everyone who work for the exhibition.» (5)
- could be longer than 3 days» (5)
- I think the exhibiton was very good but it is up for a short time and it could be a bigger event. I think the puplic exh. Could be brought to the museums downtown to open up the school and make the exh. Even more puplic. » (5)

14. What is your opinion about the presence of a censor at your presentation?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

1 1%
1 1%
10 17%
16 27%
30 51%

Genomsnitt: 4.25

- It would have been nice if the censor had opened up for a discussion instead of keeping a monolog.» (3)
- Fungerade bra! Bra synpunkter. Bra påläst.» (3)
- The censors seem poorly informed of the projects they attended, before and after the presentation we held. I heard them argue they did not have time to learn all or a few of the projects which probably made their feedback poor. It is a must to have censors in order for Chalmers to get the critique it needs. I hope that the heads of Chalmers architecture listens.» (3)
- The censor was good, although at that stage I personally wasn"t too susceptible for all the comments on how I could"ve developed my project. » (4)
- It is great to have outside input to help Chalmers evolve. I can see it definitely as an important element, and the students recived great feedback too» (4)
- My censor was from outside Sweden. It is always great to get feedback from a person which is not familiar with the system of the university. Then you can compare your work to other places in the world.» (5)
- The censors are one of the most critical channels that ensure unbiased and fresh ideas can get into the school.» (5)
- For the first and only time during the project we were judged and assessed from the perspective of someone that had some experience of our kind of work.» (5)
- very important and a chance to exhibit your work across european borders» (5)
- interesting to hear their comments» (5)
- Very good to present in front of a external censor and get some more comments from someone outside Chalmers. Also this event had a very relaxed and nice atmosphere which generates good and interesting discussions.» (5)
- The censor gave valuable feedback.» (5)
- good comments, and clear that they judged the school and not so much the specific project» (5)
- Wonderful censor, very relevant feedback.» (5)

15. Was the plenum meeting with the censors of value for you?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

3 5%
11 18%
21 36%
12 20%
11 18%

Genomsnitt: 3.29

- Did no attend unfortunately.» (1)
- Had been more interesting if they had been more open about what they felt about Chalmers and the projects. Now it was more like they continued their evaluation by asking more questions.» (2)
- I was hard to hold a discussion in sucha big group.» (2)
- Yeas» (2)
- I did not attend.» (3)
- It was interesting. But I felt a little uncomfortble to critisise my own school in front of them since I am not sure what consequenses that may bring. Instead I would like to discuss that with my teachers face to face.» (3)
- ok, but not enough said about this year"s presentations and projects. More about what can be donr in the future, so could be better» (3)
- it would have been interesting to hear more about their opinion of the level of the theses. we mostly discussed how we had worked during the semester » (3)
- Yes, although. If the school really wants the most honest critique possible, teachers should probabely not be present at the discussion, just like students are not present at the staff-plenum.» (5)
- Extremely! I think a good addition to this meeting is for it to be open to all students, so students who will soon do master thesis can come and learn from this meeting. Wer touched on things that would have been really valuable to me had i known them before i began my thesis» (5)

16. As you know the role of the censors is to assess the whole school, what is your opinion about it?

(Very bad 1 - Very good 5)

58 svarande

0 0%
2 3%
16 27%
19 32%
21 36%

Genomsnitt: 4.01

- In my seminar we did discuss my project not what I thought about the school...» (2)
- It Seem all but clear what the censors achieved at our meeting in A-salen. The discussion was smothered and the attending tutors and examiners seemed to wear a teflon body armor. I hope the critique and discussion was tougher behind closed doors» (2)
- Vissta är det bra att få skolan utvärderad. Men man skall vara medveten om att när man betalar ngn att utvärdera ngt är det mycket sällan man får en objektiv bedömning. Jag förstår att det är viktigt för Chalmers att få ett gott rykte nu när utländska studenter får betala för sig. » (3)
- I do not have any opinion because I do not know what impact they actually have on the system.» (3)
- Could be a good tool for the school.» (4)
- Bra att någon utifrån bedömer skolans insats» (4)
- It is big different of the censors. Some do ask questions about the workprocess (as they should?) while some only ask questions about the project, as a extra critic. The censors should have more clear guidelines to follow.» (4)
- chalmers needs it! but some situations occured where examiners and tutors started defending students" projects and started responding in the place of student - it was apparent that they wanted their studio and their work to look good» (4)
- I really think the education needs to be assessed by outside censors. I only hope that the administration will listen to the suggestions made by the censors.» (5)
- I think it is very important, and should be taken more seriously by the school.» (5)
- very valueable to keep the level of education at an improving level. go censors!» (5)
- An important part of continuing developing the school.» (5)
- I believe it is probably very valuable to Chalmers.» (5)
- It quite good for Chalmers to have some comparison to other school, and it can make the university to develop toward to good direction.» (5)
- I think it is a very positive step. It will help the school evolve to get valuable outside feedback» (5)

Advises from the students

17. What is your overall opinion about the whole process of the master thesis work?

Please comment

- It has been great and Chalmers as school is amazing!»
- It was clear and organized to me.»
- It was much fun, but the whole administration aspect made for a lot of confusion and frustration. A lot of last minute information or changes in schedule. Also, I felt that sometimes the teachers involved did not respect our work load and time limits. »
- att jobba var kul men alla olika bud blir bara jobbigt»
- Overall it worked ok, although there need to be some clarifications in the regulations, and it could definetely be better communicated to the students.»
- Har varit kul och lärorikt, mycket beroende på bra handledning. »
- It was very good.»
- Generally fine, but if we could get more info about the examiners and supervisors in the beginning, that will be perfect, especially for international students, we are not very familiar with all the teachers here.»
- The whole process I would say is generally good. We have a lot responsibility over our individual work, and so in the end there is no one to blame but ourselves for sub-standard work. However, I think that it is unfortunate to that there is very few opportunities to engage our work in a the architectural community at Chalmers. For example, if there were workshops or seminars offered throughout the year that anyone from any studio or year could participate in, I think that we could start to break down some social barriers and start building an engaged architecture community.»
- Hard to find all the papers that must be signed by coordinators and examinators. The staff seems uninformed as well. Ana Betancour was really stressed when she had to sign all the students papers in order for the to start their thesis.»
- I am not the right person to ask as I have not been present and voluntarily isolated myself in another city. But I think the help is there if you want it.»
- It has been stressful, and I have been uncertain about what is expected from me.»
- It is good to have a semester to really delve into a project. The students should be encouraged to work on as many aspects of a project as possible to show thier skills as architects.»
- good if you have a good tutor and good support, problems arise around stress though. It"s hard to be productive creatively, this should be discussed not dealt with/sufferd individually»
- More individual supervision sessions. More support for written works.»
- good»
- Sometimes the support from the examiner was poor.»
- The information, administration and orgranization at start were poor. It was confusing to know the distribution of work space for the master thesis students.»
- Total mess compaired to other courses»
- Det har fungerat bra och varit givande.»
- good, as long as you have a spot that is yours the work can run smoothly»
- Since so many students are coming from abroad and have studied at different schools it is very important to have clear information about the master"s thesis. What is expected, what should be handed in and most of all also explain why. Different schools have differnt profiles and a masters thesis look extremly different from school to school therefore you need to be much clearer in your information. This can save a lot of time and reduce confusement on what it is that is expected. It would also be good to have some kind of information or meeting concerning the thesis a month before choosing topic just to sum up and create a possibility of asking questions.»
- It"s the most horrible year of my life. This is however not at all due entirely to the school. I do however wish the school would pay greater attention to the straining situation by providing very clear frameworks common to different examiners and studios and minimizing the amount of unnecessary information/beurocracy.»
- Det har varit en bra process. Handledningen varje vecka har varit kanon och lett till ett bättre exjobb.Mittkritik istället för "sen kritik" hade varit bättre.»
- the process, time management and working individually is vey difficult. i would have wanted to learn more about process earlier in the education and during the preparation course. tutors and examiners should also discuss and advice more about process»
- It"s a valuable experience for me to develop my own interest and fulfill it into a thesis work, and I learned a lot from the whole process. I am also quite satisfied with the final result. The only pity is that the time for thesis work it too short for me to develop the work into more detail.»
- Choosing a non-default type of thesis provoked a lot of problems. However, I am happy about the results.»
- It"s good .»
- The model which was used for the Sten Gromark group was very efficent and positive. The infromation before starting the thesis could be better. A big gathering with students and teachers might be better than an e- mail. The exhitition could be given more attention.»
- I enjoyed very much working on my master thesis, everything was clear, I had a very good contact with the examiner and tutor, good cooperation with fellow students.»
- Please synchronize the procedures.»
- I think the process was overall good but lack of information was something that bothered me. And i dont think the information was accessible enough on the internet. »
- There can be some improvements in information and organisation but otherwise i am content.»
- It is clearly inconsistent. The studios should be divided in to smaller groups with different approach and different theories. At least two tutors and the same tutors for groups no larger the 15 students»
- In general it is a great process that everyone gets invilved in, both collegues friends and tutors professors. I felt very safe in the knowledge that i could get help anytime i needed, and support also. The tutors and professors are xtrememly helpful»
- Good»
- In general I"m very happy with my process. »
- It was good! Work hard from the beginning, the more you work the more you learn. Remember to have fun during your work!»
- The studiowork was great but the information from the school was confusing and time consuming. »
- In my point of view it could be more helpful for the students if Chalmers could make the opportunity for everyone to do the thesis in connection to an architectural office or research team.»

18. What was good and should be preserved?

Please comment.

- In our grop we had three tutors and one examiner. Perfect. Two tutor for concept thinking and one for text. That was really good!»
- The environment which you created for thesis students at 5th floor should be preserved. The fixed meetings within the group, and the party!»
- The final celebration party.»
- mortens studio med handledning varje vecka var det bästa»
- Special work area, censors at final presentation»
- Daniell Norell, the mid crit, att sitta i egna små rum»
- Mid critics was good. it makes you realize where you are and how much you shall do.»
- The well orgnized mid-critics, the finaly presentation and public presentation are good to assess the work, the party is also great idea!»
- There are many intelligent people at the school.»
- The seriousness with which the midterm seminar and the final seminar was taken, and also the ceremonial atmosphere of the public event»
- Freedom to form your own project. »
- Regular guidance by several tutors is a good way to develop the project.»
- all the part time critics. »
- Ability to work alone or together.»
- the structure of the semester »
- Exibition»
- the mid trem crit»
- Mycket handledning både på text och design. Bra lokaler och god stämning bland exjobbarna.»
- the workplaces at 5th floor, the party for the graduates, the possibility to have several tutors»
- The nice and open atmosphere. The possibility of going your own way. The absolutly best thing with Chalmers is the good variety among the projects where you actually can see that there are different persons that have made the different projects (this is not the case at many other schools). This possibility generates many unique and interesting projects and could help profiling Chalmers against other schools. Helpful teachers and staff. Constructive critique that helps the project to go forward. Nice atmosphere among the students, helpful instead of competitive. I learnt more during my masters thesis than during all my previous years (I am from another school than Chalmers)»
- The pre-thesis course is a very good idea and should be developed. The long midcrit was valuable. Especially the length of critiques should be preserved and perhaps enhanced.»
- the procedure with mid-critic, end-critic, one week for comleting, one week to exhibition and presentation. This is making that you are safe in your project when the course is finished and can do a good presentation of your work.»
- Den avslutande festen var mycket trevlig. Handledarna. Administrationen har funkat bra. Fin utställningskatalog och affish mm.»
- good studio environment good that the studios are, or at least become very different in the final result good with continous seminars during the term»
- The freedom for students to choose their examiner and thesis topic, and the emphasis on physical model.»
- The 5th floor work area (except the lack of computers). It created a good work atmosphere and it was easy to reach the others for comments or just to unwind from work.»
- The younger tutors havning consultations ones or twice every week was very good. »
- organisation of the whole process, good contact with the examiner and tutor, cooperation between students, comment from external censors»
- The critics were very good.»
- The tutorials and mid crit was very good. It pushed you to keep on going the whole time. »
- Most things worked very well. The examination dinner was a very nice initiative.»
- Chalmers has started to change and embrace new ways of thinking and offers more variety for the educational discussion. I hope that this process will continue, speed up and be accepted by the the preservers»
- The mid-critic was extremely useful for our thesis work, especially the students´, feedback.»
- The atmosphere at chalmers is unique and a great environment for students! »
- contact teacher/student»
- Easy access to supervisor. Possibility to work from school (the fifth floor) was good. »
- The graduation party was a nice event, a fine conclusion with the proffessors and a nice way of saying good bye and good luck. »
- My studio -the tutoring, midcrits etc The final presentation and the exhibition.»
- The organization of the whole process»

19. What was not so god and must be changed?

Please comment

- More invitations to the exhibition for offices and the public.»
- Noone knows anything about dates and times regarding all the master thesis. It"s different to handle in the nine or the fourth. That"s a half week, that has to be more clear from the beginning! How long time do one have to do there master thesis?? »
- I had two tuitors in the matter space studio, and one examinator. I got critics from 3 sources, with sometimes 3 different opinions. This was sometimes very frustrating. The two tuitors also had lack of academic experience, but sometimes it felt like they were taking decisions out of their authorization. »
- The whole information situation!!! »
- examensfesten! det måste bli en riktig fest med utdelning av examen eller att man bjuder in företag och reportrar som vi gör små presentationer för så att också alla elever kan få se vad som har blivit gjort»
- Information clarity, who is responsible for what, who takes the decitions?»
- Tydligare besked gällande administrativa bitar, utställningen borde marknadsföras mycket bättre. Matter Space-lokalerna är alltid väldigt kalla/väldigt varma. Färgskrivaren i V-huset är usel.»
- I feel there should be more computers and space for all master students because it really helps and inspire to carry on seeing other students. working in school is much more effective then at home...:)»
- maybe need more communication between studios! »
- I would like to be able to have more contact with the tutors. The tutors seemed to only be at school on less than a part time basis. It is nice to have tutors who are also working professionally, but it would be nice to have some tutors who were also working more closely alongside the studio projects. I think that the social situation needs to change at the school. The studios are all very isolated and could benefit from a bit of mixing. I found over the last 2 years that I have had no contact with the people or projects of the studios that I am not in. The different disciplines and specializations in the school are good, but they create strange social cliques which we all need to get past. A healthy social atmosphere can benefit individual projects directly. I also think that the school needs to become more involved in creating a community through working with public presentaion and exhibitions. It is important for outside people to come in and talk to us, but it is also important for us to go out and present our work, as students. »
- The exhibition is to short. Three days of exhibition feels a bit useless compared to the amount of work that the students puts in to their thesis. Two weeks would be better. Also the school should see the exhibition as a possibility for marketing the school.»
- There seems to be big differences between the programs in how the thesis is carried out, maybe there should be a more unitary approach..»
- More encouragement and understanding from the teachers. Rules and guildlines are also needed. If the rule is that there are no rules, that should also be clearifyed.»
- Better information about examiners and tutors. Revised examination and final presentation! (See previous answers)»
- more places to sit, people in our studio had to work in another part of the school which secluded them from our class. Not ok»
- Left adrift.»
- the organization and information. Longer exhibition.»
- What is an academic approach and what is not? That should be much clearer!!!!!»
- The information to the students must be changed and another system should be developed with all the paperwork and signature. Extension of the exhibition would be good too. Last but not least, mid-critics should be a session of cross-disciplines between different examiners so that students have the opportunities to discuss thesis from other studios. »
- the organization and how to find the information»
- Bättre information i inledningsskedet även för personer som inte gått den förberedande kursen. Bättre framförhållning med att skicka ut info om kritiktillfällena. Se över hemsidan och samla allt som man behöver på samma ställe.»
- organization: rooms for seminars and information about what we are supposed to hand in to whom and where. also that the people you need signatures from should put up a time when they are available »
- The information concerning the thesis, what it is that is expected and why. The intention of the exhibition, the different departments needs to work something out together so that it becomes meaningful and a nice way of finalizing a long education. I also think that it would be good if the supervisor was present during the public presentation so that it becomes more of an offical ending of the thesis and the education.»
- especially the format of the final critiques. They should be more opposition-like and less like a normal critique since they deal with a more complex body of work and may be more polemic in nature.»
- Det mesta var ok. Det enda jag kan komma på var att rummet jag satt i var så kallt (under vintern). Kanske borde man ha en uppstartsmöte för de som inte gått någon förberedande kurs...»
- The censors differed in what to focus on in their critique. Some were way to detailed about the master thesis itself and not at all interested in the relationship between school/student/teachers/master thesis.»
- there is little reflection WHY we do things - is there a problem that we want to investigate and solve? many projects are just "i want to do a kindergarden" or "i want to do a housing unit". more focus should be put on context and societal connections to the projects mid-term seminar should be reinstated also more or less organized peer groups with students would be good something must be organized with the laser cutter! several courses had final hand-ins at the same time, and a few persons were able to book the laser cutter more or less every day. it was impossible to get an appointment during the last month. i know there is a limit that you can only book half an hour at a time, but there should be a weekly limit, and an overall limit as well more tutors»
- The preparation courses for master thesis should be more in relative to the thesis work, but not for general personal ability.»
- I did not feel safe to start a theoretic work, and much of the troubles I faced were caused by choosing the leadership course instead of the academic writing one. The students should be informed of this alternative option.»
- The information before the start of the MT. How do I find a project anda professor?»
- there should be better workspace fr master thesis students and more resources to encourage study visits / trips.»
- Why is there absolutely no organization of a finale from the university"s side? It was disappointing after five years of study»
- I would like to have a checklist over everything that i need to hand in - regarding paperwork. »
- Improve information and planning.»
- If you ever read this, refer to the critique that is already pointed out above»
- The information about what to hand-in in the end. Papers, forms, number of print copies of the thesis, the information was sometimes unclear and confusing.»
- Im not sure that i found anything that should be changed completely, but sure things can be evolved, such as the guidlines perhaps can become a bit more clear. Otherwise i enjoyed my time during thesis very much, and felt that i got everything i needed»
- information regarding the administration form at the end of the master thesis work»
- Too few computers. No opening for our exhibition...»
- A little handbook for administration/registrationpapers, where to get the papers, whom to give the papers. It was a lot of confusion around getting registrated.»
- Long and confusing information mails from the school regarding catalogue etc. The ventilation in the studio rooms. »
- The physical space which was not available for all thesis work students»

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