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Lean Production 2012, TEK230

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-05-26 - 2012-06-15
Antal svar: 47
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 62%
Kontaktperson: Christian Finnsgård»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs

Your workload

1. On average, how many hours per week have you spent on the course, both individual work as well as lectures, seminars etc.?

47 svarande

<10 hours»2 4%
10-15 hours»14 29%
15-20 hours»15 31%
20-25 hours»8 17%
25-30 hours»7 14%
>30 hours»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.14

- Most of the time was spent preparing for seminars» (10-15 hours)
- Just right!» (10-15 hours)
- The literature list made me work continuously during the weeks!» (15-20 hours)
- A lot of the time was spent on reading the articles.» (20-25 hours)

2. On average, how much of the total education have you participated in?

47 svarande

<30%»1 2%
30-50%»0 0%
50-70%»5 10%
70-90%»29 61%
100%»12 25%

Genomsnitt: 4.08

- The workload in my second course (project management) was too high» (50-70%)
- It has been my intention to attend every lecture and I have had valid reasons to miss the ones I have not attended.» (70-90%)

3. On average, how much time have you spent on each of the five seminars (time to be prepared for each seminar plus the time spent at the seminar)?

46 svarande

<5 hours»6 13%
5-10 hours»27 58%
10-15 hours»11 23%
>15 hours»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.19

- Should have spent more time on the seminars in order to have reduced the need for study before the literature test.» (<5 hours)
- Before the first seminar I spent much more time than before the last seminar. During the course I did get a feeling for how to answer the questions and read the articles.» (5-10 hours)
- It"s depend if you include reading the chapters in the book or not..This is including thus hours...» (5-10 hours)
- Closer to 10 hours» (5-10 hours)

4. On average, how much time have you spent on the group assignments, lean game and value stream mapping (don’,,,t include the actual playing time and study visit time at the company)?

47 svarande

<5 hours»8 17%
5-10 hours»29 61%
10-15 hours»8 17%
>15 hours»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.08

- It was irritating when one of the group members in the VSM-group did not attend and did not give suggestions of how to work/improve the value stream. However, we other 4 members in the group managed the work very well so it worked out well.» (5-10 hours)
- We were very effective, an excellent group (Vsm)» (5-10 hours)
- For each or the total time? I answer with the total time. And I guess that you mean seminar 4 and 6 as group assignments....» (10-15 hours)

Learning outcomes of the course

5. How understandable are the learning outcomes of the course?

47 svarande

I haven’,t read the learning outcomes»6 12%
The learning outcomes were difficult to understand»0 0%
Rather good, but could have been clearer»12 25%
Clearly showed me what to learn in the course»29 61%

Genomsnitt: 3.36

6. Did the examination (seminars and group assignments) test if you have achieved the learning outcomes?

46 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»3 6%
Yes, to large extent»39 84%
I don’,t know»4 8%

Genomsnitt: 3.02

- It felt as the demands put on the student was quite Low on the seminars. The work i put in steadily decreased. » (To some extent)
- I think it would have been good to include (both in lectures and examination) more hard facts, as for example some calculations. To understand the philosophy and some tools / methods in general is good, but to gain deep knowledge about Lean it would be good to include thinks like that as well.» (To some extent)
- the seminars absolutely tested if I had reached the goals. If I hadn"t there was room for doing supplementary work with the questions - very good! other courses shall learn from this! the test: Many details in VSM though. I hope I had learnt all things by heart? But I think it was a fair test.» (Yes, to large extent)
- I really like the seminars as it gives you a chance an opportunity to self reflect and keep up with what is taught during the course.» (Yes, to large extent)

Education and course administration

7. To which extent have the lectures contributed to your learning?

46 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»1 2%
To some extent (Grade 3)»20 43%
To large extent (Grade 4)»22 47%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»3 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

- Good lectures that pointed out what the things was about. This made the foundation of my answers in the seminars. But still it was necessary to read the literature. This lead to some students skipping the lectures and only reading the literature...» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- I don"t like that the slides changes right before the lecture and do not get reuploaded. This is something you should have done. I also think that the material from the guest lectures should have been uploaded. Some of the guest lectures were interesting and some weren"t, but in general I like the idea of having guest lectures » (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Which is major cred to you guys since I normally always put "to very small extent" on this question» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- Very good lectures» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

8. To which extent have the course literature and other course materials contributed to your learning?

47 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»11 23%
To large extent (Grade 4)»27 57%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»9 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.95

- The book is definitly not the best choice for teaching Lean. It is more an adverticement for Toyota. Anyway the book is good and if you are very interested in the subject you have to read it, but for teaching it"s not the best. I think it would be better to choose more papers and only some articles out of the book, if that is possible.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- The literature was good to use for base my decisions in the seminars on facts. It was nice to always have something to refer to. By reading the articles one gets many different point of views of things, and that is good. Especially when the lecturer has one opinion and another one another opinion.» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The book explained the concepts good but i dont feel we got the whole view. There were too little info on the downsides of lean. I dont have ā clear view when it cant be used, from thecourse i got the impression that it can be used everywhere » (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The articles felt relevant although I should have maybe read the more careful. The book was very good and very helpful to understand what lean is and its building bricks» (To large extent (Grade 4))

9. To which extent have the seminars and seminar tasks contributed to your learning?

47 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»3 6%
To large extent (Grade 4)»15 31%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»29 61%

Genomsnitt: 4.55

- See above, it gives you a chance to reflect during the course. BUT I think that the teachers should be more pervasive and force student to talk more because right now there are only a few that talks.» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- Pretty much all knowledge and insights came from the seminars» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

10. To which extent have the group assignments (lean game, case and value stream mapping) contributed to your learning?

47 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»2 4%
To some extent (Grade 3)»12 25%
To large extent (Grade 4)»22 46%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»11 23%

Genomsnitt: 3.89

- Didnt do the "real" assignment and didnt feel that i learned so much» (To small extent (Grade 2))
- The VSM was especially good. Lean game was good as an introduction. Maybe there is needed more time for the case?» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- We did a MFM mapping in the production flow course and it felt very similar and it was the third time we played a lean game (although this one was more extensive), but it is good to do some practical things as well and I like the activities» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Especially lean game» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- Lean game more so than the value stream mapping» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- I think this part was great and if it is possible to include more practical work, it would be awesome.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

11. To which extent have the compulsory guest lecturers contributed to your learning?

46 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»7 15%
To some extent (Grade 3)»29 63%
To large extent (Grade 4)»9 19%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.08

- The one talking on org learning only talked about monetary incentives to motivate groups and people which according to other reaserchers never work» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- I"ve learnad a lot from them but probably more about other stuff than specific lean stuff» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- It"s very hard to say that in general. The guest lectures from McKinsey was very good and interesting (Grade 5). But the one about People was not so good. But this is maybe, because of my personal preferences.» (To large extent (Grade 4))

Working climate and working conditions

12. How well did the course administration work (web page, hand outs, etc)?

47 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»1 2%
Ok (Grade 3)»9 19%
Good (Grade 4)»18 38%
Very good (Grade 5)»19 40%

Genomsnitt: 4.17

- Slides from lectures were not handed out before the lecture, and sometimes they were not gives to us at all» (Poor (Grade 2))
- Use pingpong as studentportalen is very slow and sometimes it log you out when you click on a link» (Ok (Grade 3))
- pingpong works much better» (Ok (Grade 3))
- Can"t understand the question. The sentence is not correctly staten since there is a lack of words to clearly clarify what the question should address. There is no question in my opinion.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- See above for lecture material. I would have appreciated more info about the literature test before.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- Sometimes the slides were not uploaded in due time before the lecture which made it difficult to prepare properly.» (Good (Grade 4))
- Good communication and use of portalen» (Very good (Grade 5))
- Only general technical issues with the student portal, nothing related to the course in particular.» (Very good (Grade 5))
- Easy to see if passed or not» (Very good (Grade 5))

13. How was the opportunity to get help and to ask questions to course responsible (Carl and Christian)?

46 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»3 6%
Good (Grade 4)»13 28%
Very good (Grade 5)»30 65%

Genomsnitt: 4.58

- They were very helpful» (Very good (Grade 5))

14. How did you perceived the reception from the course responsible (Carl and Christian)

45 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»5 11%
Good (Grade 4)»10 22%
Very good (Grade 5)»30 66%

Genomsnitt: 4.55

- Dont understand the question» (?)
- You really care! Very good! Continuous improvements are awesome!» (Very good (Grade 5))

15. How was the working climate between you and the other students?

47 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»2 4%
Ok (Grade 3)»5 10%
Good (Grade 4)»14 29%
Very good (Grade 5)»26 55%

Genomsnitt: 4.36

- of 5 in group we only were 3 to show up for the VSM-report, » (Poor (Grade 2))
- Some of the class mates were leaving to do the seminars on work time and ny after the school... Even though the papers are individual one might think it is necessary to talk about the questions before just writing something.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- Excellent.» (Very good (Grade 5))

16. How was the total work load this quarter?

47 svarande

Very low (Grade 1)»0 0%
Low (Grade 2)»4 8%
Ok (Grade 3)»27 57%
High (Grade 4)»14 29%
Very high (Grade 5)»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 3.29

- But I actually learnt something.» (High (Grade 4))
- The seminars were quite demanding. Still, some social life was left. And as it was excellent for learning, the workload was ok in retrospective.» (High (Grade 4))
- But fun.» (High (Grade 4))

General questions

17. What grade would you give the course as a whole?

47 svarande

Very low (Grade 1)»0 0%
Low (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»3 6%
High (Grade 4)»23 48%
Very high (Grade 5)»21 44%

Genomsnitt: 4.38

- I have not studied anything related to Lean manufacturing before and from studying it this quarter I became very interested in the topic and it would be something I would like to be part of in my job» (High (Grade 4))
- Different, but I liked it :)» (High (Grade 4))
- Other courses shall learn by thing. I think this is the best course I have taken during my 4 years on Chalmers.» (Very high (Grade 5))
- Although I had some previous knowledge of Lean, this course really straightened out some question marks. One thing I did miss was some more criticism on Lean.» (Very high (Grade 5))
- Great course!» (Very high (Grade 5))
- Best course I have read during my time on Chalmers!» (Very high (Grade 5))

18. Was it good to use seminars as a learning method and as a part of the examination?

46 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»2 4%
To large extent (Grade 4)»16 34%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»28 60%

Genomsnitt: 4.56

- Would have been better if grades over 3 were given from seminars» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Yes, continous learning is nice.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- It was extremely good.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- Thanks to the seminars, there was no need to learn much for the literature test - the seminars "forced" us to read the literature, thus we had all the knowledge in the end. probably the most efficient way to learn - not just "learn and forget", but sustainable knowledge.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- See above» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

19. Would you recommend the course in its present from to other students? If not please motivate.

47 svarande

Absolutely not»0 0%
Probably not»0 0%
Maybe»2 4%
Probably»14 29%
Absolutely»31 65%

Genomsnitt: 4.61

- done before...but seminars are good» (Probably)
- If you would include more details about Mehtods and Tools, then yes. I think the workload as it is can be extended so that you have more knowledge about tools/mehtods.» (Probably)
- Best course in the Master programme so far!» (Absolutely)

20. Is this course appropriate in your master program?

47 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»6 12%
To large extent (Grade 4)»19 40%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»22 46%

Genomsnitt: 4.34

- We have heard much of it before so a bit to much repetition » (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Too much focus on produktion for me as ā mei student. » (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Nice to get some specific knowledge to the otherwise rather broad focus of SCM» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- I would say that it is but lean has been a part of so many of the other courses so sometimes it felt repetitive» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- This is why I chose production engineering as a master programme...» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

21. Lectures: What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- Specifying the learning outcomes in the beginning of every lecture, so the student can make sure he/she has understood? »
- Do not use coloured backgrounds on the slides since some students what to print them. The mixture of different lecturers was good.»
- FOcus even more on how each lecture relates to the 14 principles. It was only during the last week of the cource when studying for the exam that I really understood how the 14 principles incorporate the whole Toyota Way.»
- More lectures with consulting companies. »
- ok»
- Good and interesting lectures, good to have two lecturers in dialogue. Good structure. no improvement suggestions.»
- It was all really good ,eye opening »
- Mats Olsson was great to listen to. The other lectures was really good as well.»
- See info about slides,»
- I found some lectures slightly boring. They were not as interesting as the seminars, which I learnt more from»
- Very good lectures, not much to say about them. Both Christian and Carl did a great job!»
- I think the lectures were good.»
- The slides should be uploaded in advance»
- More relevant information. It was interesting But sometimes not linked directly to The course.»
- the people holding the lectures were always good and had a genuine interest in the subjects they were teaching. But sometimes the slides were different from the once available at the student portal. »

22. Seminars: What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- Some of the articles were very boring and hard to figure out what that added. »
- The questions in the first seminar have been too wide, apart from that it was good and the seminars helped me to understand the material deeper. And the discussions have been fun!»
- Very good to have them, made me focus on the course early on. Sometimes it felt as if Christian took over a little too much but otherwise very good.»
- very good...keep!»
- Good as it is. However, the seminars were different dependet on which lecturer was present. maybe agreeing on a policy of how much you interfere could be good.»
- To use seminars is a really good way to involve (almost) everyone in interesting discussions and it is also a good way to even out the study hours throughout the whole course. »
- it gave good life examples »
- Christian can try to let the students speak more and push the discussion forward instead of taking charge over it. Carl manages this better.»
- encourage people to speak more.»
- Very good. Got a large knowledge of the subject in a short period of time, but it was very useful to see other people"s perspective which I maybe did not even think of.»
- Maybe a little bit less about the hamburger restaurants, otherwise very good. Compulsory seminars is the best way to keep students up-to-date with the course. Especially for students, such as myself, who tend to push everything to the "last day".»
- Seminars were very good, a lot to learn. The Virgina Mason case is also very good, because a different picture of lean was presented.»
- It"s good to solve some practical problems, for example the coffee cups, Carl"s teaching work, they are very interesting. Some questions, for example, to compare the differences between the text books and articles on lean is not that meaningful for me.»
- The seminars were great, they have space for open discussion which enables us to understand the lecture content in real situations»
- The group hand-ins didn"t work as intended for me, we had a hard time to meet and discuss the questions so we divided them and did them at separate locations.»
- All Good.»
- Good that the students were appointed seminar leaders and that the disussion were open. No need for improvement»
- Less talking about kitchens and Hamburger Restaurants. It"s funny the first time, but I guess most students are interested in production and service from other industries, e.g. car manufacturing etc.»

23. Group assignments (lean game, case and VSM): What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- The VSM field trip, too little time and lack of knowledge from the guides»
- VSM: very good to be on a company actually doing something. "Go see yourself to thoroughly understand the situation." shall be used everywhere. Lecturers tend to only say "this is what it looks like and this is a method to use....." but we have almost never tried anything out. It ha been nice to get some kind of follow-up of our work. What will happend to our suggestions? Deeper discussion of the case? Going through the case together in class? Your suggestions of how to answer the questions in the case? But nice to see and practice lean in other cases than production. »
- the vsm was not good. the time at the company was not sufficient at all»
- VSM was so-so. Can"t really see what the point of the Skövde visit was. I would much rather have just had a field trip and done the VSM as a case back at Chalmers.»
- very good! ...keep»
- Very good to have a turoring for the VSM!»
- It was great to get the "real life" experience for once and actually see a production, that you would later analyze, with your own eyes. The lean game was fun and it was always something you could relate to and discuss later in the course. »
- Really good hands on learning »
- Lean game = Awesome!»
- Lean game was a very good introduction to see what exactly lean production is and the benefits it has. The site trip to Volvo was very beneficial to see it in reality and what improvements could be made.»
- The lean game was a good way to kick off the course. The VSM case however was quite unstructured. It was really good at Volvo and they were very helpful, but the paper that we handed in should have been backed up with more lectures and the date for hand-in should have been set earlier. Furthermore it came as very unexpected to have 12p on the exam about VSM, this was way too much and did not really reflect the intentions of the course.»
- The lean game was very good! It is good to do something practical so that you can see for yourself what happens. »
- These assignments gave an hand on learning which I liked I a lot, continue with them»
- Lean game is PERFECT, I love it. VSM is practical and not high workload. All the group assignment works great for me.»
- The lean game was fantastic and the VSM trip was good. The case was a good think to see the power of Lean»
- in my opinion the lean game is a good tool to teach and learn. next time i will spend more time and resources in this. Work more analyzing the conlusions and results.»
- The case might be better. It was more like any other seminar. We did not cooperate just divided it between us.»
- All 3 assignments were very good and we learnt a lot. especially the lean game was very fun and interesting. Everything should be kept as it is»
- more Time for the VSM in the company»

24. What should be changed concerning the course?

- vsm»
- Should be a bit tougher on the seminars. A lot of students got away with not participating during the seminars. »
- More focus on lean in services and knowledgework because that is probably where we Will be active in our working life. Shift focus and course name to lean management?»
- some guest lectures»
- Maybe a company visit in Gothenburg instead of Skövde? But was ok anyway. Course can be kept as it is.»
- N/A»
- n/a»
- Less points for VSM on the exam Better structured VSM case (the visit at Volvo was good, but the paper was not enough backed up in lectures)»
- Maybe the text book?»
- The assignments should have a higer grade than just a three. This is because, they consume almost 3/4 of the course material and time, Then the exam can be used to achieve a 5.»
- Not much, lectures maybe.»
- Better communication of information and material through the student portal»

25. Comments and other remarks

- well done Christian and Carl!»
- Very interesting course!»
- Excellent course! Best course I ever had!»
- Overall a great course that really has given me a lot of new knowledge and also rooted previous knowledge about lean that I have learned during my three years at Industriell ekonomi. I think that you both have made this course interesting through the passion that can be recognized in your teaching. »
- N/A»
- Really good course, one of the best ones I"ve taken at Chalmers!! Useful, interesting, accurate workload and we had a great deal of fun! Keep up the good work Christian and Carl»
- Friendly teachers and great seminars!»
- I like the responsiveness of the teachers. They are really fast at replying. I also like it that the teacher are fully (BOTH) enguaged in the course. Their open mindedness mas great.»

Thank you for your participation and effort in this evaluation! /Christian and Carl

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