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M lecturer and teaching assistant of the year 2011/2012

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-05-05 - 2012-05-13
Antal svar: 39
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 14%
Kontaktperson: Oskar Salonen»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Maskinteknik 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

1. Which lecturer do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2011/2012. Her or his name + course

- Marco Dozza Courses: Vehicle and Traffic safety and Advanced Active Safety.»
- Christian Azar, Sustainable Energy Futures (MPSES)»
- Christian Azar»
- Rodney Rychwalski + composite materials»
- Sergei Zuyev - (TMS061 Matematisk statistik)»
- Johan Ahlstrom - Mechanical performance of Materials»
- Peter Folkow»
- Sven Andersson - Internal Combustion Engines»
- Christoph Langhammer, Energy related materials»
- Jonas Ringsberg»
- Carl Wänström + Lean Production TEK230»
- Mikael Enelund»
- Carl Wänström Lean Production»
- Jan Wickenberg, Project Management»
- Mikael Odenberger + Energy Systems Modelling and Planning»
- Anders nordlund, introduction to nuclear reactors»
- Christian Azar, Sustainable Energy Futures»
- Jonas ringsberg»
- Jonas Fredriksson applied mecatronics»
- Martin Fagerström Composite Mechanics»
- Jonas Ringsberg»
- Jonas Ringsberg, Marine structural engineering»
- Lars Almefelt + Design Methodology Preparatory Course»
- Magnus Ekh, Mechanics of solids»
- Peter Folkow Structural dynamics»
- Jonas Ringström, Marine structural engineering»
- Sven Anderson-Internal Combustion Engine»
- Christian Azar»
- Sven B andersson for internal combustion basics. Anders Grauers for Hybrid»
- Mathias Lidberg»
- Christian Azar, Sustainable Energy Futures»
- Martin Fagerström Composite Mechanics TME240»
- Lars Trygg, Product development management»
- David Pallares»
- Klas Andersson - Heat and power»
- Anders Grauers»
- Sven Andersson + MTF240 - Internal combustion engines»

2. Motivation (optional)

- Made very boring subjects fun to listen to and to learn and remember them. The course was not the best ever but as a lecturer he is the best and well most pedagogic yet.»
- Excellent knowledge of the topics he explained, Holds the attention of students in the class through a good tone of voice and body expression, promote active classes by encouraging discussions in class.»
- making student easy understanding»
- Adekvat och relevant undervisning med tidsenliga medel. »
- He talks with a powerful voice and such passion about his topic that anyone would be convinced that Diesel engines are the coolest things on earth... »
- He puts a lot of effort in making his lectures interesting (and he manages to!). He is always friendly, he listens to comments and critics and always answers emails fast.»
- Comming from LiTH the first three years and than the Master program Carl has been the most inspiring and motivating. And the quality of the lectures as been superb.»
- For his ability to motivate the students and eagerness for them to learn»
- Very encouraging. Gives a lot of energy. Encourages discussions in the lecture hall and participates in a good way. Very funny, and aware of who the students are.»
- Interesting lectures, pedagogic»
- It was the first time the course was given, and Martin did a really good job. Lecture notes - very good course homepage - always up-to-date arranged interesting guest lectures (Volvo, ANSYS, etc.) Assignments were interesting and in case one was stuck in a problem, one could always ask Martin for help! Best course at Chalmers I had so far. »
- Mer engagerad föreläsare på Chalmers finns inte. Punkt.»
- Well prepared, always available for questions and made the coarse very interesting in general»
- He is the bast!»
- Knowledge, kindness, interesting lectures and very helpful.»
- Christian gave us as very inspiring and often philosophical introduction for our master programme "Sustainable Energy Systems". His course increased my interest in energy systems thinking very much.»
- Level of teaching and organisation, friendly approach, eager to help»
- He is a really good lecturer and the lessons are very interesting.»
- very communicative with the class and explains after the class tempo. Notices on students when going too fast. keeps eye contact with students instead of with the board.»
- He looks nice...»

3. Which teaching assistant do you think should win the pedagogical price the academic year 2011/2012. Her or his name + course.

- Stina Hemdal. Course: Internal combustion engines.»
- Andres Johansson, Structural Dynamics Model Validation (MPAME)»
- Erik Sette»
- Christoph - Mechanical performance of material»
- Hossein Abadikhah - (TME031 - Mekanik - dynamik & MTM026 - Hållfasthetslära)»
- Jim Brouzoulis»
- Ruth Paas - Impact Biomechanics»
- Christoph Langhammer, Energy related materials»
- None»
- Cecilia Berlin Prodoction Ergonomics Work design»
- Gunnar Johansson, Strömningsmekanik»
- Kristin Fransson + Life Cycle Assessment»
- Viktor andersson, industrial energy systems»
- Daniel Bäckström, Heat and Power Systems Engineering»
- Sara Algestam, Production Logistics»
- Luis Sanchez»
- Eric Lindgren Composite Mechanics »
- Erik Lindfeldt, Composite Mechanics»
- Eysteinn Helgasson, Computational Fluid Dynamics»
- Anders T Johansson»
- Erik, Composite mechanics»
- Valeria Lundberg»
- Lisa Larsson for Road vehicle aerodynamics Stina Hemdal for for internal combustion engine »
- Krste Cvetkowski (dont know if the name is spelled correct), Material Characterisation and Material Performance (2 courses)»
- Ulrich Sander»
- Jean-Florian Brau (PhD Student), Industrial Energy System assignments/computer lab»
- Jakob Sznajdman»
- Niklas Mattson - Sustainable energy systems.»
- N/A»

4. Motivation (optional)

- Easy to talk to, helpful and answers questions by mail at all times and not just work days and work time. Much knowledge that he shares and gives ideas for assignment for other courses and is interested in the problems one has.»
- Always is willing to help students with good attitude.»
- simple understanding»
- God pedadogik och alltid villig att hjälpa studenterna, oavsett dag eller tid på dygnet. Väldigt mån om att alla har förstått. »
- For her support throughout the course, handling the administrative part perfectly and at the same time spend a lot of time trying to inspire the students to work within vehicle safety.»
- He puts a lot of effort in making his lectures interesting (and he manages to!). He is always friendly, he listens to comments and critics and always answers emails fast.»
- None»
- Good, constructive feedback.»
- Explained exercises very well. Presented the solution in a clear way.»
- Has humor and patience which made the exercises fun and very interesting. Very good at explaining and always very helpful. Even though he had a lot to do with his own stuff, he handed in his doctorate paper for printing at the end of the coarse, he still found time to help.»
- Always friendly, good at explaining and care about students. Simply by far the best assistant at Chalmers by far. »
- Extremely helpful, sacrifices his spare time to help people.»
- For his helpful attitude and answers to questions that showed that he really understands what he is talking about (which is by far not self-evident)»
- Great at explaining»
- Very engaging discussions and fun to listen to and work with..»
- Ullrich Sander + TME102 - Vehicle dynamics, advanced»

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