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Advanced chemical engineering and process analytical technology, KBT110 , sp3 2012

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-02-27 - 2012-03-18
Antal svar: 10
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 30%
Kontaktperson: Inga-Lena Hagelin»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Kemiteknik med fysik 300 hp

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

10 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»6 60%
Around 20 hours/week»0 0%
Around 25 hours/week»3 30%
Around 30 hours/week»1 10%
At least 35 hours/week»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.9

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

10 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»0 0%
50%»1 10%
75%»4 40%
100%»5 50%

Genomsnitt: 4.4

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

3. How understandable are the course goals?

10 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»4 40%
The goals are difficult to understand»0 0%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»2 20%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»4 40%

Genomsnitt: 2.6

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

6 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»0 0%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»6 100%
No, the goals are set too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

7 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»0 0%
Yes, definitely»4 57%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»3 42%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

Teaching and course administration

6. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

10 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»4 40%
Large extent»5 50%
Great extent»1 10%

Genomsnitt: 2.7

7. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

10 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»2 20%
Large extent»4 40%
Great extent»4 40%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

8. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

10 svarande

Very badly»1 10%
Rather badly»0 0%
Rather well»6 60%
Very well»3 30%

Genomsnitt: 3.1

Study climate

9. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

10 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»1 10%
Rather good»3 30%
Very good»5 50%
I did not seek help»1 10%

Genomsnitt: 3.6

10. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

10 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»0 0%
Rather well»1 10%
Very well»9 90%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.9

11. How was the course workload?

10 svarande

Too low»1 10%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»5 50%
High»4 40%
Too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

12. How was the total workload this study period?

10 svarande

Too low»1 10%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»5 50%
High»3 30%
Too high»1 10%

Genomsnitt: 3.3

Summarizing questions

13. What is your general impression of the course?

10 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»3 30%
Adequate»5 50%
Good»2 20%
Excellent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.9 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

14. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- The lecturer. »
- The split into four specific areas. All new faces I saw on the examination, that I never seen during the course! Jan Rodmar! Ronnie was a interesting person!»
- the laborations, they are of great importance for the learning process sine you get a important picture of the theory»
- If you have to reduce the course keep the laborations. extend them to become larger project. This is a very common and good way to learn to use different techniques. »
- It has been great to have the results of the self-study exercises to compare the solutions, and know how good we are doing them.»
- Labs»

15. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- The material should be on the course home page! For example you had to go to a home page from 2008 to find what excercises you had to do for the drying part. REALLY BAD AND ANNOYING!»
- The course should not be based on an examination. It should be based on 4 major projects, one per area. Give out old exams with answers, the course already has very little material included and old exams therefore works as additional material. The argue that we should not learn the course from old exams is not valid, since the exams has been so extensive and covered the course so well that you must learn the course to pass them anyway. The PAT part was pretty useless. What was new? What was the point? Let us go on a study visit to astra instead and see the implementation in reality! Some questions on old exams on this area is not possible to read out from the given material! Make new ppt that can be given out after the lecture!»
- the exercise teacher should be more clear when demonstrating the exercises. It is very important to point out every asmuption made and why every step in the calculation is of importance. It would also be good if the exersice teacher could show on over-head when graphs are used to solve the exersices. This was done in some extend but it could be more clear and when e.g. drying exersices was solved on the black board she just showed us the solution in the mollier diagram and not the way to reach it. Ronnie should use presentations that he can load up on the studet portal! Not presentations that he can"t load up because the pictures are stolen and not from our course littrature. It was good information but it is hard to remeber the lectures when you dont have any text or lecture hand outs that you cannot look back on and when the lectures are based on power point presentation it is almost impossible to write down everything. There should be more exercises that you can solve yourself. Maybe some more exercises that are more similar to the exam exercises. I solved all of the recomended exercises but still did not feel that I could solve the exam exercises. More old exams should be handed out as well, they are good for the learning. There would be good to have study questions on the theory as well.»
- The demonstration exercises were rather poor and could be improved. The "teacher" should focus more on how to think when solving exercises and not just write down the solutions. It was hard to study the PAT-part of the course because the material were rather poor and should be improved. »
- Labs useless (sorry for the tough word) especially the first one»
- I belive that a good exercise is both a calculation help and a repetition of some theory. Maybe we should go through fewer exercises in a more thorough way. This would help learning more. But i do still this projects is a better alternative. »
- Theory: Clearer range of the theory we should study, that is, knowing to what extent we should deepen the reading of the book. Exercises: It would be great if exercises lectures are given with some explanation, not just copying the procedure and results in the blackboard. Mandatory hand-ins, with the possibility of getting bonus points, would motivate us to try to solve them daily.»
- More writing on the wall on the lecture, and handouts. Hard to remember everything if you not have time to write down what the lecturer says. »

16. Additional comments

- If the goal is to take away even more material from the course I think it is better to cancel the course. It is already a course with very little time with teacher (lectures laborations...). Why does this course has so little money compared to other courses? In biorefinery we had much more lectures + a study visit in Norway and I hardly believe that the number of participants is so different.»
- The most important is that the power point lectures should be handed out. Otherwise it would be better that you dont use power point and use the blackboard instead.»
- Teaching team extremly available, even the evening before the exam. Thank you very much !»
- You should also ask for 2 or 3 course evaluators to help you continually evaluate the course. This is in many cases forgotten in master courses. »
- For those who don"t own the book, get to have it has been quite tough as in the library there are only two, and it can"t be found in e-format. Since just 3 chapters of it have been used, buying it is not worthy, so it would be preferred if the trainers could facilitate it in same way. »
- More advanced exercises is desired.»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 2.9

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 2.9
Beräknat jämförelseindex: 0.47

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