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Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2012-01-11 - 2012-02-07
Antal svar: 78
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 78%
Kontaktperson: Per Lundgren»

1. To what extent did KUL2012 reach its goals?

1=low, 4=high


- c. too early to say d. did not participate in these»
- Take away the administration and we have possibly 100 teachers at KUL out of some 1500 teachers at Chalmers. Too few but the number is increasing!»
- There was more space for discussion this year which was good. Hwoever, there were alot fewer presentations than last year which was a little disappointing.»
- ??Is question b really a goal for the KUL-conference?? I thougt feedback on their teaching was given by the students in ordinary course evaluations...»
- Too much one way communication. In more than one direction perhaps, but not room for substanital interaction.»
- teachers in general at Chalmers or teachers attending KUL?»
- If formal pedagogical qualification means giving an oral or poster presentation, or writing a paper, then 3, if not, 1.»
- I didn"t really hear teachers getting feedback on their teaching or their CA. Most of the discussions I heard where of a different character and as always there was a fair bit of whining.»
- As far as I remember, constructive alignment was not on the agenda.»
- The long planned time for discussions made exchange of experience promoted. I do not have enough input to rate all questions.»
- I am not a teacher, so some of my answers is what I think - not what I exactly know. »
- inspired.»
- KUL2012 uppfattade jag som mindre givande än KUL2011, främst för att föredragen 2012 inte var lika intressanta som 2011. Jag tycker heller inte att de föredrag jag var på tillförde något väsentligt vad det gäller problematiken kring implementeringen av Constructive Alignment (CA), trots att jag försökte välja de presentationer där CA skulle tas upp. För övrigt tycker jag nog att de abstract jag läst innan KUL-dagen inte alltid hade samma fokus som det som presenterades.»

a. to promote collegial discussions on teaching and learning
78 svarande

0 0%
1 1%
37 47%
40 51%

Genomsnitt: 3.5

b. to give teachers an opportunity to receive feedback on their teaching
77 svarande

9 11%
18 23%
41 53%
9 11%

Genomsnitt: 2.64

c. to give teachers an accessible arena for formal pedagogical qualification
71 svarande

1 1%
16 22%
34 47%
20 28%

Genomsnitt: 3.02

d. to give a chance to exchange experience of constructive alignment
74 svarande

3 4%
14 18%
38 51%
19 25%

Genomsnitt: 2.98

2. How would you like to improve the goals for KUL2013?

- More focus on discussion around knowledge, the "views" from Chalmers centrally, and from respective area of study. I think it is a very current debate, as e.g the humanistic sciences as facing threats or ill-thought through statements on the validity of the knowledge created - something that would most certainly have (and has) an effect on how technical educations will develop as we see a lack of basic philosophy or theory of science, where as e.g in Norway this is integrated into the curriculum of all first year students, regardless of future field of study...»
- The goals are fine»
- Make it an obligatory upstart conference for the new spring semester.»
- I like the setup in many ways and I really appreciate the fact that there is plenty of time for discussion. The quality is still a bit uneven but I do not think there is any reason yet the change the basic setup»
- Some round table discussions would be interesting with a few debaters around a theme like assessment or constructive alignment.»
- It is good as it is»
- Make it work better as an arena for interaction.»
- The goals are fine.»
- Possibly a track with round-table discussion seminars, or panel discussions?»
- More presentations related to our everyday situations as teachers, such as alternative ways for improving our courses and the classes.»
- the goals are OK but they could very well be specified - they are not very "examinerbara" in a broader scale, at the Chalmers level»
- Diskutera lärarnas roll inom kvalitetsarbetet i utbildningen.»
- Perhaps in what ways leaders in education can apply the knowledge from KUL in the organizations and make change to courses where teachers are not motivated to improve their courses from year to year.»
- I think it is good. A bit frustrating with parallel sessions but I suppose it is the only way to do it..»
- I would like to see more presentations focused on specific teaching/learning issues with a clear presentation of the problem, formulation of a proposed solution, implementation and evaluation of the proposed solution. I may have attended the wrong presentations but I lacked this type of "hands-on" approach in most/all of the presentations I attended. Also, I recommend that the KUL committee should make a deep analysis of the praticipant"s affiliation. I noted very low attendance from the prgrams/departmets I have most contcat with (EoM & KB, K, Kf, KI, MPSES, MPISC)»
- Would like more precise discriptions om the various themes. I would have made other choices if i had been more clear.»
- To reach out to more colleagues, with more about "ordinary teaching" (as opposed to experimental forms).»
- Maybe a panel discussion on key issues related pedagogical issues could be arranged. For example, a subject on problems encountered when applying constructive alignment or problem based learning, etc.»
- I couldnt really choose right from the speaches as I couldnt understand the title of the subject. Some words I think suit ppl with higher education in pedagogy, but since I lack that I couldnt understand half of it. Giving the title in both swedish and english would improve my understanding. And please use simple language, pedagogical mumbo jumbo wording just puts me off!»
- More panels of teachers discussing issues rather than presentations? Roundtable-type sessions? More workshops?»
- Perhaps some round table discussions? »
- Målen ovan är bara interna men kanske ska vi ha något mål om extern input eller liknande: att Chalmers lärare och och PA/MPA får veta något om hur man tänker på andra universitet. Anette Kolmos föredrag hade den effekten tycker jag. Det finns inget mål som handlar om att pedagogiska ledare ska få kunskap om hur man tänker på andra program inom Chalmers (men det fanns sådana bidrag). Tänker vi bara på lärare/kursansvarig för enskild kurs eller tänker vi även på progression inom program etc. »
- More student presentations - not just Intize! We all need to hear what the students are wishing for and recommending!»
- Invite more students and ask them to give presentations, maybe have work shops on constructive alignment during the year so that new teachers can be involved for next year»
- Would be interesting to have some of the students organisations»
- Have no better suggestions.»
- Introduce workshops»
- The goals are OK but a goal concerning further education of teachers could be added, for instance through invited speakers or through Chalmers Learning Centre.»
- I det stora hela tycker jag att KUL är ett bra initiativ och på många sätt organiserats på ett bra sätt. Jag skulle dock gärna vilja se något inslag av gruppdiskussioner kring vissa teman. Eftersom jag mest intresserar mig för hur vi praktiskt kan omsätta pedagogiska ideér i våra kurser så skulle jag gärna vilja se teman som t.ex. ""Hur skall vi formulera tydliga och mätbara lärmål utan att detaljstyra"", ""Vad kan vi göra för att studenterna skall vara mer kontinuerligt aktiva i kurser"",""Hur utnyttjar vi resurserna effektivt i kurser med många studenter"", ""Hur mycket obevakad examination kan vi ha utan att riskera kunskapskontrollen"", Hur motiveras och uppmuntras studenterna och vilken betydelse har det för inlärningen"" etc. »
- Perhaps add a goal that deals with the dissemination of the pedagogical knowledge and competencies, that the visitors to the KUL conf. have, to the rest of the teachers at Chalmers. (since it"s only a minority of the Chalmers teachers that visit the conference).»
- The arrangement is good as it is. Even if I do not get so that much ideas which i can implement in my education as I get at the KUL last year. »

3. Where do you place KUL2012 on this scale?

1=very exclusive, 4=very inclusive

75 svarande

1 1%
9 12%
37 49%
28 37%

Genomsnitt: 3.22

- I don"t understand the question.» (?)
- I really dont understand the question...» (1)
- To much general stuff, not enough ideas that I feel I can apply in my teaching.» (2)
- It is still only a small percetange of all teachers that participate» (3)
- Only pedagogy freaks attend.» (3)
- inclusive: everyone is invited to attend and to submit exclusive: » (3)
- Some speaches were too worried about their own subject. And there were ppl in the audience who started to argue about where in a programme that particular course would fit rather than discussing the pedagogical techniques and how they could be applied in other fields. I also think some in the audience (esp. physics) liked putting the speacher on the spot - asking questions to make him look stupid.» (3)
- Om man menar "inclusive" inom Chalmers.» (3)
- The choice of word "exclusive" can be missleading here! "Very fine" is an alternative meaning to "Not inclusive".» (3)
- Very open atmosphere, but for many discussions I felt the need for more beckground information of both science and systemso comprehend everything.» (3)
- Seemed like all groups were represented.» (4)
- there were a range of different people» (4)
- Very inclusive in its organisatin and openness to all teachers. Yet I felt too strong a focus on constructive alignment. It is not the only thing to think about when it comes to teaching, and I felt that other questions are overshadowed by constructive alignement ideology. » (4)

4. Where do you place KUL2012 on this scale?

1=very low quality content, 4=very high quality content

76 svarande

1 1%
16 21%
50 65%
9 11%

Genomsnitt: 2.88

- Some people have very naïve ideas about what teaching and learning is, and what the relationship between the two are, but that is also why the conference is so badly needed. There were also some really good presentations at the conference, and I think the idea of having a keynote speaker makes a lot of sense. It would be nice if we could use that keynote speaker or a team of commentators to briefly comment on what they have heard during the day towards the end. Such a session has to be short (10-15 minutes) but that would be a nice way of giving people something to think about for the future.» (2)
- It"s not crucial to have world class presentations, it"s more important to have a vital and living discussion and a platform to meet.» (2)
- hard to scale quality content - according to goals mentioned above or in relation to other conferences? i chose the latter» (2)
- I"m not quite sure the criteria had the impact that may have been intended + a surprising number of participants could do with polishing presentation skills ...» (2)
- Straggly, high and low» (2)
- Good quality. People attending are generally well read in the area of teaching and learning.» (3)
- V. mixed ( as expected)» (3)
- Most presentations were good» (3)
- Most talks I attented were interesting.» (3)
- Could be even higher quality in the sessions» (3)
- The quality of content varied from session to session. However in these early stages of implementation of the conference it is more important to promote teachers to actually participate in the colleagual discussion rather to hold a world class quality.» (3)
- stor skillnad i kvalitetsnivå men jag gillade det» (3)
- Quality varied. Some were very good.» (3)
- I think KUL should be a forum for teachers at Chalmers to discuss, communicate and exchange their teachng experience. The goal of KUL should be a bit different from publishing in international conferences and journals. » (3)
- Jag tycker inte att kvalitetskraven skall vara alltför höga för då avskräcks våra lärare från att försöka vara med.» (3)
- Some poster pitched were of fairly low quality.» (3)
- Most of it well worked through and interesting. Though some was of a more speculative nature, with the discussions the most developing parts.» (3)
- It"s not necessarily the very high quality that is needed, but rather an increased average quality. It should not be about elitism but rather about getting the average teacher to continously want to improve his/her pedagogical/didactical skills.» (3)
- I belive that the quality drop a little the further the day went.» (3)

5. Which new thoughts for your own teaching have KUL2012 induced?

Maximum two sentences:

- How to give better feed-back and work with the students to give them understanding of scholarly critcism»
- How to vary assessments»
- To concentrate even more on the pupils learning outcome.»
- See previous question»
- TO continue as we are doing! The discussions I went to reflected the interests and concerns that we have.»
- Only for the future, if we have students with a lack of confidence to cope with their studies and with out support, what kind of engineers will then take on wicked problems in the future? Thoughts connected to Marie Bernelo"s presentation»
- Many new thougths»
- Not entirely new, but anyway: to let students act as teachers ("TICKING") seems to be a good idea, and I am thinking of implementing it.»
- Reflection about (education for) sustainable development is important for teachers all the time (not only during course development)»
- Nothing directly related to the presentations, but I started reflecting on other issues that I will try next time (more student interaction). »
- Att göra lektionerna ännu mer interaktiva.»
- For me motivation poped up as a theme that came up i several different talks. I will revisit this important area when planning my coming course.»
- not a teacher... »
- Be aware of that not eveyone attending the KUL 2012 are teachers, but interested in learning»
- Activating students reforming a course»
- Build-in rather than add-on together with constructive alignment for learning generic competences»
- more focus of using peers»
- Not much new really, but is nice with a forum for this kind of meetings»
- Have began to think about how to use Ping-Pong as more than a platform form distribution of material and information to students»
- Getting influences from other"s descriptions. Discussing ways of assessment. »
- lärmål som inte kopplar så hårt till innehåll i textbok Moesbys bild av change management som annette visade»
- About "Ticking"»
- Started using "ticking" in new courses the week after. Other influences more subtle.»
- Can I engage my students in shoming science to the public? How do the students develop their abiblity to communicate?»
- To explore more the use of pingpong. But Pingpong is still not so easy to navigate. »
- The difficulty colleagues face as they embark on CA simply because there is (rarely) any discussion between course managers on a programme.»
- Thinking more about the process in writing and presenting: How can these aspects be more elaborated in ILOs and assessment. How should be give feedback to the students in a good way. 3 sentences!»
- Möte över gränserna ger mer»
- I want to try ticking and systematic feedback. I also want to test Ulf Jäglids ideas of learning by teaching in other settings than Chalmers, like Universeum.»
- I have been inspired to work more on the examination part of my courses.»
- Ephasise generic communication,involve the students more. »
- The idea of Ticking.»
- As I wrote before, I am not a teacher.»
- Give students more feedback. »
- I got some ideas on how you can achieve that students begin to work earlier in the course, e.g. the "ticking" method. »
- Non»
- I got some more and interesting ideas around involving the students more in their education through for example ticking.»
- Sorry to say this but the topic doesn´,t fit me so well so there was quite few new thoughts.»

6. Have you been inspired to write a paper on teaching and learning yourself?

77 svarande

Yes»33 42%
No»44 57%

Genomsnitt: 1.57

- But not through the conference.» (Yes)
- Yes and now, I haven"t got a topic yet.» (Yes)
- It is very good that the KUL includes papers, and I would really like to see a proceedings publication, maybe collecting papers from both 2011 and 2012.» (Yes)
- Perhaps later on» (Yes)
- I think I have some good ideas with my presentation and would like to extend it to a paper.» (Yes)
- But don´,t have the time» (Yes)
- But unsure if it will stand up to the test!» (Yes)
- Not right now - but perhaps in the future» (No)
- I do not think my contribution is enough interesting...just average» (No)
- I was very inspired, but I am still studying.» (No)
- I am not teaching, I am utbildningssekreterare» (No)
- No, the audience several times asked questions to put the speacher on the spot (making him look stupid) on purpose. I made a note to myself never be attempted to write a paper for KUL for this reason)» (No)
- Would have had to do that anyway ,-)» (No)
- Inte mer än tidigare.» (No)
- As I wrote before, I am not a teacher.» (No)
- To be involved in the pedagogical discussion at Chalmers is good enough.» (No)

7. If you were attending KUL also last year:

What was better last year?

- That it was the first time»
- More ideas.»
- Yes and yes.»
- More presentations, more variety to choose from.»
- Smaller groups in sessions.»
- If I remember right, the talks were somewhat shorter - some of the talks I attended this year did not need all the time scheduled.»
- More presentations (I believe?) More topics that I found related to my teaching. More hands on ideas. »
- Själva byggnaden med "små" rum skapade hemtrevligare atmosfär. Men å andra sidan så var det väldigt smidigt att byta sal i år (2012) och alla rymdes i den största salen. Så det kanske trots allt inte var "bättre förr".»
- Chalmerska huset is difficult to beat.»
- Higher quality in the parallel sessions»
- Did not attend KUL last year»
- The venue. Even though Chalmerska Huset is old fashioned, it is cosy and has flexibility in space. Also, there was not enough lunch for everyone this year.»
- huset - det gav en trevlig känsla och uppmuntrade till prat»
- Almost the same»
- A wider variety of topics.»
- Kind of liked the venue better last year and the food (lunch) was better too. I also got the impression (not verified) that there were more sessions last year and a larger number of participants. Having said that, it was a good crowd anyway.»
- Chalmerska huset is a beatiful and nice place to have a conference at.»
- Chalmersska huset är trevligare att vara i, men det var för litet. Speciellt var det kass under lunchen.»
- Better and more interesting presentations. More presentations. The program. Better phase and more lively discussions and more enthusiasm. Actually, the conference last year was multiple times better. The only exception is the conference site. »
- Möjligen lokalen och maten.»
- Room to sit down for lunch.»
- The food arrangements, too much might have been thrown away this year.»
- Nothing »
- Nothing»
- My overall impression, yes»
- Se above.»
- can"t thinking of anything in particular.»
- A more personal feeling. I think it´,s depending on the building. And the topic suits me more last year. »
- Intressant miljö och fler föredrag som lockade.»
- The lunch ,) also some of the rooms where a little to small this year.»

8. If you were attending KUL also last year:

What was better this year?

- The conference lecture rooms»
- Higher number of attendants. Enough time for discussion and exchange of experience.»
- The quality of the presentations was better. The rooms were a bit better even if they were not really good presentation rooms. »
- More space for discussion»
- I thinkt the extra space was good the program didn"t appear as compact»
- Distribution of snacks and food.»
- It felt more focussed, with four different themes.»
- The venue.»
- I am afraid, nothing.»
- Bra att spränga in posterpresentationer i anlutning till föredragen.»
- More time fo discussions - very good.»
- Not so cramped schedule. More space in the rooms.»
- Similar»
- More time for discussion»
- Keynote speach»
- Did not attend KUL last year»
- There was more time for discussions between sessions this year (at least it felt that way!)»
- annette - att ha keynote som inspirerar»
- That it is becoming a tradition.»
- More time for talk I think.»
- Det är bättre att ha jämnare rumsstorlek så att man kan välja på stående fot och det är bra att ha rummen nära varandra så att man lätt kan byta. Det kändes mindre stressigt i år. Bättre med rejäla kaffepauser. Förra året var det så många parallella sessioner - bättre att inte ha alltför många. Förra året en del talare som fick väldigt få åhörare besvikna på det.»
- The conference site, much better conference rooms this year. »
- Innehållet, men eftersom det var år 2 så är det inte riktigt rättvist. Superbra konferens, värdefull för Chalmers»
- Fewer parallel sessions - less difficult to choose - larger groups for more stimulating discussions.»
- Wow. The quality and the mutual expectations, the key note speaker who really put all of us on the same page»
- It was good this year as well. »
- Keynotespeaker and nor so many activities»
- mer strukturerat.»
- No»
- More time for discussion after each presentation.»
- Nothing.»
- It was nice with a keynote speaker.»
- More space.»
- Väl fungerande lokaler och tiden för diskussionerna verkade fungera bra.»

9. What is your overall impression of KUL2012?

1=very poor, 4=very good

77 svarande

1 1%
7 9%
38 49%
31 40%

Genomsnitt: 3.28

10. Other comments

- I hope that the participation will increase which would (hopefully) increase the diversity»
- It is a very good "studiedag" and should be compulsory.»
- My grade on question 9 is 3 not because the quality of presentations was very high but because this is a badly needed forum, and I also think that the atmosphere during the conference was very good.»
- Thanks for organising this and I hope it continues next year!»
- KUL must continue!»
- Well organized, impressive number of participants.»
- Skulle vara kul om man kunde få lite goda exempel på långsiktiga insatser, typ några som har fått hjälp av en PEDUL och vad det resulterat i. Personliga exempel/resor inom pedagogik. Kanske skulle fler studenter vara där för att ge deras bild också. »
- I was impressed by the commitment and appreciation of the present teachers and staff.»
- I thought there were many interesting presentations and I hope that the ideas that I heard of gets to develop further. »
- friendly and supportive atmosphere, a lot of motivation and engagement among participants -> inspirational for starting collaborations»
- It was inspiring. I noted that the contributers at KUL encouraged ways of teaching that is not so well supported by the way Chalmers are letting administrative concerns influence the education. I think of for example that the suggestion that courses should let in companies and other part of the surrounding society into the education. If you do so it is not easy to plan courses when Chalmers demand that the courses are sceduled long before the course starts. There is conflict between an administrative system that makes the courses esier to administrate and when you try new ways to educate you need some "freedom" to use the time to coordinate with other contributers. It is also valuabel that it is possible to make project courses, not only usual courses with lessons, laborations and usual exam. I am working with Architecture and Architecture and engineering. I could give more information in Swedish.»
- Thank you for organizing such an important arena for Chalmers teachers!»
- Maybe more panel discussions, keynote speeches?»
- Im so greatful that teaching has its own conference. Researchers have severals. I really enjoyed some of the speakers and it all gave food for thought. I will do my utmost to attend any future conference! Nice to be in Lindholmen!»
- Great work all of you!»
- Överlag bra och inspirerande! Bra att ha (ganska) gott om tid för frågor och diskussioner. Det flesta talare höll tiderna ganska väl. Jag tyckte att det blev bra diskussion på de flesta sessioner jag var med på. Jag hade uppskattat om jag i enkäten hade kunnat pricka för vilka delar jag var med på. Man kan ju ha väldigt olika bild beroende på vilka sessioner man var med. Postersessionen blev inte så bra. Inte många tittade på postrarna vid det laget. Då var man ganska trött och de som inte skulle vara med på middagen hade gått. Jättebra att Maria uppmanade till reflektion på slutet. Det var ganska få MPA med. Jag tror att ett bra mål för nästa år kan vara att få med fler av dem. Kan ett lite större fokus på program och progression funka då? Examensarbeten kan vi få med något om kanske. Flera institutioner jobbar med det i år. En idé jag har är att vi ska göra något om lärdomar från självvärderingsarbetet till HSV-utvärderingen 2012. Det kanske inte passar exakt i tidsramen så kanske får det gå utanför. Folk som har åkt till andra pedagogiska konferenser (t ex CDIO eller liknade) och presenterat där skulle kunna få lov att presentera även på KUL för inom Chalmers sprida den kunskapen som då gått mest utåt. Keep up the good work! /Lena P. »
- Se 8, plus man har möjlighet att knyta nya kontakter»
- Please include the author name and maybe even contact info or department on the abstracts. When printed out, the info of who-done-it is lost!»
- I have a lot of contacts with students and some teachers and KUL helps me understand the job that teacher have and do. Very interesting! »
- It was a fun and well organised event!»
- less buzz words would be good (if I read the title of some presentations I have no idea what they are about), much to complicated expressions for actually very simple things»
- keep on the good work»
- It is important that this type of conference is reapeated regularly at Chalmers. More effort is needed to ecourage teachers to take part.»
- Jag antar att det är svårt att göra en konferens som tillfredsställer allas behov. Kanske kan man begränsa och kvalitetssäkra innehållet lite mer.»
- I enjoy it alot! There is so much positive feelings and good ideas in the air. It would be better with a bit longer pauses between the sessions I believe.»
- A professional touch, but the "food situation" was a bit odd. »
- Jag är inte lärare så jag kan inte besvara frågorna utifrån det perspektivet.»

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