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MMF062 Vehicle Dynamics, Academic year 2011/2012, study period 2, CourseEvaluation, MMF062

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-12-22 - 2012-01-27
Antal svar: 21
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 32%
Kontaktperson: Bengt Jacobson»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

21 svarande

<15 hours/week»1 4%
Around 20 hours/week»7 33%
Around 30 hours/week»13 61%
Around 40 hours/week»0 0%
>50 hours/week»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.57

- The assignments took a lot of time. Would have been better to have more time to learn how to use all formulas and do some calculations to practice. » (Around 30 hours/week)

2. Attendance on lectures

How many per cent of the lectures did you attend?

21 svarande

<25%»4 19%
25-50%»2 9%
50-75%»8 38%
>75%»7 33%

Genomsnitt: 2.85

- Not worth attending the lectures.» (<25%)
- I have around 7 different lectures per semester (and i"m now in my 9th semester) but i have never seen such a bad lecture! no structure, script is really bad (not deep enough, bad english and often no explanations. only the model xy can be seen and its equations are...) the teacher ( i don"t want to call him a professor) bengt jacobson is not structured thus his lecture isn"t. he has mistakes on several slides and if they are coming up during the lecture he is not able to solve them! (around 20 min+break to figure out that the shown equilibrium has d"alambert forces included). I can"t say anything about Jacobson as a person but as a "teacher" he failed completely! I have to do this course in germany at my home university (if i pass the test or not doesn"t matter) because i want to learn something about vehicle dynamics. all we did was some mechanical basics related to automotive basic equations.» (<25%)
- the lectures are completely useless, the lecturer makes mistakes that are not acceptable for a professor, none explanation done, none problem solved in a understandable manner» (<25%)
- Tyvärr var föreläsningarna riktigt dåliga och ostrukturerade ... värdelöst att köra räkneexempel på powerpoint t ex. Så det gjorde att man slutade gå efter ett tag.» (50-75%)
- Did not learn much from the lectures» (50-75%)
- Sometimes bit too monotone. Too many slides. Too much stuff on each slide. The lecturer doesn"t seem to be to interested in the subject, or at least isn"t seen as enthusiastic to the subject. Too few examples in how to calculate and what brings what. » (>75%)
- But the lectures were really bad! » (>75%)

3. Attendance on assignments sessions

How many per cent of the assignments sessions did you attend?

21 svarande

<25%»1 4%
25-50%»2 9%
50-75%»6 28%
>75%»12 57%

Genomsnitt: 3.38

- same comment as above holds, the assignments are poorly formulated and they ask for one thing while the lecturers ask another which a student cannot deduct from the assignment text» (<25%)
- You are so fied to your matlab code. i know at chalmers you are doing everything with matlab. thats ok . but i did the vehicle dynamics questions in 10 minutes and after that i needed hours to fix the matlab code. at my home university we are using NO matlab (of course this has disadvantages) but we are learning the basics and rather more how different settings like weight distribution, different speed etc. are changing the vehicle and its behaviour. we don"t know the characteristics of a curve exactly but we know how it should look like in general and we learn why it is changing and how. all this is missing in this course. we have to do 100 plots for nothing!» (>75%)
- One needed to spend that much time in order to pass the assignments.» (>75%)

Teaching and course administration

4. What is your opinion of the course text book (lecture notes)?

21 svarande

Very bad»9 42%
Rather bad»8 38%
Rather good»4 19%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 1.76

- Föreläsningsanteckningar som inte följde samma ordning som föreläsningarna! Allmänt rörig att förstå, inga sidnummer (!) och överlag väldigt dålig... tyvärr! » (Very bad)
- Compendium was of not much use given the poor lectures that were given» (Very bad)
- as the lectures, the comments are very bad, no explanations of the physics or applications, the formula derivations are very bad and the symbols are mixed a lot of times, it"s hardly useful at all» (Very bad)
- There should be more theory and problems to calulate. » (Very bad)
- Why isn"t there any tasks which we can do in order to learn how to calculate? And with real answers which one can understand.» (Very bad)
- Neither good organized nor clear» (Rather bad)
- There are other books out there that are easier to read and that explain stuff easier (aw eg. Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics (R114) (9781560911999): Thomas D. Gillespie)» (Rather bad)
- Putting the pages numbers would be useful. Sometimes hard to link with the lecture slides.» (Rather bad)
- Not consistent with the power points and a lot of errors» (Rather bad)
- Sometimes there is none links between two paragraphs which deal with the same topic. And there are a lot of mistakes.» (Rather bad)
- It would have been good with a proper text book on the subject.» (Rather bad)
- Many structural errors for a high standard university as Chalmers. It is definetely better to use a traditional textbook (e.g Gillespie).» (Rather bad)
- It could be improved to make it more easy to read.» (Rather good)
- Lecture notes should include more worked out problems as the entire exam is problem based.» (Rather good)

5. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

21 svarande

Very badly»3 14%
Rather badly»5 23%
Rather well»11 52%
Very well»2 9%

Genomsnitt: 2.57

- the course has ended and assignment 2 and 3 are still not returned.. Very bad» (Very badly)
- It is absolutely not good to choose a third assistant, that was even never introduced to us, to correct assignments. She had no feeling of our level since she was not the one helping us during the sessions. Also, she can seldom be found in the campus! What is the purpose of that? Her correcting method and comments are unclear and not seem to follow and objective criteria (as opposed to the correction of assignment 2, where there were clear correction points and arguments). The assistants that helped us should be the ones correcting the assignments (as in assignment 2). Additionally, resulsts and feedback from the assignments was never done or possible, only late in January, when we are already focused on other courses. This is not good, specially if half of the course grade depends on the assignments.» (Very badly)
- except the assignments and lecture notes which are given on the site, along with old exams, none of the results are given, you does not have any feedback from» (Rather badly)
- År 2011 ska man kunna erbjuda en elektronisk fil-inlämning för assignments! Väldigt jobbigt att behöva skriva ut "hard copy" » (Rather well)
- I would liked to have the assignments handed out in the begining of the course.» (Rather well)
- Handouts are always updated quickly.» (Rather well)
- No comments.» (Rather well)

6. What is your opinion of the teaching in lectures?

21 svarande

Very bad»11 52%
Rather bad»7 33%
Rather good»3 14%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 1.61

- The lecturers were not able to put across their points at all» (Very bad)
- The teaching method has to be reviewed. Don"t hesitate when something is taught. Please be clear. » (Very bad)
- professor seems not to understand the physics nor anything of the topics he tries to explain, he is unable to answer questions, i have the feeling i know more about the topic than he does, the assistants are also very bad, they correct the assignment (only one we have feedback of) wrongly deducing points for correct things because the do it in a hurry obviously, and they really don"t know how to formulate problems and ask what they want because they clearly ask for one thing meaning another, but we cannot read their minds though» (Very bad)
- Bengt was not preperred proporly and he eqused himself by saying that it was not his slides. Because this is a course with a calulation exam there should be loads of calulation done on the board not on a pdf/ppt!» (Very bad)
- Very difficult to follow the lectures because there were so many errors » (Very bad)
- You need to do more than just read from the slides.» (Very bad)
- Confusing, bad audience management, slow, boring, useless, not helpful at all for assignments or worse, the exam.» (Very bad)
- too much stuff during lectures and too little practice apart from the assignments. i"ve heard that "back in the day" there was sessions where there was problems as on exam rougher as for assignment. » (Rather bad)
- Lecture too monotonous, hard to remain focused. Not very clearly organised. Clearly not enough exercised, we are not prepared for the exam.» (Rather bad)
- The lectures were hard to follow and unnecessarily complicated. This is a very interesting subject. Its relevance in the real world must be stressed. What are the current industrial practices?How do we approach it?What are the areas of research? etc..» (Rather bad)
- Needs to be more organiced» (Rather good)
- I think that the wednesday lectures shouldn"t have been omitted. The teachers made the subject seem a bit too easy by doing so. We could have used that time better, for example as a solving problem session.» (Rather good)

7. What is your opinion of the material selected for the problem solving sessions?


- were they any? there were assignment sessions, but no problem solving sessions as I can recall. »
- The problem solving involved nothing but old exams. This meant that some material could not be covered by the problem solving sessions (f.ex. the longitudinal load transfer)»
- no problem solving sessions done at all, no help given, we had to learn all by ourselves, the problems of old exams from Prof. Jacobson are very badly solved without explanations»
- Problems solving session?!?!?!!? There where none!»
- What problem solving sessions? Did we have any? Why don"t use the Wednesday that we had in the schedule to have some problem solving sessions were we could ask questions. I don"t think you should learn how to pass the exam by calculating old exams. Where are some ordinary general questions? »
- We didnät have any problem solving sessions. If you are referring to the assignment sessions they were good.»
- There were no problem solving sessions! And there should have been, the exam is only problem solving!!! How about Wednesday lectures?»

Introduction/Interactions of the Vehicle
21 svarande

Very bad»4 25%
Rather bad»2 12%
Rather good»10 62%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»5

Genomsnitt: 2.37

Longitudinal Dynamics
21 svarande

Very bad»3 18%
Rather bad»5 31%
Rather good»8 50%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»5

Genomsnitt: 2.31

Lateral Dynamics
21 svarande

Very bad»6 37%
Rather bad»4 25%
Rather good»6 37%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»5

Genomsnitt: 2

Vertical Dynamics
20 svarande

Very bad»4 26%
Rather bad»5 33%
Rather good»6 40%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»5

Genomsnitt: 2.13

8. What is your opinion of the teaching in problem solving sessions?

21 svarande

Very bad»9 56%
Rather bad»4 25%
Rather good»3 18%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»5

Genomsnitt: 1.62

- does not exist, there is no teaching in this course» (Very bad)
- There where none!» (Very bad)
- Again, no problem solving sessions!!!» (Very bad)
- We need more solving session, especially regarding solving examples» (Rather good)
- Fanns det problem solving sessions? Det som var inbakat i föreläsningarna?? » (No opinion)
- The problem is that there weren"t any problem solving sessions» (No opinion)
- See above.» (No opinion)

9. What is your opinion of the material selected for the assignments sessions?

21 svarande

Very bad»2 10%
Rather bad»4 21%
Rather good»12 63%
Very good»1 5%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 2.63

- shifting in 0.1 sec. (assignment 2)? nice.....this is maybe a small mistake but it shows how the lecture and the assignments are. other mistakes or stupid tasks (a student has to learn how and why and to think about his result if it could be right or not) without connection to reality. (driving from 0-100 km/h in the 2nd gear....)» (Rather bad)
- I couldn"t use anything that I learned by doing the assignments on the exam.» (Rather bad)
- Supervisors are helpful and give good answers.» (Rather good)
- Good subjects.» (Rather good)
- The assignments are the only way I was able to learn something about vehicle dynamics, in yet they can still be improved a lot.» (Rather good)

10. What is your opinion of the work load of the assignments?

21 svarande

Very bad»6 30%
Rather bad»6 30%
Rather good»6 30%
Very good»2 10%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 2.2

- To much unnecessary work with writing full reports especially without any feedback on the structure.» (Very bad)
- as i told you, the vehicle stuff is done in 10 minutes. after that you want us to solve big matrizes or stupid plotings and code adjustment. but out of this it is hardly possible to gain any useful knowledge. now i know matlab, but nothing more!» (Very bad)
- work load is very high because one has to do all by himself, all the understanding has to be gathered alone, even the solutions of old exams cannot be understood, i studied a lot for the exam, solved everything and then again on the exam what i saw i saw the first time without any clue how to solve it and the prof never gave any knowledge how to solve it, i know i haven"t been on a lot of lectures, but on the parts I"ve been, they did not help at all» (Very bad)
- Because of bad theory on the lectures and text book they where hard to do correctly!» (Very bad)
- The work load was high, especially since solving the assignments required a good understanding of MatLab. » (Very bad)
- a little to high. skip writing a technical report that no one seems to read. ask for a short report with calculations and discussions instead.» (Rather bad)
- To high! Would have been better to have smaller assignments where one learned more than just matlab and maybe have a midterm.» (Rather bad)
- Topic of the assignments are interesting and seem relevant. However, the workload us extremely high considering that we need to "deal" a lot with matlab. Not all students are that familiar with it... It is good that you give us codes that are hard to develop, but please explain us how they should be modified!!! A short 15 minute introduction where you explain the given code and where and how it should be modified would help us a lot and save us a lot of unnecesary and useless work dealing with the code.» (Rather bad)
- Dock, så kändes det väldigt onödigt att behöva skriva så stora rapporter till så små uppgifter! Jag läser inte på automotive, och på mitt program har vi fått lära oss att resultatet och förståelsen för själva uppgiften är det viktiga, inte att ha en välskriven rapport. Givetvis lär man sig mycket på att skriva rapport, men när rapporten tog längre tid än att lösa själva uppgiften kändes det fel. Dessutom tycker jag det är dåligt, att på inlämningar, dra av så mycket poäng för att rapporten ev. var undermålig, när man löst uppgiften! Känns sådär! » (Rather good)

11. What is your opinion of teaching in assignments sessions?

20 svarande

Very bad»3 17%
Rather bad»1 5%
Rather good»12 70%
Very good»1 5%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 2.64

- No teaching» (Very bad)
- Supervisors are helpful and give good answers.» (Rather good)
- support was good.» (Rather good)
- Why do we wright a technical report on a assignment that is not designed to be an investigating assignment? If we should wright a technical report, there has to be some type of investigating questions, and THE TEACHERS HAS TO BE INTERESTED OF READING THE HOLE REPORT! To be asked to write a report and then get questions regarding answers that is written in a different part of the report and as well don"t get a single comment except on the result part almost makes at least me feel a bit ignored. I spend time to write a report that is asked for, but it fells like during the corrections of the report it doesn"t mater whether it is a report or just answers.» (Rather good)
- The teachers had different ideas how much was needed on the report.» (Rather good)
- Assistants do what they can, but everybody"s life could be made easier with clearer statements and introductory lectures to the assignments (again, how about Wednesday lectures???)» (Rather good)

12. What is your opinion about using Matlab as tool in this course?

- Why do we use matlab if someone has never used it. And, why do we use matlab if it is useless in a company, why don"t we use Adams for example?»
- fully ok»
- good»
- Its ok»
- Bra! »
- Good»
- Matlab is a good tool if you know how to use it.»
- matlab is ok but the way of introducing the assignments and the wanted calculations are not helping in understanding the subject vehilce dynamics. at home we have to derive the equations of motion e.g. but with more influences like air different tire characteristics, braking, weight etc. give the students a matlab code (completely adjusted) and let them change different parameters in order to understand the behaviour of the vehicle. it"s nice that every student has to do 40 plots (assignment 3) but for what? it can"t be fulfilling the interest of chalmers and their requirement of education to do matlab programing with a little bit linkage to vehicle dynamics. i want vehicle dynamics supported by matlab! normally v.d. could be such a nice and interesting subject. but i have to hear it at home to make this come true. for example stuff like bycicle model are introducet at my homeuniversity as well. but only as basics and then the whole model of the vehicle becomes more and more complex with different parameters influencing the vehicle. »
- Ok »
- Ok. But maybe a light instruction which explain the given codes could be appreciate.»
- very very bad, matlab is a tool and we should use it as such and not study matlab, matlab is for solving problems you understand, but this course is bad from the very roots, everything would be fine if the lectures and problem solving are done well, then a lot of understanding would be gathered through better formulated assignments, this way is just frustrating and useless, time consuming»
- Very good!»
- ok»
- Thats good but you shouldn"t use matlab in answers. I can"t see the point of that! »
- Very good!»
- Good.»
- You must understand that in a master"s course there are students from other countries whose understanding of softwares like Matlab may not be as adept as the Chalmers Bachelor"s students. Thus if you intend to give Matlab based assignment, it is better to pair up Chalmers bachelor"s students with other students for assignment tasks. We had this system in IC engines course and it worked well for everyone.»
- It is great to learn matlab, but again, introductory lectures to the assignments and the given codes would help a lot.»

Study climate

13. How is the general study climate at Chalmers?

21 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»1 4%
Rather good»14 66%
Very good»6 28%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 3.23

- No where to study. All our study places are gone.» (Rather bad)
- Har denna fråga ens med kursen Vehicle Dynamics att göra?? » (Rather good)
- all in all it is not the same high level as in germany. it"s more like a polytechnic university. but all other courses had really good and interesting lectures and useful assignments!» (Rather good)
- hard to find a compute room.» (Rather good)

14. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

21 svarande

Very poor»3 14%
Rather poor»2 9%
Rather good»9 42%
Very good»7 33%
I did not seek help»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.95

- teacher has less! knwoledge of v.d. than me.... I#m used to unfriendly professors not taking care of the students but at any time they would be able to solve any question.» (Very poor)
- For the assignement» (Very poor)
- the lecturer does not know to answer any questions, ms. Yang is able to answer questions, she would definitely be a better lecturer, but she has very little influence and is there just for answering assignment related questions, but then again, the problems in the assig are not formulated so they don"t ask what they want us to do» (Very poor)
- From assistants, it was good. Specially Ulrich.» (Rather good)
- Ulrich was very easy to ask questions to!» (Very good)

15. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

21 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»1 4%
Rather well»7 33%
Very well»12 57%
I did not seek cooperation»1 4%

Genomsnitt: 3.61

- Thats the only way to pass the course as it is now.» (Rather well)
- everyone had problems with the matlab code and the unsuificient lecture documents. it starts with small things like having no page number and ends in completely wrong english. that"s not university standart.» (Very well)
- we had to cooperate closely because » (Very well)

16. How was the course workload?

20 svarande

1 (Too low)»0 0%
0 0%
4 20%
12 60%
5 (Too high)»4 20%

Genomsnitt: 4

- matlab and writing. real vehicle dynamics was too low.» (?)
- Because of lacks in lecture time» (3)
- There should have been more problems to solve.» (3)
- Assignment workload was high. Course workload was fine.» (4)
- Dealing with useless matlab things takes a lot of work and leaves nothing.» (4)
- Assignments!!» (5 (Too high))

Summarizing questions

17. How well did the course fullfill your expectations?

21 svarande

1 (not at all)»6 28%
8 38%
5 23%
2 9%
5 (very well)»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.14 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- can"t call it a "course"» (1 (not at all))
- it is a very interesting field but nothing of that is explained to the student, i put a lot of work in it, had no feedback, had no results and frankly, don"t know how to use anything in practice» (1 (not at all))
- Method of teaching can be improved. Contents of the course was impressive but the teaching did not match. No improvement required in contents. The way it is conveyed to the students in a manner the students understand needs to be improved. » (1 (not at all))
- I was really expecting something much better than this as it is something that I wan"t to work with in the future. But didn"t really meet my expectations at all!» (1 (not at all))
- Extremely bad and useless lectures, time-consuming and not so rewarding assignments and an exam that was completely out of what was studied on the course.» (1 (not at all))
- not ok to have a bunch of "calculate this" exam questions without teaching "how to solve such problems"» (2)
- Hade betydligt högre förväntningar» (2)
- The teaching, textbook and exam did not correlate at all! A really interesting subject but it was thought really badly..» (2)
- to little training in calculating.» (3)
- Course content was good. However the lectures were highly unsatisfactory » (4)

18. What is your general impression of the course?

21 svarande

Poor»12 57%
Fair»2 9%
Adequate»5 23%
Good»2 9%
Excellent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.85

- trying to do too much» (Poor)
- Wouldn"t recommend anyone to take it as it is now. » (Poor)
- I was looking forward to this course at Chalmers. However, I am disappointed with the lectures and Assignments. Though the assignment tasks were very interesting and useful, it did not serve it"s intended purpose i.e,to strengthen the student"s basics. The usage of Matlab platform, as useful as it is, to solve the assignments made the work load too high. » (Poor)
- Extremely bad and useless lectures, time-consuming and not so rewarding assignments and an exam that was completely out of what was studied on the course.» (Poor)
- This course is all about mathematics and a connection with real world would be interesting. The course generally speaking is not that much interesting for people interesting in dynamics. Assignments are quite good however.» (Fair)
- i would like to be able to find why is a simplification done and based on what.» (Adequate)
- I think that there is potential in the course, and I think that Bengt is a good lecturer. However there has to be more problem solving and also a proper text book.» (Adequate)

19. What is your opinion of the material selected for the exam?

21 svarande

Very bad»9 45%
Rather bad»6 30%
Rather good»5 25%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 1.8

- We are not prepared for the exam, no training session. Almost no explanation during the lecture. During the last lecture before the exam we staid 2h stuck on a mistake and were finally far from completed the targeted exercises.» (Very bad)
- No chance to practice some of the problems since these were not represented in the old exam.» (Very bad)
- I did not correlate at all with what we have done in the course...» (Very bad)
- Rather tough. Compendium and class teaching did not reflect the question paper. The level of Question paper was too high whereas the level of teaching was quite opposite.» (Very bad)
- It"s was difficult to study for the exam because, no problems were given, the old exams were written in Matlab-code and the solving was not commented.» (Very bad)
- Vehicle dynamics is fun, way not try to make the course fun!?» (Very bad)
- We were absolutely not prepared to solve that exam. I stayed for almost four hours doing mostly nothing. It was so frustrating, and is not a matter of not studying. I was able to solve the exams from the previous lecturer very well... Also, what is the porpuse of putting exam solutions in matlab?? Are we solving the exam on matlab? NO!!!!» (Very bad)
- as I stated before: not ok to have a bunch of "calculate this" exam questions without teaching "how to solve such problems"» (Rather bad)
- The problems were quite different from the given problems in assignment or lectures.» (Rather bad)
- The course did not prepare us for the exam.» (Rather bad)
- Though the solved problems was very useful for the exam, it requires more explanation.» (Rather good)

20. What is your opinion of the material selected for the lectures?


- ok, but too many slides and too much stuff on the slides. ffs, make it easy to see through! you can"t jam a slide with text, that is soo wrong! learn presentation technique! slides are NOT textbooks but should be used as "aids" for talk, not vice verse. If slides are used as almost a textbook, students can read then without needing a teacher!»
- Besvarade inte denna frågan ovan? Bra material, men väldigt rörigt! Och räkneexempel bör lösas på svarta tavlan, inte m h a powerpoint! »
- If the exam should test what was thougth then the material was really bad!»
- Terrible slides and lectures.»

Introduction/Interactions of the Vehicle
21 svarande

Very bad»5 27%
Rather bad»6 33%
Rather good»7 38%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 2.11

Longitudinal Dynamics
21 svarande

Very bad»4 22%
Rather bad»6 33%
Rather good»8 44%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 2.22

Lateral Dynamics
21 svarande

Very bad»6 33%
Rather bad»5 27%
Rather good»7 38%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 2.05

Vertical Dynamics
21 svarande

Very bad»5 27%
Rather bad»5 27%
Rather good»7 38%
Very good»1 5%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 2.22

21. What is your opinion of the work load during the exam?

21 svarande

Very bad»10 50%
Rather bad»5 25%
Rather good»5 25%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 1.75

- Hade behövt flera timmar till för att lösa allt, för mycket! » (Very bad)
- I"m not fast at writing, however usaly a have a possability to write at mote then half the exam. To masive for the time given.» (Very bad)
- the problems are formulated badly, nothing of the kind was ever done or explained, even in the old exams some solutions are wrong, where is then the guarantee that even if we solved it correctly the examiner did??» (Very bad)
- It was a huge exam for this course... We are not PhD students, this should be a first course in Vehicle dynamics... And the derived equations was to long and hard to be able to accutally be able to use a standard calulator..» (Very bad)
- even if you know how to solve a problem it requires more then four hours. » (Very bad)
- To hard, To much work to be done in short time.» (Very bad)
- We were absolutely not prepared to solve that exam. I stayed for almost four hours doing mostly nothing. It was so frustrating, and is not a matter of not studying. I was able to solve the exams from the previous lecturer very well... Also, what is the porpuse of putting exam solutions in matlab?? Are we solving the exam on matlab? NO!!!!» (Very bad)
- To much calculations that took unnecessary time » (Rather bad)
- a high workload is ok if i do something usefull. but i had to do the exam with my basic knowledge of mechanics and some "new" vehicle behaviour equations.» (Rather good)

22. What is your opinion of the level of difficulty of the exam?

21 svarande

Very bad»9 47%
Rather bad»7 36%
Rather good»3 15%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 1.68

- Since the concepts were"nt very clear.» (Very bad)
- without a propper course....much too high. normally the exam was good. not easy and you have to think more (transfer). with a good lecture and 1 week of learning the exam should be possible in 2h!» (Very bad)
- Too hard, and I have studid quite good. All the exams that Bengt has done are not on the level that the course is thougth on...» (Very bad)
- When were we suppose to learn how to calculate?» (Very bad)
- We were absolutely not prepared to solve that exam. I stayed for almost four hours doing mostly nothing. It was so frustrating, and is not a matter of not studying. I was able to solve the exams from the previous lecturer very well... Also, what is the porpuse of putting exam solutions in matlab?? Are we solving the exam on matlab? NO!!!!» (Very bad)
- make sure that people have understood the basics, don"t do it too complicated with 1000-forulas, because formulas etc you always look up with your computer/book anyhow in real life. make sure though that one knows what formula to use to solve the problem, rougher than how does the formula look like without any understanding for it. that is monkey-work to memorize shit by heart for a day/week or two and then forget it. » (Rather bad)
- The exam is all about mathematics and doesn"t show if the student understands dynamics. The difficulty is focused on the bad points.» (Rather bad)
- it were quite more advanced then the tasks that were calculated during the course.» (Rather bad)
- I think that the exam had a good level of difficulty, however the class was not prepared enough for that level.» (Rather good)
- quite hard exam, especially task 4+5» (No opinion)

23. How well did the course elements (lectures, assignments) prepare you for the exam?

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Very bad»11 52%
Rather bad»8 38%
Rather good»2 9%
Very good»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 1.57

- The exam is completely different from the stuff tought during th lectures» (Very bad)
- We need to get tasks instead!!!!» (Very bad)
- They did not prepare us at all for the exam! In the end the teacher had to give away points in order for people to get some grade! Wouldn" it be better to put an exam more suited to what was seen on lectures or assignments?? Or ideally, on problem solving sessions (that never existed)?» (Very bad)
- No material covering some exam problems» (Rather bad)
- There needs to be more practice in calculating. » (Rather bad)

24. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- Assignments and content of the subject»
- assignments»
- Assignments»
- that the course is divided in to 3 major parts.. The systems with 3 assignments, however these assignments has to be improved!»
- Assignments.»
- sadly, nothing»
- The assignments are quite good.»
- Material is good. Should spend less time in updating the ppt and improve teaching.»
- The assignments!»
- Course content.»
- Very little, only the core content of the assignments and with many improvements.»

25. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- Way of teaching and matlab program used»
- way lectures are held. exercises/practice on "easier" problems of exam-type, with assistant(-s).»
- I missed like normal exercises were the teacher are only doing exercises (in the same dificult as the exam) so the students get better prepared for the exam. also you could skip one assignment (or combine two) and therefore have these exercises!»
- A better preparation for the exam, and an exam focused on dynamics and not mathematics.»
- Bättre struktur! »
- Lecturers»
- The problem session, make some exercise lecture where more problems are introduced. And let the material cover the exam»
- NEW TEACHER!!!!! structure the lectures, know what you are talking about and do things in the assignments to understand the behaviour of a vehicle. not this matlab playing with plots out of the blue!»
- The teaching method. A clear link between what we learnt and what we get at the exam.»
- lecturer, assignments, introduce problem solving, explain the course contents so we know what we study, it is a very interesting field but i"m very disappointed»
- 1) The textbook should be more extensive. 2) There should be calulations done on the board! 3) There should be more problems to be solved and not exam problems! 4) Bengt removed every wednesday lecture and look what happened!»
- 1. The staff should create groups for assignment. Because International students find it difficult to group with localites. 2. Teaching skills really requires improvment»
- Everything»
- * More problem solving * A proper text book »
- Exam pattern, it should contain 50% problems and 50% theory as this is the foundation course. Assignments tasks should be discussed in class and returned to students to make changes and resubmit.(This is a good way to keep track of student"s understanding of the subject). Students should be paired up in two to complete assignment task(preferably a Chalmers bachelor"s student and an Erasmus or foreign student) »
- Lectures, schedule, management, no third assistants that we never met or knew about correcting the assignments, exam... On short, the examiner.»

26. Additional comments

- have a firm position on what"s what, even if there are 1000-ways of solving a problem. 1-way of solution to tech, thanks so that us noobs can learn one way of dealing with it and then get a understanding for the subject to later see the 999-other ways of solving it. if you try to explain multiple paths of solving the same problem it might be good, but it might also be very confusing. »
- God Jul! »
- Please do something about the lectures that were highly unsatisfactory»
- all my complaining above shouldn"t be interpreted as an attack against bengt jacobson or the whole department. i really want you to think about your quality of teaching vehicle dynamics ( he was also guest teacher in powertrains, toppic "differentials"....same bad lecture!!!!) I really think it cant be the interest of chalmers (one of the best northern universities) to offer such a bad course! all in all it was bad structured, teacher didn"t know the easiest mechanical realtions, no deepness, only timeintensive because of matlab programing but not the subject itself. »
- »
- i think professor Jacobson and assistant Sander should definitively be removed from the course, they are not fair and do their job very bad and honestly, they did not earn their salary here...»
- If we where thougth and where able to calculate what was needed on the exam this would be an awsome course but we are not even half way there this year...»
- * A very interesting topic! »
- Really dissapointing course. I am glad I bought the Gillespie book and was able to understand and work through the assignments. Those are the only things that left me some knowledge of vehicle dynamics.»
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