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Integrated Product Development, TEK

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-12-15 - 2012-01-10
Antal svar: 29
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 70%
Kontaktperson: Lars Trygg»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Industriell ekonomi 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Industriell ekonomi 300 hp

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

29 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»5 17%
Around 20 hours/week»11 37%
Around 25 hours/week»8 27%
Around 30 hours/week»3 10%
At least 35 hours/week»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.51

- Hard to estimate because we spend much time with the applied material and the other projects in the other courses. Those projects was done in the same groups (very good) and therefore is it hard to divide the time between the two courses.» (Around 25 hours/week)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

29 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»0 0%
50%»3 10%
75%»10 34%
100%»16 55%

Genomsnitt: 4.44

- More like 95%» (100%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

3. How understandable are the course goals?

29 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»0 0%
The goals are difficult to understand»2 6%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»6 20%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»21 72%

Genomsnitt: 3.65

- Apparently so because I couldn"t specifically remember them when they were needed for the exam.» (The goals are difficult to understand)
- when in lesson and going through the slides then a highlit could be done by state that this connects to the course goal and by explaind in which way» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- The first course that is clearly related to the goals and where the goals are communicated clearly not only in the intorduction lecture. » (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)
- Trygg showed the goals at several times during the course» (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

29 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»1 3%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»28 96%
No, the goals are set too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.96

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

28 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»12 42%
Yes, definitely»15 53%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.6

- I didn"t like the question where we were asked to connect the topic to a specific chapter of the book. Seems like a sort of stupid question.» (To some extent)
- Not so much the understanding though.» (To some extent)
- But then there were several questions that was detail information about guest lectures and what not.» (To some extent)
- I don"t like the emphasis on lists. » (I don"t know/have not been examined yet)

Teaching and course administration

6. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

29 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»4 13%
Large extent»15 51%
Great extent»10 34%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

- Great teacher. Always nice to have a teacher that really cares for his subject!» (Great extent)
- I liked all examples during the lectures» (Great extent)

7. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

29 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»7 24%
Large extent»14 48%
Great extent»8 27%

Genomsnitt: 3.03

- Sometimes has Wheelwrigt and Clark old examples (the book is printed 1992) but overall it"s a good idea to have this book because it cover the whole course.» (Large extent)
- Good book, sad that it"s kind of old by now...» (Great extent)

8. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

29 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»3 10%
Rather well»14 48%
Very well»12 41%

Genomsnitt: 3.31

- I want to have the slides available in advance, suits my preferred way of making notes (directly on my computer on the slides, not separately)» (Rather badly)
- Some lecture handouts were very slow. Like the one on leadership and coaching wasn"t made available until very late, yet it was included in the exam.» (Rather well)
- Not that I think it will change anything, but I really don"t like not having the slides. As a student, it would only make life easier for me. Also, locking the pdf-files only gives all of us using computers a harder time. Let"s face it, computers as students aids are not going away...» (Very well)

Study climate

9. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

29 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»1 3%
Rather good»3 10%
Very good»23 79%
I did not seek help»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.89

- Both supervision and the opportunity to just ask him during the lectures » (Very good)

10. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

29 svarande

Very poorly»1 3%
Rather poorly»0 0%
Rather well»9 31%
Very well»19 65%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

- Our group didn"t work well. I asked at the beginning of we needed a formally appointed group leader, but got reply that we were all responsible adults and it wasn"t needed. Yet the respect for others time and efforts were disrespected all the time. No one did what they were supposed to do in time and no formal meetings held was taken serious or was spent productively.» (Very poorly)
- I liked that we had the same groups in the both courses! That made our planning easy. » (Rather well)
- Some trouble in the beginning due to different work methodology. Worked well after getting understanding of each others viewpoint.» (Rather well)

11. How was the course workload?

29 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 3%
Adequate»23 79%
High»5 17%
Too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.13

12. How was the total workload this study period?

29 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»10 34%
High»17 58%
Too high»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.72

- In periods there were just about nothing, in others there were tons of stuff.» (High)

Summarizing questions

13. What is your general impression of the course?

29 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»0 0%
Adequate»7 24%
Good»15 51%
Excellent»7 24%

Genomsnitt: 4

- The exercises didn"t have much connection to the actual theory needed for exam.» (Adequate)
- Didn"t like the attitude toward powerpoint handouts but definitely the interesting lectures and attempts to connect the subjects to real world examples.» (Excellent)
- Interesting content!» (Excellent)

14. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- The literature seminars»
- topic report»
- Max Ricciardi was great! Lars is good!»
- the lean game and the DFA workshop»
- Lars trygg, topic cases»
- The book and Lars (plus Max"s guest lecture)»
- Max lecture about coaching and leadership»
- max riccardi one of the best lectures I have had»
- The lab, DFA»
- seminars,the lean game, DFM, topic report and the guest lecture (he from italia that talked about coaching)»
- Workshops and guest lectures.»
- Hands-on labs»

15. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- More seminars if it is possible. Since so few go maybe you can have 4 groups at the same time and have twice as many seminars»
- applied material case. with course TEK161,several deadlines gathering together, all the groups divided the assignments and it is hard for each group member involved in all assignments.»
- The gudar lecture Magnus was not that interesting. »
- the applied materials case, it can be done as an afternoon lecture for four hours instead of a separate case, more as a seminar. »
- Lecture handouts, there"s only a few lecturers still holding those until after the lecture and its always just disturbing and quite ignorant »
- thriathlon guy was a big wast of time, when he talk it sounded very monoton and it was to get a grip of what he was saying, and The majority of the class said the same after the leasson.»
- The workshops were kind of pointless in their layout. Using building-blocks and Lego to illustrate importance of customer-focused designs must have other ways to be taught better. It was play and no learning as to how to do this, just that it was arbitrarily needed by informal judgement to get good results in the game/workshop.»
- maybe bigger group at the seminar cause when I went we were only two persons»

16. Additional comments

- Lars is awesome!»
- Nice»
- It would be very very helpful and interesting to see a real R&D work , maybe by visiting a company or by whating a movie that you in some way can connect with the thing we learn by the litteratur. Happy New Year Lars»
- The teacher was really entusiastic and knew how to learn us the course area, which resulted in one of the best courses I had on Chalmers»

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