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Simulation Engines 2007 use this one, TDA570

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-02-05 - 2008-02-16
Antal svar: 3
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 12%
Kontaktperson: Staffan Björk»

1. Describe 3 positive aspects of the course

- The practical nature, Theory lectures and the group meetings.»
- To work with a project in a group. The content, to learn about different parts of a computer game. The guest lectures from people in the industry.»
- - Lots of help from the lecturer - To learn how to use a graphic engine - Found out how it is to work in group on a programming project.»

2. Describe 3 aspects of the course that did not meet you expectations

- Homepage was almost never updated, better tools for communicating within the group, »
- The administrative stuff (web page problems...)»
- - Not enough information about the course, you never realized hw tough the course were going to be before you started it. - The updating of the homapage, or rather the lack of it. - That you had to write the reports during Christmas holidays, there doesn"t seem to be enough time during the actual course to write the reports which I find very bothersome.»

3. Please describe 1 positive learning experience you had in the course

- Understanding the relation between different components in a software project.»
- What is needed to program a game.»
- - Had to relearn C++»

4. 2 things you would like to change about the course, and how

- Giving (or recommending) an external tool for intra-group communication and/or documentation (wiki, TeamSpeak, something where you can draw arrows and boxes and stuff), not just the group accounts. The language used (C++), there is a quite steep learning curve taking into account that C++ is a very rich language with many quirks and it is assumed that the students had to learn C++ on beforehand to be able to complete their assignments. Alternatives would be Java or C, but I guess that C++ really is the most appropriate language. The homepage to be updated regularly. (ok, that"s 2.5 things.. ,) )»
- ...»
- More information on the home page so you"ll know what your getting yourselves into. Make sure that there is enough time to write the reports during the course instead of after it.»

5. Describe 2 things that you do not want to be changed in the course

- The general composition of the course is very good, perhaps making the individual presentation the week after instead of the same week as the lecures with the same topic. The hand-in of specification about the individual assignments is good.»
- The project, guest lectures.»
- - The lecturer Markus - The layout of the project»

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