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Creating new business 2011, TEK010

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-12-12 - 2011-12-26
Antal svar: 52
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 83%
Kontaktperson: Marcus Linder»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Industriell ekonomi 300 hp
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Övriga studenter

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

52 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»3 5%
Around 20 hours/week»18 34%
Around 25 hours/week»19 36%
Around 30 hours/week»8 15%
At least 35 hours/week»4 7%

Genomsnitt: 2.84

- Lot of work with the project» (Around 20 hours/week)
- very rough estimate, could be wrong...» (Around 20 hours/week)
- A lots of phone-calls where made and that took most of the spent hours.» (Around 25 hours/week)
- I actually wrote down how much I studied in total this period. 48,5 h/week for both courses» (Around 25 hours/week)
- 99 % case» (Around 30 hours/week)
- mycket tid för intervjuer» (Around 30 hours/week)

2. How large part of the lectures offered did you attend?

52 svarande

0%»1 1%
25%»2 3%
50%»3 5%
75%»25 48%
100%»21 40%

Genomsnitt: 4.21

- I sometimes felt that some lectures were way of, not really being attached to the litterature. » (75%)
- almost» (100%)
- Every single one except the Johan Sköld lecture. Yes, it was a mistake, a big one :(» (100%)
- Missed out one» (100%)

3. Relative effort compared to average courses

Please select your background.

52 svarande

Low effort - an easy course»1 1%
Average amount of effort»26 50%
A high effort course»23 44%
I almost never put this much effort into a course»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.5

- A lot on the project. Very little on the exam.» (Average amount of effort)
- Due to the case» (A high effort course)
- material covered was not so much and quite straightforward. the project was the most intensive so far.» (A high effort course)
- It was much to do. The projects takes time» (A high effort course)
- a very different kind of work effort I put in to this course since it was very different compared to other more theorectically oriented courses.» (A high effort course)

4. Overall the course was*

52 svarande

Very poor»3 5%
Poor»4 7%
OK»11 21%
Good»24 46%
Very good»10 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.65 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Lärde mig inget från denna kurs. Kändes som en väldigt rörig kurs med litteratur från lite alla möjliga områden utan tydlig tråd. Lektionerna gav inget mervärde utan saker upprepades ett antal gånger. Grupparbetet var under all kritik! Vad är läromomentet? Kursansvarig bör verkligen ta sig en ordentlig funderare om tanken är att utnyttja studenter för sin egen vinning eller om studenterna faktiskt ska lära sig något!» (Very poor)
- The communication was catastrophic regarding the case. The rest was rather good, except maybe a lot over overlapping literature. » (Poor)
- The course is a little bit unclear. You don"t know what to expect either on the exam or the project work. » (Good)
- + For lectures Small - for case» (Good)
- The subject is very interesting and fun to learn, but the course only get "good" because of lack of structure and horrible communication.» (Good)
- nice to try something a bit more practical» (Very good)
- Entrepreneurship is from my perspective quite difficult to educate, since it"s so practically orientated. Therefore, the project based approached was quite suitable. I"ve always problem learning fields that are not so deep academically. Therefore, I had some problems with the course. I consider entrepreneurship and business modeling very challenging practically but from my view it is not, in comparison with some other subjects so hard. You know, it is like marketing, not rocket science in the actual theories but can be extremely difficult to implement successfully. Hence, the exam studies were frustrating. The take away is, great that quite a lot of the credits come from the case.» (Very good)

5. Of the required reading, I approximately read

52 svarande

Nothing»1 1%
25%»4 7%
50%»6 11%
75%»23 44%
100%»18 34%

Genomsnitt: 4.01

- Tried to sort out was was most important, and managed to do so well I believe» (25%)
- Read parts of it, and previous years summary.» (50%)
- I read the books, will quick read the articles» (75%)
- Didn"t read the entire two books, mostly read the important chapters and skimmed the rest. Skimmed most articles and read summaries.» (75%)
- some readings where summarized so I dont know if that counts. some weren"t.» (75%)

6. My background is

52 svarande

Industrial engineering and management at Chalmers»41 78%
Another programme at Chalmers»3 5%
Another Swedish university»3 5%
Unitech»0 0%
Erasmus»1 1%
I"m an international master student»4 7%
Other»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.63

- mechanical engineering» (Another programme at Chalmers)
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 3.65

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

7. How understandable are the course goals?

52 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»14 26%
The goals are difficult to understand»5 9%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»16 30%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»17 32%

Genomsnitt: 2.69

- It"s quite possible I"ve seen them but I never remember them.» (I have not seen/read the goals)
- If I read the goals at some time two months ago I don"t remember them now» (I have not seen/read the goals)
- I thought it was clear from the beginning but as the projects evolved it got more unclear. All communication was really poor and the students rarley knew what was going on. Find a course PM that is accurate and stick to it!» (The goals are difficult to understand)

8. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question only if you do know the course goals.

42 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»0 0%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»40 95%
No, the goals are set too high»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.04

- I don"t know the course goals, but I happened to answer this question and now I can"t deselect the button. Help!!!» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)

9. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

Answer this this question only if you do know the course goals.

42 svarande

No, not at all»2 4%
To some extent»10 23%
Yes, definitely»14 33%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»16 38%

Genomsnitt: 3.04

- Glad the questions were relatively relevant to what he had emphasized during the course.» (Yes, definitely)
- The exam represented the course material in an excellent way, but the questions was at times really vague and poorly formulated.» (Yes, definitely)
- I would like to say that the exam was very well disposed regarding the different subjects we have covered in class. However(!) it seems as if it is a bit standardized. too easy.» (Yes, definitely)

10. I learnt about


- Som sagt va, jag har inte lärt mig något på denna kurs mer än att vara telefonförsäljare.»
- By customer discovery i assume you mean the NISI process. »
- Indeed I did!»
- Is it even possible to marketing & sales "theoretically"? Or is learning by doing actually the only way?»

The customer discovery process
52 svarande

I fully agree»36 69%
I agree»11 21%
I agree some, but not much»3 5%
I disagree»2 3%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.44

Crossing the chasm
52 svarande

I fully agree»25 48%
I agree»24 46%
I agree some, but not much»2 3%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.59

Venture financing
52 svarande

I fully agree»17 32%
I agree»20 38%
I agree some, but not much»10 19%
I disagree»4 7%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.07

Business modeling
52 svarande

I fully agree»20 38%
I agree»19 36%
I agree some, but not much»11 21%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.92

Entrepreneurial marketing & sales
51 svarande

I fully agree»12 23%
I agree»25 49%
I agree some, but not much»12 23%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.09

Teaching and course administration

11. To what extent have the guest lectures been of help for your learning?

52 svarande

Small extent»6 12%
Some extent»16 32%
Large extent»20 40%
Great extent»7 14%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 2.57

- irrelevanta, väldigt lite koppling till kursen» (Small extent)
- Skoljd one of the best lectures so far.» (Some extent)
- Johan Sköld höll den bästa föreläsningen jag någonsin hört. Han var oerhört rolig men samtidigt var det extremt intressant att lyssna eftersom han hade mycket erfarenhet och kunskap.» (Some extent)
- Maybe the guest lectures was not too good in a "study-for-the-exam"-way (except the Johan Sköld-lecture), but the were interesting and inspiring which should not be underestimated.» (Some extent)
- + Bob Dorf + Johan from KnowIT» (Large extent)
- I really enjoyed the "know it" lecture. Best guest lecture i´,ve been to at chalmers » (Large extent)
- Some were really good (Johan and lets deal) while the others were just good.» (Large extent)
- I just attended three, Johan Skölds -and that one was great! The ceo from let"s deal was also inspiring but not at all to the same extent as Mr. Skölds. Oxeon was a bit boring.» (Large extent)
- Johan Sköld"s lecture was the best during my time at Chalmers. This one was exeptional. However, generally, guest lectures are more for the motivation than the actual learning. This should not be the case in an ideal world but for my view that"s the fact. » (Large extent)
- Great and very inspiring guest lectures!» (Great extent)
- The best part due to the reality of theory.» (Great extent)
- Johan sköld was awsome» (Great extent)
- All guest lecturers were very interesting but Johan Sköld was the best lecturer I have ever listened to. I hope you keep him for next year!» (Great extent)
- Really enjoyed them - esp. Johan Skhold. » (Great extent)
- Very good and inspiring guest lectures! Good involvement of companies in this course» (Great extent)

12. To what extent has the regular lecturing been of help for your learning?

49 svarande

Small extent»6 12%
Some extent»16 33%
Large extent»23 47%
Great extent»3 6%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 2.47

- some felt more important than others!» (?)
- Lektioner gav inget mervärde utan saker upprepades flera gånger. Bättre koordination mellan Sören och de övriga hade varit att föredra. » (Small extent)
- I don"t like that the terminology of the old book was mixed with the new one.» (Some extent)
- A lot of less qualitative talk has come up during lectures. But when focusing on the core of the lecturing it has been good.» (Some extent)
- Lectures have been good, but maybe lacking a bit in depth and focus.» (Some extent)
- fina grejjer och roliga exempel» (Large extent)
- Could have been more structured. However, anecdotes have been very interesting to listen to as well!» (Large extent)
- I find it benefital to obtain the content from various different sources (hear, read, see and do..)» (Large extent)

13. To what extent has the supervision been of help for your learning?

52 svarande

Small extent»15 28%
Some extent»29 55%
Large extent»8 15%
Great extent»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 1.86

- -Unable to give basic answers conserning the case task -All supervisors didn"t say the same thing - Information about what was imporant came out week 7 - » (Small extent)
- Ivan är en bristfällig handledare, vilket jag märkt två case i rad nu.» (Small extent)
- Didn"t really get any clear answers» (Small extent)
- Didn"t have a lot of supervision.» (Small extent)
- Supervision is always difficult. This time it was somehow more reflective and did not actually help the project progress, which (in my opinion) means that something is lacking.» (Small extent)
- Markus, has been helpful and structured.» (Some extent)
- We got a push in the back to go try again and to perform better and find better evidence, and I appreciated that.» (Some extent)
- The supervision was seased to exist for a while, even though we wanted to meet him. He couldn"t for two weeks which felt strange and bad. it sure didnt help us in that way we wanted to. When we got to meet him in the final week, I am not sure what impact his guidance will have - if it will just be good enough for a 3 or if he aimed at something else. » (Some extent)
- Good for the actual project but for the learning in the end.. I don"t know. Ivan, my supervisor, was great. Good work Ivan! He was very dedicated.» (Some extent)
- our supervisor was were good! I have heard less good things about other supervisors though. » (Large extent)

14. To what extent has the the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

51 svarande

Small extent»2 3%
Some extent»13 25%
Large extent»25 49%
Great extent»11 21%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.88

- Bra, men föreläsningarna sammanfattade de mer effektivt, mycket irrelevant fluff i artiklarna som inte kändes aktuellt för kursen. Kunde sammanfattats på 2 sidor per artikel typ. Mycket spilltid för 60 studenter.» (Some extent)
- Great readings, quite easy to grasp but still interesting» (Large extent)
- The few articles Iv read has been really good. Eg. Zider & Andersson and also parts of the NISI book allthough it is terribly written and unstructured/misedited. » (Large extent)
- Good amount of articles. Not too many, yet interesting.» (Large extent)
- I was disappointed that there were so few questions about the readings in the exam. The papers in this course was really interesting and I think more students had read them if there were questions on the exam regarding the papers. The course book about NISI was not that good either, to American. The papers was much better reading.» (Great extent)

15. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

51 svarande

Very poorly»7 14%
Rather poorly»5 10%
Rather well»24 51%
Very well»11 23%
No opinion»4

Genomsnitt: 2.82

- Changes in the PM was more often then seldom» (Very poorly)
- Communication regarding the case study. Project PM being incorrect etc. etc.» (Very poorly)
- The communication between Sören, the supervisors, course administrators and the students have been horrible. Differing messages all the time about what the project should achieve, what we were supposed to focus on, how the report was supposed to be written, how it was to be graded, if the presentation was graded or not, how long the presentation was... I could go on and on but you get the point I think.» (Very poorly)
- Changes in presentation length and difference in specified report length at different places in the project-PM was very confusing. If presentation timing/dates/details are changed dont just say it in class (or even worse, during supervision to just some of the groups), you need to upload a new version of the document in question (e.g. project-PM v2) with updated info.» (Very poorly)
- Info was many times wrong in course pm» (Very poorly)
- Come on, what did you expect? There were troubles not only with the dates of different lectures (which implied that Christian Sandström had to move one lecture for no reason in the end), but there were insufficient information in the project PM - no indications of the division of the grade between the presentation and the actual written work either, nor did the information we were supposed to get delivered on time. the case study the thursday after the presentation could have been told us before, it most certainly didnt "pop-up".» (Very poorly)
- Much below average, different information....» (Rather poorly)
- A lot of issues regarding the project. Some groups got information others did not receive. Maximum time for presentation is one example.» (Rather poorly)
- There was no structure... I think the regular schedule in Timeedit should have been used, now there was misunderstandings Studentportalen should have been used for hand-ins Lecture slides should be posted on the web page earlier All articles we were recommended to read weren"t on the web page (like Galbhouni & Rouzzie, or something similar)» (Rather poorly)
- There has been a lot of minor unclear things, especially regarding the project.» (Rather well)
- For the project I think the coordination between the supervisors and information could have been clearer. » (Rather well)
- Slides lagged at times. » (Rather well)
- suggest that the course PM reflect actual requirements, specifically length of presentations & report» (Rather well)
- The slides was sometimes handed out a bit late. » (Rather well)
- Generally good. But to give new guidelines about the case one day before the presenation was just really bad planning. I know that similar situations appear in the industry. However, if one has the posibility to aviod these situaitons (such as would have been possible in this case) do so! » (Rather well)
- If you used the old student portal» (Very well)

Study climate

16. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

52 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»2 3%
Rather good»18 34%
Very good»22 42%
I did not seek help»10 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.76

- Fick inte svar på alla mail till Sören eller handledare.» (Rather good)
- Sören was kind of easy to talk to. The supervisor was a bit more hard to get hold of.» (Rather good)

17. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

52 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»3 5%
Rather well»24 46%
Very well»25 48%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

- Should be able to pick your own group in a situation were people are affraid/don"t want to call.» (Rather poorly)
- Many people were sick/out travelling. On top of that, they were not that interested in what the start-up was doing, I was. Made me furious. » (Rather poorly)
- Forceade grupper kan leda till mycket frustration. Inte i vårt fall, men jag hörde om marddrömsexempel där en person fick i princip göra allt jobb pga likgiltiga klasskamrater. Gör frivilliga grupper nästa år.» (Rather well)
- As usual, it"s frustrating to work with new people who prove to be unambitious or incompetent, especially when the case has a great impact on our grades and the client company"s perception of our group.» (Rather well)
- I was burned out from last study-quarter (which was the worst period of my life with inhumanly high workload) so I put minimal effort into this case work purposely. And so did everyone else in my group so we were on a quite similar level of ambition. » (Rather well)
- I am very pleased with our group. I was good that you assigned the groups.» (Very well)

18. How was the total workload this study period?

52 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 1%
Adequate»22 42%
High»27 51%
Too high»2 3%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 3.57

- We were all tired so it felt high, it would have been a lot better to have the handins a week earlier (and don"t say that we can start earlier, cause when you are six people in a group deadlines dictate)» (Adequate)
- The project took up all of the time, didn"t have time to study for the exam. Had been better to have the presentations and hand ins a week before. But compared to other periods the work load wasn"t too bad.» (Adequate)
- uneven distribution, i.e. extremely back heavy» (Adequate)
- intervjuerna tog tid» (Adequate)
- Very unbalanced workload. The cases started too late, with three weeks of just meeting the client company and booking meetings. I wasn"t until our third or fourth meeting that we we"re actually assigned segments and tasks and could start working. The deadlines for the presentation and hand-in were too late in the course. I didn"t have any time to study for exams until after the hand-in, due to the high case work load, and the other exam was three days later. I had to skip one of my exams (which I"ve never done before, thank you) just to have time to study and pass this course.» (High)
- I I would have done all readings in the course it would have been too high work load. Now I did less than 25% of the quarters readings and the workload was ok. » (High)
- Towards the end it was a lot. Not so much in the beginning.» (High)
- Too high at the end when we had deadlines, presentations and exams practically all in the same time in both courses. Try to split this better.» (High)
- Too much work with the project in both this and the other course. It took alot of time away from my reading for the exams.» (Too high)

The project

The project, including the report and the presentation, was an important part of the course - both in terms of learning and grades. Below are a number of questions aimed at evaluating this part.

19. My project was based on the below company*

52 svarande

Admeta»10 19%
Arboritec»11 21%
Burt»10 19%
Heliospectra»12 23%
Shopy»9 17%
I do not wish to tell»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.98

- Admeta was one of few companies without a finnished product, it felt like for many groups the existing product just added confusion.» (Admeta)
- Good project, however not a NISI =-project.» (Arboritec)
- in my opinion the company was at the wrong stage in its life to apply the NISI process. also, their cooperation, communication and supply of relevant information could have been lots better» (Arboritec)
- Fungerade allmänt bra med företaget. Skulle dock ha getts mycket mer tid åt att låta studenterna lära sig. Kanske genom intervjuer med gruppen istället för att alla möten skulle vara inriktade på hur vi skulle sälja in Burt.» (Burt)
- Cool company! » (Burt)
- Sometimes I have the feeling the project was about... nothing.» (Burt)
- I was burned out from last study-quarter (which was the worst period of my life with inhumanly high workload) so I put minimal effort into this case work purposely. And so did everyone else in my group so we were on a quite similar level of ambition. » (Heliospectra)
- lärorikt projekt, intressant!» (Heliospectra)
- i felt like a slave doing free telemarketing work for shopy» (Shopy)
- I interviewed bloggers, quite a different experience from other groups I think since these are private individuals and not company representatives.» (Shopy)

20. Was the task to be performed in the project clearly communicated?

This question tries to measure if you understood what you were supposed to do for the project early in the course. Fill in the alternative that most resembles your answer.

52 svarande

I never understood the task»2 3%
I understood the task to late»11 21%
I understood early, but had to ask several questions»34 65%
I understood clearly from just reading the project pm»5 9%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.8

- It ssems like there was different views about the task between all the supervisors and also Sören. Every group got differing information and in the end it was very unclear what was right and wrong. The PM said one thing, sören said another, and the different supervisors had their own oppinion.» (I never understood the task)
- Hur kan man skicka ut ett mejl tre dagar innan inlämning där man bestämmer sig för att man inte behöver följa mallen i kursplanen!? Riktigt dåligt och något som skapade mycket extraarbete. De hade kunnat skriva direkt i kursplanen att de ville ha en marknadsundersökning där studenterna inte lärde sig något. Riktigt dåligt!» (I understood the task to late)
- I think I understood the task, but I found it hard to fit a model to reality. Unclear focus of the project, I still dont know if the goal was to generate useful data for the company or to follow the NISI process according to the book. » (I understood the task to late)
- Should be more clear about what you wanted in the report. It shouldn"t be a guess game, where some people are fortunate to get good feedback. My supervisor was good, but the information was not synched among all supervisors.» (I understood the task to late)
- Extremely late. I understand that some part of this is for us to learn "real life" but this way is just wrong I think. The only result of this lack of communicating the goal of the project is that I learned less then I could have.» (I understood the task to late)
- No, I thought it was quite vague, since Arboritec didn"t feel like a startup and they already had a finished product. It was hard to fit it in to the book. Could be more clear from the start the balance between following the book and providing something of value to the company » (I understood the task to late)
- I kind of knew what tasks we were supposed to carry out, but there were a lot of specifics that were only specified a few days before the deadline. For instance, we found out the day before the presentation and three days before the deadline that we don"t have to follow the NISI-process if it doesn"t fit our project well. Therefore, we had to delete half our report right before the hand-in and restructure the rest in two days. Also, the mail from the supervisors with guidelines should"ve been sent out four weeks before the deadline, not three days. That is very provoking and annoying. You structured and carried out the projects very poorly.» (I understood the task to late)
- There was mnay rumors in class due to lack of cooperation between the supervisors, as well as a clear communication towards the class. » (I understood early, but had to ask several questions)
- Strange task compared to the companies. They was already out with the product and following the nail it and scale it process where litte bit unclear in our case.» (I understood early, but had to ask several questions)
- The PM was NOT clear. Also there was a massive lack of communication between the supervisors, which we as students find very annoying. We were told by our supervisor that we were having a 15-20 min ungraded presentation. Next year, write a more detailed PM, it"s an assignment very different from once we have done before and we do it in big groups. Don"t add to the confusion with mixed signals.» (I understood early, but had to ask several questions)
- - A better description is needed» (I understood early, but had to ask several questions)
- It was hard because it was necessary to put much effort in the beginning to just understand the company and the product» (I understood early, but had to ask several questions)
- We had trouble following the guidelines. Later on it was accepted to not follow them that strictly. Would have been better from the beginning to say "Do the NISI process with this company where you find it applicable". We stepped into a company that had already progressed beyond the first phases. It became unclear what we should actually do.» (I understood early, but had to ask several questions)
- It was sometimes hard to understand a whole new unfamiliar industry when commencing this work. the presentation grading is still unclear, as well as what was supposed to be graded. we got this information one week ahead of due date - max. that sucks. we could have disposed our time and effort in another way otherwise.» (I understood early, but had to ask several questions)

21. Was there a good tradeoff between supervision and lecture resources in the course?

51 svarande

Way too little supervision, increase by removing lectures»0 0%
Not enough supervision, I suggest some rebalancing»7 15%
Good balance between supervision and lectures»36 80%
Too few lectures, unnecessarily much supervision»1 2%
Supervision was mostly a waste of time, prioritize lectures»1 2%
No opinion»6

Genomsnitt: 2.91

- Put lectures on video, post them online. Its a waste of time since is almost no interaction any way. Have workshops one per core concept in half class and maybe some case discussion workshops. » (?)
- I cant see how taking away some lectures would help. I"d rather see that the dates that were planned for supervision where scheduled as mandatory from the beginning. we tried two times to arrange a meeting but that didnt happen.» (Not enough supervision, I suggest some rebalancing)
- We didn"t have that much supervision. We had to take initiative to meet with the supervisor and we were the ones who requested he read our draft.» (Good balance between supervision and lectures)
- our group scheduled an additional supervision meeting, which was no problem at all» (Good balance between supervision and lectures)
- gärna velat ha fler föreläsingar av sören» (Good balance between supervision and lectures)
- Too much talk during supervision meeting, we could have made them shorter but perhaps more frequent. » (Too few lectures, unnecessarily much supervision)

22. Rate your supervisor in terms of relevant competence

52 svarande

Lack of competence was a problem»3 6%
He/she knew enough»14 30%
Definitely competent in the relevant fields»15 32%
Very competent!»14 30%
No opinion»6

Genomsnitt: 2.86

- "I don"t know, read the book" or "ask Sören" was the most common answers.» (Lack of competence was a problem)
- Fungerade bra. Kunde dock varit mycket tydligare med vad de ville ha från början. Säg att ni vill ha en marknadsundersökning nästa gång. Trevliga kommentarer från handledaren som att "vi kanske ska lägga ut en konkurrensanalys på studenterna också för på industriell ekonomi arbetar man mycket haha" visar bara ytterligare på att enda tanken med grupparbetet var att utnyttja studenter för egen/institutionens vinning» (He/she knew enough)
- I do not feel that we got a lot of feedback, more guidance and critique would have been better. » (He/she knew enough)
- Didn"t have that much supervision.» (He/she knew enough)
- The competence was good, but the criticism could vary from supervision to supervision, why it was hard to get a clear understanding of his point of view. He can also give more space to the students during supervision, for them to explain their thoughts, before judging or correcting. Sometimes it felt like he expected us to be wrong and started to correct us, before hearing our answer.» (Definitely competent in the relevant fields)
- I would say that Ivan gave the impression of being definitely competent. However, I feel like he was a bit constrained by the lack of proper synchronization and planning between the supervisors. That was the impression I got at least. Many of the formal question, he had to check with others first. However, his skills within the field were clearly sufficient.» (Definitely competent in the relevant fields)
- Very clear the supervisor took time to understand how paper and project prior to meetings - very prepared with good feedback» (Very competent!)
- Definitely competent, but instructions could be clearer and not conflicting with instructions from different supervisors or Sören» (Very competent!)
- The company was very willing to support. Great. Unfortunately, our supervisor was away a few times when we needed him.» (No opinion)

23. Rate your supervisor in terms of commitment & engagement

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Lack of commitment and/or engagement was a problem»4 8%
Somewhat unengaged but professional about it»6 12%
Adequately committed and engaged»18 36%
High level of commitment and engagement»22 44%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 3.16

- "I"m very busy right now, so i wont have time" was frequently said.» (Lack of commitment and/or engagement was a problem)
- difficult to reach» (Lack of commitment and/or engagement was a problem)
- Both parts that it went wrong. The supervisor where away on the scheduled periods and we did not decide any other time. So, it was two folded.» (Somewhat unengaged but professional about it)
- Did not really understand the problems that the groups was struggling with. And had a "you are not trying hard enough" kind of attitude.» (Somewhat unengaged but professional about it)
- I think he likes Burt but have alot of other things to do as well. He didnt even show up at the presentation.» (Adequately committed and engaged)
- She was more commited than us early on.» (High level of commitment and engagement)
- Set very clear time boundaries on how much time he was suppose to spend on this project but was available needed» (High level of commitment and engagement)

24. Overall assessment of your supervisor

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Not good enough»5 9%
Adequate»16 30%
A good supervisor»28 53%
One of the best I have had»3 5%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.55

- I think there was a very big difference between supervisors (after have been talking to other groups), we really asked for help but didn"t get enough or any valuable comments, other group were more directed by their supervisors which helped them towards good results. I think this will show in our grades, unfortunately...» (Not good enough)
- Hjälpte att driva arbetet framåt men kunde ha varit mer tydlig med vad man ville ha från början.» (Adequate)
- I think that a lot of the problems were caused by our group since it took us too long to understand the actual project. However, I think more guidance early on would have helped. Especially in order to balance the requests from the company.» (Adequate)
- He was a bit too critical, we would have appreciated some more positive feedback to motivate us.» (Adequate)
- Ways to improve: - hold shorter, more efficient meetings (I know we asked alot of questions though, so "blame" is in fact on our side). But plan 1h meetings instead of 2h is a good idea. - Think about what you"re communicating. Writing in email "At this point, I feel like you are perhaps trying to rely on me a bit too much." made us think "OK, so we"ll simply not turn to you for advice again, we dont want to seem dependent." I dont think this was the intended outcome, but it"s what happened...» (Adequate)
- Helpful, but didn"t really give any clear answers. » (A good supervisor)
- Absent at times. Otherwise very committed and enthusiastic. » (A good supervisor)
- Hard to get hold of. he wasnt very available.» (A good supervisor)
- I was happy! But Anne, stop saying "That"s for you to figure out" every time, it"s not like we are asking you to do the job for us. The worst that can happen is that we learn faster. Thanks for a good job! For being in your first year of your Phd you are impressively competent.» (One of the best I have had)

25. How much did you learn from the project as a whole?

Here we try to measure if you learned enough from the project to make it worth the effort you and we put into the project

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Did not learn much from the project»9 17%
Like an average project in a course»24 46%
I learned unusually much in this project»12 23%
One of the most valuable course projects I"ve done»7 13%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.32

- Lärde mig inget från projektet vilket är under all kritik. Är det något jag verkligen vill säga till kursledningen är det att se över projektet. I dagsläget går det bara ut på att utnyttja studenterna för att göra marknadsundersökningar för institutionens egenintresse. Så kan det verkligen inte vara utan man går faktiskt i skolan för att lära sig! Jag lärde mig inget på projektet. Testa och ha något roligt projekt där studenterna verkligen får gå igenom processen med sin egen idee eller liknande» (Did not learn much from the project)
- Very little learning compared to the effort put in. Felt like unintellectual slavery.» (Did not learn much from the project)
- it fellt a little bitt forced, it"s dificult to apply NISI to companies with already existing products and it feels weird thet we should do it when it stands explicity in the book that these things should be done by the VP or CEO.» (Did not learn much from the project)
- Rather poor project which could have easily been excellent.» (Like an average project in a course)
- -The level of learning could have been much higher if the task itself was better communicated. - A gap between what we had to do for the cource and what the client company expected.» (Like an average project in a course)
- I learned a lot but there was also a lot of time spent on getting in contact with customers that didn´,t teach me anything at all. A lot of wasted time, in a learning perspective.» (Like an average project in a course)
- I think that I mostly learned about how hard it is in reality. If you read NISI it sounds so easy, but in the "real" life it is a little bit harder.» (Like an average project in a course)
- i learned a lot about the first three steps in nail it and scale it process.. however the two last steps were never learned in such a good way.» (Like an average project in a course)
- I had already been active in a relatively successful start up of a firm so I was already aware of the core of what you taught us. However, the case was a perfect opportunity to get some of the theories validated and really get an insight into how to think.» (Like an average project in a course)
- It is a good project that could be a lot of fun, but unclear and conflicting instructions decrease the overall impression. Feelt that we were dependent on the company and sanders to get a good grade, out of our control.» (Like an average project in a course)
- Ive never done a course case so tightly connected to a course book. That was really good and facilitated the diffusion of the concepts a lot. » (I learned unusually much in this project)
- good to be immersed rather deeply» (I learned unusually much in this project)
- I learnt alot, but feel that this project should not really be done in this context (explore new market for company existing since 10+ years). It adds unneccesary complications (e.g. cannot make cold calls, timezone difficulties, etc) and is after all not really within the scope of the book (start-ups).» (I learned unusually much in this project)
- I have learned product development doesn"t take you that far.. which I had never through of in that particular sense.» (I learned unusually much in this project)
- Absolutely one of the best projects at Chalmers. Not only did we learn the nisi process, but also a great amount about a new industry! I learned a lot at the same time that I got to contribute with real value. The fact that Admeta really appreciated this enhances my positive view on the whole project.» (One of the most valuable course projects I"ve done)
- But also one of the most frustrating. The valuable lessons can be kept while reducing frustration.» (One of the most valuable course projects I"ve done)
- I became more confident and able to be an entrepreneur and do this myself.» (One of the most valuable course projects I"ve done)
- Liked the practical part and that some much time was given to the project.» (One of the most valuable course projects I"ve done)
- But the thing is that I got quite early what the essence of the NISI process meant. the work was more focused about the product later on, which isn"t connected to the course enough? I mean, this is already a product that is being sold. What if you guys tried to say that the NISI process can be used to see if we are at the right track or not instead? that would have made more sense.» (One of the most valuable course projects I"ve done)

Summarizing questions

26. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- The NISI book.»
- Guest lectures.»
- Project, guest lectures and Sören!»
- the book, the way of teaching, guest lectures»
- The projects are good, but a need for more communication is neccesary. Rumors in class say that Sören get paid by these companies and use the students as a free resource. Even if the project is valuable, this rumor needs to be ended. »
- Guest lectures, especially Johan Sköld. »
- Johan Sköld"s lecture was a really good! Most of the guest lectures was good.»
- keeep Johan sköld, he was inspiring »
- The interview project, very different from everything we had. I like mixed groups!»
- Crossing the Chasm och gästföreläsningarna»
- The case»
- NThe two books, NISI and crossing the chasm»
- - The litterature»
- The guest lectures, both with Alexander and Johan.»
- Good lectures.»
- The project work was useful, actually doing something hands-on»
- Johan Sköld»
- More guest lectures»
- The cases.»
- The guest lecturers. »
- The Project of course. Guest lecture with Johan Sköld was definetely a hit!»
- Guest Lectures, Venture Capital lectures were very interesting»
- the zider (was awesome) and andersson readings were really good. Keep. »
- guest lectures. great to see real world examples.»
- The guest lectures»
- Johan sjöholm»
- Johan Skiöld and other"s guest lectures (if possible).»
- The project.»
- Both crossing the chasm and NISI were great!»
- That the project is performed together with companies.»
- The project. I liked that it was for real even though Shopy did seem to have other plans and that our project was not so valuable for them generally speaking.»
- the project, a bit smaller though. and not the presentation and hand in the week before the exam. the readings were very good!»
- working with the companies»
- the guest lectures»
- The course structure with exam and one large project.»
- The "nail it then scale it" book ! I learned a lot from it !»
- projektet, samt gästföreläsningarna var riktigt bra »

27. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- Sören. He is a very nice guy and has a lot of experience in entrepeneurship, but his lectures did just talk about Spotify and how he has a share in the company. He has humour, but it affects the lectures.»
- better information in the start of the project»
- Better information at the start of the project.»
- More inspiring guest lectures. Clearer instructions. In the point is to give the student free hands, then say that: "Follow the nisi process and contribute with as much value as you can to the companies. Feel free to do what you want within this framework."»
- more articles but without a relevance for the exam,»
- The supervisors need to discuss how the project should work before the course. Misunderstandings and a lack of communication made it very unclear of how the project will be graded, how the presentations was planned and so on.»
- Choose companies that are better suited for the task (NISI)»
- The projects cant be excecuted as they are to day. All companies were different, all feedback was different between the groups (students talk with each other).»
- the case!!! there was too much time spent on telemarketing which gave nothing in return »
- Let us do it on our own ideas! The course is called "Creating new business" not "Giving recommendations that no one will care about regarding faulty business models of old businesses". Make the group sizes smaller! four is the absolute limit, three is percfet but maybe to expensive. It even says in the slides that you shouldnt be too many. The process is VERY communication intensive. I think that is hard to understand if you havent done it. If you make 7 calls each and you have to describe the contents of your call to people 3 times you per call you have to have 20 mini lectures and listen to 40 ones that other people have.»
- Projektet. Under all kritik. Riktigt dåligt och jag lärde mig inget. Var bara att göra marknadsundersökningar för någon annan vilket jag kunde ha tagit ett jobb för istället. Se verkligen till att ändra detta. Studenterna känner sig utnyttjade! Det känns som att det är en stor kollision mellan institutionens egenintressen då de får pengar av dessa företagen och att studenterna skall lära sig något. Att försöka utnyttja studenterna för sin egen vinning är faktiskt helt horribelt och borde resultera i en kraftig tillsägelse från programledning.»
- Better information regarding the case. Be crystal clear, should not have to guess.»
- Clearer information regarding presentations and the case»
- No projects should involve having to do customer calls across the seas. We had to sit up all nights after an entire day in school and still it was difficult to get in touch with people, they ususally wanted us to call back in the afternoon their time.»
- The case. Let us make our own companies, and get rid of the indifferent supervisors.»
- Companies that are more into the process of finding the problem and solution. Difficult to suggest a problem that the existing product does not solve.»
- A clearer message from the beginning of the three blocks, NISI, Corporate ventures and VC (at least that is how I see the course content). Since all focus in the beginning was on NISI the other parts were sort of forgotten until the exam studying. »
- Communicate the structure of the course much, much better. Studying for the exam I think many students felt what I felt that, since no clear learning goals had been commmunicated, I didn"t know what I was supposed to take away from all the readings. I was learning generally about entrepreneurship and that makes it really hard to understand what is important and what is not. The course needs structure badly.»
- More clear information about the projects and what is expected. »
- Define the projects more clearly. You can"t be vague during the entire course and then make a ton of specific request three days before the hand-ins. Be more coherent, have a meeting with all supervisors in the beginning of the course and set up guidelines. It appeared as though each supervisor had their own perception of the project and made different demands. Simply put, expand the project pm with all the necessary information and don"t add any information afterwards. Also, you say in PM that we should prepare a 15-20 minutes long presentation, but just as the presentations start you say that we have 10 minutes and not a second more. Select more appropriate firms to work with, if you want us to follow the NISI process. Don"t select a scaled company with a finished product, customers and more than 25 employees. Lastly, even out the work load. Either have a minor exam on the book after a few weeks and then a final project, or get the projects started earlier.»
- I like the product idea, but there is a lot of time and effort wasted chasing customers to talk to.»
- Even though I understand that it might be hard to find companies for the project, I believe that it is more useful to have companies that are actually in their start-up phase. »
- change the scope of the project, not predetermine segments. »
- the drucker and sarasvathy (her slides was better and enough) readings was not very good, could be skipped. »
- choose suitable project companies»
- Have a 2h quiz in the second week on the NISI book. Let that quiz influence grade only by 20% or so, then 80% grading on the project. Would have liked more committed students to the project.»
- That the project should be more related to the size of the companies.»
- Supervision, not so much should be dependent on which supervisor you get.»
- the timing of everything.»
- cant think of anything»
- We did not have any large problems with our firm, Shopy. However, I know other groups whom had firm that was not so appropriate for the nail-it-and-scale-it process. For us to learn appropriately and for us to be willing to dedicate the time to the projects successfully, it is core for you to find firms that are suitable. »
- uppskattat om det var fler föreläsingar av sören»

28. Additional comments

- It was overall and interesting course.»
- Liberating absence of management consultancy and instead filled with eye-opening new possibilities. One of the most inspiring courses I"ve taken! »
- It was perfect!»
- Good work Sören. Try to listen to the students thoughts and questions a bit more, and the course will be even better.»
- There has to be a consisten view about how these projects are to be executed. It was very fuzzy and it seems like no one hade the same view about anything. One day the pain was not that big of a deal "all information from the customer is of importance" the next day "nailing the pain is the most crusial, there is allways a pain you have not just been trying hard enough.»
- I filled out the comments very detailed and then everthing disappeared!! I don"t have time to do it all over again.....»
- The course is very close to being a very good course! Most interesting contents, most interesting structure, exciting project. The execution just fails to impress, but very little extra is needed. Proper PM and a more consolidated overview of the material (more easily readable slides or a short summary intro of a couple of pages that presents the key relationships of the course, the different books makes it confusing)»
- På det stora hela en riktigt dålig kurs som dock hade kunnat bli betydligt bättre då ämnet är intressant. Varför inte låta studenterna göra nail it then scale it processen på deras eget företag/ide. Hade varit riktigt häftigt och samtidigt något man lärt sig väldigt mycket på. Och lära är ju därför vi är i skolan.......»
- Not necessary to have the case study with a company. An important message in NISI is that you shouldn"t have the solution as a starting point, which we had to some extent because of the company.»
- Seem to be that supervisors gave different info concerning what should be in the report. In the project PM in said that the appendix was really important. But then some groups got information from their supervisors saying that you don"t need to submit the appendix. Also different information about how the report should be structured. In the PM it also says that the presentations should be 15-20 min which we prepared for, then we got 10 minutes. »
- I have to give Sören credit for his engagement, his pedagogical skills together with experiences is well suited for this course and have made me far more interested in entreprenuership than I was before. »
- Great course. »
- Thanks for an interesting and inspiring course. I will definitely not start at Volvo...»
- the NISI book states clearly that the process should be performed by the CEO/project leader and NOT by low level employees or student interns. wasn"t this very requisite violated by us doing the project??»
- The final seminar where we presented our results for the company could be improved. I think that each group could be given more time to present. Also I think that it was not so good that it said one thing in the course PM and then other things were said from supervisors and the teacher. For example the page number in the report said 15-20 in the PM but then someone said max 15. Then it said 15-20 min presentation on the seminar but it was only 10! But in general it was a good an interesting course. Sören have a lot of experience and likes the subject and that is good.»
- Most valuable was Sören"s anecdotes about his own/others failures/successes. »
- There were a lot of rumours in the class about the companies having connection to Sören as in ownership and mentoring (=Sören getting paid several times for this course). I think you as a student can live with that since it"s beneficial working with a real life project but you Sören should think about using companies with any personal involvement in. Also, if these project will be done next year, it"s better to find ideas to evaluate. Shopy were about to launch a beta version before having done any customer development, exactly what you tell us in class NOT to do.»
- give us a harder exam with more time to study beforehand rather than the way it was this lp. what if we could do this at the guys"s products at E-school.»
- It was hard to understand the companies business at first, took about 2-3 three weeks before we understood the industry, to next year, be sure to choose areas were it not to technical (programming)»
- it was a good and interesting course!»
- The project was a bit fuzzy and so much time consuming !»
- toppen kurs, lärde mig mycket, tusen tack och ett gott nytt år önskar jag er:-)! »

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