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CFD with OpenSource Software 2011

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-11-10 - 2011-11-30
Antal svar: 11
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 84%
Kontaktperson: Håkan Nilsson»

1. If you started but did not finish this course, please state why.

- Interested to learn more about openFoam.»
- Due to bureucratic reasons, I was unable to travel and attend the course.»
- I finished the course.»
- I took all the lectures but will submit the report later because had some other deadlines.»
- I had to start another work besides OpenFoam, so I had to stop working on OpenFoam.»

2. Comment the contents of the course and give your general impression of the course.

Did it cover what you expected? Was the syllabus appropriate (see the course homepage)? If not, please give some feedback.

- Yes, I have been satisfied with the course. As a suggestion, I think it could be added more information about the structure of the OpenFoam and the relation between its components.»
- Yes it did.»
- I think that the course material was very good and the course did cover waht I expected it to. »
- Yes.»
- Yes.»
- Yes the course was really good and only change I suggest is the part for "C++ Basics". It should be made pre-requisit reading for the course and students should be asked to practice a little by writting some very simple programs from any C++ book. The time in the lecture should then be used on "how to understand the flow diagrams" in openfoam C++ guide. »
- Good!»
- The course seems to be well described in the syllabus, and the course was pretty much what I expected it to be.»
- not completely, I know that if one is going to teach OpenFoam there is a lot to say, but i think it is better to talk more about basics of OpenFoam rather than focousing on specific cases. »

3. How much time did you spend on this course, and did it correspond to 7.5 "Higher education credits"?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. What should be added/removed?

- I participated all class sessions. I think the course load is suitable.»
- Yes»
- It did require more time than other PhD courses I have taken. But then again I probably did not spend 5 weeks full time work on it.»
- I spend more than 200hours, 7.5 seams fine»
- Feels like I spent more time than usual to earn the 7.5 credits. »
- I spent more time on my work than in class so it correspond to 7,5 credits.»
- yes it does correspont to 7.5 credits.»
- Scope was OK»
- I probably spent more time then 20 hours / week on this course, and way more time than what I usually do for other courses, so as is stated on the course home page, it has a high tempo with much information. With that said I don"t find it bad, much of the time spent was due to the fact that I found it interesting and fun.»
- I think It is much more than 7.5 credits, probably around 15.»

4. Comment the schedule of the course.

The idea was to cover as much as possible in the beginning of the course in order to have as much free project work time as possible at the end of the course (it is after all a project course). One reason for having full days is to allow long distance PhD students. However, now the course is becoming more a master course, so an alternative would be to have half days four days each week the first three weeks. Then you should have been given more continous assignments than one after the first two days and another after the second two days. Comment and come with your own suggestions. Also, comment that the current course was only coordinated with the Turbomachinery course.

- The schedule was well. If it is possible, the number of sessions has been increased.»
- Good with full days.»
- That way of giving the course, while probably being better, would have meant that I as a "long distance PhD" student could not have taken the course. »
- It will become difficult for the master students to combine a course sceduled like that with their other courses. Their workload will be to high in the beginning of the semester. »
- As a Phd student, I prefer full days courses, but if the master student will more than Phd students, than changes may be needed.»
- It should be having the capacity for having PhD students at least ones coming from other parts of Sweden or Denmark.»
- I was one of the wisiting PhD students so I would prefer the current setup.»
- This is a though one, I don"t think it matters if it"s 2 long, or 4 shorter lectures. However, personally, something I prefer is to have a choice on when in the week I do assignments, so for example the 1 assignment / week handed in on Sunday worked very well in my opinion.»
- to me it was not good having the course in two successive days from the early morning to the afternoon, it is really exhausting. on the other hand I can fully undrestand this is suitable for long distance Phd students.»

5. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

10 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»3 30%
Large extent»5 50%
Great extent»2 20%

Genomsnitt: 2.9

6. To what extent has the course material been of help for your learning?

10 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»1 10%
Large extent»6 60%
Great extent»3 30%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

7. To what extent have the assignments been of help for your learning?

10 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»2 20%
Large extent»6 60%
Great extent»2 20%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Mainly just ot get me started.» (Some extent)
- I liked most of the assignments, something I personally didn"t like though was one of the parts in assignment 2, namely the find "time" thing. I probably did that part of the assignment wrong, but I can"t say that that part of the assignment gave me much understanding. Something I would like to see more of, which I feel is something missing is the IOdictionaries. They are a large part of how OpenFoam interacts with the user, and were barely mentioned in lectures. An assignment containing editing what/when/how information is read would be of great benefit I believe. » (Large extent)

8. To what extent has the project been of help for your learning?

10 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»1 10%
Large extent»5 50%
Great extent»4 40%

Genomsnitt: 3.3

- haven"t done the project yet.» (Some extent)
- The project is the most helpful part for me because I can choose what ever I am interest and do something new instead of repeat what others had done.» (Great extent)

9. Comment the assessment of your learning.

Is the assessment of your learning (the assignments, the project, and the peer-review) appropriate? Give some suggestions.

- I did not know about the OpenFOAM before the class. So, I am happy to learn it. Thanks.»
- Yes.»
- I was not done well in the assignments and the beginning of the project. But after I revised my project many times, I learnt a lot.»
- They are all good.»
- Don"t understand this question.»
- haven"t done the project yet.»

10. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- The program was well organized.»
- I liked the course as it was given. »
- I do hope that the course will be given next year as well, with the very same contents.»
- Project»
- I think all should preserved to next year.»
- All of it except "C++ Basics"»
- All your lections were great and should be kept, in my opinion. I don"t know about the guest lecturers, generally they were good, but something I found was missing in especially Aurelias lecture was an explanation. Perhaps if you, or her did a better introduction to what she was doing (why, what the program did and so on) it would be more interesting, because, for most of that lecture I didn"t understand why we did the changes we did, because I had no idea of what the end result would be. I don"t know if she will be coming back, but the same goes for all guest lecturers I"d say, unless you"re interested in / have knowledge about the subject, an explanation of what is going on is needed.»
- the project part.»

11. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- I think the last session by Olivier was fantastic but there was not enough time to follow him. I think it is better to balance the material and the time.»
- My least favorite part of the course was the aplication examples from Aurelia and Oliver. The felt a bit long and required quite alot of time being spent on time that was not relavant (at least to me). Maybe still include them but make them shorter? Also the paraview introduction could be shorter. The program in itself is pretty straight forward. »
- nothing.»
- make students know C++ basics before coming to the course. It will be much much better and make you learn more.»
- See the above question, it"s kind of the same.»
- time table if possible!»

12. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

10 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»0 0%
Rather well»2 20%
Very well»8 80%

Genomsnitt: 3.8

13. Comment the recommendation to install Linux and OpenFOAM on your own laptop

Last year we did not have a computer room, so all students had to install Linux and OpenFOAM on their own laptops if they wanted to follow everything during the lectures (it was still available in MT13, for use at other times). This year it was only recommended, since we had a computer room during the lectures. Would it be better or worse not to have everything pre-installed, and run the course on your own laptops? Is it ok to recommend the students to first of all bring a laptop, and then to do such large modifications to it? Did you install it yourself, and was it useful to do it?

- It was excellent.»
- Good with instruction. It is a important task if you want to be able to continue to work with openFoam.»
- I did install it myself on a "vitual box" setup. I think it was helpful and removed the inital scare of linux and openfoam»
- I think it is a good idea to install it on my own laptop to be able to use OpenFOAM in the future. I found the instalation guide on your webpage easy to follow.»
- It was a good way of getting to know Linux. Perhaps some further explanation in the guide on what git is and what it does would be nice. Also highlight the differences between different OF versions.»
- I install it myself. But I think it is better to had a computer room. »
- yes i did install and the instructions were very helpful.»
- I installed openfoam on my laptop and that made it seem more available. There will always be issues with the own computers so todays combination is ideal!»
- I would say that having it installed is very very helpful, but I don"t think it should be required.»
- I tried to install it on my laptop based on your instructions but it didn"t work! so I tried the instructions given in OpenFoam website and everything installed automatically. In other words I didn"t learn anything by installing OpenFoam on my laptop. »

14. Additional comments

- I would like to have more on c++ - but perhaps that is covered in other courses.»
- Keep the good work going on»
- A huge improvement would be to work consistently with the debuggable version of OpenFOAM (i.e. to have the instruction on how to debug the first day). If so, it also means that there needs to be robust instructions in order for the students to install the debuggable versions on their own computers.»

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