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Evaluation of AM department day 111019

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-10-20 - 2011-11-20
Antal svar: 66
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 44%
Kontaktperson: Karin Brolin»


1. Are you a*

66 svarande

PhD student»32 48%
Administrator»6 9%
Technician»1 1%
Researcher/teacher»26 39%
Project assistant»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.36

- Senior Research Engineer» (Technician)

2. Did you attend*

66 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

All day»52 78%
Morning»11 16%
Afternoon»14 21%
Dinner»8 12%
Did not attend at all»2

- Not all afternoon» (Morning, Afternoon)
- Had to leave 16:00» (All day, Did not attend at all)
- » (Afternoon, Dinner)
- Attended all day, except dinner» (Morning, Afternoon)

TM - days in general

3. Do you believe that department days should be mandatory?*

66 svarande

Yes»40 68%
No»18 31%
No opinion»8

Genomsnitt: 1.31

- But perhaps only once a year» (Yes)
- Mandatory and not too frequent» (Yes)
- No-one or very few will attend otherwise. Just make sure it counts and is worth-while.» (Yes)
- If the goal is to get people there. Otherwise there"s better things to do..» (Yes)
- ...but then it is very important that the topics covered are relevant for the employees at the department, otherwise we have more important things to do and it will just be considered a waste of time.» (Yes)
- Annars tror jag det finns risk att närvaron skulle sjunka drastiskt, vilket leder till att syftet inte uppfylls.» (Yes)
- Tror vi skulle tappa otroligt många som anser sig "inte ha tid" och då faller syftet med dagen.» (Yes)
- If the entire day is held in a language that everyone understands it should be mandatory.» (Yes)
- If mandatory, then a sign-up list should be given at the beginning. Besides, if done during the examination week then it automatically excludes emplyees involved in exam that day. And, most important, if mandatory DO SOMETHING GOOD OUT OF IT! The speach from the dog traineer was inappropriate for this contest. This day should give good input to teaching, research, working methods at university level.» (No)
- I myself understand Swedish, but I believe it is not fair to non Swedish-speaking people to force them to attend speeches they do not understand.» (No)
- När instutitionsdagen inträffar under en period där man har en hög arbetsbelastning i övrigt finns ingen poäng med att medverka. Ett obligatorium innebär bara att vederbörande sitter av tiden.» (No)
- Ideally, the department/TM/AM day should be interesting/usefull/inspiring so that people is convinced to attend. » (No)
- We had a presentation about how we should use the verbs "must" and "want to". Therefore, if we follow this concept, we shouldn"t necessarily make it mandatory. However, it depends on the people who make the policy of the department!» (No opinion)

4. What"s your opinion of what language to be used in speeches during the TM days?*

NOTE! Management decision for now is that slides/presentation material should be in English and speeches in Swedish.

66 svarande

English»26 44%
Swedish»5 8%
Mix»27 46%
Does not matter»8

Genomsnitt: 2.01

- Bad english» (English)
- the dog speech was useless to those not understanding swedish» (English)
- COMPLETELY ABSURD THAT IT IS IN SWEDISH. GIVE AT LEAST THREE REASONS FOR WHICH THIS DAY SHOULD CONTINUE TO BE GIVEN IN SWEDISH. Especially if mandatory! It is a paradox. But nowone seems to care (does anyone do an evaluation of this questionnaire by the way?)» (English)
- Det är helt galet att inte allt hålls på engelska, speciellt när det är obligatorisk närvaro. Man pratar om att inkludera all men det är snarare att man utesluter vissa grupper.» (English)
- I don"t know if the intention of only using Swedish during the day is to make a statement and suggest that all foreigners learn Swedish, but I think it is very unpolite and adds to alot of confusion. As a side not it is extremely silly with people apologising for using Swedish texted slides in Swedish!» (English)
- As I am an international PhD student, and since AM expect us to participate in this program actively, I expect to know what is going on in this event. In the morning presentation, someone presents an interesting topic who even can not answer to our questions in English and also did not use any slide to show what is the trend of her presentation. I think that it is not fair to invite people who do not know swedish and the spoken language in half of day be in Swedish.» (English)
- If all can speak swedish» (English)
- External speakers could use swedish.» (English)
- If English is chosen, everyone can attend and take part activily during the day.» (English)
- It is a waste of hours for people that cannot follow the speech in Swedish. The TM day can hardly be used as a way to practice the Swedish language.» (English)
- Make sure all staff know Swedish though, since it is the "company language".» (Swedish)
- All should follow the recomendations, EVEn the Boss!!» (Mix)
- Jag inser att det är svårt att få det att passa för alla. För min egen del spelar det ingen större roll vilket språk som används.» (Mix)
- Some students know only English and som personnel are poor at Engish, so depending on what the subject is language can be chosen. But slides always in English.» (Mix)
- Can though understand the persons that do not understand swedish... Quite hard for them...» (Mix)
- Dagens mix känns rimlig» (Mix)
- Like decided by management» (Mix)
- But that is because either works just as fine for me» (Does not matter)
- Choose only ONE language for the entire day. If it is Swedish the day should not be mandatory for non-Swedish speakers.» (Does not matter)

5. Do you think information from AM management is important to have during the department days?*

66 svarande

Yes»57 91%
No»5 8%
No opinion»4

Genomsnitt: 1.08

- Jag tycker att det är en av de viktigaste punkterna.» (Yes)
- Ja, Pers genomgång (den här gången) var precis lagom. Är den längre tappar man intresset.» (Yes)
- Bra med ganska kort som i onsdags.» (Yes)
- If the information is important.» (Yes)
- Yes, but have it short!» (Yes)
- If Per could speed up a bit and not initate his speech with something ruining the effort of the organiser (now, this was good but we"ve heard it before. Last time, project leading is good but we will not do anything about it. he"s shameful.» (No)
- Only if there are some major changes to the organisation or any new regulations that will be implemented. Most of the information today can be found in documents on AM"s homepage or in the newsletter.» (No)

6. Do you believe the dinner is an important part of the TM-day?*

Or can it be cancelled?
Please comment your answer

66 svarande

Yes»51 94%
No»3 5%
No opinion»12

Genomsnitt: 1.05

- It should be as easy to leave before the dinner as after. » (Yes)
- But not necessarly stright after and in the same place. It could be given somewhere in town where it is easy to get to.» (Yes)
- Jag tycker att middagen fyller en viktig social funktion.» (Yes)
- Det är alltid trevligt men jag kännde inte att den bidrog till ökad kontakt med de utanför min avdelning. Innan middagen så hängde jag med de från min avdelning och när det var dags att gå och äta blev det naturligt så att man satte sig med sina egna. Kanske behövs det gruppindelning även här?» (Yes)
- Trevlig avslutning på dagen!» (Yes)
- I think it is a nice thing but not at all necessary. It doesn"t have to be that fancy.» (Yes)
- Det är ett mycket bra tillfälle att träffa och lära känna medarbetare från andra avdelningar, vilket är bra för sammanhållningen. » (Yes)
- It is important because it gives us a possibility to meet other colleagues we normally do not meet during the working days and also allows for some informal conversations with them. It is a nice opportunity to get to know the colleagues in a better way and have nice discussions.» (Yes)
- Trevlig avslutning på dagen med focus på det sociala!» (Yes)
- The dinner is very important part of the TM-day!» (Yes)
- I believe the dinner is one of the most important parts of the day! You have the opportunity to get to know each other and talk about other things than work.» (Yes)
- It is a nice close-up for the whole day and it is a good opportunity to get to know some people from other departments» (Yes)
- A good opportunity to meet people from other divisions.» (Yes)
- I didnt attend. I think the money could be used for better purposes.» (No)
- I did not attend the dinner so I have no feeling about that.» (No opinion)
- I"m not sure that it actually promotes the purpose of the AM day.» (No opinion)

TM - day 111019- overall impression

7. What is your general opinion of the department day 111019?*

66 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»6 9%
Adequate/OK»14 21%
Rather good»32 48%
Very good»14 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.81

- As I mentioned, the dog trainer speach was inappropriate and mostly out of scope.» (Rather poor)
- The best parts were the (1) visit to the fortress, and (2) the dinner. The other stuff was rather uninteresting... well, perhaps not the discussions about publications.» (Rather poor)
- The afternoon session was very interesting due to the topic but also because of Michael Christie being a very good speaker. The morning session was too long given the content the speaker from brukshundsklubben had. A shorter speach from her would have been better and more suitable.» (Adequate/OK)
- Morning session with dogtrainer was a catastrophe. Time keeping and information was so and so. Afternoon with Michael excellent.» (Adequate/OK)
- Var tvungen att sätta något då denna fråga ej gick att svara på vettigt sätt om man inte deltagit. Och den gick inte att undvika heller...» (Adequate/OK)
- Morning session had a very good purpose but was a bit too long, considering the message. Afternoon session was very good!» (Rather good)
- But I did not attend the lecture on how to treat employees as dogs.» (Rather good)
- It is not necessary with sightseeing although probably appreciated by many.» (Rather good)

8. What did you think of the location/place of the department day?*

66 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Rather poor»3 4%
OK»13 20%
Good»34 53%
Very good»13 20%
No opinion/does not matter»3

Genomsnitt: 3.9

- Coffee break was a disaster.» (OK)
- Trevligt att komma iväg en bit men lokalarena var inte så imponerande.» (OK)
- OK but the coffe breaks were not dimensioned for that many people. It feels unnecessary to choose a location outside of town for no special reason.» (OK)
- Very good that it was so easy to get there by regular bus.» (OK)
- nice to see the castle» (Good)
- Jag tycker att maten var jättegod men att det var lite långa köer. Åker gärna dit igen, men de borde tänka på hur man kan korta tiden i köerna. » (Good)
- Bra att det arrangerades bussar från Chalmers och tillbaka.» (Good)
- A bit of a long way out of Göteborg.» (Good)
- Nice place, but it would be even more interesting with a place like Preem raff. or Volvo Torslanda factory (like we had some years ago). It is interesting to see some other "business" in action (which should have some connection with TM"s core business). (See next answer also)» (Good)
- guidningen var verkligen suverän» (Very good)

9. What do you think of the layout/schedule with guest lecturer in the morning, social acitivty and poster session around lunch, workshop with group exercises in the afternoon?*

66 svarande

Poor»1 1%
Rather poor»4 6%
OK»11 16%
Good»33 50%
Very good»16 24%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 3.9

- Guest lecturer - not needed Social activity - ? Poster session - not needed lunch - optional workshop - not needed » (Poor)
- Guest lecturer is ok, but the "dog lady" did not give me much. The "level" was to low. Could have worked for a group of 10 year old school kids... Poster session sucked this time, to crowded in a little space. Better with (rather short, 10-15 min.) graduate student presentations instead (but max 2hrs. in total).» (Rather poor)
- Sometimes there can be an interesting lecture instead of too many workshops.» (OK)
- I think it would be better to limit workshop and guest lecturer only on the afternoon or morning and the other half of the day should be social activity. So increasing the amount of the social activity. » (OK)
- I enjoy presentations by the PhD students more than skimming through posters looking for the answers to the questions. The other parts were good, although I don"t agree completely with the dog trainer. People are not dogs. I think that you can perfectly teach children jumping without a clicker. There was nothing new in her presentation except the use of the clicker, with which I disagree.» (OK)
- see previous comment. Also, visit to bohus fästning was cold even with good clothes... interesting anyhow.» (Good)
- Good layout if the time schedule is followed» (Good)
- the presentation in the morning was not that good. » (Good)
- A good mixture. Very good with activities that activate everyone and generates new cross connections with people you newer meet otherwise. The excersice with Mikael useful.» (Good)
- It was nice with a social activity (guided tour/poster session) in the middle of the day. The schedule was tight.» (Good)
- I like the poster session / quiz format for licentiate thesis presentations.» (Very good)
- The number of posters may be increased.» (Very good)
- Not too much lectures, social activities around lunch when ability to focus decreases. Very good.» (Very good)

10. Was there enough time for social interaction/discussion and to get to know each other?*

66 svarande

Yes»56 88%
No»7 11%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 1.11

- Dock inte på förmiddagen.» (Yes)
- Yes - but there could always be more socializing!!» (Yes)
- speciellt med tanke på middagen» (Yes)
- Får gärna vara mer focus på social interaktion» (Yes)
- This was a good copmpromise» (Yes)
- Hard to do it better. Being part of several active groups is great.» (Yes)
- But there should be even more time...» (Yes)
- It is said that no time for interaction, questions and comments it is given to the audience.» (No)
- Yes, if you talk about work situation. No, if you talk about to get to know know each other, more as a person. The only time for that was during the dinner as we had activities during the coffe breaks.» (No)

Morning session - Inspirational talk on feedback

11. What did you think of the content of the Inspriational talk on feedback?*

66 svarande

Poor»11 18%
Rather poor»9 15%
OK»22 37%
Good»12 20%
Very good»4 6%
Did not attend this presentation»8

Genomsnitt: 2.81

- You cannot absolutely draw such a parallel between dogs and adult students, even if taken in the broadest sense. It would have been in that case more appropriate to take a trainer that trains humans!» (Poor)
- Valet av område upplevde jag som mycket stötande! Att man väljer att plocka in en person som ska föreläsa om feedback/motivering utifrån en behavioristisk lärandesyn är för mig ganska upprörande. Den här typen av kunskapssyn var vanlig i skolvärden fram till 60-talet men forskningen visade att människor är mer komplexa än vanliga djur och att enkla belöningssystem nödvändigtvis inte fungerar så bra. Att vi nu plockar in en föreläsare med en sådan förlegad kunskapssyn (och inte nämna de maktrelationer som detta medför) visar på att Chalmers definitivt behöver satsa mer på pedagogik!» (Poor)
- To be aware of your social surroundings and how your actions affect it is a good thing. To try and force people into a given mindset and behaviour is terrible. What you say and do will not be taken seriously as people can see straight through you when you fake it, or you will just change the meaning of words. There is a whole country where they live for the everything is positive dogma -USA, and in my opinion it is not a healthy thing, especially not when it comes to critical thinking. They seem to have ended up in a "superlative conspiracy" where words have lost their meaning.» (Poor)
- It was not poor because the subject was irrelevant. It was poor because it was a morning session. » (Poor)
- As TM is a research institution, care should be taken in choosing adequate/relevant/correct content for a guest lecture. Even I, with my shallow knowledge in psychology, know that most of the information given during this talk is either outdated or irrelevant for interactions among human beings.» (Poor)
- Nothing was wrong what that lady said, but I think we knew this already (about positive feedback). Very common theme in this kind of events, heard it many times before...» (Poor)
- To long speach for too little content. Also, I have some difficulty seeing her experiences from dog training as relevant for academic education. In a shorter format it would have been suitable as "inspirational".» (Rather poor)
- Det borde gå att hitta en talare bättre meriterad än en hundtränare.» (Rather poor)
- It was in Swedish and I can not use it at all.» (Rather poor)
- Too much dog talk, too little application to our working place. No sum-up of the clicking exercise.» (Rather poor)
- As mentioned before. interesting and important but a bit too long. could probably have fitted two equally long sessions within that time.» (OK)
- but seriously, the clicker exercise, and then not discussing the results. We can"t use clickers on our colleagues!» (OK)
- I think the topic was good, but maybe the level of the selected material was more suitable for a school teacher rather than a university teacher. I believe she could have used her time more sufficiently and conveyed more information rather than repeating a few concepts too many times.» (OK)
- Bra ämnesval som gav upphov till många bra diskussioner. Däremot så var jag inte så förtjust i själva innehållet i föreläsningen.» (OK)
- Kändes inte jätteinspirerande, inte heller så relevant.» (OK)
- Nice to listen to, but not useful. I can tell that she loves dogs, but showing a picture of her dog all the presentation reduces her authority in our context.» (OK)
- We never carried out the group task with the clicking. We had some interesting discussions ongoing during the coffee and preferred no to interrupt them» (Very good)
- Did attend but not understand» (Did not attend this presentation)
- Do not understand Swedish, so I cannot comment.» (Did not attend this presentation)

12. What did you think of the presenter: Ann-Marie Folkesson?*

66 svarande

Poor»4 7%
Rather poor»5 9%
OK»23 41%
Good»16 29%
Very good»7 12%
No opinion»11

Genomsnitt: 3.3

- We got to know how to train dogs and try to transform or language into new language ("nyspråk") as in the 1984 novel by Orwell. What, if any, connections there are to our daily activities I don"t know. Apart from that she lost me at hello with the Candy to the first row thing. Is there a value in itself to be in the first row? In her world it seemed to be unless she was to nervous to reveal the irony in it. Her values seemed to line up pretty well with those in the Swedish Hollywood wives TV show.» (Poor)
- Her performance was not poor. It was very good since i got the feeling that most of the audience was against her. But my opinion of her is poor since she is a presenter. » (Poor)
- Not skilled enough for this type of occasion.» (Rather poor)
- En person som tränar hundar och som saknar psykologisk eller pedagogisk utbildning håller inte måttet. Halva gänget som lyssnade hade kunnat göra det bättre.» (Rather poor)
- english!!» (Rather poor)
- She did what she could. She was the wrong person in teh wrong place.» (OK)
- Tyvärr inte en jättebra föreläsare i dagsläget. Jag upplevde henne som ganska nervös, kanske inte så mycket erfarenhet än eller var vi kanske en ny typ av grupp som hon inte var van att föreläsa inför.» (OK)
- See previous.» (OK)
- It was the contents and message of the lecture, rather than the presenter, that was questionable.» (OK)
- Dedicated, but perhaps her material should have been adjusted a bit more for the listening audience.» (OK)
- She seemed like a nice person.» (OK)
- Jag tycker det var en tänkvärd föreläsning på morgonen om klickning och hur man talar till varandra. Inspirerande.» (Good)
- Som föreläsare var hon bra men jag var inte så förtjust i själva innehållet i föreläsningen.» (Good)
- Based on her ideas and what she was saying. I guess that we don"t follow the same ideology when we are being evaluated as a master student, during master thesis, and later on during PhD. What I want to say is that we should have a kind of evaluating system, like grading, for the master thesis evaluation or even during PhD studies (several periods) that the student understands how good she/he is!» (Good)
- I did not understand, since I do not know Swedish well.» (No opinion)
- Do not understand Swedish, so I cannot comment.» (No opinion)

Lunch session - Ph.D poster presentation and guided tour

13. What do you think of the Poster exhibition?*

66 svarande

Poor»2 3%
Rather poor»2 3%
OK»15 25%
Good»33 55%
Very good»8 13%
No opinion/Did not attend»6

Genomsnitt: 3.71

- Some of the poster were interesting. But i think the poster exhibition was poor since it was a exhibition. » (Poor)
- Se above.» (Poor)
- Ger mig inte speciellt mycket, ganska svårttillgänglig för mig som administratör.» (Rather poor)
- It was hard to really read and stay in the activity as there were a lot of people running around and stressed me. It turn up to be more an competition rather than learning something.» (Rather poor)
- Mostly searched for answers unfortunately.» (OK)
- This year"s session was better as the questions were presented next to the posters, which gave an incentive to actually read the poster.» (Good)
- Lite trångt, hade behövts ett större utrymme.» (Good)
- This is a nice way to activate people. If I get several presentations in a row i will fall asleap, unless I do some e-mailing on my computer at the same time as I listen.» (Good)
- There should have been questions to all the posters.» (Good)
- too croudy (locations were not optimal...)» (Good)
- Presentationer är pedagogisk idioti. Det blir noll interation och man slutar lyssna. Detta var dock jättebra.» (Very good)

14. What did you think of the Quest?*

66 svarande

Poor»3 5%
Rather poor»4 7%
OK»17 31%
Good»25 46%
Very good»5 9%
No opinion/did not attend»12

Genomsnitt: 3.46

- I dont know what you mean by the Quest. But if it is any activity which gives no reward and demands some effort then my opinion is poor. » (Poor)
- Some of the question were just too silly!» (Rather poor)
- It´,s the same as the previous question.» (Rather poor)
- Visst är det en frågetävling..... Vad gör doktoranden vid sidan om? Har de som uppgift att hjälpa oss hitta dom rätta svaren? Om samtliga grupper har alla rätt, då har vi lärt oss vad TM håller på med och kan sprida vidare hur bra vi är. Borde vara doktorandens uppgift att pedagogiskt lära oss vad dom håller på med!» (Rather poor)
- previous answer.» (OK)
- En del frågor gick inte att få svar på genom att läsa posters.» (OK)
- Ganska svår, dock lagom lång» (OK)
- If you refer to the questions related to the poster session, it was ok, but not more. As said, mostly searched for answers.» (OK)
- Good idea to have mixed groups.» (Good)
- Good with quest to inforce reading and discussion. But maybe there are other ways of creating interaction at the posters.» (Good)
- Good amount of questions. Good difficulty level. » (Good)
- It"s a good idea, but I did not submit an answer.» (No opinion/did not attend)

15. Was this a better way to spread knowledge of activities within the department than the traditional lic presentations?*

Not necessarily said that it was the best way - only if you thought it better and more atttractive. Always room for improvement/development!

66 svarande

Yes»39 67%
No»11 18%
Yes with modifications (comment needed)»8 13%
No opinion/did not attend»8

Genomsnitt: 1.46

- Så mycket bättre.» (Yes)
- Blir tråkigt att lyssna på flera presentationer i rad. Nu fanns det mer utrymme för frågor och diskussioner kring varje poster. » (Yes)
- Absolutely!» (Yes)
- Nice to complement with other posters!» (Yes)
- One downside was that I did not get a face to the some of the students that had made the posters.» (Yes)
- Jag föredrar den traditionella presentationen.» (No)
- You mean the "poängpromenad". This acticity is exclusively enoyful for old ladies. But presentations would be even worse. » (No)
- För kortfattad information. För mycket som hände runt omkring.» (No)
- Lättare att ta åt sig infon när de berättar.» (No)
- Better with (short) presentations.» (No)
- Give 5 minutes to every PhD to present their work first.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Maybe each person can have a short presentation for introducing the project and details be left for the poster.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- En kort presentation på typ 2 min vid varje poster» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- I think there could be a mix of traditional lic. presentations and poster session however not during the same occasion.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Skulle uppskatta om doktoranden i korthet berättade om sitt projekt.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- More time to discuss the projects would have been good. Seemed to be more of a race to answer the questions, rather than study/discuss the projects» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- I think both are necessary. Since the whole lic cannot be summarize to one poster.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Maybe a mix of the traditional presentation and the poster exhibition. Suggestion: You go like a track and when you come to a poster the owner of the poster make his/her elevator pitch and after that you have time to ask questions.... Not to stressful and you get the best part from every poster/project.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))

16. What do you think of the guided tour of Bohus Fästning?*

66 svarande

poor»0 0%
rather poor»0 0%
OK»14 23%
good»20 33%
very good»26 43%
No opinion/did not attend»6

Genomsnitt: 4.2

- Pleasant.» (OK)
- Apart from the weather» (OK)
- Not necessary with sightseeing. Enjoyed the nice weather.» (OK)
- Difficult to do something about the weather... but as it was very windy and rainy, the groups were too large for the people not closest to the guide to hear anything.» (OK)
- But it was not relevant to our work.» (good)
- Bra guide! Vädret är inte mycket att göra något åt.» (good)
- Can"t blame the weather on the organizers.» (good)
- Interesting, if you like (military) history. The connection with Lise Meitner was interesting also...» (good)
- Jag uppskattade verkligen visningen på Bohuslän.» (very good)
- Intressant, skönt att få röra på sig och göra något socialt tillsammans.» (very good)
- Guide was excellent. She made the tour very interesting.» (very good)
- Very interesting. Nice to get outside for a while eventhough the weather was bad.» (very good)

Afternoon session - Workshop on scientific publications

17. What do you think of the workshop on scientific publications?*

66 svarande

Poor»2 3%
Rather poor»0 0%
OK»14 21%
Good»31 47%
Very good»18 27%
No opinion/Did not attend»1

Genomsnitt: 3.96

- It forced a discussion that was meaningless since the divisions are to different. The n when your group thought of a couple of meaningless proposals you can only present one of them and then there is no discussion to conclude that these proposals are all stupid/meaningless/irrelevant. » (Poor)
- Om det blir bra beror på uppföljningen och hur det implementeras här på TM» (OK)
- Very goos if it leads to something.» (Good)
- Had some interesting group discussions.» (Good)
- Only attended part of it, however very interesting topic!» (Very good)
- I think a lot of very relevant things surfaced. Especially I think occasions like these is a very good thing to surface the different ways of the groups and professors as they seem to work with very different standards.» (Very good)
- Gav upphov till många bra idéer. Många av oss administratörer/tekniker upplevde det dock svårt att se en direkt koppling till hur vi skulle bidra till att öka antalet publikationer. Kanske kunde vi fått en annan uppgift med närmare koppling som vi enskilt hade kunnat diskutera och redovisa.» (Very good)
- The idea and format very good. But I do not fully agree with the posed issue.» (Very good)

18. What did you think of the facilitator: Michael Christie?*

66 svarande

Poor»2 3%
Rather poor»0 0%
OK»1 1%
Good»26 40%
Very good»35 54%
No opinion/did not attend»2

Genomsnitt: 4.43

- Michael Christie did a good job organising the event but my opinion of him is poor since he was the facilitator. » (Poor)
- inspirerande!» (Very good)
- Are his slides available somewhere?» (Very good)
- A real professional!» (Very good)
- He did a very good job this time.» (Very good)
- Had good control of the overall discussion. Likes to talk =)» (Very good)
- Inspiring, positive person... Perhaps he should have been the guest lecturer instead...» (Very good)

19. Is the topic of increasing journal publications relevant for the TM day?*

66 svarande

Yes»59 96%
No»2 3%
No opinion»5

Genomsnitt: 1.03

- Ja!! Kör det en gång till! Nu har ju vi kommit med input. Ta fram ett förslag på hur detta ska implementeras och låt oss komma till tals en gång till. » (Yes)
- obviously management wants us to publicise more..» (Yes)
- Ja men borde också diskutera varför vi ska se detta som ett egenvärde. Michaels motivering var inte särkillt övertygande i min mening. Mer ifrågasättning.» (Yes)
- Very relevant. In my opinion it is the basic work related things that we do that should be the content of the institution day. It became apparent that the paradigms with regards to publications are very different between the departments and I guess there are more topics like these, for example with regards to teaching.» (Yes)
- Extremely relevant! Maybe not for TA-personnel» (Yes)
- Yes and no. It is certainly relevant for TM, but maybe the TM department day should more focus to bring people together under a social aspect and not always connected to work and increase the output of ideas. Most people do this nearly all of their time at work, then the department day could more become a welcome change to daily business where people are looking forward to. There are certainly also work-shop topics which might fit in this context (e.g. team work, soft skills,..). So maybe not so "serious" workshops, more focused on fun together. I guess this would make the department day more attractive for many people to participate. » (Yes)
- Kändes som att det som kom fram kan resultera i positiva effekter för publicering. Dock inte lika relevant för administration.» (Yes)
- Yes, but we should emphasize visibility / impact rather than number of papers.» (Yes)
- Since we are being asked to increase journal publications. However, we should also question why we should do it.» (Yes)
- I still do not understand why the number of publications should be increased. Should they be increased so that Chalmers gets a better ranking? What is the prize if you win? And if it is glory then this was truly meaningless.» (No)
- I really liked the way that we discussed and the subjects which have been derived after the group discussions but I think that we shouldn"t say "increase" because it gives the quantitative feeling.» (No)

Summary questions

20. What would you like to preserve to next department day?

- Poster format for PhD presentations. Group exercises with mixed participants from different division, on topic of interest to most.»
- Mix of social activities, guest lectures and discussions/workshop adressing mutal topics »
- Having a workshop»
- Poster session / quiz or other competition as it brings the groups to work together.»
- Allt utom klick/klick. Det måste gå att få någon bättre.»
- a good visit to something interesting.»
- posters and quest»
- it was well organized»
- Upplägget på dagen, eller något liknande i alla fall. Grupparbeten»
- Posters instead of presentations»
- Very good to be in groups with new colleagues.»
- Någon aktivitet som bryter av liknande rundturen på Bohus fästning samt sättet att presentera lic. avhandlingar»
- Relevant work related stuff»
- The program had been organized well. »
- Lunch or dinner»
- Ett tema på dagen Externa föreläsare Sociala aktiviteter»
- The overall schedule »
- Poster session»
- lic posters, discussions in small, pre-defined groups, good with the guided tour-keep that but in an other area!»
- grupparbeten»
- poster/questions, group discussion, dinner.»
- Information from TM, workshop but maybe one which is a bit "less serious and purposeful". The aim should be more to bring people together under an aspect which is not necessarily connected to daily work. »
- Blandade grupper är bra för att lära känna varandra över advelningsgränserna, vilket jag anser vara ett av huvudsyftena med dagen. Kul med guidad tur. Middagen ska vara kvar.»
- I liked the diverse program, different sort of activities, in this department day. You had a pretty good plan and organization.»
- The format, and the workshops about "practical" issues.»
- Activation and cross connection between different parts ofd the department.»
- I think that this one was well organized.»
- Poster sessions.»
- good mix of social mingel, scientific presentation, common topics and inspiration lectures!»
- Poster session.»
- Dinner and that the day have some kind of activities.»
- Social activity, dinner, group discussions of thing that can be better»
- Människor från utsidan som håller föredrag och ger oss nya tankar.»
- Inspiring guest lecturer (but another one ,-)). Dinner. Department info.»

21. What would you like to change for next department day?

- More interesting topic for the lecture»
- Det borde ha funnits en buss hem efter arbetsdagen. Den ska inte sluta strax före 20.00.»
- coffee in the morning :-)»
- remove per, or teach to present»
- the wheather»
- Make it worth to attend! Study trip in some company is a very good thing. Change language to English. Take the dinner a bit later. »
- It is quiete late to end at 5pm, better to start ealier»
- I relation till nästa fråga. Att ett par förslag tas fram till teman och sen att en större grupp får rösta efter intresse.»
- No "inspirational" talks or similar unless it is a person that actually carries some respect in academic circles. Maybe some economist or social science person could come and give their views on engineering or teaching. There must be professionals in academic writing at chalmers as there is a course on the subject? Maybe such a person could give a speach about how to write a good paper. »
- Please, consider English as your spoken language.»
- Everything else.»
- Its duration. 8am to 8pm is too long»
- Always much time stress.»
- Nothing in particular, but it is very important that the subject of the group activities feels meaningful»
- Undvik att lägga platsen i ansltning till E6-helvetet med alla jävla köer. En buss hem i tid dvs före middagen.»
- It would be interesting to have the groups split by function, i.e. groups of students and groups of staff. Then the differences (good and bad) in their views, would be clearer. Which would help the Department improve.»
- Follow the schedule more strictly, although it is difficult.»
- Less work related topic of the department day, more social activities. »
- Roligare/intressantare tipspromenad. Lättillgängligare presentationer från doktoranderna.»
- The date. Once a year might be sufficient.»
- The room size was not optimal for this big group, but on the other hand everthing should not be perfect, then it get boaring.»
- I prefer a more technical visit than the fortress. However, I am alright with such as well.»
- The whole day to be held in English.»
- The guest lecture was not good enough»
- better "flow" during poster session»
- Only one department day each year!»
- The poster exhibition and that you have time to tal about other things yhan work during the coffe breaks.»
- I would like to see more committance from head office (Per Lövsund) that the discussions we have and the outcome from it really should be dealt with seriously from the head office. "I promise an evaluation of this within a year" is just poor leadership. Why do we have these improvement discussions if no one deals with them afterwards? Poor feedback»
- Frågetävling till interaktiv diskussion och inlärning.»
- Choice of place. PhD session. »

22. Do you have a suggestion for a theme, problem or topic of interest for the next TM day?

This time the theme was communication and Journal publications chosen a topic. What should the Division of Dynamics do in March?

- * Innovation * How to find interesting and important research questions * How to go from research to products»
- Kör journals en gång till! Nu har ju vi kommit med input. Ta fram ett förslag på hur detta ska implementeras och låt oss komma till tals en gång till. »
- education»
- Chalmers as compared to other European Universities. »
- Jag skulle vilja att vi sneglade lite på de arbetsmetoder som finns i industrin när det gäller att få saker gjorda och att involvera medarbetarna. Exempel: Policy Deployment(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoshin_Kanri)»
- Ex. utbildning med tanke på valet av föreläsare på förmiddagen så borde vi bjuda in en Pedagog, kunskapsteoeretiker el. liknande. Gärna någon som inte har koppling till Chalmers direkt.»
- No»
- Avdelningsöverskridande forskning»
- Teaching. How do we make PhD studies more attractive for Swedish students? Or rather, why don"t they apply for the positions? The thing mentioned about more experiments was very interesting. This highlights another thing in our reaserch: Do we focus on the research question or on the method? Some things might be a lot easier to do with experiments and vice versa or combined. What are the student"s expectancy from their education? Do we know what motivates them? How much does the students actually learn at Chalmers? Are we teaching at an appropriate level considering the students we get? If Thomas Lingefjärd is available maybe he could give a speach about his investigations at Chalmers? I remember he did some investigations about mathematical modelling when I was a student. http://www.idpp.gu.se/kontakt/personal/thomas.lingefjard/ »
- Increasing the number of posters.»
- Did this TM day have a theme!»
- Jämställdhet Stresshantering»
- Hur man utnyttjar och planerar sin arbetstid»
- Karlstens fästning at marstand...»
- increase the efficiency at work»
- Team work maybe and a more funny kind of workshop related to this? See my explanation under question 19.»
- Kultur och värderingar inom TM»
- This is a sort of general suggestion. One good thing that we can do, is to plan a visit to a place, center or an organization which is related to human values and social science because I think that we are too much into industrial issues and it might be interesting to understand and feel about other carriers and activities in a society. For example, what type of challenges a medical doctor, a house painter, a director, musician and so on face to. Thank you very much! :)»
- How to increase visibility / impact of resarch results.»
- Team spirit. Per Lindstedt as an example in his book touches on the immense value of forming a team where 1+1 getfar more than 2, but 1+1 can also become 0,5 in a poor team. This subject also touches on the subject of trust beween colleagues and between management and staff. »
- One theme could be Chalmers" vision. Another theme could be developments in the pedagogical area.»
- Theme: Areas of advance (all areas relevant to TM) How does the areas of advance interact with the organisation. Options for funding? What synergies do the areas of advance provide? etc.»
- Interaction: university vs. industry. What is a university? What are the ethical dangers in too close collaboration?»
- Fördelar med samverkan mellan avdelningar och institutioner. Hur vi skulle kunna uttnytja den kunskap och de resurser vi har på ett bättre sätt. »
- In addition to 20. I would like to visit some interesting "business", with some connection to TM"s core business, and perhaps some fun "team bonding" activities... No suggestion from me yet... :-/»

* obligatoriska frågor

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