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Economics of innovation 2011, IDY035

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-10-19 - 2011-10-28
Antal svar: 56
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: ?%
Kontaktperson: Magnus Holmén»
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Industriell ekonomi 300 hp


1. I am...*

56 svarande

a MEI student from Industrial engineering at Chalmers»41 73%
a MEI student from Chalmers, but not industrial engineering»2 3%
a MEI student from another Swedish university»3 5%
a MEI student from another country»3 5%
an exchange student, not enrolled in the MEI programme»7 12%

Genomsnitt: 1.8

2. I approximately attended

56 svarande

Less than 20% of the lectures»2 3%
20 % of the lectures»1 1%
40 % of the lectures»3 5%
60 % of the lectures»6 10%
80 % of the lectures»27 48%
100 % of the lectures»17 30%

Genomsnitt: 4.89

3. Of the required reading, I approximately read

56 svarande

Nothing»2 3%
5 papers»5 8%
10 papers»16 28%
15 papers»15 26%
20 papers»8 14%
25 papers»3 5%
All»7 12%
Nothing as I focused on student circulated summaries»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 4.05

General questions on the course

4. Overall the course was*

56 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Poor»0 0%
OK»4 7%
Good»40 71%
Very good»12 21%

Genomsnitt: 4.14 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

5. How much did you learn from the course?*

56 svarande

Nothing at all»0 0%
A little»1 1%
Medium amount»7 12%
Much»29 51%
Very much»19 33%

Genomsnitt: 4.17 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

6. The pace of the course was*

56 svarande

Too slow»0 0%
Slow»3 5%
Neither slow nor fast»15 26%
Fast»29 51%
Too fast»9 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.78

7. How difficult did you perceive the course to be?*

56 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»6 10%
Quite difficult»17 30%
Difficult»26 46%
Very difficult»7 12%

Genomsnitt: 3.6

8. The lecturers were*

56 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Poor»2 3%
OK»16 28%
Good»30 53%
Very good»8 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.78 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- It was often hard to understand where you were heading with examples and explanations» (OK)
- Should include more about how to apply theories and relating them, than just dropping defintions and concepts on us. Definitions and concepts should be learned by reading in my opinion.» (OK)
- Hard to grasp the structure and content of the lectures in relationship to the major concepts for the course. Looking back - the lectures are useful and I would get more out of the lecture after taking the final exam as it gave some sort of context and directon in what to focus on but while attending the lectures it was hard to follow and digest the key concepts. Partly because I did not have enough time with 2 projects and the required reading from the other course to adequately prepare. Basically the balance between the two courses is too uneven. I would of liked of read more for this exam in order to better understand the lectures instead trying to learn everything a few weeks before the course eneded and miss out on understand more from the lectures» (OK)
- Jan kurs tog väldigt mycket tid vilket tyvärr gjorde att denna kursen blev lidande.» (OK)
- Föreläsningarna (och i efterhand slidsen) är svåra att följa med i. Eftersom att det är mycket koncept i kursen så är det mycket hoppande fram och tillbaka. Det är svårt att koppla vad författaren sagt genom att titta på slidesen, jag tycker det borde framgå tydligare för att förenkla inlärningen.» (OK)
- They all start good, but pretty soon somehow "spin out of control" (maybe exaggerating a bit now, but anyway). You find yourself thinking: "And HOW was this related to the theme of this lecture again???". More clarification of WHY we are talking about the things we"re talking about is needed, and the connection between brought up examples and the topic of the lecture. When a lecture is like 50+ slides long, it"s useful to have summaries every now and then to give people an opportunity to breathe, take in what we have talked about, and tell people where we are going from here.» (OK)
- Sometimes hard to follow the reasoning » (OK)
- In order to make the pace better it is good to talk to Jan Wickenberg and create a schedule that gives the time to read during the whole course.» (Good)
- It feels like Magnus likes what he does, that is very good» (Good)
- He used some words very often, such as: "whatever else have you", "bloody", "ain"t", "folks", "and so forth" and "all that jazz". This decreases his performance to some extent.» (Good)
- As it is many levels of analysis it may be useful to state which level is discussed and relationships between the levels of analysis, for the different topics, as there is much to keep in mind as it is!» (Good)
- It feels like it"s a very wide course and it doesn"t go so deep into the different parts so sometimes it"s difficult to understand. At the same time it"s a very instructive course.» (Good)
- A lot of information, sometime overloaded with many different terms, Got lost in which and how related to one antoher» (Good)
- Very informative and fun.» (Very good)
- Course material was presented in an interesting way» (Very good)
- pedagogic and inspiring» (Very good)
- Too much readings, and especially conserning all the mandatory readings and hand ins in the other course Managing development projcets. I suggest there to be a planning meeting between Magnus and Jan Wickenberg before the courses start next week where they discuss what readings and mandatory moments they have planned individually, and to adapt and make up a plan together cutting of some of the literature that are least relevant. There was just tooo much, and Jan totally steamrolled us with all his mandatory hand ins every week so we coulnd take time to read the papers for this course. Better coordination between the two of you for next year please! Feels unrealistic that we students that study far more hours a week than a McKinsey consultant when doing just 10 of the papers and no book readings, are supposed to read another 27 papers and two brickstone books on top of that.. it would almost not have been realistic even if the course was 15hps! By the way, is that something you have considered? Making the course 15hps and just cut the MDP course out of the MEI programme (it was not on a master level, but very fundamental knowledge that we already had from other I-courses in projecteering and organisational psychology). Maybe something you should consider and put the MDP source as the opening course of the Bachelour programme instead (I mean isn"t it just silly that we who have done nothing but studied management/project management for three years should open the MEI programme with one such course??! Seems ridiculous to me, especially since it took all our focus from the EoI course which are much more fundamental for the MEI programme and on a higher (master) level.. » (Very good)

9. How much did you learn from


- Sadly I learned more from the exam than anything other in the course, I think it is a result of my poor reading...»
- I was first when writing the home exam that I understood the course.»
- I would have learnt more on project 2 if I had read more.»
- i did not do the exam since i hadn"t had time to read the course material.»
- I did not do the exam because I did not have the time to read the litterature. Felt that maybe it would be better to give it a try in january.»
- Hard to hand in slides for an exam, don"t know how it will be graded. »
- Good with home exam! Keep it! »

Project 1?
56 svarande

Nothing at all»1 1%
A little»29 51%
Medium amount»16 28%
Much»10 17%
Very much»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.62

Project 2?
56 svarande

Nothing at all»0 0%
A little»5 8%
Medium amount»19 33%
Much»29 51%
Very much»3 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.53

Take home exam question 1?
55 svarande

Nothing at all»1 1%
A little»1 1%
Medium amount»7 12%
Much»21 38%
Very much»25 45%

Genomsnitt: 4.23

Take home exam question 2?
55 svarande

Nothing at all»1 1%
A little»0 0%
Medium amount»6 10%
Much»22 40%
Very much»26 47%

Genomsnitt: 4.3

Take home exam question 3?
54 svarande

Nothing at all»2 3%
A little»4 7%
Medium amount»15 27%
Much»21 38%
Very much»12 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.68

10. How difficult was


- Question 3 would have been harder if I had not already answered Q1 & Q2»
- Project 2 was difficult since I had not read enough articles. Exam question 3 was difficult and good since the essence of the authors needed to be expressed. »
- Project 1: kostnad av göra > lärande»
- On the exam: much to read, much to write and broad questions. difficult to keep 3-4 papers in mind during the analysis.»
- Project 2 required a lot of effort from me because my other two group members somehow failed to understand the task that was given to us. I tried to motivate them by giving explanations but due to the high pressure from the other course (Developing project...) I just did not have the time to make them really understand the problem.»
- Good but since I had not read everything in advance it was very difficult.»
- Well, acctually it is hard to say how difficult the questions were since it is totally related to how much you have read. I mean, if you had read everything all questions would have been very easy, but now since I hadn"t read much they were hard due to all readings I had to do in last minute to be able to answer them.. »

Project 1?
55 svarande

Not difficult at all»15 27%
Slightly difficult»28 50%
Quite difficult»7 12%
Difficult»4 7%
Very difficult»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.05

Project 2?
55 svarande

Not difficult at all»4 7%
Slightly difficult»12 21%
Quite difficult»21 38%
Difficult»16 29%
Very difficult»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 3

Take home exam question 1?
53 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»0 0%
Quite difficult»4 7%
Difficult»26 49%
Very difficult»23 43%

Genomsnitt: 4.35

Take home exam question 2?
53 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»1 1%
Quite difficult»6 11%
Difficult»29 54%
Very difficult»17 32%

Genomsnitt: 4.16

Take home exam question 3?
53 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»4 7%
Quite difficult»13 24%
Difficult»28 52%
Very difficult»8 15%

Genomsnitt: 3.75

11. Too little attention was paid to?

- Brand new innovations»
- economic perspective point of view»
- Relating theories together»
- relating the lectures to the text book and literature. not enough time was given to be able to fully understand or prepare for the lectures. »
- Good balance»
- The articles.»
- The papers that were read to specifically relate them more»
- Relating the articles with other concept in the course. By looking at the slides this is not easy.»
- Really explaining the connection between the concepts»
- why the consumer consume»
- I have no direct comment »
- The reading material. Since the workload of the oter course was high, people including myself didn"t read the articles. Maybe a seminar for the 5 most central articles could have helped»
- No comments»
- The different levels and relations between them! The lectures did not fit together as good as they could have.»
- How to produce a "slide report". It was difficult to understand how specific one needed to be. »
- discussing the papers»
- Making sure the students understood the lectures. Just asking them is not enough, since many are shy. »
- Jan Wickenberg and his MDP course. (Make sure to coordinate with him next year regarding the readings/preparations/hand ins) A very good course! Among the best so far on the I-programme..»
- The final parts of the course where all the concepts were to be connected to each other»
- drive forces of markets»

12. Too much attention was paid to?

- Written comments from students on project 2»
- Doom!! Mining industry!!»
- nothing»
- Projekt 1»
- Defining concepts»
- Signals and signaling, »
- Good Balance»
- The other course.»
- Making us read long and difficult papers. Surely there are easier ways to make us learn the contents of them.»
- Nothing to comment on here»
- signaling - not that important in this couse din my opinion.»
- Too wide scope, but I guess that due to the nature of the course»
- I have no direct comment»
- Project 2»
- Customers & signaling»
- No comments»
- Signaling»
- project 1 and 2, presentation is always good but i didnt find the projects super thrilling»
- Computer games related examples»
- ...»
- Signaling. A fairly easy to understand concept. More time could be spent on other concepts or the connection between concepts.»

13. What other recommendations would you make for the future?

- Add a project were students pick a paper to write a review about. This might prepare students little more for the final exam.»
- only one project, because two projects takes a lot of time which is neccesary for prepation on the exam»
- Better balance with the other course.»
- require reading before some of the lectures - find a better balance between the courses»
- Försök synka med Jans kurs så att den allmänna arbetsbelastningen över läsperioden blir så hög. Veckoläsningarna bör blir mer fördelat gällande inlämningar så att liknande fokus kan läggas på båda kurserna. »
- Maybe to split the course points once more so that the home exam is 60 points or something and add a new project or increase the workload of the existing ones, just to spread the work load.»
- Keep the exam, but balance the workload with jaan.»
- Cooperate between the courses so that attention is given to both courses. Have one or two manatory articles each week that people do summaries on.»
- Making us read long and difficult papers. Surely there are easier ways to make us learn the contents of them.»
- kanske att Herr Holmén bör vara lite mer ödmjuk till andra (mainstreem neoclassical) ekonomer och deras teorier - även om de andra har fel :) - det ger ett ökat förtroende om professorn är objektiv istället för väldigt partiskt ,)»
- More discussions. Small group, seminar and so on.»
- Little bit less articles too read=)»
- Talk to Jan about the amount of work. Maybe mandatory hand ins of summarys of articles so that people are forced to read them? Might also be a bad idea.»
- Make reading the mandatory in some way»
- The problem is that this course in combination with Wickenberg"s course has very very much reading. If we"re meant to read everything, total number of papers need to be cut down. Also there should be either no hand-ins on articles in either course, or on both courses. As it was now, I read only Project Management papers because there was a hand in on those. If both courses are to have hand-ins, total number of paper MUST be reduced.»
- på föreläsningarna, spinn gärna vidare utanför de exemplen som står i artiklarna (dem kan vi läsa själva..) »
- That the managing project development course could be toned down so you can have time to study to this one to»
- More up-to-date material during lectures»
- It would have been interesting with some more connections to the word outside the academia. E.g. cases»
- Since the other course(Managing Dev. Proj.) had hand-ins I focused on reading those papers. I would have gained more from reading both/ to have out equal effort on reading papers in both courses.»
- Add more compulsory hand ins for the course articles.»
- maybe choose some of the best papers and have them mandatory to read and some discussion about them.»
- Don"t have that many articles. It just makes the studen"t skipping reading them, making it worse than if you had fewer. Try to syncronize this course with the "managing development projects", to make the reading burden more easy to handle.»
- Mandatory hand-ins of a summary of the articles each week BUT cut down on the amount of readings»
- Hand-in on papers, not on all, but for those that are an "overview" of the different key concepts of the course, it would help the future students.»
- See above about coordinating with Jan.. Since you sit on the same flour a ten minute-meeting between the two of you next year wouldn"t be too much to ask about I think..»
- The reading was good but in my case it was just to much to take in efficiently. The amount made me understand the full amount less since I didn´,t manage to keep up with the reading and instead rushed through it.»
- A biref explanantion of links between the many concepts»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 4.03

Specific questions on the course

14. I learnt


- Hard question! Can anybody fully agree to those?»

what economic progress means
56 svarande

I fully agree»17 30%
I agree»34 60%
I agree some, but not much»4 7%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.8

to characterise different types of innovation
56 svarande

I fully agree»33 58%
I agree»19 33%
I agree some, but not much»2 3%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.53

to analyse and characterise competition
56 svarande

I fully agree»14 25%
I agree»37 66%
I agree some, but not much»3 5%
I disagree»2 3%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.87

to analyse and characterise restless capitalism
56 svarande

I fully agree»6 10%
I agree»25 44%
I agree some, but not much»21 37%
I disagree»4 7%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.41

to relate different levels in the economy
56 svarande

I fully agree»8 14%
I agree»29 51%
I agree some, but not much»16 28%
I disagree»2 3%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.26

15. I really think it is correct when the examiner claim that this course provides a backbone for the entire innovation area (i.e. the MEI programme)

56 svarande

I fully agree»15 30%
I agree»32 64%
I agree some, but not much»1 2%
I disagree»2 4%
I totally disagree»0 0%
I have no idea»6

Genomsnitt: 1.8

- During the first lecture of the next course (technological transformation, Sandströms) I recognised and had use of a lot of the concepts from this course. It seems to conitnue to build upon the EoI course. » (I fully agree)
- not easy to say without knowing exactly what"s still to come» (I agree)
- If there was enough time to adequetly prepare for the course then maybe but also when there is too much information thrown at you can get a bit overwhelmed and learn nothing. » (I agree some, but not much)

16. There was too little emphasis on


- Examples makes it easier to understand.»
- good mix, only have 8 weeks»
- Jag tycker att det var en avvägning. Om det skulle varit mer av ngt är det av ekonomin sedan jag antar att det andra kommer i övriga kurser..»
- I didn"t think about it on the lectures, maybe it needs to be highlighted a bit more because i forgot that we were soupposed to diffrentiate it during the course. »
- Yeah, that might be true since I"m not able to tell much about it now. Probably because there was no question on the exam on it. Students tend to learn best the things they have written on the exam when it is home exams.»

The level of the economy in the course
54 svarande

I fully agree»0 0%
I agree»6 11%
I agree some, but not much»20 37%
I disagree»27 50%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

The firm and the industry levels in the course
54 svarande

I fully agree»0 0%
I agree»2 3%
I agree some, but not much»18 33%
I disagree»32 59%
I totally disagree»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

17. It is much better that the course introduces the entire MEI area than just sticks to one issue

54 svarande

I fully agree»12 22%
I agree»20 37%
I agree some, but not much»20 37%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.24

- I dont know. What would the alternative look like? But I feel the course is very relevant as it is now.» (?)
- But it was too much on all the areas.» (I agree)
- Difficult course but it is good to get an overview of the programme» (I agree)
- The course was really interesting but a little bit too wide, maybe I will appreciate this introduction to a larger extent during later courses » (I agree some, but not much)
- Good with a introduction, but difficult to have a exam on such a wide subject» (I agree some, but not much)
- It"s hard to grasp the whoole content of the course when it"s suppose to cover everything. » (I agree some, but not much)
- It´,s good with the overall but with too much content it can make it hard to grasp the essence of each.» (I agree some, but not much)
- This leads to repetition in following courses» (I agree some, but not much)

18. I wish I had started to read and study much earlier

56 svarande

I fully agree»25 44%
I agree»12 21%
I agree some, but not much»9 16%
I disagree»8 14%
I totally disagree»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.1

- Introduce some small mandatory part in the reading, perhaps make us write some short reflections on a few of the articles.» (I fully agree)
- Balance the workload with jaan.» (I fully agree)
- But was it possible to do?» (I fully agree)
- See question 13.» (I fully agree)
- Where to little time because of the other course» (I fully agree)
- I fully agree I fully agree I fully agree !!» (I fully agree)
- But the other course took a lot of time in the beginning and it also had a lot of mandatory assignments. » (I fully agree)
- There was just no time left for reading... I am not sure weather the course page was up long befor the start of the semester. All though it think it wasn"t. What I do know is that I wanted to start reading earlier (early august) but could not do it due to some problems. Maybe the page was not up to date at that time or maybe it was up to date but i could not access the files because of all the problems caused by the new student portal. » (I fully agree)
- I wish i had started earlier but at the same time there hasn"t been any time for it. I"ve studied from week one but because of all the deadlines in the other class and the projects there was no time to read the articles.» (I fully agree)
- Why oh why are we not given a reading list 1 month before the quarter starts? Get us to read three books before we start the quarter (EoI book, CNB book, TCIT book).» (I fully agree)
- With mandatory readings every week in the parallel course it was hard to motivate as much reading in this course.» (I fully agree)
- Samtidigt så ser jag inte hur jag skulle kunnat börja tidigare då den andra kursen upptog så pass mycket tid som den gjorde. Vilja fanns att läsa, dock inte tiden.» (I agree)
- But there was to much mandatory things in the other course that needed attention and this took focus from EoI.» (I agree)
- This wasn"t possible though, as there was no time! The mdp course had mandatory hand-ins all the time.» (I agree)
- but then i would of failed the other course. there only so many hours in the day when you are working on projects as well. » (I agree some, but not much)
- I actually did study from the start, but a little more had not hurt» (I agree some, but not much)
- i wish there were more hours in a day to do this...» (I agree some, but not much)
- Even if I started early, their was no time for me to be able to finish in time. I have never studied this much before and I am used to study much. I did approximatly study around 70 h per week, which is undurable if you have other assignments along with studying.» (I agree some, but not much)
- I started early but the MDP-course got in the way so to speak...» (I disagree)
- impossible with the pace of the other course» (I disagree)
- The reading didn"t feel that necessary, especially since you don"t know what texts are relevant for the exam. (Perhaps the question shouldn"t be asked in relative terms). I probably should"ve just attended all the lectures.» (I disagree)
- jag lyssnade på dig.» (I disagree)
- Doesn"t matter if you start read early. Probably much more effective to read the most important articles closer to the exam» (I totally disagree)
- I started instantly but still had no chance to manage it. it was an unrealistic overload of readings. that""s just the case. » (I totally disagree)

Specific questions on the course material

19. How much did you learn from


- Did not like the books too much but found the slide handouts very helpful.»
- One suggestion for the slides is to always include references on where e.g. specific models and concepts are taken from.»
- Didn"t read much in Beinhocker, it was just to much!»
- Much of the information in the slide (which I found useful and relevant for the exam questions) was not addressed in specific in the lecture articles. Implying that I was limited by the course articles in my answers, not able to show a deeper understanding when answering some of the exam questions.»
- Would like to have read The Origin of Wealth cover to cover but never had a chance. Will read it in full over the holidays. »
- Swann - gives a good overview Beinhocker - Read a few chapters, interesting but not very important Slides - Could be better, ex relating articles with course concepts»
- Did not read much in Swann and Beinhocker unfortunately!»
- Hand outs are a bit to unstructured. It is clear THAT we have discussed a certain topic (e.g. division of labour, goods of different order etc.), but not WHAT was said.»
- I learned most from the articles that were relevant for the exam.»
- Jag läste artiklar.»
- Beinhocker was good in the sense that it provided a background and a context. However, it gave few concepts that could be applied»
- Beinhocker was interesting to read.»
- Like i said.. did not read the litterature that much. However, the things that I did read in the swann book was very similar to the stuff that the projects and lectures were about. that was good because it helped a lot with the understanding of the projects and other things.»
- Didn"t even buy the books, because just looking at the reading list of papers I realised that I wouldn"t have time reading them anyway.. and the papers seemed of more priority, which I still belive is true now after the exam. »

the course book Economics of innovation by Swann?
56 svarande

Nothing at all»2 3%
A little»14 25%
Medium amount»18 32%
Much»18 32%
Very much»4 7%

Genomsnitt: 3.14

the course book The Origin of wealth by Beinhocker
54 svarande

Nothing at all»7 12%
A little»10 18%
Medium amount»16 29%
Much»15 27%
Very much»6 11%

Genomsnitt: 3.05

the slide handouts?
54 svarande

Nothing at all»0 0%
A little»9 16%
Medium amount»14 25%
Much»25 46%
Very much»6 11%

Genomsnitt: 3.51

20. How difficult was


- Did not read the Beinhocker book»
- Swann index is awful. »
- You often have to have been on the lectures to understand the slides, which is fair.»
- Slides were very good at the lectures, but harder to understand if read afterwards»
- After reading Moran and Ghoshal (1999), Beinhocker is like rain in the desert. »
- Don"t no about the books since I didnt buy them»

the course book Economics of innovation by Swann?
55 svarande

Not difficult at all»23 41%
Slightly difficult»29 52%
Quite difficult»1 1%
Difficult»1 1%
Very difficult»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 1.69

the course book The Origin of wealth by Beinhocker
51 svarande

Not difficult at all»20 39%
Slightly difficult»23 45%
Quite difficult»8 15%
Difficult»0 0%
Very difficult»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.76

the slide handouts?
53 svarande

Not difficult at all»7 13%
Slightly difficult»27 50%
Quite difficult»16 30%
Difficult»3 5%
Very difficult»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.28

21. Some parts of the literature were very easy while other parts of the literature were very hard

56 svarande

I fully agree»41 73%
I agree»10 17%
I agree some, but not much»4 7%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.37

- Some articles are very difficult while most of the other information is relatively easy, but slightly too extensive. » (I fully agree)
- some articles were a nightmare» (I fully agree)
- the classification paper was a good insight» (I fully agree)
- Magnus reading directions helped much, the course PM was also good with the list of pre-readings» (I fully agree)
- ...if the articles are included.» (I fully agree)
- I think a better tip for the students in the beginning is not to speed read Moran & Ghoshal but instead take the time it takes to really read it properly through so they understand it after the first read. It will be something to value during the end of the course. When it comes to the fundamental papers speed reading is wrong technique to get an understanding. The easier one of less prio can go with speed reading but not the though ones. Tell the students that next year and you"ll do them a favour! » (I fully agree)
- The articles were the most difficult.» (I agree)
- There were only a few articles that were easy, the rest were hard. » (I disagree)

22. I found it hard to read the papers, since they were written in a very advanced English

56 svarande

I fully agree»8 14%
I agree»14 25%
I agree some, but not much»23 41%
I disagree»10 17%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.67

- They were very long and it took a lot of time to understand what they were focusing on, most of the papers could be shorter and have the same information.» (I fully agree)
- Only applies to the advanced papers, not the others.» (I fully agree)
- Some papers at least...» (I fully agree)
- I did read the moran and goshan...boy o boy..That was the first and only article that i read...heavy stuff...» (I fully agree)
- some were hard, others very easy, good mix but too many. kill your darlings!!» (I fully agree)
- at least some of them» (I agree)
- The difficult papers were hard but medium and easy were quite nice level» (I agree some, but not much)
- Beinhocker was easy and good.» (I agree some, but not much)
- The were hard to read since the topics was new and there were so many of them» (I agree some, but not much)
- First time I read Moran and Ghoshal (1999) it was extremely hard to understand. However, as I read it again later it was much easier to understand. It is not that the English is difficult but more that the concepts in the writing must be understood in order to relate them to what they actually mean. This is much more easily done in the end of the course.» (I agree some, but not much)
- difficulties relate more to the abstract content (some)» (I disagree)
- I don´,t believe it was the language that made the papers difficult to read, it might have been a part of it but some of them just required re-reads and especially time in order to fully grasp the content, which was in sparse supply in this course.» (I disagree)
- Native english speaker» (I totally disagree)

23. The lectures helped me to understand the articles

54 svarande

I fully agree»5 9%
I agree»17 31%
I agree some, but not much»27 50%
I disagree»5 9%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.59

- don"t know since i didn"t read them in connection to eachother.» (?)
- the lectures yes, but also the the slides was a usefull tool for that! » (I fully agree)
- Should start each lecture by talking about the articles, did it in some lectures and it helped a lot - repetition and to get some others view on what the say helps the learning process» (I agree)
- Would have liked even more citations to articles in the slides.» (I agree)
- If I had read before - then they would have helped.» (I agree some, but not much)
- too much time passed between the articles and the course» (I disagree)
- Unfortunatelly, I had not read the articles in beforehand, therefore there was not much to understand.» (I disagree)
- I would have liked if you explained the articles a bit more during class. There were a few articles that you refered to a lot in class but there were also many that wasn"t mentioned. Once the exam started i didn"t know if i"d really fully understood the articles i read or if i"d misinterpreted what they were trying to say. » (I disagree)

24. The articles helped me to understand the lectures

53 svarande

I fully agree»3 5%
I agree»17 32%
I agree some, but not much»22 41%
I disagree»9 16%
I totally disagree»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.81

- same answer as Q.23» (?)
- at those few occasions when I had had time to do the prereadings. » (I fully agree)
- Iterative process :)» (I agree)
- Sometimes, sometimes not. update reading list in the course pm» (I agree)
- In the instances that I had read ahead, yes.» (I agree)
- In hindsight I see how they could of complimenment the lectures but unforuntatley even though I wanted to read them before there was no time for it» (I disagree)
- Often I did not have time to read the articles in any depth before lectures. And when I did they did not help that much» (I disagree)
- Did not read them prior to lectures!» (I totally disagree)
- but they probably would have if I had read them» (I totally disagree)

25. I did not read in advance to the lectures

56 svarande

I fully agree»19 33%
I agree»17 30%
I agree some, but not much»17 30%
I disagree»3 5%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.07

- Where no time.» (I fully agree)
- not enough time» (I fully agree)
- There was no time to read in advance.. the "project management" course just kept pumping papers that we were obligated to read and write summary on....» (I fully agree)
- Sometimes I was not prepared before class.» (I agree)
- The first week I did but then there was to much other deadlines and projects to focus on» (I agree)
- I wanted to but there was not time. » (I agree)
- I wanted! But time was not enough (To be explained further on)» (I agree)
- Read most articles in advance but not in-depth (which is required for the more advanced ones!)» (I agree some, but not much)
- I read in the start of the semester and towards the end. Usually i tried to read at least introduction and conclusions before class. » (I agree some, but not much)
- Whenever I had time I did the readings, but had to focus on obligatory hand-ins in the MDP course. » (I agree some, but not much)

Specific questions on lectures

26. There should have been more emphasis on in-class exercises

55 svarande

I fully agree»6 10%
I agree»8 14%
I agree some, but not much»15 27%
I disagree»21 38%
I totally disagree»5 9%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

- Learn while discussing. » (I agree)
- some really good in class exerices » (I agree some, but not much)
- svårt att göra det bra.. det blir lätt tafatt. jag tycker undervisning är bra. du håller dessutom bra tempo så det är inga konstigheter» (I disagree)
- No need to change the course exemp chopping down the reading list» (I totally disagree)

27. I really think there should be only a few slides during each lecture

56 svarande

I fully agree»0 0%
I agree»10 17%
I agree some, but not much»18 32%
I disagree»22 39%
I totally disagree»6 10%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

- Some of the lectures did have too many slides.» (I agree)
- easier to know how to focus» (I agree)
- You could provide all the slides before lecture. Now we got approx. 40 slides and the lecture where 70 slides. It makes it hard to follow.» (I agree)
- Fewer slides, but more structured.» (I agree some, but not much)
- Not a few, but maybe not 90» (I agree some, but not much)
- Yes, there was some "slide-overload"» (I agree some, but not much)
- i think the number of slides should be such that all of them can be covered in class rather than skipping them» (I agree some, but not much)
- I don"t have any problems with the number of slides» (I disagree)
- slides är bra att ha i efterhand!» (I totally disagree)
- No need to change the course exemp chopping down the reading list» (I totally disagree)

28. I found it very useful to look at the slides after the lectures

54 svarande

I fully agree»10 18%
I agree»22 40%
I agree some, but not much»16 29%
I disagree»5 9%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.35

- har inte gjort dem.» (?)
- Very good slides!» (I fully agree)
- It was helpful before the exam to revisit the slides, they helped. » (I agree some, but not much)
- In some places a clear definition is needed of the topic spoken about. » (I agree some, but not much)
- I just didn"t do this » (I totally disagree)

Specific questions on examination

29. I really learnt a lot during the take home exam

53 svarande

I fully agree»29 54%
I agree»19 35%
I agree some, but not much»4 7%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.56

- i didn"t do it» (?)
- I did not do the exam unfortunatelly.. Next time!» (?)
- Really help to force you to understand the relationship of concepts » (I fully agree)
- but i didn"t like it» (I fully agree)
- From a learning perspective, the exam was awesome» (I fully agree)
- The home exam was though but I learnt much and for the first time in the course we really applied the different concepts» (I fully agree)
- then i had finally time to read and relate the papers/concepts » (I fully agree)
- I can see why previous students like the exam afterwords. » (I agree)
- hade rätt bra koll innan. det som var svårt med tentan var kreativiteten i att sätta ihop frameworks.. det tog mycket tid att fundera ut. » (I agree some, but not much)

30. The take home exam was very difficult

54 svarande

I totally disagree»6 11%
I disagree»2 3%
I agree some, but not much»12 22%
I agree»20 37%
I fully agree»14 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

- I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to answer question one in the home. It is rather unclear if you want us to answer with concepts that contribute to emergence of market or explicitly how market emerge. Therefore, please try to be specific in the questions and maybe even refer to which concepts that you want us to include.» (I totally disagree)
- depend on the level of prereadings managed. for me it was hard since I hadn"t had any time reading before the exam week.» (I totally disagree)
- It took a considerable amount of time to do the exam.» (I agree)
- It looked difficult» (I agree)
- It took way too much time to write the exam, two questions (50-60 points) would have been enough to torture us.» (I fully agree)
- I was about to give up many many times.. » (I fully agree)

31. The take home exam really reflects the learning objectives

54 svarande

I fully agree»8 14%
I agree»33 61%
I agree some, but not much»5 9%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»0 0%
I have no idea what the learning objectives are»7 12%

Genomsnitt: 2.5

- good questions!» (I fully agree)
- I think the questions were a bit fuzzy and also not very exciting. a lot of framework writing and then some guessing/story writing, and the slides part was a bit random» (I agree some, but not much)
- Very in-depth questions.» (I agree some, but not much)

32. The comments on our/my Project 1 presentation was very helpful

56 svarande

I fully agree»15 26%
I agree»28 50%
I agree some, but not much»12 21%
I disagree»1 1%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.98

- It was great to get feedback on your presentation skills. » (I fully agree)
- I belief the critic improved my presentation skills.» (I fully agree)
- Good with feedback of the presentation» (I fully agree)
- I liked the comments because they were given in a very good and professional manner.. HOWEVER... I felt that it was difficult to try to take this information in and too improve for the next time (the presentation in project 2)... This because we had so much stuff to do. So what happened was that I did a much poorer presentation during project 2 then I did during project 1... Quiality suffered A LOT! And also, because the presentation of project two was not in any kind of way graded it did not get a high priority. » (I fully agree)
- good with presentation opportunities» (I fully agree)
- The feedback was good to receive and its hard to get feedback so to stress that its just the way it is presented and not the content is important» (I agree)
- It was very good to get feedback on the actual performance of the presentation since I think that it will be very useful in the future. » (I agree)
- Not content wise, but how to present.» (I agree)
- I like the fact to get comments, but I didn"t believe they were very helpful» (I agree some, but not much)

33. The opposition by another group on our Project 2 assignment was very helpful

55 svarande

I fully agree»1 1%
I agree»22 40%
I agree some, but not much»23 41%
I disagree»7 12%
I totally disagree»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.76

- It was good to get feedback from fellow students.» (I agree)
- Not near as much as Magnus comments!» (I agree some, but not much)
- We already knew that we were not done and that we needed to spend more time on it.» (I agree some, but not much)
- Inspiration from other groups more important.» (I agree some, but not much)
- due to heavy workloads for everyone, i think noone out high prio in giving good feedback.» (I agree some, but not much)

34. The comments from the chair(s) on our Project 2 presentation were very useful

55 svarande

I fully agree»6 10%
I agree»21 38%
I agree some, but not much»18 32%
I disagree»6 10%
I totally disagree»4 7%

Genomsnitt: 2.65

- Both their comments and inspiration from their presentations were very useful.» (I fully agree)
- However...The two main people that were responsible for the presentation of project II were very unprofessional and rude.» (I fully agree)
- I was not able to understand the handwriting when reading the comments.» (I agree)
- would help if we could read what you wrote afterwords » (I agree)
- The little guy in the blue knitted shirt displayed a high level of ignorance. Not only did he state openly that he didn"t really know what he was doing there as he was no longer employed, but he also seemed to be sleeping through some of the presentations. Overall, he was very arrogant.» (I agree some, but not much)
- Hard to read Magnus comments :)» (I agree some, but not much)
- One of the "chairs" looked bored and was distracting during the presentation. It was very unprofessional.» (I agree some, but not much)
- ouups, forgot to use them but good idea.» (I agree some, but not much)
- The feedback from the opposition group was good but the supervisers was really bad. I had my presetation in the seminarie hallway and they were very rude. » (I disagree)
- they we"re bad, focusing on details and irrelevant stuff» (I totally disagree)
- We had our presentations in the seminar rooms with another supervisor. He didn"t seem very interested at all while people were presenting which i thought was very disrespectful. I think all groups should have the opportunity to get feedback from the teacher grading the project. » (I totally disagree)
- Condescending comments. Laughs and unprofessional behavior. (Can"t remember his name though)» (I totally disagree)

35. I found it very useful to comment on others project through the handed-out evaluation form

56 svarande

I fully agree»5 8%
I agree»24 42%
I agree some, but not much»19 33%
I disagree»7 12%
I totally disagree»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.55

- Helped to reflect on our own project critically» (I agree)
- Mostly due to the fact that I listened more intense myself, not so much for the actually content I worte down» (I agree)
- It was to many questions to answer, one couldnt focus.» (I agree some, but not much)
- I thought it was difficult to comment on slides since we"ve never done it before and it was difficult to understand the other groups thoughts. » (I disagree)
- I was stressed out because of my own presentation so i had a hard time focusing on giving feedback.» (I disagree)
- hard to concentrate and write simultaneusly, esp since every presentations outline-order was different. » (I totally disagree)

36. I found it very useful to get feedback from the evaluation form on our Project 2 presentation from the entire audience

54 svarande

I totally agree»5 9%
I agree»17 31%
I agree some, but not much»23 42%
I disagree»6 11%
I totally disagree»3 5%

Genomsnitt: 2.72

- the quality of these were not overly great. only received feedback from a fraction of attendees. perhaps because we were the last group presenting.» (I agree some, but not much)
- It didn"t give that much. It distracted me more from really paying attention on what was being presented and instead i just tried to figure out what to write. Maybe just focusing it more on only the presentation performance.» (I agree some, but not much)
- good idea but forgot to use it» (I agree some, but not much)
- Got no feedback from them» (I disagree)
- They didn"t listen.» (I disagree)
- To much questions to focus on. Did not have the time to both listen to the ones presenting and simulatenously figure out how well different parts were covered.» (I totally disagree)
- We hardly read them and they were biased. Do not tell people to write their names on the forms.» (I totally disagree)
- Nobody really cared.. It was a bit to stressful to listen at the presentation and at the same time fill in the evaluation papers... I am poor at multitasking, especially when I am nervous because I know that I will be presenting shortly after.» (I totally disagree)

Other comments

37. Additional comments or suggestions

- The course was great overall, I gained a lot of knowledge which will be helpful. I think there were too many articles to read, some of them were really good but others a waste of time. »
- Magnus was lively in every lecture and has a way to reach to the students with entertaining examples that are easy to relate to the course material. This helps students to remember the material.»
- I think that the course covered too much material. Much of this material could preferably have been avoided. Alternatively, please send an email before the course start to all students recommending them to look at the literature before the course start.»
- I liked the topics in this course but I hadn"t time to read much as a result of a very high workload in the MDP-course. This was devastating to me, hard to perform in project works, hard to follow the lectures and really hard writing the exam. I know that this isn"t your fault but please try to coordinate deadlines and workload with Jan! This period has been hopeless to me and many other...»
- Very good course. I learned something for my life. But the Take Home Exam is tooooooo difficult for 9 days!!!!!!»
- Reduce the size and scope of the home exam.»
- this course was awsome, but the "läsperiod" was not. PM took too much time, and still didnt give anything, while this course feels alot more important, but less time was available for it.»
- Thank you for a great course! The only thing I believe needs to be changed for next year is the amount of time given to each course. That is, for us, it was hard to focus on this course since the other course had so many mandatory elements. Better cooperation between IDY035 and IPR010.»
- Coordinate better with Jan in the MDP-course. There everything was mandatory, in this course almost nothing was.»
- Thank you Magnus for a good course, however, I am disappointed. I am not disappointed with the contents of the course or how it was handled. I am disappointed because I really found the subject interesting and I would have wanted to have time to read everything. But I did not have time to read everything. The blame is surely mine but the work load during this period have been massive. The problem is that this course suffers A LOT because that Jan W has mandatory hand ins that need to be uploaded on the study portal. The students have to prioritize this and EoI comes in second hand. This is, as mentioned, up to me and the students but with projects in both course I would lie if i said that I have been lazy this period. I guess that its a different ballgame in the master and that this is a part of it. However, the only regret I have regarding the course is that I would have liked to have read everything sooner. Distribution of hours for the last 13 days: Time in school: 51 % Sleep: 33 % Transport: 2% Other: 14 % Thank you »
- This course should be balanced with the Managing Development Projects course. We had significantly more hand-ins and tasks in the other course, which meant that didn"t attend any lectures in this course and didn"t read any literature prior to the exam.»
- No special suggestions to this course more than to try and solve it with the other course so the study time can be divided equally. So you don"t have to try and learn everything the last two weeks.»
- Thank you very much Magnus ! »
- Thank you for this time, you were right, the home exam was a pain, but you learned a lot.»
- i wish i could appreciate the practical usefulness of the course more than i do. maybe after a few more courses since this is the backbone»
- 8605115115 (How will you be able to know who turned in this evalutaion?? )»
- Maybe next time, make it more clear what the slide "report" should be like. What is too little and what is too much information? Who we are writing for? Is it just an exercise for learning how to apply the course concepts or is more theory needed? just a little bit more information on how it is different from the reports we usually write...if there is some.»
- Maybe better communications between you and Jan, teacher from the other course, could help creating a better, more healthy study pace. Quality suffered because of the pace.»
- Interesting course, a lot is what i read about in my free time, peak oil and such. too bad the PM course took so much of my time. I will have to finish Beinhocker on my own and i also ordered Smith"s Wealth of Nations so I have some nice reading to do. Thanks for the course!»
- Please don"t use personal identification number, or name in hand ins. We have a Chalmers-ID don"t we? More workshop-like activities in lectures (mini-cases)»
- To much work. Even if the course is good, it is not good to have this much work. Use the course in better ways instead, to make it more efficient.»
- Due to the IPR010 course have hand-ins, it sad that the articles to this course are put on hold, i think it would benefit it all if you did a smiliar thing for next years students, so that they are better prepared.»
- Thanks for a really good and interesting course in which I learnt a lot!»
- Insted of all reading mandatory in the parallel course some mandatory reading in both courses»

Thank you for your time.


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