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Interaction Design Methodology 2007, TDA496

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-01-14 - 2008-01-28
Antal svar: 10
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 22%
Kontaktperson: Staffan Björk»

1. Describe 3 positive aspects of the course

- 1.Interesting papers 2.Good way of teaching(discussions in the lectures) 3.Nice assistance on project »
- Good exercises. Good with much interaction with companies. »
- Learn more methods about Interaction design. A project to help us practice. Exercises on during course are very useful.»
- 1. The first workshop 2. The teachers Staffan and Hanna»
- working with a real life project motivating creativity and wide ideas good teacher »
- övningarna i början av kursen metoderna utgör bra verktyg att använda i projekt bra att ha med ngn utomstående som "klient"»
- 1. The opportunity to try out defferent methods. 2. The Wire project. 3. The division between team- and personal efforts. »
- 1. getting closer to design methodoligies. 2. experiencing the team work. 3. managing the time planning.»
- very different in working method different inputs during the course interesting environment »
- 1. Very useful for me as I learned different methods of ID 2. Group project gave me a small experience of practical experience 3. Exercises was creative which helped me to think something new»

2. Describe 3 aspects of the course that did not meet you expectations

- 1.No enough focus on methods»
- The project.»
- book is not useful. interactive sketch take to much time. not to much contact with Peter .»
- 1. Not being able to use methods to come up with a new product (instead of service) 2. The project was a bit confusing in the beginning 3. Our project result»
- design methods not described or used efficiently the project theme was not much related to interaction design »
- kursboken kändes inte så anpassad till kursen trodde de skulle vara mer övningar projektet "tog" för mkt tid fr det egna lärandet om metoder»
- Things like "an interactive sketch" was defined very vaguely. - -»
- 1. seminars, as didn"t give beneficial results. 2. final scores for each articles questions. 3. home exam was not that much clear how to be done.»
- nothing specific»
- N/A»

3. Please describe 1 positive learning experience you had in the course

- I have learned many things through doing project and that was because of good assistance we got from teacher.»
- Doing exercise, try new method.»
- Realizing that there are so many methods besides brainstorming to use in order to generate innovative ideas.»
- Ways to be creative»
- viktigt att dokumentera och struktuera projektarbetet m tex delmål, arbetsuppgifter och ansvar»
- I have learned how methods are to be employed when working with an actual client - the need to be able to justify every step you take in a development process. »
- by the last exercise with Hanna"s supervision i enjoyed the way we in each group tried to look for special aspect in face book web site and try to improve them.»
- learnt how to adapt to different environments»
- Learned different methods which can be used for ID»

4. Describe 2 things you would like to change about the course, and how

- Writing questions about papers helped me to focus more on what I was reading and consequently I learned more. But being graded by writing questions was not a good idea even if the grade is considered as bonus. Because you try to come up with the questions which make sense but you don"t get a grade . Then you see some confusing and meaningless questions which were considered as good ones. Some times I couldn"t even get what those questions want as an answer. And I know I wasn"t the only one facing this problem.So it would be a good idea to tell students what good questions are and how they can make those kind of questions.It can be done by teaching them a way of thinking not just by telling them "write some questions which make discussion". »
- Change the project in some way, in my opinion it was not a good environment to apply and learn methods. Maybe this can be accomplished with less restrictions on the goals.»
- Change the book to some new one which can give us more input. Add more exercises during course, maybe one per week or 2 weeks. »
- 1. Somehow show what each individual have contributed to the project 2. -»
- excercises shall focus more on the various design methods rather than focusing just on creativity»
- Jag tror det skulle vara bättre att bara ha övningar och möjligen ngt litet projekt. Boken känndes inte så aktuell, så en annan bok vore önskvärd. »
- 1. making question in my opinion didn"t work. it would be better to discuss about each article in smaller groups and try to mke summery out of each article and send them to the superviser in order to check in and evaluate. 2. as it has been mentioned in course homepage, the home exam questions were supposed to be handed out in the middle of the course, not by the end!!! if that would be happened in the middle of the course maybe students have much more time to solve any problem or ask any question from the superviser.»
- the literature review, each group could be given a literature and asked to give a presentation, could be effective.»
- 1. Rather than having seminar I would include more creative exercises 2. If the seminar is part of the course then during the seminar students should be devided in few small groups so that there exist a fruitful discussion»

5. Describe 2 things that you do not want to be changed in the course

- Reading papers before coming to lectures»
- I think the exercises was good and it was fun to have actual companies there during some of them.»
- The group work is a good oppotunity to communicate with each other. The form to keep going lecture, exercise and project in parallel.»
- 1. That there"s a client for the project. 2. Having the project deadline early so we have time to concentrate on the home exam.»
- the real theme of the project motivating students to be creative»
- Det kursen lär ut via material, föreläsningar o bok är väldigt använbart och viktigt. »
- The course started out as very hands-on but then ended with a more reflective part(the individual essay) - That was something I think was great! That the groups had to ask the right questions in order to get any useful answers from Peter.»
- 1. the exercises were perfect and were so helpful. 2. working in the teams sound good.»
- 1. Project works 2. Exercise»

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