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Lean Production 2011, TEK230

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-05-30 - 2011-06-25
Antal svar: 31
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 47%
Kontaktperson: Christian Finnsgård»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs

Your workload

1. On average, how many hours per week have you spent on the course, both individual work as well as lectures, seminars etc.?

31 svarande

0 hours»0 0%
5 hours»0 0%
10 hours»3 9%
15 hours»10 32%
20 hours»6 19%
25 hours»5 16%
30 hours»1 3%
35 hours»3 9%
40 hours»1 3%
45 hours»2 6%
50 hours»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 5.45

- Most of the time was spent reading and understanding, which I personally feel is essential to the way the module is run. In order to do a seminar the literature had to be understood, or at least read to help start conversations.» (15 hours)
- Because of the seminars I studied a lot over the whole semester and because of that I didn´,t have to study much for the exam! the best way of teaching I have had!» (45 hours)

2. On average, how much of the total education have you participated in?

31 svarande

0 %»0 0%
10%»0 0%
20%»0 0%
30%»1 3%
40%»0 0%
50%»1 3%
60%»0 0%
70%»2 6%
80%»3 9%
90%»16 51%
100%»8 25%

Genomsnitt: 9.7

- Unfortunately I missed one guest lecture...» (90%)

3. On average, how much time have you spent on each of the five seminars (time to be prepared for each seminar plus the time spent at the seminar)?

30 svarande

0 hours»0 0%
2,5 hours»0 0%
5 hours»2 6%
7,5 hours»9 30%
10 hours»7 23%
12,5 hours»4 13%
15 hours»4 13%
17,5 hours»1 3%
20 hours»1 3%
22,5 hours»0 0%
25 hours»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 5.6

- Less than 2.0» (?)
- This time is mainly reading articles and writing the seminar text.» (25 hours)

4. On average, how much time have you spent on the group assignments, lean game and value stream mapping (don’,,t include the actual playing time and study visit time at the company)?

30 svarande

0 hours»1 3%
2,5 hours»5 16%
5 hours»4 13%
7,5 hours»7 23%
10 hours»6 20%
12,5 hours»2 6%
15 hours»3 10%
17,5 hours»0 0%
20 hours»1 3%
22,5 hours»0 0%
25 hours»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 4.46

- Didn´,t go do the value stream mapping and the lean game didn´,t have any extra out side the actual game. Did extra work instead of the value stream mapping though.» (0 hours)
- Although the VSM took lonmger than expected, I feel it was required. It worked well to provoke different thoughts, therefore not only gaining the correct result, but also creating a group concensus» (15 hours)

Learning outcomes of the course

5. How understandable are the learning outcomes of the course?

31 svarande

I haven’,t read the learning outcomes»8 25%
The learning outcomes were difficult to understand»0 0%
Rather good, but could have been clearer»4 12%
Clearly showed me what to learn in the course»19 61%

Genomsnitt: 3.09

- did not participate on the first lesson» (I haven’,t read the learning outcomes)
- Think we missed something with the VSM like presentation or something ? Might be me who missunderstood.» (Rather good, but could have been clearer)

6. Did the examination (seminars and group assignments) test if you have achieved the learning outcomes?

31 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»4 12%
Yes, to large extent»19 61%
I don’,t know»8 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.12

- Seminars were extremely useful in creating new thoughts that I perhaps missed reading the literature» (Yes, to large extent)

Education and course administration

7. To which extent have the lectures contributed to your learning?

31 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»1 3%
To small extent (Grade 2)»3 9%
To some extent (Grade 3)»9 29%
To large extent (Grade 4)»13 41%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»5 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

- I found them a bit basic unfortunately» (To small extent (Grade 2))
- Missed a few of them» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Sometimes it took a little bit too long for you to correct the seminars... ,)» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The lecturers where in general very interesting and fun.» (To large extent (Grade 4))

8. To which extent have the course literature and other course materials contributed to your learning?

31 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»4 12%
To large extent (Grade 4)»14 45%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»13 41%

Genomsnitt: 4.29

- Well that"s the biggest source of learning (except discussion) in this course so I can"t grade it too low.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- book was decent. Had nice examples gave more a feeling about the philosophy.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- but some of the articles were really long and boring» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- I learned a lot in this course and the material explained everything in very good way.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

9. To which extent have the seminars and seminar tasks contributed to your learning?

31 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»1 3%
To large extent (Grade 4)»9 29%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»21 67%

Genomsnitt: 4.64

- More than you think actually.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- It was VERY good to have additional articles that are based on real world situations and how it went out there with Lean transformations etc..» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- mostly the tasks.» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- excellent way to really learn!» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- One of the best way of learning!» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- Very good to here the techers and other students solutions to the seminar questions. It really helped to broaden the mind and understand more deeply» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- This was great got some nice discussion. Didn"t really like the questions that we had to make ourself in the end.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

10. To which extent have the group assignments (lean game, case and value stream mapping) contributed to your learning?

31 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»3 9%
To some extent (Grade 3)»9 29%
To large extent (Grade 4)»12 38%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»7 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.74

- The value stream mapping was pointless for international students and those people who had to translate everything during the visit.» (To small extent (Grade 2))
- Lean game contributed more than VSM. The assignment of VSM did not contribute to any large extent to my learning.» (To small extent (Grade 2))
- Lean game - yes! vsm - not much... but good to try» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Lean game = very good!» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- The Lean game was very good. » (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The game has been great but value stream mapping felt a bit too unstructured, both preparation of the Volvo trip and report afterwards.» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- showed how it works in real live » (To large extent (Grade 4))
- I liked the game. The VSM was nice but I think there were more that should have been done to it that we missed. Nothing to do about.» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The lean game was a very good start of the course!» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- Loved the lean game.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

11. To which extent have the compulsory guest lecturers contributed to your learning?

31 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»1 3%
To small extent (Grade 2)»6 19%
To some extent (Grade 3)»7 22%
To large extent (Grade 4)»11 35%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»6 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.48

- Great mix of guest lectures.Inspiring. » (To large extent (Grade 4))
- interesting to hear from others aswell» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- Small amount of high quality information.» (To large extent (Grade 4))
- The guy from Simpler Consulting was amazing» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- I liked em all except the one that talked about leaders or something about that. Was reallllyyy booooorrriiiinggg.. I think fell asleep ! (Hope this anonymous.)» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

12. How well did the course administration work (web page, hand outs, etc)?

31 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»1 3%
Poor (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»6 19%
Good (Grade 4)»12 38%
Very good (Grade 5)»12 38%

Genomsnitt: 4.09

- it was annoying with the constantly changing schedule» (Ok (Grade 3))
- It was a bit tiresome to always have to sign up at the webpage. » (Ok (Grade 3))
- The information on the web page was ok,but there could be improvements. The assignment results were announced quite late the first three week but that was improved later on though. Hard to level out the workload if there were corrections to be made. It would also have been nice if we got the deadline and the prerequisites for the VSM assignment earlier. It felt like the task was not important since there were no clear instructions whereby the learning outcome was poor. If the expectations on the report is higher then the students will put more effort and learn more than this time when many took it unseriously. The attitude from the course administration is important here. It was a bit confusing that two lectures were cancelled without any replecements and that also harmed the perception of the importance of the course content.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- some hand outs where not online until last minute or when the lecture had already begun. Good to have it in beforehand so you can print it out.» (Good (Grade 4))
- The uploading was good and a lot of the information went on mail and this is something that I like since I am lazy to check the news on the portal. Think there were some people that thought we had a lecture on the last day.» (Very good (Grade 5))

Working climate and working conditions

13. How was the opportunity to get help and to ask questions to course responsible (Carl and Christian)?

30 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»2 6%
Good (Grade 4)»7 23%
Very good (Grade 5)»21 70%

Genomsnitt: 4.63

- Did not ask many questions, but regarding deadlines and report outline connected to VSM the information was fuzzy and not thought through. It felt like the course responsibles did not have enough time and resources to commit to the course to a sufficient extent. » (Ok (Grade 3))
- Got answers fast over mail.» (Very good (Grade 5))

14. How did you perceived the reception from the course responsible (Carl and Christian)

31 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»1 3%
Good (Grade 4)»8 25%
Very good (Grade 5)»22 70%

Genomsnitt: 4.67

- They were not present at the first lecture but overall I think it eas a positive and nice attitude. The first meeting was at the lean game and that reception was ok. It was a bit unclear who had what responsibilities and if any of them had any area of specialization within lean and thereby was responsible for that. Too much open discusssions between the examinators that spread a feeling of unclarity and unstructured planning. » (Good (Grade 4))

15. How was the working climate between you and the other students?

31 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»1 3%
Good (Grade 4)»9 29%
Very good (Grade 5)»21 67%

Genomsnitt: 4.64

- some seminars were very slow, and i feel every student should HAVE to answer a question. I don"t see the point in going to a seminar to just sit and listen.» (Good (Grade 4))
- But some students were talking a lot during the lectures. Please, tell them to shut up...» (Very good (Grade 5))

16. How was the work load in this course?

31 svarande

Very low (Grade 1)»0 0%
Low (Grade 2)»1 3%
Ok (Grade 3)»15 48%
High (Grade 4)»12 38%
Very high (Grade 5)»3 9%

Genomsnitt: 3.54

- it was continuous, it was a lot but it made you study right away and then in the end I didn´,t need to put tomuch work load on myself.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- high, but in a good way!» (High (Grade 4))
- it was as high as you made itm some people just read and answer a question, i personally create different thoughts before i choose an exact answer. I feel this also helped me participate more in the seminars» (High (Grade 4))
- Not sure if it was Lean that had a lot because of the seminar or that it was because of the other course had a lot. It felt» (High (Grade 4))
- The seminar assignment took the majority of the time, besides that, the workload was low. Overall an ok workload. » (High (Grade 4))
- Very time consuming, however since you pass the course when you pass the compulosry events that"s ok.» (Very high (Grade 5))
- Very high, but in a good way!» (Very high (Grade 5))

17. How was the total work load this quarter?

31 svarande

Very low (Grade 1)»0 0%
Low (Grade 2)»0 0%
Okt (Grade 3)»12 38%
High (Grade 4)»13 41%
Very high (Grade 5)»6 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.8

- We do our Master Thesis this spring...» (High (Grade 4))
- I took 3 courses plus swedish lessons» (Very high (Grade 5))
- As i took the Production Project Work it was high, even though it was related to Lean.» (Very high (Grade 5))
- felt like it was higher then normal.» (Very high (Grade 5))

General questions

18. What grade would you give the course as a whole?

31 svarande

Very poor (Grade 1)»0 0%
Poor (Grade 2)»0 0%
Ok (Grade 3)»2 6%
Good (Grade 4)»4 12%
Very good (Grade 5)»25 80%

Genomsnitt: 4.74

- It needs to be more structured and maybe it is best if just one person has the overall responsibility for the course, there was a confusion that spread out to the students probably because the responsibilities between the examinators were not fully desided upon. The VSM task must be improved (higher requirements on the report) or it should be removed. I would have preferred to learn even more about VSM though and therefore I recommend that the task should be restructured. Maybe the number of seminars can be reduced so that more effort is put on just a few (maybe 4) and then it could be possible to receive better feedback from the work.» (Ok (Grade 3))
- One of the most intersting courses at chalmers!» (Very good (Grade 5))
- It was one of the best courses in the Masters program. This is something I really would like to work with!» (Very good (Grade 5))
- i loved it! Goooo Lean!» (Very good (Grade 5))
- Gr8! :)» (Very good (Grade 5))
- One of the best courses that I"ve participated in so far on Chalmers.» (Very good (Grade 5))
- one of the best course I have taken» (Very good (Grade 5))

19. Was it good to use seminars as a learning method and as a part of the examination?

31 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»1 3%
To large extent (Grade 4)»8 25%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»22 70%

Genomsnitt: 4.67

- Good to hear and discuss others thought etc. but for some people, who did not speak, I don"t believe it contributed at all. » (To some extent (Grade 3))
- Essential» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- again I say that is the best way of learning» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- Overall, the seminar assignments clearly provided the largest part of the learning. As written above, maybe the number of seminars can be reduced. Also in order to improve the quality of the discussions. Even if the purpose is that the students should lead the discussions I think the lecturer shall intervene more to steer the discussion in the right direction. With this I don"t mean that the lecturer should talk more but to ask the right questions to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to get the right understanding of the subject. Sometimes the discussions were really off-topic and that was frustrating.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

20. Would you recommend the course in its present from to other students? If not please motivate.

31 svarande

Absolutely not»0 0%
Probably not»0 0%
Maybe»1 3%
Probably»1 3%
Absolutely»29 93%

Genomsnitt: 4.9

- Lean as a subject I would really recommend, but I think I would give a warning that the course is a bit too unstructured when it comes to execution of the seminars and the choice of lectur content. There were not any consistency between the lectures. Sometimes content were repeated by different lecturers. That is of course good for learning but it was not perceived as it was intended to be in that way. There was not any line of argument throughout the course.» (Maybe)
- Best course at Chalmers» (Absolutely)
- Should be very useful for the UK job search» (Absolutely)
- Lean is extreamly important and I think every engineer will gain from it» (Absolutely)
- But I still think that there were a lot of Muda at the Skövde visit in form of uncertainess.» (Absolutely)

21. Is this course appropriate in your master program?

31 svarande

To very small extent (Grade 1)»0 0%
To small extent (Grade 2)»0 0%
To some extent (Grade 3)»4 12%
To large extent (Grade 4)»7 22%
To very large extent (Grade 5)»20 64%

Genomsnitt: 4.51

- Only with its own recommended courses it is not, but if the quality courses are chosen I would say that the course is higly appropriate.» (To some extent (Grade 3))
- It fits very well into my profile.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- Mainly due to the reason that it require you to think for yourself.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))
- Lean as a subject feels really relevant and absolutely appropriate.» (To very large extent (Grade 5))

22. I’,m studying the master program in:

31 svarande

Production Engineering»13 41%
Supply Chain Management»10 32%
Quality and Operation Management»0 0%
Management and Economics of Innovation»1 3%
Other:»7 22%

Genomsnitt: 2.32

- Product Development » (Other:)
- International Project Management» (Other:)
- International Project Management» (Other:)
- Product Development» (Other:)
- International Project Management» (Other:)
- Industrial engineering» (Other:)
- Exchange student from Germany» (Other:)

23. Lectures: What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- The guess lectures with real life examples were really Interesting. »
- The lectures were really good and interesting,»
- The basic concept on what is Lean and that we needed to reflect on it in many ways.»
- Could be good to not put the Learning organizations and team work lecture on a friday afternoon since required full focus in order to grasp. »
- Maybe even more guest lecturers. »
- They were overall very good and interesting. Not too many which is good since the seminars take a lot of time»
- Seminars and lean game have been very interesting. Value stream mapping should be prepared to a larger extend in advance.»
- Most were good, but the lady holding the last lecture before easter break held a most exhaustingly boring presentation. I love the subjects that she talked about, but it was so horrible that I had to leave. She needs to review and update her pedagogic approach.»
- good summary of key points»
- The PowerPoints could use a design makeover. Since colour blindness is not that uncommon, you might want to change all those green and red bar charts...»
- think it would be good to have more case studies than lecture theories alone»
- sometimes covers what has already been said in previous lectures»
- In general good lectures, and some very good guest lectures. The VSM-lecture was a little too much for only 2 hours of lecture. Maybe it would be beneficial to stretch it over 3 hours. »
- it was interesting and the lecturers made it fun. would want the slides online more sooner.»
- Review the lecture content and create a line of argument between the lectures.»

24. Seminars: What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- Make sure that everyone participate. Some people were in silence the entire seminar.»
- Too basic.»
- It was good to get a comparison between Liker and the articles that had different focus. »
- The seminars were great! I just think that the students who show up without saying anything during the whole seminar has to work extra somehow!»
- The seminar about the hospital seemed to be more practical. Maybe it"s possible to include one more seminar, which is similar to this.»
- The reading and reflection with a workload spread evenly during the course duration was excellent. I believe smaller groups enables more people to find the courage to actually hold discussions at the seminar. »
- discussing about topics is very interesting, too bad that some people didn"t dare giving their opinions»
- good»
- require that everyone speaks at some point in all seminars»
- Riktigt bra och lärande seminarier, men ett krav borde vara att alla ska delta i diskussionen och ge sina synpunkter/åsikter. En del satt ju tysta hela seminarierna, och ingen av er kommenterade det. Det tycker jag sänker motivationen att göra sitt bästa för oss andra.»
- It would be nice to have them on wednesdays instead of mondays as many finds other things to do during the week, and save it for the weekend. It"s better to make time for it during the week instead to better divide the work between courses.»
- Always a great atmosphere. The questions that the students had to prepare really helped creating interesting discussions. »
- It takes a lot of time to do the work but it taught you a lot. Kind of "forced" you to learn the literature :)»
- the results from some of the seminars were quite late, this fact might be improved if possible.»
- The questions to be answered was good. For further notes, look at previous answers.»

25. Group assignments (lean game, case and VSM): What was good, what needs improvements and what would you suggest?

- Maybe VSM more in deep detail.»
- Better layout and more information»
- They are all good but the seminars become more and more dependent on how well people read and write, not how leanish they are. I have trained very much on reading and breaking down articles this year, which made me only need to use less than one hour for each seminar. Some other struggled for a day. This doesnt seem quite right.»
- Lean game and case were good. Prepare the students better for the VSM, it fellt quite bad to be at a actual company and barly have a clue as to what we were supposed to do»
- More tutoring for the VSM.»
- The VSM could be better prepared. If we had got a more meticulous review we had got more out of it. »
- The VSM was not prepared enough... we didn"t get good directions at volvo and went to every single workplace. Somebody could have said before that it is sufficient to look at one place.»
- The inability to comply reality to the instructions in the VSM mapping excersize was problematic but rewarding.»
- maybe more instructions for the VSM»
- The VSM shouldn"t be part of the examination if everyone can"t participate on equal terms.»
- good»
- very good visit, and in hindsight the lean game made a lot of sense, worked well at the beginning and a good way to meet people.»
- The lean game was a good way of proving the validity of the lean concept and the case showing how it can be used outside production. Better information before the VSM visit at volvo would have been good.»
- Lean game was great, the case very interesting. I have the feeling that the VSM especially regarding the company visit could have been prepared better, e.g. that the students exactly know what they have to look up at the production floor of the company visit in order to create a good VSM.»
- the lean game was really good to show you how things work. Even though it wasn´,t real live it showed you how things work that we have been reading about.»
- Brief info about the vsm activities could have been given in the bus before entering the factory. In the factory we didn"t have any time to plan or discuss before getting to the first station.»
- The introduction to VSM was good, but it would be good with a introduction to the assignment of VSM as well.»
- Previously answered.»

26. What should be changed concerning the course?

- N/A»
- Make it an advance course or tell people it is lean for dummies.»
- I understand that correcting the asignments take time, but I wish that it would have been done faster. Waiting between 2-3 weeks is to much!»
- Better preparation considering the VSM task. »
- i think nothing except changes in lectures as suggested earlier»
- Previously answered.»

27. Comments and other remarks

- One of the best courses I"ve taken at Chalmers.»
- A really interesting course that I hope to get use of in my career! Thanks to you and have a good summer!»
- Carl & Christian... you guys are awesome! You managed to make the course really fun and interesting. Thank you! *hugs*»
- Keep the seminar + nonmandatory exam system. Much much more rewarding than having a random sample with a percentage goal for fail/pass like common exams do.»
- Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I think it will be extremely useful when applying for jobs to have some sort of background in lean, and with this i can understand how every company is different in implementing this»
- One of the best and definitely most interesting courses I had in my 2 Semester studies at Chalmers, so keep it on like that :)»
- I may think the questions on the exams were a bit wide. I understand that wide questions are needed to see if the students underatnd the whole picture, but the ones where we ha to come up with the questions our self, I think that was a bit over the edge. It was really hard to know on what level to write and answer them.. Otherwise, maybe the best course I ever had. »
- Very nice course!»

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