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Technology-based Entrepreneurship/ Biotechnology-based Entrepreneurship: GIBBS, ICM-C, CSE, ICM-G, CIP016/TEK066

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-01-08 - 2008-01-16
Antal svar: 15
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 34%
Kontaktperson: Anneli Hildenborg»
Klass: Övriga

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

1. How understandable and reasonable are the course goals?

15 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»9 60%
The goals are difficult to understand»0 0%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»1 6%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»5 33%

Genomsnitt: 2.13

- looked afer it now as well, looked through the information binder handed out prior begining at CSE and also the CSE web-page as well as our moodel page.Nothing with the specific name Technology-based Entrepreneurship... VERY BAD» (I have not seen/read the goals)
- Now when I actually have read the goals I understand that they in fact are very clear. They could though have been communicated more clearely in relation to the different exercises. » (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)

2. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

14 svarande

No, not at all»1 7%
To some extent»6 42%
Yes, definitely»4 28%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»3 21%

Genomsnitt: 2.64

- examination?? is there any specific examination you have in mind?? As I recal I handed in several papers. So next time think about what you are doing, this is waisting my time.» (?)
- Mostly, it feels like one is being judged by earlier knowledge rather than what one possibly have acquired during class.» (To some extent)
- Well, we have received some of the gradings but not the overall grade. It"s is hard to say. The grading system with a span of 1-10 is quite hard to interpret. It would be much clearer if you used U,3,4,5» (I don"t know/have not been examined yet)

Study climate

3. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

15 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»0 0%
Rather good»6 40%
Very good»8 53%
I did not seek help»1 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.66

- The ability seemed good although I did not use many opportunities. » (Rather good)
- Teachers were available for answering questions after lectures. Most questions were answered in moodels in short time which helped a lot.» (Rather good)
- Many people that wants help but still better then previous education.» (Rather good)
- Excellent actually!» (Very good)

4. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

15 svarande

Very poorly»1 6%
Rather poorly»0 0%
Rather well»3 20%
Very well»11 73%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.6

- I had issues with some people in my group,which made group work difficult.» (Very poorly)
- The teacher"s do to some extent promote a quite narrow-minded understanding for other knowledge than business and technology students which make the law students suffer also in relationships with other students since they cannot relate to their perspective.» (Rather well)
- We had a wonderful climate of sharing, supporting and benchmarking with each other. Both within my group but also towards other students. » (Very well)
- My group worked good together.» (Very well)
- We have been sitting a lot together in the VASA building doing the different assignments.» (Very well)

5. How was the course workload?

15 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 6%
Adequate»5 33%
High»9 60%
Too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.53

- Maybe some tighter deadlines next year. Students wait till the end anyway so more activities and less time for "own" work will increase the pressure. » (Adequate)
- Haha, havn"t been able to do nothing else then sit in my sofa during the hollidays. wonder if that is maybe signs of running into the famous wall. » (High)
- Good that there was no reading so one could manage to study only 40 hours.» (High)

Summarizing questions

6. What is your general impression of the course?

15 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»0 0%
Adequate»3 20%
Good»9 60%
Excellent»3 20%

Genomsnitt: 4

- Communication of the course goals could have been clearer and the connection to some of the exercises.» (Adequate)
- I have throughout the autumn been greatly inspiered and learnd increadibly much. » (Excellent)

Part II: General Questions

7. What is your overall impression of the course/module? Please motivate your answer!

- Very good to learn to make a BP.»
- The perfect combination of formal/academic training in writing BP, contracts etc. in combination with the practical training in pitching, learning styles etc. »
- Interesting with the more "soft" approach in comparioson to the other courses/modules.»
- The course was comprehensive, the difficulty for me was to study some law and finanace for the first time. another issue was the group and individual work division. since in the end we had lots of group work but we were not agree on the same business plan.»
- Very professional and interesting. Stimulating working environment due to the constellation of the class and the motivating and inspiring teachers.»
- I really enjoyed the hands-on experience offered through the simulated exercises.»
- it was good because I succeeded to learn the new concept despite not having such knowledge since before»
- It has been alot to do but at the same tie providing great learning experience. Sometimes the level has been a litle to high for me without a background in economics or business strategy. Although I like the shallange and always, on my spare time, try to learn the things I do not understand this has been hard since my spare time has been to reduced. »
- Learnt alot through feedback. Would have wanted a better legal perspective.»
- Very good. Many different areas touched upon.»
- Good and intresting»
- i thought it was interesting and educational. many of the things we learned will probably be used in the future. the course also had a clear timeline. the business plan was good for correcting errors in previous assignments.»
- Interesting courses but difficult to asses the course as it took part during the whole semester.»

8. What would you recommend us to do differently next year, do you have suggestions for improvements?

- Give examples of good and bad BPs»
- Slightly higher pace. A bit closer feedback on the hand-ins. »
- The overall impression is that it would be good not working on only one project. In the end when writing the business plan I was really unmotivated in working with the same project without any development. We had almost worked on the same info during the whole semester and putting it in to a business plan was hard for me to understand why. Maybe this could have been better with better communication of the course goals. Over all could be good with a better read line or shorter more defined parts. It sometimes felt as scattered lectures where some of them had no connection to the other.»
- I think there should be some changes in groups during studies. It is better to know more people if you want to choose your partner for project year.»
- It may be a good idea to spend some more time on how to construct a business plan. The negotiations should also be spread out over a longer time period as our group had a 1 hour delay and then only got 40 min since the negotiators were tired. More lectures an literature on how to negotiate!!»
- have a little more help for teachers when it comes to answering questions regarding assignments because one is not enough for every thing: lecturing, explaining assignemnts, helping with them, correcting ..»
- Think about having a level were everybody has a reasnonable chance o follow. If things with for example the economics arn"t important for the initial learning then do not bring it. If it gets to much ppl wount manage and instead information will be lost in the great mass.»
- More law and the interface with business. As it was now it was only business and technology and some poor lecturing in shareholder"s agreements.»
- See comments further down.»
- No»
- give grades earlier and have lectures that are more concrete and give examples on assignments and how they have been made before. »
- Be clearer regarding the Shareholders agreement assignment. Ver poor introduction and very difficult to know what the grading criteria were.»

9. What was your general impression of the administration of the course?

- normal»
- Good, worked fine! the administration did not bother me at any point.»
- Administration was good. »
- I think the adminestration was quiet OK. every thing were updated regurarlly and all the news and information were posted on moodels.»
- Good. Moodle works fine.»
- Excellent»
- it was not that good because the time we got the feedbacks were too long in order to help for the next assignment»
- Moodle doesn"t work too well. It is a bit hard to find information there. Otherwise I have no complaints =)»
- Ok.»
- Everything went smooth»
- Good»
- good. »
- The administration was good. Quick answers and quick feedback on moodle.»

10. Course literature

- we could have used some articles about a BPs»
- Well, it is not crucial to read it but nice. Quite hard to isolate the key learnings in such large amounts of text.»
- Literature was related to the topics. some articles were quite boribg and some were too long. but the books were informative and understandable.»
- the material was too big so it seeed unrelistic some times so noe just gave up some times.»
- Ulfs Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship has been an inspiering source well suited to find hints for assignements. I will have to read it again though so that maby it will make sence.»
- It was too much when we had things to read, however it was relevant.»
- Very good.»
- Good, some articles might have been unnecessary lengthy.»
- interesting, sometimes a bit broad»
- The articles were interesting. But in my oppinion some readings on Shareholders agreements would be appreciated.»

11. Miscellaneous comments

- It didn"t feel like we got grades from effort. Even if I read everything and did my best (put in more time than others) at assignments there were still others that got better grades due to previous experiences. That might be so in real world but I don"t this is ok in an academical setting where grades should be more objective.»

Part III: Lectures, Exercises and Assignments

12. The introduction week

- Good pace, very fruitful!»
- Good with a qouich overview of the core of the education, both the theories and the gorup works.»
- The introduction assignments were unnecessary from my view. I think there were lots of lectures ib this week that did not teach us new things.»
- a little bit too detailed for such a soft start»
- Hmm, which week is this?? I hope you do not mean the week where we got to learn each other because this was about Technology-based Entrepreneurship, right??»
- one week of group dynamics execises instead of two would be enough»
- Stressful with assignments right away.»
- good to touch upon all the different areas and to raise a lot of questions.»
- Good to gey to know the teacher and each other in a good way before commencing the work.»
- good, I liked how we got to know everyone»
- Nice and good introduction. Not really remembering that much.»

13. Introductory case: Denator Biotechnology

- nice to see concrete examples»
- Hmm.. quite stressful but a fantastic crash course. A good compant to learn from. Gave me a very nice insight in whatä"s a business model etc. etc. »
- Interesting but a bit hard to get all the parts. »
- The Denator case was good example, but the lectures about how to fill in the questions were useless.we were familiar with most of the thing in the lectures.»
- Interesting case which gave us an overview of the coming course.»
- It was a good way to be introduced to the upcoming semester. »
- this case and generaly working like that was great because one could get a general overview about what was waiting for us in the future, very very useful though tough!»
- Hm, strting to get confused as you might see. As I recall from the program content sceduale on the CSE-webpage this course was the thing during the second period. I also recal the denator case to be in the beginning of september, the first period. I will stop here hope you got sometinh ggood at least.»
- Pointless in the way that one was expected to know so much. Remember that it felt like the expectation of a lawyer was to know the law which is probably the most common and wrong assumption made by most people. Could have been made better I think if we could at least prepare some answers from our own academical perspectives first).»
- Good to start directly with a complexed case to pose question in the very beginning to stimulate the learning process further on into the education»
- very interesting. the discussion of the questions in group could have been a bit less "open discusssion". it turned into a biotech discussion more than a business case discussion.»
- Really good introduction to the CIP way of working. Really enjoyed it.»

14. Expectations seminar (Tomas Faxheden, Charlotte Emlind, Caroline Pamp, Bo Heiden, Karen Williams)

- Can"t even remember »
- Do not remember.»
- I dont see any point in this kind of lectures, people doesnt talk honestly and we saw lots of actions that didnt support things people cliamed in this lecture.»
- Very motivational.»
- it was good because it helped one gather some points to focus on and to express to the teachers so they could hear you»
- Good to lay out expectations. However expectiations on a more individual level should also be discussed. Personal goals should be set. »
- Cannot remember»
- don"t really remember.»
- Fuzzy, and not really clear what we as students got out of it.»

15. Group dynamics and business creation week (Karen Williams)

- Can"t even remember »
- The two weeks of different group work execises felt a bit to long, maybe we could spread them out over the semester to get the group work flowing better at a later state as well.»
- group dynamics didnt really work in our group. our group just saw it as an assignment and didnt really put effort to make it real. It was not usefull for us.»
- Very good to get the opportunity to discuss group dynamics with the group members to work pro active.»
- Interesting »
- it was great»
- Good but instructions in assignment were vague and grading felt very un-academical due to what I learnt about how to produce academical text.»
- Ok, don"t know if I got anything out of it.»
- group dynamics was very boring but probably quite helpful for our groupwork. but i don"t think it has changed me. business creation was great, especially when talking to our companies.»
- Also very fuzzy. Perhaps to early into the education to start with these. As this time was more there for us to get to know each other. At least that is the oppinion of many students. People are also more eager to start learning what ICM and CIP really are, rather than group work and organisational behaviour.»

16. Group norms introduction & workshop and exercises (Helena Kovács)

- Very good. This should be a natural first step in all the new start up of group works at CIP!»
- Interesting to get the concepts but maybe we could have made som following up of it later in the semester.»
- the workshop and excersise were not working in our group and we didint get any result from it.»
- I liked the group norm concepts but I am personally a little against the whole "play while learning", i.e. less presentations at the end of the day.»
- Great, but none followed it after that. Everyone continued to focus on problems.»
- Ok, don"t know if I got anything out of it.»
- Good to get to know the group and every ones expectations before starting to work.»
- Not my thing. it could have been much shorter»
- Please see #15. Also, one got the feeling that Helena was "preaching" a bit as she was teaching us a certain method.»

17. Learning styles (Max Rapp Ricciardi)

- Hmm more of a nice-to-know thing, it supports our personal development. »
- Really interesting and mind opening, bot of your own learning style but also for the group work, that we actually are different. Did carry this with me during the group sessions.»
- The lecture was informative and taught us new things,the way he talked and also the slides were attractive.»
- Very good to get the opportunity to discuss learning styles with the group members to be able to utilize all group members knowledge. Good for development of personal strenghts.»
- Very interesting, this is something our group benefited from the whole semester.»
- it was great. very informin when it comes to knowing yourself and the type of person you are.»
- Good, but sometimes Max is simplifying too much. Most law students have quite a comprehensive knowledge in psychology from law school already.»
- Good to get information about the area»
- It was good to be aware of that everyone is not the same and that it is totally normal.»
- very interesting. it really helped me understand more about how i learn»
- Compared to Helena this was more general and therefore more interesting. Max is a really good speaker, but perhaps the pace was a bit slow.»

18. Intellectual capital management (Leif Edvinson)

- very good lecturer»
- FANTASTIC to have the oppertunity to listen to Leif and his thoughts about creativity and his fantastic career and learnings. »
- a must have!»
- Good lesson, however felt very unstructured,»
- It was a good lecture»
- a good lecture because it was interesting but not very concrete. quite abstract. but i bought what he said and his prediciton of transfer into knowledge era and finally mind era. »
- Fuzzy lesson. Could not really se why we should watch a movie from some years back which discussed working environments. Cannot see the link to ICM. Leif must be able to use in a "better way".»

19. Learning culture week (Karen Williams)

- Very inspiring as I am interested in study techniques etc»
- a little bit too fuzy»
- So and so.»
- ? »
- too long, didn"t have to be a week»
- Please see #15.»

20. Enable learning (Mats Lundqvist, Susanne Olilla)

- This lecture was not so interesting, It didn"t change anything in our group. their solutions were not working in real world and seemed pointless.»
- Good. They could have spent a little more time on the "creative communication" part which was very interesting. (advocacy-inquiry)»
- too fuzy and too broad»
- I don"t like Mats somewhat arrogant approach. Maybe it"s just that it seems like he has much preconceptions about law that are wrong from my view.»
- Useful articles for the hand in.»
- too long and too many full class discussions. they were just time consuming»
- Just like 15, also quite fuzzy. Needs to be more correlated with work, and unfortunately we had not done much work at this point.»

21. Learning culture hand-in (Mats Lundqvist)

- It was unnecessary to have a lecture for every handin,epecially for this one. The teacher and students did not have anything to talk. the answers were obvious.»
- it was so unclear what they were looking for so the assignment didnt get a god grade BUT it was very good for us in order to sit and think about some basic stuff which we knew were going to be issue if we didnt deal with them.»
- I don"t like Mats somewhat arrogant approach. Maybe it"s just that it seems like he has much preconceptions about law that are wrong from my view.»
- Hand in touched upon many angles on our group and mapped our strengths and weaknesses»
- ok»
- Cannot remember this hand in unfortunately.»

22. Culture and competences seminar (Tomas Faxheden, Mats Lundqvist, Charlotte Emlind, Boo Edgar, Caroline Pamp, Bo Heiden)

- Interesting literature and I learnt a lot.»
- good because one got to know other students opinion in this matter»
- Good.»
- quite interesting. the questions in the assignments weren"t very good but we discussed better things during the seminar»
- Cannot remeber this seminar.»

23. Pitching lecture and pitching exercise (Karen Williams)

- Very good! I realized that practice is everything! It"s very good to have some structure to support the polishing of a pitch. »
- Interesting to focus on what was important with the project and how to communicate it. Also interesting to get a small feeling of what the other groups were working on. »
- the slid This lecture was interesting , I think I can use it in future and it was good to know how to do it. I learned about our case and how to present it in short time.»
- Very fun!»
- Also very good. Great exercises!»
- it was among the best experiences I ever had in this cours. it was very efficient and fast and very straight ahead and very well organised»
- Wow, extremely good experience»
- very good. However should have more teachers available that can give feedback during the practise.»
- Good and funny. Good ground for the larger business plans.»
- very good! i think i had underestimated the power of the pitch»
- Really intersting and really giving lesson. Really good to get pointers and to try out the pithcing techniques as well as giving and getting feedback.»

24. Business plan slideshow hand-in and presentations (Karen Williams)

- One can maybe question how the learning process i designed in relation to this hand-in. I think it is necessary to be able to have the 10min pitch, which is very good and developing. »
- Good to focus on what to have in the BP, although I think it was hard to get what the purpose actually was. »
- the slides were clear. I understood the whole idea of business plan and how to write a business plan and what should it consist of.»
- Great, but more lectures would be beneficial!»
- it was a great way to learn what the whole thing is about. without this I would never know the most importand things in the subject.»
- Good, but could have used more lessons about the BP.»
- Ok, a bit early. Would be better to have it nearer the assignment.»
- Positive to get some trtaining in structuring a business plan in the right way»
- good that we had the presentation early. »
- Good crash course where you had to assemble all prior info and assignments you had done before and to put them into a ten minute presentation. Also good to practice making PPT:s.»

25. Negotiations theory and exercises (Max Rapp Ricciardi)

- Maybe Max should try to speed things up a bit, we tend to grasp things rather fast, at least IMHO. »
- Not sure if the negotiating exercise did ad so much. Maybe there is some good film or something to analyze more as we did in some parts already. »
- Interesting but maybe not that useful for the negotiations at the law firms.»
- Okay, should probably be called conflict management. Not much of a negotiation exercise.»
- very broad and fuzzy but the first lecture at the morning was great. »
- Bad since he didn"t explain the prisoner"s dilemma exercise as good as he could have. I"ve done that exercise twice before and both times the teachers were much better in nuancing the factors and dilemmas in the exercise which made everyone see that there was no winning group if no collaboration was made in the group as a whole. Should have emphasized the importance of trust in negotiations better. Interesting lecture, though.»
- Very nice to hear some theory about the area. Exercise was also fun, however i"m not sure i learned anything in particual.»
- Funny and intresting. To much "psychological definitions" on different types of people. »
- very interesting. the game theory exercise was really interesting»
- Not really necessary lesson. Was a dissapointment and not that much negotiation and even less negotiations theory was done.»

26. Sport of kings (Kristoffer Schollin)

- a very good exercise. We should have more of this»
- So rewarding. Very sad that so few students decided to come to the lecture! It would be fun and good to have this lecture again in the coming year!»
- Really really interesting and educative. Just to be able to negotiate around something with so short notice and understand how you react and how to respond to others was really interesting. The timing of the lecture could have been better though. »
- Interesting.»
- very giving»
- Felt like the lecture lacked energy and that it was wrongly fitted into the schedule. Good points but it was definitely not the super-special lecture it was promised to be (on moodle).»
- very fun, but trying day. Hard negotiations. I would however like to have a teacher that could provide the different sides with tips and ideas and who spent more time listening to every dicussion. It would have been good to get personal feedback»
- Hmmm...?»
- didn"t go, wasn"t in town»
- Compared to #25 this was a really good exercise. However really bad timing to re-schedule to the last week of the BP hand in.»

27. Investor presentations and draft shareholder agreement (Lars Andersson)

- liked the exercise»
- Fun, and definatly a wake up call about the value of a business idea. »
- It would have been good with some sor tof introduction lecture on the shareholders agreement before writing it, although me as a law student had some previous knowledge. »
- This lecture taught us about legal aspects of share holder agreement and how to communicate with investors. what they expect from us and what should we have to do.»
- Fun and useful! A great opportunity.»
- The exercise would be better if we had at least one lecture before drafting the contracts.»
- in our case we thought it would be a time of negotiation, it was either our fault or the comunications but we didnt spend any time on that and instead we went throu the same questions as before and we felt that we were pretty lost. maybe a better definition of whats going to happen can help students much better.»
- very giving»
- Good.»
- Very good exercise. Should definetly keep to next year.»
- Intresting and more nervous to be at an actual law firm»
- very fun. the shareholders" agreement was hard though»
- Really fun simulation. But perhaps to little introduction. Really hard to know what to expect or do. But perhaps that was the learning experience.»

28. The firm as a legal construct (Lars Andersson)

- too basic»
- Well this was not enough in my oppinion. I would like some exercise or something to complement this lecture. »
- Most of it basic to me as a law student. »
- we got familiar with organizations different type of them ,but the lecture was quiet boring the slides were full of text that were too dificult to fallow. and the lecturer was so still and didnt change the voice.»
- Teach this at the start of the Business Design program instead. Too heavy to have at the end of the education. Maybe provide as a mandatory literature and have a lecture with a number of tricky scenarios where we need the knowledge in order to find out what type of construct that is the best for the firm.»
- this lecture was good because it covered a lot of stuff we really didnt hear before and especially for me it was amazing.»
- Should have been optional for law students. It was like going back three years in time (when there was enough things to fill the schedule anyway).»
- Don"t remember any learning outcome.»
- very good to have and especially after some time in the end of the semester when one have been given some time to think in other ways than before.»
- interesting and good to learn»
- Interesting lesson. A bit wrong timing. Should have been done at earlier stage.»

29. Organizations and power (Flemming Norrgren)

- interesting lecture, made you think about where you want to work»
- Well, also under the category personal development since it was more or less an introduction to different types of people. »
- This lecture was the most boring in the whole semester. I think It was really difficult to concentrate and he had problem in communicating with students.»
- Interesting. Flemming was a very good lecturer.»
- sucked totally»
- Waste of time.»
- Dont temember if ever had that lesson?»
- kind of a weird lecture. apparently being "bad" is good»
- Really bad lecture. Did not really get anything out of this lecture. No enthusiasm from the lecturer.»

30. Negotiations with investor (Lars Andersson)

- too little meeting time. We had to rush through it»
- Firstly, how cool wasn"t it to go to the lawyers office? Quite nice to have this follow-up. More of a negotiation and in quite interesting details. Perfect! don"t remove this activity. »
- Good with the feedback on the shareholders agreemnent. Not much negotiation. »
- It helped us to see the investors point of view, their ideas and way of thinking. different aspects of negotiation and the things we should include in negotiation with investors.»
- Extremely valuable.»
- Great. Lars is a very talented lecturer!»
- this was the best moment. there we could exactly see what we dodnt good and what we did less good when they went through the agreement in such a proffessional way.»
- Very good!»
- Fun. Give all the groups the same amount of time next time and avoid delays»
- very fun and hopefully realistic»
- Compared to the investor presentation you really learned lot of things here. Also really fun to be at the law firm.»

31. Shareholders’, agreement hand-in (Lars Andersson)

- would needed some more support to achieve a crisp learning in this moment. The thing is that since we had no lawyer in our group we were quite inexperienced. »
- It was good to learn how to write shareholders agreement and what should it consist of. It was a good practice for future.»
- Fun with legal assignments.»
- Tricky, but great help from Lars during the negotiation.»
- it was vey difficault to construct because we had never done that before. But it was very learning especially the fact that they took it so serious and invited us to the firm and went through details,)»
- Before first hand in one could maybe get more information about what to add. Maybe lecture about the SHA before trying to write it ourselves?»
- A bit too much work so close to the Business Plan hand in would i say.»
- bad timing, hard to do it in parallel to the business plan»
- Fun assignment. But when receiving the feedback I cannot make out what we did wrong. Really hard to understand how an improved draft can be worse than the draft.»

32. Business plan hand-in (Karen Williams)

- My first business plan. I hope the next is much better than this. Plenty of time at lest. »
- Not sure why we should write all this on a product and market we have no further interest in knowing anything about. »
- The business plan assignment is a good exercise for next year we should have ideas about how to sum up the things needed and how to present in a good way»
- Tricky without instructions but a very good exercise. The presentation was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot.»
- the structure was quite clear and the organization of it was very good. one could always go to the slides and get some hint»
- the wrap up, very good conclusive hand-in»
- Very good, however would like to get feedback during the exercise.»
- Massive finish of the semester. Guess it was good.»
- a good assignment but required very hard work. the feedback i received was good but i couldn"t have perfected it without breaking the word limit»
- REally good learning experience. Good finish to the semester.»

33. Reflection paper hand-in (Jessika Olsén)

- Haven"t completed it yet. But i realized that formal retrospection is quite important to really learn and adapt behaviorwise. »
- Not done this yet.»
- The reflection paper has good questions, but I almost forgot some parts so it was better if it was divided to some parts during the course so I had better idea of each lecture. and I have written all about lectures in my journals so I don"t see any point to rewrite them for myself..»
- Not so useful.»
- Good idea but hard to be self-critical. »
- it may seem a bit unneccessary but it is very good because it gives one some kind of summary and an over look at the whole thing after a while.»
- Very good to have, however should be more clear in the beginning of course to set up personal goals.»
- Alright»
- i have a hard time putting words on my reflections but i think it was good to think back over the fall as a whole»
- Nice to look back and reflect. But always difficult to motivate oneself during the holidays.»

34. Diaries

- Good since you become more effective by reflecting »
- See 33.Reflection paper hand-in (Jessika Olsén)»
- Good to reflect upon what ahs hapened during the day. That it would take 5 min each day (as said) is way to short, more 15-30 min. »
- It was time consuming and did not give me a lot. I think it was better if they were course evaluation after each course»
- Ok.»
- Excellent idea. This forced me to reflect each day and I will continue writing journals the next semester!»
- they were very good because they made one to reflect upon things daily. »
- Stressful to require us to write so much. Would have been better if we could reflect a bit shorter since I tended to leave it instead of doing it each day as was required due to the fact that I didn"t have time to spend another 30 minutes on journal after the 10 hour working day.»
- Very good, however not quite used to it yet. Good as a learning process if used in the right way.»
- Effective tool to reflect and learn more»
- very helpful way of remembering what i had learned that day»
- New and intersting learning experience. Not always written on time but I guess that it is better than not doing the diaries at all.»

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