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Master Thesis

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-05-24 - 2011-10-24
Antal svar: 31
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 42%
Kontaktperson: Saddek Rehal»

Thesis Subject and information

1. Was it difficult for you to find/choose a thesis subject?

31 svarande

Very difficult»0 0%
Difficult»6 19%
More or less difficult»17 54%
Easy»7 22%
Very easy»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 3.09

- First of all I think the difficulty was to find a examiner. You gave us a list of examiners but we didn"t know which of them was focused on which subject except the ones that we worked during our master period. Students who took their bachelor degree at chalmers knew who to work with which field. If we have decided upon field we could have decided upon on what to work with with our examiner. But know from start everything was very blurry.» (Difficult)
- I would have liked some more guidence on the actual subject choise. I knew I´,d rather do something else but had no one to talk to about it.» (Difficult)
- It was great to have the freedom of being able to shape the project individually.» (More or less difficult)
- I already had in mind my thesis project since my second term in Chalmers.» (Very easy)

2. Do you think that the information about the whole procedure regarding the thesis work is adequate?

30 svarande

Not at all»3 10%
No»7 23%
More or less»15 50%
Yes»5 16%
Absolutely»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.73

- Information about the procedure regarding the thesis?? Hard to understand question, but there was no information presented about the procedure.» (?)
- All of the information should come earlier, the latest in December, including dates for midterm seminar, final seminar and exhibition.» (Not at all)
- But I do think that the leadership course is a good step forward in the information concerning the thesis. I think that the examiners should present their way of running a thesis in the leadership course. E.g Is the examinor also the tutor, is the focus on a written report or on well layouted posters, how often are tutorings available/scheduled. Knowing this procedure would make it a lot easier to choose examinor.» (No)
- Sometimes there was some confusion in terms of deadlines, and who to contact. » (More or less)
- I think we just followed what other students were doing. There is this so called work-card on the website. I never saw a Swedish student filling it, but all international students were concerned about it, since it was on the webpage. And actually it is quite non-related with architecture, There are fields about being opponent, or approved opponent etc.. you know, we dont have opponents in our final juries. Report is at least 30pg, right, so how much pictures are we going to use?» (More or less)

3. Is it difficult or easy to find the information?

31 svarande

Very difficult»4 12%
Difficult»7 22%
More or less difficult»11 35%
Easy»9 29%
Very easy»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.8

- Some of the information is in the "guidelines" which have been easy to find. But everything else is hard to find. For example the information is different on different websites. Also information about what happens after the thesis is done is missing. For exemple how to apply for your degree (examen), how many copies the school want of the printed thesis and who you should give them to, what forms you need to fill in, that you can get money for expences etc» (Very difficult)
- CHalmers website is a joke. it"s easier to google the subject to find the right link than to try and klick your way through the homepage. I think it would be a good idea to have a master thesis coordinator to whom you could go in order to find out which papers to fill in when and which examinors are available etc. Mayeb there is a master thesis coordinator already? In that case I don"t know aboout it, so inform the students better on who this person is.» (Difficult)
- I dont know if there is such a thing, but I will suggest to have like a lecture about the thesis procedure to explain in details. If there is one, maybe more publicity because I never knew about it.» (Easy)

4. How do you evaluate the period of your thesis work from preparation to examination?

28 svarande

Very bad time»1 3%
Bad time»5 17%
Neither bad nor good»5 17%
Good»13 46%
Very good»4 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.5

- i dont understand the question. regarding what?» (?)
- Bad time?? The time was sufficient for my project.» (?)
- I was very glad with my examiner» (Good)

Preparation and thesis work

5. Do you think you were well prepared when you started your thesis work?

31 svarande

Not prepered at all»1 3%
Not prepared»3 9%
More or less prepared»16 51%
Prepared»9 29%
Very much prepared»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.25

- But as were also stated in the censor discussion we as students do not get enough training on formulating our own program which consequently takes 1,5 months of the thesis time. Maybe that"s the way it should be, but I think we should get more training on this at an earlier stage. The leadership course was helpful in preparing yourself to managing your own time, as well as to formulate a thesis subject well in advance of the startign of the actual work. This was very good.» (More or less prepared)

6. Does the school need a more firm preparation phase?

28 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
No»5 17%
Maybe»10 35%
Yes»7 25%
Absolutly»6 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.5

- I think preaperation is fine, the leadership course helped that. But still when I look at the thesis I don"t see an equal level. I am sorry but how can a building of 5*5m and a complex building fully solved with details can be graduated from the same program?» (?)
- I found certain studios were less prepared than others. However, I found being in Morten Lund"s group really helpful.» (Maybe)
- The leadship course works» (Maybe)
- what do you mean by firm. The leadership course is good. You just need some more info in it which I"ve stated in earlier comments. As for learning how to be critical of the program and to formulate your own program this is something that must be taught in earlier projects, not in a separate preparation phase.» (Maybe)
- The leadership course wasn"t helpful as is, if it was geared more towards finding a topic and doing research, it would be useful.» (Maybe)
- The Leadership Course is good preperation. In that course it would also be good to have more practical information about how it all works» (Maybe)
- I think a preparing course would be good, with focus to find a subject and to build up a program before the master thesis semster begin. In this way I think the final thesis will reach much further.» (Absolutly)
- More detail information.» (Absolutly)

7. Do think you gott good guidance from your supervisor/examiner during your thesis work?

31 svarande

No guidance at all»0 0%
No guidance»1 3%
More or less»10 32%
Good guidance»13 41%
Very good guidance»7 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.83

- only met with my examiner during my presentations» (No guidance)
- This is a very independent task... Sometimes it was hard to even find someone to talk to about the work.» (More or less)
- The tutoring was very much the same through the entire course. I would have needed more variation and engouragement to seek out other tutors more suitable for the problems I encountered. It was not adjusted for my individuality/my specific project.» (More or less)
- Very good tutoring team in the matter space studio.» (Good guidance)
- Ana Betancour» (Very good guidance)

8. Have you given and/or received comments from/to students during the process?

30 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
Little»4 13%
More or less»8 26%
Enough»15 50%
Very much»3 10%

Genomsnitt: 3.56

- peer consultations were useful» (Enough)
- We had a small "feedback-group" of students, but didn´,t meet so many times» (Enough)

9. Was the mid seminar of some value for you?

30 svarande

Not at all»2 6%
No»1 3%
More or less»2 6%
Yes»15 50%
Absolutely»10 33%

Genomsnitt: 4

- The overall comment was "good, continue". I would prefer to get more comments how to make it better and what to focus on» (No)
- We had it quite late, so it was like a preaperation before the final critic.» (More or less)
- The continuity between tutoring and mid-seminar was bad. Very important problems of my project were pointed out here for the first time, when they should have been pointed out weeks earlier.» (Absolutely)

10. If you did your thesis work at school how did you appreciate the physical environment?

27 svarande

Very poor»3 11%
Poor»3 11%
More or less poor»11 40%
Good»5 18%
Very good»5 18%

Genomsnitt: 3.22

- I did it abroad.» (?)
- too little space, no place for working models etc.» (Very poor)
- Little space, and therefore computers were scarce. » (Poor)
- Even though we had space in the thesis rooms, many of us are working with researches, it is hard to concentrate to work in thesis room. That"s why I packed my stuff and left the thesis room in before the mid term. School is maybe good if you are doing a group project but not for individual work esp research projects.» (Poor)
- Because of the bad ventilation in the study room we tried to work in the computer rooms or other places instead. It´,s hard to find working places for working together, that is small study rooms» (Poor)
- too little space for the thesis students, spaces were too packed. the school only works during office hours (9 to 5) it would be nice to have at least one place that is open longer at night for food and drinks.... architecture is not a 9 to 5 job!!!» (More or less poor)
- The environment is not appropriate for working in physical models. Fix shelves.» (More or less poor)
- Did it at home» (More or less poor)
- I did not do my thesis at school, one of the reasons for that was that I not very fond of the physical enviornment at school» (More or less poor)
- The set up of the matter space structure studio should be the model for all master thesis work on the school. a number of small studios for three students (possibility for seclusion and interaction). Direct daylight, access to kitchen. etc» (Very good)
- the small rooms at Matter space were really good. » (Very good)
- I had a permanent work-place. » (Very good)

Examination (final seminar) and public presentaion

11. What is your opinion about the whole examination procedure?

29 svarande

Very bad»1 3%
Bad»1 3%
Neither bad nor good»8 27%
Good»15 51%
Very good»4 13%

Genomsnitt: 3.68

- The event of the public presentation should be highlighted more both to other students and externally through marketing.» (?)
- It seems to be very different depending on what jury and examinor you have. I think there should be clearer what role the jury have, what criterias there are for the judgement etc» (Neither bad nor good)
- NOT FORMAL ENOUGH!!! I cannot stress this enough, since our boards were removed after only 3 days of display. There was no school celebration of our work, and therefore it was a bit dim.» (Good)
- its nice to know that you have passed before presenting the thesis to public» (Good)
- Good to present only for the jury at the seminar» (Very good)
- I like the set up with two events but think that the public presentations should be linked to the spring exhibition. Why not?» (Very good)

12. Was the time of the final seminar sufficient?

The final seminar is the moment when your work was criticized by the jury.

30 svarande

Not sufficient at all»1 3%
Not sufficient»2 6%
More or less sufficient»3 10%
Sufficient»19 63%
Very much sufficient»5 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.83

- We had 40 minutes which was not at all sufficient to present and get feedback on work that you had worked with for 4 months. 20 minutes presentation is simply too short! According to me 1h30 is the minimum time required to present and comment a master thesis in a just way.» (Not sufficient at all)
- it was only 1 hour» (Not sufficient)
- We had 2hours which was good but I heard others only had 1hour which it strange that there is such a big difference. » (Sufficient)

13. What is your impression of the jury"s assessment at the final seminar? Do you think that the jury jugged your work correctly?

30 svarande

Not at all»1 3%
No»0 0%
More or less»5 16%
Yes»16 53%
Yes, really»8 26%

Genomsnitt: 4

- One person in the jury was very balanced and judged the whole work and process while the other didn´,t seem to like the project and was unbalanced and agressive in his critics with almost only negative comments, many of them personal views and not objective. This person also slept through our presentation which gives a really bad impression. » (Not at all)
- HTe jury was good and initiated in the work.» (Yes)
- They gave very good comments that helped me to focus on the final part of my work» (Yes, really)
- I only wish all tutoring occations had been this good!» (Yes, really)

14. What was the result of the jury at the final seminar?

I had to adjust my thesis.

29 svarande

No»12 41%
Yes»17 58%

Genomsnitt: 1.58

- I do not know if I had to change» (?)
- Endast redaktionella ändringar» (Yes)
- I knew before the seminar that my thesis was not complete» (Yes)
- We had an very early final sem. so everyone had to do adjustments afterwards» (Yes)
- Some small adjustments» (Yes)

15. Do you think that the censors gave you a good feedback?

30 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
No»1 3%
More or less»11 36%
Yes»14 46%
Yes really»4 13%

Genomsnitt: 3.7

- I think they should be allowed to give more detailed criticism, it"s valuable insight to get opinions from outside the school.» (More or less)
- They only asked questions about things they thought was lacking in the project. Well that is a bit late... » (More or less)
- My censor, Panu, gave decent feedback. I really appreciated the comments of erik stenberg at other students" presentations» (Yes)
- I got really interesting questions about my project, no meta questions about the general sitution at school = good.» (Yes really)

16. Do you think that the public presentation with the presence of a censor is necessary?

31 svarande

Not at all»1 3%
No»4 12%
Maybe»7 22%
Yes»13 41%
Absolutely»6 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.61

- I"m glad that the final seminar is not a public presentation» (Maybe)
- should be combined with the final seminar» (Maybe)
- Good with a public presentation for friends, family and if there are a company or other partner you´,ve worked with in the thesis. Also for students in the 4th year (and earlier) to be inspired. I´,m not sure the censors are needed though.» (Yes)
- I think it would be great if it would be even more public» (Absolutely)
- If nothing else, so for giving dignity of the moment of graduating from a 5 year academic education. I strongly believe as well that the quality of the master thesis "let through" at chalmers will be a lot higher if the examinors know that they will go through this external critique. I have the impression that Chalmers is validating too many inadequate projects (in all years, not only the master thesis) and I think that the school devalverar sitt värde i arkitektvärlden genom att agera på detta sätt. Därför är jag övertygad om att en hårdare kontroll utifrån enbart är av godo för skolan! » (Absolutely)
- It would have been better though, if it had been a bit more festive. It is a celebration after all. Now it was mostly just: "ok, good bye". Just a little comment to accknowledge all the hard work would have been very nice!» (Absolutely)

17. Do you think it is a bad idea to join the final seminar with the public presentation, and have one final presentation with jury and censors?

For the moment as you experienced you had to present you work for in a final seminar for a jury and publicly with the presence of a censor. The idea is that your work is jugged at at the final seminar While the school is judged by the censors.

30 svarande

Very bad idea»9 30%
Bad idea»7 23%
Neither bad nor good idea»8 26%
Good idea»5 16%
Very bad idea»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.4

- Slutseminariet skulle kunna kombineras med sensorerna, men examensdagen tillsammans med allmänheten bör ligga efteråt och vara en dag utan kritik.» (?)
- I think the two have different functions. One is my personal evaluation (final sem.) and the other is the public display of my work (final pres.)» (Very bad idea)
- Causing unnecessary stress on the students! No one will invite friends and family to this kind of seminar either thus loosing the festive feeling of graduation which is about to establish itself during these days. Don"t ruin the good thin that you are about to build up!» (Very bad idea)
- Then there would be even more pressure for the student on that one presentation. Also I think that the presentation would be more internal with only the student, jury and censor and that the opportunity for other students, friends and family will disappear to join the presentation. I believe it´,s better to make the public presentation even more public and advertise it better outside Chalmers and the internal seminar with the jury can be as it is (only for students and jury). » (Very bad idea)
- The jury is very valuable to let you adjust some things before the final presentation. It takes away a lot of pressure and stress for the final as well.» (Very bad idea)
- They have been coming and going and not always positive but I didnt see that anything changed after censors reflections.» (Neither bad nor good idea)
- I think they are to close to eachother.» (Neither bad nor good idea)
- I guess it meant to be very good idea at the option.» (Very bad idea)

Exhibition and Catalog

18. What do you think about the exhibition?

Tabita and some students have worked hard to prepare it. Did you like what they have done?

30 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
No»3 10%
More or less»9 30%
Yes»14 46%
Yes, really»4 13%

Genomsnitt: 3.63

- It totally lacked creativity. The catalogue was ugly and the colour thematics were both misplaced and misleading. » (No)
- First of all I think its very strange that the thesis not are part of the spring exhibition. 2 and a half day is a very short time. Look at HDK or valand and how they treat there thesis work. The exhibit in Konsthallen or Röda sten.Ljusgården is maybe not the best place. The layout of the folder was poor. » (No)
- But how interesting can some grey screens and posters really be? Not very. So they did good with what was available.» (No)
- When the exhibition becomes more formal, the level of design and the ambition within the students to create something amazing will be a result. We should have the 4th year architecture students make the exhibit. The exhibit should last at least 1 week - and should be more architectural! Tabita did a good job... but it should be the role of the students to make a real spectacle with our work! Increase the value = increase in quality!!» (More or less)
- when we filled the form how many meter we want I assumed we will have our names with space and we will put our posters there. NO! The sum of space was given for sure, but where to put unclear. Even the divisions of healthcare, housing etc.. was not written. So people hang to wrong places then changed..» (More or less)
- I would have loved the exhibition to be more adressed to the public.» (More or less)
- But I think it is really bad that the final thesis only can be shown for three days, Many other schools have at least three weeks.» (More or less)
- The exhibition was nice but to short exhibited, I didn´,t really have time to look at all the others and I don´,t understand why it´,s not a part of the spring exhibition. Why is the presentations during a time when all the other student have final submissions so they can"t be a part. School miss a good opportunity and good knowledge. » (More or less)
- It was to short time and should have ended the term.» (Yes)
- Why is the exhibition so short? Only a few days» (Yes)
- I liked it but thought that it would have been even better to ahve it together with the spring exhibition. Giving even more dignity to both events and maybe managing to attract people from outside the school as HDk and valand mangaes to do with their final exams» (Yes)
- very good and highly appreciated work. Thank you very much!» (Yes, really)

19. What the exhibition is well planed and prepared?

29 svarande

Very bad prepared»0 0%
Bad prepared»3 10%
Neither bad nor well prepared»7 24%
well prepared»17 58%
Very well prepared»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

- Impossible to understand question.» (?)
- The deadline of Friday was weird since the critics looked at the proposals only Sunday evening. Other, see previous.» (Bad prepared)
- Why we are hanging our posters for only 3 days while competitions or studio works stay longer time? Is Chalmers ashamed of our work? The value of one term or two terms work is just to present for 3 days? that is really weird. And what is the layouts about catalogue and posters regarding presentations? Who will want to see the presentations that has an announce like a court trial? » (Bad prepared)

20. How about delivering information to the catalog and booking your presentation time on-line?

As you know the catalog is a result of the information you put on line in the data base. Is it a bad procedure?

30 svarande

Very bad»1 3%
Bad»2 6%
More or less»9 30%
Good»17 56%
Very good»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 3.5

- The website was difficult to handle at first because it didnt respond to commands. Then the website worked fine. The images guidelines of max 250 kB was unprofessional since anyone working with images knows that is way to small to display anything of value, it should be at least 1 Mb, and would not make the document that much heavier.» (?)
- How about??» (Very bad)
- when you have sent us your congrats that we have graduated and expecting our work for catalogue, we didnt have final jury yet. So we had less then one week to fix everything that was real.» (Bad)
- It was vvery complicated. and the on-line system didn"t work well at all. SOmetimes it logged you out after having written lots of info in the text box and you had to do it all again. sometimes you couldn"t even log in there. » (Bad)
- It would be better if we could submit the images in the place as we give the information, and not email it separately» (More or less)
- The idea in it self is not bad but I think the layout of the catalogue is terrible» (More or less)
- The program was not always working.» (More or less)
- Its good that it is on-line. » (Good)
- Very convenient. » (Very good)

21. Do you like the catalog?

27 svarande

Not at all»2 7%
No»5 18%
More or less»10 37%
Yes»9 33%
Absolutely»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 3.07

- Never saw the catalog.» (?)
- I haven"t seen it.» (?)
- I never ever saw it actually.» (?)
- It"s honestly, REALLY ugly.» (Not at all)
- Who likes the catalogue? In an architecture faculty where we are spending our years on design we are presenting catalogue on default settings of chalmers. » (Not at all)
- It feel too simple and it is ugly. I think it would be a good idea to give the students the possibility to design their spread in the catalogue themselves.» (No)
- Bad layout, too small images. » (No)
- Have not seen it, and find the whole procedure poorly organized.» (No)
- Could definetaly be improved. That catalouge is hideous...» (No)
- It is a good initiative... but again, it should be much more ambitious and editorial! Using good paper quality, and more time...» (More or less)
- I haven"t seen it» (More or less)
- Have not seen it.» (More or less)
- I haven"t seen it.» (More or less)
- Didn´,t understand the purpose. Should be clearer what the catalogue is and for whom. Is the abstract in the catalgue the same as in the library? Is it possible to change the English title afterwards? » (More or less)

22. Do you think it is good idea to have the catlog on-line so people can acces it ?

As you know the catalog is published on our web and every one can access it.

31 svarande

Very bad idea»0 0%
Bad idea»1 3%
Neither bad nor good idea»7 22%
Good idea»14 45%
Very good idea»9 29%

Genomsnitt: 4

- I wonder if anyone can manage to access outside from Chalmers. It is too hard to find the catalogue. » (Bad idea)
- I think that at least the thesis-students should get one physical copy of the catalog. Of course it should also be available on-line. I never even saw the catalog because there were already a thousands things to remember and do during these days. For that reason it feels meaningless to have invested time and effort into something that I never got to see. A small improvenment could be that a link to the catolog could be e-mailed to the students when it is ready, as a reminder.» (Neither bad nor good idea)
- I"m not sure that there is an interest in this » (Neither bad nor good idea)
- The catalogue was apparently printed in 30 copies. Why was it not made available printed to all presenting students???????» (Very good idea)
- Even the public!» (Very good idea)

23. What was bad and must be removed?

Please point out some thing!

- Saddek Rehal should be removed. He should NOT be the coordinator. Please realize he needs to, A- Get a course in spelling. EVERYTHING is misspelled, emails, catalogue, website, you name it. B - Needs to get a crash course in how to manage information. He has, by own experience, repeatedly rebooked students presentations without notifying the student whatsoever. (occurred both 2010 and 2011, twice). »
- The complicated information system, it feels like it is scattered all over the intranet. All information regarding the Master Thesis should be lokated at one place.»
- The time period for the display was too short. There was no celebration for the students which reflects very poorly on Chalmers... »
- Alla inlämningar som ett pärlband i maj är extremt stressande. 2 maj - utkast, 10 maj slutseminarie, 15 maj katalog, 20 maj planscher och utställning, 23 maj examenspresentation... Det känns som att det aldrig tar slut. Kunde man minska ner på alla stressfulla deadlines på något sätt skulle perioden upplevts lättare.»
- put a clear link please»
- the working spaces during the thesis process!!! there was way to little space so that I found myself "fighting" for my desk at school. also the space issue became even more critical with the end of the term.. models, material and so on need some space! also there was a strong separation between international and swedish students. it is a shame, that you dont get to benefit from the international profile of chalmers in the best possible way. I found myself often chosing between swedish or international students but there were hardly situtions, were we were brought at one table all together the thesis exhibition should be lasting a bit longer as the 4th year students were engaged in the competition course and did not have time to watch the presentations or have a look at the exhibition.... »
- information of what to do after finish the thesis, like whom should we diliever the thesis to, should be more clear.»
- Own working place PLEASE!»
- Nothing»
- The layout needs to be changed. it must be distributed better.»
- the exhibition is fairly short.»
- Many examiners dont understand their role in the final presentation. This is a day of celebration, a ritual and half of the audience is not architects. It demands a explanation for the crows of the purpose of the seminar. Teachers should in this particular aspect learn from Morten Lund. »
- It was hard to find information about deadlines and the whole process (the guidelines document definitely needs to be updated)»
- Almost all information regarding the procedure of the thesis and the on-line catalogue. It felt unprofessional and as if we were invisible as students.»
- Having 2 presentation. I think they should be all in one as mentioned above.»
- I haven"t seen the catalog. My section was compressed and distorted in the monitor in the entrance hall.»
- Should be clearer what the catalogue is and for whom. Is the abstract in the catalog the same as in the library? Is it possible to change the English title afterwards? The exibition should last longer so that the other students have the possibility to see it.»
- Master thesis should finish after or at the same time as the other courses so that they have time to attend presentations.»

24. What do you think is good and must be preserved?

Please point out some thing!

- The censors are fantastic and very valuable.»
- The online forum.»
- Att själva examensdagen är en glädjens dag och ska vara utan kritik av projektet.»
- it is good that we see our work»
- the exhibition itself was very beautiful and well organised. I received a lot of help setting up my work. generally, the procedure was logic and good. the jury and censors at all 3 presenatations during the thesis process were helpful for a critical reflection of ones own work during the time. I appreciated the freedom of chosing my own thesis subject and got a lot of support for that from my examinor. that freedom should be definately preserved!!!»
- well prepared public exhibition»
- The freedom for the different studios to design the thesis process.»
- Mid term seminar»
- Having a catalogue at all is a good thing.»
- Mid critics.»
- Sending the report to the jury beforehands so they have time to study it. Though it would be even better if we got some comments back before the presentation to prepare for that.»
- The jury assessment and the final seminar.»
- Public presentations.»
- I haven"t seen it.»
- Good to have a public catalog online. »
- A good working environment.»

25. Do have any other comments and suggestions?

Please let me know!

- Remove Saddek from his post. It"s embarrassing. If the person reading this is Saddek, I"m sure you have other great skills that doesn"t involve coordination, Please use them somewhere else.»
- 1. Make a competition to determine the layout of catalogue. So we will have a good reputation for design outside of chalmers, 2. We filled if we had webpage of our thesis. Yes I had and I filled it, but the cataloge did"t include any webadresses. I had to print and put it to my posters later. 3. Put a direct link from architecture webpage for publications thesis etc. 4. Give a list to the students about examiners and their professions on the webpage before thesis.»
- please make sure, that in the future, there will be enough working space for each student who likes to work at school!!! it is no use putting a lot of students in one small space. and a healthy mixture of international and swedish students would be nice to have to benefit from the international profile of the school. »
- I think it is a great need for the school to work for that the master thesis projects are more publicly displayed. The school needs to show what kind of projects their students are doing and what knowledge and creativity there is. Other arch. schools in sweden have adds in "arkitekten" for example. The master thesis exhibition should always be part of the spring exhibition and so on....»
- Maybe to arrange some sort of ceremony at the end of the examination days to celebrate the new architects. this could then be followed by a party, everyone loves a party! I think we need to make the final thesis presntaions an even more festive and joyful event!»
- This survey was not so good. The answers are not correct, and will give an biased result. for example no 7: "good guidance" are set againts "no guidance". this is wrong. spelling mistakes are not credible. »
- About the exhibition. But I think it is really bad that the final thesis only can be shown for three days, its a joke! Many other schools have at least three weeks.»
- This questionnaire also felt poorly organized, misspelled and unprofessional. If english is to be the language then use the knowledge from a person that knows the language.»
- To pay the advisor so they feel more responsibility towards students work.»

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