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Computational Fluid Dynamics, MTF072

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-01-07 - 2008-02-04
Antal svar: 13
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 65%
Kontaktperson: Sinisa Krajnovic»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers

1. How have you prioritised the course relative to the other courses this period.*

13 svarande

I have given the course highest priority.»8 61%
Equal to other courses in this period.»5 38%
Lowest priority in this period.»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.38

- slightly higher priority» (I have given the course highest priority.)
- The priority has been equal, but this course has been more time consuming» (Equal to other courses in this period.)

2. Was it easy to follow the lectures? Do you feel that the lecturer presented new material in a good way with illustrative examples when that was possible.*

- For me it was quite hard to follow the course, since this was my first course that dealed with numerical methods and i also missed some prerequirements in fluid mechanics theory. But also notice, that i am erasmus student.»
- It was not easy to follow the lecture because of the calcul. »
- yes»
- The lecture notes given on the internet was excellent it made the lectures easier to follow»
- one of the best courses so far, and probably the best as far as following lectures is concerned»
- The lectures were clearly structured and organized. The repetition part at the beginning of each lecture was very helpful.»
- Yes the lectures were and easy to understand.»
- Yes good lectures, always have an explanation and seems to really know whta he is talking about.»
- it was OK, maybe i had too less lectures of turbulence before»
- Sometime the examples are done too much fast.»
- The lectures where good and well organized»
- Was Ok.»
- It was easy to follow the lecture, as the chosen book and lecture notes (given to the student before the class started) provided a good way to prepare yourself for the lecture. By checking the course schedule you knew before the lecture, what the lecture would be about, to preparing to avoid basic misunderstandings was easily possible. Cross-checks could easily be made, if things remained unclear during the lecture. However, sometimes the examples presented were too easy. You can also over simplify things. This did not happen often, but towards the end of the course, more complex examples would have been good.»

3. What could be improved with the lectures?

- More time of the lectures should be spent in explaining the tasks.»
- Put more exemple, more exercices together»
- Hard to say»
- I can"t think of anything»
- The lectures were quite good and i dont think there is much to be improved.»
- Lectures is ok.»
- In the Lectures and in the book where no Units in the formulas. So you can hardly understand what is really going on in the calculation. For using the methods it was not necesarry to understand the physiks behind, but for finding mistakes it would make everything much easier. »
- More discussions. Don"t just write things on the black-board which can easily be read in the book and lecture notes. Present knew stuff, more difficult stuff or focus on one specific thing.»

4. How do you grade the performance of the lecturer?*

13 svarande

Excellent»4 30%
Good»6 46%
Ok»3 23%
Not good enough»0 0%
Very poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.92 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- I learned a lot of things and i am able to do things now/make calculations that i never thought i will be able to do...» (Excellent)
- some introductions of new equations, ideas etc were rather quick. Sometimes the lecturer overestimated the previous knowledge of the class.» (Good)

5. What could be improved with the lecture notes?

11 svarande

Excellent»1 9%
Good»8 72%
Ok»2 18%
Not good enough»0 0%
Very poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.09

- More concrete exemples» (?)
- The lecture notes are very good» (?)
- there are minor corrections that might be made, but in general they are concise and easy to read» (Excellent)
- Maybe a check if al the lecture notes are up to date. Always better if the lecturer himself has written the electure notes.» (Good)
- Nothing should be improved. They are perfect.» (Good)

6. How do you grade the general quality of the lecture notes?*

13 svarande

Excellent»5 38%
Good»6 46%
Ok»2 15%
Not good enough»0 0%
Very poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.76 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- I was satisfied with the presented lecture notes. Open questions could easily be answered.» (Good)

7. Did you get enough help with computer exercises from the exercise teacher?*

- The assistent spent much time for me, helping me with the exercises. I felt like i got enough support.»
- Yes completly. A teacher was always available to speak»
- yes»
- The help with the hand-ins where first class»
- Definately yes»
- Yes, the exercise teacher was very patient, helpful and I always got the explanations I needed. »
- Yes, they were very helpfull in solving doubts that we had.»
- Yes deffinetly»
- yes! he took a lot of time to help us!»
- yes, the help is enough and very good.»
- Yes, the assistant teacher, Mohammad, was very helpfull»
- The help was ecellent. »
- Not really. One assistant teacher is not enough if there are so many students. Often you got two different answers for the same question. Most problems were caused by programming mistakes, not a misunderstanding of the subject in question. You have to be excellent in programming in Matlab in order to offer qualified help for students who got stuck with stuff which simply wont work. The rest is a waste of your and the students time.»

8. How would you grade the performance of the exercise teachers?*

13 svarande

Excellent»6 46%
Good»5 38%
Ok»2 15%
Not good enough»0 0%
Very poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.69 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Always humble and one gets the impression that he really wants to help you» (Excellent)
- a star for Mohammad» (Good)

9. What could be improved with the tasks?

- Nothing, they are very intersting»
- reduce the ammount, loose the third task»
- I don"t know»
- It wasnt always intuitive why we were supposed to answer some of the questions.»
- sometime the writing of the tasks is not so clear.»
- I think that you should get some points for the work you do in the assignments»
- Making the tasks take a lot of time for the programming and presentation.»
- Reduce the workload. The focus should be on showing that you understand the theory and solutions processes and not just that you can program in Matlab. There is too much focus on the programming process and to little on the understanding of the theory. Check the given tasks, e.g. boundary and initial conditions. Do they make physically sense ? Are the boundary and initial conditions chosen so that they fit to the chosen geometry layout, or will there be some numerical issues. Make sure that you can at least given an estimate of a correct solution, instead of just saying "the solution is wrong", so try to program the tasks yourself before giving them to students. »

10. How do you grade the tasks with respect to your learning progress, creating interest and general quality?*

13 svarande

Excellent»3 23%
Good»6 46%
Ok»3 23%
Not good enough»1 7%
Very poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.15 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Learning progress: You are forced to spent too much time on programming the solvers. In the end there is too little time left to analyse and interprete the results. Creating interest: No interested created in doing CFD simulations using my own code. General quality: Enough information was given to solve the problem.» (Not good enough)

11. How did you like the course arrangement (Lectures/Lecture notes/Computer exercises/Course homepage/Information)*

- all the information should be released at the page: student.chalmers.se»
- Very good arrangement, it is easy to find informations we look for»
- very good»
- too manny computer tasks!»
- should be kept the same way»
- The lectures and the exercises corresponded very well. Any information provided (lecture notes, further reading) was useful.»
- Lecture notes were helpfull and all the information was updated in the course homepage wich made helpfull.»
- Well balanced»
- was ok»
- every things were good. »
- yes»
- Good organized and interesting»
- Too little information was given on the course homepage. Information was often passed from student to student, not teacher to student, and a lot of information is lost by this. I would not have given up the course, had I known that there was a much larger flexibility with respect to deadlines for submitting reports and do presentations, then presented in the beginning of the course. »

12. How did you like the examples of use of CFD shown by the lecturer and the guests from industry? Do you think that these presentations helped you to understand how CFD is used in research and industry?*

- The examples gave good motivations.»
- Yes it is very important to have a view of concrete CFD applications»
- very good»
- they were ok,»
- Yes»
- I did not attend this specific lecture.»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- more CFD examples could have been shown, OK»
- yes, the presentation is very clear and it helps me to understand how CFD is used.»
- yes»
- It gave an idea!»
- I come from the industry, so I know how it is used in the industry. How CFD is used in research was interesting to see, as I come from a field, where computational investigations only are used to proof some developed analytical models, but seldom used on its own.»

13. What is your general impression of the course. Are your expectations satisfied?*

- The course demands a lot of working load. Even if this course was very hard for me, i am satisfied with the course and I would choose it again. »
- Good impression. My expectations were fully satisfied»
- yes»
- totaly ok»
- More than satisfied»
- The course was extensive and advanced. The tasks helped a lot to understand the theory.»
- As a basic course the information was good enough. But also i would like to have some advanced courses in CFD which will be very helpfull to gain indepth knoweledge.»
- The repetition in the beginning of the lecture was good. And the presentetion of each task makes you reaaly understand what you have been doing.»
- i was expecting something else, but it was because i didn"t know a lot about CFD. I am satisfied because know i have an overview about what CFD is and how it could be used.»
- yes, the course is interesting»
- The course was good and well organized»
- I am totally satisfied»
- No. Too many things popped up during the course and were not made clear from the beginning. However, I learned where to look for answers in the future and how the equations behind commercial programms like Fluent or CFX work and come from, so I cannot say that I have learned nothing. Because I learned a lot. I just think that it is sad that I could not earn any credits for the course.»

14. What is your general grade on the course?*

13 svarande

Excellent»2 15%
Good»7 53%
Ok»4 30%
Not good enough»0 0%
Very poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.15 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

15. Did the exam reflect the course in a fair way?*

- While i spent most of the time in working for the exercises, the exam was more about the theory. I think the exam should have been more about terms of the exercises.»
- The exam reflect pretty well the course»
- yes, maybe too much to write.»
- Yepp»
- yes»
- The exam reflects the lecture notes perfectly. But a fourth task/ homework - without any help from a teacher allowed - would be better than simply testing whether the student has memorized the lecture notes.»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- some parts, but not all»
- yes, but it was very long and enough difficult.»
- Some of the problems where of little importance, for example I think the teacher said that he had never used staggered grids. Otherwise the exam was good.»
- Yes, absolute!»
- NA»

16. Do you have any further suggestions on how the course could be improved?

- No»
- I think the course is good in this way.»
- The course is ok in the way it is!»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 1.93

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 1.93
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