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Research Design and Methods 2011, TEK 190

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-05-25 - 2011-06-09
Antal svar: 40
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 80%
Kontaktperson: Daniel Ljungberg»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers: masterskurs


1. I am originally coming from*

40 svarande

Industrial engineering at Chalmers»25 62%
another programme at Chalmers»5 12%
another Swedish university»0 0%
I am an international student»10 25%
I am an exchange student»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.87

2. I approximately attended

40 svarande

20 % of the lectures»4 10%
40 % of the lectures»1 2%
60 % of the lectures»6 15%
80 % of the lectures»20 50%
100 % of the lectures»8 20%
I did not attend any lectures»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.75

3. How did you study for the exam?

For example, began with slides, looked for additional explanations in Bryman & Bell, and read summaries of the papers, while discussing with others.

- Slides -> Summary of Book -> Summary of Artices -> Slides»
- 1) Slides 2) Summary of Bryman & Bell 3) Complemented the summary with the textbook 4) Summaries of articles 5) Complemeted with the actual articles 6) Discuss questions with classmates»
- jag läste slides och diskuterade med en annan student»
- Läste slides och diskutera samtidigt som jag förbannade kursboken och uppläggen på slidsen»
- I started with summarizing the key points from the Bryman & Bell book. Thereafter I summarized the key points from articles I found relevant. Finally I went through the slides a couple of times. It was difficult to study since the course material was extensive and it was quite impossible to get a full understanding.»
- bryman and bell, summaries of articles, then slides»
- Began with slides, read a summary of the book, read the articles I found most relevant, discussing with friends, reading my own notes»
- Slides and the litteratur»
- Lectures, books, and what I learned from the projects»
- almost nothing, to many projects at the same time.»
- Attended almost all the lectures, started out with summarizing the book. But only came until 10-11 of the chapters then had too much to do with the projects so only read through the slides and did some short summarizes of the articles, but not thorough enough.»
- Combined Slides, Bryman & Bell and Articles. Started to discuss the most important features of the course based on the slides, than let this guide me in my use of the other material.»
- First studying slides. Then summaries of articles, scan the book (especially for concepts). Repeat slides. Try to build my "own" frameworks, what can be used in the exam etc...»
- combination of slides, summaries of papers, slides from project 2 and the book.»
- I read summary of the book and articles as well as lecture slides.»
- slide, book,articles»
- Summaries the book and the articles, then read the slides»
- Study the lecture slides, Bryman and Bell and articles»
- Mainly the slides, but there waaay to much information in each slide, and there were to many slides. Try to condense and be more straightforward than abstract and fluffy. Why the hell include Bryman & Bell chapter 1?!? There was more or less no time to prepare for the exam, the project ate up all out time.»
- began with slides, looked for additional explanations in Bryman & Bell, and read summaries of the papers, while discussing with others.»
- My notes on the book and on the article. Also used the slides and made a summary on the course.»
- Read the slides and the articles and chapter of the book related with that class»
- Slides, articles and the book. Alone.»
- Summarized some Bryman & Bell chapters, then slides»
- I started looking at all the slides and read summaries of the book and papers, I didn"t have time to read the whole book!»
- read summaries of papers, then some parts of book, read fellow students"reports from project 2, then slide lectures.»
- Slides, complemented with the book, review summaries of articles.»
- slides => summary of book (had read the book) => perused/skimmed some of the articles that i hadn"t read quickly»
- Read summaries and looked at slides. Used Bryman and Bell to get some details which were not available in the previous two.»
- more effort on slides, then summary of books and papers»
- Began with slides and complemented with Bryman and Bell togehter with a summary of the book that was available. Read the articles last of all. »
- Summarized the slides, read the summary of the book and discussed with other students.»
- Read Bryman&Bell during the course and a couple of articles, studied slides, read summary of articles and Bryman&Bell, studied slides again, discussed with friends, wrote my worst exam ever»
- made my own summary of the slides. I Looked at old exams and browsed through the book by writing down every concept on a paper and its explenation on the back. Read summary of the papers that the class made.»
- Began with the slides, looked at stuff I thought was important in the book, looked through the papers, looked more at the slides»
- Started with the slides and summaries to get an overview, then read allathe articles and Bryman and Bell briefly.»
- I didn"t»
- Went through all material for each class (slides and suggested readings)»
- Read the book only for the related concepts and looked t the slides»

4. How did you work in the project groups?

- Always together, always discussing what we did. It was a great way to learn how to implement all the concepts practically.»
- Efficient»
- Jag jobbade väldigt mycket då en i gruppen inte jobbade. Det tog mycket på krafterna att behöva förklara allting för honom samt att behöva sitta och skriva om precis allt han hade skrivit då det var totalt oanvändbart.»
- Alldeles för mycket... Men hörrenini, vad är detta för fråga egentligen, vad vill ni få ut av den? Om arbetet gick bra eller inte? eller om man plannerat det bra eller... eller...??»
- We had frequent, short meetings where we discussed what to write. The interviews (in the second project) and data collection (in both) was conducted together with the whole group.»
- I worked well»
- Together. Worked well»
- As a group as much as possible»
- hur ska du få bra svar på detta? omformulera»
- We did most of the work together. »
- We spent a lot of time discussing and working together, especially project 3 was a challenge both in how to setup the research design and how to reach potential interviewees.»
- I was in a good group, doing equal amount of work.»
- we worked together all the time, couldn´,t devide the tasks.»
- discussing most of the time »
- maintain consensus opinion »
- We did everything together almost. It went well!»
- Meeting, divide the work, meeting and discuss for the next part and divide the work»
- We had a really good group, equal amount of work»
- Much, especially project 3 was much more time consuming than I thought.»
- Intensive work. »
- Both individually when possible, but mostly as a group, maintaining an open discussion.»
- Looked especially for external literature»
- Did you prestest this question magnus?? What do you mean? High level of abstraction. We sat together and discussed and wrote..»
- time-consuming, we had meetings everyday, separated works, then came back to discuss. »
- First group meetings to discuss the assignment and to structure reports/presentations. Then work was divided in topics so each person could look further literature in his/her subject.»
- we worked pretty much with both projects, perhaps a tad too much on 1st and perhaps at tad too little on the 2nd»
- Actively.»
- put much effort on the projects, discussion, finding solution and writing reports together with groupmates»
- Since so much was related to each other, we mostly sat togheter when writing. We therefore spent som whole days together structuring and performing the projects. »
- Sat at home, wrote the whole damn thing myself. Had some interviews with people I know in different companies.»
- We sat togheter most of the time but with diferent tasks, exception when everyone performed phone interview simultanously »
- We where very organized, we always worked tohether.»
- Many meetings, sequentially. Hard to get an overview from the start. »
- Very much together»
- We made up a time schedule and followed it well. We worked well together in the group and learned a lot from the projects»

Questions on the course

5. How important was the topic of the course?*

40 svarande

Irrelevant»0 0%
Not important»0 0%
Maybe useful»3 7%
Useful»23 57%
Very important»14 35%

Genomsnitt: 4.27 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

6. How much did you learn from the course?*

40 svarande

Nothing at all»0 0%
A little»1 2%
Medium amount»10 25%
Much»16 40%
Very much»13 32%

Genomsnitt: 4.02 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

7. How demanding was the course?*

40 svarande

Not at all demanding»0 0%
Slightly demanding»1 2%
Quite demanding»5 12%
Demanding»13 32%
Very demanding»21 52%

Genomsnitt: 4.35 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

8. How interesting do you think the topic of the course was?*

40 svarande

Not at all»1 2%
Slightly interesting»8 20%
Quite interesting»14 35%
Interesting»15 37%
Fascinating»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.22 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

9. Was the course better or worse than you expected?

- Better!»
- Slightly better»
- Mycket värre. Främst på grund av den katastrofala gruppen. En i gruppen kunde inte samarbeta, tog inga initiativ och hade varken engelskakunskaper eller sakkunskaper.»
- WORSE! hade förväntat mig en kurs med ett bra upplägg med ett strukturerat upplägg och vettig kursbok. Men fick vi det? Nej.»
- It was pretty much as I had expected. It did however not cover the same topics as I had in mind.»
- better»
- Much better, although it took me about six weeks to understand that I was realy interested in the area»
- bra ämne, väldigt användbart, behövs nästa två kurser»
- Better»
- Approximately as I expected, as I have heard some good things about it from the lecturer before.»
- Better, now I really understand how to master and question research approaches and methods!»
- better»
- Better»
- Better»
- Worse, and I had bad expectations»
- Much better»
- As I thought more or less, had heard that it was a lot.»
- It was according with my expectations»
- Pretty much what I expected, perhaps a bit harder only.»
- Much better»
- It was AS I expected, I didn"t grasp anything until the exam.»
- It was what I expected.»
- Quite better.»
- better since it was more connected to "the real world" than expected, and the philosophy of science lectuer/articles added value»
- As a course a little bit better, as for the studying per say, worse. Had difficulties to structure the learning, very much content which i learnt in a few days.»
- better»
- Better, when I started to read about the different methods I realised how important it is that you do things right. Also, since we read so much literature and articles I found in intersting to know be able to be a bit more critical when reading the method sections.»
- I had heard some things, but the course exceeded my expectations. »
- Better»
- I did not expect anything»
- Pretty much what I expected. More useful than I originally thought perhaps»
- Much better.»
- Worse, there is really too much to do in this course!»
- Better»

10. Comments on the lecturer

- As always very good, a laid-back style and always very helpful»
- Experienced and insightful»
- Engagerad och kunnig. »
- Det känns som att Magnus besitter mycket kunskap och erfarenheter men Magnus lyckades inte förmedla dessa på ett bra sätt. Det som saknades var en klar struktur»
- Pedagogical and interesting to listen to.»
- sometimes i do not understand him. He provides too much information at once.»
- Realy good, a lot of annecdotes and stories that makes the lectures more interesting. Althoug sometimes it feels like the purpose if to make everything is hard as possible. The reason that no one speaks in class is most often no one have a clue what to answer.»
- många egna erfarenheter men svårt att följa föreläsningarna»
- Very good, could be a bit more pedagogical in the lectures, but always helpful answering questions etc.»
- Great! As always Magnus has a capability to wrap things up in the end in a great way.»
- Very good, I like your style of lecturing. »
- good, but sometimes with a little lack of energi.»
- Not bad but mostly repeating the same things.»
- accent»
- Good but sometimes talks too much about unrelevant topics»
- Sometimes hard to understand what he says but he is willing to help you.»
- Be more friendly, explain stuff in such a way that the students understand and don"t assume that all students know everything from the beginning, we"re here to learn. Additionally, dont put that much "read before the lecture" for the FIRST lecture, we never get to rest. I remember something you said in Ec"s of innovation: "The students don"t realize the course started when it started", but I would rather say we need to start the course before it started to be able to manage that.»
- Good, but talks a bit fast, which makes it hard to follow sometimes.»
- Good, just as in the last course.»
- Very competent and nice mate that seems to care about students. However should perhaps try to reduce the uncomfortable follow-up questions and push students less that answere in order to create more interactive lessons»
- WOW! It was really hard to follow!»
- difficult to comprehend sometimes by lecturer"s accent, course content.»
- Good, although a lot of information is given at the beginning, sometimes it was hard to follow. »
- good, easier to follow now than first course, don"t know if that is due to me or magnus though»
- Good lectures, interesting.»
- great!»
- Very good lazy lectures. Think all groups during my lecture had informative yet intersting and funny slides. »
- Did not attend that many lectures, so no comments.»
- I liked the lectures but sometimes it is hard to understand what the main message of each topic is. Magnus has a tendency to talk about very much in the same time which makes the lecture interesting and amusing but somewhat hard to follow.»
- I usually loose focus during lectures, I find them sweeping. However, when you study the slides you realize that they are top class! I think that if I had studied the slides before going to lecture I would have got much more out of it, cause I would have been able to follow.»
- I will miss Magnus :) He is fun, but sometimes it is difficult to follow what he is talking about. You really have to concentrate to follow his train of thought »
- it is better if he speaks slower»

11. Comments on the lecture slides

- Not always very structured, but still useful»
- Overal good but sometimes a bit messy»
- Katastrofala. De är varken slides eller dokument. Det är nån slags korsning. De fungerar varken vid presentationen eller att försöka läsa i efterhand. Röriga, dessutom motsäger flera slides varandra i slidepacken. Mycket mer struktur och ordning och reda behövs. »
- Helt hopplösa. Katastrofala. Varken slides eller dokument. Man får verkligen anstränga sig för att finna någon som helst indikation till struktur i dem. I kort föll nästan hela kursen med detta sätt att göra och organisera slides på. Men förstå mig rätt, det fanns användbart material i dem, men det krävde rejält med bearbetning för att extrahera var de var och hur de hängde ihop. Det fanns också flertalet motsägelser i slidsen.»
- The slides can be a bit unstructured and the same information appears several times. Nonetheless they are comprehensive and clear.»
- A lot of slides»
- Great, especially when using them to study for the exam and working with the reports. A bit hard to follow during lectures but not too bad.»
- Long»
- bra»
- They were quite good but could be a bit easier to know what was important.»
- Good, especially the slides that combine Landry, KJ-Shiba and Innovation Audit is really high quality in terms of intellectual challenge and interest. Also, the logic of using all the questions of "Why should I take this course?" on a slide in the beginning and then wrap it up by answering all those on the last lecture. For instance the example with Einstein and an Amoeba is great.»
- Good, but sometimes a little bit too messy. The amount of slides could be decreased in some cases even if I understand your rationale of repeating different things. »
- good information but simetimes a little messy.»
- should have a note for some slide »
- Very good and contains a lot»
- Relevant but sometimes a bit fuzzy»
- To much information, condense it and make it more straightforward»
- Hard to follow during the lectures but when I was studying I understood them much better,»
- Very many slide at each lecture, but quite useful before the exam.Boring without pictures.»
- Sooooo many slides! ...»
- Good for exam studies but poor format when teaching»
- They were actually good when I went through them individually, I think they were condusing during the lectures.»
- Good, but confuse somehow.»
- They were useful to study for the exam. When printing the slides, the boxes with light colors and white letters don"t print well and also during the lecture were a bit hard to read.»
- good, in first course missed lecture meant = ???? when reading those slides. now slides were very useful despite not attending»
- "huge" and a bit hard to grasp.»
- a little bit complicated and some information replicated»
- Too many concepts and too little explanations to them. Since the book sometimes had different definitions than the slides and also some concepts was not in the book, it at times became difficult to know what some word/concepts meant. »
- Mostly pretty clear but some slides were a bit confusing. »
- Better structure than Economics of Innovation but still a bit to muck information for being used in lectures. good when studing for exam though.»
- The words that are used on the slides are very difficult. I consider myself being good/ok in English, still there where many word in each class that I did not understand. And since asking about the meaning would probably uncover my stupidity I did not ask in class»
- Great!»
- Too many, too much information that isn"t even gone through in the lectures.»
- they are good for studying for the exam»
- they are not that easy to understand when you look afterwards»

12. Comments on the guest lecturers

- Good»
- Jag var tyvärr inte där då.»
- No comments»
- the last one was very good. The one who worked in Switzerland.»
- Only attended one, have no clue what is was about so I guess thats not to good.»
- Alright»
- OK, but maybe the role of them and what they"re message is needs to be more clear.»
- I attended Martin Wallin"s lecture. Very professional.»
- did not attend»
- We had only one which was good»
- There very not many. But those that were was good.»
- Excelent guest lecturer»
- Good, no anchors..»
- didn"t provide me any new knowledge»
- Good.»
- Extremely interesting and useful the lecture from Martin Wallin»
- the guy from ETH had a great lecture. didn"t attend any other guest lecture»
- They were good.»
- Good quest lecuters. We discussed Martin Wallins article in the seminar course so was interesting to hear him talk about how he did the study. »
- **»
- good»
- Did not attend...»
- Bad»

13. Comments on the course book and compulsory articles?

- Course book is good, but it is veeeeryyy long. »
- Too much information in Bryman and Bell which made it boring to read»
- Kursboken var väldigt pratig och det var mycket onödig information.»
- BYT KURSBOKEN! Första kapitlet formligen avrättar all motivation till att läsa resten av boken. Boken är plottrig och kommer aldrig till poängen. Ge oss en kursbok som är KONKRET. De eventuella positiva delarna av bokens innehåll och funktion väger absolut INTE upp för de negativa. byt byt byt. Artiklarna var helt ok, hade gärna sätt ett kort dokument som talar om vad varje artikel är ämnad till att bidra med. Tex artikel XXX är ett bra exempel på ett experiment. Artikel XXX vill visa koncept XXX men var uppmärksam på artikel XXX .. »
- The course book is very extensive and has a rather weird structure. I think the point is to read it from cover to cover since finding specific topics is hard.»
- Good»
- The book is horrible, it mixes some realy abstract information with basic facts for ten year olds ("it is good to record an intervew")»
- jobbig bok. bra artiklar»
- Course book was alright, but too much text, could"ve summarized the important stuff in 1/10 of the pages..Compulsory articles i only had a limited time to read through, but seemed alright.»
- Some articles were great, others were less good. Maybe it would be good to use more instructions on what to focus on in the articles. The Bryman and Bell book is really thorough, with a lot of text. A challenge to go through to know what to focus on.»
- Course book covers everything, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. Articles good I think.»
- cover all but exhausting to read.»
- the workload was too much that I could not get in-depth knowledge on most parts.»
- hard to understand a book»
- Good»
- Very relevant»
- Very many pages to read, because of the author not being able to be "short and consistent" as always with books from US. The articles were good, but Popper extreamly boring.»
- The book uses kind of a pretentious language to explain not so advanced concepts. The articles were however, motsly, interesting!»
- Very extensive book which could reduce the number of words by 50 percent»
- they were ok, too much to read though»
- Book was too wordy, too thick. Articles"re ok.»
- Too much, it was hard to grab everything in two months.»
- tedious and annoying book to read, but all in all it is alright given the topic. didn"t read all articles, but some where good some bored you to death.»
- Very heavy, took to much time to read and a bit hard to priorities. To much work.»
- good, even though it is a hard work to finish reading»
- Good articles. The book is too long as it includes so much text that don"t bring any value. »
- Course book was extensive and sometimes contradicted the articles and lecture slides.»
- Boring book but it seems to cover al aspectgs of the course which is good. Did not read all the articles but the ones i read were pretty good»
- Many of the articles where so long and took a long time to read despite there where maybe only half a page that where related to the course material. Do I have to mention the book, it is long and it is heavy to carry around»
- Very good book. Some of the articles seemed kind of irrelevant»
- Articles good! Book was a lot of bla bla »
- good amount of articles, not too many. And relevant»

14. How was Project 1 (KJ-Shiba), in terms of learning and demand?

- Very good! Practically oriented and interesting. Not very demanding»
- Great with learning by doing»
- Klart intressant och lärorikt. Något som jag kommer ta med mig i min "verktygslåda" för framtiden»
- Great in every way»
- It was great for problem formulation»
- I found it interesting. However I think we should have done something more with it that would force us to reflect more. Write a paper of conclusions or something...»
- Good»
- Good»
- bra övning, användbart.»
- Very good, remember a lot of good things about it. Not to demanding.»
- Great for understanding how it was used, not so demanding.»
- Very useful for the future.»
- good, not very demanding but I really learned how the methid work.»
- quiet good»
- good»
- Great»
- Learn how to identify problems by using a workshop. Quite useful if we can use it in the future.»
- Low demand, much learning, fun!»
- Good, actually remember how to do KJ-Shiba becuase of the practice.»
- It was very good to learn in practice a method that allow the formulation of hypotheses. Medium demand»
- Nice to do something practical and to see what the method actually entails rather than trying to understand by reading only. Had the fortune of being invited to a focus group as well (on of the other groups of the lazy lecturer) which gave me some more insight even in such methods!»
- Good for learning»
- GOOD! »
- Good practice.»
- It wasn"t demanding, and I think is a useful experience.»
- good, first 2 hours (meh this sucks), last 2 hours (hmm this kinda works after all!).. »
- Good learning, fun, not to demanding.»
- great»
- Good, interesting and funny to do it in pratice and not only read about it. It made you realize how difficult it is to perform different strategic group work. »
- Very good, now I see the usefulness of the method.»
- Really good.»
- good»
- Not very demanding but learnt quite a bit about it»
- Good!»
- Good»
- good. learned a lot and it was fun and not at all demanding»

15. How was Project 2 (Lazy lecturer), in terms of learning and demand?

- Learned a lot about our topic, and not very demanding.»
- Got good insight in my own topic but perhaps less on the others. Not that demanding.»
- Det var bra och vi lärde oss en hel del.»
- Helt ok»
- Good, but I had expected to learn about every topic. During the day I presented a few topics were not discussed. Not too demanding.»
- It was good»
- I learnt a lot from my own project but not much from listening to the others.»
- Good»
- Good»
- tog för mycket tid från projekt 3, annars bra.»
- Learnt some good stuff and was medium demanding.»
- Great for learning methods and what other learnt, really smart way of arranging this type of learning. Demand: Average»
- Learnt very much about different methods.»
- quite demanding and you only get good insight about one method»
- quiet good»
- learn a lot for own topic»
- Good»
- I learn so much from this project, esp from other groups.»
- A good level of demand, and it contributed to the learning.»
- Not as demanding as proj 3, but quite a lot to think about.»
- I learned a lot about the research method, but it demanding much time and effort»
- You learned a lot about your particular method but the other ones you don"t really getthat good of a picture of only listening to the lectures.»
- Quite lazy»
- Really good!»
- A lot learning and demanding.»
- It was quite demanding, but I think is a good way to approach the subjects.»
- pretty good overall, not too demanding and good way of learning.»
- A very nice exercise, although it gave medium learning and not to demanding. »
- great, learn a lot »
- Good, as you learned a method really good. However, more time was given to the project than I think I learn. »
- Fairly ok in terms of both learning and demand. »
- Quite good when it comes to learning, not in the sence of learning about the method but learning that there is alot of stuff to think about when performing a study. Felt like the efforts needed for performing the project was very unequal between different methods/groups.»
- good»
- It worked better than I thought in terms of learning the different methods. »
- Very good!»
- Good»
- Good, learned a lot and did"t require that much (however, I haven"t seen our results yet.. maybe we didn"t do enough...)»

16. How was Project 2, in terms of listening to the other groups presenting different methods?

- Very interesting!»
- Good presentations and a quick way to get general information about the other methods»
- Intressant men borde ha varit obligatoriskt»
- De bästa föreläsningarna på hela kursen...»
- Interesting way of learning. Some things were very memorable.»
- very good»
- I think some groups focused too much on their own results instead of discussing the method itself. Did not learn to much. Maybe a good thing could be to spread out the presentation, two each friday or something like that.»
- Good»
- fick bättre förståelse för metoderna, bra förklarat.»
- It was alright, could"ve benefited more from listening but is mainly my own fault.»
- As above, great way of arranging. »
- Very Good.»
- always hard to capture much from a presentation.»
- we couldn"t be present on all topics.»
- good»
- Very useful and I learned a lot»
- Really nice, although not detailed but get the feeling of hw each method works.»
- Useful, the students are making better slides than you ,)»
- Good learning»
- Really good presentations from everybody, I learnt a lot!»
- Intereting, although it was so much information for just one day!»
- Not very deep knowledge provided.»
- Interesting»
- I liked it!»
- Good.»
- It was good. Having the presentations as hand-outs helped to clarify some aspects.»
- so so, personally i am in sort of a "mode" when a presentation waits around the corner. and after you presented you"re like, oh yeah, it"s over. and you kinda zoom out from what"s going on. though, i think it gave you enough to answer the questions on the exam.»
- Good learning, very useful slides.»
- good enough»
- Good presentations. Everyone presented their methods in a really interesing and exciting way. »
- Did not attend»
- It was good to geta clear presentation of all the methods, »
- good»
- All of the different topics should have been on both of the presentations but listening to them was fine»
- Interesting. Involved presentation skills which we need. »
- Good»
- It was fun to listen to the other groups. It was good when I had participated in another group"s project. I was in the Focus group and I learned a lot from that»

17. How was Project 3 (Opem innovation research), in terms of learning and demand?

- Indeed demanding, the instructions should be clearer! However, learned a lot!»
- Good in terms of doing a project with the focus on the method. »
- Fruktansvärt jobbigt. Dålig gruppdynamik.»
- Lite för mycket att leverera jämfört med mängden poängen som projektet motsvarade. Enormt undervisande dock, lärde sig massor!»
- It was difficult to know how important the findings are and how important the method is. Whether it is demanding or not is a question about ambition and our group did a rather ambitious effort.»
- very demanding but great for learning»
- Demanding and unclear but fun in the end. I wished we started earlier but a the same time I wished we started after having read through all the material. Although it got me start to reflect of a lot a stuff, it was fun to do it but I am afraid that, even if I learned a lot, I wont get a good grade. Did not know enough when we started.»
- Very good»
- Good»
- Gillade övningen men skulle behövt mer tid. skippa projekt 2 flytta inlämningen till en vecka innan tentan.»
- Learnt a lot! But was very demanding if you were to present a good project.»
- Great for learning the combination of research methods in a research design. Really demanding in figuring out how to setup the research in the first place, due to the free type of questions.»
- Demanding, in terms of reaching people etc. Learnt a good way of designing research first qualitatively and then quantitatively.»
- goods in terms of learning but very demanding»
- too complicated as an assignment.»
- good»
- Learning was great. Demand was high since it was not straightforward what to do.»
- You learn research process from this project, also the way to triangulate and other detailed stuff in conducting survey.»
- Way to much demand, thus low motivation and little time to learn. The PM was way to fluffy. GIGO»
- Great demand but also a great learning»
- More demanding than I thought. Great learning though! Very much to think about when doing it.»
- Learning and demanding a lot. »
- Highly demanding for sure! However the most learning of the projects, so definitly a good one to have. Perhaps just to have it sooner if possible.»
- Very good for learning but also quite demaning»
- Really good!»
- It"s a hard and complicated project, required to study a lot. So demanding.»
- Very demanding, too much work. The quality of the report may be affected by the amount of work. Nevertheless, it was a good way to learn. It"s a trade-off between quality of report Vs learning a wide range of aspects in research. Maybe if it has less requirements, the quality will be better but you will learn less. Anyway, we survived ,), but the last couple of week weren"t fun.»
- too demanding in terms of contacting calling etc etc. i guess that is the purpose. otherwise not that demanding. learning wise very much, it was during the end of project 3 i started seeing what the course truly was about and understanding concepts like different types of validity f0 real.»
- Medium in difficulty. Should be handed in earlier, deadline maybe a week or two before exam. The deadline and presentation for project two should be earlier.»
- good learning process for research methods, but the schedule is tight for us»
- Took a lot of time in order to be able to make all the interviews. However, good to have this project as you got understanding into the whole research process and how things are related. The deadline should have been put earlier for both projects so that you did not have to work on this project during the eaxm week. »
- The pdf file with instructions for project 3 was rather unclear. Had to read it two times before I even understood what to do. What I learned the most is that Open innovation is some fuzzy blahablaha.»
- Took to muck time!»
- good»
- Rather demanding but learnt a lot about how to conduct social research. Maybe consider requiring less interviews since they are very time consuming»
- Very useful for the overall learnig of the course. Made you apply all the material.»
- Too much»
- Good, learned a lot but it required pretty much work»

18. Comments on the exam (difficult? demanding?)

- Do not know yet»
- I will know tomorrow»
- Haha I have not done the exam yet, Maybe I am answering this surve too early!!!»
- Well, now I have answered all the questions without reading the question first. I havent written the exam yet so I dont know but I guess it will be hard and confusing.»
- Difficult»
- Difficult»
- It was quite difficult but mainly because of the lack of study on my part. 15 points was a bit too much on the ethics questions compared to the small amount of effort put on it in lectures.»
- Really demanding in terms of time to cover 3X15 points questions and not missing things on each.»
- Yes, when having so much to write you do not really have the time to think about how to outline the question overall before you begin to answer. However, I think that the exam was good and covered the most vital aspects of the course.»
- too much for the time given. but godd level of difficulty»
- I think the questions needed a pre-test! They were too general that it took long time to realize what they are asking.»
- difficult, 1st question took a lot of time. can"t answer all question in time »
- Did not felt that it tested the course content good.»
- Exciting but not sure what is the right way to do it.»
- The first part was too difficult due to the nature of the correcting of the questions, as well as the formulation. There were at least 3 words that did not even exist in the large english dictionary! Don"t make it more complicated!»
- I don"t think that the quiz test our knowledge in a good way since many alternatives can be either or, depending on situation.»
- DIFFICULT and DEMANDING!!! You have to be nice to us! The questions were very broad, so it felt that I couldn"t write as much as a wanted to. Too little time, too big questions.»
- I wish if I had more time finished the exam... Although I knew the answers, I was not able to write down the, because the time available was little.»
- As long as you know something you can always get something written on the large questions, however the multiple choice questions are a f*****g pain.»
- appropriate exam»
- I don"t know the result yet, but I think it was too long! I didn"t have time to finnish it!!»
- Difficult some extent.»
- Time was limited for the amount of analysis required to answer the questions. The multiple choice part was tricky, I don"t think is the best way to evaluate the concepts. The last question, I"m still not sure what to answer. It would be very useful to have some comments about the answers (in general), so we can learn from our mistakes!»
- true false was good. first 2 questions were good, difficult enough and not too demanding. 3rd Q was kind of bad imo, too specific with the W model. Dislike exams where an entire answer is built around some kind specific model. even if you suggested other answers, when u saw w model,realized you really never paid much attention to it as it was like hmm just one little nuance you kinda gave up. "Use model X to explain Y" questions are bad. if my opinion counts, just say explain Y next time! »
- Time limit, hard to really know how one should proceed as there are no "obvious" answers, but thats how it is in life. It was demanding but not to demanding. It was difficult in the sense of you do not really know if you are wrong or right, or if you focus on the right things. Other exams tend to be easy from in this perspective.»
- demanding»
- Too little time for the 3 large questions. Otherwise, the questions represented the course well. »
- I liked the fact that it was rather practice oriented. Not too diffucult.»
- Good exam BUT the exam setting was horrible. I got my exam 15 minutes late and didn´,t have time to finish, I was really frustrated by that and the fact that people were moving around and talkning while handing in the first part.»
- It was a disaster having it in two parts. Allmost everyone where done at the same time so people had to wait in line to get the next part. Also estamating the time for the later part was impossible as we did not see it in the beginning. There where several words that I did not understand, even with the dictionairy, so that was bad. Beside that the questions where ok.»
- The exact same questions might just as easily have been on a take home exam. So very demanding/difficult. Very hard to know what is considered an okay answer. »
- Good!»
- I hated the exam. I got so tired from just reading the exam text that I gave up and did"t have the energy to write a good answer. So for me that really sucked because I think that I have learned a lot in this course but I wasn"t able to show it in the exam. The multiple choice was good. But the other questions were boring and tiring. Sorry to say it»

19. How was the "study environment" of the course, in terms of teacher interaction, student portal etc?

- Worked out fine»
- Good»
- It was good, no particular comments»
- great. teacher accesible.»
- mycket bra diskussioner när man frågar magnus om något.»
- It was good, the teacher was always ready to help if needed.»
- Worked well, support available.»
- Good! Like your communication through the study portal»
- good»
- It was not motivating enough.Everything was like a hard task not something interesting to learn.»
- good»
- Great»
- Very friendly and helpful.»
- Interaction?»
- Good»
- Good updating on the study portal!»
- Good»
- Teacher interaction great, always great to feel you can swing by and ask you (Magnus) about details regarding the projects etc. and get great answers. Don"t know if everyone realizes that? Probably best for those who have realized what great help you provide, otherwise you might get swamped... The student protal.. Well, it"s the student portal, no more, no less. Uploads, group signup and all that worked.»
- OK!»
- Good, well organized. I liked rooms outside Vasa building.»
- Good, no complaints!»
- good»
- Very good, well organized and little "hierarchy".»
- good enough»
- Good study envrionment!»
- Good. 5 on a Likert scale of 7.»
- Good»
- good»
- fine»
- Very good!»
- good»

20. How was the administration of the course?

- No remarks»
- Enough»
- Good»
- good»
- bra»
- Good.»
- Really clear»
- Good»
- good»
- very good»
- good»
- Good»
- Good»
- Bad timing with the exam and P3»
- Good»
- Good»
- Good»
- Realize that part of the course is to independently form studys and on your own come up with what has to be done, but still some clearer instructions might have been a good idea.»
- OK!»
- Good.»
- Good»
- good»
- Good.»
- good enough»
- Sufficient»
- quite good»
- ok»
- fine»
- Can"t complain»
- good»

21. A course on research methods needs to deal with a) hands-on issues concerning how to conduct research studies (e.g. how to construct questions in surveys), b) structural issues regarding how to proce

- What? Did you pre-test this form?»
- Do not understand how to answer this question...»
- Bägge»
- I can not see option b), but A it is good option»
- don"t know what b is supposed to be but a for sure.»
- Both, with main focus on the a)»
- Both!»
- it seems that this question needs to be reformulated.»
- Both»
- Pretest your question, it contains ambiguity!»
- Both»
- OK? Or what, am I supposed to chose one of the alternatives? Dude, you have to specify how to answers thoroughly!!! ,) And what is "structural issues regarding how to proce"? Did the other half of that sentence fall out? I guess, without knowing what b) is, a) sounds about right regarding what I think such a course should be about.»
- Did you pretest this question magnus??»
- I dont understand this question. but could be a. »
- Not sure how to answer this question. I think it is not fully displayed. Expect a low rate of response for this one ,)»
- both»
- ?? Question incomplete»
- a)»
- (do not understand question.)»
- Don"t understand b) Aggree with a)»
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Other comments

22. Additional comments or suggestions

- Useful course...»
- Fixa nya slides med struktur, but kursbok, slimma projekt 3 eller dela upp det.»
- Enjoy summer holidays!! »
- väldigt användbar kurs»
- Was unable to attend the lectures, but the course as a whole was interesting. A possible suggestion: The course came off in the beginning as one with a heavy academic focus (i.e. academic research), although everything covered, including the majority of examples, are not. Perhaps emphasize that research methods and information collection is essential wherever most industrial engineers will go - especially in consulting »
- The logic in Magnus courses are great, as soon as you understand it.»
- Have a nice summer Magnus!»
- Be nice to us when correcting the exams!»
- You can consider the exam your pre-test for coming years regarding handing the exam out in two parts separatly (if this was the first time you did it like this?) and scrap that idea! Only resulted in confusion, people not understanding where the other part was before reading the description, people handing in their first part when the examintation supevisor was going around taking everyones name which resulted in him having to call all those people back because they filled in their hand-ins wrong, lines building up in the middle of the exam ... Was not optimal in a logistic viewpoint.»
- Assignments were overwhelming. Too much for 7 weeks study.»
- In general a lot of work, a bit of a nightmare for a couple of weeks, but good learning outcome. It is by far the most demanding course, in terms of assignments. If you compare to other MEI courses, it could be say that in average we have one project per term, here we have 3 (2 major ones). Maybe its too much.»
- wasn"t a problem for me, but when i read the summary of all the articles it struck me that people really hadn"t understood that it was the methodolgy that was of interest not the actual content. the saad article summary was about conspicious consumption etc. there are some noobs out there that needs to know this beforehand. save them some time next year. »
- Good course, a bit to heavy and hard to grasp the exam. Make the deadlines earlier so there will be "more time" to study to the exam.»
- enven though it is tough, I learn a lot. Jing Wang»
- Put the KJ shiba exercise last of the three project. That is so that you start to work on the lazy lecturer and project 3 earlier. »
- I would rather have an early "exam" (dugga) to force student to learn the basics and get the theoretical part of the topic. Then I would proceed with the projects and have project 3 as the grand finale (no exam at the end). I think most students do not fully grasp the topic when the projects are written.»

Thank you for your time.


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