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Study visit to ABB in Ludvika, MPEPO-1, 2011

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-05-10 - 2011-05-13
Antal svar: 32
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 84%
Kontaktperson: Jörgen Blennow»
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Övriga studenter

Timing of the study visit

1. Is the study visit well-placed within the master program, i.e. in Q4 of year 1?

32 svarande

No, it should be earlier»1 3%
Yes, it is well placed»30 96%
No, it should be later»0 0%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 1.96

- due to much work load in the later part of the quarter the visit should had been placed somewhere in the beginning of the quarter.» (No, it should be earlier)
- It is well placed, students can still apply for their Master"s project at ABB. » (Yes, it is well placed)
- think we have the proper knowledge at this time. but we are also very busy with other kind of school stuff, projects, lab reports etc....» (Yes, it is well placed)
- It"s well placed due to the fact we know alot about the products they work with and so on.» (Yes, it is well placed)

2. What is your opinion of departure and arrival times to and from Chalmers?

31 svarande

13hrs day1 -- 22hrs day 2 is perfect»10 38%
08hrs day1 -- 22hrs day 2 would be better»16 61%
Other - please specify below»0 0%
No opinion»5

Genomsnitt: 1.61

- One option is to stop at Hallsberg and look at SVK training facility day 1» (08hrs day1 -- 22hrs day 2 would be better)
- The option that allows more time in day 1 seems nicer, we could have also a chance to see the town, not just the factory. » (08hrs day1 -- 22hrs day 2 would be better)
- some down time, and maybe "fun" time, on the first day, would have been nice...» (08hrs day1 -- 22hrs day 2 would be better)
- If departure time would be 08 there would be time for some activity when arriving in Ludvika. This could be some team building activity or some other fun activity.» (08hrs day1 -- 22hrs day 2 would be better)

Dinner, accomodation and breakfast

3. How do you grade the accomodation (Räfsnäsgården)?

32 svarande

Great»4 12%
Good»6 18%
Acceptable»14 43%
Poor»5 15%
Bad»3 9%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.9

- a bit cold during the night otherwise good» (Good)
- There was a bit cold in the rooms, but otherwise great, it is a nice place. » (Good)
- it was very cold during the night as the heating system was not in operation so it was slightly difficult to sleep!» (Good)
- Low temperature in room at night» (Acceptable)
- It would be perfect if there were heat in the room» (Acceptable)
- It was freezing cold » (Acceptable)
- Cold rooms, we had some kind of mold in our room.» (Acceptable)
- A little cold» (Acceptable)
- Somewhere in between Acceptable and Poor. It was way to cold in the house, the rooms was nice but still very cold.» (Acceptable)
- Very nice food, but too cold in the rooms» (Acceptable)
- The rooms were too cold» (Acceptable)
- I think it was OK, but I heard many people complaining about it being too cold at night.» (Acceptable)
- It got the job done, but felt it was bare minimum. It didn"t feel like we were intended to have an enjoyable time, we were just there to sleep and go see the ABB facilities.» (Poor)
- the rooms were really cold» (Poor)
- The room where very cold during the night which made it uncomfortable. All the beds had not bad sheet and so on. Being forced to ask fore such stuff add extra inconvenience to the stay.The breakfast and the food where good.» (Bad)
- Very cold and the food was a bit boring. Plus, how about beer?» (Bad)

4. The dinner att Räfsnäsgården was

32 svarande

Great»14 43%
Good»14 43%
Acceptable»2 6%
Poor»2 6%
Bad»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 1.75

- Impressive to cook for 40 persons!» (Great)
- Dineer was simply great» (Great)
- There could have been some more choices regarding what to drink to the dinner. ABB should sponsor a beer!» (Good)
- ABB could put more effort into it if they want to promote how good they are and do want people to work there. A dinner not so restricted (food was almost taken away right after last person had taken their food, with no option for a "refill"). Also a relaxing environment with maybe beverages would be nice and not just water..» (Acceptable)
- The food itself was great. However, I was surprised there wasn"t anything to drink other than water. We had just traveled 6 hours, and are students out in the middle of Ludvika. I felt if we were being "recruited" by ABB, we could have been shown a good time... The students didn"t leave with a good impression of Ludvika since we weren"t allowed to really socialize, have a few drinks and a few laughs, etc... I"m not expecting anything elaborate or out of control, just something more than a warm meal in a dark cabin in the middle of the forest.» (Poor)

5. The opportunities to talk to newly employed chalmers students at ABB during the evening was

32 svarande

Great»14 48%
Good»13 44%
Acceptable»2 6%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 1.58

- nice to meet former Chalmers students and hear their experience of ABB and Ludvika» (Great)
- Really good» (Great)
- Very pleasant to talk to previous MPEPO students. Gave a lot!» (Great)
- Sauce? Dessert?» (Great)
- The employees present at the mmeting had good input and tried to talk well about "living in the middle of nowhere" =)» (Good)
- I didn"t talk to anyone... although I didn"t make a big effort...» (Acceptable)
- Unfortunatly the ABB workers didnt spread themselves evenly around the tables. Two at one table and none at some.» (Acceptable)
- didn"t talk to them.» (No opinion)

6. The breakfast at Räfsnäsgården was

32 svarande

Great»11 35%
Good»16 51%
Acceptable»3 9%
Poor»1 3%
Bad»0 0%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 1.8

- Beyond imagination...» (Great)
- Many choices. Thumbs up.» (Good)
- Could be better, some vegetables and bacon would be nice» (Acceptable)
- Bacon and eggs?» (Poor)

Technical lectures and workshop visits

7. What is your overall impression of the technical lectures (content, technical level, extent etc)?

Please motivate below.

32 svarande

Great»9 28%
Good»15 46%
Acceptable»5 15%
Poor»3 9%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.06

- Very informative, on the right level. Nice that both older and younger people were invited as speakers. » (Great)
- The only things I have to say is that some of the speakers had some similarly information in their presentations and the last speaker have a bit long presentation.» (Good)
- A bit too much repetition, and sometimes a bit too "easy" as if it was for a bachelor class...» (Good)
- it was overall a good experience, some of the lectures had to much details but collectively it was good. » (Good)
- Mostly very interesting lectures with people really knowing their subject and so on.» (Good)
- It was a bit hard to digest such amount of information during several hours, but the lectures were mostly very good. » (Acceptable)
- It would have been better without the last guy who talked about breakers. That was terrible! » (Acceptable)
- They could have been a little more technical, they basically discussed open, widely available, information.» (Acceptable)
- A lot of repeated content. They were not coordinated. They showed us the same HVDC projects 3-4 times. I don"t feel like they spoke to us like Masters Students, but more like 2nd year students or even non-technical marketing.» (Poor)
- We know most of the stuff that were presented. How many times haven"t we heard about HVDC light and how the overall trans. system look like? It was to basic, more details next year!» (Poor)

8. What is your overall impression of the workshop visits?

32 svarande

Great»21 65%
Good»11 34%
Acceptable»0 0%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.34

- Really exciting to be let into the facilities of ABB and see the production. Most exciting was the transformer department and the ultra high voltage lab.» (Great)
- I liked them very much. » (Great)
- Most interesting part!» (Great)
- Where nice to be able to go around and look at the manufacturing of ABB devices.» (Great)
- Really nice to be able to see the things we read about in reality and not just theoreticaly.» (Great)
- Very good guide, interesting to get the chance to see the lab facilities and the factory.» (Great)
- The time was too limited.» (Good)

9. Lecture: Power Systems "HVDC - the technology for a sustainable future"

32 svarande

Great»9 28%
Good»19 59%
Acceptable»4 12%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.84

- Some interesting stuff, but again too basic.» (Acceptable)
- He could speak up a bit. Was abit hard to hear what he was saying.» (Acceptable)

10. Lecture: Power transformers "Why transformers are so damn fun"

32 svarande

Great»13 40%
Good»12 37%
Acceptable»6 18%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 1.87

- You could really see this guy did love his job! He was really devoted to his work!» (Great)
- This was good but not that much about transformers.» (Good)
- But I thought it would be more on why he liked the technical stuff. This was much about people, which is ofcource imortant but easier to imagine on our own. Excitement about the technical jobs would be fun!» (Good)
- He didn"t talk about transformers at all! But still interesting because he was an interesting person.» (Acceptable)

11. Visit: Power transformers workshop

32 svarande

Great»26 81%
Good»6 18%
Acceptable»0 0%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.18

- Learned the most here.» (Great)
- The person who showed us around explained all the stuff really good and answered our questions although we had like a million:)» (Great)
- Very cool to be able to see all the big tranformers.» (Great)
- Wonderful! Fantastic guide!» (Great)
- it was a great experience being there.» (Great)
- Interesting to se how big power transformers really are! To bad we did not get to see the really big transformers..!» (Good)

12. Lecture: High voltage components, surge arresters "Helping keep the light on!"

32 svarande

Great»9 28%
Good»19 59%
Acceptable»4 12%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.84

- Good» (Good)
- More details please.» (Acceptable)

13. Lecture: Components "Challanges in ultra-high-voltage engineering for bushings"

32 svarande

Great»7 21%
Good»16 50%
Acceptable»7 21%
Poor»2 6%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.12

- Good» (Good)
- More details please.» (Poor)

14. Visits: surge arresters, bushings, high voltage lab

32 svarande

Great»16 50%
Good»14 43%
Acceptable»2 6%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.56

- I have started to like bushins alot..!» (Great)
- at surge arrester we had to little time but the guy was really good and friendly!!! Bushing part was boring, maybe I was tired. high voltage lab was the best.» (Good)
- Nice to see the manufacturing of the devices.» (Good)
- The time was too limited.» (Good)

15. Visit: High power laboratory

32 svarande

Great»11 34%
Good»14 43%
Acceptable»7 21%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.87

- Realt cool» (Great)
- I liked the video presentation. » (Great)
- it was like a fantasy come true a life time experience for me! » (Great)
- Nice to have a look at the stuff, but the swedish guy who showed us around was boring.» (Good)
- Poor guide compared to the other visits» (Acceptable)
- The guide could be a bit more prepared, and not so slow, especially when we already were 20 minutes behind schedule...» (Acceptable)
- The guide was a bit full of himself, but it was great to see the big impulse generators!» (Acceptable)
- The guide (swedish) really wanted us to know how dangerous everything was, and after a while it was anoying hearing this all the time. He did also act like he was the one and only, thinking everything was trivial..» (Acceptable)
- They could have provided some chairs for the 15 minutes of combined presentations.» (Acceptable)

16. Lecture: High voltage breakers

31 svarande

Great»4 12%
Good»9 29%
Acceptable»6 19%
Poor»7 22%
Bad»5 16%

Genomsnitt: 3

- A bit too long, but interesting.» (Good)
- what is the big deal about the ringtone of the cell-phone? was it a part of the lecture?» (Poor)
- A bit too long and detailed» (Poor)
- Could have been good, but went way over allotted time, didn"t seem to have consideration for this. We thought it would be 30 minutes but it was 1 hour. Also, I found it very inconsiderate to allow his mobile phone to go off about 8 times, without turning the phone off or acknowledging that it was happening.» (Poor)
- Seriously. Learn to keep track of time! And turn off your phone...» (Poor)
- At fisrt it was way to long with way to many slides.. Then the most anoying thing: TURN OF THE CELLPHONE! No doubt he knows his area very well, but he"s not a lecturer..» (Poor)
- Intersting but approx 75 slides in 15 min i very poor planing. Realy bad not to turn of the phone, it rang around 10 times during the lecture.» (Bad)
- In my opinion, if the lecturer"s mobile phone starts ringing, it would be better just to turn it off and apologise, instead of ignoring it and thus letting it to ring seven more times during 25 minutes. » (Bad)
- For like 35 min he talked about stuff we already knew, only interesting for 10 min or so. » (Bad)
- Terrible!His phone rang all the time, he had no contact with us and he had 72 slides when he was supposed to talk for 15 minutes! Misunderstanding or bad planning?» (Bad)
- Not very devoted lecturer...» (Bad)

Coffe breaks, lunch and food for the journey

17. Coffe breaks, lunch and food for the journey

32 svarande

Great»16 50%
Good»14 43%
Acceptable»2 6%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.56

- The lunch break could be longer, 15 min longer would be enough. » (Great)
- Very nice food!!!» (Great)
- I were never hungry... ,)» (Great)
- Good food with good intervals. The lunch was very good. » (Good)
- Nice and fresh lunch-restaurant!» (Good)

18. The opportunities to talk to ABB employies during the lunch was

31 svarande

Great»10 32%
Good»10 32%
Acceptable»8 25%
Poor»2 6%
Bad»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.16

- This is really good!!!!!!!» (Great)
- It looked lite the ABB workers spread out evenly between the tables. » (Good)
- We had the luck to get one of them to sit at our table, giving us an oportunity to speak in "private" and ask him about the general impression of ABB and how it is to work there. And of course, talk alot more about the things we did see on the different visits.» (Good)
- They didn´,t spread out enough among the tables.» (Acceptable)


19. What is you over all impression of the study visit?

32 svarande

Great»18 56%
Good»14 43%
Acceptable»0 0%
Poor»0 0%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.43

- Best study trip in the past 4 years.» (Great)
- Very good mix of everything.» (Great)
- It was a very good experience» (Great)
- Very impressed from a technical standpoint. Surprised that more effort was not put into selling the students on Ludvika by showing them a good time on the first night... » (Good)
- As i like practical things i liked this trip alot. It"s a good adition to all the theoretcal work we do.» (Good)

20. Did you miss anything? Was anything too much?

- lectures are a bit too much»
- I wish we had some more time and also a visit to the circuit breaker departmen/factory.»
- I would be glad if we were able to have hand outs of lectures / presentations there.»
- Hard to know if we missed anything.»
- Over all a good trip. A bit too optimistic time schedule...»
- No I did not miss anything and each minute was worth so much.»
- Two days would spread the info a bit. My head was quite tired at the end.»
- some of the lectures presented during the visit had too much details.»
- Too much advertisement some lectures.»
- Mot slutet blev man lite väl trött och orkade inte riktigt hänga med.»
- I could take even more visits to different departments, though you get tired after walking alot..!»
- we ended up rushing through the final part of the visit.»
- Rather try (!) to make the program a bit less dense and keep the time table.»
- no»
- I think the lack of time was noticeable»

21. What should definately be preserved for the next year?

- The visit to transformer, surge arrester, bushing department and the high voltage lab»
- Transformer facility was amazing. I learned a LOT.»
- Workshop visits»
- The visits to the different workshops!!»
- The workshops.»
- The study visit itself must be preserved for the next year and organized in the same way.»
- The visits in the workshops and the laboratory. »
- It is better for us to watch a real high-voltage experiment»
- workshop visits»
- Everything about bushings, surge aresters and power transformers!»
- the study visit»
- The lab visits and the factory visit. Very good mixture of lectures and visits (=necessary for such a dens program)»
- heating system in accomodation.»
- lectures»

22. What should definately be changed for the next year?

- Increasing the technical level of the presentations and coordinating the presentations. We want to learn something and hear something we haven"t heard before. »
- I have nothing specific. »
- basic -> detail»
- Nothing...»
- Nothing at all.»
- Make sure that Räfsnäsgården has turned the thermostate on in the rooms.»
- Better place to stay. Or the place was great, I mean the location by the lake was fantastic! But it needs to be warm and the food could have been better.»
- There should be more technical content in some lectures.»
- Lecture in the end, either change lecturer or change it to be earlier..»
- the timing of the visit»
- heating at accomodation»
- time, 1 day is not enough»

23. Other comments?

- Thanks for a really good trip. It was very interesting»
- Less basic facts more details. From the guest lectures we have had we know what ABB does in general. If they want me to come to ludvika they should have made a better effort on trying to persuade us that ludvika (and ABB) is the place to go.»
- It was very interesting and helpful and made me increase my passion towards High voltage engineering and especially ABB.»
- Many thanks to ABB for a good and interesting studie visit. It takes alot of resources to arrange such a big studie visit. Hope they also feel that they got something out of our visit. Many thank to Jörgen Blennow who followed us to ABB and answered many of our questions and was also interesting travel companiun. »
- Great that we can come, it fills out gaps in the education in a very good way! Thank you!»
- Kanske ändra studiebesöket till två dagar på plats?»
- Nice trip =)»
- the visit was extremely useful and was real fun.thanks a lot.»
- well, i think the time arranging wasnt good enough, and the study visit was really intensive. we all overloaded by so many differnet info. and i think its better to spend much time on this study visit. by the way, it was good and id like to thank you for managing the ABB study visit.»

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