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Evaluation of AM department day 110316

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-03-21 - 2011-04-02
Antal svar: 104
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 50%
Kontaktperson: Malin Kjellberg»


1. Are you a*

104 svarande

PhD student»48 46%
Administrator»8 7%
Technician»3 2%
Researcher/teacher»40 38%
Project assistant»5 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.48

- I am at Chalmers for one year Phd research.» (PhD student)
- Research Engineer/Forskningsingenjör» (Technician)
- Vet inte var vi forskningsingenjörer hör hemma. Det är oftast så...» (Researcher/teacher)
- Forskningsingenjör» (Researcher/teacher)
- Did not attend» (Researcher/teacher)

2. Did you attend*

104 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

All day»68 65%
Morning»17 16%
Afternoon»15 14%
Dinner»7 6%
Did not attend at all»14

- It´,s an obligatorium, so you should attend» (All day)
- Conflict in schedule» (Did not attend at all)
- Did not take part in the "quest"» (Morning, Dinner)
- Did not attend dinner.» (All day)
- nice weather» (All day)
- Did not attend between 13 - 15» (All day)
- Gick dock lite tidigare så jag missade omröstningen.» (All day)
- Had to leave after lunch, due to examination» (Morning)
- Did not attend» (Did not attend at all) (den här kommentaren har blivit redigerad i efterhand)

TM - days in general

3. Do you believe that department days should be mandatory?*

104 svarande

Yes»64 68%
No»30 31%
No opinion»10

Genomsnitt: 1.31

- I think so. But check the total cost, including hourly cost for all personnel. Maybe we can only afford one per year, not two as now.» (Yes)
- Difficult to get people to attend otherwise.» (Yes)
- If you want people to attend, yes. If it is not mandatory no one will come. » (Yes)
- Annars kommer väldigt få att gå.» (Yes)
- Mandatory as they are today.» (Yes)
- We are a department, we must bond and get to know people we wouldn"t normally meet. I made connections with a lot of people I have seen and never talked to. Now we can have small chat in the corridor and I know who to go to when I have a related questions. Plus, I bet those complaining most about not getting enough information from Chalmers are the ones who don"t attend.» (Yes)
- Annars kommer folk inte komma och då är det ingen mening att ha dessa dagar längre» (Yes)
- But only one per year.» (Yes)
- otherwise people will not attend» (Yes)
- At least you should have a good reason not to attend.» (Yes)
- In principle, but som exceptions occasionally must be tolerated. The challenge is to make the TM-days, so interresting that you do not want to miss them!» (Yes)
- Due to there are some works, for try to improve research and education tools in Chalmers. I think it should be mandatory.» (Yes)
- Det ger en bra möjlighet att få träffa sina kollegor på institutionen. Tröttheten förekommer tyvärr naturligtvis när man sitter hela dagen och lyssnar på helt andra ämnen än vad man är van vid.» (Yes)
- But keep it concentrated for good "value", and make official rules on how this time spent should be accounted for.» (Yes)
- Important that the activities are in line with the aim and that the day focuses on questions of common interest to the entire department.» (Yes)
- As a rule yes, but course exceptions must be allowed» (Yes)
- The department day is usually during the examination week, which does not allow PhD students who write/supervise exams or professors supervising exams to participate. Besides, it is a big PARADOX to make the department day mandatory and then organizing the presentations in Swedish. Chalmers employs more and more PhD students who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue or who do not speak Swedish at all. These people do not feel welcome and do not see the point in taking part to the department day.» (No)
- No if the main language is Swedish.» (No)
- They can not be mandatory if all speeches are in swedish. If the management opinion is that having slides in english is enough to give the most important information for everyone, why do not they just distribute the slides and skip the gathering?» (No)
- The department day should be something you look forward to and that is considered to be something that improves the quality of both your own and the departments work. It should not be an event that you force people to attend. The purpose has to be clear, and the department day need to contain presentations, workshops or other events that attract the people employed at the department.» (No)
- Anledningen till att jag valt "no" är att jag känner ingen samhörighet med folk från TM förutom de som jobbar på min avdelning. Att tolka från vad jag sett på raster, lunchen, middagen, poster session så är det även andra som känner så: folk som arbetar tillsammans valde att sitta och gå runt tillsammans. Med detta sagt tycker jag att det det skulle vara bättre att istället satsa på liknande aktiviteter inom avdelningar. Om man ska nu ha kvar obligatoriska institionsdagar då ska man inte ha två sådana dagar per år. Jag tror att den här samhörighetskänslan blir varken bättre eller sämre med ökad/minskad antal TM dagar. Till slut vill jag påpeka att alla obligatoriska aktiviteter som rör institutionen/avdelning/grupp borde kunna tillgodoräknas som instituonstjänstgöring. » (No)
- Sometimes it is impossible for someone to get out of a meeting and attend the day or the person may be away at a conference.» (No)
- If they are in Swedish: definetly no» (No opinion)
- Highly recommanded» (No opinion)

4. What"s your opinion of what language to be used in speeches during the TM days?*

NOTE! Management decision for now is that slides/presentation material should be in English and speeches in Swedish. The reason to do it the way it was done yesterday was that with exercises and exhibitions there are a lot of instructions to be given and those are needed in both languages.

104 svarande

English»42 44%
Swedish»17 18%
Mix»35 37%
Does not matter»10

Genomsnitt: 1.92

- I didn"t like the mix, since it takes time for all to switch between the languages. To have only the slides in English wasn"t helpful at all, because to read only the keywords without an explanation didn"t tell me much about what the person was talking about. It"s really a pity that I couldn"t participate 90% of the time!» (English)
- Eftersom det är så många av de som kommer från utlandet som bara är här under en begränsad tid och inte ens förväntas lära sig svenska. Tycker att det är viktigt att alla förstår och kan känna sig delaktiga» (English)
- As long as we employees that do not speak Swedish, English should be used.» (English)
- Since the department is aiming for a larger exchange of researchers from foreign universities and institutes it seems strange that such an event is not carried through in English. Many of the participants had to go through the day without understanding much of what was happening since they yet do not speak Swedish.» (English)
- Om vi inte tänker tvinga alla lära sig svenska och dagen är obligatorisk så måste ju alla kunna förstå.» (English)
- Chalmers is an international workplace, and should welcome ALL employess. Including the 15% non-swedish speakers.» (English)
- See comments above!» (English)
- Jag personligen har inga problem med att lyssna på presentationer på svenska, men det finns verkligen många som fattar ingenting under hela dagen. Varför måste man tvinga de att sitta där om de inte kan få information från den där dagen. Jag tycker att bilderna på engelska hjälper inte mycket.» (English)
- With Swedish as main language, it should not be a mandatory day! However, I feel that it is important that everybody knows what happens in the department because each of us is a part of the whole "system". It was an interesting day but it could have been better if this one was held in English. It is perfectly normal that Swedish is the main language, but in that case, do not make it compulsory for non swedish speakers.» (English)
- See comments 3 and 5» (English)
- I am simply in 2 minds about this. We are an international university with a desire to be recognised for our achievements on an international stage. The world works in English, therefore so should we. What about those who are new to the department or who will only be here for a limited amount of time, they also need to understand. Then there is the other side to the arguement. Those of us who do not speak Swedish have made a concious decision to come to this country. We should have a desire to learn Swedish and the only way to learn is through constant exposure. If we don"t understand, try harder!» (English)
- As we have a decision that PhD students and other teaching staff should be able to teach in Swedish within two years I think it is a "dubble message" to have the day in English. Speeches in Swedish and slides in English is a good deal.» (English)
- As TM is a very international department with students and researchers from all over the world, having talks in Swedish excludes many people. » (English)
- As long as it is mandatory, it HAS TO BE in English, since we have many non-swedish speeking coworkers» (English)
- english could have been used directly when giving instructions.» (Swedish)
- Jag anser att man bör sätta ett krav på att lära sig svenska efter en viss tid eftersom majoriteten trots allt han mycket lättare för att förstå och uttrycka sig på svenska. » (Swedish)
- Jag skulle gärna se till att hela evenemanget hålls på svenska. I så fall borde jag kombinera mitt svar med förra frågan då jag tror det ska vara obligatoriskt för alla svensk talande att vara med på institutions dagen.» (Swedish)
- People who feel uncomfortable with English should not hesitate to use Swedish. After all we are in Sweden and it is a day that people should enjoy.» (Mix)
- Prata på svenska och PPT på engelska = OK men kanske lite handouts på Eng. om det är möjligt. I förväg alltså, med sånt som är viktigt.» (Mix)
- More general information in English. Presentation slides in english and speeches in swedish.» (Mix)
- Som Martin påpekade. All viktigaste info på engelska.» (Mix)
- I can´,t understand Swedish since I´,ve been here for a short time. The department is international, and that´,s a value, so I think most of speeches should be in English. But, on the other hand, we are in Sweden and I think we have to try to learn and understand the native language, and some mixing is also a way of encouraging people.» (Mix)
- I think it is good to have the speeches in English as well.» (Mix)
- Jag har valt mix under förutsättningen att institionsdagar är valfria. Ska man ha obligatoriska dagar då är det bättre att det mesta är på engelska (antar att alla förstår engelska?). Eller så får man anställa bara de som pratar någorlunda bra svenska. » (Mix)
- If everything is in English, we send the wrong message to those who do not speak Swedish, It is not necessary to be able to communicate in Swedish. The quality will be lower, if everyone has to communicate in a foreign language. People in Sweden are not quite as good at English as some of us tend to believe. However, information that must be understood by everyone must be given in English, of course. Group work with non-Swedish speaking members must be done in English, even though the result may not be quite as good.» (Mix)
- Svår fråga. Om inte alla är bekväma med att engelska används så bör svenska ha prioritet. Kanske delar av programmet separat för TA personal respektive lärare/doktorander. » (Mix)
- Keep it according to "Management decision".» (Mix)
- It does not matter as long as it is only one language. It is up to the board of the department to decide if it should be English or Swedish, but make sure to use that language and do not mix. If it is in Swedish it might be unwise to have it mandatory for people who don"t speak Swedish.» (Does not matter)
- I do however think that many of the staff do not understand both languages good enough to keep it interesting. (= bad "value")» (Does not matter)

5. Do you think information from AM management is important to have during the department days?*

104 svarande

Yes»83 91%
No»8 8%
No opinion»13

Genomsnitt: 1.08

- Keep out boring stuff. Visionary discussions and good news. Keep propaganda style, unless there is really a need to go harsh. » (Yes)
- The information that matters. All information by AM management during department days does not.» (Yes)
- AM=TM??? It becomes rörigt at blanda languages like här.» (Yes)
- booring! but if could be presented a bit shorter, yes, it"s good» (Yes)
- We must have these days often so that we can take a step back from our work and see the bigger picture. Where have we been, where are we now and most importantly, what is our future vision. We can also not claim that we never heard particular pieces of information. Every 6 months is excellent.» (Yes)
- If the day is mandatory the answer is YES. It is an opportunity for AM management to show onself which is a good thing itself. How many people knew who Per Lövsund was before this department day? And we have a high speed of incoming new people.» (Yes)
- But I should not exceed one hour presentation» (Yes)
- but short» (Yes)
- Kort. Det blev lagom lång presentation den här gången. » (Yes)
- Of course, there are alternative ways to communicate.» (Yes)
- Short and concise information are important!» (Yes)
- Det är som sagt viktigt att veta hur systemet fungerar och vilka åtgärder ska vidtas för att tackla befintliga problem.» (Yes)
- Of course it depends on what the information is...» (Yes)
- It is improtant that everyone feels that she/he gets information directly from the management, and the department days are excellent occasions for that» (Yes)
- Det blir ändå bara fragment med information, där man hänvisar till tidigare information. » (No)
- Den vore bättre om vi fick i kortare form oftare istället.» (No)
- To a certain extend some things are good to know, but it shouldn"t be a main subject. I"d prefer more time for social interaction.» (No opinion)

6. Is there enough time for social interaction/discussion and to get to know each other during the TM days?*

104 svarande

Yes»79 85%
No»13 14%
No opinion»12

Genomsnitt: 1.14

- I år fanns det tid för det. » (Yes)
- Generally yes. » (Yes)
- When Lic posters» (Yes)
- But this can be purely down to the people. I think it would have been great to seperate us out into our groups as soon as we arrived.» (Yes)
- The last department day the possibility for social interaction was much greater than on previous occasions.» (Yes)
- When you gather that many people it is easy to stick to someone you know as there are so many you don"t know. You have to force people to get to know new people - good with work/discussion groups as we did this time.» (Yes)
- Fast tyvärr är vi alla dåliga på att mingla runt och pratar nästan enbart med de vi känner. » (Yes)
- this last department day there was» (Yes)
- Ther is enough time, but in my opinion, this is an activity that could be extended in the future. It is certainly more fruitful to meet people from other departments than to listen to a presentation by someone from a company.» (Yes)
- The Quizz-time was a good time for talking with Collegues. ( I admit that I did not take part in the quizz...)» (Yes)
- It is not put to the best use though. Tasks hamper interaction and during break no interaction with "others" occur.» (Yes)
- This time not always previously.» (Yes)
- Ja och nej. Aktiviteter för att lära känna varandra är inte alltid så lätta att ordna men är en viktig del av institutionsdagen. » (Yes)
- This time yes but seniors need to be more active and not only talk to each other!» (Yes)
- Finns det möjlighet att umgås med de man redan känner så gör de flesta hellre det. Fordossäkerhet är en så stor avdelning att vi inte känner varandra innom avdelningen vilke gör att det känns som vi borde prioritera att lära känna varandra först.» (No)
- It varies a lot. » (No)
- Mer tvingande gruppindelning vid arbeten och måltider underlättar nya kontakter.» (No)
- Se min första kommentar. » (No opinion)

7. Do you believe the dinner is an important part of the TM-day?*

Or can it be cancelled?
Please comment your answer

104 svarande

Yes»80 88%
No»10 11%
No opinion»14

Genomsnitt: 1.11

- It"s very important to know each other during dinner.» (Yes)
- It"s a valuable part of the day and the ambition to learn to know each other. Could perhaps be arranged as a walking dinner.» (Yes)
- Please don"t cancel the dinner - that was the best part of the day!» (Yes)
- One of the most important ways to meet during the day, especially if you meet some new colleagues.» (Yes)
- Dinner is important. I feel like it is a reward for attending. It is also one of the occations to get to know your collegues a bit more.» (Yes)
- It"s a great way to conclude the day, enabling further discussions.» (Yes)
- Kanske med någon form av bordsplacering där man samtidigt gör någon aktivitet som tex frågesport tillsammans» (Yes)
- It is an important part because it is a perfect opportunity to get to know your colleagues in a more unformal environment.» (Yes)
- Good for social interaction. Should not be mandatory.» (Yes)
- The dinner is important, but should not be mandatory.» (Yes)
- Dinner could be scheduled later and at some place else than the place where the conference takes place to make an evnironment change during the day. Before dinner, it would be nice to have some time on its own or maybe schedule to do some physical activities (joggying, swimming, etc...) for those who are interested).» (Yes)
- Den är viktig för den sociala interaktionen och för att lära känna fler medarbetare på institutionen.» (Yes)
- It is very social and a chance to meet and discuss with colleges you are not used to talk with» (Yes)
- Jag tycker att det är viktigt, för man kommer i kontakt med andra människor från institutionen då. Det funkar bäst om man är tvungen att sitta vid ett bord under middagen. Ärligt talat, så är det till de flesta också en stor motivation att komma till institutionens dag.» (Yes)
- Bordsplacering önskvärd för bättre blandning!» (Yes)
- The dinner is the main time for "social interaction", keep it.» (Yes)
- Which question am I answering? Is it important or can it be cancelled? I think it is an important social part to the day.» (Yes)
- Good to end up the day with some food and a glass of wine. Here you have the last opportunity of the day to get to know each other!» (Yes)
- Should not be compulsory.» (Yes)
- Dinners at both of the TM days I have attended have been excellent.» (Yes)
- Viktig eftersom den också är ett tillfälle att prata med dem man normalt inte träffar.» (Yes)
- Yes to important part, not yes to be cancelled. Viktig del för att "lära känna" varandra. » (Yes)
- Den sociala biten är viktig på middagen. Däremot anser jag att den skall vara frivillig.» (Yes)
- Relates to the previous question. A great time to interact with coworkers from other divisions on a less formal basis, getting to know eachother a little bit better each time.» (Yes)
- Dinner should not be mandatory. Can probably be cancelled.» (No)
- Det var jättetrevligt med middagen. Men det skapar ingen större interaktion på TM-nivå eftersom man håller sig till de som man redan känner. Jag antar att middag kostar en hel del. Tycker att det är bättre att ge dessa pengar till avdelningar för att anordna likande aktiviteter. » (No)
- I did not attend the dinner» (No opinion)
- It is not an important part, but it is a nice ending of the department day.» (No opinion)
- I havenot attended any of the last departments day dinners before and I don"t have any clear idea if it is important or not but the morning session and lunch is very good.» (No opinion)
- Don"t participate.» (No opinion)

TM - day 110316 - overall impression

8. What is your general opinion of the department day 110316*

104 svarande

Very poor»1 0%
Rather poor»6 5%
Adequate/OK»38 36%
Rather good»44 42%
Very good»15 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.63

- Did not attend.» (Very poor)
- Gruppövningen var bra tänkt men flera verkade inte ta den på allvar/engagera sig. Här borde Seniorerna föregå med gott exempel vilket flera inte gjorde... Vi har väl en policy på chalmers att möten inte ska planeras senare än 16:00? Trots detta var dagen obligatorisk till 17:30. » (Rather poor)
- If most of the presentation can be in English, it would be perfect.» (Adequate/OK)
- I can"t say so much about it, because I didn"t understand most of it. I liked the group exercises and poster exhibition very much though. After all it was quite OK for me.» (Adequate/OK)
- Did not attend» (Adequate/OK)
- Poster session was not well organized. Too spread and the "tipspromenad" was not very succesfull as posters and questions were in some cases far from each other. the PhD should have been given the opportunity to make a short presentation in front of their posters of their work.» (Adequate/OK)
- I couldn"t attend therefore I can not give a certain answer to this question.» (Adequate/OK)
- The group work on projects was a bit unstructured. Since I had to leave before the presentation, I do not want to be too critical.» (Adequate/OK)
- If the talks were in English and I could have understood them then I would have rated the day much higher. I found the discussion on how to improve the department very useful.» (Adequate/OK)
- Did not attend» (Adequate/OK)
- Did not attend» (Adequate/OK)
- NOt attend» (Adequate/OK)
- Did not attend» (Adequate/OK)
- Projektledniningsbiten var väldigt bra!» (Rather good)
- It was better then the previous one.» (Rather good)
- Compared to other department days.» (Rather good)
- Very good a m. P m was too long and a bit messy.» (Rather good)
- Dropping the repetitions of licentiate presentations is good but the replacing poster/quest may still need some work. It was a bit unstructured and the posters were not adapted for the quest in its best way.» (Rather good)
- It was very interesting to evaluate the project planning of the department. However, let"s hope that our work that day will lead to some sort of actions taken.» (Rather good)
- Did not attend!» (Very good)
- Some things could change. It wasn"t well sign posted when we arrived, the Quiz was a little unclear, but those are minor points.» (Very good)
- Tummen upp! Tydlig förbättring. » (Very good)
- Good group activities, that engaged all of us!» (Very good)
- Jag tyckte om upplägget.» (Very good)
- Bra upplägg - Intressant projektarbete - Licpresentation med postrar bättre, detta upplägg bör fortsätta.» (Very good)
- Very good. Important topic!» (Very good)

9. What did you think of the location/place of the department day?*

Was it good to be n one place all day?
Was it good to be in town?

104 svarande

Poor»1 1%
Rather poor»2 2%
OK»22 24%
Good»34 37%
Very good»32 35%
No opinion/does not matter»13

Genomsnitt: 4.03

- Did not attend.» (Poor)
- Lite råddigt med transport och parkering.» (Rather poor)
- More than one place can be better. » (OK)
- Bra ur kommunikationsperspektivet, annrs spelar det ingen roll var man är.» (OK)
- Ok in town, not ok in the same place all day. Dinner could be taken some place else.» (OK)
- Good to be in town! It was also quite handy to be at the same place all day, without having to take the bus just to come to the dinner...» (Good)
- Jag gillade stället och jag tyckte det var bra att inte flytta från ett ställe till ett annat för middagen.» (Good)
- good not having to travel by bus/car» (Good)
- If it is a good place it"s good to be there all day.... In one way it is good to be in town - those who have examinations to look after could to go and come. Poor because people easily can run away.» (Good)
- Nice to visit a place i never seen before.» (Good)
- Varje plats har sina för och nackdelar. » (Good)
- Good to be in one place all day. Very good to be in town.» (Very good)
- Excellent to get away from Chalmers! Easily accessible.» (Very good)
- Good with central location.» (Very good)
- Did not attend» (No opinion/does not matter)
- The specific location is not very important, but it is good with some variation so we don"t have it at the same conference centre each time.» (No opinion/does not matter)
- I couldn"t attend.» (No opinion/does not matter)

10. What do you think of the layout with guest lecturer, group exercises and poster exhibition*

104 svarande

Poor»3 3%
Rather poor»3 3%
OK»28 31%
Good»41 46%
Very good»13 14%
No opinion»16

Genomsnitt: 3.65

- Did not attend.» (Poor)
- Stressy. The project of teaching us to plan a project was poorly planned. ,)» (Rather poor)
- Guest lecturer OK. Not sure the group excercises will lead anywhere, but it definitelly was good for interaction. The Poster exhibition was good. much better than 5min talk by a bunch of people. You had time to focus and understand and not just liten to abbriviations...» (OK)
- Gruppövningen är bra om man senare kan visa att det blir något av det som gjorts. Posterdelen var dåligt engagerad med ointressanta frågor. Gör den mer populärvetenskaplig i stället. Gästföreläsaren bör väl vara någon som flertalet inte har hört förut, går väl Pers kurs?» (OK)
- Very good lecture on project management, group excercises and poster exhibition were though not so succesfull. The "danger" of group excercise is that not everyone participates to the discussion depending on the group one is in. In our group there was one member who tended to overcome the discussion and another member did not say a single word.» (OK)
- posters were good, but not the group exercise» (OK)
- Very good for the poster exhibition idea. How to make them be in focus and not as a complement? Long time for group exercises. Good with lecturer.» (OK)
- Guest lecturer and group work may be OK, but it depends very much on the subject. Poster exhibition is probably a step forward, but it is important that the presenters are present at the poster during a certain time interval to answer questions and discuss the contents. It is also important that the posters are concentrated at one location. Maybe there should be a short introduction, say 3 minutes, by each presenter at the beginning of the session.» (OK)
- If the idea was that we should go learn about different projects the posters and questions should have been more "concentrated"» (OK)
- Q.8 above» (OK)
- Guest lecture and group exercises where great!. The posters where a lot to take in if the motivation wasn"t on top.» (Good)
- Not so happy with the group exercise. Guest lecturer is hard to judge, poster exhibition is a good variation of the "lic-presentation" theme.» (Good)
- Först var jag lite skeptiskt, men jag måste säga att jag tyckte om det!» (Good)
- but what will happen now?? Lövsund directly killed of the excercise by saying "there will be no task-force" If so, useless.» (Good)
- A great improvement from previous department days.» (Good)
- Tyckte att 2-min presentationer av grupparbeten var stressig och upprepande. Fick inte så mycket av den. Hade varit roligare med något annat - kanske en poster utställning av grupparbeten eller att två grupper byter sina lappar med varandra och diskuterar vad andra kommit fram till?» (Good)
- Bra att slippa dåliga presentationer - institutionsdagar är inget bra tillfälle att _lära ut_ presentationsteknik. Tipspromenaden kan med fördel göras som grupparbete » (Good)
- guest lecturer? » (Good)
- Inspirerande med input från någon utanför institutionen. Gruppövningarna gav många idéer och möjlighet till social interaktion. Posterutställningen fungerade mycket bättre än föreläsningsformen eftersom man kunde ta sig tid att stanna och läsa en poster. Det var också enklare att fråga och få svar från doktoranden. Dessutom var det skönt att röra på sig så man slipper sitta still hela dagen. Bra variation på dagen gjorde att det inte blev tråkigt.» (Very good)
- It kept us on our toes and enabled us to stretch our legs rather than sit through boring presentations. I learned a lot about what the PhD"s were doing and was able to ask them questions 1-to-1.» (Very good)
- Jag tycker att det var jättebra!» (Very good)
- Did not attend» (No opinion)
- did not attend» (No opinion)
- Did not participate during poster session.» (No opinion)

11. Did you appreciate the visit by our prorector Stefan Bengtsson and his presentation and time for questions?*

104 svarande

Yes»52 78%
No»14 21%
No opinion/did not attend»38

Genomsnitt: 1.21

- It"s good to learn to know more from the upper management of Chalmers.» (Yes)
- It is important to know that we have access to such people within the organisation. He was freely available afterwards to chat with, which was great. However, his answers after the presentation were unclear and I don"t appreciate that he flew from Stockholm when he could have taken the train. Not in fitting with our "sustainable transport"» (Yes)
- Det var trevligt att han kom, en bra talare. Personligen hade jag uppskattat om hans presentation var fokuserad till ett "viktigt" ämne, t.ex. vad gör Chalmers och andra institutioner på Chalmers för att locka nya studenter nu när terminsavgiften för icke EU studenter införs. » (Yes)
- Det var för sent på kvällen och man kunde se att de flesta hade (lite) svårt att hålla ögonen öppna...» (No)
- Too much of "press the button" speech. What did he say?» (No)
- Did not give anything at all. » (No)
- Dont remeber a word he said.» (No)
- I have no idea but I think it is always nice to know about the problems and ideas of the management system of the department.» (No opinion/did not attend)
- I think it is important that representatives from the management show up at department activities now and then. However, I think the presentation could have been cut down a bit. Some matters were probably no very intersting to some of the listeners, in particular Ph.D. students.» (No opinion/did not attend)
- I could not understand his presentation in Swedish.» (No opinion/did not attend)
- Detta inslag kommer jag inte ihåg. Om det var sent på dagen kan det hända att jag hade gått.» (No opinion/did not attend)

Morning session - Project methodology

12. What did you think of the lecture in Project management/methodology by Per Lindstedt?*

104 svarande

Poor»1 1%
Rather poor»4 4%
OK»28 32%
Good»30 35%
Very good»22 25%
Did not attend this presentation»19

Genomsnitt: 3.8

- The information density was quite low.» (Rather poor)
- I do not agree that "planning" is a method to solve problems.» (OK)
- I read the sildes.» (OK)
- I couldn"t understand his presentation because it was in Swedish, so missed a lot of useful information!» (OK)
- There were some weak points at the methodology. But also it was the point for group work. If these weak points were for this reason, then it was better than OK option.» (OK)
- Lite för allmän, lite för mycket hopplock.» (OK)
- Guest lecture should have focused more the problems we have specific at university projects, i.e. that all our projects have external parts outside the universities own organisation, namely industry side of project.» (Good)
- He is a good lecturer.» (Good)
- Nothing new for me though» (Good)
- Inspirerande med input från någon utanför institutionen.» (Good)
- heard it before. good if we can start acting though..» (Good)
- Något som de flesta kan ha behållning av. » (Good)
- Han verkligen kan ge bra presentationer, men jag kände till precis samma presentation från mitt masterprogramm.» (Very good)
- Excellent!» (Very good)
- Mycket bra info att ha med sig i olika projekt» (Very good)
- Mycket bra - blev även som administratör engagerad.» (Very good)

13. What did you think of the group exercise in Project management?*

104 svarande

Poor»5 5%
Rather poor»11 13%
OK»26 30%
Good»26 30%
Very good»16 19%
No opinion»20

Genomsnitt: 3.44

- Did not attend.» (Poor)
- berode mest på dålig engagemang från vissa i gruppen.» (Rather poor)
- lengthy presentations. The outcome was highly influenced by Pers presentation.» (Rather poor)
- As commented before, the discussion in our group was unbalanced. » (Rather poor)
- Too unstructured. Too general.» (Rather poor)
- I think that groops vere unbalanced, but on the other hand it was interesting.» (OK)
- Very interesting (and a bit scaring) to listen to the group members but not so easy for me as an administrator to contribute to the discussion.» (OK)
- Vår grupp (och även andra verkade det som) fastnade för mycket i doktorandprojekt och kunde/ville inte se andra typer av projekt.» (OK)
- maybe 15 was a little bit to many suggestions, maybe 10 would be sufficient?» (Good)
- Valuable discussion, but I wonder if there will be an impact in the future...» (Good)
- Bra övning att jobba med hur man planerar ett projekt men vad ska det sammanlagda grupparbetet leda till?» (Good)
- Bra med gruppdiskussioner, och det funkade bra i vår grupp med konstruktiva diskussioner och som lära känna aktivitet. Resultatet i form av lappar mindre viktigt. » (Good)
- I min grupp lades fokus på doktorandens syn och såg inte till helheten.» (Good)
- I got a good group so it was stimulating. The problem though is that all have very different project and it cannot allways be comparable - on the other hand it is good to understand the differences. » (Good)
- This was the best part of the day from several perspectives.» (Very good)
- It was very good to mix people from different divisions. Also I think the topic was interesting for all.» (Very good)
- Gruppövningarna gav många idéer och möjlighet till social interaktion. » (Very good)
- Nice discussion we had.» (Very good)
- This started some excellent debate however the PhD"s did not feel that their voices were heard loud enough.» (Very good)
- I found this very useful. I wish I could have understood the feedback from the other groups, but again, this was very difficult because of the language barrier.» (Very good)
- Det är viktigt att detta följs upp i framtiden så att övningen inte kändes meningslös av den anledningen. (Jag har varit med om allt för många liknande övningar på andra arbetsplatser där det bara runnit ut i sanden)» (Very good)
- Only attended part of it.» (No opinion)
- I was not there.» (No opinion)
- Inte alla röster var räknade rätt till slutet.» (No opinion)
- did not attend» (No opinion)

Afternoon session - Poster exhibition of licentiate projects and quest

14. What do you think of the Poster exhibition?*

104 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Rather poor»8 9%
OK»34 40%
Good»30 35%
Very good»12 14%
No opinion/Did not attend»20

Genomsnitt: 3.54

- Though the idea was good it was maybe not the best way to present the new licentiates. This possibly due to problems having all posters in the same place or people in general tending to prefer coffee and the view instead...» (Rather poor)
- Posters should have been made more attractive to un-involved researchers» (Rather poor)
- Easier to understand. Less text more diagrams and images.» (OK)
- All posters and questons should have been in the same place. I was in the tower trying to answer questions related to posters at the entry floor.» (OK)
- The posters were very deep scientific, could be more wide and easier to understand. Photo of the PhD student on the poster» (OK)
- better than having to listen through them all» (OK)
- Nice to highligt a projekt in a area of a poster. Lesss god was the different levels on the posters. » (OK)
- good idea, but the information on the posters and questions should have been more "populär vetenskapliga"» (OK)
- Somliga postrar en aning svårsmälta (så nära lunchen :-).» (OK)
- Lite lam postersession, ganska få och utspridda postrar och inte alltid så välbemannade. » (OK)
- Jag tycker att det hade varit bättre om doktoranderna stod vid sina postrar under hela utställningen så att man kunde ställa frågor och få ett ansikte på doktoranden. Jag tycker också att man kunde haft korta presentationer (ca 5 minuter) innan för att få en snabb introduktion innan postersessionen.» (OK)
- Efficient. Better than never-ending presentation sessions.» (OK)
- The students were not all the time at the posters.A 3 minutes presentation in the lecture room of each poster could have been given before the visits at the posters.» (Good)
- It was very interesting, but maybe a bit too many topics. There was no time to go deeper in one or the other subject, since they were all quite specific.» (Good)
- The poster exhibition was good, but the quest could have been arranged in a better way. » (Good)
- Posterutställningen fungerade mycket bättre än föreläsningsformen eftersom man kunde ta sig tid att stanna och läsa en poster. Det var också enklare att fråga och få svar från doktoranden. Dessutom var det skönt att röra på sig så man slipper sitta still hela dagen.» (Good)
- Need to be developed though and again! the seniors need to show that they are interessted!» (Good)
- Could have been done faster, was a lot of extra time» (Good)
- Poster session very good, as opposed to speaches. But questions should have been closer to each poster. » (Very good)
- I think, in general, that was the best part of the day. The entire department was working together to achieve common target. Ok, we were not supposed to be shearing answers, but still there was a lot of interaction.» (Very good)
- Great to be able to talk to the PhD"s face-to-face» (Very good)
- Mycket bättre än att ha muntliga presentationer en hel em! Dock lite svårt med att posters och frågorna var långt ifrån varandra...» (Very good)
- Svarade inte på frågorna, men läste postrarna. Upplägget mycket bra.» (Very good)
- I have not attended.» (No opinion/Did not attend)

15. What did you think of the Quest?*

104 svarande

Poor»3 3%
Rather poor»19 25%
OK»32 42%
Good»19 25%
Very good»3 3%
No opinion/did not attend»28

Genomsnitt: 3

- I think the focus should be more on the poster (the project) and the phd-student. The postersession was to unorginazed and to unfocused.» (Poor)
- The questions should have been displayed close to the posters» (Rather poor)
- Too difficult questions. The questions should be located close to the poster.» (Rather poor)
- It was too easy just to give up. Even if it would have been a lot easier, posting the questions related to a posted next to it would have been much better. Now to many people simply gave up.» (Rather poor)
- Idén var väldigt bra för att få en aktivitet i anslutning till posterutställningen. Jag upplevde det dock alldeles för svårt eftersom frågorna inte satt i anslutning till posters och då var det lätt att ge upp och strunta i det och istället bara läsa om de olika projekten.» (Rather poor)
- To many questions and they were too difficult» (Rather poor)
- too difficult Questions were not near the posters.» (Rather poor)
- Tanken var god men alldeles för svårt att inte veta vilken fråga som berörde vilket område» (Rather poor)
- good idea, but the information on the posters and questions should have been more "populär vetenskapliga"» (Rather poor)
- Förstår syftet, men det kändes lite konstigt. » (Rather poor)
- Not very important how this is. It is mainly for fun and gives some reason to read more carefully.» (OK)
- Too difficult.» (OK)
- Although related questions should be posted close to relavant poster, so it is easier to study the different projects» (OK)
- ok, men jag fattade inte meningen med detta!» (OK)
- questions placed close to its poster» (OK)
- Jag tycker att det var lite för många frågor. Jag tycker också att frågorna kunde suttit i anslutning till respektive poster.» (OK)
- Quest was OK but questions should have been posted adjacent to the posters - it shouldn"t be an orienteering contest!» (OK)
- Firstly, some of the questions were unclear, it was hard to understand what poster they are related to. Secondly, some of the questions were in Swedish that was a bit uncomfortable. Secondly, some of the questions were in Swedish, that was a bit uncomfortable.» (Good)
- Det var lite för lätt att samarbeta, som man också såg när priserna utdelades...» (Good)
- A little unclear about what we actually had to do. Difficult with the questions being everywhere and the posters being elsewhere» (Good)
- Vissa frågor var väldigt generella där flera svar kunde vara rätt. Det var en rolig och lärorik aktivitet! » (Good)
- Tuff» (Good)
- That was fun, but again, maybe too many topics to really learn something about each of them.» (Very good)
- It was very enjoyable.» (Very good)
- I was not there.» (No opinion/did not attend)
- See previous comment on question 6.» (No opinion/did not attend)

16. Was this a better way to spread knowledge of activities within the department than the traditional lic presentations?*

Not necessarily said that it was the best way - only if you thought it better and more atttractive. Always room for improvement/development!

104 svarande

Yes»45 56%
No»15 18%
Yes with modifications (comment needed)»19 24%
No opinion/did not attend»25

Genomsnitt: 1.67

- possibility to interact is very good» (Yes)
- I heared from my colleagues that it was more interesting and different than lic presentations.» (Yes)
- The lic presentations should be transformed to "popular science presentations" so that everyone could understand and enjoy them. Twenty minutes of equations do not stick to your brain. Regarding the posters I only searched for the answers to the quest. I actually did not read them like I should have.....» (No)
- It could have been if students had been given the opportunity to present their work in a systematic way in front of their poster.» (No)
- hade valt att presentera muntligt framför hela publiken istället.» (No)
- Nej, inte bättre men inte heller sämre. Konceptet behöver lite utveckling, både mer stimulerande presentationer och aktivare beskådare. (många presentatörer gjorde nog en god insats men när åhörarna inte bjöd upp tillräckligt ...) Och det är värt att utveckla. Kanske några fler postrar, och lite allmännare. » (No)
- I think standard presentations (if not too many) is ok and if the presenter has adapted the presentation to the audience.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Mer populärvetenskaplig, man är inte intresserad av detaljer i alla andras forskning utan man vill veta vad det går ut på i stora drag. » (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- I think more time could have been given to this activity.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- No quest, only posters. The posters was as they are a variation of what has been before. Not necessarily as something better than presentations in general.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- It was quite tough to find some answers of the questions, since the answer was on a poster that was further away» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- as mentioned above» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Det måste finnas fasta tider för doktoranderna att vara hos deras poster. När jag kom till utkiken (grupp 11-20), då var ingen doktorand kvar att presentera sitt poster eller att svara på frågor.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Find a balance between the number of posters and people attending the AM day. Make the presentations be the main point and not a complement to the fine view or other activities (quest, brake, etc). I do not how... » (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Start with a short presentation, 3-5 minutes, and then run to the poster and be there all the time!» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- It was much better than the traditional lic presentations but my suggestion is to take away the quest and focus on a postersession, a short presentation from each phd-student and question afterwards.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Good:good idea, not sitting still and beeing inactive for long time, more time for social networking/interaction, NOT good: the information on the posters and questions should have been more "populär vetenskapliga" and/or more even representation of the whole department.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Se mina kommentarer på 14 och 15.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- See comments on question 10.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- See comment above» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- It was necessary to spread the questions in my opinion. The questions could be given with the answer sheet. Beside this the seperated presentations to the building is have to be still same.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- quests should be put with their corresponding poster. The poster owner is better to stand by the poster during the session (so also bad sides are he/she will not be able to see others poster, no time for coffee...)» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- it was really good but it was too much text on the posters, it need to be more digestive.» (Yes with modifications (comment needed))
- Båda sätt har sina fördelar.» (No opinion/did not attend)
- Did not attend, but appreciate the new approach.» (No opinion/did not attend)

Summary questions

17. What would you like to preserve to next department day?

- Do some more practical activities.»
- Did not attend!»
- Use the same format, but somewhat shorter»
- The lic presentations as posters and quiz, and the group activities - please extend! Also please keep the dinner»
- poster session»
- "Force us" to work or meet with new colleagues.»
- Poster exhibition»
- Lic. posters är okey»
- A guest lecture.»
- The dinner »
- Working/discussing in small groups»
- Poster presentations.»
- The friendly and open atmosphere »
- The group discussions gave valuable input for the department, since there obviously seems to be many issues to work with. Unfortunately this is apparently not a priority within the management, understood from the comments given afterwards by Per Lövsund explaining it by, we also have a lot of other stuff to do... From my point of view this means that we spent a day discussing possible improvements for the department without anyone paying any attention to them afterwards. I would like to see some kind of follow-up from the management on how these suggestions are to be implemented, if they are at all... Otherwise this was just a waste of time.»
- poster session and dinner»
- Group discussion. Dinner»
- Upplägget med extern föreläsare, grupparbeten och posterutställning.»
- posters, group work»
- Poster, grupparbete, middag»
- Att vi lär oss metodik eller beteende för att bli en bättre organisation, precis som projektplanering. Inifrån och ut mmmm»
- The group discussion.»
- Poster display was great. You also posed the question of "in relation to project management" well I like these challenging questions. Perhaps next time should be "are we doing enough to get the next generation of engineers to come to Chalmers" "is our education world class" "how can we measure our success" or something similar. We must strive to constantly improve and I think we should be having such activities to look at challenging what we do and how we do it.»
- Group exercises, the times that were available for interaction, themes to improve TM department activities»
- poster exhibition»
- Group exercises, a topic for the day, dinner and coffe brakes that gather people, to be in one place during the hole day»
- The project manegement short-course was excellent! »
- Lic poster exhibition: bra att ha lite tid för icke formella reflektioner. Grupparbeten i mix grupper!»
- Location»
- Bra med grupparbete»
- Poster session Group work, but only if it is possible to find a suitable task. External lecturer, but only if it is someone who has something substantial to say.»
- The dinner and group exercises.»
- ---»
- The presentations part. With the changes pointed above.»
- Poster & mingel var utmärkt!»
- Activites that forces people to interact cross-divisonally.»
- Uppföljning av grupparbetena, gärna ihop med Per Lindstedt. Vidare arbete/fokus på förbättringar.»
- The dinner and group excercises where we evaluate the department somehow.»
- group work dinner»
- Att man samlas för en gemensam fråga, projekt - ger mer än ett företagsbesök. Bra med "rörlighet" genom tipspromenad mm, gav mer uppblandning mellan avdelningar och personalkategorier.»
- Not very tight schedule makes to day less tiring. Good with long brakes and time to chat.»
- Poster session for new Lic.Eng.»

18. What would you like to change for next department day?

- Strongly suggest that all presentationg should basically in English, since there are so many international students and also researchers. Department day should be more international.»
- Switch to English in order for everyone to be included...»
- The poster session»
- Please change the language to English. It"s a pity for international students/professors/guests to not be able to participate. If you decide to have it in Swedish, please announce.»
- Find a relevant new "work method developing" subject. Quick ideas: 1. What is a PhD project? Why does society runs such? What does it contain? How is ot done? WHo is the customer? 2. What makes Chalmers a desired collaboration partner? Why does should industry choose to work with universities, as opposed to institutes. »
- Why not invite industry to talk about their future needs. Get someone from the institutionsrådet. More and better beer :=)»
- Easier questions to the posters.»
- Our department is so diverse that some of the divisions have absolutely nothing in common. I think it would be good if we instead had smaller "department" days where the divisions that may have relation/collaboration meet, without the others. There may then be 2-3 division groupings. Then we could have real research/project/teaching collaboration discussions! »
- Platsen, jag vill ha större och gratis parkering. Eller närmare hem för att hinna cykla på vettiga tider.»
- Change back to lic presentations»
- A visit to a company to get to know something outside Chalmers. Like last time.»
- A new way of lic.presentings»
- To have the department day once a year instead of twice.»
- Annual department days in June. Twice a year is to much. »
- Change the language overall to English and take what might be necessary also in Swedish. Having shorter sessions with short breaks in between would make them more interesting. Going on for more than 45 min straight is never good.»
- Nyttigare fika, det vore bra om man försökte uppnå en jämnare blodsockernivå under dagen så man inte somnar... »
- Maybe a bit more English language, but that was not a big issue.»
- Language is be changed to English. Dinner should be scheduled later (around 19.30) and somewhere else to give some free time for some physical activities after an entire day of sitting. Take away the afternoon FIKA. Some fruits are ok, but cakes are really unecessary and unhealthy. It is a waste of money. »
- Jag skulle vilja ha mer av grupparbetesdelen.»
- as mentioned above»
- Gör alla delar lite kortare, så kan man börja lite senare och hela dagen blir inte lika tröttsam.»
- Besök på GBG energi var roligt då man ser vad andra organisationer befinner sig och vilka lösningar dom har. Problemet är dock att det kan bli för mycket reklam.»
- The language. Everything must be in English. I guess that the new PhD students have an interest to attend to their first AM day. If they do not know Swedish, the best way to make them reluctant to attend in the future is to keep the speechs in Swedish!»
- Perhaps a team engineering challenge. Like "build a lego bridge to specification, on budget and in time" or "transport a 0.5litre jug of water over 3m in least time as possible using scrap parts" To see more interaction in a fun way.»
- Shorter day, modification to the quest, if posters, modification to the template, Aim, Method, Result + picture of PhD student.»
- I turn into Swedish: Kan vara väldigt olika temata på dagarna alltifrån effektivitetshöjande, projektinriktat tema till mer mjuka frågor av karaktären "The fun and fear för alla personalkategorier att jobba i en högpresterande, akademisk miljö bland "odödliga" 25-30-åriga företrädesvis manliga, doktorander (med utländsk bakgrund)?" Eller vidga vyerna - rollspel e dyl med humanistisk, tankeväckande infallsvinkel - kräver oerhört skicklig konsult. Kanske studiebesök med intressant tema någon gång. »
- Se comments in question 16. More group exercises. »
- instead of lic presentations/posters short populärvetenskapliga presentations from each division (or a current intresting project at each division).»
- Få folk att umgås och känna samhörighet med folk från andra avdelningar. Kanske fler grupparbeten med folk från olika avdelningar där varje grupp får ett specifikt ämne att diskutera och föreslå hur dessa idéer kan verkställas? Bara ett exempel på ett sådant ämne: hur involverar vi industridoktorander och deras företag i vår undervisning så att vi kan erbjuda en världsunik form av utbildning? Föreslå konkret arbetsplan. Viktigt att man följer upp arbetet vid nästa träff. Man skulle kunna göra så att varje ämne blir som ett projekt som gruppen ansvarar för under ett år (gruppen träffas ett visst antal ggr/år och vid nästa institionsdag redovisar man vad man gjort och vad man behöver hjälp med - detta kan generera nya ämnen etc.) »
- Annan nivå på tipspromenaden»
- Maybe once a year is sufficient. Alternatively, one afternoon each semester.»
- Hard to say, but this (and previous) times I have strongly felt that it is not worth the effort and mony spent.»
- Language to English!!!»
- ---»
- Since there are a lot of people from abroad, pls provide more information in English as well»
- Tajmningen är viktigt för att förebygga trötthet. Som sagt är inte alla deltagare lika intresserade av samtliga ämnen.»
- Var inte rädd för att prova nya upplägg. »
- Jag tycker att det var bra med postersessionen, men den behöver slipas på. Jag tyckte att det var för många frågor och jag tycker att frågorna skulle suttit i anslutning till varje poster. Vidare hade det inte skadat med korta presentationer av varje doktorand - en snabbintroduktion till postersessionen. Till sist tycker jag att varje doktorand skulle stått vid sin poster för att svara på frågor.»
- The quest.»
- english»
- Hårdare krav på att anmälan är bindande. Avhopp endast p g a verkligt giltigt skäl. Får konsekvenser för grupparbeten och middagsfakturan.»
- Seniors should also have a small task to be more involved. Dont know how though.»
- Use english»

* obligatoriska frågor

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