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Total Quality Mgmt - Spring 2011, IEK311

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-03-09 - 2011-03-24
Antal svar: 43
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 51%
Kontaktperson: Marco Santos»

Your own effort

1. Which of the following alternatives applies to your case at the moment of answering this survey?

For this course there were three compulsory tasks: (1) the report of the helicopter lab, (2) the interactive assessment and (3) the guest lecture

43 svarande

I have completed all compulsory tasks»43 100%
I have not completed all compulsory tasks»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1

- it is not fair just to have pass and fail, you must give som score to them, then they will contribute in the final score. maybe a person who has done everything cannot do his/her best at the exam day. so it means that all the things he/she has done is not judged fairly. everybody passed all compulsory. so what if i just show up in a compulsary and i do nothing? i am passed. what if i study? again i am passed. » (I have completed all compulsory tasks)
- really good idea DoE, the exam in the middle. guest lecture compulsory is useless.» (I have completed all compulsory tasks)
- Well I have not passed the exam.» (I have completed all compulsory tasks)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

43 svarande

0% - 25%»1 2%
25% - 50%»2 4%
50% - 75%»9 20%
75% - 100%»31 72%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

- In general very low quality lectures.» (0% - 25%)
- The lectures was very good, but I have been sick so I missed a lot of lectures because of that.» (50% - 75%)
- the DOE was not good at all. i learned nothing in class.» (75% - 100%)

Teaching and course administration

3. What is your general impression of the course?

42 svarande

Very negative»0 0%
Negative»3 7%
Positive»17 40%
Very positive»22 52%

Genomsnitt: 3.45

- I wish that there would have been more cases or group work that would force the students to apply their new knowledge which would enhance uderstanding.» (Negative)
- I was expecting a lot from the beginning, but the course was below expectations. » (Negative)
- If I would have been more interested in the field I would maybe have found it very positive» (Positive)
- Although the theoretical classes on DoE didnt seem to have that much to do with the rest of the course.» (Positive)
- One of the best course I have taken» (Very positive)
- I never had a so good course, in my home country all my management courses are really boring, but the teachers are amazing.(expect the women from DoE she was really boring)» (Very positive)

4. How was the structure of the course?

(A good structure means that the time spent on each subject is adequate and the sequence of the subjects is clear and logical)

43 svarande

Very negative»1 2%
Negative»3 6%
Positive»25 58%
Very positive»14 32%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

- More focus on DOE and SPC would have been preferred.» (Negative)
- Only lacked some sort of calculation exercise (theoretical exercise) on the SPC part of the course.» (Positive)
- I think SPC tried to cover too much in too few classes to make it clear.» (Positive)
- Extremely well organized» (Very positive)

5. Concerning the proportion of theory and practice:

By theory it is meant mainly lectures whereas practice means mainly exercises and group work.

43 svarande

The course was too theoretical»4 9%
The course had a good balance between theory and practice»39 90%
The course was too practical»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.9

- The practical elements were really good, and the course would have been even better if there had been even more practical sessions! » (The course was too theoretical)
- Could be some more practice in the area of factorial design, help to calculate different exersices..» (The course was too theoretical)
- I liked and learned a lot from The Helicopter lab assignment, it is a big difference from just reading about theory and to practice experience.» (The course had a good balance between theory and practice)
- Nice to put in several work-shops instead of massive cases. These can more easily be tied to the topic than cases. Possibly even more work-shops could be added. The company goals/vision excise in relation to the ISO lecture could however be reused from 50 min. to 10. » (The course had a good balance between theory and practice)
- But it could be better. Guest speakers could have spoken even more in practical terms. They dont have to play theoretical teachers.» (The course had a good balance between theory and practice)
- It was very positive to have small cases/exercises during the lectures, it helped a lot for us to understand the theory. » (The course had a good balance between theory and practice)
- The DoE has to be redone.» (The course had a good balance between theory and practice)
- Very good with practical parts» (The course had a good balance between theory and practice)

6. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

43 svarande

Small extent»1 2%
Some extent»10 23%
Large extent»23 53%
Great extent»9 20%

Genomsnitt: 2.93

- I haven"t asked him of any help...» (Some extent)
- I really enjoyed Henry"s lessons» (Large extent)
- Really good lecturers over all » (Great extent)
- I want do write this more politely, but I can´,t. That DoE guest-lecturer was just so bad. I did not understand her at all and fell behind on DoE right from the start, and I know that a lot of the people in class also did not understand her. She has a really bad case of being "home-blind" while presenting.» (Great extent)

7. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

42 svarande

Small extent»1 2%
Some extent»7 16%
Large extent»25 59%
Great extent»9 21%

Genomsnitt: 3

- I read 8 books in this coarse to cover SPC, QFD, six sigma, DoE, quality. Bergman did the least of help and was also least read.» (Small extent)
- The book is far too general. It does not provide any deeper understanding of the subject and many times the information is not sufficient to learn and understand different subjects. On the other hand it is very easy to read which makes it easy to understand basic concepts and to get an general overview of TQM.» (Some extent)
- the text book is not strong enough to give much knowledge. it mostly give references» (Some extent)
- The book was not enough developed in SPC and DoE and the handouts according to DoE wasn´,t good» (Some extent)
- The book is very non-concise, 30 pages of it could be taught in 5 min on a lecture. And it"s so boring...» (Large extent)
- The green book handles some of the subjects quite shallow. The soft values in the book are handled ok but the DoE and the SPC chapters are not at all sufficient in order to understand and use both subjects. » (Large extent)
- I think the book was good» (Large extent)
- Great book but the material/article on DoE could be more extensive. » (Great extent)
- DoE from the extra sheets and the book» (Great extent)

8. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

43 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»2 4%
Rather good»13 30%
Very good»23 53%
I did not seek help»5 11%

Genomsnitt: 3.72

- Some kind of lecture in which we just calculate on SPC, control charts, effects etc. would have been great!» (Rather poor)
- Again, the labs and exercises were an excellent opportunity to ask questions. But it would be beneficial to have two calculation exercises as well(preferably late in the course, week 5-7 or so), even if only where a teacher is available to answere questions. I am thinking about SPC mainly but also DoE. It would have helped our learning to be able to ask some questions about how to solve some of the calculation exercises. » (Rather good)
- However-during the helicopter lab the tutors wasn"t able to answer our questions. They (Henrik) need to be better, understand the different elements and calculations. It confused us» (Rather good)

9. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

43 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»1 2%
Rather well»16 37%
Very well»26 60%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

- It would be nice if presentations came out earlier prior the lectures.» (Rather well)
- But not excellent. It wasn"t that smooth.» (Rather well)
- Really good structure» (Very well)
- perfect, good structure with the weeks, at the beginning the course information with all the lectures.» (Very well)

Study climate

10. How was the course workload?

43 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 2%
Adequate»27 62%
High»14 32%
Too high»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.34

- Hard to say before e.g. the exam and the final grades» (Adequate)
- was really a lot to do, read the book, find stuff about DoE» (High)

11. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

43 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»0 0%
Rather well»13 30%
Very well»30 69%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.69

- difficult to work with swedish people» (Rather well)
- I enjoyed it.» (Rather well)
- I think the group exercises helped us to start cooperate.» (Very well)

12. How well has cooperation between you and the people involved in the course worked?

43 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»0 0%
Rather well»14 32%
Very well»26 60%
I did not seek cooperation»3 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.74

- unclear instructions in the helicopter lab» (Very well)
- Some, maybe two, opportunities only for asking questions(preferably calculation exercises related) to a teacher would have been great. » (Very well)

Examination process and grading

13. Did the exam reflect the course in a fair way?

43 svarande

Not at all»1 2%
No»1 2%
Yes»23 53%
Yes, definitely»3 6%
I have not taken the exam yet»15 34%

Genomsnitt: 3.69

- i explined in my first comment.but i will repeat here again: it is not fair just to have pass and fail, you must give som score to them, then they will contribute in the final score. maybe a person who has done everything cannot do his/her best at the exam day. so it means that all the things he/she has done is not judged fairly. everybody passed all compulsory. so what if i just show up in a compulsary and i do nothing? i am passed. what if i study? again i am passed. » (Not at all)
- The last question was not fair because there were no exercise on that so you didn"t have any possibility to learn that. It was strange to say that you should write "at least 4 examples" because then you don"t know if you could get more points for more examples. » (No)
- DoE unfair, or maybe the women from DoE was really bad I don´,t like open questions» (Yes)
- But at the moment it feels like the distribution of points was rather off. 7 points for t-test and 3 for HoQ.... :S» (Yes)
- To short time for writing the exam. If you should write clear and full answers on every question there was not time for answering all. » (Yes)
- The DoE part was very detailed in class and not so detailed on the exam. Still, the class was very theoretical and it was hard to learn how to perform the calculations by hand when the teacher did the calculations on a computer during class. I would strongly recommend Not to use a computer when explaning the calculations. Once you know the basics, of course it is easy to perform the calculations on a computer, but we don"t have that basic knowledge, so it is pointless to use a computer during lecture.» (Yes)
- The first question were very good, covering relevant parts but the last question seemed totally unfamiliar compared to what we have focused on during the lectures.» (Yes)
- BUT, the last question was very strange. It dealth with stuff that hadn"t been introduced at the lectures or any lab as far as I"ve done it. Also, there are questions with calculations, and NO opputunity for helping the students with this was given. Preferably some sort of calculation exercises for next year.» (Yes)
- Almost yes. I were not that happy that DoE were given 10 points 20% of the grade because from what I have heard people thought she was a bit too theoretical, and!! when she did the t-test on the lecture she did it in her computer, we were never shown how its done. Also the exercises that were given, her solutions jumped over the t-test - no help there. And the old exercises she gave out, she said that she had looked at them fast and found some errors and that she really did not know if they were good or not - not so motivated to sit and go through them.» (Yes)
- But, we had not gone through any T-diagrams as throughout.. So that question did not reflect the course! » (Yes)

14. Would you change the examination process and grading for this course?

For this course there were three compulsory tasks for you to be able to get a grade. The compulsory tasks were assessed on the basis "Pass", "Non-pass".

42 svarande

No change is necessary»34 80%
I suggest my system below in the comment field»8 19%

Genomsnitt: 1.19

- Great when there are group works to have only pass/fail. » (No change is necessary)
- Good that all tasks besides the exam were just pass/fail.» (No change is necessary)
- you must give some value to the assignments we had. to report, and so on.» (I suggest my system below in the comment field)
- i suggest home exam instead writing exam i think it will beater because my thinking this curse must be practical and research » (I suggest my system below in the comment field)
- Give weight for 3 tasks during course in final grade. » (I suggest my system below in the comment field)
- Maybe just a little more practical exercises and labs and so on» (I suggest my system below in the comment field)
- I think it is better to have compulsory assignments instead of final exam. In the management you do not have to study for the exam. » (I suggest my system below in the comment field)
- I would give some extra points instead of compulsory Fail or Pass--->more motivation» (I suggest my system below in the comment field)
- should give extra points to exam to push people to do a better work on the different tasks» (I suggest my system below in the comment field)
- Maybe having a case which would account for 15% of the grade would be great.» (I suggest my system below in the comment field)

Summarizing questions

15. Would you recommend this course to other students?

42 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
No»3 7%
Yes»25 59%
Yes, definitely»14 33%

Genomsnitt: 3.26

- if some changes were made to increase the workload by having compulsary group cases for example.» (Yes)
- I would warn them about that there´,s very much work on the course....i wasnt aware of that...its pretty much» (Yes)
- If they are interested in TQM, yes.» (Yes)
- Yes, if some parts were improved. More lecture focus on DOE and SPC with more calculation exercises. » (Yes)
- Great practical learnings and a fun course» (Yes, definitely)
- but I will say it´,s a lot of work and you can´,t pass with doing nothing» (Yes, definitely)
- It was a great course and I learned a lot! I would absolutely recommend it to other students. » (Yes, definitely)

16. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- helicopter la really was good :)»
- Henry as a lecturer, the HoQ work-shop and the SPC assignments uploaded.»
- Helicopter lab»
- e.g. helicopter lab»
- The content and structure»
- The practical elements The "dugga" »
- DoE experiment»
- The labs were a very good way to learn. »
- the main teacher, I never saw a person like him. He can motivate, explain so well, that if I didn´,t understand the word I really could easy imagine the meaning, because of his rhetoric. impossible to compare with my home university.»
- QFD, SPS, upstream thinking (DFSS) and system thinking.»
- The guess lectures.»
- The labs»
- the labs»
- The perfect mix between practical exercises and theory lectures. The structure of principles-methodologies-tools. But can be even more clear in the beginning of the course to explain the big picture and purpose og TQM. Describing the phases (understanding customer - investigating customer needs - develop products/services - producing products - feedback from customer/market) and where alla principles, methods and tools belong. Gives better understanding. »
- Henry Raharjo! The lectures he gave with his computer as a tool were so incredibly pedagogical. Henrik! A great lecturer and course leader. The cases were also very good for our understanding.»
- The mid-term exam was really good. Also the helicopter lab was good for the learning, however we lacked proper supervison during the experiment. The small exercises like HoQ, the cookie-experiment, KJ-sheba etc. were also very good.»
- The practical tasks. they helped in large extent to understand the theory and made studying fun.»
- Hendry»
- Helicopter lab and SPC classes»
- the practical sessions»
- Good lecturers»
- The labs.»
- The labs were really good Our main lecturers were good »
- Helicopter lab»
- Interactive assessment»

17. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- teacher of DOE.»
- home exam instead writing exam»
- The card-work-shop felt unnecessary and the process workshop with the guest lecturer could be improved (too unclear guidelines and follow-up)»
- Grading system »
- dunno...»
- The DoE part - would have been good to have someone from the industry, to see how they work with it.»
- Let Marcus Assarlind give the DoE statistics lectures instead of Kerstin Wiklander. Her lectures didn"t feel incorporated with the group work we were supposed to use the knowledge for.»
- The teaching in SPC. It was difficult to understand the lectures because the structure was unclear and difficult to follow when he used his computer pen.»
- the women from DoE»
- Remove DoE or make it more practical. That we had t-test which is math stat not quality is ridiculous. Then this course could be held at the math office. Think more in terms of management and higher level.»
- N/A»
- Hard to conect the DoE theory with question on exam»
- the teaching of DoE»
- The mathematical lectures about the statistical basement for DOE held by a math teacher. Skip it or make it more practical and directly adapteble to DOE. »
- It would be great if all the questions asked in the Interactive assignment could be posted on the student portal, so each student can check them after the assignment and make sure they know all the answeres. Even a picture of the black board would be helpful.»
- New teacher for processes, SPC and DoE»
- Another approach to teach DOE and SPC, calculation exercises for instance. The last 10p question on the exam did not seem familiar, not as something we had put much focus on during lectures. »
- The lectures about Design of experiment. The were too theoretical and no good connections were made to supply chain field. As well, the solving of exercises was too superficial and did not help a lot for doing the assignment in exam.»
- the course on DOe was not that clear»
- DOE classes»
- the lectures on DoE»
- bulkyness of th course»
- Add a time slot for DoE exercises»
- The exercises. Give more and better solutions. The examination. »
- Also, there are questions with calculations, and NO opputunity for helping the students with the calculations was given. Preferably some sort of calculation exercises for next year.»
- I would really like to see 2 calculation sessions "räknestugor". Where you can go and get help with some good exercises of SPC and DoE. I think that would be a great thing to make the course even better.»
- I think that it would improve the course if you at the start of each lecture showed the overview picture from p.14 in the book for 15 seconds, to show where "today´,s lecture" fit in with "the larger picture". »
- Factorial design lecture. I think it was a bit confusing, better to have "räknestugor".»

18. Additional comments

- judgment of students is not fair»
- Great course!»
- Good course abt a so boring subject.:) Hendry is the man! Claes (from saab ericsson blabla) was otherwise ok but quite boastful, a bit full of himself and his company.»
- change the women from DoE, a friend of mine did this course in the first term and he said marco did it really well. I really missed a good lecture about DoE.»
- A very good course with committed leadership from teachers!»
- Very good course, overall»
- TL,DR Another DoElecturer please, timelimit for exam, the end DoE question was evil. Do not make "max 1/1.5 page" on half of the questions on the exam and then top it off with a very different DoE question. There is simply no time, and in combination with the horrible guestlecturer it creates a situation where people have to fight hard to study the area just to face a question that is tailor-made to mess with students when they come to the exam. Would be interesting to know how many actually got full points on the last question. »

19. Comments on this survey

How much time did it take for you to complete this survey? Was it too long? Were some questions unclear?

- 4 min, not to long not to short»
- 3min»
- 12 min»
- Good»
- was ok»
- 5 minutes»
- Good survey.»
- all is ok»
- 2-3 minutes, was ok, the only unclear thing was answer on 14 where "No change is necessary" could been seen as "No. A change is needed!". Other from that ok! »
- 10 min. The survey is rather complete.»
- it was ok»
- 5 min»
- The questions were clearly explained which was good! It took quite long though to finish the evaluation, for me more than 15 minutes.»
- 15 min, it was ok.»
- It took about 7 minutes. Questions were clear and reasonable. Was not too long.»
- 5 min»
- Not too long»
- maybe you could add questions about the specific topics/areas covered, since they were very different with different teachers.»
- Good survey»
- 5 min»
- 20 min»
- About an hour, with walking around the apartment and thinking as well. Good length & setup.»
- 5 minutes»

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