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Human Computer Interaction V11, TDA289

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-03-11 - 2011-03-22
Antal svar: 26
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 52%
Kontaktperson: Jon Mjölnevik»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Informationsteknik 300 hp
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Informationsteknik 300 hp

1. It was clear from the beginning what was expected of me in the course.

26 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»3 12%
5 20%
13 52%
4, Agree completely.»4 16%
No answer.»1

Genomsnitt: 2.72

- It was very few times in this course that I felt that I knew what I was supposed to do, there where bad or divided instructions all the time.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Since i had no background from the course, it was not obvious from the first» (2)
- In general terms it was quite clear, but some details popped up later. For example, we knew that we had to write a report, but got our (actual) report template after the first deadline.» (3)

2. Do you think that you had enough knowledge to take the course?

- No, I think my English skills are borderline. There were times when I had difficulties grasping the context and relevance of things. Communicating within the teams was also a MAJOR problem.»
- Yes since not much was demanded of us.»
- Yes»
- yes»
- yes»
- Yes, absolutely.»
- I think that this course was a joke and that i got more than enough knowledge for it.»
- Yes.»
- yes»
- Absolutely!»
- Yes»
- YES I DO.»
- Yes, and the knowledge increased further.»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- yes»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- i had never taken such course before but regarding to the course prerequisite description, i took it»
- Yes»

3. As a whole, how satisfied are you with the course?

- As a whole, I am satisfied. I now have tools to aid me when designing UIs and can look at them from more perspectives. I only wish that my creativity could have shone through more at some points.»
- Not at all, this was the worst administrated course I have taken so far.»
- Very satisfied. This has been one of the best courses on Chalmers yet, actually.»
- The exercises and assignments are»
- I am very satisfied and the course is really full of interactive communications among group. And i believe this will help students be creative and help us to learn how to be creative by sharing from friends.»
- Well satisfied. I did learn the things stated in the course description.»
- Not at all»
- Disappointed.»
- no»
- Really Satisfied!»
- Not very»
- Very much.»
- Satisfied»
- Not at all»
- it was OK..»
- Quite satisfied»
- I am satisfied. Not really my main interest, but it was a good course.»
- it was very interesting, especially the guess lecture was great»
- I think the course is not only a good introduction course for student who are interested in the area of human computer interaction and thinks about to continue on the same track at master level, but also to make student gain more knowledge about interfaces because it is a big and important area within computer science.»

4. Regarding lectures, seminars, projects, etc you have participated in: Please mention three good things in the course and three things that can be improved.

- Good: 1. Interesting information, especially about hardware. It was a very inspiring course. 2. Connections to the real world. Good guest lectures and the monator exercise was superb. 3. Good combination of theory and practice. Improve: 1. Structure of seminars. There was usually a lot of information to take in and the lack of a clear structure made memorizing difficult. 2. Excercise instructions could have sometimes been more specific. I absolutely love the idea of giving the students 100% freedom to do what they want, most other courses impose hard constraints on creativity, but most people often got confused by the ambiguity, decreasing the team efficiency and disrupting flow. 3. The tutoring sessions were disaters, because whenever there was an "easy way out", an option to do as little as possible, that"s what my group mates always chose. On some tasks, I was completely alone. I don"t know how this could be improved, but it should be improved.»
- The last guest lecture on games was good. The last exercise was good. The lectures overall except the guest lectures was really bad and most of the time subjects and movies was repeated not just two times but sometimes three times. The examples given in the lectures was most of the time over 10 years old which gave no connection to work done today in the field. The exercises was almost always bad prepared and the instructions was confusing and some of them I didn"t even get why we did them at all. The web page was almost never correctly updated, several lectures was still from last year and a the last guest lecture slides was also not the same as she used in the lecture.»
- It was very nice with all guest lecturers. The exercises was also very fun and provided an adequate level of challenge. It was also nice that you had to do the short reports, it made you think a bit extra. I think that there could perhaps be a little more theoretical background on the lectures sometimes, since the exercises and some of the guest lecturers are often much more hands-on.»
- most of exercises ,assignment and guest lecture were good.tutoring section must be changed because students didn"t know what they must be do and waste their time.assistance didn"t study the exercise before came to the class and they are not very active and helpful.»
- All are great»
- - Morten is a very qualified lecturer. - The guest lecturer, Sriram, was very interesting. - I would have wanted more connection to the usability standards that exist for industrial use. - It would have been nice to have a week in the middle of the course where there was no exerecise, this to make time to work with the assignment. Now we needed to use the weekend to do the assignment. - »
- Cant find a single thing»
- good: Interesting guest lectures fast corrections on exercises good practices on presentation bad: The exercises needs more work on The lectures need more structure and less slides, what we learn that them should also be of use on the exercises. (as it was not, it was possible to skip the lectures and just to the exercises) The amount of writing on the end report, sometimes it just result in that you write a lot of unnecessary stuff.»
- 1. träningspass 2. gästföreläsning 3. handledning session »
- Regarding project: It is ridiculous to have an example report and guidelines like in this course to follow. EXACT 6 pages? Put the picture here, put this here, put that there. It makes the report worse that, like in our case, we hade a good report of 5 and a half pages and then had to write crap to fill out the report.»
- 3 good things: teacher"s passion, guest lecturers, and overall help received when confused. 3 things that can be improved are exercise halls, restructuring of the lectures, and better us of the tutoring session.»
- Good: LiveScribe pen excersice, Can be improved: More excersices with physical objects like LiveScribe pen.»
- The head teacher was very good, this course was very easy, little time was spent on this course. The bad things is that this course is absolute rubbish, no useful knowledge was learned and I had to spend more time on following report templates then actually writing them.»
- teachers lecture content exercises»
- The exercises, tutoring sessions and guest lectures were all good. However having to write exactly one page for a report is nitpicking. The lectures are also for some reason not really needed to complete the course.»
- Students in groups on exercises for better discussion was good. Lecture paces was good. Good number of assistants. A bit outdated material sometimes, could be more up-to-date. Sometimes assistants was not fully informed, discuss more before lectures. Maybe a bit more connection to the course book, as it didn"t feel as useful as it should(?). »
- + The lectures were interesting and adequate + Most of the excercises were well structured + The assignment was good in the way that students could evaluate/design something of their own interest - Not so many students attended the lectures at the end of the course which is disappointing, maybe include a small question based on some lectures in the exercises? - The exercise with the Lifescribe pen wasn"t so profitable, maybe it could be improved, also it was a pity that xbox-live hardware didn"t work on computers, that would have been very interseting - The requirement of writing exactly 6 pages on the assignment, it should be more flexible +-1 page depending on the amount of information that the students have to work with»

5. The information about the examinations was clear.

26 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»3 13%
2 8%
7 30%
4, Agree completely.»11 47%
No answer.»3

Genomsnitt: 3.13

- The only thing we actually got clear was that formation of the assignment text had to be in a specific way. It took my group a long time even before we realized what we where supposed to be doing in the group assignment.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Ye sort of» (2)
- Information about how the assignment is graded, grade criteria and such information, could be available through the course home page (is it? I"ve not been able to find it.)» (3)
- I don"t like the idea that the full grade of the course is dependent on a group work. I can"t really tell my other group members that I will rewrite their parts because I don"t think they are of enough quality, I"ll just have to accept a lower grade even though I believe that I had achieved the higher grade if I did the assignment by myself.» (3)
- Last report, do we get a chance to resubmit, or is it really "final"? At least I haven"t seen information about this.» (3)

6. The information about schedules was good.

26 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»0 0%
2 7%
6 23%
4, Agree completely.»18 69%
No answer.»0

Genomsnitt: 3.61

- Nothing changed I guess that is positive.» (2)
- The lecture notes on the web page didn"t always correspond to the lectures that was held.» (3)

7. How did you experience the physical work environment?

- I didn"t feel good in the EA-room, during tutoring sessions I usually went to whatever other room I could find. The rooms in Linsen were better.»
- Everyone was very confused, the noise level was very high and we where in very badly ventilated rooms.»
- I didn"t like it very much when we were supposed to work in groups in EE or EA (don"t remember which). The room is designed for lectures, not for group work. Otherwise it worked great.»
- It was interesting and attractive»
- Great»
- Good»
- paperprototying?»
- det var okej!»
- Not very much, since the exercise area was limited to small cramped spaces.»
- Crowded, but it was ok»
- I liked it»
- yes»
- Pleasing»
- Overall good. As we are to discuss things, there has to be some level of noise in lectures.»
- It was nice»
- Good»

8. How did you experience the psychological work environment?

- Probably one of the most traumatic experiences in my life. The suicide thoughts were not far away at some extreme points. The instructors had a tendency to avoid questions, presenting inaccurate information instead at times. But even worse, there were no group dynamics, the synergy was minimal. In a course that is 100% focused on teamwork! Sure, we probably achieved more in groups than we would have individually, but it was a living hell 90% of the time. Two hour long discussions about the placement of a button instead of doing a proper iterative design makes me wonder why I never murdered anyone. To clarify, I want to blame the current system, not the students. »
- Confusing all the time which just took the fun out of every exercise since we spent most of the time trying to interpret the instructions or understand what the supervisors meant.»
- Challenging. Very fun way to meet new people. I made a lot of new friends in this course. I looked forward to going to the lectures and exercises/tutoring sessions»
- i don"t understand the question.»
- It needs more effort but it worth it!»
- Good»
- Confusing.»
- it was a good work load, i like it.»
- det var bra!»
- great team mates, great supervisors and great teacher.»
- Crowded, but it was ok»
- The environment was good»
- OK»
- Pleasing»
- Good. Assistants were never negative in commenting our ideas. They used constructive critic, which is very nice to receive.»
- Good»
- Good»

9. The course literature such as books, articles, and compendia functioned as a good support in your studies.

26 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»2 8%
7 28%
12 48%
4, Agree completely.»4 16%
No answer.»1

Genomsnitt: 2.72

- Horrible bad book. I read maybe 40 pages and I did not learn anything new. 10 pages to explain what a interview is is just silly.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- I actually read like 10-20 pages in the beginning of the course just to figure out that the book was full of shit so i just didnt kept reading and the course had so easy content so i didnt need to» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- The course book was a good support for some things, but I am not sure if it was worth the money. The other literature was good, but there are questions still left unanswered.» (2)
- Dident use the book that much.» (2)
- I could have completed the course without it. It was only used as a reference in the assignment» (2)
- Not many chapters were needed from the book to complete the course. In order to buy an expensive book maybe more of its content should be treated in the exercises?» (2)
- The work with writing the exercise reports and the assignment required that much time that I didn"t have the time to read as much as I would have liked in the course book.» (3)

10. You have acquired the knowledge and skills specified in the goals of the course plan?

26 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»1 4%
2 8%
10 43%
4, Agree completely.»10 43%
No answer.»3

Genomsnitt: 3.26

- I don"t know what the course goals is.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- I could have acuired even more knowledge if I had the time/group to go even deeper into some of the exercises. But I think I acquired what"s in the plan.» (4, Agree completely.)
- Yes, I would like to think so.» (4, Agree completely.)
- I think I have gained a much better understanding in my future work within this area.» (4, Agree completely.)
- What skills? To follow redicilous templates?» (No answer.)

11. What do you think about the teachers’,,pedagogical abilities? (Could they explain course content in a comprehensive way?)

- In my opinion, Fjeld was sometimes excellent and he would have been always excellent had some of his lectures felt more structured and connected to our exercises and project. The other teachers have a long way to go.»
- Not very good, it is always good to be able to give concrete answers to questions and give exact information about what to do instead of vague answers.»
- Very clear.»
- He is well.good job»
- They are good and helpful to understand the course.»
- Yes,Morten seems to have a very good knowledge in the subject.»
- I think that you should have someone else to handle the exercises»
- More or less but the guys from Monator gave really good feedback and questions about our work. The responses just sad good work, i"m unsure if i really did a good work or not. To say what i did good or bad would be really nice if you guys have time for it. Things to think of to next time is also good to get in a response even if you passed it.»
- de var verkligen vänliga och hjälpsamma!»
- good»
- Very good, very passionate. Eager to listen to criticism and reflect upon it to make the course more understandable and enjoyable.»
- The head teacher was very good at this, it"s unfortunate that he didn"t have a better subject to talk about»
- Sometimes confusing but mostly good.»
- Maybe, as stated earlier, a bit more up-to-date pictures in slides. Otherwise good.»
- yes»
- Yes, I think they were very good and very helpful. Satisfied.»

12. It was clear from the beginning what was expected of me in the course.

25 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»4 16%
2 8%
13 52%
4, Agree completely.»6 24%
No answer.»0

Genomsnitt: 2.84

- I am still trying to figure that out.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- I thought that it would be more technical» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Is this a trick question?» (3)
- It was easy to get an overview of the course from the home page.» (4, Agree completely.)

13. I am vary satisfied with Exercise 1 - Paper prototyping of PDA navigation system.

24 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»3 13%
3 13%
6 26%
4, Agree completely.»11 47%
No answer.»1

Genomsnitt: 3.08

- Nothing was prepared at the beginning and the teachers was running around trying to find us materials.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Cmon, we are almost civilengineers and you want us to chop in papers? » (1, Do not agree at all.)
- the video felt weird, i felt like they tried to convince that this was actually good but it wasn"t. I for one thought of this as a childish exercise at the time but later it was fun to do paper prototypes even though i just draw a sketch.» (2)
- No feedback what so ever was given om my result» (2)
- It was a cool way to learn paper prototyping. As someone who has never used a PDA, nor a navigation system, it was a challenge. I would have preferred something else, but I learned what I was supposed to learn. By the way, as the time of writing this there is a type in this one and all following questions. I"m sure that "vary" should be "very" or omitted.» (3)

14. I am vary satisfied with Exercise 2 - Evaluation of an interactive system

25 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»2 8%
3 12%
10 41%
4, Agree completely.»9 37%
No answer.»1

Genomsnitt: 3.08

- Better but still we did not know exactly what to do so we just improvised.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Unclear instructions.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Better than the first one but didn"t felt like i learned so much, i would rather do something larger with more technical issues in it.» (2)
- No feedback what so ever was given om my result» (2)
- I did most of this one alone, so I don"t know if I fulfill the criteria for passing, but I learned a lot and I will use the techniques from this exercise in the near future. » (4, Agree completely.)

15. I am vary satisfied with Exercise 3 - The LifeScribe Pen

25 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»5 21%
7 30%
4 17%
4, Agree completely.»7 30%
No answer.»2

Genomsnitt: 2.56

- Not good enough introduction to the product and too few pens so that it was hard to get time to explore it.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- This exercise need more because student don"t know about it and also the software must be installed before it on chalmers computers» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Unclear instructions, not very well thought out.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- What a useless product, sorry but that is who i feel about it.» (2)
- No feedback what so ever was given om my result» (2)
- It was a new exercise, so I think it was pretty okey handled.» (2)
- The software installed on the PC:s would have been very nice.» (3)
- Designing for a completely unknown interface was fun and instructive.» (4, Agree completely.)
- was sick» (No answer.)
- Did not participate in this exercise» (No answer.)

16. I am vary satisfied with Exercise 4 - TIBCO-Spotfire, information visualization.

25 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»2 8%
4 16%
11 44%
4, Agree completely.»8 32%
No answer.»0

Genomsnitt: 3

- Was boring that everyone had the same task and then have to listen to all the different groups.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- This exercise just seems to be a combination of the first and second exercise. It didn"t really add anything to the course.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- felt almost like the first one again, this one was a little better though since it had a goal except "make whatever you want with papers"» (2)
- Interesting exercise, but very bad instructions and bad coherence between teachers, messy timekeeping.» (2)
- No feedback what so ever was given om my result» (2)
- This exercise was very challenging and a struggle, but I like the real-world connection. What doesn"t kill us makes us stronger =)» (3)

17. I am vary satisfied with Exercise 5 - Task analysis for interface (re-)design

25 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»4 16%
4 16%
8 33%
4, Agree completely.»8 33%
No answer.»1

Genomsnitt: 2.83

- Each group was supposed to pick one of a few devices to analyze and there weren"t enough for all of us. My group had to go beyond the instruction and analyze a member"s, personal, smartphone. I believe it is very unfair that the school provides some people with a MS Kinect, but we had to use our own stuff. This is such a strong point that I cannot say I"m satisfied at all, even though the exercise was good and instructive in general.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- I did not understand this exercise. I still don"t get what a HTA is.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- too small and simple, did it in like 20 minutes and didnt like the hta» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- the devices are very old and tasks are very simple.» (2)
- Usefulness of HTA never really explained. Unclear instructions.» (2)
- No feedback what so ever was given om my result» (2)

18. I am vary satisfied with Exercise 6 - Fitts" Law.

24 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»1 4%
4 17%
7 30%
4, Agree completely.»11 47%
No answer.»1

Genomsnitt: 3.21

- There should have been an lecture about Fitts" law just before this exercise instead of making us read up on our own at Wikipedia.» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- Unclear instructions, badly coordinated teachers.» (2)
- No feedback what so ever was given om my result» (2)
- The goal of this exercise is somewhat confusing» (2)
- The assistance doesn"t know how it work or install.» (3)
- Nice with a little more theoretical exercise.» (4, Agree completely.)
- first technical exercise, i would have loved to have written som program here that used the law» (4, Agree completely.)

19. I am vary satisfied with Exercise 7 - Monator, business integration services supportive lecture.

25 svarande

1, Do not agree at all.»1 4%
2 9%
7 31%
4, Agree completely.»12 54%
No answer.»3

Genomsnitt: 3.36

- Jag hade bättre förväntningar! Jag såg fram emot detta arbete, men i slutet verkligen besviken. eftersom var gäst handledaren inte bra som biträdande handledare eller vår kurs lärare Morten» (1, Do not agree at all.)
- The important lesson learned in this exercise was that the two systems was so different from a HCI design point-of-view. However the work that we did in the groups wasn"t about that. This was just stated by the exercise leader in the end.» (2)
- The ones who handled the exercise was rly good, but the content wasn"t...» (2)
- This was probably the best exercise. It wrapped the course up in a very inspirational and motivating way that has made everything worthwhile.» (4, Agree completely.)
- Best one, this one I actually understood.» (4, Agree completely.)
- Quite challenging. Nice wrap-up of the course. Very good feedback from the guys from Monator.» (4, Agree completely.)
- Yes,it was very useful and interesting» (4, Agree completely.)
- By far the best exercise. Guest teachers were coordinated and instructions clear. The only exercise that really showed the usefulness of techniques.» (4, Agree completely.)
- very good feedback» (4, Agree completely.)
- This is the only exercise were i felt that I got feedback from my work. And it was from the to guests.» (4, Agree completely.)
- Excellent exercise» (4, Agree completely.)

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